Angelina Episode 17 & 18

Episode 17
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
Gina and Nickel stood in front of Angelina's mansion. But Gina was confused and couldn't believe Angelina would live in such a house, with everything Aunt Okereke told her. She was now not sure that the Angelina she knows is a poor orphan with no home.
'' What is it aunt? Your face is suddenly gloomy ''. Nickel said.
'' I don't think we should have come here? ''.
'' Why? You told me to bring you....why are you hesitating now? ''.
'' I don't think Angelina would live in such a house. Angy is just a poor orphan.... she has no home like this. This must be a mistake nephew. Come on,let's go back to the party ''.
'' Aunt,I must see whether she's around and apologize to her for what dad has told her ''. Nickel said.
'' Wait....what did your father tell her? ''.
'' Aunt,can you believe this? Dad does not even know the girl. She's such a nice human being. Dad is always telling me,that he sees something about the girl that's not good. But he hasn't even told me anything! ''. Nickel shouted.
That shouted entered into Angelina's room and she slowly opened the door and poked her head out and she stopped out and saw Nickel and Gina on the street... She went down and opened her gate in her night clothes.
'' Nickel? What do you want? ''.
'' Jesus Christ! Angelina! ''. Gina is shocked.
Angelina could not recognise her. She looked at her from head to toe. Gina's surprise has taken over her so much that she hugged Angelina, tightly and kissed her forehead in tears. There and then,Angelina recognized her and was shocked.
'' Aunt Gina? ''. Angelina stammered.
Yes yes yes's me darling. It's me. I'm here ''.
'' Aunt Gina. Is it really you? ''. She sobbed.
They both hugged each other like mother and daughter. Gina was now sure....more than ever that,aunt Okereke and uncle Tom had deceived her,but what was their motive for this deception. She looked back at Angelina and felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.
'' Aunt,are you okay? ''. Nickel asked.
'' I am's just some pain...urrrgh...eish!!!! ''. She screamed pain. '' Oh my God! ''.
'' Aunty,what is it? Tell me! '' Angelina said.
She was not able to control the pain and it was immense. Then dark blood appeared suddenly from her nose and mouth,she just collapsed in Angelina's arms and Nickel also caught hold of her. They couldn't feel her pulse and breath.
Angelina screamed out Gina's name in fright. Nickel quickly got into the Brandon's mansion and cancelled the party and everyone else helped them carry Gina into Mr Brandon's car and Nickel sat into it....Mr Brandon stood in Angelina's way from entering.
'' You're not going with us,got that?! ''.
'' But sir!.....''.
'' Don't you dare me! Before I make you regret. Before I make your life miserable ''. Mr Brandon said,entered the car and Nickel drove speedily away.
Angelina, seemed like,my life was made to be tormented. I was left alone on the dark street, looking at the people passing by. But there was no way I was going to allow aunt Gina pass through this alone. I quickly entered my house and left Katherine with in the maids care. I changed my clothes and entered my car and drove away.
On my way,I kept wondering what really went wrong with aunt Gina. Blood cat ooze from a person with no particular reason. I was now scared, but kept on driving.
(The Hospital).
Mr Brandon and Nickel stood in the waiting room,not being able to sit on their butts for even a moment, waiting for the doctor. Mr Brandon kept praying silently and Nickel kept making calls.
'' What happened Nickel? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' Meaning? ''. Nickel also asked with a frown.
'' I mean your AUT. What did that girl do to her? ''.
'' Oh come in dad! It always has to be Angelina's fault right? ''. Nickel shouted. '' Why don't you accuse me of something as well? ''.
'' You don't know what you are doing Nickel ''. Mr Brandon said calmly. '' You have no idea who that girl is ''.
'' So why don't you tell me dad! Did you know Angelina is just a 13 year old orphan? ''.
'' Want?! 13? ''.
'' Yes! She was the one aunt has been looking for, all this while ''. Nickel threw at his father. '' So tell me what you see about her that makes you dislike her this much! ''...
I entered the waiting hall in a haste and I stood away from Nickel. But he still walked towards me.
