Angelina Episode 4

Episode 4
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(On the Street).
'' I am Angelina Jordan ''. I stammered.
Nickel realised that all the foodstuffs were destroyed and the expression on his face defined how sorry he was.
'' Angelina, am so sorry okay? Please tell me,how much is all of those provisions? ''. He asked.
'' 5000. I bought them all for 5000 ''. I replied,lookingdownward.
By the time I could even blink am eye,Nickel brought out bundle of money from his car and handed it over to me.
'' Here you are beautiful ''. He said,smiling.
'' This looks like more than 5000, please take it back ''.
'' I look like I need it,beautiful? ''. He asked.
I really got irritated by how he called me.
'' I am Angelina! Not beautiful ''. I said,frowning. '' And you should look on the road when driving! You almost killed me! ''.
'' Only God knows why you didn't doe beautiful ''. He said jokingly. '' Forgive me,you know...ever since I arrived in Africa,you're the first nice person I have met ''.
He removed a card from his jacket and handed it to me.
'' Take this. I am really in a hurry now. You seem like a nice person... Miss......''
'' I said I am Angelina ''.
'' Miss Angelina. You can call me on this line. So I can get in touch please? Who knows,we might become friends ''. He said.
I snatched the card from him and picked up the market basket.
'' Can I drop you off at the market? ''. He offered.
'' No. I will walk ''.
'' Okay stubborn queen. Will be expecting your call beautiful ''. He said and drove away.
This was a day I had never met ever since my parents died,I took shade and counted the money. And to my surprise,it was 10,000. I have never held such money in ages. Oh my God,thus is my lucky day. I quickly deducted it and kept the other 5000 in my underwear and went to buy another foodstuff. When I was done, I realised it was getting late. So I quickly dashed off to the house because I knew I would be beaten by all means. The weather was very cool and it looked like it would rain.
I got home and surprisingly, my aunt said nothing but took the provision to fill the kitchen. She cooked and gave me my share,after that,she gave me some drugs to take for the cold. I was very much surprised. Was my mother's ghost working. Hahaha,I entered my room and took out the spare 5000,I would surely hide this money for future purpose. Example, I will need money for sanitary pad and other stuff,so I kept the money deep down in my bag. I sat quietly on the bed,looking at the card the strange guy gave to me.
Where would I even get a phone to calk him? Thus seemed like impossible. But I kept my hope up. It was getting dark,I took my bath and layed on the hard bed,with my science text book,reading... When I could concentrate on reality, it was already dark,about 9pm. And thunder suddenly blasted the whole estate. The rain freed itself and came down heavily. I begun to deep cold. And suddenly, the electricity went out in the whole estate. Everyone was sound asleep in their comfortability. I begun to dose off as the rain was too heavy and the weather was making me shiver.
I slept off in the dark. Unknowingly to me,Uncle Tom entered the room with a spare key,and locked the door behind him. The rain became heavier and heavier, as if heaven was trying to fall on earth. In my sleep,I felt a cold touch on my tights. I was confused and thought I was dreaming. The touch was swimming upwards and upwards to my waist and I quickly panicked to my feet, I couldn't see the room properly since it was very dark. Buy heavens lightening teared and I saw Uncle Tom,sitting on my bed with a knife in his hands. He stood up and I screamed out loud. But even I myself couldn't hear my own scream because of the heavy rain.
He strangled my neck and got his mouth to my ears with all his strength.
'' Don't play dirty,or else I will make you join your parents just now! Is that clear?!.''. He threatened.
'' Please (weeps) Uncle please, leave me alone,go away please ''. I pleaded in tears.
'' Oh I wish I could leave Angelina, but my manhood is up. Your aunty is old and wrinkled now,her vagina is no longer tight for me ''.
'' Help me!!! Help me please!!! Danny!!! Somebody......''
