Angelina Episode 27 & 28

Episode 27
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
I was so shocked to see that tatoo. I quickly casted my mind back. I had seen that animal somewhere before. I was suddenly confused, why was it not any other animal but an anaconda? I am so much suspecting this girl more than ever. But,what can I do to confirm this suspicions of mine? She quickly got in her feet and pulled her uniform down,so I also needed to start acting normal.
” Oh sister,sorry okay? Are you hurt? ”.
” Not at all Angelina. I am okay ”. She said,breathing through her mouth. ” Shall we continue with our journey? ”.
” Yes we shall….let’s go ”.
We walked upstairs and I knocked on Nickel’s door and opened the door then entered with Rita. He was lying on the bed with his phone in his hands. I went close to him and helped him sit up.
” How are you doing babe? ”. I asked and sat besides him.
” I’m okay. Dad told me you went ti pack your clothes to come here…are you done? ”.
” Yes…hope you’ve eaten as well ”.
” Yes. Urrrrmmmm…who is this? ”. He asked,looking at Rita.
” Oh sorry. That is Rita…and she’s…..”. I didn’t finish talking when that girl quickly interrupted me.
” My na!e is Rita Lawrence. And I am the therapist sent here to help you walk again. How are you doing? ”. She asked,looking at him seductively.
” I am okay…beautiful ,’. Nickel said,smiling.
” Hey! You only call me beautiful… why are you referring to her too?! ”.
I was so angry and I used one corner of my eyes to look at that tall girl standing there,who was still setting her eyes on Nickel. I stood up and went closer to her.
” Can you do me a favor and get out?! I must have a word with myyy boyfriend ”. I said.
” I am sorry Angelina, but I am his therapist, and I must start my job right now ”.
” What? So you won’t get out or what? ”.
” Oh come in Angelina…. Why are you acting like this? You do know that,I must start walking as soon as possible. Why are you acting so stiff? ”. Nickel asked frowning.
” What?! I am acting stiff? Nickel? ”.
Because of what he said,it really made me sad and disappointed. I said nothing but just walked out of the room,I heard Nickel calling me to come back,but if he thinks I will go back and make him feel bug by thinking he has so much power over my emotions, then he’s absolutely mistaking.
” I am sorry for her behavior towards you. I don’t even know why she acted that way ”.
” Oh don’t bother. That is how girls act in times of jealousy ”.
” Jealousy?! Fuck that,she’s bit no demn reason to be jealous…she already knows I have got eyes for her alone ”.
” Wow…then she’s very lucky….”.
She went closer with a small first aid bag which the original Rita used to look after her patients. She opened the bag and brought out a thermometer and placed of under Nickel’s armpit.
” Can I touch your leg please? ”.
” Rita…you are my therapist, do you have to ask for permission to do anything? ”.
” Well…yeah. I have always dome that with everyone else ”. She said and smiled cunningly.
” Okay madam…you may touch my leg ”. Nickel replied in laughter.
” Do you feel my touch? ”. She asked as she touched the tip of his toe.
” Yes,I do ”.
” Okay,then that’s a good sign. Then this would be easier than I thought ”.
” How? ”.
” If Tu were not able to feel my touch, then that would have mean…you were completely crippled. But it’s all good. I will massage you o well,you will jump up on your feet in just a week’s time ”
” You are absolutely sure? ”.
” I am your therapist… you should trust me. I what what is best for you ”. She did and removed the thermometer. ” Your temperature is good as well.
” Okay ”.
” Okay,now that I know you can feel my touch on your toe…then we will start therapy tomorrow. So please, prepare your MIMD and Herr for it,okay? ”.
” Okay madam ”.
” Oh shoot! ”.
They both laughed and Lady Molio took her small first aid bag and got to her feet and stood at the opposite side of the bed,facing Nickel.
” I am taking my leave now ”.
” Thanks any way. Please, do me a favor and call Angelina for me when you meet her downstairs ”.
” I’d surely do that ”.
” Enjoy the rest of your day miss Rita ”.
Lady Molio who smiled evilly when she turned her back to Nickel thought to herself that,she ha done a good job. She stepped outside and met the maid (Diana) and she was taken to her room.
Outside the mansion, I had no idea on what to do. I wanted to put all the pieces together but it was so confusing. I was wondering if moving into the house was a good idea at all.
