Angelina Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
(Brandon's Mansion).
'' What's her name aunt? '' Nickel asked.
'' She's very beautiful. I miss her so much. Her mother had left her behind... Three years ago,they came to Amsterdam for some holidays and her mother and father handed some documents to me ''. Gina said.
'' What kind of documents? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' They had fine to he mother's lawyer secretly and they both agreed on a decision that when they are no longer alive...they would leave their daughter to me,as the guardian... And when she's 20 years of age...she will be granted full custody of all her father's properties ''.
'' So what had happened to her? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' Her parents are no longer alive. And she's missing. I came too late ''. Gina cried.
'' Calm down aunt. Dad and I might be able to help...tell us what her name is ''. Nickel asked.
The big telephone in the hall rang so loud that Nickel stood up and went to answer it.
'' You must be very tired now Gina. You know there are many rooms here. Please, take your bag and let me show you to a room you can share with brother in-law when he arrives ''. Mr Brandon said.
'' Thank you brother. Let's go ''.
They both climbed upstairs. Some minutes later,Mr Brandon walked downstairs and picks DUP his Bible and car keys.
'' I'm off to church now son ''. He said.
'' But dad,the weather does not look favourable. Besides,it's getting to 8 pm ''. Nickel said.
'' I know. But the work of God knows no boundaries. Besides, thud is the beginning of my half night service. The members must be waiting now ''. Mr Brandon said. '' You be here,because of your aunt,just be home...''. He said and left.
(Angelina's Mansion).
In my bedroom... My marine spirit was heightened. And I could see Mr Brandon entering his car in my vision. Thunder clapped and it started raining hard. I begun to remember what uncle Tom used to do to me in times of rain. My anger was heightened.
I was craving for blood. I was feeling sorry at one side for Nickel... As I was told it was only his father he had in the world. But I couldn't stop myself. The rain became heavier. I climbed to the balcony of the mansion and disappeared.
Mr Brandon was driving so speed,he needed to get ti church very fast. I appeared on the other side of the road and just used my left hand to rub the middle of road and disappeared. I saw his car passed that side and suddenly diverted to the other side. His car went crashing against a big oak tree. And I comfortably descended into my bedroom.
Lightening from no where came striking me in my room. This was unbelievable. Suddenly, I tried to see at had happened to the man. But I couldn't see anymore. I couldn't see him. I sat on my bed with pains.
(Jordan's Mansion= Master Bedroom).
At 11pm... Aunt Okereke still sat on the bed...having sleepless nights. She couldn't get the I!age of Gina from her mind. But uncle Tom was rather sleeping and snoring.
His days if calamity was just at the corner. He was snoring... He turned to the other side and choked besides his wife but she angrily pushed him away and chuckled. He opened his eyes and yawned, then sat up looking at his snorting wife.
'' Helena, what is it? ''. He asked.
'' You are asking me? I don't even know what to use you for! Useless man! ''.
'' Helena... Better be careful of how you talk to me. I don't like it at all ''.
'' No...why would you like it? Because you know it's the truth ''. Aunt Okereke said. '' Ever since we deliberately took this properties of Kelvin to be yours,what kind of work have you done for it? ''.
'' What did you expect me to do? ''.
'' Idiot! Even the lawyer who did all this is now asking for the ransom. We paid just half of the amount he asked. Now where would we find money? We've sold all the businesses of Kelvin and Katherine and spent it ''.
'' What are you implying now? ''
'' I'm implying thinking of a solution for this mess...if not,we'll soon be left on the streets. We have a big problem at hand ''.
'' What has happened ? ''.
'' Did you know that Gina has returned from abroad? ''.
'' Gina? Gina..Gina,Gina...who is Gina? ''.
'' Gina...Katherine's friend, and my ex friend. She came here some weeks ago,looking for Angelina ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' What scares me most is,she told me that,Katherine and Kelvin... Went to Katherine's lawyer and made an agreement to leave Angelina and the properties to her when they are no longer alive. They went to court and signed some papers too ''. Aunt Okereke wept.
'' Jesus Christ! ''. Uncle Tom shouted. '' We are finished... We won't only be homeless but behind bars too. We will be sent to prison for impersonation and slander ''. He said.
'' Now...Gina is out there....searching for her. What do we do now? ''.
'' We kill her! ''.
''What?! ''
'' Let's kill her like we killed Angelina's parents... That's the only way! ''.
