Angelina Episode 29 & 30

Episode 29
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Nickel’s Bedroom).
As this two were busy and continuing kissing, they heard footsteps walking closer to the door. And in fright, they separated from each other and Lady Molio started massaging Nickel’s legs.
I entered the room with the apple juice and she was massaging Nickel’s legs. I went closer and ga e him the juice to Nickel and went back to stand at the door.
(For Life Hospital=Doctor
’s Office).
Doctor Graham was busily writing on some documents piled up on his desk and a nurse entered the office in tears and anxiety.
” Doctor! Doctor… Bad news,bad bad news sir! ”. She said,breathing through her mouth.
” What is it? Please don’t tell me the pregnant woman in coma has dies ”.
” This is even worse doctor! It is about Rota ”.
” What?! Rita Lawrence? ”.
” Yes doctor… It’s on the news and everyone has heard it. Rita has being murdered doctor ”.
” Jesus Christ ”. He shouted and jumped out of his seat. ” Naomi stop joking… I have sent Rita to the Brandon’s mansion to take care of pastor Brandon’s son. I even spoke to her yesterday when she arrived in the mansion. So what are you talking about now? ”.
” Sir,you can put in the television and see…her body has being videotape. Everyone is talking about it. It is Rita ”.
Doctor Graham switched in the television in his office and saw the news being aired and he was shocked.
” Oh my God,so if Rita is dead,who is the one I spoke to? ”.
” Doctor, I think something is wrong somewhere… we have to find out ”…
(Brandon’s Mansion=Nickel’s Bedroom) .
For about two hours,she was still not done with the massage. I was already feeling so restless and getting annoyed. I was also feeling hungry. Nickel’s eyes were closed when this was going on.
” Rita,isn’t it enough? ”.
” Do you what your boyfriend to start walking again or not? It seems you are feeling insecure with me massaging him,you can ask doctor Graham to change me ”.
” Oh how I wish I could do that ”. I whispered.
” Excuse me? ”.
” Nickel, what would you eat? ”.
” Just bring me some fruit salad and pancakes. I am really not feeling okay Angelina… please hurry because am weak ”.
” Okay okay…I will be back ”. I said and got out.
Diana was having coffee in the kitchen so she could cook lunch. And she heard the telephone ring from the Hall. She got on her feet with her coffee and went to the hall to answer and it was doctor Graham.
” Hello…this is the Brandon’s residence, who am I speaking to speak? ”
” Hello?…this is doctor Graham of For Life Hospital. Where is pastor Brandon? ”.
” Huh? Oh wow doctor…this is Diana ”
” Diana how are you doing? ”.
” I am fine doc ”.
” So where is Mr Brandon? ”.
” Well,Mr Brandon has left to the mansion this morning to the mountains to pray for seven days ”.
” Oh my God ”.
” Doctor why? ”
” It’s about that nurse in the mansion… you forget about that,I am on my way right now,something is wrong somewhere ”. He said and hanged up.
” He…hello??? Oh he hanged up…but,what about the nurse? ”. She said and put the phone away.
I walked down the stairs and saw Diana walking to the kitchen with coffee cup in her hands. She is the perfect to fry the pancakes and make fruit salad so I could go back to check on this nurse who is till in the room with Nickel. I didn’t want to make any complaints anymore since Nickel and I just reconciled yesterday… If I should complain, I would be looking bad in everyone’s eyes and I didn’t want to do that….I have a feeling that nurse is up to something. And I know my feelings are never wrong. I will have to do something quick before something am not expecting happens.
” Diana wait! ”.
” Yes? ”.
” I heard you talking… who were you talking to? ”.
” It was doctor Graham on the phone… he was looking for Mr Brandon ”.
” Oh okay…”.
” I can’t hide this from you Angelina. There is something you should know about what doctor Graham said. He was sounding very weird and worried ”.
” About what ”.
” Do you know that he was asking about the nurse? ”. She whispered to me.
” What…Rita? ”.
