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The night was looking young and calm. But I knew that under that calm facade it was wearing was a raging storm, a storm waiting for me to unleash it. I walked gracefully reaching to the mountains. I checked my time it was 11:40, the moon was no longer shinning it's usual white colour, it was looking a little darker which could only mean one thing, the sun was almost here.
There was commotion every where, sword was clanging against swords. I searched for Damon with my eyes immediately locating him. He owned the battle field with the way he fought so graciously, I smiled at sad smile. I was walking like a ghost, that was because I castes an invisible spell on my self. It ensured that no one could see me. Just when I thought I had seen it all I saw Alaric wearing a cloak as he walked away from the battle entering into the woods that led to the Darkelves, my whole body was screaming WTF!!, does that mean...... Oh no.
It's a lie isn't it.
I mean the council of divine told me that he was going to help me with the war that I should confide in him, but then again, they only told me he was going to help me win the war, they never told me to TRUST him. Realization crashed on me like ice berg. I felt the necklace on my neck immediately releasing a breath of relief I never knew I was holding in. At least the necklace is safe, there was nothing he could do now to stop from winning. Well unless he planted a spell on the mountain, the thought alone sounded ridiculous.
I was more than thankful that I didn't confide in him about the necklace. It was one thing I couldn't risk.
I walked up to the mountain waiting patiently when it will struck 12:00, at least the sun would be well aligned with the moon. Bodies dropped on the ground as swords went through them. It was the definition of what you would call a bloody war. I looked out for my Damon to make sure he was okay, he was looking fine. O!! goddess, please just ensure I win this war I muttered a silent prayer. These people were fighting with their whole life just to ensure we will win this war, let their toils not be in vain.
The amount of darkelves fighting had dropped to a low number, the remaining were looking confused as at why I wasn't here already. Little did they know that I was actually here, looking more than prepared.
A very bright light reflected on my vision. I turned to look at the sky seeing that the sun was already fully out, it was moving fastly to meet with the moon.
This was the time I have been waiting for. The time of the GREAT ECLIPSE.
I stood up removing the necklace from my neck. The mark on my neck was shinning so brightly, in fact, right now I looked like an angel. With my hair flowing to every direction as the air whipped around me, my skin was shinning so spotless as if it was bathed in crystals. Right now everyone could see me, the fight had stopped as both the Darkelves and the lightelves were looking at me.
I clutched the necklace tightly on my hands, my spell book miraculously left the confines of my pocket hanging before me as it flipped open itself. Everything was just magical. Even the necklace was blazing brightly. When the spell book had flipped to where the spell I would say was, I raised the necklace so that it was perfectly facing the moon and sun together. I had the spell engraved in my head already but it won't hurt to say it from the book. I wanted everything to go perfect, not just for me, but also for my people.
Just when I was about to read out the spell, a searing pain hit my belly. The pain was like a sword that had thousand of thorns twisted inside my belly. I gasped out in pain clutching my belly as I fell to the floor, the necklace falling from my hand as it it bounced down and down. I was hearing cheering from the darkelves as another round of battle started. From my peripheral vision I saw Dakar with Alaric besides him. I couldn't even talk, all I was seeing was red.
Another pain hit my belly making me cry out in pure agony, blood was dripping down my thighs pooling to the ground, pain after pain continuously hit me as I screamed out with tears pooling down my eyes. I heard Dakar instructing Alaric to kill Damon, Damon on his own was busy trying to fight his way to me. He was already bleeding from his stomach.
Damon please, don't die. Alaric could easily kill him now he was weak, I tried to stand up, to protect the man I love but thousand needles pierced into my belly. Just then Alaric jabbed his hand into Damon's chest and brought out his heart.
My Damon dropped on the floor......dead.

PS: Pay attention to every word in this chapter. It's going to reveal a lot. I hope you enjoy!!!
