PHYSIENTS:Episode 13 (out of the darkness )
 “Old man, the chief guard wants to see you ” said one of the guard “Look at him. We’ve got the wrong cell .Last cell on the left,” the second guard protest ‎ “This is the last cell on the left, isn’t it?” the first guard asked “yes.” A pause. “Why is he covering his face?” asked the third guard “I don’t think he likes the light.” suggest the first guard “Would you, if you looked like that?” The guard hawked and spat. “And the stench of him. I’m like to choke.” the third guard hawked “He’s been eating rats,” said the second guard . “Look.” The first guard laughed. “He has. That’s funny.” he had to. The rats bit him when he slept, gnawing at his fingers and his toes, even at his face, so when he got his hands on one he did not hesitate. Eat or be eaten, those were the only choices…” they all laughed. The three guards move a bit closer to him runching softly under their feet. “Talk to me,” said one of them. He was the tallest of the three guards , a thin looking boy, but clever. “Do you remember who you are ?” he asked again “Are you nut?, can’t you see he can’t talk, look at his tongue , they had chopped it off” said the second guard.. Immediately the three guards felt some harsh pity for him.. they pulled him up and dragged him out of the dungeon.. Loki was standing all alone in his room, busy staring at a large portrait of a dragon on the wall when one of his soldier entered.. “My lord! Tinuade request to see you ” ” bring her in” replied loki! The soldier walked out and return with Tinuade.. “Leave us alone ” loki ordered. Immediately after the soldier left, tinuade quickly go on her knee, her eyes were filled with tears, before she could utter a word tears gushed out of her eyes like a running tap.. her lips trembled as she forcefully opened them to announce a word.. “My lord! It’s 16 year gone now since av set my eyes on my husband, please my lord, out of the kindness of your heart, please let him see the light ” she fell on the floor covering her face to the floor. “Rise up tinu.. you know I have nothing against your wish, but for the sake of our dead parent, I will let you see him ” he promised. Few minutes later loki ask one of his men to take Tinuade down to the palace prison. They both walk down the prison yard till they go to a point.. “Stay here!” one of the soldier ordered as he walked into the prison.. Tinuade could feel the heat and noise coming out of the yard, she felt as if something sharp had hit her on her chest as the cry and noise of dose under punishment boom out from the prison rooms . Some minutes later the guard appeared out of the dark with adejare.. Her heart was filled with joy at the same time pain, she always want to see his lovely husband, but not in such condition, tears flew out of her eyes. Adejare looked straight into her eyes ,his lips move slowly as if they have forgot how to form words, tinuade noticed something is wrong somewhere,surely she wasn’t aware that her husband’s tongue had been cut off, she was baffled to see adejare in such condition. The silent conversation lasted for a while until tinuade step closer to him and whispered.. ” you have a son,his name is ajadi, he look exactly like you and I have passed the egg to him,i know he will surely come to rescue us soon” but adejare utter no word but tears and nods.. Tinuade observe his lips so well until she finally noticed adejare’s tongue was missing . She jump up and hit herself on the stoney floor of the yard. The guards noticed this and they quickly rush to the scene, tinuade angrily pulled one of them closer to herself. “What have you done to him?” she screamed with eyeful of tears as if she was interrogating the lad.. They quickly get hold of her and drag her out of the seen. “Let go of me, the gods shall not forgive you all for this, you all shall die of pain”she scream while she rumble with the soldiers as they take her away.. Adejare stood there like a tree, crying and throwing his hands as if he could get hold of her..

