Angelina Episode 33 & 34

.Episode 33
Written solely by Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(For Life Hospital).
'' You are going to do what? ''.
'' Look Kelvin, whoever that girl is,she has a motive...a mind set before coming to the Brandon's mansion. But her cup is full now ''.
'' So,what are you going to do now? ''.
'' I don't know what am going to do,but when I get there...I will know ''.
I started walking away with one hand,heavily bandaged and the other, swinging up and down with the phone in it. And someone touched my shoulder from behind and I turned, it was Kelvin. God,he was so cute. His green eyes pierced into my soul and his red lips penetrated well,and fitted his pointed nose. He !ade me stand and was looking closely at me and he smiled. I didn't know why though,but I smiled back.
'' I didn't even ask about your name...what's your name? ''.
'' Angelina... you can also call me Christine ''.
'' Angelina is perfect. Look Angelina, act calmly please ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' Look at are already broken. You are in so much pain. Don't go and make any hasty decisions okay? I know I don't you that well but it's better you stay in the hospital to be under observation ''.
'' I am absolutely okay Kelvin..seriously, there's no need to worry ''.
'' Okay.... then raise your hand up for me to see you are okay ''.
'' Hahaha...come on,you know I can't. It still hurts inside ''.
A nurse entered in a haste with car keys.
'' Angelina Jordan? ''.
'' Yes that's me...any problem? ''.
'' The police just brought your car back please ''.
'' Oh thank you so much ''.
She said and handed the keys to me.
'' I must leave now Kelvin, thanks for everything ''.
'' It was a pleasure. But don't you think this case you are dealing with should be given to the police? ''.
'' Yes...I will give it to the police... after I take my own justice ''.
'' No no no...I think you are going to do sometimes crazy,and I mustn't let you do that ''.
'' I can take care of myself ''.
'' Are you sure? With that one hand,do you need my help? ''.
'' I..don't thinks so ''.
'' You forget it...I wish you the best..okay? Just relax yourself and take my number,so that if there's anything I can help you with,you just tell me,okay girl? ''.
'' Hmmm...okay ''. I smiled.
I took his number and he also took mine and we both saved on each other's phone. I said my good byes and walked out of the hospital. The road was empty and the weather looked like it wanted to rain heavily. So I needed to hurry back to the mansion. I entered the car and drove slowly away.
(Brandon's Mansion=In the hall).
The telephone was ringing loudly. Diana quickly went into the hall and answered the call. And fortunately and heavenly favoured, it was Mr Brandon.
'' Oh pastor... wow,this is a good day. Very good day! ''.
'' How are you Diana... I just saw on the news that there was an earthquake in the morning, on the road leading to the estate housed. I am very worried, I saw Angelina on the news too! It looked like she was affected by the earthquake, where on earth was she going ''.
'' Oh my God pastor... there is fire on the mansion ''
'' What? Is she and Nickel fighting again? ''
'' This is even worse Graham had a gory accident three days ago ''.
'' Jesus Christ! What happened?! ''.
'' We don't know many things happened in your absence sir...and the house is tearing.. please I would suggest you come home immediately. Doctor Graham is dying and Nickel has completely separated himself from Angelina because of that nurse ''.
'' What?! Rita the therapist? ''.
'' Yes sir ''
'' This is too on my way right now Diana, make sure you let know one know about this '' .
'' Okay sir ''.
Diana put the telephone away and thanked God silently and she turned to go back to the kitchen and heard someone scream out of something that seemed like pleasure. She was shocked. She wondered what was going on up there. So she walked upstairs and went closer to Nickel's door,and that was when the noise as becoming more visible.
She quickly put her ears at the door and listened more carefully. It wasn't any normal noise. It was a moaning. And it was Lady Molio whom they all think to be Rita's voice. Moaning and laughing with pleasure. She slowly opened the door and poked her head into the room and was shocked to see Lady Molio thrusting on Nickel. They were both completely naked and having real and hot sex.