” Exactly… He wanted to talk to Mr Brandon about the nurse,but since Mr Brandon is not here,he is coming here on his own….he Ben said,something is wrong somewhere. I am beginning to suspect that,the girl in this house is not a nurse oo ”.
” What?! ”. I was shocked.
” Keep your voice down now ”. She whispered. ” Just be careful okay? At least until doctor Graham arrives and we see what happens ”.
I started shaking under my feet. Thinking about this,I started remembering about the anaconda and the actions of this so called therapist. Have I being blinded all this while? Am I sleeping while my legs around outside? I was confused at that particular moment? I had to act fast since she was in Nickel’s room.
” Errrrmmmm….Diana, please can you go and fry some pancakes and please combine on apple,pineapple, grape and strawberry and make it a fruit salad for Nickel okay? Please make it fast ”.
” Okay ”. She said and went into the kitchen.
I was restless. I wanted to go back to Nickel’s room to check on him bit I decided to go and start my investigation. I tiptoed upstairs and walked closer to Rita’s door. I slowly opened it and entered. I felt so weird entering the room. But I did any way. I closed the door behind and begun to search through her bags and clothes if I could find any clue whatsoever….
(For Life Hospital=Outside).
Doctor Graham stood besides his car getting ready to go to the Brandon’s mansion. He stood there with one of the nurses. Queen Marina appeared there in horror but she invisible to them. She stood in front of the car and opened her mouth,letting out a big green anaconda out of her mouth. She disappeared and the anaconda crawled to the door of the car and entered through the door and entered the car.
” Naomi,I want you to look after the hospital until I co!e back. Take my place and look after my office until I return…. okay? ”.
” Yes doc. Please take care of yourself and if there is anything you may need,please call me and I will be there immediately ”.
” That won’t be necessary. I guess pastor Brandon is not picking my calls because he is busily praying ”.
” Yes,you are right doctor, Mr Brandon is praying by now…please sir,we should make sure to get to bottom of this ”.
” Take care okay…I will be back after seeing who is acting like Rita…after this is over,I will have to confirm her body at the mortuary ”.
He said and entered his car,he sparked and drove away. On the way,he drove speed on the road,thinking what to do,he tried calling Mr Brandon but the phone was still switched off. The anaconda crawled into the back seat and raised it’s head up and had opened it mouth with the fangs,starring at doctor Graham in the front mirror.
Doctor Graham spotted the snake in the mirror while driving speed,he quickly turned his back and faced the snake meeting a be strong poisonous bite on his shoulders. He screamed out in pain and he didn’t see the snake disappear.
He turned his face to the road but his car went crashing against another car and blood splashed on the windows and seats.
(Brandons Mansion=Nickel’s Bedroom).
It was left with Lady Molio and Nickel alone in the bedroom. And Lady Molio had started feeling attracted to Nickel already. She was feeling scared because she was not supposed to fall in love with anyone. But Nickel on the other hand had no idea what was going on in his world because all he knew was that he was in love with her.
After the massage, Lady Molio was quite surprised that Angelina had not returned with the food for Nickel… That was so unlike her. And she was wondering what was really going on. She decided to go and check herself. She arranged her things in the first aid bag and turned to leave.
” But are we not supposed to practice since you are done? Why are you leaving so soon? ”.
” I am just surprised that Angelina is not back with the food…are you not? ”.
” Forget about Angelina now…she is not here,just the two of us…okay? ”.
” But are you not hungry? ”.
” Forget about that and come and help me on my feet…we should practice at least ”.
Nickel tried standing up and Lady Molio went to hold him up,his legs were shaking and trembling but he was standing straight and he was so excited.
” Do you feel any pains in your legs? ”.
” Hell yeah…but it’s better than sitting down on that bed all day long right? ”.
” Sure ”. She said and smiled.
” Thank you…my love ”.
They got to the mood again and engrossed into each others arms in a romantic kiss. Lady Molio had her eyes closed and saw Queen Marina in a vision then she quickly opened her eyes and separated herself from Nickel.