'' did you know we were here Angelina? ''.
'' We'll...I...I..this is the only hospital in the estate neighborhood, right? ''.
'' Yes,you're right ''.
'' How's she? ''.
The doctor got out from the theatre with sweat, he cleaned his face and stood,looking at us with a disappointed face.
'' Doctor. Please, tell us...what happened? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' Hmmmm,she's in a very critical condition ''. Doctor replied.
'' Oh my God! doctor, please you have to save her...''. I cried. '' I can't loose her like I did my parents please! ''.
'' Don't worry...we've being able to stabilise her for now...but we are absolutely not sure of her life ''. Doctor said.
'' But plea...what's wrong, how did this happened?! ''. Mr Brandon asked,then looked at my face with a frown.
'' She was poisoned! The poison has actually destroyed her organs completely ''.
'' Poison?!!! How?! ''. Nickel shouted.
'' You tell me...because that's what we've seen in her system ''.
'''s impossible! Because, she's not eaten anything. Doctor, explain please! ''. Mr Brandon screamed.
'' We think,she took food or drink in it ''.
'' Hmmmm..but doctor, can I see her? ''. I asked.
'' Are you Angelina? The woman says she wants to see Angelina ''. The doctor said.
'' I am Angelina ''.
'' What?! She's not even part of the family and Gina wants to see her...instead of me? Her brother and spiritual master? ''. Mr Brandon whimpered angrily.
'' Forget that dad! Angelina... You go ''.
The doctor leaded me to the ward and I saw aunt Gina on a life support machine which was so heart breaking. I sat besides her,holding her hand. I was kind of feeling sorry,but at the same time...I wa thinking of my failure to get blood today. And also,trying to kill someone who is the brother of aunt Gina. That wa going to be the most heartless act ever.
Aunt Gina slowly opened her eyes and finding it hard to breath. Because the more she breathed, the more the pain worsen. This was the most painful sight,aunt Gina was really and truly in pain at that most. She asked for water and I gave her. After drinking, she told me not to interrupt anything she would say.
'' Aunt...why are you talking? Please stop,and take your rest tonight okay? We can talk tomorrow ''. I said softly.
'' You don't understand Angelina. There's something I need to tell you pleas...listen ''.
'' You're stressing yourself... You'll be okay ''.
'' No. I can feel death hovering in this room Angelina. I won't make it...''. She said silently and coughed. '' Your parents, never left you for Okereke ''.
'' Huh?! ''.
'' They left you with me instead.... I never new your parents were dead. I have papers and documents which proves that, your parents made me your guardian. And your father's properties too,until you get 20 years old ''. She said.
'' What?! ''. I quickly stood on my feet. Does that mean,they lied to me,just to destroy my life? ''.
'' Where did you run away to? ''.
'' I didn't run away! Aunt Okereke kicked me out! Why aunt Gina?! Why does aunt Okereke hate me so much?! What did I do to her? ''.
'' It's a long story my dear. It all started...(coughs)...18 years ago. When your aunt Okereke came home with her new made friend from somewhere she got a job. It was an office work. And her new made friend was her boss. An that new made friend was...Kelvin, your father. Your aunt never revealed she was actually in love with your father. When your father layed his eyes on Katherine... Your mother, that was it. He fell in love with her ''.
'' wonder! ''. I was shocked.
'' Yes...that was when the hatred started. (Coughs). Because Okereke didn't get what she wanted,there was never love between them again. So many fights and quarrels went on. But after all,your father married your mum,and your aunt swords to destroy her life for stealing your dad ''.
'''s okay ''.
'' Let me finish. Your aunt told me that,you run away...''.
'' No! I didn't,okay?! Aunt Okereke has maltreated me ever since my parents death! And uncle Tom raped me and got me pregnant! ''.
'' Jesus Christ! ''. Aunt Gina's condition started becoming much more serious. '' There's something you need to know ''.
'' No aunt! It's okay,please calm down! ''. I screamed out for the doctor.
