THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 25 || 26 || 27 & 28

PHYSIENTS:Episode 25
 (walking within the wall of fire)
 “But how do you guys get here? ” ajadi asked ” we are prison brokers, we always escape whenever we are jailed ” replied billar “OK! All I need from you guys is just to help me out of this cell and I assure you of your freedom ” “Freedom?.. how will you do that?.. you are just a boy and you don’t even have soldiers of yours.. how will you defeat the warriors of the wilds? “Zillar mocked.. Everyone roared in laughter immediately he conclude his words.. “I know I don’t have the power nor strength to face them all, but I have the dragon which breath fire and spit light.. but dragon aside.. you all will be surprised ” ajadi bragged . ” but do you really have a dragon?” asked jillar ” this gonna be fun.. I love dragon but am yet to see one.. I read about them long time ago.. ” billar whispered. As they were discussing, three guards including reznak were sighted by one of the prisoners who quickly announce to everyone . “So what do we do? They are coming for you ” zillar asked. “Let’s have a plan, when they take me out of here, you three should look for a way to escape from this yard, look for where we are, cover the whole building with inflammable oil, and secretly lock the doors behind and stop anyone from coming in. Please make sure you do this” ajadi warned. Few minutes later reznak and his men got to the yard, he stood some distance away from the cell as the guards quickly unlock the door and drag ajadi out. They took him and walk him down the village square hall. Immediately they left Zillar, jillar ,billar and the other prisoners started singing, their voice was so loud that the guard got upset with their noise.. “Hey! Shut that smelly mouth of yours or I shut it with my sword ” the guard warned and walked away.. Few seconds later, they all resume singing, but this time it was much more louder. The furious guard pull his sword and he angrily smashed it to the ironic door.. ” shut up!!!” he screamed.. Immediately everyone of them became mute and they watch him as he move back.. they waited for a while and they started all over again.. this really irked the guard and he pulled the key from his pocket, he rushed down to the cell and strum the key open, before he could take a step, the entire prisoners ambushed him and they tied him down, they locked him in and ran as fast as they could until they got out of the scene. The doors of the Great hall covered with tent opened with a crash. A cold wind came swirling through, and a cloud of ice crystals sparkled blue-white in the air. Through it strode reznak, the king, munir and the entire chief within the village. The two guards light up the fire bowl and they set ajadi free amidst them.. “Leave us alone ” the king ordered and the two guards exit the hall immediately.. ” young man, we received order from king loki and he had ordered us to eliminate you or bring you to him alive, so the choice is yours. Feel free to decide your fate now of we do that for you ” reznak announced. Ajadi stood mute and he didn’t utter a word, he could sense the presence of zillar, billar and jillar doing something strange outside, he saw them dissolving something all over the huge tent but no one noticed. ” speak now or we do the justice ” the king screamed. ” if I will choose either of the two option, I will rather go for fire and I will prove to you all that am the lord of the dragon. ” Ajadi replied. “Whats he saying? Are you drunk or what?” munir mocked. “If actually am drunk, I will push this” he pushed the fire pot and it tumbled and split fire everywhere.. 
Episode 26(lord of the wilds)‎ The dewfall was thick like a thin scattering of flakes dancing in the air, while the wind was blowing from the east along the hall as flame covered the length and breadth of the hall , the entire villagers gathered and try to bring down the fire but all their efforts were baseless .. Billar, jillar and zillar stood a bit closer to the hall, their mind was filled with doubt and uncertainty as they watched the burning building with arms fold across their chest. ” the night is as cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan used to tell. Do you really think he will survive this? ” Billar asked “I don’t think so, it’s been hours long now and the boy is yet to step out ” jillar replied ” if truly he is of the dragon, he will survive it ” zillar defend ” how sure are you of this ,you speak as if you have seen something of such before ” billar quarried “I read alot about dragons and the dragon lords, they are immortal against fire, if possibly ajadi survive this. I have no choice than to serve him till my last breath ” zillar declared ‎ After few minutes of waiting, a loud cracky sound filled with flame banged on the main entrance of the hall, immediately everyone stepped back to see what was banging on the door,they stood in awe as they shiver in the cold dark night filled with burning flies. The sound came again, but this time it sound stronger and louder, and again it comes, followed by the last bang which left the burning door unimpeded before everyone.. Quietly unaffected by the heat or burning of the huge fire, ajadi step out of the hall and took some few steps forward, his body was covered with smokes and all his clothes were gone, he stood naked before everyone as a huge dragon from the sky flew over everyone covering the air like a huge tent till it land beside ajadi. Everyone was scared of this, with immediate effect they all go on their knees and bow to him roaring “all hail the king” Billar, zillar and jillar slowly walk up to him as he stood alone on the podium with the dragon.. “Drago what keep you so long from coming? ” ajadi whispered “I was observing ” Drago took a deep breath and he gave a nod . ” what should I do with this people? ” “They are now yours, you are now their king. long live the king ” Drago replied. Ajadi counted some step forward as Billar quickly covered him with a thick robe.. He took a deep breath and lift his left hand “Lovely people of wild. Today I lay an end to What we exult grieve upon, . Why do we joined the crocodilians In shedding the blood of innocents ?, they took our land, our home and our wives. Regardless of how we feel. As if that is not enough, they took our friends and family. ” he paused and took a deep breath! “Your father…. Your father Your father I repeat Never prefer a dovish circle Rather, he would announced his hawkishness. Never wanted a pacifistic human assemblage Rather, he would always show off his martial bone. Your father, your father The worst among the best.. but from now onward, I grant each and everyone of you your freedom.. and there will be no slave trade within this village..” Everyone roared in acceptance of his speech and they cheered him as the new lord of the wilds.


