I was suddenly drugged and dragged out to somewhere, I tried to open my eyes but to no avail. It was as if they were shut tightly never to be opened again. I was horrified to find out that Alaric was actually the person that drugged be and dragged me out of the battle. I had noticed how strange he has been acting since today but it wasn't up to me to know the reason—especially not when I'm the battle field.
I dragged my eyes open my gaze meeting with that of Alaric and Blake.
"What's going!" I growled out more to Alaric. Blake on his own looked lost even more confused. What was Alaric up to, more like what has he done?
That was when he started telling me about Alice being his mate, the deal he made with Dakar to kill me and my unborn child—a child I never knew of, and then how he created an illusion to make it look as if I was dead..... He trailed off.
Everything was just too big for me to digest, all this have been happening and I wasn't aware of this. And why didn't Alice tell me that Alaric was her mate?
" I am so sorry for what i did, and believe me I still regret it. " Alaric mutters apologetically, that just wasn't the point, the point now is has anything happened to my child?
"And what if my unborn baby? " I questioned him, my gaze stoic.
"I'm sorry but that also had to be done, the child is now. " I quickly lunged for him pulling him to the ground, sending a swift punch to his face.
"You ingrate, how dare you, you had no right to that. " I didn't give him any chance to answer, I was blinded with rage, all I was seeing at that point on time was Red.
"You have to calm down. " he manages to cough out, "the most important thing now is that Haven needs you, you have to getting her. " at the mention of Haven my sanity returns back to me.
My Haven? How is she doing.
Without wasting time I dash out with Blake following my trail and Alaric on the floor coughing out blood. We passed bodies, some of which were of the lightelves and some of the darkelves. Everywhere was bloody looking and it was indeed a sight to behold. I ran up to the mountain my eyes searching and scanning for Haven and to my utmost disappointment she wasn't there.
But how could it be? I hope Dakar hadn't laid his hands on her. Just then a sharp pain pierced through my heart. I groaned in pain buckling forward my hand clutching to my chest. That was when I realized I was feeling the pain of our bond, wherever Haven was she was in serious pain and I needed to get to her before I run crazy.
Just then a cool cold hand touches my shoulder, I turned expecting to see Blake but instead was met with the woman that came to our wedding and had a private conversation with Haven. What's her name again.... Rapsy, yes, Rapsy the fairy.
"She needs you... " she mutters something lowly that I almost did not catch on what she said.
"Where is she? " This time around Alaric appears asking the question. Seeing him again awoke the rage that I have been nursing inside me. Before I could lunge at him, the fairy was in between us—her wings spread out—separating us.
"This is not what she would want right now. I will advise that you both follow me and act like reasonable men with wanting to fight each other at any passing second. " she admonishes us as if we were kids. "Right now Dakar is carting away with the lightelves, and Dakar mustn't see you because he already thinks you're dead. That is working to our advantage now because he would feel relaxed in his mind, bearing the thought that in no way will Haven win this war. But if the Eliess makes it out of this alive, be rest assured that she will win this war. This war is not finished yet. "
"But the moon must be blood red by this time, is that reversible?" this time around it was Blake that asked the question, the same question at the edge of my mind. Since Haven could not speak the spell before the sun meets with the moon, I don't think that is reversible. And by the way the moon was scorching the color of red. Red so dark that the blanket of darkness fell even in my land. I knew for one thing that I have failed the lightelves, but wasn't my problem now. My problem was to make sure that Haven is safe.
"When the moon is completely blood red, it can't be reversible, " Rapsy states. Even she had confirmed it, why then does she think we could still win this war, that Haven could still win. "But fortunately, the moon is not completely blood red yet." she states grinning from ear to ear. I looked at the blood moon for the hundredth time today trying to get what she was saying, and yes, louder and behold there was just a mere slanted side of the moon that still retained it's satin colour. It was not evident and it wasn't something you would catch by a mere glimpse.
"A slanted side of the moon isn't blood red, it's still white in color, " Alaric mutters in astonishment. I decided to forget about what he did to us....for now. Later on I will deal with him later.
