Angelina Episode 31 & 32

.Episode 31

By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Nickel's Bedroom).

I was still in disbelieve. In total shock. I got ti my feet and looked at Nickel and realised that wasn't my boyfriend. But if he had the gust to slap me,then whatever that is really worse than anything. Then I had to think fast because more than ever,I had to stand on my grounds and fight for what is right,I am going to expose this bitch even if it's the last thing I ever do.
But for now,I wisely walked away from the room...walked straight into my room and wept bitterly. What the hell as going on? I wished Mr Brandon was here to see this. And my pain as well. This girl has bitten more than she can chew,but if I find out she's not a nurse and that she's fake,only God knew what I would to her.
I stood up and entered Mr Brandon's room then went closer to his telephone, I opened his drawer and took his phone book. I looked through and found the For Life hospital in general, then I called the it was going through, someone answered and it was a woman's voice coming through.
'' this the For Life hospital medical team? ''.
'' The medical team is at work madam,but anyone can be sent to wherever you are if only it's an emergency '' .
'' Oh no...that won't be necessary... I only called for a particular reason '' .
'' Okay, am all ears...anything the matter? ''.
'' Please, this call is from the Brandon's mansion... and I was calling to ask if your boss,doctor Graham was okay ''.
'' Hmmmm...okay ''
'' is hr fine or not? ''.
'' Who am I speaking to please, I can't give out information to just anyone ''.
'' Angelina... hey I just told you am calling from the Brandon's mansion, you can check the number again if you want. I live with pastor Brandon, and I hope you are aware that he and doctor Graham are the best of friends ''.
'' Yes...well,doctor Graham is not okay. He's still not woken up from his sleep ''
'' Oh my God, don't tell me he's in a coma ''.
'' No..not a coma...but he was badly wounded and he's paralysed now. Doctors have confirmed that,he won't be able to walk,talk or even sit up for the rest of his life ''
'' Oh no! He can't talk? Please can I come and check on him tomorrow? ''
'' I don't know about that because his wife and son are here,and they don't allow outsiders here. But you can come and try your luck Herr ''.
'' Okay thank you ''.
I hanged up and sat there,even more paralysed. If doctor Graham is not able to talk,how the hell can he confirm the nurse. I am so wasted and bursted. This is going to be the hardest task I have taken upon myself. But I need to kick the bitch out of here.
But I started wondering, what did she gain by telling Nickel that I was the one that slapped her? Was Diana's suspicions right? No...I can't be thinking of this right now. Nickel will never do that. Maybe he was depressed on the fact that,he's not able to walk this long time.
It was understandable. But all the same,I was going to try my luck tomorrow. But until then,I will keep my distance for now. And after I get the truth God willing tomorrow, I will destroy that girl. She will regret, crossing my lane.
(For Life Hospital=Doctor Graham's ward).
Mrs Graham and their son sat besides the motionless man who used to be so strong and did everything on his own. He had bandages all over his face except mouth nose and eyes. And his legs were hanging on a rope tied to the bed. He was completely broken. Mrs Graham kept caressing him and their son also kept walking to and fro in the room in his anxiety.
A nurse holding a pan tray of needles and sedatives entered and placed the tray on a shelf board on a wall. She went closer to doctor Graham and checked on him. She checked the drip and blood being fused into him.
'' Oh my God ''. Naomi said.
'' What is it? ''. Mrs Graham asked.
'' Madam... this is strange. Because as I have checked the medication, doctor Graham is responding to treatment. But when I check his body language, he is getting worse ''
'' Fuck that girl! What do ya mean my pap is getting worse? Ain't ya the same person that said he's getting better? ''. Kelvin said in an angry tone. '' Hope ya ain't insinuating that my pap is gonna die,are you? ''.
'' I don't know that sir ''.
'' Fuck that shit and don't call me sir! Do ta job as a nurse as you were hired, de!n it! ''.
'' Kelvin it's enough! Show the nurse some respect... she's trying her best. Naomi, what's the matter? ''.
'' Madam,I think we should wait for a while. We have been giving him medication since yesterday, and the test we have made on him proves that he is responding to treatment, but then as I have come to check on him,his body is becoming weaker and weaker and his condition is becoming worse ''.
'' This battle is nothing physical.. I know it! Oh my God, but pastor Brandon has also put his phone off...God have mercy on my husband ''.
'' I will take my leave now ma ''. She said and left.
