THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 33 || 34 || 35 & 36

PHYSIENTS:Episode 33

(awaken in the city of lilliput)
The air was ranked with voice of unknown creatures sounding across every angle of the shore, he
felt several slender ligatures across his body, from his arm-pits to his thighs. He tried to figure out what it could be, but he could only look upwards; the sun began to grow hot, and the light offended his eyes. He could hear a confused noise about him; but in the posture he lay, the only visible thing he could see was the grayish cloud dancing across the sky.

In a little time he felt something alive moving on his left leg, which advancing gently forward over his b—-t, and coming almost up to his chin;
“What could this be?” he thought by bending his eyes downwards as much as he could, he perceived it to be a human creature not six inches high, with a bow and arrow in his hands, and a quiver at his back. In the mean time, forty more of the same kind followed the first. He was baffled and confused .. with fear he made a loud roar, that they all ran back in a fright.

And some of them, were hurt with the falls they got by leaping from his sides upon the ground. Fright took over his mind as he keep struggling to set himself free from the bondage.. few minutes later they soon returned, one of them, who ventured so far as to get a full sight of his face, lifting up his hands and eyes by way of admiration, cried out in a shrill but distinct voice in their language which means , IT’S A MONSTER : the others repeated the same words several times, but then ajadi stay mute because he knew not what they meant.
He lay all this while,in great uneasiness. At length, struggling to get loose, as he keep struggling he had the fortune to break the strings, and wrench out the pegs that fastened his left arm to the ground; for, by lifting it up to his face, the methods they had taken to bind him looks strange to him, at the same time with a violent pull,he dragged his left hand which gave him excessive pain, he successfully little loosened the strings that tied down his hair on the left side which gave him the freedom to turn his head about two inches.

But the creatures ran off a second time, before he could seize them; there was a great shout in a very shrill accent, and after it ceased , one of them cry aloud in their language “FREE THE ARROW “; whithin an instant hundreds of arrows was discharged on his left hand, which, pricked him like so many needles; and besides, they shot another flight into the air, like fire stone bombs , whereof many fell on his body, but he felf them not . Few second later and some of it fell on his face, immediately he covered his face with his left hand.
When this shower of arrows was over, ajadi fell groaning with grief and pain; and then he strive again to get loose, they discharged another volley larger than the first, and some of them attempted with spears to stick him in the sides; but by good luck he had on a the thick war robe which he wore , their spare could not pierce through it.. he thought it will be the most prudent method to lie still. He was actually designed to continue so till night, suddenly his left hand got freed loose, which gave him the free access to could free himself :

When the people observed that ajadi was quiet, they discharged no more arrows; but, their noise got increased and their numbers had increased also ; about four yards from where he was standing , over against his right ear, he heard a knocking for above an hour, like that of people at work; he turned his head that way and the pegs and strings they used to tied him dragged him back.,they quickly lay a stage and three men climb from it, one of them who seems to be a person of high prestige cried out loud..

“loose him free” , immediately, about fifty of the inhabitants came and cut the strings that fastened the left side of his head, which gave him the liberty of turning it to the right, and of observing the person and gesture of him that was to speak‎

Episode 34
(The trial)

The hour of ghosts was almost upon them, the sky was completely brightened by the stars, they tied a long string to his legs and his hands, before he could know what was going on, he fell to the ground untop a long wooden chariot with tyres, they jack him and drove him into their city which was filled with tiny buildings and tents.
After a long ride they finally stop moving. Three aged men which were accompanied by ten soldiers climbed untop of his shoulder with a ladder, they stood on his chest,and watch balefully at his big head. the king move closer to his lips and stare at it for a while ..

“My lord I think it might be dangerous going closer to his mouth!” one of the soldiers warned
“Don’t worry, I won’t step further ” replied the king in a old wacky voice as he turned and step backward..
“You monster! What do you seek within our land, and who sent you to attack us, speak now before we decide your fate ” the second man screamed
” are you here to take our land from us? ” the middle age one among them quarried
Ajadi keep mute and he didn’t respond to their words.. they all stood still and wait for him to reply but he did not.