He is light
He is a man
He is masked with power
Desperation leads him to do the unknown
A betrayal that breaks the heart
A betrayal he does willingly
A betrayal that costs the head of a 'foetus'
A betrayal that hardens the heart of the weak one
A betrayal that marks the 'REBORN'
I closed my eyes searching for my powers within me, I gave in to my inner being as the prophecy became crystal clear. Who could this man be? That was the first thing I saw. Clearly it was someone close to Haven, and there are only two men close to Haven. Damon and Alaric. Which means one thing, it's Alaric.
My eyes opens momentarily as I let out a shocked gasp. I checked the time on the grand wall clock sitting on the walls of the palace, it read 12:01. It could only mean one thing again, the betrayal has happened.
I knew right from time that it won't be easy for Haven to win this war, but I also knew well she wouldn't loose. She was stronger than that. My eyes skimmed down to the last parts of the prophecy, "....a betrayal that costs the head of a foetus....". Hmm, the soul of a powerful child was required, but why? This was so complicated. Unless Dakar has a big hand in this prophecy, that could explain why the prophecy was hanging in the Dark Monarch.
".....A betrayal that hardens the heart of the weak one
A betrayal that marks the 'REBORN'"
This part was laying emphasis on Haven herself. The prophecy already fortold she would be betrayed, but the prophecy never said she won't win. This last part talked about the REBORN, whose reborn could if be. Perhaps Haven's reborn? Reborn means a lot of things, but with the way I'm seeing it, I think this reborn would entail her being born again into power; power as fiery as fire. "......a betrayal that hardens the heart of the weak one. " I changed within myself.
O! Poor Haven, may the spirits give her fortitude to carry her cross. Right now I have an unfinished business to deal with. With that I marched in to search for my dearest sister...... Winlock.
I found myself in Dakar's personal chambers. I studied the outline of it very carefully just in case there was any need for me to escape. I saw a hidden portal that could easily teleport me out of the palace if I wanted. But for Dakar to have a hidden portal meant that it won't be easy for me to use. I touched the portal taking in a deep breath. I pushed my hand through it but a brutal force pushed it back. I smiled to myself, this was a spell portal, a portal that requires speaking a certain spell before you can gain access to it.
If there was any place Damien would be in, the ln it would be at Dakar's drake cellars. The dark cellars is a kind of dungeon where Dakar kept his most treasured prisoners. Note the sarcasm. I exit the dungeon heading to the section of the place that housed rooms. Where could Winlock's room be at, I smirked to myself opening one of the rooms. That's was when my eyes met with that of Winlock who was currently straddling a man I didn't recognize.
"Good morning sister. " I said flashing her my best smile.
It's show time.
Time was ticking fast, and the more I wasted time, the more my mind drew up a blank space. I have done enough bad things tonight, now I really need to do one good thing. Dakar's plans were to first, Kill the baby in Haven's womb which I did not happily. But it had to be done, perhaps that was the way it was supposed to be. Only if she didn't get pregnant, then all these wouldn't have happened.
The drug I passed to her through the drinking water was meant to kick in exactly 6 hours from that time. The timing was perfect, and Dakar felt so reassured that Haven wouldn't get the chance to speak the spell before the moon turns blood red.
The second plan was to kill Damon, and that was the one thing I could never bring myself to do. Ever. Dakar wanted Damon dead because he knew that with him out of the way, the prophecy—about the bond between Haven and Damon assuring them victory—will be totally useless. Even if Haven won't be able to have her victory tonight, as long as Damon still breathes and their bond was still strong she would still win one day.
I don't know how it will happen or work, but I know for sure that she will still win. Which is exactly the reason Dakar wanted Damon dead. If Damon dies, then Dakar's victory will be rest assured. I have done enough harm tonight, and killing Damon was something I would never try.
Dakar knew I was powerful, but the mistake he made was not knowing the extent of my powers. Tonight I was going to sacrifice something big to do something big. At around 11:30 that night I sneaked out, teleporting myself to the only place I knew would help me fulfill my plans.......The cover of light.