'' What we gone do now mam? ''
'' Prayer my son. All we have left now is,God. And am waiting for pastor Brandon to one back from the mountains and we'll see what we can do after that ''.
'' Well,I guess both of you trust him much. Got to go now mam,am so tired... I had a long journey from the USA today. Have to go and rest. I will come back tomorrow... will you sleep over here? ''.
'' Of course my son,am not leaving your father at all. You go home and rest okay? When you come here tomorrow, I will also go home to take my bath and rest ''.
'' Alright mam. Am gone ''.
He said and walked out.
(Next Day=Brandon's Mansion).
I woke up from my room very early in the morning and stood in front of Nickel's door. I held the handle and tear run down my cheeks. I couldn't get myself to believe that,Nickel and I had actually come to this point. My birthday is just in three days time..and who would I spend it with? I was not happy even though my life was taking this path.
It was so sad and disappointing. I slowly opened the door and entered. He was still asleep and I quietly got closer to him and sat beside him. His face was pale and white. I touched his face and brushed my hand through his hair,but he didn't even turn himself.
He was really deeply asleep. I kissed his forehead and looked around the room. I got up and rolled the curtains from the window and allowed the sun to shine into the room. I turned and got out then met Rita on the walk way. When she saw me,she revealed an unfriendly smile to me and I also folded my arms,she had the ordersity to walk closer to me.
'' What were you doing in Nickel's room? ''
'' What? What sort of question is that? ''.
'' You heard me right Angelina... what were you doing in Nickel's room? ''.
'' Bitch...I don't have to explain myself to you at all. I can enter into Nickel's long as I want. What right do you have to ask me it because Nickel is giving you some little friendship? ''.
'' Hahahaaa...oh my goodness. Friendship? Who told you Nickel and I are friends. In any case,I don't have to tell you anything. But then,you should have realised by now...that Nickel doesn't love you anymore ''.
'' And that's why you blamed me for your slap yesterday? You snake! I will make sure you don't get away with this acts of yours ''.
'' And how do you intend to do that? ''.
'' Oh you have finally proved to be evil just like I suspected from the start ''.
'' There is nothing to do madam suspect ''.
'' We'll see about that ''.
I walked downstairs and met Diana on the way and got her out with me to the compound.
'' I am going to the hospital right now okay? So you take care of the house please,keep an eye on her and also make sure not to open your mouth about my whereabouts please ''.
'' Ei Angelina, you are leaving me in this house with that witch? ''.
'' That bitch witch will soon leave our lives for good. Just make sure to serve them their breakfast so that they won't complain. I will make sure to come back soon ''. I said and entered one of Mr Brandon's exclusive cars.
'' Make sure you find the truth before coming back ''.
'' I will ''.
I drove into the street and drove as speedily as I could. On my way,I passed a short cut road to let me reach early. And I met up with a very big log. A big wooden had stopped my car on the way. But police and road workers should have put a warning on the crossed road to prevent people from passing here and avoiding any inconvenience. I started sweating in the car.
And looking around me,there was no car or anyone passing by. I tried reversing back but I hit something very hard behind me and my forehead hit the steer and hurt my head. I now had a cut on my forehead and blood came out... I was feeling very dizzy, after waking up and taking my bath,I had not eaten anything... I needed to do this before thinking about any food.
But I wondered what the car hit. With blood on my face,coming from the cut on my forehead, I got down from the car and checked behind it,only to find four giant goat men from under the sea,with the queen standing in front of them. This men goat are defenders and guards from the kingdom. They have human body alright. But they had big fat tails and goat feet. And they had goat faces,but human bodies,they were muscular and tall. In a normal human perspective, they looked more dangerous and scarier than a lion. The queen wore her glorious gown from the sea,holding her snake rod in her right hand and a big black anaconda in her left hand.
I was shocked. How the hell did she even get here?
'' Oh oh beautiful, beautiful... most beautiful Angelina. Look what you did to your face,blood all over you ''.
'' What do you want Marina? ''. I asked boldly.
'' Wow...she called me Marina without the queen ''.
'' That's right,because I don't work for you anymore... now,take your musketeers away from my sight and let me drive off ''.
'' What have you gained Angelina? What have you gained ever since you started walking with that pastor? ''.
'' Haha....and what did I gain from you when I sold my soul to you? ''.
'' What,you were independent, you were rich,you had your freedom to do what you want and so many advantages ''.