'' Hey....keep your voice down you fool! We sent someone to temper with the breaks of Kelvin's car that's why the accident happened, but how would we do that to Gina? ''.
'' You leave everything o me okay? '' Uncle Tom said. '' And after that,we'll find a way to kill that stupid lawyer bordering us. Relax. I will sort everything out ''.
'' What about Angelina? ''. Aunt Okereke asked.
'' Don't bother. The stupid girl must be dead somewhere right now ''. He said. '' Just wait and see what I'll fo ''.
(Next Day).
The sun rays ha passed through my glass window, reflecting on my fave. I wa still feeling paid s and I heard Katherine crying so loud in her room. I quickly stood up,looking very I'll and entered the room and found Queen Marina holding Katherine upside down by the legs.
'' No!! Please, I beg you...put her down ''.
'' You rascal! How could you make such a mistake last night?! Sending lightening to my kingdom to strike me! ''.
'' I never knew it came to your side please Queen! I will not fail the next time ''. I wept.
The Queen's face was all red. Proving how the thunder really strikes her. She threw Katherine and I caught hold her tightly, trying to make her stop crying.
'' Your last chance! Is that clear?! ''. She shouted and disappeared.
I caressed my daughter and checked the time,just to realised it was exactly 9 am and the maid had not come to work. I gave her a day off yesterday and it seemed she's taking my leniency as weakness. If she was here to take care of Katherine, none of this would have happened. I'll deal with her.
I bathed Katherine, fed her and left her in the baby's cort. I heard some noises outside and I dressed up and stepped out. People were entering the Brandon's mansion with so many gifts. And expensive cars were parked in front. People were just roaming in and out of the house. I stood in my garden looking at all this and I se Nickel walking to my direction.
'' Hello there beautiful ''. He shouted and got closer to me.
'' name is Angelina okay? Not beautiful ''. I replied, not smiling.
'' Well,I call every beautiful girl...'' Beautiful '' don't worry ''.
'' I just don't like me by my....''.
'' Okay,okay Angelina ''. He laughed. '' Hope you're doing good ''.
'' Yes. You? ''.
'' I'm excited, because you decided to come to my will,right? ''.
'' Sure I will,don't worry ''.
'' Okay...gotta go. I'm still busy with the preparations ''.
'' Hey! How's your dad? ''. I asked.
'' He's okay. He called last night. He told me he had a little accident but he was okay. He slept at the church and would be coming this morning ''. Nickel said.
'' Oh okay ''. I faked a smile.
'' Okay...see you later beautiful ''. He said and raced away.
I was beginning to think deep. How will I finish this man and spare Katherine's life? As this thought rushed through my head,a brown car parked in front of my garden and Mr Brandon stepped out.
He had a plaster on his forehead and he was frowning. He slowly walked to my front in his suit and stood there starring at me with suspicious eyes.
'' Good morning Mr Brandon ''. I said.
'' Listen to me very carefully young lady. I know whatever you are up to now ''.
'' What do you mean Sir? ''.
'' Listen and don't interrupt me! ''. He shouted. '' Let me give you this warning... stay away,from my son. Is that clear? ''.
'' Excuse me? ''.
'' You are warned. If I ever see you,anywhere close to Nickel... I will descended on you ''.
'' Well,why don't you tell your son to stay away from me instead? ''.
'' I saw everything you did last night. I'm just keeping my cool with you. So it's either you kevr the estate, or stay awy from my son! Else,you'll be sorry!....


Episode 16.
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
'' Is that a threat Mr Brandon? ''. I asked.
'' Well,take it how you want to. But Nickel is all I have left in this world. And I know what your plans about him ''.
'' Well,he invited me ti his birthday party,how about that? ''.
'' Well don't come! Just because of you,I will make sure to cancel church service tonight. I will put another pastor in I will guard the whole place. Don't even dare try to enter my house ''. He said,sat in his car and drove into his compound.
I was shocked. This man with smiley face isn't so easy. He just gave me a warning and I started being frightened. How was I going to end this mission? Did that mean I was going to loose Katherine? I can't go and give an excuse to Queen Marina. Also,I won't be able to go to the party. I went back into my room and started thinking deep.
(Jordan's Mansion).
In the living room,aunty Okereke and uncle Tom were devising a plan. They needed to stop Gina before she stopped them.
'' Have you found Katherine's phone book? ''. Uncle Tom asked.
'' Yes. I searched through her things since morning ''.
'' Okay,start searching for Gina's African number ''.
