Angelina Episode 5

Episode 5
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Jordan's Mansion=Angelina's Bedroom).
'' You don't seem to be happy about this trip if ours ''. Danny said.
'' I just wish,I could go with you guys ''. I said in sadness.
'' Well,that's why dad is staying here with you ''. Danny said. '' Or you don't like the fact that dad is being left here alone with you? ''.
'' No..not that. I'm okay ''.
'' Hmmm,if you say so Angy. Anyway,I have to go and continue my packing. We'll have a long journey tomorrow ''. He said,stood up and left.
Actually, I would ha e loved to tell Danby the whole truth about what his father did to me. But there was no way I could. He threatened to kill me and throw my body into the sea. I was worked up and worried. I sat up on the bed and hit my hand on something, only to check that Danny had left his phone on my bed. I was surprised, was destiny working in my favor?
I quickly looked through my things and took out the card and tried calling the number Nickel gave me the other day...but it didn't go through. Was this a wrong number he gave me? But he really seemed like a nice person. I really needed help. I tried again but it still didn't go through. I heard someone's footsteps coming towards the gate and I quickly put the phone back. Danny entered and took back hi phone and left.
(Next Day).
Aunty and my cousins left early in the morning, accompanied by Uncle Tom. I was left alone in the house and I quickly rushed to the kitchen and put some raw rice on the fire and quickly ate up to my satisfaction. After that,I went upstairs and brought down all my dirty clothes and washed them clean.
I hanged them under the brighting hot sun and went into the hall. I looked around, looking for a phone somewhere to call the number. I sear he'd all around and didn't find anything. I sat for a while and remembered the provision shopkeeper who asked mW to come there any time I was in need. I quickly stepped into the compound with the intention of heading to the shopkeeper and ask for a phone. As soon as I opened the main gate of the entrance, there standing in front of me wa Uncle Tom,frowning furiously.

'' And where the hell do you think you are going? ''. Uncle Tom asked.
'' I don't think you should bother yourself about that. In this country,we have freedom of movement ''. I replied.
'' Oh really? Do you think we are in a court room,for you to show me the freedom you have? ''.
'' I am going to go out right now...just leave me alone ''.
'' Don't forget you've being left alone here with me okay? And your job,is to serve me,in and out of bed ''. He smiled evilly, getting closer to me.
I turned and took to my heels and raced as fast as I could to the room,up the stairs and into my room then locked myself inside. I was so frightened in the broad day light. I couldn't control my breath,I squeezed myself at one corner of the bed and kept on weeping. Praying inside me to send some help to rescue me. I was not willing to face that same horrible night in that monster's hands.
Suddenly, I heard the handle of my door being forced opened outside with a metal object. It was as if he had wanted to open it with force.
'' Better make this simple off yourself and open gently girl,else if you allow me to suffer before getting to you,I will hurt you so bad with no mercy ''. Uncle Tom threatened.
'' Leave me alone!!! If you dare come close to me,I will scream so loud that even the roofing will fall off! Get away from me you minster! ''. I shouted.
Suddenly, all the noise I heard with the metal stopped. It was quiet now,and I begun to calm down. He must have left,that's what I thought. I was very much calm and happy now. My entire body was relaxed and slowly crawled myself into bed and fell asleep. I slept peacefully like a human with no troubles.
I opened my eyes again and saw that it was dark everywhere. It was night again. I checked my wrist watch and saw that it was exactly 10pm. How could I sleep for that long? I couldn't believe. I would have preferred to stay in the room,locked up for the next one month until Aunty Okereke and my cousins to arrive home,but I was so hungry when I opened my eyes.
I ward to the window and opened the louvers and the entire streets was empty. It was dark and the rain was drizzling. My things were still hanging down thereon the line. I slowly took the key to my door and silently unlocked it. I slowly opened the door and poked my head out and looked outside but I didn't see anyone. I was can by then and I slowly tiptoed out of my room and got to the stairs. I needed to get down there and remove my things, and also check if some food was in the kitchen. As soon as I raised one keg to step down,a strong arm grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me back with force in pain. He rapped his arms around my neck, strangling me to death.
'' What did I tell you huh? What did I tell you about making me suffer before getting you? You stupid girl! ''. Uncle Tom groaned.
'' Pleas...please uncle please, don't hurt me,I am whole body is sore, my entire body is in pain please. I beg you ''. I cried.
'' Do you think I care? Do you think I care about you huh?! ''.
'' Help me!!! Help me please! I beg you someone help me.....''. I kept screaming.
But he pulled me back and dragged me back into my room. I pushed him away and tried to close the door but he held the handle and booted my abdomen, making me to fall to the ground and started bleeding profusely. I was completely paralysed now. He turned and locked the door and the rain started becoming heavier and heavier. I couldn't scream now. He carried me up into the bed and raped me behind my back and also in front of me.
He did this repeatedly until he had satisfied himself.
After this,he started dressing himself up,while my blood didn't stop coming.
'' That's what you get,when you disobey me. Now,you'll be left here,all alone ''.
He said and left the room then locked me up. My eyes couldn't close. I kept starring at the roof top and bleeding. I suddenly saw my parents,taking my hands...I asked them to take me with them. But they told me it was not yet time. I slept on the bed for a long hour.
1 week later,I was still lying down the same way I was. I couldn't move any of my body parts. And Uncle Tom never unlock the door to one check up on me or anything. If I felt like urinating, I did it on myself and it made the room stink so badly with the blood which was dried up on me. I had not rated food or what's for the past 1week. I was dying. And I started groaning louder and louder for him to come.
And luckily for me,he entered the room and quickly covered hi nose with a napkin.
'' My goodness! See how you've made this room stinky! How disgraceful you idiot! ''. He said in anger
'' Food... Please...''. I said weakly.
Uncle Tom went outside and later brought back some food and water. He went back and brought a mob and a detol with water. He mobbed the room and removed the bedsheets and burnt them on the compound. The from was now smelling great. He helped me to sit up on the bed and I started eating. After eating and drinking,a little strength entered my body. He was sitting besides me while I ate. I hated him so much. I swear if I had strength, I would have taken his life. After eating,he took the plates and stood up to leave.
'' I am not feeling well. Please,take me to see the doctor. I think I have..I think my fever is back. I'm weak,please take me to he hospital ''. I pleaded.
'' You think am a fool to take you to the hospital. Then when we arrive,you'll announce to everyone that I have being raping you! ''.
'' No...I swear I won't do that..please ''.
'' Shut up there! The food I gave you will be enough to heal you ''. He said,left the room and locked me inside.
Two weeks Late,I was burning up,the fever had climbed all over me.I was hot. Uncle Tom was now afraid. He quickly called and taxi and got me to the hospital.
(The Hospital=Doctor's Office).
'' What happened? ''. Doctor asked.
'' She has fever. That's why I think...right Angelina? ''. Uncle Tom asked with a threatening look.
'' Y..yes ''. I nodded in weakness.
'' What is wrong doctor? ''. Uncle Tom asked.
'' She's not having fever. She is three weeks pregnant! ''...
'' No way! ''...