She was about to scream when she heard a car parked into the compound. She quickly closed the door silently and races downstage. She stepped out into compound and an exclusive car was there,the engine went off and the window was dark so she couldn't make of who was in the car.
'' Oh God,this shouldn't be Angelina or pastor Brandon, else hell will loose tonight ''.
As she kept thinking about it,Danny stepped out of the car in all smiles Diana was shocked the same. She quickly went to embraced Danny and took his two bags from and hugged him again. He was absolutely excited wanted to get inside because he was so tired and exhausted. But Diana was acting annoying to him,she was hindrance to his rest. He didn't understand why Diana wouldn't let him get into room.
'' was school Danny? ''.
''Diana... you have asked me this question for about a thousand times now ''.
'' Well,am asking again, is that wrong? ''.
'' Well yeah! I'm so tired. Can I go inside and rest now? ''.
'' Hope you have being studying well ''.
'' What?! What is really going on Diana. Please let me in...I need to speak to Angelina ''
'' Angelina is not in ''.
'' Diana that's enough!!! What is all this? Don't you want me inside or what..should I leave? What are you hiding..and what is inside there that you don't want me to see? We have graduated and I have come back home to rest, won't you let me in? ''.
'' You don't understand Danny..something terrible is happening right now ''.
In the car,I drove into the estate and saw the Brandon's mansion main gate opened widely. I drove into the compound just with one arm driving. I saw Danny and when I was supposed to be excited to jump out and embrace him,I didn't. I was in so much pain wit my left hand.
I slowly stepped out and Danny and Diana were both shocked at my condition. There was a plaster on my forehead and bandage on my left arm. They both rushed to my side and held me. It was dark in the evening at 6pm.
'' Angelina... what happened to you sister? Oh my goodness ''.
'' This is no time to explain anything okay?! ''.
'' Oh my God, the accident was so bad? ''.
'' Let me go...get out of my way ''.
I said that and started walking angrily and they following me. Diana tried stopping but I got her out of the way and entered the room. I looked upstairs and started climbing while they followed me. I went to Rita's room and it was empty. And I heard some mysterious noises coming from Nickel's room and I quickly walked to his door.
'' No Angelina no,don't go inside ''.
'' Why? What's wrong Diana... what's wrong with you? ''.
'' You're going to see what you don't like! ''.
I ignored her and batched into the room and was shocked to see what I saw. My heart jumped out and I was about fainting when Danny who was shocked as I was caught hold of me from behind.
'' Nickel!!! ''. I screamed out loud and they both panicked and separated from each other.
'' Angelina? Holy shit...Angelina, I swear I can explain ''.
'' And you? ''. I said,getting closer to Rita and gave her a dirty slap. '' You prostitute! I knew from the start,how an animal you where ''.
'' Shut up! ''. She screamed at me,slapping me back. '' A man who loves you wouldn't dp to you what Nickel has done,he loves me now,bitch.
'' You snake! ''. I gave her a big blow under the cheen and she went falling to the other side of the room ''.
'' Angelina, that's enough! ''. Nickel shouted angrily, with bedsheet tied around his waist.
'' You beast! ''. I said and slapped him harder. '' How could you do this to me after telling me you had no interest in her? ''.
'' As you can see...I do have interest in her get hold of yourself! You are not the only girl whose being left by her boyfriend ''.
'' I hate you so much. Keep in your head,we are never getting back together. Why did I get myself to fall for a demon like you. It's over ''. I cried and slapped him again.
Nickel raised his hand to slap me back but Danny held his hand tightly in mid air.
'' Don't even dare. Nickel,you are a loose ass dare try touch my sister.. And I will beat your daddy's boy face so won't be recognised by your father, or even your new lover ''.
'' You both should keep your mouths shut and get the hell out of my house! ''.
I walked out of the room in years and went I to my room. I opened the drawer close to my bed and took out my mansion's keys and run out of the house in tears and as soon as I stepped out,thunder stroke hard and it started raining heavily. The main gate automatically opened with the arrival of a car and the car lights shined into my eyes.