And am very disappointed. I mean,what’s so special about that Rita girl? She’s not beautiful at all. This was not my jealousy speaking, I was truly speaking and I was sure enough. There was something fishy about that girl…for all I knew,the anaconda tattoo on her tight was not just a coincidence. Anaconda was a symbol, standing for the sea world.
But I don’t know why I couldn’t see through her real being. Mr Brandon stepped out of the house and stood behind me. I am sure he was wondering why I had come outside to sit there alone like that.
” Angelina, you are here? ”.
” Yes…do you need anything? ”. I asked in a hostile voice.
” Wow,that voice tone…what’s the matter? Who has got you upset this hot afternoon? ”.
” I am okay ”.
I didn’t want Mr Brandon to know anything for now. I knew he would surely start saying that I was too young to be feeling this strong jealousy about someone I don’t even know. But upon seeing Rita for the first time,I had a feeling that I had known her forever and I was going to do my own investigation to reveal her true colours. But Mr Brandon was a powerful man of God,how come he’s seen nothing fishy about that Rita?
” Are you sure you are okay Angelina? ”.
” Mr Brandon, can I ask you a simple question please? ”.
” Go ahead ”.
” Does well….does….doe
s he let you see everything? ”.
” Who? ”.
” Oh come on Mr Brandon… You should know who am talking about”.
” Ah,but you should also let me know who you are talking… I don’t know what Tu are taking about right now ”.
” Hmm!m…okay. I meant,the one you pray to ”.
” Why can’t you mention his name? ”.
” It was one of the rules Mr Brandon ”. I said and he sat besides me. ” I can’t mention his name,else thunder would strike me ”.
” Who created you?! ” Mr Brandon asked in a loud voice.
” God ”. I was shocked I mentioned God’s name for the first time in a long time.
Mr Brandon looked at my face with a smile. Oh my God,he did that as a trick. He intentionally asked that question because he knew my mind would be away from it. I hugged him tightly and he hugged me back.
” You see Angelina? ”. He said and stopped hugging ”. Did any thider strike you? ”.
” No ”.
” See? Those demons are liars. The devil has never did the truth. He only makes the lie looks like truth,and the truth looks like a lie just to steal God’s children. And there is only one reason why he does that ”.
” Why? ”.
” He doest that because God has given us power to defeat him. Bible says,resist the devil,and he will flee ”.
” But Mr Brandon, how do we know that someone is a devil? ”. I intentionally asked.
” By praying my dear ”.
” Does God reveal everything in the spirit to his prophets? ”.
” No my dear. God chooses to reveal why he wants to his prophet. Sometimes, God reveals nothing at all to me,when he wants to teat me in a way to strengthen my faith more ”.
” Nickel and I had an argument ”.
” Over what? ”.
” Well…he called,he called that therapist of his a beautiful girl ”. I said with a frown and pulled lips.
Mr Brandon burst into laughter, clapping his hands together.
” Oh I get it now. So my little prophetess has started feeling the ‘j’ word ”.
” It’s not funny Mr Brandon ”.
” Come in,let’s go and see him ”.
” No! ”.
” I said,let’s go! ”.
We both stood up,entered the room and headed to Nickel’s room. We entered without knocking and when he saw me,I saw his face bright up like the sun with a smile. But I didn’t return the smile at all.
” How did it go with you and your ? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
” She’s a nice person ”.
” Okay good ”.
” But I don’t think Angelina thinks the same way dad ”.
” Oh give me a break! You tries quarreling with me beacsie of her! And you did nothing when I was even walking out,did you?! ”. I asked angrily.
” Oh come on,you know that if I could walk,I would have followed you and stopped you from leaving! But no…you didn’t even mind me when I was calling,did you? That is why that nurse is here…to take care of me,so I can start walking again and be happy with you. So what wrong was it if I called her beautiful? You know that,you are my original beauty ”.
” Oh whatever ”.
” Both of you should just shut up! ”.
Mr Brandon said and his phone rung loudly then he answerd.
” Hello doctor Graham ”.
” Hello pastor Brandon… has the therapist arrived? ”.
” Oh,long ago sir. She’s very efficient as I have studied ”.
” Good…am glad you like her ”.
” Nickel thinks she’s okay. That’s all that matters ”.
” Okay,can you give her the phone so I speak with her for a moment sir? ”.
” Of course…”. Mr Brandon put the phone away from his mouth. ” Excuse me guys,I will be back. But you two better fix your problems like adults would. Matured adults… It is you who wants to be in a relationship. I will be back ”.