'' And so what? ''.
'' With this pastor, all you do is follow his orders, am I lying? ''. She said and threw the snake on her neck. '' And fall in love with his son who does not even appreciate you ''.
'' What?! ''. I was shocked she said that,due to the current situation between me and Nickel. I was confused, to thinking about how she found out. '' How the hell did you even know what's going on? ''.
'' Is that important? ''.
'' Do you have any idea of what's going on with my life? Ate you spying on me? ''.
'' Let's make long story short my dear Angelina. Lady Sona....''.
'' I am not Lady Sona! I am Angelina Christine Jordan! ''. I shouted and pointed at her angrily. '' Get out of my way right now Marina! Take your goons with you,leave my sight right now ''.
'' I can give you back the world Angelina! ''. She took the snake off her neck and stretched it towards me. '' All you need to do is one thing my dear...take back your anaconda,let it go back to your stomach where it truly belongs ''.
I was furious. I was fired up. I started burning up in anger. I had pressed my fist so hard and dark smoke coming out of my body. This is what I wanted to avoid, I never wanted to use my powers anymore. But the anger was intense, and I couldn't control myself.
Red fire appeared from my pressed hand and threw it at the anaconda, burning it up,with a loud scream from the anaconda, the queen quickly let go of it and it falls to the ground, burning up to ashes. The queen was absolutely furious and threw strokes of arrows from nowhere towards me,I bent down dodging the arrows and commanded tons of fire towards her, she turned invisible and the fire disappeared. She appeared back and stretched her rod at me. My eyes turned red and I gave a scream which pulled out trees around us out from their grounds towards the queen.
The scream was so loud that it sounded almost all over the surroundings, and I was sure that people would gather around soon. The queen prevented the trees,making it fall else where. She then turned to the gaot men.
'' I am leaving, deal with her bitterly ''.
'' Yes your Highness! ''. They responded in chorus and the queen disappeared.
Then they turned to me,and bow and arrows appeared into their hands......
.Episode 32
Written solely by Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
This men had no idea who they were about to face. I was in a real hurry to get to the hospital and get all this suspicion over wit. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. They raised their bows and arrows at me. I started raising my hands slowly into the sky and the wind around us started blowing violently and carrying things around us.
All the loose and heavy objects, then the wind started carrying me into the sky. And my eyes turned red,the goat men threw their arrows towards me into me into the sky and I created a hurricane and came down in full speed,descending on them.
The earth break,swallowing them into its stomach. I loosed my strength because of the full power I commanded and the wind left me,I fell from the sky and landed on the ground, breaking my left arm. I layed on the ground beside the opened earth. It looked like an earthquake. I was bleeding from my forehead and I couldn't get on my feet. I was dizzy and my eyes were scrolling around the sky.
I heard heavy noises coming from no where. It looked like people were getting closer to the scene. I heard police cars and sirens coming closer and I was not able to lift my head up to even check what was happening. I suddenly saw flashes of lights in my eyes. Then I realised that it was the journalists taking pictures of me,I also saw police men and women getting them out of the way and doctors bent besides me,checking on me. My eyes were opened and also I could speak.
'' Are you okay ma'am? ''. One nurse asked as she checked my pulse.
'' My phone ''. I replied and tried getting up.
'' No no don't move now miss. You are badly injured. So just be still.... ''. She said and screamed for the ambulance to bring a flat bed.
'' Please, my phone is in the car,just get it for me ''.
'' You are dying and you are thinking of your phone? Like seriously? ''. One of the nurses standing said.
'' Just get her the phone. Look into the car and bring it ''.
They brought the flat bed and three of them carefully carried me into the bed. The other nurse brought my phone and I took it with my left hand. As they carrying me away,the journalist kept taking pictures of me into it. I saw the ambulance origin. It was from the For Life hospital and I was happy.
The nurses kept asking what had really happened but I just told them it was an earthquake and they believed me of course. They also said that the police was going to take care of the car and bring it to the hospital later on.
(For Life Hospital).
Doctor Graham had woke up from the sleep and the entire hospital was happy about it. Bit he was not able to talk and that was heavy blow. His lips were crooked and his entire body was paralysed and he just opened his eyes to look around the hospital room in lots of pain.
Kelvin his son arrived into the hospital and walked straight I to the ward and Mrs Graham got ready to leave.
'' I have to go and take my bath and rest for a while son. Stay right here with your father and don't go anywhere, I will be back as soon as possible ''.