Unlike the coven of vile which I and Winlock visited then in pursue of the hidden prophecy, the coven of Light was a more positive witch coven where the most powerful witches that seeks for the good of people lived in. Their powers were almost limitless, but they had a non-interference policy. The non-interference policy was a policy that ensured that they didn't use their powers to interfere in the happenings of other independent nations. Just like the war between the darkelves and lightelves, the coven of light could not in any way interfere, and well, that doesn't mean they couldn't render help.
I was immediately ushered in to meet with Lumiere, the head of the coven.
"Alaric, you have tainted your hands." those were here first words to me as she regarded me coldly.
"I indeed have, which is why I have come here to rectify my deeds. "
"And what are you willing to do to rectify what you did? " she asks rising form her chair. As usual she was dressed in pure immaculate white dress. The dress was sweeping the floor, together with her very long white hair that was sweeping her back.
"Dakar plans to kill the King of the lightelves, " I said taking a deep breath. "And there is no stopping his plans. Most especially now he believes that I will kill him to get my mate back. "
"And what do you plan on doing to avert thus cause? " she asks almost amusedly.
"I plan on using my power of Illusion to create a powerful illusion. " I replied not even sure of what I was saying.
"You want to create a staged death illusion?" she asks bewildered.
"Yes," I mutter. That was the only thing I could do now. That was the only option.
"Then why do you come to me? " she asks walking around, the patter sound of her shoes echoing through the walls.
"I won't be able to use my power to create a perfect and permanent illusion. My power can only create a temporary illusion, and if I create the illusion of killing the king, the illusion will disappear once I let go off my powers and automatically Dakar will find out that I deceived him, and things might go wrong. " I paused momentarily.
"All I want to ask is that you will grant me the power to create a perfect and permanent illusion, so that when I perform the illusion even when I get to leave the illusion will still be visible. " I continued.
"So you're trying to say that you want an illusion of where the king is dead, and the body will be there as an evidence so that Dakar won't interfere. " she completes for me looking at me quizzically.
"Yes. That's exactly what I want. But as you know the death won't be real. It will just be an illusion. " I added
"If you want me to help you have a perfect and complete illusion, I'm afraid to say but it will cost you. " she tells me her face giving nothing away.
"What will it cost me?" I ask fearing to hear the worst.
"It will cost you all your powers. " I closed my eyes on hearing that. All my powers...... If that was the price I would pay so be it.
She walks to the mirror that I never noticed it was here. She taps her wand on it and a gem appears on it.
"Take it. " she motions to me. I reached out taking gentle steps to the mirror, I know my life won't remain the same if I touch the gem, but I had to do it. I grasped the gem in my hands and almost as if a commotion was raging inside of me like a blast of wind my powers dissipated away from me. I fell on my knees clutching my chest.
"Take the gem with you, when Dakar commands you to kill the King, imagine that the King is right somewhere and kill it. The illusion you created that instance would remain permanent and the body of the soldiers called king will be lying on the floor. Not even Dakar will find out that the body is merely an illusion. " she instructs laughing languidly.
And with that I left.

🎤Black and Blue by Sia. 🎤
Damon dropping dead on the floor was something I never wanted to experience in my life time. That was the last cane that broke the camel's back. And with me writhing in pain on the floor, I think it was finished. Tears dripped down my face forming a stream, my hand went down to my thigh where I was bleeding, that was when I felt something.
How could Alaric do this to me!!!!!?
He did not only kill my husband but also killed my..... Child.
Rage, I was filled with rage. All I was seeing was red, revenge was pounding like a constant stream of whisper in my ears, from my peripheral vision I saw Dakar and Alaric, Dakar wearing a smug look with Alaric looking... Down? I didn't care, right now all I could think of was how I would kill him slowly and slice through hi flesh. That was the only thing running through my mind.
