πŸ“˜πŸ“˜EPISODE 1πŸ“˜πŸ“˜
"Arrghhhh." I cried out in pain as Damon used his fist to drive an upper-cut punch on my jaw. That hurts like a bitch. He smirks looking down at me. "You're not fast enough...... Fight!!! "he commanded his iris shifting to a golden glow color.
Well, let's say I have been practicing on how to fight. Damon had said that Blake should teach, but being me I disagreed insisting that Damon trained me himself, and believe me whenever I said he never held back his strength.
Another punch comes my way which I dodge swiftly throwing him a punch which he blocks as if it was nothing. "Your punches are too sloppy. " he grins wickedly enjoying the fact he got me riled up. I growled in frustration, he was really pushing his luck with me. I was lost in rage when he tackled my legs sending me to the ground sprawled like nothing. I cried out in pain, I shouldn't blame him, I was the one that told him not to hold back. I gazed up at him and at that moment I was not seeing Damon, I was seeing the King of the lightelves, now countenance totally changed his eyes blazing a scary gold color.
"Fight!! " he commanded me my frustration and irritation growing at the same time. Nest thing I knew I was in my feet sending a double kick on his stomach, well he was fast to block the first one but he didn't see the second one coming which landed on his stomach.
Yeah, I was that fast.
Just as he was about to twist my leg painfully to the sides I jerked it off his grasp, manipulating my legs to make contact with his face. I heard a crunch that satisfied my rage. Next time he shouldn't play with his Eliess. Actually I don't know how I manged to do that to him, well, I think that's one of my natural abilities. To fight.
"Fuck, that was good. " he breathes out. I let out a victorious smile but I celebrated my victory too soon next thing I knew I was on the ground sprawled out like a kid with Damon on top of me.
"Rule number one, don't ever let your guard down. You enemy can take advantage of that, no matter how weak he might seem at that moment. " he says smirking devilishly at me. Our faces were just inches apart, can someone tell this man that I want to kiss him right now.
Fuck the fight!!
I immediately captured his lips with mine my hands tangling with his soft silky hair. Hmm I groaned in appreciation deepening the kiss but he had more plans for me as he quickly untangled from kiss carrying me to our bed room.
Yeah, fuck the training.
I tangle my legs round his hips squealing in surprise at his manoeuver, next thing I knew my back was pressed against his bed his lips planted me, kissing me everywhere and anywhere. He gently peels my clothe off me and grins at me impishly...... And he made love to me.
πŸ•’ 1 hour later πŸ•’
I was cuddled tightly against Damon's chest, my hands were tracing against the outline of his chest.
"Mmm. That tickles. " he says chuckling throatily. "But don't stop, I love that. " he says. I use my hand to write something on his chest with the trace of my fingers.
"Guess what I just wrote? " I ask quirking my eyebrows at him in askance.
"Ummmm..... I didn't really get. Write it again. " he requests. I repeat it, tracing my fingers carefully on his chest to write the words. "What did I write? " I request again.
"You love me? " he answers looking at me. I smile up at him, yeah, you got it.
"Well, I think we already established that fact few minutes ago." he replies taking my mind back to the sex we had not just few minutes ago. I blush profusely playfully hitting his chest.
"Ow!! " he says clutching his chest up in mock hurt. I smile at his playfulness. He can be such an ass hole at my time. But he was my asshole. A knock on the door interrupts us. Who could be that. I went to get the door and behold it was Alice.
"Alice!! " I exclaim excitedly engulfing her in a hug she returns back equally. I was kinda surprised at what she was doing here, and her face looked bothered. By that time Damon had already joined me by the door.
"Sis, what's the problem now? " he asks rolling his eyes. That was when I noticed that Alice had changed her expression to that if a sullen teary one. She really wanted to ask something from Damon. And it was kinda funny the way she puts up an act..
"Can we at least sit. " she demands dropping the act exasperated. We all take one of the big couches at one side of the room.
"Damon, I was wondering if you could grant me my request. It has been up to three years now." she asks her expression down.
Three years?
What request could that be?
"I already told you no and that's final. " Damon fire up leaving no room for objections. What could it be that Damon was bent in denying her sister. I immediately felt pity for Alice.
"Alice, what's it? You know you can talk to me," I ask her the moment Damon left us to take a call.
"It's about me and Drew. I have been asking him to allow I and Drew to take a vacation away from here, but he won't comply. Said that it's far too dangerous to leave now the war is at hand. But I really need something to get my mind off this war for sometime, and what would be better than a week vacation. I'm... I'm not even sure if Drew will make it out of the war. " she mutters sullen and teary. I really felt for her. Another reminder of the war.
"Don't worry, I will talk to him for you."
"You really will? " her eye lit up in excitement.
"Alice we are friends, this is the least I can do for you. "
I finally got to convince Damon to allow Alice to travel on a short vacation with Drew. Right now, all hands are on deck preparing for the war. Everyone was seriously trying to put things in place, no stone was left unturned.
My mind went back to the memory of the cave. What were the spirits trying to tell. Damon won't die, would her? No, I refuse to accept the fact that what happened to the cave was a revelation, I just hopeed that it was just a nightmare and nothing more. I can't just imagine life without Damon, life without him was useless.
