I woke up this morning feeling dizzy. Damon had been dead worried about me and constantly cursed this war. Yeah, he blamed this war for my predicament. Well I wouldn't blame, few hours everything will done and dusted, we had less than twenty four hours till it's midnight. Every where was in a buzz, everybody was saying goodbye, no one knew what today would bring. I decided to take a stroll down the palace, I tried to respond to some of the greetings that was thrown at me. Meanwhile my mind was elsewhere, all I wanted to do was savour the serenity of the environment. A place where I got to call my home this last month.
Everything was intact, the necklace was secured safely and tucked inside one of my most treasured property, besides it was the green gem stone Olum had given to me and requested I contacted him with it whenever I needed his help. Just as I was walking I saw Alaric, he strolled casually to me his his face being his usual buoyant and bright self.
"Alaric!" I exclaimed engulfing him in a hug which he gladly returns.
"Haven. " he mutters in acknowledgement. "I was beginning to think you would never come, I have been waiting for you. " I said. Alaric has been of great help these past days, he was at beck and call, ensuring that I was prepared for the task tonight.
"Why wouldn't I be here for my best friend ? " he says feigning hurt and I burst into a hearty laughter, but I didn't fail to miss the edge in his voice.
"I hope you're okay? " I ask concernedly. His expression quickly morphs into what I think is guilt and then it was normal before I knew it. My mind immediately went back to Elsa's vision of the black haired man that would betray me. I quickly shrugged off the thought, I have been at high alert and I don't think he would betray me. By the way he has been nothing but caring and loving these past few days.
Haven, you're so ridiculous I cautioned myself. All of a sudden I started coughing vigorously, it happened that we were passing through a dusty area. Alaric dashes out to go and get a drink of water for me which he brought almost immediately. I took the water thankfully gulping the whole contents down.
Mmm, I feel good.
Haven asked permission to stroll round the palace, I couldn't deny her that, most especially not when she is giving me that her puppy face. By the way I was assured of her safety against any Darkelf that would try to penetrate through my boarders. I had contacted the best magicians and had them seal the boarders with very powerful magic that would not allow any Darkelf entry. Even at that I still placed guards there, you can never tell what will happen.
I pushed the thought of Alice away from my mind for the mean time, thinking about her was distracting and I don't want any of the thoughts to cloud my judgement. I was expecting that Dakar as usual will send me a message, telling me to get him Haven in exchange for Alice, but no, I didn't see any message like that. And for that, I was getting more suspicious of him. He has been unusually relaxed which brings my mind to something......
What was he planning?
I just prayed that whatever it is will not be anything that would hurt Haven in anyway. I strolled casually to Killian's chamber but she was no where to bee seen. She has been acting so strange, not just strange but very strange and I was beginning to worry for her. Maybe it's this upcoming war that is taking a toil on her. But at the same time, Killian hardly leaves her chambers for anything but these past week, she has been going miss at intervals. And I suspected that she was burying a big secret, what could it be? And why is that she finds it hard to share whatever it is with me?
Right now I will not dwell on that fact, I better concentrate on the task tonight.
Dakar has eaten more than he can chew. Well he isn't my problem for now, my main problem is Winlock my so called twin sister. I would make sure that I would give her a bittersweet death. She did not only kill our mother in her foolish quest for power and dominance, but she also took away my mate—Damien.
Ever since the day Damien was carted away from our kingdom, I already knew it was the Darkelves. My world turned around for the worse as I wallowed in self darkness. Winlock might think that I'm weak for that, far from that, that was only a sign of my strength. I have been training myself for this day, the day when I will take my vengeance on her. And I will make sure I get Damien back.
I felt so bad for not having to tell Damon about my relation with his twin brother, but I had my reasons. I wanted to act weak and resolute so no one would really know the turmoil going through me.
But tonight..... My sister would die by my hands.
I raked through my brain for any other plans but none was forthcoming, it was either this or my mate would die. The love of a mate was something you couldn't ever imagine, that was how I felt. I could even kill myself for Alice, but now was the time to start thinking practically and logically.
How could Haven be so foolish and ignorant, my face twisted in horror and shock when Dakar confirmed that she was pregnant. I mean, I thought she was on birth pills, how then is she pregnant. That was practically impossible, unless something went wrong.
Giving Haven the poisoned water was far the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life. The water would slowly kill and suck the foetus soul out till she bleeds. Right now wasn't the time for regret, I would have to kill two birds with the same stone and I know just how I will do it. Even if it will cost me.
Haven I'm so sorry, but don't worry, I will make sure I bring to you vengeance.
*Clears throat*
Someone should give me cold water.
Killian is Damien's mate. Who saw that coming? 馃馃
And Haven is pregnant, Alaric gave him drink 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶... 

Smutty scene. Viewers discretion advised
The tension hanging in the air was palpable, it could be cut through with a knife, I started moodily on my bed my eyes taking note of every tick the clock made. I wasn't myself at all, I was completely looking forlorn and dejected.
"Haven baby, " Damon greets me nuzzling his face in my neck. I think he just came back from a meeting with the elders in council. I had wanted to follow him, but he had insisted I stayed back and have some rest. Well I equally understood him, coupled with the fact that I was feeling dizzy and all, I think I needed that rest. Damon gazes at me, his eyes meeting with my teary one.