'' It was your aunt and uncle who poisoned me..I am absolutely sure. Pay them..them back for me Angelina... Please Angelina, I won't be surprised if they killed your parents Angelina! ''. She was loosing her breath.
I dashed out and called for the doctor and nurses. I was shivering. Mr Brandon made his prayers louder and I was feeling uncomfortable.
'' What did you two talk about? ''. Nickel asked calmly.
'' Just stay away from me okay?! Stay away!!! ''. I shouted angrily.
The pressure was too much for me. I seriously didn't want to loose aunt Gina. I was going crazy...and I had no one to take to. I turned away from Nickel...I knew I was having feelings for him. And I needed to avoid that. I was forbidden to make this feeling stronger.
Some few minutes later, the Doctor came out and removed his coat.
'' What is it doctor?! ''. Mr Brandon asked saddened.
'' I am extremely sorry family ''.....''.
'' No!!! No can't tell us this! ''. Nickel shouted.
I became weak and dizzy,and as my fainting boduuwas going down,Nickel grabbed me in his arms. Tears fell out of my eyes but I didn't create a scene. So,it was aunt Okereke and uncle Tom that killed aunt Gina. I stood up on my feet in silent tears. I saw Nickel's face red and bitter.
He threw his hands around me and hugged me tightly. I couldn't resist but hug him back in tears. Mr Brandon sat on one of the chairs in mourning. As I wept on Nickel's shoulders, I raised my eye ball and saw Queen Marina standing tall in a long straight white dress stained with blood and holding a knife,and the blood was spelt in the name of Katherine and she disappeared.
i quickly pushed Nickel away with a scream and dashed out of the hospital into my car and drove away in speed.
'' What's wrong with her? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' I don't know dad,it looks like she saw someone... She acted strange ''.
'' Yes,because she just saw her marine queen mother ''.
'' Want?! ''......
(Angelina's Mansion).
I quickly arrived home and stepped out of my car. I entered the hall and saw blood stains of someone's feet from the hall to upstairs which made my heart skip a beat. I quickly walked up stairs and opened my door only to find Katherine's dead body hanging on my ceiling fanamd the maid dead on top of my bed with blood all over....
Episode 18.
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
My soul was straggling to come out. I couldn't believe my eyes were actually seeing this day. I screamed out loud in horror but my voice didn't go anywhere. My legs was shaking and sweating.
I was unbelieved. The blood kept floating from their bodies like rain. I slipped through the gate and fell down on my butt in tears. Nothing had hurt me so much before. How could Queen Marina do this to me?
How could she break our deal and kill someone so dear to me? But what did I do wrong? Anger and hatred throbbed themselves in me. And with this agony and thoughts swimming through my body,Queen Marina and all the ladies appeared at my sight.
I was enraged. Queen Marina raised her hands and lightening snatched both the maid and Katherine away. They disappeared completely with no trace of them.
'' You! How could you do this? ''. I gnashed my teeth.
'' So.... You have now made that pastor Brandon your friend... and his son,your partner. What did you expect, after disobeying me? ''.
'' I was only there for my aunt! Nothing more ''. I wept.
'' Shut up! You are supposed to be the Lady you have sold your soul to be. You belong to us now Lady Sona! Now this is your last chance! ''. Queen Marina roared.
'' I don't care about what you do to me anymore! In have nothing to loose! I can't kill Mr Brandon! ''. I shouted.
'' that what you think? You think you have nothing to loose? If you dare me,I will make your life a living hell...and give you such a punishment and a painful death ''.
'' I'm daring! I was thinking you were the one to help me out of my problems, but I guess I was mistaking! You've killed my daughter! ''. I sobbed.
'' That's what you think....I give you just a month! Eliminate that pastor because his prayer's being disturbing me for ages. Eliminate him! Or I take the life of your favourite cousin that you love so much! I know Danby is his name and I will eliminate him before your even know! ''. She said and they disappeared.
Oh my word! It was true,Danny is also one very important person in my life. My life is over. But it won't be over until my revenge is over. I went to the bath house and brought out a mob,water. I cleaned the whole room.