When they noticed that he wasn’t responding to their words they turn facing themselves and the second one said “I think this monster is dangerous, keeping him alive might be too dangerous for us all ”
“I don’t think that will be a better idea, we can let him live while we use him for our own satisfaction ” suggest the younger one
“What if he brake loose and attack us?.. how will we defend ourselves from him? Look at him, he is 100 time bigger than our strongest man, ten thousand of our soldiers could not defeat him ” replied the king

“So what do you suggest? ” the most calm one among them asked.
“Let’s keep him in our prison until we decide his fate, but if he refuse to keep calm, we have no choice than to slay him” replied the king
“This man look taller than our tower, how do we keep him in our prison yard?” one of them protested.
As the conversation was going on, Ajadi looked very famished, his eyes we pale and red..
One of the three wise men noticed this and he calmly move closer to his lips..

” I think he is hungry “he screamed
” so what do we do about that ” the king asked!
” if you want him alive I think we should feed him for now” he replied
The king turned as he screamed , he raise his left hand up to communicate to his soldier ,he commanded that several ladders should be applied to ajadi’s sides, on which above a hundred of the inhabitants mounted and walked towards his mouth, laden with baskets full of meat, which had been provided and sent thither by the king’s orders.

Ajadi ate them by two or three at a mouthful, and took three loaves at a time, about the bigness of musket bullets. They supplied him as fast as they could, showing a thousand marks of wonder and astonishment at his bulk and appetite. The king then made another sign, that they should bring him a drink. They found that he won’t he satisfied if he lay still with his hands tied to the chariot,the king order them to free one of his hand, after that they slung up, with great dexterity, one of their largest barrels filled with water, then rolled it towards his left hand;
Immediately he drank it off at a gulp, for it did not hold half a pint. They brought him a second barrel, which he drank in the same manner, and made signs for more; but they had none to give him. When they are done feeding him, he was asked to throw the two hogshead and also warned everyone below to stand out of the way, ajadi grab the two barrel and print them down. On seeing this they all screamed out of surprise and ran out of range

Episode 35

(the summon)

In his dream he saw a great dragon flying over the pyramid of ayetoro, at first the person sitting on it was not visible until the dragon was a bit closer, he screamed out of fear as he saw ajadi who they thought they had killed flying the dragon yet again he stood up and washed his face with water, and he put on his robe
Zico rushed down to the palace to report the vision he had to loki..
When he got to the palace square he saw loki drinking yellow wine and watching naked slaves kill one another with bare hands and filed teeth.

“my lord we need to talk about something very important “ zico whispered to his left ear
“Tell me am listening ” loki replied
“It’s a private message sir ”
Loki tossed his wine up and ordered everyone to exit the room immediately, after they had left, he turned facing zico.
“Now tell me what the message is all about ”
“My lord! I saw the boy again, but this time he looks stronger and more deadly ”zico announced

” you must be kidding, the boy is dead and gone, gone are the days when we heard about dead people’s tales “loki said buoyantly
“My lord! The gods can’t reveal a wrong message to me, the boy is still alive ”
“Are you kidding me? .. I saw him dead with my two eyes ”
“He might resurrect , we need to find his corpse and burn it”‎
“But how do we get the corpse? It’s been two days now ”

“We summon the spirit of the dark raven, it will help us get his location ”
“OK then, do that immediately and we will send our men to get his body as quickly as possible ”
Zico exit the hall immediately, he took a blue ointment and drop some in an empty bowl, he took another one which was red and he mixed them together in the same bowl, bluish fire blow out of the bowl and he continue with some chanting..