"Hush babe don't cry, " he mutter concernedly, his hands circling around me to cuddle me. O goddess, this year's won't just cease flowing. What have I done to deserve such man. Damon was just everything I needed in life, and I fear that if he does what will happen to me.
No, I shook off such erroneous thoughts. Nothing will ever happen to my Damon, I would protect him with my life even if it's what it means.
"Damon, " I call to him, my voice barely audible and hoarse.
"Yes, " he answers trying to gauge my action. His eyes cool and calm.
"Make love to me, " his eyes widened a fraction as he looks at me. Yes, I want him to make love to me, it was six in the evening and it was just remaining five hours to the mist awaited time. If something ventures happens to me, then I want to die with the memory foam Damon's love in me. Right now I wanted him in me.
I maneuvered our bodies, flipping my body to be in top of his as I smirked wickedly, all my tears and inhibitions forgotten momentarily. I want this man right now. Right now, in me.
I leaned down kissing him deeply, his tongue meeting with mine in each thrust and entangling itself in love. I gripped his hair tightly biting on his lower lip seeking for entrance which he gave me willingly. He flips me to my back, his body hovering over me as he smirks wickedly, his eyes blazing with such burning desire.
"Mrs. Lockert, ever ready for me ugh? " he mutters amused capturing my lips with his. I don't want to talk, all I want is this. A reassurance of the love I share with him. His hand grips my hips slamming me against his body my centre making connection with his throbbing erection.
O! Mr.Lockert, you will be the death of me. His lips trails kisses down my neck, nippling on my weak spot. I moan out loudly, one my hands gripping the sheets on the bed and another, gripping his hair tightly.
"Damon, " I whispered hoarsely. My centre was throbbing with need and my eyes probably scorching with carnal desire. I wriggled my thighs together, trying to seek for friction of any kind but none was forthcoming. As if that wasn't enough, his tongue leaves my neck and trace down to my breasts. He quickly tugs of the dress I'm wearing leaving me naked and hot against him.
"Damon please." I pleaded shamelessly, begging for friction. Desire built and curled up in my belly. I tried to wiggle my hips against his erection that was throbbing in the confines of his jeans but he holds my hands and pins them over my head, his legs successfully trapping my body in one place.
"No Mrs. Lockert, you will only cum when I want you to. " his teeth drags the cups of my bra, exposing my bare breast to him. His teeth grazes agjnst my nipples making to squirm and groan loudly. O my goddess, this is too much. His skilled lips laps on one of my nipples sucking it and biting it at intervals, a pool of water was dripping from my tight. I'm so wet......
He releases the hand holding my two hands together and uses it to cup my other breast, dragging my nipples gently and sensually and they elongate immediately under his touch, stuff and craving for more of his touch.
"Arrghhhh..... Damon please, " I plead. My body was hot and in carnal fire, I need him now. What his lips was doing to my breast, and the what his hands was doing to my other breast was gently driving me crazy. In fact, I was crazy in need of his touch.
He releases my two breasts and removes my bra and panties in one go. Hmm, I think I love fast and furious Damon more. I help him remove his shirt while he removes his trousers leaving me naked and him, on just his briefs.
"I want you on me now. " I mutter my voice barely audible and my breathing heavy. "I want to you too, "he says huskily. His lips trailing down to my stomach and then to my tight. Going up and up and up, o! no Damon, you can't kiss me there. My cheeks heat up red as I gaze at him almost shyly. His hand trails down to my sex and he smiles muttering, "Always wet and ready for me Mrs. Lockert, " he gives me his charming grin.
"Yes Me. Lockert. Now take me in, " almost as if it was a command, he removes his briefs and slams his entire erection in me. I gasp out on pleasure and pain, my head throwing back as I savour the feeling of him in me.

I want to remember this
I want to engrave this memory in my brain
I want to remember how it feels to have his love in me, AND LASTLY
I want to remember how much he loves me.
How body merged into one, he thrusting into me as if our life depended on it, I clutched to his body my lips parted as I savoured the feeling of him, the feeling of him stretching me so sweetly. I met his every thrust; his every thrust of love and affection, and together we came down from the high abyss of pleasure, our body convulsing from our love and shattering into one piece.
"I love you Damon, nothing will ever change my love for you. "
"I love you too Haven, and nothing will ever destroy my love for you. " he says with scorching sincerity "If we come out of this war, I would love us to have babies. Our own children, " he says gazing at me shyly.
"Me too." I mutter and then realized that I can't wait to have little me and Damon running around the house. I hold back the traitorous tear that wanted to fall down.
Now, I'm prepared for whatever tonight will bring. With me in Damon's hands, nothing else seems perfect. This is exactly what I want.
Just him.

(and the war begins)
Music I listened to whole writing this chapter 馃幎 fire meet gasoline by Sia 馃幎
PS: pretty intense emotional wrecking chapter. Be warned 
It was as if an imaginary judgement bell was ringing, the air was just tense and calm. Under that calm atmosphere was a raging storm that went into sweet assonance with the storm in my heart.