'' How is he now? ''.
'' He opened his eyes earlier this morning. But he can't talk ''. She sobbed.
'' What the fuck! ''.
'' His mouth is crooked because of the stroke. But the nurse told me that, he might be able to get better, sad thing is,he'll stay silent forever. And he will never be able to walk ''.
'' How about that pastor of yours mam? ''. He said and sat beside the bed. '' Have you not heard of that pastor of yours? ''.
'' I have tried as much as I could. His phone is still switched off. But Kelvin, you know your father owns this hospital ''.
'' ''.
'' Now that he's in this situation and can't take control of himself, he can no longer manage the hospital. Son,you will have no that choice but to take control ''.
'' Mam,don't even go there,okay? I have told you and dad so many times that..... ''.
'' Look,I know okay? I know you hate the hospital job an everything, but remember, that was the only reason why your father sent you to America. To study medicine and take over the hospital when he can no longer do so! ''.
'' Wait,I don't even live here! I am a qualified citizen of the United States. I am not going to be in Africa for long mam ''.
'' Oh you will be. Because you were born here,and you lived here way long before your father decided to send you away. And you have graduated from your medicine school. You are 19 now...ever old enough to run the hospital. You are an adult. So start preparing yourself because you can't let your father's dreams tremble into chaos ''.
'' Are you emotionally blackmailing me? Because it's not gonna work on me mam ''.
'' I don't think seeing your father's condition, you will be so heartless to leave him like this. And seeing how much he's built an work on this hospital to become one of the best in the country, you will be so heartless to leave it to crumble into chaos. You are his only son Kelvin, you have no choice bit to just take over the hospital ''. She said and took her handbag. '' I will be on my way now ''.
'' Whatever.... but make sure you arrive here early in the evening, cook something at home for me so that when I arrive, I won't be hungry. But arrive here early to take over so that I can also go home ''.
'' No problem. But think about what I said ''.
She said and left the hospital.
Outside, the ambulance had arrived and the doctors opened the back of the ambulance and brought me out. I held the phone cry hard in my right hand and was feeling so much pain in my left arm. They carried me on the bed I to the hospital and into an empty ward and placed me on the hospital bed.
They all got out and I took my phone with the right hand and called Diana's number. I called because I wanted to know what was going on since I was going to keep quite long than I expected.
'' Hello? ''
'' Angelina... Angelina, are you on your way here? ''. She whispered.
'' Diana, I was involved in a little accident so I will take a bit long to come home ''.
'' Accident?! Are you okay? Oh my God! ''.
'' Relax... I will be back home by evening, pay? ''.
'' We thank God ''.
'' How is Nickel? Has he ate and taken his bath? ''.
'' I have a good news. Nickel stepped on his feet and bath himself today ''.
'' Oh wow! Thank goodness ''.
'' Yes. When I went to serve his breakfast,I saw him get out of his bathroom alone and he ate ''.
'' Oh good. I am so happy ''.
'' But there is one problem ''.
'' What now? ''.
'' Since 9am when the nurse entered his bedroom for the massage session, she hasn't come out. She hasn't come out oo my dear ''.
'' That idiot! How dare she try to turn Nickel against me and now,she's trying to separate us? ''.
'' You should act fast Angelina ''.
I hanged up in anger and tried to get up but the pain in my arm caught up with my shoulder and I screamed in pain. My arm had already started swelling up.
( Doctor Graham ward).
Kelvin kept sitting besides his father but with his phone in his hands. One of nurses entered in a haste with a tray of needles and bandaged then scissors and ointment. Kelvin turned with a frown.
'' What is it? ''.
'' Sir,am so sorry. But we have got a patient with a broken arm in the net five wards and she's pretty hurt right now. The people here who fixed broken arms or any part of the bodies are your father, doctor Graham d doctor Pintsil, but doctor Pintsil is not in the hospital and doctor Graham is also lying here ''.
'' So? ''.
'' Sir,please... I just wanted to know whether you can help us with the young lady who's suffering in the other ward ''.
'' Do you think I came here to check in sick people or what? Can't you see am watching over my dad? ''.
'' Sir please the girl had an accident. Please don't be angry sir ''.
'' Can't Naomi do it? ''.
'' Naomi is a surgical nurse sir...and she's in the theatre right ow,helping other doctors to operate on a pregnant woman having difficulty to give birth ''
'' So who would look after my dad? ''.
