THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 29 || 30 || 31 || 32

PHYSIENTS:Episode 29
(blood on sand)‎
The castle dominated the broad fertile valley that maps and men alike called ayetoro Vale. A vale it was, beyond a doubt, but no wood had grown here for several thousand years, be it black or brown or green. Once, yes, but axes had long since cleared the trees away. Homes and mills and holdfasts had risen where once the oaks stood tall. The ground was bare and muddy, and dotted here and there with drifts of melting dew. Inside the castle walls, however, a bit of the forest still remained. The previous ayetoro king kept the old gods, and worshiped as the First Men had in the days before the evil one’s came to ayetoro . Some of the trees in their godswood were said to be as old as ayetoro’s square towers, especially the heart tree, a weirwood of colossal size whose upper branches could be seen from leagues away, like bony fingers scratching at the sky. Day stole upon them just as loki had: unseen. Ayetoro had been awake for hours, its battlements and towers crammed with men in wool and mail and leather awaiting the arrival of ajadi that never came. By the time the sky began to lighten , the sound of drums had faded away, though warhorns were heard thrice more, each time a little closer. And still the rain fell. ‎ “The storm will end today,” ogidan one of the surviving stableboys was insisting loudly. “Why, is it even raining .” adigun would have laughed if he had dared. He remembered tales Old Nan had told them of storms that raged for forty days and forty nights, for a year, for ten years … storms that buried castles and cities and whole kingdoms under a hundred feet of rain. Adejare’s hands was tied behind his back while zico ,loki and his other men stood right beside him. After few hours of waiting ajadi and his soldiers appeared from a far distance, he was riding beside his three most trusted men which are the illers, they keep roding until they are totally in before loki and his men. “Why do they come along with alot of soldiers? ” zillar quarried “I don’t seem to understand ” replied jillar ” I thought it was just about a submit, what are those chariot and arrow men for?” billar asked “Ajadi! Keep calm brothers, nothing is going to happen, remember we also have our own plan if they try anything funny ” Ajadi said with a calm grin on his face. “I still don’t know why you have decide to accept this offer without an iota of suspect ” billar quarried “Don’t worry I know what I am doing ” ajadi assured “Even if you will, why do you insist on coming without the dragon?.. it’s way too dangerous ” zillar protest “I believe there is something fishy about this emergency submit ” jillar retorted! Ajadi stared at him for a while and he never utter a word..he rode a bit forward and he screamed ” blow the horn ” Immediately, the soldier holding the horn blew it loud repeatedly for three times until loki’s men blew back theirs. ‎ “So what show we do now? ” jaden one of the wilds soldier asked! ” we wait till they bring forth my father before we take any step ” Ajadi replied “OK my lord!.. but I think we should send a message to them, someone needs to negotiate with them” jaden suggest! “Ok, so who do you think we should send?” “You can send me over my lord!” he replied with total submission “No I can’t, you are my strongest soldier, it will be too risky to loose you, I think I should go myself ” “But my lord -” “Don’t worry I will be fine! ” Ajadi cut in before zillar could complete his words..