Aunt Okereke opened the phone book and searched for Gina's number. And so she quickly dialed and called.
'' Will you talk to her or should I? ''
'' She doesn't know me,so you talk to her ''.
'' Okay, keep quiet ''.
Aunt Okereke called and put the phone on her ears.
'' Hello?...Hello Gina. (Laughs). Oh how re you? Oh, don't you recognise your own friend? It's Helena.... oh yes! Well,I called you for a very important reason. Yes,for the same reason you came to Africa ''.
'' Tell her to come here today. I mean..right now ''. Uncle Tom whispered.
'' Okay listen Gina,I have got a very good news about Angelina. So I would like you to come here as soon as possible. I'm telling you the truth,oh! Yes come to the mansion right now! ''. Aunt Okereke said,smiling evilly.
'' Okay,I will be waiting.... Bye bye ''. (She hangs up).
'' So,is she coming or not? ''.
'' Yes,she said she'll be here in a moment, so what's your plan to eliminate her? ''.
Uncle Tom scooped his hand in his pocket and brought out some white substance in a black rubber, and he stretched his hands towards Aunt Okereke with a wicked smile the puts it in Aunt Okereke's hand.
'' And,what is this? ''.
'' What do you think my darling wife? ''.
'' Well,you're the one who has just showed it to me,so you tell me. What is it? ''.
'' This calls '' slow poison ''. And it is meant for your dear little friend ''.
'' What?! Are you mad?! We're supposed to kill her with no evidence attached at all. And you are rather planning on poisoning her? ''.
'' Hey,keep quiet! Let me finish talking. Do you think am so senseless, to put us in trouble. No way ''.
'' Okay. Sorry,what's your plan? ''.
'' This poison is a slow one. It doesn't kill you immediately but slowly ''.
'' Wow....does that mean that,she won't die on us here? ''.
'' No she won't. She'll either die when she goes back to where she came from,or in her car ''.
'' Oh wow my husband, today your wisdom has grown very bug. So what do I do with the poison? ''.
'' Just take one fruit juice and pour it into it. Then serve her with it when she arrives, we'll find some lies to tell her about Angelina and let her go ''. Uncle Tom said.
'' Okay ''.
(Brandon's Mansion)
The arrangements for the birthday party was all set. Nickel had sent invitation through out. He selected his clothes and shoes ready. He couldn't wait to see the party start,especially to see Angelina walk inside from the entrance in her elegance. Little did he know that his father had already blocked the way.
Gina had dressed up in haste and was stepping outside when Mr Brandon met her at the entrance.
'' Where are you going? ''.
'' I have to get going I will explain later ''.
'' Ah..but you already know that it's getting to evening and the birthday party is at the corner ''. Mr Brandon said. '' Are you going to disappoint your nephew again? ''.
'' Brother, try and understand! I have to go okay...I will make sure I arrive here before the party. It's something about the girl am searching for! ''. She said and walked out fast.
Mr Brandon entered the hall and saw everything arranged nicely and he went to the study room to relax.
(Angelina's Mansion).
I reprimanded the maid and for sure,I was going to fire her no matter what. But I had to go and look for another girl today. And since there was bo way I wouldn't be able to attend Nickel's party,I had to be very fast in my dealings and use that time to find another girl to fill the gallon. So I drove out and away from the house.
Once again,I got to the slums and I stepped outside. I wasn't dressed up elegantly like I used to,I started walking by and by when I saw the obituary notice of a young girl on all the walls. It was a devastating site as mourning was heard from three houses in a row.
I went to the obituary notice and read it,and I realised it was Lydia,the girl I slept with the other day. I was so shocked and paralysed. I felt broken and disappointed in myself... I considered myself a murderer. My mission was now cleared from my eyes and I no longer had appetite for it. I turned back and saw one girl standing behind me. I remembered her to be the same girl who was walking with Lydia some days ago when I met them on the road.
'' You again?! ''. She asked. '' I remember you,are you not the same person who.... ''.
'' Yes! It's okay. I came here to see Lydia...that's why am here ''.
'' Well, as you can see for yourself...she's no longer alive. She died two days ago ''
'' I'm even shocked. What happened to her? ''.
'' She fell sick. Everyone is confused about her death because we've all never seen such thing before ''.
'' What thing? ''.
'' Well,it started with fever...then suddenly her private part started rotting. Worms and things were coming out of her private part....everyone asked her what had happened, but before she could even speak up,she loosed her breath and died ''.
'' Oh my goodness! very sorry oo ''.