'' I will sir. I will go and show you to her and come back here ''.
'' Yes,do so because he can open his eyes at any time ''.
'' Okay sir ''.
They both walked out of the ward and went into the ward Angelina was layed.
I turned to this two people and saw the nurse,but I also saw one very cute guy. He was so fair and handsome. He was tall,just like Nickel. He stood with the nurse,looking at my face but he wasn't smiling. The nurse gave him the tray of bandages and walked out immediately. He pulled a metal chair besides him and sat besides the bed then placed the tray on a table besides the bed.
'' How are you feeling? ''.
'' I'm okay. Just my right arm hurting badly ''.
'' What happened? ''. He asked as he took an ointment from the tray.
'' I...I urrmmmm..well,I fell from my car,because of the little earthquake ''.
'' What? There was an earthquake....where? ''.
'' It's far from here. It will soon come into the news and you'll see it ''.
'' Well okay...let me check tour arm ''.
'' I can't raise it up sir ''.
'' Hey...don't call me that! I hate it ''.
He siad with a frown. '' My name is Kelvin ''.
''I am sorry please. I thought you were one of the workers here ''.
'' No am not... am not a worker. I'm the owner ''.
'' The owner? ''.
'' Kelvin your service ''. He said and stood up and slowly took my left arm.
'' are doctor Graham's son? ''.
'' Yes...hey,breath deeply, because this is gonna hurt like hell ''.
As he said that,he sprayed the ointment on my elbow and flashily straightened my arm and it snapped nd I screamed in pain while tea fall from my eyes and begging him to atop. But he didn't. He pulled it the more and it snapped for the second time and he layed it down slowly. He stood there looking at me as I wept. He went closer Toto the opposite wall and pressed a bell on it and I heard it belling loudly from outside the ward. He turned back to me and I was surprised to see him smiling handsomely.
'' You are brave. Even though you cried,you were strong enough to stand the pain ''.
'' It was painful ''.
'' Yes I know. I did that so that if there was any dislocation... you would be free from it and it will reduce the pain ''.
He said and started bandaging my hand. The blood on my forehead was dried up even though the cut was still fresh and opened. A nurse quickly entered.
'' Sir...sorry,Kelvin, did you press the bell? ''.
'' Yes...bring a plaster,a tissue, a cotton, and spirit liquid ''.
'' Okay ''. She said and left.
'' The pain ia still there ''. I said.
'' It'll go soon ''.
'' How's your father? ''.
'' He's okay. Do you know him? ''.
'' I live with pastor Brandon ''.
'' Oh,then I guess you know more han I thought ''. He finished bandaging my arm and sat down.
'' I need to see your father Kelvin... Please, can you do that for me? ''.
'' Mayi know the reason? ''.
'' I..I.... ''.
'' Just tell me okay? You have nothing to fear. My dad is asleep and...... ''.
'' This has to do with my family. Your father sent a nurse to the Brandon's mansion to be a therapist for Mr Brandon's son Nickel... But the way she's acting, am sure she isn't the nurse he sent. She's stepping against her boundaries and disrespect everyone ''.
'' Well that's strange. Why do you think that way? ''.
I told him the whole truth about my suspicions. But idn't tell him Nickel was m boyfriend. He helped me sit up and a nurse quickly entered.
'' I thought I told you to stay with my dad ''.
'' Yes I know. By the doctor has opened his eyes and is straggling to talk. That is worsening his condition ''.
'' Holy shit ''. He said and got up and looked at me ''.
'' Please Kelvin... help me too ''.
'' Okay,let's go together ''.
They helped me get to my feet,using my right hand to hold my phone and we walked into doctor Graham ward. He layed there,starring at us and his son went to calm him down. After he was calmed,we asked him to blinkhis eyes once when he wants to say yes. And blink his eyes twice when he wants to say no. And Kelvin explained everything to him.
'' Doctor Graham, please do you remember the face of the therapist you sent? ''.
(He blinked once).
'' Okay sir ''. I stretched my hand with the phone to him with the picture. '' Is this her? ''.
(He blinked twice).
One of the nurses injected him with a sedative and he quickly fell asleep. I turned my face to the door way to get out.
'' This is so shocking and unprofessional,pretending to be someone else ''.
'' Yes ''. I said,furiously.
'' Where are you going? ''.
'' I am going home to make that fake bitch wish she was never born ''....