Angelina Episode 19 & 20

Episode 19

By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
I was so overwhelmed. I know that people had to be overwhelmed about doing good things. But for me,I was actually overwhelmed for kidnapping Ellen and taking her to hell with me. I was very study not to pass on the road where the police men stood in the middle of the road,stopping cars for check up. I drove into the estate in a haste and reached the front of my entrance.
And I saw what I didn't like. Mr Brandon stood in front of my house with folded arms and as usual,in suit and tie. I didn't know what he wanted and I honestly didn't care. I stepped down of the car in a mixed feeling because Ellen was also in the car. And the drug I sprayed into the face isn't strong enough to hold her down. I walked to Mr Brandon who was already frowning his face at me and holding some brown envelope which contained some documents. I also folded my arms.
'' How may I help you sir? ''. I asked him.
'' Good afternoon, any here to give you this ''. He said and handed the documents to me.
'' What is thus? ''.
'' Those are the agreement papers you parents went on and gave it to Gina to take custody of you when they were no longer alive ''.
I was so shocked. I unwrapped the envelope and read the papers and it was all intact. Wow! Now I could actually kick my aunt an uncle Tom out of the house like dogs and destroy them on the streets. That feeling was amazing. I looked back at Mr Brandon.
'' Please is that all? ''.
'' Listen to me...Gina's burial will be tomorrow. And I am going to give you that slight opportunity to attend. Just because, she and your mum were friends and she took you as her own daughter. But after tomorrow ends,keep in your head,that my family has nothing to do with you. Okay?! ''. He said,sounding like a warning.
'' You don't have to worry. I want nothing to do with your family either ''. I snapped back.
'' Better for you. Now that you have your documents. Everything is over now. So the funeral will start all exactly 9 am. That's the time she'll be buried. Have a nice day ''. He said and walked away.
I was weakened. Did I just tell him I want nothing to do with his family too? I remembered the morning kiss. Oh gosh! Was I falling in love? No! Impossible! I refuse this feeling in Queen Marina's name!!! I can't fall in love. If that too happened, then Queen Marina will truly go ahead and kill Danny like she threatened. And am not willing to loose any more people in my life.
I went back to the car and drove inside. There was this very special room I had prepared in the mansion for rituals alone. I was going to use Ellen's blood for the next fill up of the bloody gallon. But I needed her to get a painful death. I looked around and the streets was empty. I pulled her out of the car and dragged her on the floor,into the hall.
My mansion was an underground one so I could do what I want. And also,my father's estate was long away from this estate. And Ellen would be lost if she ever tried to escape. I had two more people to kill to fill the gallon. When I am done killing Ellen,it'll be one more. And I will give Ellen a painful feeling that will take her to her death. If I have loosed Katherine, then I care less about anyone else.
I pulled her up the stairs with all my might. And I was sweating real bad. I got to the door and opened it,then I threw her into it. Queen Marina's statue had filled the entire room and it was scary. No one would hear her scream if she even tried. I went to the kitchen and boiled some water. I took the hot water upstairs into the room and placed it aside Ellen's right hand. I checked the clock and it was getting to two hours since she fell unconscious.
I booted her with my leg and she panicked from her sleep. Her hand fell into the hot water an she screamed out in pain and horror. Oh yeah..that gave me so much pleasure. Sweet pleasures. I saw the pain in her eyes and I didn't give a damn. I pulled a long chair aside me under my buttocks and sat down comfortably.
I saw that she was weak. I quickly tied her up. I tied both her hands behind her and her legs together.
'' Who..who (cries). Oh my God please,let me go! Who are you! ''.
'' Hmmmm...Ellen,have I changed so much,you can't even recognise me? ''. I said laughing.
'' Look,is it money you want? My father has many! He will give you what you want! Just let me go please! ''.
'' Oh,I guess I should help you recognise me better ''.
I stood up and took the hot water. It was now warm. I washed away my makeups. And I cleaned my face with my clothes. Then I untied my ponytail hair. At once,Ellen shouted in disbelieve.
'' Oh my God!!! ''. She begun to weep. '' Angelina please. Oh Angelina please,dot hurt me ''.
'' Oh cousin! I haven't even started anything and you are already begging? are such a coward ''. I said playfully.
'' I'll do whatever you want. Please just let me go. I will even beg you. Forgive me please ''.
'' Ooooh....but Ellen,the time to beg has not even come yet. Please stop. When it's time for you to beg,I won't be the one to tell you,the begging will flow by itself okay? ''.
'' Angelina, doing this will not be necessary. It won't change the fact that my parents killed your parents! ''. She said on impulse.
'' What?! ''. I was pieced.