"That's not all, look carefully, on the slanted side, a tiny star is resting on it, and more surprising, the sun passed through that direction when it merged with the moon, but still that slanted side retained it's satinty." Rapsy further says. And it was very true, there was a barely recognizable star that was resting on the slanted side of the moon, and the sun supposedly passed through that side. This was really some sort of miracle.
"You see, prophecies don't lie. The same prophecy that stated that 'as long as the bond between the Eliess and the king grows, Dakar is bound to fail.' is about to be fulfilled." I looked at Rapsy acknowledging what she said, it was indeed true. Even though that today Haven did not win, that didn't mean she has lost either. After all the prophecy declared that as long as I and Haven were still alive, and still breathed, that we would defeat the darkelves and our lost glory will be restored.
"Now we have to go back to Haven. She is at my abode where no one would find her. But first, you all shall swore to secrecy. I don't need more betrayals, Haven has had enough " she declares, looking at Alaric while she mutters the last part, Alaric in turn looks down his face castes in shame.

The smell of a strong herb fleets through my nose. I tried to stand up from whatever it was I was sitting on but pain immediately shot through the middle of my thighs up to my belly. And like a book everything that happened flipped open in my mind.
Me. The war. Alaric. Dakar. The moon. My baby. The necklace. The blood pooling down on my legs. Damon.... Dead. His heart ripped from his chest. My unborn child dead. Alaric killing both of them....killingboth my child and the love of my life.
That instance, I have never wished for death so dearly the way I wanted it right now. I wanted nothing but death, I wanted to die, life was meaningless to me. I can't live, not anymore.
"You're awake." a familiar voice says. Micage. I didn't have the strength to start questioning why and where I was. My eyes was searching frantically for something I could use to end my life. He pours something in a glass cup giving it to me. "Take this, it will help ease the pain, " he mutters trying to hand me over the glass. I wanted to shout at him that nothing could ease the pain of loosing my child, but I just couldn't talk. All I wanted was to end my pain, and the only thing that could end my pain was death.
Yes, death.
"Please my queen, take this. Rapsy the fairy instructed that you should take it when you wake up." o! so I'm at the fairies abode. Why was even Micage helping me, after everything and how I suspected him to the betrayal, yet he was here helping. Even though he was the son of the enemy.
My eyesight caught the gleaming of a knife. This was it, I will kill myself. With incredible speed I stood up from the bed running towards the knife and grasping it tightly in my hands.
"No, my queen don't do this. " Micage please with me, his hands outstretched carefully trying to reach to me. But I wouldn't let it.
"Tell me why I would want to live, my child and husband is dead. I might as well join them. " I rasped out in tears. Next thing I knew with an incredible speed Cage was struggling with me trying to take the knife away from my grasp. My incredible strength made it impossible for him to take it away from my grasp.
"Haven. " a soft sweet voice gently calls to me. The only voice that send tingles down my spine, the only voice that makes butterflies flutter in my stomach. The voice of the man I love. My struggling with Cage stops momentarily as I gazed towards the door. Am I hallucinating or what? Perhaps I'm running mad. Strong hands engulf me in a hug.
"Haven. " his voice calls again. So it's true, it's really him. I hug him so tightly tears streaming down my face, I'm not letting him go again. Never. But the sight of someone else at the door got my blood boiling.

"Killian I can't believe it's you." Damien mumbles his eyes shinning with unspoken emotions. I didn't mind that his clothes were bloody, I didn't mind that he was looking as dirty as the earth, I just hugged him, holding him tightly against me, savouring the feeling of his hands on my body.
"I missed you. " I said tears brimming my eyes, and for the first time in a long while I let down the walls guarding my emotions. I was usually the stoic and no nonsense Killian, but being with my mate has crushed every hard side of me. That's how much the mate bond could affect you. It could even make the most heartless of people the most kind.
"I missed you more. " he wraps his hands more tightly against me, holding me against his body. We closed our eyes and lost track of time, tight now I didn't care. It had took me hundred years to get to my mate. The whole world can freeze for all I care, right now all that matters was Damien. Only him matters to me. He was my world..... My everything.
I felt his hands unwrap from me so gently that I missed his touch....yearning for his hands to be on me again. He flashes me a wolfish grin.