It was time......
I checked the clock, 11:30. Damon had gone to summon his fighters, I quickly took my spell book, strapping it on the cloth that I was wearing. I located the necklace strapping it on my neck, clasping it tightly around my neckline area. I untied my black long hair, allowing it to flow as it touched my right area. Taking a deep breath I asked Ella to summon Micage the son of Dakar. I wanted to have his assurance to take his head if he will ever do anything to betray my people.
He is in our room almost immediately, his head bowed down in submission. I studied his features carefully, he had this faint powerful aura that I couldn't tap into. He looked strong, if Dakar had not betrayed the lightelves, then this man would have been the king of the lightelves. Putting the pieces together, I didn't know to feel, whether I should feel sad, or happy that Damon was king. As if on cue I felt nauseous immediately and headed for the bathroom vomiting every single thing I ate. He was at my back immediately soothing me and whispering cooing words..... "I'm sorry your highness, get well soon. "
After recovering myself washed my mouth and headed into the bathroom with my head raised high. I gazed at the clock... 11:35.
"Micage, do you have anything to deal with any conspiracy against my peoole?" I ask bluntly. He looks at me....almost with disgust but my rigid stare on him never wavered down.
"Of course not. How can I do such thing, Dakar might be my father, but that doesn't mean I am like me. " he almost spat venomously at me. I glared back at him my expression shouting 'watch your tongue young man!!. His expression softens and he mutters, "I'm sorry your highness. "
"You can leave, but bear in mind if I find out anything negative about you, then I will make sure to have your head. " I spat, dismissing him immediately as I turned my back, walked to the window and gazed at the stars that was shining brightly. My hand went up to my neck area, where the mark was lying. As if on cue there started to shine brightly. I braced myself and with one breath I walked away, and walked to the war.
I wore my white cloak, it was as white as snow. And gracefully, I strode to the boundaries, taking note of the flurry of activities, everyone was in a buzz, just like a bee. I really hope we win, and whatever I do today for Damien is also going to be part of our victory. My mind flashed back to when King Damon was saying something about Alice being missing, I had s feeling that a conspiracy has taken place. The vision I had about the queen's betrayal was enough for me to know that something was really wrong.
Very wrong.
I passed our boundary and ventured into the Dark monarch. Winlock Asork, here I come. It was almost as if I were a spirit, the white cloak I was wearing was a complete contrast to the black atmosphere and environment I found myself in. People passed me as if I were a regular visitor here. Well, Winlock really underestimated me if she had thought that I couldn't perform a spell that would change my face to hers. It was so easy since we were twins, and it would be more fun since I'm going to kill
"Elder Winlock, " the guard greeted me opening the large doors that directly led me into the palace. I noticed his discomfort and confusion over my attire. I will take it that Winlock never wears white, well what do you expect from someone whose soul and body has being tainted by darkness. I paused momentarily taking in the sight of a prophecy that was engraved bodlyon on one of the walls leading to the palace.
He is light
He is a man
He is masked with power
Desperation leads him to do the unknown
A betrayal that breaks the heart
A betrayal he does willingly
A betrayal that costs the head of a 'fetus'
A betrayal that hardens the heart of the weak one
A betrayal that marks the 'REBORN'
I stared at the prophecy in shock. In fact whatever emotion you could think of. This is a valid prophecy, why then is it tat I'm just seeing this prophecy for the first time. It could only mean one thing, this is an unknown prophecy.
The big question here is how come the darkelves have access to the prophecy. I breathed out a sigh of despair. Me and Winlock had unique powers when it comes to prophecy, she could foretell the coming of a prophecy, whether unknown or known. But that does not mean she could see the prophecy, but she just knows a prophecy when she sees one. Then I on the other hand could interpret a prophecy. I could tell what a prophecy meant by just glancing at it.
And right now, all I wanted to know was the meaning of this prophecy. Why do I have this feeling it meant something bad?
I closed my eyes, tapping into the power that enables me to interpret prophecies, and just like a magical book everything appeared to me like a book. My eyes momentarily widened in shock and surprise.
What the hell!!!
I was a like a chosen special guardian to the Eliess. I was surprised and elated when the spirits appeared to me and gave me the Eliess necklace, telling me to submit it to her which I did most dutifully on her wedding day. Right now I was seated with my fellow fairires in our abode with our wing clapping against the other pair. Our abode looked more like all these princess gardens with the flowers surrounding us looking so colorful. Rose, Lilac, hibiscus, sun flower, name it. Every flower was her.
I walked to the black rose flower gazing at it, this was the rose flower that the spirits had given to me, they said that this black rose was a sign of her future. My heart reached out to the Eliess, because that would happen this night will change her emotionally and might break her down. But I know deep down in me she was powerful enough to go through any trials. The flower I held in my hand shrinked withering and the petals falling on the ground.
Darkness and light light be enemies, but that doesn't mean they can be separated. Both of them needed each other for survival and coexistence. That was one of the reasons the Elves were created; to help each other and coexist together.
I clasped my hands together and offered a simple prayer to the spirits.
"Give the Eliess the power and perseverance to overcome this trial. "
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