I knew uncle Tom and aunt Okereke hated my parents and me. But I never knew they could go that far. I finally understood. My hatred for them worsened. I knew Ellen didn't mean to tell me that truth. She has worsened her own case has well.
I just starred at her for a few seconds and walked out of the room and locked her inside. I went to the hall and wept. After I was done,I ate something and selected a nice block cloth to attend the funeral the next day. I went back to the ritual room and sprayed another antidote on Ellen,and it totally paralysed her system. She went all the way down and collapsed.
I needed her asleep until I came from the funeral tomorrow. I surely know that,by tomorrow, no matter what happened, I was surely going to get a girl there,who will follow me and be my sacrifice. That evening, I slept good.
(Next Day=Jordan's Mansion=Living room).
It looked like someone had died in the family. Tears was filled under every eye. Aunt Okereke had called the police and they kept questioning the gateman about Ellen. He also kept on pronouncing innocence and the strange woman who came there yesterday.
Uncle Tom kept on making calls as well but aunt Okereke also wouldn't let anyone have peace. Her only daughter was missing after all.
'' Madam,do you know anyone by the description of your gateman? ''. One police asked.
'' No sir! Ah one dressed like that in our church oo! ''.
'' Then this must be a setup,or a real kidnap. Stop crying madam,we'll find your daughter ''.
Aunt Okereke pounced on the gateman and slapped him hard.
'' You are very useless Musa! Useless! In fact,you are fired! Get out now! How can you leave Ellen like that?! She's just 14 you fool! Oh God have mercy on me oo! ''.
'' It's alright now! Stop making noise in the neighbourhood! ''. Uncle Tom said angrily.
'' See this useless man too! Danny! Your father and I left Ellen here with you,why did you leave now?! ''.
'' But mum,I thought I told you all that I'll be going for science class in the afternoon yesterday. So I asked her whether she'll be okay,but your insolent daughter even insulted me on top,she told me not to care about her because I loved Angelina more than her ''. Danny said.
'' Who is Angelina? '' One police asked.
'' She's... She was our..urrrmmm..she's a ....she once lived with us. Our maid. She was our servant sir ''. Aunt Okereke said.
'' And,where's she now? ''. The police asked.
'' Well's a long story ''. Aunt Okereke said.
'' Mafm,it's better you give us every essential information to help us in our search for your daughter ''. The police said in serious mode. '' So tell us, where's that girl? ''.
'' Thing is,Mr police officer, Angelina was our servant. But we threw her out of the house,because she got herself pregnant, refusing to tell us who the father of her baby was ''. Uncle Tom said.
'' And,where did she go? ''. Police asked.
'' We don't know sir...why? ''.
'' I have suspicions that,this girl must be involved....''.
'' Hahhaaaaa...oh sir! Come on! Angelina was just a 13 years old girl ''. Aunt Okereke said.
'' Oh really? Okay. We shall take our leave now family,whatever happens.. We'll let you know.
The police said and left. But Danny was so shocked about his parents lies and deceit. He couldn't believe he actually came from such family of zombies. He stood on his feet in disappointment.
'',was it really necessary to tell those lies to the police? ''.
'' My friend shut up there! Should I have told the truth? ''.
'' We're doing all this things for the future of you and your siblings ''. Uncle Tom said.
'' My future? I hope and pray hard that,my future won't be with you two. I am so ashamed and disgusted to call you both my parents! ''.
'' You are mad! ''. Aunt Okereke said,landing a slap on his face.
'' You slapped me? ''.
'' If you knew how hot I am right now,you won't even bring yourself now! ''.
'' You slapped me because you know that,what I said was right,and the truth. After all the harsh treatment you gave Angelina,you stand here today and disgrace her in front of others. I wonder why God gave me people like you as my parents. But it'll all be over. I can't wait to complete school and leave this place for good! I want noting to do with both of you! ''. He said and left.
I had dressed up elegantly. I walked out of the house and drove away to a nearby theme park around the estate,where the burial was taking place. I arrived a little late. Mr Brandon was preaching about life and death. I waked in between the guests who were seated.
Nickel saw me and started looking at me stupidly. I went to an empty seat and sat down. He preached and preached and preached...and my buttocks was already becoming hot. The casket was in front of us all. And it was opened.
I was feeling so nervous. After the preaching was over,we had to walk around the casket to pay our last respect. We stood up and walk around it. This went through my heart and deep down my soul. I wept. I couldn't control my emotions. But Mr busy body Nickel,came to me to console me.
I saw how Mr Brandon's face was burning up like hot red pepper. I kept my distance from Nickel. Some men came to carry the casket away. As we were all following, Nickel pushed me back and pulled me to a quiet place on the park without anyone seeing us.
'' Are you insane already?! ''.
'' Yes! I am insane for you baby! ''.