” What is it Rita? ”.
” Nothing… I will see you later for the next massaging session. Good day ”.
Lady Molio got out from the room and she headed straight to her room.
(Lady Molio’s Room).
I kept searching through her things and everything seemed to look normal. She had nothing hidden anywhere. Was I overreacting? There was nothing to prove there was nothing wrong anywhere. I then prepared myself to leave the room but I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Demn am so screwed.
Looking around me, there was no place to hide myself. I was quickly having my eyes in all direction in no direction. I didn’t know where to hide now. So I had no choice but to get under the bed. I quickly layed on the floor and rolled myself under the be in silence.
Lady Molio entered the room and with fright, she threw the first aid bag onto the bed and sat down.
” Oh shit! Why did I let myself get carried away with him? ”. She said and stood up,walking to and fro around the room. ” I am not even allowed to go that far,I should be study. Nickel must walk again,that’s what matters most and the quee……”. And there was a knock on the door.
She walked to the door and opened it and it was Diana.
” Hello my dear Rita…lunch is ready,please your food is in the dinning hall ”.
” But Diana, where is Angelina? ”.
” I have no idea…I have searched everywhere for her. She just came to the hall and asked me to prepare pancakes for Nickel…that was it,I don’t know where she is ”.
” That’s strange. Okay Diana, let’s go… but I hope you have served Nickel ”.
” Yes I have ”.
They both left the room and I got on my feet and left the room too.
” There is something very fishy about this Rita…what was she talking about right now? Oh come on,and Diana came to interrupted her…something is wrong. What did she mean by being carried away? ”. I was confused but walked into my own room.
(Mountain Geshon=9pm).
Prayers was being carried out. But the bishop called Mr Brandon aside.
” Pastor Brandon, bless you ”.
” Bishop, bless you too…anything the matter? ”.
” How is your son? ”.
” He is okay…at least,he was fine when I left home ”.
” I feel in my spirit..that there is something wrong in your home ”.
” Mine? God forbid. God would have revealed to me ”.
” Why don’t you switch on your phone to check home? ”.
” I assure youbishoo…nothing is wrong. Yo let me pray for this seven days ahead,and after that…I will go home to see everything normal ”.
Mr Brandon said and went back to the prayers…..

Episode 30

By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=Brandon’s Mansion=Nickel’
s Room).
When i entered Nickel’s room and when he saw me,that smile I have being seeing every morning on his face upon seeing me wasn’t there. He didn’t even take two minutes to look at me. He just looked through the window. I was not surprised because even though he was sick, he always smiled at me so why not today as well? I got closer and sat besides him on the bed to pamper him but he rejected me. It wasn’t a rude rejection, but it was still a rejection.
” What is it Nickel… have I done anything wrong? ”.
” Please call Rita okay? ”.
” Rita? Why her? I am here and you are asking for Rita? Are you serious? ”.
” I am demn serious Angelina. She is my therapist isn’t she? So why the hell are you starting your jealousy again….you see,this is one thing I really hate about you! ”.
My heart skipped a beat in a painful manner. I couldn’t believe it was Nickel who spoke that way. I got away from him and decided not to talk !such about this and just cooled myself down because I thought he slept on his wrong side last night. O walked to the door and starred at him but he didn’t look back at me.
” I will go and prepare your breakfast, and when am done,I will come help you to take your bath ”.
” It is not necessary, walking again is the most important thing to me okay? ”.
” But Nickel,what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting so rude early this morning…. What?! ”.
” Gert out Angelina! Just leave and call Rita, would you? ”. He said rudely and turned his fave away from me ”.
I decided to keep my cool because Mr Brandon had advised to stay united.
Diana was arranging breakfast on the dinning table and the television was on in the hall and there was a morning news on it. I walked down the stairs,holding a tray of coffee r and came face to face with the shocking news.