Few seconds later a dark raven appeared from the bowl, he stared at it for a while and he saw naked ajadi’s body placed on a long table , he also saw marvel and Lazar performing some kind of ritual on his body, immediately the vision become blurry and the raven disappeared..
He stood up and wash his hand, he head straight to loki’s room on getting there he saw loki and ogidan standing beside the window, watching the whole city under their foot.
“My lord! The boy’s body is at the mountain ” Zico announced

“Our men will go get him tomorrow morning, keep calm all will be well ” ogidan replied still facing the window ‎
“When zico the wizard tells you to run, a wise man laces up his boots. We should get our men going immediately ” Just the mention turned ogidan’s cheeks green.
“But our men just got back from the battle field, it won’t be a nice idea if they should head for another battle ” he said ‎

‎.” “I don’t care how they feel, so long as they deliver me the boy’s body ,” said loki.
“ok!I will summon my men , and we will move as soon as possible.. .” ogidan replied.
“they won’t have that much stress to handle. I’ll wager you get a peaceful raiding ” zico assured
” if not so Rags can have the butcher cut your liver out and fry it up with onions. ” ogidan said and walked out the room

Episode 36
(knowing the monster)

The ghost hour of the night blinks behind ajadi, as he was tied to the longest building all alone within the city which seems to be of his length. Few hours later he felt a cold touch from behind. Immediately he turned his head towards the direction and he saw a lady standing beside his left ear on the tower.
“Hey! What are you doing here all alone ” ajadi whispered
“I came to Check out on you ” replied the lady
“Don’t you think it’s too dangerous for a lady to be out here all alone at this hour? ”

“Don’t worry, am okay ” she replied with confidence written all over her face
Ajadi noticed she seems not to be scared of who or what he is, he stared at her for a while, he could perceive the sweet fragrance of expensive perfume on her and she look like someone from a wealthy or royal family.
“Ok! May I know the purpose of your visit and who you are? ” ajadi asked
“The day your body was found besides the sea shore, I was the first person to see you and I immediately report to the soldiers around. At first It seems like a dream which later become reality. My name is princess Teresa the only daughter of the king”

“Hmm! Okay Teresa, you haven’t tell me your purpose of visit ”
” I actually came here to make friend with you ”
“A friend?.. every a person within this city is scared of staying 100 metre close to me, but here you are standing besides my ear with full courage. I think you should go now, we can’t be friends.. am a different creature with different size, we share alot of difference and mostly your father won’t approve this ”

“I won’t let him know, right from the moment you were brought into the city, I have no fear for you. Please just make me your friend, I may be of help to you ”
“OK! I will accept on one condition,and it’s if only you will help me out of this situation ”
“No problem about that inasmuch as you allow me to be your friend ”
“OK then, let’s assume we have a deal, so what do you which to know about me?”

“Some people said, you live under the great sea, while some people says you are from the creator above. Please tell me which one of this words is the truth ” she plead
“None of them” ajadi replied immediately after she conclude her question
“So where are you from? And why was your body covered with different cuts filled with blood?”she asked with a touch of confusion on her face

“I actually got those cuts from a war, I was trapped by my uncle who is a king, he had my parent in his captivity for years, on that very day, he promised to have a fair negotiation with me if only I won’t come with my dragon ” she cut in
“People from your world have dragon? ” she looks a bit surprised
“Yes, we do, dragon in my own world is ten times bigger than a man, they are capable of breathing fire and they are strong and powerful in nature ”

“Wow! ten times bigger than a man?.. I can’t imagine how huge its gonna look like. But where is the dragon now?”

“I probably don’t know. Our last encounter was when he dropped me in a ship which was overturned by a magical power, the ship got crashed and everyone on board were no where to be found. But as fortune commands me! I found myself tied to the ground in an unknown land of the liliputes ”
” so do you have a plan of returning to your home?”
“Yes I do, but I don’t know how to carry them out ”

“Do you want me to help you? ” she asked
“That’s not possible! ” ajadi say with doubtful thought
“Every a blood of the royal family in this land of ours, do have a magical lecture, never judge with what you see alone. I may be capable of doing much more than you can imagine ”
” ok help me if you can, I need to go back home”
“Not so fast, I will help you on one condition. ”
“Whats that?..”


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