The car parked on the compound and I covered my eyes with my right hand to prevent the light. The rain was heavier than ever and I wondered who was in the car. My whole body and hair were soaked in the devouring rain and the car lights went off.
Then to my surprise, Mr Brandon stepped out of the car and he was in his usual suit and tie,he was with an umbrella. I rushed and embraced him tightly... soaking him with my wet self. He was excited but worried to see e weeping. Danny arrived outside into the rain too.
'' Angelina, oh Jesus Christ, I must have missed a lot ''. He pulled me. '' What is wrong with you? ''.
I said nothing but raced out of the house and got to my mansion. I opened the main gate with the keys and entered. I saw Danny running towards my mansion. But I quickly opened the door and entered. Then locked myself up. I was not going to allow anyone come to me to console me like I was pitiful. I touched my back with the door and slowly sat on the front.
Danny kept knocking and asking me asking me to open the door. I wept freely as I was all alone.
(Brandon's Mansion=Living room).
Everyone in the house had being summoned by the owner. Mr Brandon was glad glad Nickel was already standing again,but he wasn't going to show it at that crucial moment. He looked around the room and nodded his head.
'' Congratulations Rita... and thank you for helping Nickel ''.
'' Thank you sir ''. She replies innocently.
'' So..that means your job here is over ''. Mr Brandon said relaxing in his favourite sofa.
'' What?...Sir..please I don't understand ''.
'' should understand, my dear nurse..I mean,I would really appreciate it if you left my mansion tomorrow morning ''.
'' What do you mean by that dad? ''.
'' My friend shut up there! Are you not standing on your own two feet now? So what is the nurse still doing here? ''.
'' Standing on my feet does not mean that am absolutely well dad ''. Nickel said and held Lady Molio's hand ''. She is not going anywhere dad ''.
Danny entered with a frown while soaked in the rain and he was wet. Mr Brandon got up and went to touch his shoulder.
'' What is it Danny? I told you to come back with Angelina ''.
'' She has locked herself into the mansion,I have nocked a lot of times but she's not opening. All I can do is hear her cry ''.
'' Oh my God ''.
'' Fuck you Nickel... I swear to God,if you ever go closer to my sister again,I will rip your heart out and watch you eat it ''.
'' Oh I'd love for you to do that with gust and let's see ''. Nickel vented.
'' What is really going on here? ''.
'' Ask your son,who Angelina saw having sex with this nurse ''.
'' my own house? On this holy ground? ''.
'' I will spend the night here,then go and see Angelina tomorrow, she needs to be alone tonight ''. He said and walked upstairs.
Mr Brandon couldn't control his anger. He just slapped Nickel away from his sight..
'' And you..madam nurse,I am very disappointed, I made a very big mistake leaving home. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see you in my house,is that clear? ''.
Mr Brandon said and walked upstairs with Diana.
(Angelina's Mansion).
My face looked sick. I was sick of the world. I wanted to end it all,once and for all. I apologised to Mr Brandon and God in my heart,but my life was over. Even after finding out the truth about that nurse,teaching her a lesson wasn't important anymore.
Mr Brandon was back and he was going to take care of it I guessed. I went into the kitchen and I was wearing a night gown after taking a bath. I have suffered enough and I wanted to end it. I went close to the cylinder and took off the cover and the gas began to escape out with force. It was unbearable to breath and I coughed a lot because the scent was terrible and poisonous. I looked up at the wall cupboard a matches and started feeling dizzy.
I break down and fell on the floor. I took one matchstick to light a fire and blast the whole house and myself in it.
And I lightered....
Episode 34
Written by Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Angelina's Mansion).
I lighted the matches and quickly, a strange wind snatched me away from the kitchen and I appeared, falling down at the bank of an unknown island. I was still holding the matches and lying on the white sand. I was confused, wondering what had got me there. But the air was fresh and beautiful and sweet. It blew the hair that covered my face. I was already wet and tears had blinded me and I seriously couldn't see anything around me. Bit it was still dark in the night and I suddenly saw flashes of light around me.