Mr Brandon said and got out,heading to Lady Molio’s room.
(Lady Molio’s Room).
The queen mother was standing there,laughing together with lady Molio for successfully entering into the Brandon’s mansion.
” Angelina is so stupid,she could not even figure you out. He brains are truly not matured ”.
” No one suspects me your highness… So what would be our next plan? ”.
” Our next plan would be a bomb. My first target is that stupid Nickel! I would love very much to eliminate him from the picture ”.
” How? ”.
” By making him fall in love with you… That will completely break Angelina into pieces… And Mr Brandon, it will get him disappointed ”.
” He is so much in love with Angelina my queen,how are we going to execute that plan? ”.
The queen raised her hand in mid air and her eyes turned red immediately. And a red crystal, shaped in the likeness of love appeared into her hands.
” By giving him a love portion ”. She said and stretched her hand,containing the love portion to Lady Molio.
” Love portion? ”.
” Put this portion in his drink… And when he drinks it,he will fall madly in love with you. Do your things fast,because this portion expires in seven days! I need to eliminate this family trying to save Angelina. Because I need Angelina back in the cult. She’s daring,fearless and has all the qualities to be my successor. Is that clear?! ”.
” Yes my queen ”. She said and took the love portion.
There was suddenly a knock on the door and the queen disappeared, then Lady Molio opened the door. It was Mr Brandon standing there and looking at her suspiciously.
” Rita,who were you talking to? ”.
” Sir…it was my mum. She called to ask how I was doing ”.
” But I heard you saying the word ‘my queen’ ”.
” That’s how I call my mum…she’s my everything ”.
” Any way…doctor Graham is on the phone and will like to have a word with you ”. Mr Brandon said as he stretched his hand with the phone. ” Take it ”.
” Oh no! What mistake have I done? What if this stupid doctor recognise my voice and realise am not the real therapist? He will surely expose me! ”. Lady Molio thought as she stood there shivering and sweating.
” What is it Rita? Are you not going to take the phone? ”……..
Episode 28 
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
Lady Molio was now in a hot soup. She was at the verge of getting caught, with her shivering hand,she slowly took the phone from Mr Brandon. Even though doctor Graham was still on the line,Lady Molio didn’t know whether to put it on her ear or not. She just kept standing there,starring at Mr Brandon. The !aid of the house arrived there,holding a napkin.
” Mr Brandon ”.
” Yes Diana… what? Is food ready? ”.
” No sir. Your elders from church just arrived and are looking for you ”.
” Oh okay. Please hurry up with the evening meal okay? You know Nickel must take his drugs ”.
” Okay sir ”. Diana said and left.
” Please Rita,when you ate done with the call,bring the phone back to me downstairs ”.
” I will do so sir ”.
Mr Brandon went away walking downstairs. Lady Molio closed her gate and sat on the bed with the phone. She looked besides her and sat a jar of water on a little table closer to the bed. She hanged up the call and quickly took the jar. She wined her hands on top of the jar for seven times and poured a small amount in a drinking glass and drunk it.
She then cleared her throat and spoke out. Her voice had completely changed and it sounded exactly like the original Rita. Mr Brandon’s phone rang again and it was doctor Graham. She answered and spoke well,exactly Rita. The doctor advised her to take care of herself then after that,she left the room to take the phone to Mr Brandon.
(Nickel’s Room).
I was still standing there and he was also still sitting. It was crazy because ever since Mr Brandon left the room,we had not said a word to each other. Even though I wasn’t looking at his face,I knew he was starring at me. I was looking through the window which was still broken from the last witch fight.
Mr Brandon had to call a carpenter or someone at least to fix it. I was already feeling annoyed, standing there just like that with he not saying anything to me. I got up and started walking away,and that’s when he had mouth to talk.
” I am sorry….” .
” So now you have realised what you’re about to loose? ”.
” But I can’t believe that,just because I called someone, ‘beautiful’…so I will loose you? ”.
” Oh Nickel, do you think am smiling? ”.
” Okay,but I said am sorry. Okay,Angelina just forget about that girl. Can we just forget that girl,she’s just my therapist… I won’t even entertain her as a friend if that’s what you want. I will keep my distance from her,as soon as she’s done messaging my leg each day,I will make sure to make leave the room as soon as possible… please Angelina, we’ve being through a lot to finally be together, please understand ”.