” Good morning good citizens of Belle State. We are very sorry to announce the gory accident which occurred yesterday on the Palama road at exactly 4pm. The man in the cad was doctor Graham who owns the For Life hospital ”. The news caster said.
” Oh my God! ”. I screamed out loud, letting go of the tray of coffee jat onto the floor which busted at my feet into pieces.
” The good news is,we have got information from the For Life hospital that doctor Graham is still alive but the man is completely paralysed and is in a very critical condition… any news of our great doctor will be announced this afternoon. Enjoy the rest if our programmes. Good morning again ”. The news caster said and the programme changed.
” Accident? ”. I was still shaking.
Diana came from the dinning hall with a tray and saw the tray and jar both destroyed on the floor and she came to shook me from my scary world to reality.
” What is it? ”.
” Diana, doctor Graham has got an accident and is completely paralysed in the For Life hospital ”.
” Hey! Chineke! Hey!….just yesterday? ”.
” Yes…when he even said he would come here ”.
” No wonder he was not able to arrive. And we all thought it was because he was busy with hospital duties ”.
” Ei…Diana, this is serious. I mean..just all of a sudden, the man who is coming Herr to give us an important news is suddenly good as dead ”.
” Angelina… Is it not strange that…all this has happened… in a suspecting manner? ”.
” What do you mean? ”.
” Doctor Graham had said he was coming here to see Rita, and he suddenly gets an accident… me I an starting to become scared of that girl oo ”.
” Hmmmm…please clear this mess I have made. As for today,no matter what happens… I will clear my conscience. I will cleat my suspicions ”.
” What do you mean? ”
” Just clear the mess…I will be back ”.
I started to walk slow,heading to Rita’s room.
(Lady Molio’s room).
Lady Molio had taken her bath and gotten herself dressed. She started putting on make ups for a common massaging session, then immediately, Queen Marina appeared behind her,she saw her through the mirror, panicked, screamed and dropped the mirror on the floor and she turned to queen Marina. And she met a be harsh slap from the queen,she was thrown somewhere on the floor with a loud painful moan.
” Your highness! ”. She said puzzled.
” Oh shut up! How dare you act so childish Molio? ”.
” But what have I done queen? ”. She said,holding her cheek and standing up ”.
” Your stupidity has made human beings to see the body of the nurse you killed in the bush,now it is all over the country! ”. The queen said,walking about in the room in a restless state. ” Now everything is talking about it. And even the doctor who sent her has found out that the nurse he sent s being killed ”.
” But that’s impossible. Because we killed her and left her body in the bush ”.
” Exactly you idiot! Now they have found her body. And that doctor has found the truth and was going to expose you yesterday… so while you were busily kissing Nickel Brandon yesterday… I was saving your stupid ass…now you better do the job fast and draw Nickel’s attention from Angelina and kill him fast,or else,I will punish you so much,even more than I did to Angelina… is that clear? ”.
” My queen…Nickel is a nice person ”.
” What?! ”. The queen screamed with flames in her eyes.
” I am sorry queen,I will do ad you have said ”.
When I got upstairs, I heard a loud scream from Rita’s room. I quickly got to the front of her door and batched into the room and found her on the floor with her hand holding her cheek. I quickly got there and folded my arms looking at her on the floor and she quickly got up.
I looked around the room and saw no one there,but she looked like someone had slapped her. Problem was,she didn’t want to remove her hand from her cheek. Her face was all red and I wondered what had happened. She was looking at my face and panting like she didn’t want me there. Oh but indeed, I knew she didn’t want me there.
” What is the matter Rita? ”. I asked, walking around her. ” Why is your fa r so red? And why are you holding your fave like someone slapped you? ”
” Why have you even entered my room without knocking Angelina? Is that what you people do here? ”
” Oh Rita, but I heard you shouting… But then you are suddenly acting rude? Is the truth that.. You are not showing your true colours? ”. I said,smiling evilly.
” What true clouds…can you leave my room? ”.
” I have a news for you. Doctor Graham is on his way here right now to see you ”.
