Angelina Episode 6

Episode 6
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(At the Hospital=Doctor's Office).
My face turned pale suddenly at the mention of pregnancy. I considered my life to be over at that moment. Uncle Tom was then shaking from his feet and sweating. His fave was red and guilt was written all over it.
He apparently got angry at that moment and started insulting me. This monster of a man was suddenly blaming me for of being a bad girl in front of the doctor. As he didn't want to raise any suspicions, he held my ears in anger and screwed it as if he was scolding me.
That time,the pregnancy news had hit me like a bomb and I didn't know what to say or do.
'' You disgraceful girl! You see what you've brought? See the disgrace you've caused our family ''. He shouted.
'' Sir,calm down ''. Doctor said.
'' How can I calm down? How can I? If this girl was obedient enough to take our advice, none of this would have happened! ''. He threw back.
'' Are you her father? '' Doctor asked ,looking worried.
'' No. I am her uncle. She's living with me,her aunt and cousins. Her parents are dead. And she has being jumping from one boy to the other ever since! ''. Uncle Tom said.
I was so shocked and in disbelieve about the statement he made. Something inside me wanted to shout out loud that he was responsible for the pregnancy, because he had being raping me continually. But I was scared at the same time.
'' Angelina, when I checked your formalities, it was written that you were just 13 years old. Is that true? ''. Doctor asked.

I nodded.
'' Did you know that,in the court of law in this country,when a female child, less than 18 years gets pregnancy, it's termed as an offense? ''. Doctor asked calmly. '' So tell me,did you have sex on your own free will,or someone force himself on you? ''.
'' But doctor, what sort of question is that?! I already told you that,this girl is a spoilt brat. At just 13,she's already into numerous relationships ''. Uncle Tom confidently said.
'' Please sir,let the girl answer me. Don't interrupt please ''. Doctor said with a frown. '' Angelina? Tell me the truth ''.
'' I...I...I ...iiii ...I..I..........''. I kept stammering.
'' Don't be afraid, tell me and I will help you ''.
'' Yes Angelina, tell the doctor, tell us the truth...where you ever forced? ''. Uncle Tom asked in a husky tone.
'' No. No one forced me to do anything ''. I replied.
'' Angelina, are you sure? ''. Doctor asked.
'' But doctor, what more do you want her to say? She said she wasn't forced. And it has confirmed what I just told you ''. Uncle Tom said in sweat.
'' Why are you shaking and sweating then sir? ''. Doctor asked suspiciously.
'' Well,the fact that my wife will come back from her trip to find ou about this,she'll really be disappointed ''.
'' Where's your wife? ''.
'' Doctor, can you please stop asking about my family matters? Can we do now? ''. Uncle Tom suggested.
The doctor felt bad and starred at me with a sorrowful eyes for a while, she prescribed some drugs for me and allowed us to leave.
(Jordan's Mansion).
We got to the mansion and into the hall,I worked a jacket because I was feeling cold. I sat on the chair in tears,looking around the room like my parents were going to come in through the entrance and tell was all a dream am living now. Uncle Tom also sat far from me with a face towel,wiping all his sweat away with it. I sat there looking at him with the heart of Lucifer. The hair on my entire body was standing stiffly in anger ad hatred for this entire family
'' It's good you didn't dare call my name at the doctor's office,I would have killed you both instantly. So you better hide this fact until I raise some money for the operation ''. He said lazily.
'' What operation? ''. I asked in an angry tone.
'' I'm going to gather some money,because you have to get rid of that child in your womb ''. He said.
'' Over my dead body! ''. I said,standing in my feet. '' Uncle Tom, I said,over my dead body! I will never abort anything! I won't kill an innocent child who has dine nothing wrong cause it was you! You who raped me and destroyed my life! ''.
'' Oh really? You won't abort,and who will you give the pregnancy to? Even my three children, am not able to look after them,until God made a way for your patents to die and I got something in my pocket. Now you want to add another burden to my load? Never! I won't allow you,if you won't abort,then I will abort it for you. I will beat you until you loose that child! ''. He threatened.
I looked on the centre table and a flower glass pot decorator was on it,I picked it up and raised it up at him in anger.
'' Try me Uncle Tom! Just try touching me again, and you will see the real power of woman! ''.
'' Oh my goodness,am so scared! Oh,so you are a woman now? ''. He laugjes and stood up,getting closer to me.
'' I am serious uncle Tom, don't dare come close,or I will kill you! ''. I threatened.
When he saw how serious as I was,he became pretentiously calm.
'' Angelina, listen to me,your aunt will kill me if she finds out that am responsible, and she'll make your life miserable, is that what you want?! You have to get an abortion,it is what will be best for us both,understand? ''. He said.
'' I said no! It's left with only one week for my aunt to come back! So get ready,I will expose you to everyone!!! ''. I shouted.
He tried to pounce on me and I quickly hit his head very hard with the glass pot flower and the hard glass break into pieces,I saw hip fall on the ground with splash of blood on the floor,I quickly rushed upstairs,into my room and locked myself inside.
One week later, I was still in my room,the room going in circles in my eyes. My stomach was rambling and insulting me for not giving it food for the past one week. I had cuddled myself up on my bed like a baby,and I was shivering. It was a Friday morning and the day my aunt would return from America with her kids. But ever since I hit uncle Tom's head with the flower pot,I hadn't gone downstadownstairs, I wondered if he was dead. I wouldn't be stupid enough to go downstairs like the last time for him to catch me and hurt me again. I will lie in this room till my aunt returns.
I opened the window and checked outside for a while to see whether there was a sign of their return,but I didn't see any. When I was checking,I saw Uncle Tom, walking up and down the entrance. He had a big bandage on his head,which had covered his entire forehead. It was quite funny.
But I knew today was going to be a black Friday by evening time. After this bombshell. I sat on my bed,and I arranged my things well in my luggage and closed it well. The secret 500 naira was in my bag.
Before, I was scared,but I held the courage in !e to wait for my aunt. Soon,it was 8:00pm in the evening. I stood up and went to stand by the window and looked out,then I saw a taxi parked in front of our gate,my uncle opened the gate and stepped out. Aunty Okereke and my cousins stepped out from the taxi in happinesse. They paid for the taxi and he drove away. They all entered the compound and closed the main gate,then I saw uncle Tom give the children a sign to get inside,they entered and he pulled aunt Okereke aside and started speaking secretly to her. I was suspicious, so I quickly unlocked the door and started running downstairs in full speed. I got down,and Danny hugged me with happiness, I tried pushing him away to get outside but my aunt and uncle entered.
The I saw my aunt looking at me with pure hatred and disgust.
She got closer to me and pulled Danny away from me and slapped me hard,then she pushed to the floor and used one leg to step on my stomach as I groaned in pain.
'' You little brat!!! You witch,so after I left,all you knew was to prostitute yourself, right?! ''. She screamed.
'' are hurting me! I can explain please aunt! ''. I pleaded.
'' And you had the gust to hurt my husband,just because he asked you who was responsible?! Now tell me,who is responsible for your pregnancy?! ''
'' Uncle Tom is!!! ''. I shouted.