I was so touched about what he said and started feeling stupid about my actions. I mean I should be trusting him,he loves me and me alone. And besides, if any third party tries to get involve, I will just deal with whoever it is. I walked to his side and sat beside him on the bed.
” I..I am sorry too sweetheart. I shouldn’t have acted so rudely towards you,I should trust you in is relationship and not let anyone come between us ”.
” Yes…please don’t allow anyone okay? We don’t even know that girl please ” .
” Yes you are right. She should just do her job and leave us alone ”.
That statement I made was indeed funny and we both laughed. But I was not going to keep my eyes so much away from that Rita,because no !after what,I still suspected. Lady Molio walked downstairs with Mr Brandon’s phone in her hands and when she got closer to him and the elders, she greeted and handed the phone I’ve to Mr Brandon.
” What did he say? ”.
” He was just giving some little advice to take care of Nickel sir ”.
” Hahahaha…oooh my friend, he cares so much ”.
” Yes sir,please excuse me ”.
When he and his elders were done talking, he thanked then and they left. Diana was then done with the evening meal. She started arranging the foods on the dinning table. Lady Molio had walked downstairs with the love portion in her pocket and she kept on starring at the food.
Diana was still arranging the foods. It was Italian beans rice and brown beef stew with a pineapple juice for dinner. She looked around the room and realised that it was left with only her Diana. She pretentiously walked towards her at the dinning table and sat in one of the chairs.
” Mmmhhh…,wh
at a nice aroma. This food would be delicious, uuuuhh am starving ”.
” Hahaha,food is already ready my dear. Let me go and call Mr Brandon and Angelina ”.
” What about Nickel? ” She intentionally asked.
” Well,I serve him in his bedroom. He can’t come downstairs… so when I call Mr Brandon and Angelina, I will take his food to him after ”.
” Should I help you with it? I’d love to help. Maybe I can go and serve Nickel his meal ”.
” I would be glad. Please it is in the kitchen,near the stove… you can go and take it ”.
Diana said and left the hall to upstairs. And Lady Molio left to the kitchen. On her way upstairs, Diana meet Angelina.
” Is the food ready Diana… I heard the aroma from Nickel’s room ”. I said and we both laughed.
” Oh yes…I was coming to call you and Mr Brandon ”.
” Well,I would prefer to have dinner with Nickel in his room. So,where is Nickel’s food? ”.
” In the kitchen… Rita offered to serve him,so I think she’s on her way with the food ”.
” What?! And you let her? ”.
I quickly started running down the stairs towards the kitchen.
(The Kitchen).
Lady Molio poured a pineapple juice into a glads and took out the love portion.
” Oh,what a pity Angelina… too bad your man would be mine. It will be so fan making you jealous over something you don’t even know. You would think it’s Nickel real feelings, but then it would be this love portion, doing all the work. And after these seven days are over,Nickel would have being dead,and Mr Brandon too.Then you will have no other choice but to come back into the cult and be Lady Sona…. who you truly are ”. She said and dropped the love portion into the juice and it started foaming.
I arrived at the kitchen door and poked my head into it and saw her standing close to the food and looking into it mysteriously. I kept quiet and kept watching her,but surprisingly, I saw her put nothing inside, when I saw her carry the food and juice into a tray,I entered the kitchen and took it from her and placed it back on the stove deal.
I raised my head up,looking at her face closely with mysterious eyes.
” Oh hi Angelina… you’re here. I was just taking Nickel’s food to him ”.
” I am not sure this was the job you were given,was it Rita? ”.
” Excuse me? ”.
” Let me explain better young lady…your job here,is to Nickel’s legs for him to start walking again…is that clear? The only person in this house, who can serve him his meal…is either me or Diana. Apart from that,no one else…so better keep that in your head ”. I said with an angry tone.
” Oh come on,why are you acting so hostile all of a sudden? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me taking his food to him…or has it being written on our faces of our places in his life? ”.
” It seems you didn’t hear me well…it is only, I,or Diana, who has the right to serve Nickel in bed,don’t even dare try to get closer to him more than his therapist Rita,I know your type…if you like..just dare me..and I will make you feel sorry ”.
As I said that, I didn’t even wait for her to say anything and took the food and drink away.
Lady Molio stood there looking at Angelina walking away and she kept on smiling victoriously, she knew for sure that,that was her lucky night. And she was going to win over this mission and be rewarded handsomely by the queen.
(Nickel Room).
I entered with the tray and Mr Brandon stood up and left the room to have dunner downstairs. I served Nickel on a wooden bed table and sat on bed with him.