'' Don't call me that! And don't ever touch me ''.
'' But I love you Angelina! ''.
'' But I don't! Let me be! Your father hates me ''.
'' And I love you...''.
His speech didn't end and he locked his lips with mine. He kissed me real good,and gosh...I melted like butter. Suddenly someone pushed Nickel away from me and slapped him hard. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Lady Nash.
What the hell is she doing here? I was puzzled. As she slapped him,my eyes didn't no where Mr Brandon appeared from,he slapped Lady Nash so hard that,she fell. Lady Nash stood on her feet,strong and angry...she raided her hand into the air and a stream of fire appeared in her hands...I shouted in horror, she threw her powers towards Mr Brandon....

Episode 20
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
I screamed so loud...but Lady Nash threw her powers towards Mr Brandon. Just by that instant, Mr Brandon also shouted.
'' Blood of Jesus!!! ''. He screamed back and the stream of fire returned back to Lady Nash, burning half of her face..and she collapsed on the floor and disappeared instantly. She just vanished into thin air. I stood there,shaking and sweating when I saw this action of Mr Brandon.
Nickel was so shocked, I believe he had never seen something like that. He went to his his father,checkingon him. I couldn't even go close to them. But Mr Brandon gave Nickel a freaking slap. It might have being so painful. Nickel was confused.
'' Why dad? What did I do?! ''.
'' How many times have I warned you to stay away from this girl Nickel?! When will you ever listen?! So if I had not being here,what would have happened to you? ''.
'' Dad! I am no longer a kid okay?! You can't continue to treat me like a child and embarrass me any how you want! Ah! What's this?! ''.
'' Jesus! Did you even see what happened here at all? Witches and demons are real! And she's one of them! ''. He said ina anger, pointing at me.
I was so ashamed that I walked away from there and joined the other guests who were walking to the cemetery to bury aunt Gina.
'' Can't you just help her from the clauses of the marine kingdom dad? Aren't you a powerful man of God? Why don't you deliver her? ''.
'' Prevention is better than cure. I pray that God forgives me for this...but I swear on your mother's grave Nickel.. There is no way,I will watch you be with that girl ''.
'' I love her dad. I am in love with her. I have grown fond her. She's just 13 dad! For Christ sake help her for me! ''.
'' I don't want a situation whereby her demonic friends will go after you because of her Nickel. She has sold her soul. And she has a contact with them. You won't find it easy ''.
'' But......''.
'' I have made my decision. If you ate a wise child,you will completely understand. She's not good for you,and she'll never be. Let's go and bury your aunt and go home ''. He did and left,followed by Nickel.
Back at the cemetery, I raised my eye ball and was checking all the young girls of my age. I had to pick one and go home with her. I had two more humans to sacrifice before the day after tomorrow and I go and present it to the Queen. My eyes rolled and ended on a girl who held her mother's hand tightly.
I didn't know who she was,whether she was a family of the Brandons or not and I didn't care. I was very hot that moment and that girl looked naive and innocent. It would be easy to lure her and take her sway,I thought. I kept on studying her. She was fair and tall,and I couldn't guess her age. I'd rather use my own tactics to get her. The priest prayed for a while and Mr Brandon and
Nickel arrived and threw their sand on the coffin in the grave. Then the big men begun to cover the grave with sand. I walked aside,still looking at the girl who had separated herself from her mum to go and buy a bottle of water at a provision shop a little far from the cemetery. And I also saw Mr Brandon and Nickel walking out if the cemetery into their car.
I ignored that and quickly walked to the provision shop and first thing I did was to pay for the water bottle for the girl. She thanked me with a smile and I begun my thing.
'' How old are you? ''. I asked.
'' Ten please ''. She replied.
'' Oh wow. So,who are you to the Brandons? ''.
'' Family friend. And my mother is the woman who has died ''.
'' What?! Your mum is aunt Gina? ''. I asked in astonishment.
'' Yes. Why please? ''.
'' Then who was the woman you were standing with? ''.
'' My aunt. My dad's sister ''.
'' Oh,okay. My condolences to you my dear. I'm sorry about your mother ''.
She walked away and I was thankful that I asked her that question before taking any step. I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. I went into my car since everything was over and I drove away. I arrived at the mansion and saw all the ladies standing there with folded arms and angry faces,but I didn't see Lady Nash. They had dressed up like a normal human being this time.
I was wondering what could have brought them there. Just then,I remembered what happened earlier between Lady Nash and Mr Brandon.
'' Lady Sona! You have being summoned by the Queen mother immediately! ''. Lady Cruise shouted.
'' Tell the Queen mother, that if she wants to see me,she can come to my mansion ''. I said boldly.