Two weeks had passed like a blur, every single word outlined in the spell book was engraved in my mind. I won't let the lightelves down, no, I refuse to do so. It was just remaining six days and the stress of everything was getting to me. On two occasions Damon had woken up in the middle of the night trying to convince me to sleep but I didn't. I was far buried in my spell book and bent on winning. To me, there was no time to sleep.
"Haven, you have to eat, I seriously understand that this war is taking a huge toil on you, believe me it's also the same with me. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat. You have to eat, please if not for me. " well I didn't tell him that I always eat at night, recently my craving for food was getting worse. It was the spell reading was getting to me, and it made me so hungry that even after feeding my self with lots of things, it looked as if I was loosing weight instead of gaining weight.
"Okay Dammy, I will eat. " I answer rolling my eyes. Well, these previous week with Damon was mind-blowing, full of love making. I wanted to have every inch of my body engraved in my mind before anything happens. I don't know how this war will be, and like seriously I don't if death would choose to do its job. So I have savoured every single moment with Damon.
He dishes out some food feeding me. Surprisingly I finished it almost immediately demanding for more. Ughhhh, my cravings were beginning to annoy me.
"Hmm, eager are we? " Damon mutters, raising his eyebrows disbelievingly at me.
"Damon please, can we just not talk about how much I eat these days without even gaining an ounce of weight. Just dish me another food. " he chuckles and goes to get me another food. I remembered that Alaric was coming over to tell me something's I needed to know about the Great Eclipse. Could my day get any better, I was even getting lazy on my butt.
"On that day, you will be expected to stand out on the mountain that separates the kingdom of the darkelves and lightelves. When the moon sets reflecting it's white rays on the mountain, you strike with the necklace muttering the words from the spell book. The words of the GREAT ECLIPSE." Alaric explains to me while I nod attentively.
"Do you have the necklace by the way? " Alaric asks shrugging his shoulders.
"Yes....." I trail off. "So what's the big deal if I just have to lay my necklace under the moon and mutter some words. " I ask incredulously. I mean it is so easy. Or isn't it.
"Well, that's the deal. Since you are expected to stay on the mountains that separates the kingdom of the darkelves and lightelves, that's the hard part. The darkelves can still prevent you from muttering the spell before the sun casts it's rays in the moon, and when the sun totally casts it's rays on the moon......then that means we have failed. " he explains. I gasp in a huge amount of air.
"Do literally, the lightelves are supposed to guard me and prevent the darkelves from getting to me while I say the spell. "
"Yes, that's it. " he mutters not giving much away from his expression.
"I think I need space from everything now. " I groan holding my head in my hands. "Alaric, do you think we will win? " I ask him. He pauses momentarily.
"Yes we will win. " he says. With that I left.
These past days have been hell for me. I don't think I can do this, I really can't. Not with the way my life has totally had a new turn. Today I'm going to tell Dakar that whatever the contract is, it is over between us.
"Dakar says you should come in. " the dark haired girl that works for Dakar mutters indifferently. What's her name again, I think it's Winlock. I ignore her cold attitude and make my way to Dakar's chambers.
"And what do I owe this visit. " his dark voice rings out the entire chamber. Not wanting to start beating around the bush I moved straight to the point.
"I'm cutting off every contract we made. I'm not interested any more. Just decided you should know, I can't betray her, not like this. " I mutter and made a turn to leave when a dangerous chuckle drew my gaze back to him.
"Really, I knew this was bound to happen dearest Alaric, the only human divine that has wits to turn down my offer. But as usual, I'm always ten steps ahead of you. " what was this man saying.
"Winlock, get the girl. " he commands. At his command Winlock is seen dragging in a girl by her hair. She tosses her on the ground and I gasp on seeing her.
It was my mate!!
"O dearest Alaric, you think you could hide the fact that the sister to Damon was your mate. Well both of you really did a good job at hiding it, but that won't change what's happening now. If you don't do what I want you to do, then she is good as dead. Mark my words. " he says a dangerous hint underneath his voice.
Alice gazes at me dejectedly. I have failed as my mate, even though I never wanted her as mate, not after she deceived everyone into thinking that Drew was her mate. But still I couldn't leave her like this.
Should I let her die, or should I betray her?
Take a deep breath. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nobody should kill me. πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§
Please can someone explain what's happening to me, I'm confused πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
This one is what I call TWIST OF FATE.
It was just two days remaining, my food cravings had not gone down one bit. In fact, it intestified twice it's normal rate, I literally had to eat five times a day, two plates each time. Damon was already getting worried and had to stop me from training and sparring with him. He says "Your health first. " his words though not mine. But overall, Damon has been so understanding and helping. He has never for once let go off me, he stood with me through all thick and thin. Just then my mind draws closer to the prophecy.......
"As long as the bond between the Eliess and her mate grows, Dakar is destined to fail. "
The bond between me and Damon has been stronger than it has ever been, my heart reached out to his twin brother Damien. Ever since Damon told me the story of Damien, how he was captures by the darkelves , and how they have been threatening him to submit me in exchange of his brother. Honestly I was so confused, moments like this was when I craved for Olum's presence. He would advise me on how to follow up everything.