I didn't understand, then instantly, Queen Marina was standing in front of me. Was she the one that saved me? Buy why would she do that if she wants me dead? I. As surprised that she saved me from dying in the fire. Oh God,if only she knew how I hated her and didn't want her close to me at all.
'' Are you okay? ''. She asked in a calm voice an with a smile.
'' What do you want from me,and who told you that you can interfere with my life at all? ''.
'' Do you think am as stupid as that pastor of yours to watch you cry out loud that ,you need help before i come to your aid. No...and besides, are you mad,how dare you try to kill yourself because of a man? ''.
'' Hey,don't interfere in my life ever again. You have no rights at all! ''.
'' Well,for that you are lying, because once that snake tattoo has being made at your back and you still have powers from under the sea,we are inseparable ''.
'' Is it the powers that you want? Fine! Then take it back because I don't even see the use of it. I am sick and tired of you following me everywhere I go...the person whole even introduced me to the cult is dead! ''.
'' Yes! And it is your fault. That's why I will never let you rest until I have you back into cult ''.
'' Then in your dreams! ''.
'' If you don't agree to my conditions then.... ''.
'' Then what? ''. I screamed at her face.
She raised her hands in the sky and a big transparent bottle of red hot oil in it appeared into her hands. Then started laughing evilly.
'' Then I will destroy Nickel ''.
'' I don't care about Nickel you witch! I don't care about him anymore, he can rot in hell for all I care with that witch therapist of his ''.
'' Hahahaaaa... if you do not live him anymore, that gives me more power than you! ''.
When she said that,I don't know where the power of fire flew from and hit me on my stomach and the force carried and landed me back on the floor fatally. I was feeling wo dizzy that I couldn't even get up.
'' You witch,did you save me just to kill me again? ''.
'' No I didn't... I saved you so you could join me and let's go back to the sea ''.
I painfully got myself to stand on my feet. My arm had become worse,I couldn't do anything. I couldn't harness my powers because of my weakness. I tried disappearing but it didn't happened. I fell back down and suddenly, all the ladies appeared at the back of the queen.
One was holding a crown an the other was holding a crown. I saw lady Chisel whispering something in the Queen's ears and she was shocked and angry. She screamed in fury.
'' She what?! How dare she make such a mistake? ''.
'' Yes your highness... and when I tried confronting her about it,she said and she was not going to stop until the pastor's son fall truly in love with her ''.
'' Noooo!!! ''. With that scream,she started burning up an she pushed the lady with the anaconda away and hit the crown on the other's hand away ''. Coronation for Angelina will be later! I will teach that stupid girl a lesson ''.
'' I think she has completely fallen in love with the pastor's son now Queen Marina! ''. Lady Gbose made the mistake of shouting and pouring the whole truth out.
The queen panicked and looked at me on the floor while I also looked at her in stunned state. She looked back at lady Gbose and slapped her very hard. She,after slapping her,raised her hand up and vanquished lady Gbose worth a rock,there was a big rock beside her and she lifted it up with the power of air,making it land on lady Gbose who was on the floor already. Blood splashed all over us and the beach.
The queen then raised her hand at me and I saw fleas of arrows coming towards me but I blew the power of strong air and returned the arrows back to her which she smartly dodged like always and I got to my feet.
'' You witch...I knew it! So you sent that nurse to pastor Brandon's mansion? ''.
'' Yes! Yes I did,I sent her to destroy you and she has stupidly fallen in live with that she will be as strong as you. Am not going to allow that ''.
She said that and joined forces with the other ladies and they all held their hands together and a metal cage came from no where and surrounded me and looked me by itself into it.
'' Let me out!!! I won't spare you at all when I get out of this! ''.
'' I won't let you out until the love portion disappears from your boyfriend's system and I kill him ''.