"I'm dirty, and well you're.... " he trails off while I roll my eyes at him. So that's why he untangled his hands from me. I noticed his eyes flash with an unrecognized emotion.
"What's it? " I prob him, trying to know what has got him all tensed up.
"What has been happening, Alice was brought here the other day. " just then my mind flashed back to when Damon was saying something about Alice being missing. So it was indeed true, the darkelves has also captured her. I smelled conspiracy, and somehow I just knew that I needed to play my cards well now that I was in Dakar's territory, any small mistake could easily end my life, and the lives of the people that I love.
"Do you know where they kept her? " he pints to the door at the extreme. "They went through there. " he mutters. I grasp his hands in my hands, he had lost a considerable amount of weight, right now you could relate him to a skeleton, he was looking so skinny. We went through the door and that was when I realized that it was just another set of cellars. I had made sure I decided Winlock well before leaving, I wanted her to die a slow death, a very slow death. I would be doing her a huge favour by giving her a quick death. We walked past some of the cells, but almost all of them held animals. That was strange, just then I felt like vomiting, I had a bad feeling about this place, what are these animals doing here, and what reason would have Dakar sent Alice to this particular cellar.
We walked and walked, just then we spotted a figure that was hugging herself her back resting on the wall. "Alice!! " Damien calls to her. Her face jerks up immediately and Lo and behold, it was indeed really Alice. Relief showed in her yes and just then she started crying. I realized that she was still seeing my face as that of Winlock.
"Alice, don't worry it's me Killian, I used a spell on my face." Relief flooded through her as her tensed shoulders sagged down. I opened the cell with the key Winlock had earlier handed to me. Damien rushes in and engulfs his sister in a huge hug. I smiled at the duo.
"O! Damien, I missed you, we all missed you. You don't know how much it hurt me and Damien to stay back knowing we could do nothing. "Alice wept into her brothers shoulders. Just then I heard some commotion outside, the wheels in my head started turning as I tried to come up with some genius plan. I don't know why, but I knew I just couldn't leave yet. With my face bearing Winlock's image I could use it to you advantage in Dakar's kingdom. I liked at the moon that was completely blood moon apart from the slanted side that was a satin immaculate color.
The slanted side was a sign, a sign that Haven hadn't lost tonight, this was just the beginning of the battle....the beginning of the story. Anger, unbridled rage ran through me.
Anger at what Dakar had done to me.
Anger at what Dakar did to my parents.
Anger at what Dakar did to my mate. And
Anger at what Dakar did to my people.
Yes, Dakar killed my parents, murdered them in cold blood. The only thing I wanted right now was revenge, and the only way I could get that revenge was to make sure that Dakar was dead. And the only way I could make sure Dakar was dead was to help Haven win this war.
That was the only way.
The sound outside increased, the darkelves were singing victory songs. Psshhh, only if they knew that there was nothing like victory, well at least not yet. I hated what I will do, especially now I just found my mate, but I had to do it for my people, and for myself.
"Damien, Alice, " you all have to leave.
"Yes, but you're coming with us.... Ain't you? " Damien asks.
"No, I still have to do something's." I said casting my eyes downwards, I didn't want to see the sadness in his eyes. It would kill me if I do. He touches me.
"I understand, " he flashes me a weak smile. "but promise me one thing, that you would be safe and you will come back in one piece. "
"I promise. " I smiled back at him, my hand reaching out to touch his cheek. Alice clears her throat.
"Killian, you really did a great job hiding the fact that Damien is your mate. " I could feel the excitement in her voice. I could hear some footsteps coming closer. I used my powers to open all the door to the cells with just a flick of a finger. Every single animal started coming out.
My plan starts now.
I created a portal that would take them to wherever King Damon was at. Damien comes closer to me and captured my lips in his. I return his kiss fervently and after what seemed like minutes while it was actually seconds, we separated from each other.
"Bye for now. " he mutters walking into the portal with his hands holding Alice's own firmly.
(Dear diary...馃摐馃搩)
Dear diary,
When I saw Alaric at the door, I felt unbridled rage blind me. Red was an understatement for the color I was seeing right now, all I was seeing was a callous wicked man that had taken away my child from me. Ripped my baby away from me without asking for permission, he had no right to do such thing, he never had the right but he did it!!