Episode 30(surrounded by enemies)
He pulled the rein on his horse and the horse began to move ,from afar he saw loki standing at the middle of the field with a tied man, he rode for a few miles until he was close to them. He jumped down from his horse and he move closer to them. “Hmmm! I see just a Lil boy with browny head”loki mocked ” I see just a tall old timid man, with lame soldiers ” ajadi smiled “You know! Adigun should have killed you when he had the chance ” loki muttered “And I should have chopped his head off his body when I had the chance also” replied ajadi “Smart boy ” loki smiled “I see just a man alone, I expect you to come along with my mother ” ajadi asked ” men first and lady after. If you want your mother back, we will have to trade her for something more precious ” “To what do you want to exchange with my father? ” asked ajadi “Nothing much, all I need is for you and your huge monsters to stay off my kingdom” loki replied ” You should know I have no interest in taking your kingdom, all I need is my parents . But the deal won’t work without my mom ” “OK Then ,if that’s what you want I will take him back and keep your parents in my dungeon ” loki turn and head back to his horse ‎. Ajadi quickly rushed towards him. “ok! Fine, I will take him for now, and I will be back for my mother ” “Smart boy, I guess I will have no problem with you and your dragon anymore .. take your father ” he pushed adejare and he fell to the ground , ajadi quickly help him up and he untie him from the rope he was bundled with, tears gushed out of his eyes as he gave him a tight hug. before he could realize what was going on, Adejare secretly pulled out a knife from his belt and try to stab ajadi but his horse jumped up and hit him down with his legs. The knife flew off adejare’s hand and he fell to the ground, before ajadi could make a move he saw thousands of ‎loki’s men howling from the woods, advancing to the moan of warhorns and the roll of drums. Boom DOOM boom DOOM boom DOOM came the sound, a thousand hearts with a single beat. Some had spears and some had bows and some had axes. Others rode on chariots made of bones, drawn by teams of dogs as big as ponies. Giants lumbered amongst them, forty feet tall, with mauls the size of oak trees. “blow the horn ” ajadi called. “Throw them back.” zillar screamed. Immediately they start running towards the battle field,but ajadi stood amidst the field, alone. “arrows ,” he cried, “feed them arrows ,” but there was no one to pay heed. before he could realize what was going on, He was surrounded by thousands of loki’s men,he pulled his sword and fight back . They are all gone. They have abandoned me. Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black cloaks ablaze. “ajadi” an zillar cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Ajadi was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist. . He slew a greybeard and a beardless boy, a giant, a gaunt man with filed teeth, he tried to get zico but he was gone as quick as he disappeared . The world dissolved into a red mist. Ajadi stabbed and slashed and cut. He hacked down adigun and ogidan. Ajadi stumbled to his knees, trying in vain to staunch the flow of blood from his neck. “I am the Lord of the wilds, the son of the dragon and the true son of adejare” ajadi screamed. He look all over the field but none of his men where before him , his hair wet with melting rain. Someone hit him from behind and took his head amour off. Then a gnarled hand seized him roughly by the shoulder.

Episode 31
(lost in the land of the lilliputian)
 Arrows and swords flew across the battle field ,the soil was painted with bloods of humans and horses and dogs, he turned and he saw loki, ogidan and zico standing right before him, before he could make a move, loki hit him with a huge poll and he fell unconsciously to the floor, he tried to cover for himself but before he could , ogidan tore his left leg with his sword, he fell on his knee immediately and his eyes was filled with blood. “I thought you were smarter than your father, but I never knew you both share the same sense of reasoning ” loki laughed out loud “What do you expect from him? Ofcus he is his daddy’s boy ” ogidan giggled All of them roared with laugh. “Give me my sword” loki ordered Immediately zico stretched forth his sword to him, he pulled it out of the case “dear dragon boy, say me hi to your grandfather when you get to hell ” he said with smile. Adejare look straight to his eyes and he blocked the sword as he swing it to chop off ajadi’s head, he roll and pull a sword from behind, he threw it towards ogidan but zico blocked it with his magical power.. Before he could make another move, he felt a sharp object from behind as blood split out of his nose and his mouth, and he fell on his knees and lay flat on the floor. Ajadi grab hold of the person behind him which was adigun he stabbed him three time and they both fell to the ground in pool of blood.. Ogidan pulled him up and stabbed him five times in his belly. He placed his sword on his throat and try to chop off his head, but drago appeared in the sky with mouth full of fire, he split fire over everywhere burning both men and horses and chariots.. ogidan quickly dropped the body and rushed out of the scene with loki and his men. Immediately billar, zillar and jillar quickly rushed to the scene, they lift him up. “He still breath” zillar screamed as he quickly tied his stabbed belly with his cloth. Ajadi looked at the three of them and he smiled, he tried to say a word but blood gushed out of his mouth instead. “Please don’t say a word! You will be okay”‎jillar assured as he quickly cover his mouth with eyes full of tears . Drago dropped from the sky and he looked into ajadi’s eyes, tears roll down from his eyes as Ajadi touch his cheek with his left hand filled with blood. Drago quickly hold his body with his two claw and he flew him to the sky, the three friends stood and watch as the dragon flew out with ajadi’s body dancing in the sky. As the dragon was about to fly pass a huge sea beside the main entrance of ayetoro, he saw arrows with fire flying towards him, the dragon got caught with few shots and unknowingly ajadi fell of his hands into a huge ship passing at the middle of the sea, the dragon try to get him again but the numbers of unknown firefull arrows made him changed his mind and flew away.. Zico stood afar on a top of mountain as he conjure a huge wind which overtook the ship ‎. The wind was very hazy, the seamen spied a rock within half a cable’s length of the ship; but the wind was so strong, that they were driven directly upon it, and immediately split. Six of the crew, of whom ajadi was one, having let down the boat into the sea, made a shift to get clear of the ship and the rock. They rowed, about three leagues, till ajadi was unable to row no longer, being already lost a lot of blood with labour while they were in the ship. Two of the men hold him and pull him up. in about half an hour the boat was overset by a sudden flurry from the north. What became of his companions in the boat, as well as of those who escaped on the rock, or were left in the vessel, he cannot tell; but conclude they were all lost. He swam as fortune directed him, and was pushed forward by wind and tide. He often let his legs drop, and could feel no bottom; but when he was almost gone, and able to struggle no longer, he found himself within his depth; and by this time the storm was much abated.‎The declivity was so small, that he walked near a mile before he got to the shore, it was already late in the evening. He then advanced forward near half a mile, but could not discover any sign of houses or inhabitants; at least he was in so weak a condition, that he did not observe them. He was extremely tired, and with that heat of the weather, he found himself much inclined to die. He lay down on the grass, which was very short and soft, then he gave up the ghost..

Episode 32
 (fist at ayetoro)
 The gods of ayetoro have unleashed their wroth on ajadi ” loki announced come morning as men gathered in ayetoro Great Hall to break their fast. “He is a stranger here, and the old gods will not suffer him to live.” His men roared their approval, banging their fists on the long plank tables That was well stocked with food and drink; they had fires to warm them when off duty, a place to dry their clothes, snug corners to lie down and sleep. “All thanks to my men and my right hand ogidan ” he raised his wine filled cup in appreciation to ogidan. All the soldiers clapped and cheer him as he gladly took a bow and resume his seat. “We might just won the battle, but the war is still undecided as far as the dragon still exist. Great men of ayetoro, we still have a long way to go. But all the same, let’s fist..” Everyone roared with joy as they gladly fill their cup with wine and other their mouth with meat and fruits. Tinuade stood beside her window, she watched them as they were busy enjoying themselves with laughter and joy, she felt something strange was going on but that she didn’t know, she move closer to the door and watch one of the palace maid passing bye. “Please what is the fist at the city hall all about? ” tinuade asked “King loki has just defeated his strongest enemy called dragon lord and that’s why” replied the lady “How is that possible? ” “they said he trapped him with his father and they successfully defeat him” explained the maid as she smile and walked pass her. Tinuade collapsed to the floor immediately, tears gushed out of her eyes like a pap bore water. “No! No this can’t be. It’s not true ” she scream. Two guard standing before her door entrance quickly rushed in, they both help her up. “My lady, I understand how you feel, but no amount of tears could bring him back” one of the guards said to her ‎fb_img_1479228919111 ” in every battle between evil and good , one thing is for sure, the truth will surely win over the evil” the second guard said to her and he walked out of her room.‎ Loki walked out of the hall, he was accompanied by zico the great wizard. Different thoughts dazzle within his mind as they both walk down the palace corridor.. “My mind is still unrest because the dragon is still alive, who knows.. the monster might one day fly down to the palace with mouth filled with fire..” loki announced “I don’t think so my lord, the dragon might be powerful, but he can’t fight who he doesn’t know.. I believe this is our chance to make the dragon ours ” zico replied “But how is that possible ?” “It’s very possible, since ajadi is Gone!.. the dragon belongs to no one, we will convert his soul with dark magic and am very sure it will work” “OK do anything possible just to make that happen ” loki ordered as he took the left road which lead to his room. (city of lilliput) He woke with a raven pecking at his chest. “Ajadi” the bird cried. He swatted at it. The raven shrieked its displeasure and flapped up to a bedpost to glare down balefully at him through the predawn gloom. The day had come. He remembered to have died in few hours back , but what brought him back to life he couldn’t say‎. He attempted to rise as It happened to fell on his back, he found his arms and legs were strongly fastened on each side to the ground; and his hair, which was long and thick, tied down in the same manner. 


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