As I screamed, his anger got to the peak and he did slapped me and left me to fall on the cold floor. Was too weak to get up fast. I tried getting up and he begun to undress himself as quickly as he could. I got to my feet in dizziness and dashed to the door,I tried opening and realised it was locked and the keys weren't there. I begun to hit the door so hard that even my own hand started bleeding. I turned my back and saw him naked with the knife in his hands,frowning at me.
He caught hold of me and turned me to the bed then tore my clothes into pieces,he grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard,making me scream in pain,even with that,the rain blocked everyone's hearing. He slept over me,and got his huge manhood into me and raped me mercilessly. He did that severally to his satisfaction, and while he dis that,he had covered my face with a pillow to prevent me from breathing and screaming.
I almost loosed my breath that night. He raped,me several times, continually that same night,and got off me and started dressing up. My entire bedsheet was soaked in blood. And me? I layed on the end,paralysed, looking at the roof. The rain begun to subside.
'' Now,if you ever,come out from this room,and open that small mouth of yours...I swear... I will kill you,and throw your body into the sea! ''. He threatened, while dressing up. '' So if you know what's best for you,better stay here quietly... Else what I will do to you,will be worse than what your aunt is doing ''. He said that,unlocked the gate and stepped out,then closed it behind him.
Whiles lying there,I saw mum and dad,holding my hand,and I pleaded for them to take me along with them,but they told me t wasn't time. My eyes were still starring at the roof top,and before I could think of anything, I heard cocks crowing, and when I looked out the window, it was sunshine. Morning had come. That was when I realised what had really happened. And tears and anger filled my heart up.
I begun to feel thirsty for vengeance. This was unacceptable! I cried and grieved like my parents had died all over again. By hook,or crook..Uncle Tom and Aunty Okereke, must remain alive to witness what I will do their future. I, Angelina... will not let God handle them,I will do that myself... And I knew,that life always created way. I still layed in the bed of blood. I couldn't get up,I was broken. I heard my name being called downstairs, but my voice had seized. And my body was paralysed.
'' Why has this girl slept too much like that today? '' Aunt said angrily.
'' Should I go and call her mum? '' Ellen asked.
'' Yes,go. Tell her to come here now! Who does she wants to wash the plates for her?! ''. Aunt snorted.
Ellen gets to her feet to walk upstairs.
'' No! Wait! Don't you dare go up there to wake Angelina up! ''. Uncle Tom commanded.
'' Ah,why? Is something wrong? ''. Aunty asked surprised. '' Why are you of all people saying is? ''.
'' So,won't you people let the poor girl rest? Ah ah,everyday Angelina... Why?! Angelina do this,Angelina do that! Can't you yourselves do your own work? ''.
'' What? But dad...''. Ellen tried talking.
'' My friend shut up there! You,don't you have hands and legs? Foolish girl,can't you go and wash the plates yourself? Lazy girl! ''. Uncle Tom acted.
'' But dad,she's our maid now,how can you tell me,your princess to go and wash the plates? ''. Ellen said.
'' My friend, if you are a man like me,just do like you are walking up there,like you will see ''. Uncle Tom said.
Ellen sat down,browsing on her phone while aunty Okereke sat down watching TV.
'' I don't know why you are acting this way ooo,but just remember that,if you start pampering that girl in this house,she will grow wings ''. Aunty said.
'' We shall see ''. Uncle Tom replied.
'' Also,as I and the children will be traveling to the USA three days later for a small vacation, I hope you keep an eye on her '' Aunty said.
'' Yes I will ''.
'' But dad why have you refused to go to the vacation in America with us? ''. Ellen asked.
'' That's none of your business '' Uncle Tom replied.
'' Oh Thomas don't be rude! My dear,he won't be able to go because he has to keep an eye on that stupid Angelina,since we don't want to take her along with us ''. Aunt siad.
'' Aaah okay,Uuuh,I can't wait to get to the USA for the first time ''. Ellen cheered.
(Two Days Later=Angelina's Room).
I cried my eyes out when Danny told me that they were leaving for America the next day,and that means,I will be left alone with the demon,Uncle Tom! Then am finished...