'' Oh never mind. But I would like to know...where did you guys go that day,because she was absolutely fine ''.
'' And,what are you trying to imply? ''.
'' Nothing much,just want to know ''.
'' She showed me to the hospital,and when I was done with what I was doing, I dropped her off,that's all ''.
'' Is that all? ''. She asked.
'' Look,you know what...I have to go...bye....''. I said and quickly entered my car.
I'm more than frightened now. This girl was also suspecting me. What if she became a bigger problem to me? I would have to find a way to eliminate her. I couldn't accomplish my mission that day,so I drove back home.
(Jordan's Mansion).
Aunt Gina landed in the house with her car and she was warmly welcomed. Uncle Tom pretentiously introduced himself handsomely and aunt Okereke served her with a pineapple juice,stuffed with the poison. They all sat together in the hall with smily faces to each other,except for aunt Gina who wasn't smiling and looking serious.
'' Helena... You know that I am not here for a drink,so tell me the news you've discovered. Have you found her whereabouts? ''. Aunt Gina asked.
'' Oh come on Gina,at least...take a sip of the juice. It'll cool down your long heated driving ''.
'' What?! Are you serious at all? ''.
'' Okay..okay sorry. The news is that,someone has told us that,she has layed eyes on Angelina, two days ago ''. Uncle Tom lied.
'' What?! Where?! Please tell me ''. Aunt Gina becomes curious.
'' It's quite far from town. There was a woman living in the estate. Angelina was close to her,because she was also close to Kelvin. I don't know the poison that woman spread into Angelina's head,as soon as the woman relocated to another place,Angelina also went missing. It is this days that,one of our neighbours have said that,he saw Angelina at the market with the woman ''. Aunt Okereke said.
'' what have you done about that? ''. Aunt Gina said and drunk some of the fruit juice.
'' Well,what can we do? That's why we've called you...we were thinking of tracking the woman and finding where she lives. What do you think? ''. Aunt Okereke asked.
'' Yes of course! I am even sure,Angelina escaped because you were treating her bad ''.
'' Oh come on...why would I do that to my own niece? ''.
'' Oh please! I know you very well Helena. I know how much you hated Katherine ''. Aunt Gina stood up. '' I am pleading with you to track down the woman. I'll be here tomorrow, so we can do it together, and I promise you that when I find Angelina... I'll take her abroad and I'll never be a bother to you again ''. Aunt Gina said and left.
When she left,aunt Okereke the the glass of pineapple juice into the dustbin and toasted with her husband in ours happiness.
(Brandon's Mansion=8pm).
The party had started and the entire hall was filled with friends and family. Nickel's 18th birthday cake was standing tall in the middle of the room. It looks like everyone was having fun,except for the birthday boy. It was expected that everyone would be shocked,and they all were. Nickel kept on starring at the entrance,expecting a miracle of the sight of the woman he dad fallen in love with. But there was no sign that she was entering any time soon.
He walked with a gloomy face into the study room. He wished he had her phone number to call her and ask what the matter was. But he could neither leave his guests. Mr Brandon entered and tapped on his shoulders to let's go back to the party bit he refused.
'' Is it all because of that Angelina?! ''.
'' You don't understand dad. I haven't told you this...but I know for sure,that I have fallen in love with her,am so worried right now! ''.
'' Then my son...wake up from your sleep and fall out of love with that girl,is that clear? ''.
'' Don't you start this thing with me again dad. Don't! ''.
'' I just want the best for you okay? That's the reason why I have warned her to stay away from you! ''.
'' You what?! Dad,did you tell Angelina not to come to the party?!. He asked angrily.
'' Yes! ''.
Aunt Gina entered the study room in suspense.
'' What is father and son,standing here and talking about while the guest are all waiting for the cutting of the cake? ''
'' Dad...what right do you have to do that?! ''. Nickel fuels with anger. '' Want else did you tell Angelina?! ''
'' Angelina?!!! Nickel, did you say Angelina? ''. Gina was shocked.
'' Yes aunt! Dad,is trying to separate me from the girl I have fallen with ''.
'' Oh my God! Must it be my Angelina? ''.
'' What do you mean aunt? ''.
'' I mean...the girl I am looking also called Angelina. Can you show me to the one you're talking about? Please! Show me to that Angelina now! ''.
'' might be mistaking ''.
'' Just take me there now!!! ''.
Both Gina and Nickel walked out of the house in a haste and arrived in front of Angelina's mansion....