Episode 27 (fire in Ayetoro )
 Three soldiers entered into the palace of ayetoro, one of them which was older knelt before loki and zico as he announced a news which sound like a death message to them. “My lord! Report reaching us from wilds claimed that all the lords of the wilds had been killed in a fire out brake ” “What!!!! How did that happened? ” zico asked “According to report.. A boy claimed to be invincible against fire set them ablaze and he had took over the entire village of the wilds, he is now their new king “replied the old man “Do you by any means know who he could be?” loki asked “They said he is the lord of the dragons ” “Lord of the dragon.. hmmmm! It’s the boy” zico suggest “You can take your leave now, get your men prepared and call off all the soldiers from wild” loki ordered “My lord! We need to stop this boy, he is getting out of control “zico warned “Yes I know, what do you suggest? ” “We all know what he want, he is not after the throne but all he want is his parents, that how we will get him ” “Hmmm! So we trap him with his parent right? ” loki asked “His father, the boy is yet to meet his father , so he knows nothing about him .we will trick adejare and asked him to help us get the boy.. we will promise him his freedom if he can help us get him.” ” are you sure it will work? ” ” Since he doesn’t know his son, it will And after that we lay ambush on him” “Well-done, you think like a warrior.. so how do we invite him?..” ” we will send him a message through a raven ” “Will he come? ” ” if he love his parent he will surely come” “OK get the plan ready as soon as possible, we don’t have much time ” After the conversation zico exit the palace ,he wrote a letter and place it on a raven ,he whisper some few words to the raven and he threw the raven up into the sky. (few hours later in wild village) The raven flew across the palace for what seems to last for a long time until it landed on a wooden roof, he took some few steps and it make some noise which attracts the attention of ajadi.. he stood from his bed and walk straight to the bird, he grabbed it and pull the white paper from it, after reading, he wrote another short letter and tie it to the raven which flew back to ayetoro. He stood up and stepped out of his roomm The sky was a merciless blue, without a wisp of cloud in sight. The bricks will soon be baking in the sun, thought ajadi . Down on the sands, the farmers will feel the heat through the soles of their sandals. Jiller slipped ajadi’s silk robe from his shoulders and billar helped him climb the mountain beside a long stream. The light of the rising sun shimmered on the water, broken by the shadow of the persimmon tree. “Even if the pits must open, must my lord go yourself?” asked billar as he threw another stone at the river . “I understood, but this is about my parent, if I don’t go, they will kill them” ajadi replied “my lord , I don’t think that will be a nice idea, we all know what loki is capable of,” said zillar “i know, but we also will be ready for their tricks, we have the dragon and lots of soldiers on our side ” he is not wrong, ajadi knew, but it makes no matter. Ajadi jumped from the mountain and he dazzled into the river, he bath and wash himself as clean as he was ever going to be. he pushed himself to his feet, splashing softly. Water ran down his legs and beaded on his chest. The sun was climbing up the sky, and his farmers would soon be returning from farm. he would rather have drifted in the fragrant pool all day, eating iced fruit off silver trays and dreaming of a house with a red door, but a king belongs to his people, not to himself. 

Episode 28 (Blood and sand)
 The dungeon was old. Moss grew thick between its ancient stones, spiderwebbing up its walls like the veins in a crone’s legs. Two huge towers flanked the dungeon’s main gate, and smaller ones defended every angle of its walls. All were square. Drum towers and half-moons held up better against catapults, since thrown stones were more apt to deflect off a curved wall, but ayetoro predated that particular bit of builder’s wisdom. Two guard flipped into the passage of the with burning wood within their hands as they began to pick their way towards adejare’s cell, few seconds later the guards where infront of the huge wooden door, one of the guard which held the higher rank inserted the key into the hole, the cracky sound summoned adejare back to life as he was still asleep. Who could that be?. He thought, but before he could realize what was going on, the great door was flpped open before him. He lift himself up and stood on his feet as the two guard entered into the room.. “Old man, The king wish to see you ” ‎ one of them said to him and they grab hold of him, they walk him out of the room. Loki was standing beside zico in hidden room located at the main entrance of the dungeon, both of them stood in quietness as they watch the two guards dragging adejare out in the dark. It’s been almost 20 year since loki and adejare had seen eachother. They both had changed in looks and in attitude . They took some few march forward till they got to them.. “Untie him ” loki’s voice were so soft that the two guards could hardly hear him, but the gesture he made with his hands passed the message better.. Immediately, the two guards untied him and they exit the room as loki waved to pass another message to them. “Dear brother! The last time we stood together like this was filled with blood and sand, but this time. I have decide to give you a third chance. ” loki try to pave his way into adejare’s kind heart before he will ask for his help, but adejare stood mute and watch everything like a play. “So this is what you will do. We need you to help us get one enemy, he is planning to destroy the city you suffered alot to build.. please do us this favor.. if you can, I guarantee you your freedom and the chance to see your family once again ” Adejare is a man with soft and kind heart he forgives and forget within a blink of an eye, immediately he goes down on his knee, he pull out his ring finger and wrote on the floor “Let’s Go get the beast ” Loki With a devilish grin on his face he looked at zico and they both smiled at themselves. “Adejare is really a great man.. ” zico confessed. The three guards appeared again, and they took him out of the dungeon down to the palace, they wash him , changed his cloth and they shaved his long beard. The next morning was the battle day loki entered with his men as they saw adejare standing all alone besides the window edge of his room. “Dear brother! The time has come” loki announced before him as he turned and observed everyone in the room ” You and I have had our differences, brother , but for the blood we share and the love you bore this kingdom , for ayetoro’s sake and the sake of its poor citizens , please do as you promised! ” loki begged. Three soldiers enter and they kneel before loki.. “My lord! Men are set, and horses where ready to take charge ” “Good! Go to lord zico and tell him the time has come” loki ordered! 

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