'' He's my ex boyfriend you idiot! And what love portion are you talking about? ''.
'' Awww, you are so naive right now Angelina, you never mature. You are still a kid by heart ''.
'' Answer me! ''.
'' I gave Lady Molio a live portion into Nickel Brandon's drink to make him fall in love with her madly,so that you become nothing but an enemy...Hahahaaaa,and after that even,you couldn't see through Lady Molio because she had left all her powers under the marine kingdom ''.
'' Lady Molio huh? That's her name,and not Rita ''.
'' And I also made your stupid friend get the accident to prevent him from exposing the truth ''.
'' Nickel was charmed? ''. I kept asking myself and tried to understand but I couldn't. I was too weak. '' Let me oh now Marina...don't get me angry ''.
'' You no longer have any feeling for that boy,do your worse and let's see ''
As quickly as my eyes could see,two goat men appeared there and they looked so exhausted and their bodies were burnt. They fell at the Queen's feet and held her egg.
'' What are you doing here you fools! You are supposed to guard the kingdom. Foolish fools,I will soon eliminate you all ''. She vented out angrily.
'' It is not our fault your highness. Lady Molio ''.
'' What? ''.
'' She came into the kingdom and we didn't see her looming behind us,but when we caught sight of her,she had already break the pot her powers were kept in and she took it back. But it seems she had got extraordinary powers to fight us now your highness ''.
'' No! This is too much. First,Lady Sona... and now Lady Molio? ''.
'' Let me out now...I won't spare you at all ''.
Before I could say anything else, they all disappeared. I quickly loosed all hope. I was now weak and my hand was hurt badly. I begun to remember the deaths in my life. From my parents to Katherine, then to aunt Gina. Now,was I going to allow this useless queen kill him too. Nickel? We were not together anymore, but after all Mr Brandon had done for me,I wasn't going to let him feel the pain of loosing his son as well.
I knew how that felt. It was painful. I couldn't. I got to my feet and touched the cage gate. It was completely locked with no way out at all. I needed to get out quickly to go and warn Mr Brandon. But I had no idea on how to go out. I checked on my hand and forced straighten it. I screamed in pain and was feeling dizzy because I had not eat from the morning before going to the hospital.
But I needed to get to Mr Brandon as soon as possible. I stretched my hand to the gate and took a deep breath. I held my breath. My body begun to get so cold and started freezing up. The ice grew bigger in me. And appeared from my pointed finger running towards the locks of the cage gate. The gate was completely frozen now. I opened my eyes and threw heavy rocks from my third eyes in my right hand and the gate was knocked down. I got out of the cage and pictured the Brandon's mansion in my heads and opened my eyes,then I was already standing in front of the gate. The rain had stopped.
I tore the bandages from my hand since it was wet and itchy. I used my strong hand,the right one to knock violently on the door. I kept knocking and shouting Mr Brandon and Diana's name but it looked like they were all fast asleep. The entire estate was also quiet. I then knocked violently like I was being chased by some armed robber. I was still in my night gown,but I wasn't worried about that of course.
Diana opened the door,yawning at me and I pushed her aside and entered the room,shouting Mr Brandon's name. As usual,he was in his pyjamas and I saw him walking quickly down the stairs.
'' Angelina... are you okay? ''.
'' I have found out the whole truth Mr Brandon. Rita is a fake human being. I heard it from the queen of the sea herself. Rita is Lady Molio and she's part of the ladies who have sold their souls to Satan. She was sent here to destroy this family. We must stop her at once! ''.
'' Jesus Christ of Nazareth! That means,an evil spirit has being living in my house all this while and God did not even reveal to me? ''.
'' This is no time for all that Mr Brandon ''.
I climbed fast upstairs and went into the room and found no one. Danny also got out and we both entered Nickel's room and found the room empty. It was left with only the decorations in his room. But his clothes were not there. Danny and I were dumbfounded. I quickly went to his wardrobe and opened it and found it empty.