How I hated him so much right now, how I loathed him so much right now. I looked down at my fetus that had turned into blood, dead. I let out a screeching scream that rsseonated through the whole atmosphere shaking the whole mountains.
In that one scream I mourned Damon and my child I never got to know or savour his or her presence. In that scream I held promise of revenge, revenge to Dakar and the rest of the darkelves. In that scream I made unspoken promises to Alaric, promises of pain void of pleasure.
A cold hand touches my shoulder just as my eyes were fluttering close.
I smirked at my dear sister that was looking at her image back baffled. She was still straddling the man beneath her. Hmm, looks like my dear sister likes control in all situations. Unfortunately, I don't think I will let her have control of this one.
"Winlock Asork, do you like the image. " I mutter gazing at her with a huge smile plastered on my lips.
"Killian, what trick are you up to. " she says immediately scrambling off the man that was beneath her. I chuckled not in the bit affected with the anonymity laced in her voice.
"Don't you like the image, well, it's such a waste because right now I'm going to kill you. " I walked around the room my heels clicking on the floor, that being the only sound that resonated and echoed through the walls. Even before she could recover from what I said, with a flick of my fingers flinging the man out of the window to goddess knows where. Now it's just me and her.
She tries a magic trick that is meant to incapacitate me but it doesn't work on me, and much to her surprise the spell backfires on her as she falls down to the ground clutching her head in pain. "What have you done to me?!! " she manages to groan out. I chuckle darkly at her question.
"Really, don't you get it. Your blood runs in my veins, just the same way mine runs in your veins. It only takes a little spell to end you right now, and oh, your face was just one of my baby spells. Wasn't hard to replace your dirty image against mine. Well, that had to be done. And now, you will be a good sister and show me to Damien's cell. "
"No!! Never. " she says vehemently standing up . She wants to play tough, I will show her tough. I looked at her with scorching intensity summoning my powers at the brink and pushing them forward to her. She staggers backwards with so much force that she hits her back against the wall, and then clutches her head screaming bloody murder. I laughed so hard at her condition.
"Now will you be a good girl to show me to Damien's cell. " I state again, quirking my eyebrows at her to tell her how serious I was, and how much pain I will inflict on her of she dares defy me again.
"Yes. I will. " she grits out venomously but doesn't date defy me, at least not when I still have her under a tight leash just like a dog.
"Very good, now we are saying the same thing. Now the keys. " she scrambles up with difficulty managing to produce some keys from her pocket. The keys are inside her pocket? Which means he visits the cell everyday, only God knows what she does to him. I managed to maintain my confidence over the situation. "You will lead the way. "
And with that being said she walked on while I followed her behind, we passed some guards but she knew better than to cause any scene, I was wearing my cloak so no one would see my face and be alarmed. It would be weird and would only cause . She leads me further down many stairs, we got to an abandoned store room which she opens, we passed through it to see many stairs which we took going down and down to where I think is the underground basement. We finally got to an array of cells, as we passed through it engraved the memory of the cell and the areas we passed while coming down here. It will come handy when I need it again.
The first cell was housing a werewolf, it was looking battered and bruised and bloody in its wolf form. What did Dakar used it for. More supernatural creatures passed us by, all of them looking so disgusting. And it dawned to me.
Dakar used them for experiment.
I stiffled a sob, what possibly has he done to Damien. We got to a cell and Winlock stopped on her tracks. She brought out the key and opened the cell, without wasting time I pushed her into an empty cell opposite and locked her in immediately making sure to secure the key with me. She couldn't teleport out since that dungeon was constructed in a way that proved it impossible for magic to work. I entered the now open cell and met a bloody bruised man sitting on the wooden floor staring at me—green eyes wide with fear. That was when I realized that I was still on Winlock's face, I transformed back to my Killian' s face and engulfed him in a hug.
"Damien. " I rasped out. Our bond strengthened to an extent and my insides glowed in happiness.
"Killian, " he finally manages to stutter out returning the hug back.
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