'' What?! How dare you say such words to us? Do you know that you are the youngest in all of us?! ''
'' So? ''.
'' Hey! Shut up there! Before the Queen's anger is vetted on you, better come with us now! ''.
'' No! I am sick and tired of you all! I knows by she's calling me. But I don't have time for explanations. So you all can go! ''.
'' After all we've done for you?! ''.
'' What have you done for me?! You took away what I love most. So all of you should leave! ''
All Seven of them walked out of the compound because it was daybreak and people were walking around. I was surprised that,I had spoken to them that way. I entered the hall,so tired and I started feeling sad about my life. How many times would I be able to continue with this killing?
And this stupid snake in my stomach was also craving for blood. How was I going to get it out? Desperation isn't good at all, it's a very bad thing. Being desperate is the thing that landed me here. I walked upstairs and opened the door to the ritual room and saw Ellen still unconscious.
I needed this done and gone. I opened my mouth,but the snake couldn't come out. I took a knife from my side and cut the flesh under Ellen's leg and she woke up from her sleep,panting. She started begging me.
'' Don't worry Ellen,I won't kill you yet. As a matter of fact,I am going to do to you,what your father did to me ''.
'' Whatever my father has done to you,shouldn't be punished by me Angelina ''.
'' We shall see ''. I said and made a call. '' Hello boys! I am okay.....I need you to do me a big favour tonight. Yes at my house. I have meat for you. You four should come to the mansion tonight. Okay,bye ''. I hanged up.
'' Angelina please! Please don't do this,I am your cousin for heaven's sake! '' She cried.
'' But what am I doing Ellen? Have I touched you? ''. I replied laughing maniacally.
'' Help me!!! Please,somebody help me please!!! Anybody!!! ''. She struggled to free herself from the rope tied on her but it was too strong for her.
'' You are wasting your time,dear cousin! Your father uncle Tom, raped me severally!!! And when I told the truth,no one believed Mr! Now it's my turn to not mind who is family or now! I won't touch you at all dear cousin,I'll let Lucifer do it himself! ''.
I walked out and shut the door hard at her face. I went to the fridge and brought out one beer. I needed to finish of with this family before my birthday next month. I would be 14 soon. I checked the time and it was getting to 7pm. I sat down and watched a movie. I saw two lobe birds kissing each other so romantically.
I was craving for that. I was feeling sorry for myself. How my life had changed completely, all because of uncle Tom. But I was going to give them a surprise tomorrow when I get there to throw them out of my father's house. Not forgetting about the lawyer as well.
I sat there watching the movie and I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was my thugs. This four boys were street boys I befriended back when I was pregnant. They love being bad and they are willing to do whatever I want as long as I pay them good.
I let them in and leaded them to the ritual room because they already knew what I was involved in. Ellen was scared to her bones now. She begun to shake.
'' Now boys,so what I told you about. Destroy her under there. Make sure,she's wounded really bad. All four of you are free to do what you please with her. Is that clear? ''.
'' Sure sure. But is that all? ''. One of them asked.
'' Oh no. Hahaa..I will be standing right here. I will be recording everything. I need to surprise some people tomorrow ''.
'' Wow Angy. You're so wicked girl. But they deserve it though ''.
'' Okay boys,let the games begin ''.
I took a video camera and started viewing things. They tied. Ellen's mouth with a handkerchief and one went over her and stared and spread her legs wide opened and went into her. He tore her clothes like a maniac and began thrusting deep into her.
She was weeping and trying to scream but her mouth was covered. And honestly, I felt no slightest bit of pity. And I recorded,as all four of them raped her mercilessly. Her entire body was wounded with finger nails. And she bleed. The boys were tired and they weren't through. They did it over and over again and I kept on recording. Last minute, I paid them and they left. Ellen was weakened and she fainted. Then I saved the video. I begun to feel like vomiting. I opened my mouth widely and the snake slowly came out of my mouth.
It went into Ellen's private part and sucked the blood out of her. It was crawling slowly up to me to enter back into my mouth,I took the knife and stabbed it through it's head and it opened of mouth. I raised my hand up into the air,and commanded a line of fire to set it ablaze but it disappeared.
I was confused. Was it gone for good? Because it was a burden to me. It made me do what I didn't want. But anyways, I cleared the place and I realised Ellen, was already dead. She didn't actually faint. She died.
I shouldn't have let the boys leave. I should have let them carry her away. If I didn't take care away immediately, she'll start smelling. I had to dispose off her body
I quickly prepared myself and covered her up with one of my bedsheets. I used the strength I had left to pull her downstairs into the car bout. I opened the car bout and rolled her into it.
I closed the bout and turned my back to enter the car when I saw Mr Brandon standing in front of my fenced garden,starring at me in shocking mood...
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