I intentionally said that and her face completely changed from fear to shock. And that is when I realised she was hiding something. Her hand slipped from her face and I se that,her cheek was red and a hand had drawn on her cheek,as if someone had fiercely slapped her. I was so shocked that I touched her fave but she pushed me away from her.
” Stay away from me ”. She went closer to the bed and took her first aid bag. ” I need to go and continue my job,now get out from my room ”.
” Even Nickel is waiting for you…go ahead ”. I said and left the room.
I got closer to her door and she closed it in front of me while she walked away to Nickel’s room. I took my phone from my pocket and quickly dialled Mr Brandon’s number. But it was still switched off. I needed him more than ever. But since he wasn’t picking up…I was going to take matters into my own hands. I switched my phone to camera mode and slowly went closer to Nickel’s door.
Then I saw Diana bringing Nickel’s breakfast on a tray..she got closer to me and an idea flew into my head.
” I need your help Diana ”.
” Did you find out anything Angy? ”.
” Not yet. But I need to confirm from the doctor whether this girl in Nickel’s room is a nurse or not ”.
” So,what are you planning to do? When I was in the kitchen, I heard a loud scream from upstairs… I wanted to come and check,but I saw you walking up the stairs and went back. What was all the scream about? ”.
” I will explain that later,all you should know is that,it was the so called nurse that shouted. I don’t know why,but I will find out soon. For now,I need you to do me a favor and take the breakfast to Nickel… make it a long process when serving him…make sure to interrupt that girl,I need a clear shot of her ”.
” For what? ”.
” Just do it! ”.
” Alright… okay… ”.
I his behind the door when Diana entered without knocking, and she didn’t close the door either. Rita stopped massaging Nickel and stood beside him. As Diana was serving him, I made my phone ready and captured Rita’s face and took a snap.
I took two clear pictures of her and quickly saved it. I tiptoed downstairs and checked the pictures and it was clear enough to show the doctor. I saw Diana coming downstairs and holding the tray,she got by my side with a worried face.
” What is it? ”. I asked and placed the phone in my pocket.
” Angelina… I feel like you have allowed that therapist too close to Nickel. If you would listen to my advice, it will be better if you go to that room and check on them ”.
” What are you talking about Diana… where are you driving at? ”.
” Well…Nickel and that Rita were pretty close when I first entered, and I think that….”.
” What?! Oh come on Diana. Don’t even go there,Nickel will never do that okay? He loves me and I trust him. Please don’t even say that again ”.
” Okay oooo…sorry please. Any way,what are you up to right now? ”.
” Since I don’t want to create a scene right now,I am taking the pictures I took of that girl to the hospital,to ask the doctor whether she’s the nurse he sent ”.
” Tomorrow ”.
” Okay good…when I was coming back,Nickel asked me to call you for him ”.
” Really? ”. I was so excited since he was acting weird towards me earlier in the morning.
” Yes. Go ahead,it must be very important because he was frowning when he asked me to call you ”.
I didn’t waste any time and quickly rushed upstairs and entered Nickel’s room. To my surprise, he was on his feet with the help of Rita. I was overjoyed. I quickly got closer to him,trying to get Rita way from him by standing in her way. But from no where at all,Nickel slapped me hard on the face and pushed me away from him. I was dreaming.
Yes,that’s what I thought, but the pain was so much that..I realised I wasn’t dreaming. I saw the anger and hate in his eyes. And in shock,I saw Rita go closer to him with an evil smile.
” Nickel? ”.
” Shut up and don’t mention my name! You see where your overbearing jealousy has led you…I don’t ecenknow what came over me to propose to you ”.
” What?! Nickel.. you? This is impossible, you are out of your mind! ”.
” Yes I am…Angelina… get out of the mansion now! You are too jealous of Rita,that you could slap her like this? See what you did to her face! ”.
” What?! Me…slapped her? ”.
” Yes! Don’t lie right now Angelina… you slapped me all because you thought I am getting too close to Nickel… try to deny it now and let’s see what happens! ”….