” Wow…nice aroma ”.
” I know right? Hahahahaha,Diana should be given an award ”. I said and tacked in as we begun to eat. ” What did your father say? ”.
” His elders said that,the big bishop, their leader and the head of pastors in the country has called on all pastors to prepare themselves for a seven days prayer in the mountains ”.
” Tomorrow morning. Diana will pack the things he may need. All head pastors across the country are leaving their homes for the mountains ”.
” And he didn’t even tell me? ”.
” But I have told you… or? ”.
I quickly loosed my appetite and took the fruit juice and drunk some of it. And I quickly had a strange feeling in me. It’s as if I felt like vomiting. Nickel kept enjoying the food and he took the juice and also sipped a little, but Nickel was acting normal and kept enjoying his meal.
” Won’t you eat anymore? ”.
” Are you okay? ”.
” Absolutely, why? ”.
” No,nothing. .I loosed my appetite, just keep on eating ”
I was thinking, if Mr Brandon leaves,who will be my spiritual helper? And how do I look after Nickel on my own? Danny has also gone to school. Mr Brandon has offered to sponsor his education, he’s in high school and in a boarding. I am left with all this.
My birthday is exactly seven days time and I hope Mr Brandon would arrive and be with me when am throwing a party. I have no friends though, but I knew Nickel would invite his friends to celebrate with me. When he was done eating, I cleared the bed and went to put the things in the kitchen sink and went back upstairs.
(Next Day).
Mr Brandon apologized to me for not letting me know earlier, he pit his bags in the car for the mountains, and Nickel sat in his wheelchair. He advised us to stay united and together. And that he would return soon. He sat in his car and drive away. I took Nickel back into his room and Rita entered the room without knocking with a first aid bag containi God knows what.
” Good morning family ”.
” Good morning Rita,how are you? ”. Nickel asked.
” I am absolutely fine,since today is the day I start my work…won’t I be fine? ”.
She said and opened the bagand started removing massaging oil and ointment and other stuff she knew. I left Nickel’s side and stood at the gate to keep an eye on this so called therapist.
” Have you eaten already Nickel? ”.
” No please ”.
” Oh,you should at least take in something small before I start massaging you ”. She said and turned to me. ” Angelina, please can you go to the kitchen and bring Nickel some mango juice, or any other thing. He needs strength to access the pain he’s about to go through when am massaging ”.
” But he’s a man already… I mean,I have been !massaging his legs little by little and it does not hurt him,right Nickel? ”.
” I think Rita is right Angelina… please just bring Mr an apple juice, am very weak right now ”.
” Are you sure? ”.
” Yes ”.
I felt worried leaving this snake with him,I had wanted to shout from the room to downstairs to tell Diana to bring the juice but I would have looked like am feeling insecure. I just left the room and walked downstairs.
” Jeez,your girlfriend is so insecure and some one jealous human being ”. Lady Molio said.
” Tell me about it girl…she’s so jealous of everything, it annoys !e so much! ”. Nickel groaned. ” I just keep quiet because of my dad ”.
” You need someone much better than her sweetheart ”.
” You called me sweetheart? ”
” Yeah…why,don’t you like it? ”. Lady Molio said and started walking cunningly closer to Nickel.
His eyes had turned blue,and it turned back to it normal colour again. The portion had started working… Lady Molio sat in front of him and caressed his hair.
” You’re so beautiful Rita…you’re an angel ”. Nickel said as he layed on the bed.
” You’re also so cute Nickel… and you and I deserve each other, not that stupid Angelina ”.
She said and slowly got her head closer to Nickel face and they both locked their lips to each other and kissed romantically and touched each other tightly. Nickel kissed her in a way he had never kissed Angelina… his body language had changed and they swam their hands all over their bodies and kissed deeply with closed eyes.
Angelina had poured the apple juice in a glass and placed it on a tray. She walked to the living room, the television was on,and she went closer to the television was on,and she went closer to put it off but there was a news on the set.
” A body has being found near the safari bush area and we are yet to identity who the dead young lady is because she was stripped naked and the murderer left no evidence or clue behind. We have found sources which may lead us to finding who she is. We will soon deliver any information we get later on. Good morning once again ”. The journalist said and the channel changed to another programme.
” Ei people are really dying this days. Poor girl,she must have being killed by ritualist ”.
I said and put the television off and started walking and got to the front of his door……