Episode 14
 (journey within the stones)
The first flakes came drifting down as the sun was setting in the west. By nightfall dew was coming down so heavily that the moon rose behind a white curtain, unseen .marvel stood alone outside in the cold busy observing what was best known to him alone.. Ajadi sluggishly walked out of the building and he stood behind him.. “thanks for saving my life ” ajadi announced “You don’t have to thank me, am equally doing my job “he replied without looking back.. “Back then, I use to see you as a monster who was trying to initiate me into something I don’t like ” Ajadi said as moved closer to him “But now I finally believe in your words. Am ready to take up the task and save my parent ” Marvel turned in amusement and he welcomed ajadi’s word with a beautiful grin on his face.. “So when shall we commence the training? ” ajadi asked “There will be no training from me” he replied “No training from you ? ” scoffed ajadi! “So why am I here in the first place ” “Yes ” “But how can I learn on my own when I don’t have any power of my own, am not a sorcerer,nor a wizard nor a warlord. Do you expect me to start doing stupid things on my own” ajadi screamed at the top of his voice.. “I know, but I won’t be the one to teach you that. Am not made to be a teacher, but only one person can do that” “And who could that be? Is he a human or a gods like you?” “When you get to him, you shall know ” marvel paused and started picking his way back in, he halt when he got to the entrance of the building and said to ajadi “get yourself prepared, we shall be on our way first thing tomorrow morning, be ready ” and he walked straight in. Ajadi stood in the dark alone for few more minutes before he later went in, all his thoughts was based on the odyssey marvel announced to him, he found it difficult to keep them of his mind but few minutes later he fell asleep . The sound of the birds singing and passing morning greetings to their species brought ajadi back to life, he quickly jumped up and rushed out, he saw marvel getting himself prepared for the journey as he pull bunch of loads on the horse standing before him. “Are you ready? ” marvel quarries “Yeah! Am good to go ” he adjust himself and he jumped on his horse as they both rode down the woods. They rode for some time until they got to a huge forest filled with mountains.. “What do we do with the mountains ” asked ajadi. But marvel never replied ,he turned his horse and started climbing the mountain behind . He rode in front and ajadi followed. . After a long walk on the mountain , ajadi heard the sound of music – a strange, sad song. It came from somewhere inside the mountain. They keep moving until they got to the top part of the mountain. ‎ Then ajadi made a sound and his eyes closed. Marvel got off his horse fast and ran to the young boy. ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ he shouted. ‘Don’t go to sleep, My lord. “Am sorry ,but am feeling dizzy ” ajadi replied as he reluctantly opened his eyes.. “Listen to me, and remember why you are here. Don’t be afraid ,we are almost there”‘ marvel said quietly. He dragged ajadi back on his feet and they walk straight up to the mountain..

Episode 15 & 16
(the teacher)
 The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife. A pale sun rose and set and rose again. Red leaves whispered in the wind. Dark clouds filled the skies and turned to storms. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and birds with black hands and bright blue eyes shuffled round a cleft in the hillside but could not enter. Under the hill, the ajadi sat upon a weirwood throne, staring at the stony egg rolling within his hands.. “It’s time for lesson “Lazar threw him a sword and he quickly dropped the egg and followed him.. The sword shone in the sun as the sword received a lighting message from the sun, ‘Not bad!’ shouted lazar. he pulled out his sword.. “Fight me” he screamed! Ajadi stood there without responding, then Lazar stretch his sword and started to fight him. Ajadi fell to the ground after he sluggishly blocked a few strike. ‘But you’ll have to fight harder than that, or you’ll die!’ laughed Lazar . Lazar was really strong and fast when it comes to using the sword. He was fourteen years old when he had already started fighting war like a strong young man. He liked fighting but he didn’t like losing. Ajadi got up quickly and took up his sword again. ‘That’s better,’ laughed Lazar . The young prince smiled. Then suddenly he felt lazar’s sword, hard, on his arm. ‘Dead again!’ laughed Sir lazar. Ajadi started to fight again. His face was angry now. ‘Careful! Careful! Fight with your head, don’t fight with your heart, boy!’ shouted lazar. The knight wanted to make ajadi a good fighter. But he also wanted to teach him the Old Code. Lazar and all the kings, princes and knights before him were Knights of the Old Code. For thousands of years kings were kind to peasants and knights helped kings. This was the Old Code. “Life was good, and everybody in the country was happy during your father’s raign . But after everything started to change and the peasants were angry, when his brother dethroned him.. I didn’t like this, and for 16 year, this has been my home.” .. He loved ajadi and he wanted the boy to remember the Old Code all his life. After the sword-fighting lesson, Lazar and ajadi sat down. ‘Never turn your back to somebody when you fight, young man! Why can’t you remember that?’ he quarried.. ” but no one thought me about that” ajadi replied.. “Hmmm! OK follow me” he stood up and walked down the mountain, ajadi sluggishly followed him until he finally stopped.. “Sit, close your eyes and listen, observe and feel the air as it passes the message to you” he said as he sat and shut his eyes while he crossed his leg folding him palm together . Ajadi quickly joined him and he followed his instructions.. after waiting for some time, the only message he could hear was the noisy touch of the harsh breeze within his ears.. Ajadi stood up out of annoyance “this is impossible, how can I hear for the air which doesn’t have mouth? If you don’t want to teach me just let me know, instead of playing all dose tricky tricks on me” “Listen ajadi! The only way you can save your parents is when you believe in yourself, the egg with you can only come back to life if you are willing to make that happen, no one can do that other than you. very soon, you will get along with the message, all you need is to calm your mind and listen ” Lazar explained. “OK! So what do I do now?” “Nothing for now, you don’t need loose faith ,keep training, the power lives within you.. very soon you will have to bring the dragon back to life and when it happens, Your powers will be back, now it’s time for you to face your destiny ” Lazar stood up and walked down to the cave

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