I would never forget this day. And that lawyer of my father...he dared to connive with my aunt and uncle Tom to snatch what was mine. I wouldn't spare him either. After cleaning, my eyes didn't close until it was day break.
(Brandon's Mansion=8am)
It was one day break and aunt Gina's husband Mr Kenneth had arrived in the mansion in his black clothes and red...proving he cried the last night with the news of his wife's departure. The men gathered together to plan a funeral for aunt Gina,and also talk about whatever poison there is that Gina had taken inside.
'' Take heart Ken...everything will be okay. Let's just do it funeral arrangement as soon as possible ''. Mr Brandon said.
'' I have gathered and arranged everything brother in-law. I will never love anyone than I loved your sister! ''. Mr Kenneth cried.
'' It's okay even disappointed in myself... Not being able to see what would happened to Gina....with all the power God's given me ''.
'' Did you say the doctor spoke about poison? ''.
'' Yes uncle. He didn't really give much information. But all he said was that...aunty Gina had consume a dangerous poisonous substance ''.
'' But Nickel... Yesterday was your birthday party....was everything intact? ''. Mr Kenneth asked.
'' Haha....oh come on uncle... You don't! Dan that it was actually my party's food poison. Come on...we'd all be dead by and I too ''. Nickel said.
'' Hmmm...yes you're right nephew. Forgive me for that. I am actually confused about everything right now. Any said you wanted to tell me something else? ''.
'' Yes Kenneth... Do you Angelina? ''.
'' Hmmmm...Angelina. Yes. I know her. Her parents used to visit Gina and I in abroad. Why? Any problem? ''.
'' well do you know her? ''.
'' Not that much. You know am always a busy person David. Her mother and Gina were close friends. There even got some time where Angelina's mother,Katherine brought some documents to Gina to keep so that when they are not there...she'd take responsibility for Angelina. But why all this question? ''.
'' You see dad?!!! I told you that you were confusing about your vision! Angelina is just an innocent girl! ''..Nickel snapped.
'' Hey shut up! You no nothing about the spirit okay?! ''. Mr Brandon shouted.
'' What what's going on here? ''. Mr Kenneth asked?
'' Kenneth... That girl's sold her soul to the devil... And I don't want anything to with her! ''.
'' Hahahaaa....what?! David... That girl's just 13 years old brother. What are you talking about? ''. Mr Kenneth asked in wonder.
'' Whether 13 or not,it's not my problem... In fact,I need you to search through Gina's things,get those documents and brig it to me right now,so I can give it back to them ''.
'' are a man of don't have to ''....
'' That's my final decision. You're not going to be with her ''.
Nickel angrily left the study room.
(Angelina's Mansion).
I was so lonely and worked up. The entire house was empty. I needed to start my revenge. I stood on my feet and took a col shower. After that,I dressed up and put some make up on. I had to get Danby out of my plans and deal with the rest.
I stepped out on the compound and locked my gate. I opened my car door and entered then drove outside,when the car reached the street, Nickel waked to the front and I stopped and stepped out from the car in anger. In real anger for that matter.
'' What the hell?!!! What if I had knocked you down with my car?! ''.
'' Would anything have changed at all Angelina?! ''.
That question he asked was so shocking to me because he already looked upset when walking towards my side.
'' What do you mean by that? Now get out fo my way because I need to leave! ''.
'' What's so important today that you need to leave for? Where's a 13 years old giro going out there in such a car? ''.
'' did you know....''. I was stammering at the fact he new my age.
'' My aunt told me everything about you Angelina! And I myself saw you a year ago Angelina... you've changed so much Angy. What happened to you Angelina? ''. He asked in lovely mood.
'' Get out of my sight now Nickel, you don't have any eight to ask me that! I have my rights! ''. I screamed at him with mixed emotions.
'' Why Angelina, what has make you so angry? Angelina... Please let me help you. Please accept me in your life ''.
'' Did you not hear what I said?! What's wrong with you?! Your father has warned me to stay away from you! And am simply keeping my distance from just leave my sight! ''. I said,pointing at the way of their mansion.