I want Damon's happiness, and if bringing back his brother to him will give him happiness, then so be it. But I also want the happiness of my people, and their happiness can only be assured if I defeat the darkelves and be assured of their submission. Gosh!! I'm so confused and frustrated.
"What are you thinking of? " Damon mumbles kissing me on my lips as he circles his hands around my waist. He seats upright from our bed and gazes at me impassively. I couldn't bring myself to talk. In fact, at that moment, I felt like crying out all the pent up frustration in me.
"You look bothered. What's wrong? " he asks worriedly.
"It's nothing."I mutter wiping away a stray tear. God, I'm so pathetic.
"Don't tell me it's nothing when you're crying. " Damon almist shouted at me holding my face closer for inspection. "What's wrong? " he asks again. Before I could answer, Ella the palace maid knocks furiously on the door announcing who she is. I get up from the bed to open the door for her. She looked and sounded worried.
"Ella, what's it? " I asked her. I prayed fervently that it won't be a bad thing, but looked like my prayer came so late.
"Master Drew is outside. He requests to see you and the king." Ella murmurs submissively. Lots of questions were swirling in my mind. What is Drew doing here?
"I suppose he is with Alice? " I ask, but Ella's expression told me Al I had to know.
Shit! I hope nothing bad has happened.
Damon had already joined me while we literally ran down the stairs, on seeing Drew's grim expression my heart fell.
"Drew what's wrong, where is Alice?" Damon asks his eyes shinning with blinding unbridled rage.
"I'm so sorry, Alice was captured by the.....darkelves." even without him completing his statement, I knew who the culprit were. Blood completely drained from Damon's face. First was Damien, and now Alice. I was so sad for Damon.....my poor Dammy. He had completely zoomed out of space, his face was expressionless as different emotions swirled in his eyes. I reached to him touching his hands. He seems to recover from his trance and immediately faces Drew squarely.
"When did this happen? " he asks Drew
"Just few hours ago. " Drew mutters.
"You are her mate, and I know both of you must have slept with each other so use your bond to reach to her, let's at least know her location. They won't be far for now." Damon says while an emotion I didn't recognize ran through Drew's eyes.
"I'm sorry Damon. We lied to you. " Drew says grimly.
"What do you mean by you lied to me? " Damon snaps angrily at him while I run my hands down his arms to calm his nerves.
"Alice is not my mate. " at that statement, I thought my world would collapse in one snap of a finger. Alice, is not Drew's mate. This was just too much to take in.
"What? " me and Damon question spontaneously, this must be some sort of joke right.
"It's true. Alice is not my true mate. When Damien was captured by the darkelves, Alice was going through an emotional wreck. She was depressed and came running to me for help. I was her best friend then, in fact, we could pass for 'dating' as of then but we did everything in secret because I was afraid if you found out, what would happen. I agreed to act like her mate so that I would be able to help her cure her depression. I noticed she needed someone who would be close to her just the way Damien was." Damon looked dumbstruck at the revelation. His expression clearly showed that he never knew that Alice suffered from depression. Even I could not imagine Alice going through depression, she is just bubbly and outgoing to pass for someone going through depression.
"So who then is her true mate? " I ask.
"I'm afraid I don't know. But I have a feeling she had found him because at a point in our relationship, she started acting strange. "
This was just too much to take in. I glanced at Damon, o my poor Damon.
" Now tell me Alaric, will you do my bidding, or do you want your sweet little mate to die. "Dakar says. Alice's eyes shot towards him.
"I am no little girl you bastard." she spits venomously even in her state.
I glanced back at Dakar. Alice is here because of me, because of my stupidity. My taste for power has clouded my senses, I was angry over the fact that my father gave me just little power, and I was more than willing to betray the lightelves in an exchange for that power. Everything changed since I met Haven, she was just too sweet and innocent for her own good, and the first day my eyes connected with that of Alice. My whole world changed, she was everything I could ask for at that moment, and all I wanted to do was to worship her. But the love I had for her soon turned into hatred when I learnt that she was pretending that someone else was her mate.
I never received love ever since I was a child, my when life was filled with hatred, even my own dad showed me hatred. But Haven showed me nothing but love.
"What do you want Dakar?" I question numbly.
"You know what I want. First we have to stick to our plan A, and you are to execute it tomorrow. My sources have been raised and confirmed. " he says wickedly. Plan A, no this can't be happening. How can Haven be so foolish.
"And then our plan B. " he completes chuckling darkly.
"Alaric, I don't know whatever connection you have with Dakar, but please don't do this. " Alice mutters pleadingly to me.
I gaze at her. No Alice, even if I hate you, you're still my mate and nothing will change that. I will fight for you even if what you did to me hurts. I know that what I'm about to do will change my life forever, but I'm doing it for Love.
Dum Dum Dum....
Hmm..... πŸ€”πŸ€”
What could be this plan A.....
Who wants Alaric dead.....
Do you think Alaric is right in his own words...
Shit is about to go down....
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