Step by Step on How to Cook Delicious Egusi Soap

Anyone could teach you how to cook Egusi soup but can they teach you how to cook Egusi the Velvety way?
But I’ll teach you! Cos I’m the Velvety chef. Welcome to my blog. New and old visitors, I greet you all. I wouldn’t like to bore you with a long introduction so, my friends let’s learn how to cook the Igbo Egusi soup like a pro.

I can cook Egusi in the stir fry method and still slay it but the method we will be learning today is the boiling method.

Boiled Egusi 

I’ll advice that you use beef for your Egusi. Beef or goat meat adds a unique taste to the soup .

* Boil the meat first and set aside.

*Cleanse your okporoko (stock fish)in water.

*Throughly cleanse your kpomo (cow Hyde) with a knife or sponge in water and salt.
*Place these two ingredients in a pot and boil with seasoning.

*When the okoproko becomes tender, mix your blended Egusi with water to form a paste.

*When grinding your Egusi, don’t forget to add a little crayfish.
Note that adding too much crayfish in the Egusi will darken your soup. Even if you are using white crayfish add little.

*Before you add the crayfish to your Egusi, please sieve it .This is because you won’t get to rinse the crayfish and it may contain sand particles.

*So, mix the Egusi with water to form a paste .

*Pour into the boiling stock fish and Pomo.

*Add palm oil (This should be according to the quantity of Egusi you are cooking. Basically, Egusi does not need so much oil. Just a little.

*Add seasoning and salt.

*Add your meat stock and meat.

*Add blended fresh pepper (tomatoes,onions,scotch bonnet pepper (rodo).)

*Cover it and let it boil for about 15-20 minutes.

*Cleanse your Ugwu(pumpkin leaves) or Uziza, or bitter leaf.

*Add it to the boiling goodness. By this time, the palm oil and the Egusi would have synchronized.

Stir for a while and your Velvety Egusi is ready.
Try this method and drop your results in the comment section.
Have a wonderful week,