I don't know how it happened but his body was suddenly suspended in the air, he was hanging there, courtesy of my powers. I snapped his neck making it difficult for him to breathe, my powers were working, bring out its darkest and most shadowy side. My eyes were concentrated, doing the job of my hands, summoning powers that would make him do my will. Just a few more second and he would be dead.
Damien was shouting at me, begging me to stop, but I wasn't listening, I had given in to the carnal side of me, the side of me that wanted revenge and right now, sanity was far from me. That was when I saw it, a tear drop fell from Alice eyes. OMG!!! She was her mate. I released him roughly on the ground as I stalked off to Alice.
How did she get here, and what the hell was happening. Nobody had realized that Alice was with us until I got to her side. "Alice, " I whispered hoarsely. She engulfs me in a hug so tight weeping into my shoulders.
"Haven, I'm so sorry for your baby. I'm very sorry for what Alaric did.....but please don't kill him. " I struggled internally with my demons within, I would be a monster if I took away Alice's mate. It was just not fair, I will never wish for Damon to be taken away from me, neither will I wish for someone's else's mate to be taken from her. But it was never fair to take away the small life that breathed inside of me.
That was so unfair.
"I won't kill him. " I said to her meaning my promise. That was when I noticed the figure right behind Alice, gazing at me with wide eyed countenance. He looked very much like Damon, instead with black eyes but Damon had blue eyes, and red haired while Damon was black haired. Also he looked so skinny.....and well dirty.
Damon was already engulfing him in a hug, and for a moment I saw tears clouding his eyes. He really loved his brother, a long lost brother of about hundred years. Damien in turn, well I couldn't see his face since he was turned away from me, but the way his hands clasped Damon into a tight showed me that he missed Damon so much.
Everybody was reuniting together, the ordeal of the war forgotten momentarily. Alice told us the story of how Killian rescued them. When I heard about what Killian did, I felt so proud of her. She was one of the few strong women I know. Strong both physically and emotionally. I can't imagine how difficult it was to leave Damien her mate, but I know she was doing it for something good, besides we could still use her for help now she had a good place in Dakar's kingdom. I just hoped that nothing would go wrong there.
Alaric's side of the story shook me more. How he had sacrificed his powers to create an illusion of a powerful death, I felt pity for him at first, and then remembered he killed my child. Although he said he did it for Alice, that still doesn't mean I would get over it so quickly. He killed my child, and nothing on earth would ever make me forgive him. Never.
"Now Dakar thinks that Damon is dead, we could use it as a weak point to defeat him. "Rapsy pointed out the obvious, and it was true, I hate to admit it but the illusion thing Alaric created would work to our very good advantage, now he thinks that Damon is dead, it would work to our advantage in many ways. Damien later joins us as we mapped out plans, he had taken his bath and he was looking fine although still skinny, I could feel Damon's happiness through our bond, and for a moment I felt a pang of jealousy and anger and sadness....
....because I wasn't happy.
Alaric had his hands wrapped around Alice, Damon was chatting happily with Damien, Micage and the Blake were discussing about something, while I was wallowing in great sadness that was threatening to swallow me. I felt so dejected, rejected and forlorn. I drifted away from the room and went to the sitting room and laid into one of the couch, and before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep.
I found myself in a garden, a garden filled with White rose flowers, the sky was blue, the clouds snowy and the atmosphere bright. The same white rose that I had always seen in my dreams was the same one I was present with. I plucked on the petals happily, sniffing the smell of it and taking it in with great joy.
I was so happy.
"Mommy," a frail voice calls to me, a little girl of about three years emerging from the gardens. She looked exactly like me, a little bit tall, green eyes, black long hair, and pale olive skin. I smiled at my child as she opened her lips a giggle escaping from it. Her childish exuberance got me so much happy that I immediately motioned to her to come to me.
She started coming, running to me while I spread my hands so that she could jump into me while she gets to me. Next thing I knew the clouds darkened, the sky was no longer blue but grey in color, a very dangerous shade of grey. All the white roses turned into black roses and their petals clutched to my child swallowing her.
I let out a scream.

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