'' Oh my God,this is impossible. When did Nickel even leave the mansion? ''.
'' No! Lady Molio took him away ''.
I run out of the room and rushed downstairs followed by Danny. My breath was becoming thicker and thicker. I knew Mr Brandon was definitely going to get a heart attack after hearing this.
'' So,what now? Where is that witch,bring her here so I teach her a bitter lesson ''.
'' Go upstairs and bring me some clothes Diana ''.
'' Clothes for what? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' They have left okay!...Lady Molio has left the mansion with Nickel ''.
We all rushed back into Nickel's room and Mr Brandon held his chest in pain. I quickly attended to him in tears. I slowly made him sit on Nickel's bed and gave him a galso of water. Diana se a piece of paper under Nickel's pillow.
'' There is a letter here ''.
'' Give me ''. I took the letter and read it out loud. '' If anyone is reading this letter, I am far gone. It looks like dad does not want understand the fact,that am not really well. I am still sick. But he shouldn't be the one to decide that,it is Rita. And dad wants to kick her out of the mansion. And I love her to stay. Dad,I don't love Angelina anymore... I don't think I ever even loved her. I guess I only fancied her beauty. But what I feel for Rita is the true definition of love. And I know dad won't accept because he likes Angelina so much. So am going far away with my new found love to start a new life. I am sorry dad,but this is the only way Rita and I can be together..without you or anyone else interfering. Bye! ''. I finished reading.
'' No! This is impossible ''. Mr Brandon moaned painfully, holding his chest very hard.
'' Mr Brandon... please don't do this to me and yourself ''. I said and bent down towards him,holding his hands.
'' The witch is going to kill my son at the end of the day. And you expect relax. Should I start singing praises and worship now Angelina.. and I know you don't care one bit for Nickel now after all he's done to you ''.
'' I will find him Mr Brandon. I will bring back your son to you ''.
'' Angelina, you? ''. Mr Brandon was astonished. '' After all he did to you? ''.
'' I am doing this for you Mr Brandon. You have done a thousand lot for me. Nickel is the only family you have left, I won't let you loose your son at all cost. Start being strong, and pray after me ''.
'' But how would you find them? ''.
'' She has her powers now. It'll be easy to track her down ''.
I said and edt the room and they followed me. Diana met with one of my black top and jeans and I immediately wore it. We all got downstairs and Danny suggested to go with me. I tried to reject, since this was a spiritual matter and not physical but he still insisted.
So we left the house together and Mr Brandon and Diana started praying heavily. Walking on the estate's streets, I realised no one was around. Except Danby and I so I stretched my hands and he put his hands in mine.
'' What the hell are you going to do now? Don't scare me off ''.
'' Well no one asked you to follow me so relax and keep quiet. I am going to close my eyes right now to follow her spirit and see where they've reached. You keep your eyes opened and be on the lookout if someone's coming and alert me ''.
'' Okay cool ''.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,mentioning her name silently on my lips and my spirit got out of my body at once. It roamed about the neighborhood and the wind blew me far away from the estate. It felt like I was flying. Then suddenly, I reached a small road where no one was walking on. It felt strange and quiet, just like a desert. There was a little lake in the middle of the road and I saw Nickel and Lady Molio sitting on a small boat, crossing on the lake. She raised her head up and saw me in the wind and lifted her hands,slapped me in the spirit and crashed me with thunder. Back at the estate, I screamed in pain and fell.
'' What the hell happened? ''.
'' I saw them! Ouch! ''. I groaned painfully and blood drizzled from my mouth.
'' Angelina... let's go back to the mansion ''.
'' No..I won't go back. I never back out from a fight ''.
'' I think this sea girl is too much for you,what did she do to you? ''.
'' Danny if I don't go fast...she will create an invisibility forum and I won't be able to see them again ''.
I got to my toes and took a deep breath. Then held Danny's hands tightly.
'' You ready? ''.
'' Ready for what? ''.
'' For war ''.
And we disappeared.....