'' I am not going to listen to what my father will say. I...I...I had wanted to tell you something ''.
'' Speak up and let me leave! ''.
'' Is it true .....tell me the truth Angelina... are you a member of the devilish marine kingdom? ''.
I was so shattered and I couldn't stand on my legs. I was suddenly downhearted. I was weak and I saw that my secret was coming out little by little.
'' Tell me Ange......''. He was about taking it far when I turned to enter the car when he grabbed my arms.
'' Leave me alone! ''. I slapped him real hard.
And when I thought my slap would be enough to get him off my back...Nickel glued my body to his and kissed me on the lips. His lips were so soft. They awoken the dead part of me. A part I never wanted to have this feeling. The kiss was so intense and magnetic.
I couldn't push away from him or push him away from me either. Yes I was 13. But uncle Tom opened my innocence too soon and made me a woman with force. And that's threason why I have stepped out today. To also go and force his death to come to come to him. And as I came back to reality and pushed him way.
'' Wow...oh my God, your lips are so sweet ''. He whispered jokingly.
'' Shut up! I'll report you for sexual harassment if you do that again! ''.
'' I'm willing to go to jail for you angel. Because I love you ''.
'' From this day forward.... Don't come close to me else....''.
'' Else your Queen would kill me?! ''.
'' I can see your powerful father has told you everything and update you about my life ''. I arrogantly said.
'' it was true afterall? ''. He was shocked and unbelieved.
'' Yes! Yes yes yes!!! It's true,so stay way from me Nickel Brandon. Please! ''. I turned to enter the car and he turned me to him again.
'' Wait Angelina! Who made you like this princess? Let us help you out Angelina. Please Angy,pleas! I love you so much,I don't want to loose you! ''.
I freed myself from him and drove away. Tears had rained upon me while driving. I didn't know what to think anymore. I was devastated, just thinking about the kiss. I drove so speed, heading to a whole new different neighbourhood. I wept in the car and everything Nickel said was pushing me back.
But there was no way I would change my mind. I had put my hands in the lion's mouth. I was going forward to take my revenge. I arrived at the Benz Estate. I drove and arrived in front of my father's mansion. I stepped out in my very high heel,I looked completely an adult.
I was so ready. I knocked on the main gate and a dark man opened the door in dirty clothes.
'' Hello madam ''. He greeted politely.
'' Hi. Please,who are you? ''. I asked.
'' No,who are you? Are you looking for someone? ''.
'' Urerrmmmm...yes. Is the family who owns this house around? ''.
'' I'm sorry. They went out madam ''.
'' To where please? ''.
'' I can't release that informatuon madam. Unless ypou tell me who you are. Do you know this family? ''.
'' Well...I am a member of their church. The Jehovah's Witness. And I've been sent to deliver a message to them ''. I said.
The man looked at me from head to toe...not very sure of what i said because of my dressing.
'' From Jehovah's Witness? ''.
'' Yes. May I know who you are? ''.
'' I am the gateman here madam ''.
'' Oh okay ''.
'' They've gone to see a lawyer. I don't know why though. But if you care to know,they left their young daughter here ''.
I asked the man to call her and he did. Ellen stepped out and she wasn't really looking really nice like she used to. I wondered. And she didn't recognise me. She stared at me like some stranger. I didn't really mind at all. In fact,she was just the person I was looking for.
I hated her so much with passion.
'' Hello Ellen...''. I said with a smile.
'' Who are you? ''.
'' Can you let your gateman excuse us please? ''.
'' Musa...go inside ''.
The gateman entered the house and I removed a huge sum of money and showed it to Ellen.
'' Wow! That's huge... I have not seem this kind of money in months! Who are you? ''
'' Can you walk me to my car so I can introduce myself better? I have very good news for you ''.
'' Wow! I love good news. Let's go miss ''.
We walked to my car. I pretentiously removed a strong antidote and sprayed it on her face. She screamed and collapsed. I dragged her into the backseat and drove speedily away. She'll never forget what I will do to her for as long as she lives....