Angelina Episode 13 & 14

Episode 13
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
The knock was becoming so violent. I couldn't control myself either. Since the anaconda was independent and would come out when least expected. I was hoping deep in my head not to allow this person enter. As the knock was becoming violent and violent. Other people came to join the knocking in the request of me,letting them in.
My snake got out and slowly crawled into Lydia's private part and I saw it sucking blood out. The people were trying hard to knock down the door from outside. I quickly stood on my feet and dressed up nicely. The snake was done and it crawled down the bed and went under the bed when the people knocked down the door and entered in anger.
I stood tall while Lydia was still lying unconscious.
'' What's going on here?! ''. One man asked.
'' How dare you batch into the room when I have not given permission?! Didn't I pay for my privacy?!!! ''. I angrily asked.
'' We heard some noises outside. And we thought there was a problem here madam! ''. Another man asked.
'' If there was a problem, wouldn't I have asks for your help?! ''. I angrily said.
They were three men and they stared at Lydia on the bed with suspicions. One of them went closer to her and touched her neck to see whether she was dead. And they begun to suspect. Lesbianism is a taboo in the country. And it's lawless.
'' What the hell is wrong with the girl? Why is she not waking up? ''. One of them asked.
'' She.. Urrrmm...I...I don't ink it's your business. She's just asleep, get out now! ''.
'' Hey!!! Abomination! So,you two were practicing lesbianism here right! We will stone you to death today!!! Get hold of her boys! ''.
Two of them got hold of my ha d and I tried resisting. Lydia opened her eyes and sat on the bed. She felt dizzy and suddenly at the spot,she opened her mouth and started vomiting dollars and pounds. Then Lady Nash appeared in the room in white lightening and strikes.
'' Jesus! Money rituals be this ooo!!! ''. One of the men started screaming.
'' Shut up!!! '' Lady Nash warned as she strikes them dead with the pointing of her finger at them. '' Angelina, be fast and leave this place now!!! ''.
'' What am I supposed to do? ''. I asked in agony.
'' She's vomiting, when she's done,pack the money on a career bag and leave this hotel with her! ''. She said and disappeared.
When Lydia was done,the entire bed was full of money. I quickly parked them into my big bag I entered the room with. She was still feeling weak and dizzy,so I opened my mouth widely and the anaconda went right back into my mouth and to my stomach. I helped her up and slowly left the hotel with her. I got her in my car and drove speedily away. I offered her a bottle of water and she came clear again and back to her senses.
'' Angelina, what went on? What has happened? How come am in your car now? ''. She asked.
'' We had such a great time baby,I was so great that,you yourself fell asleep ''. I answered her but she seemed not to be very sure.
'' What?! But after we were done, I didn't see anything again. And I just opened my eyes just to find myself in your car. Why didn't I see myself walking to the car? ''. She asked insistently.
'' Lydia,look...relax okay? You're not harmed,are you? Besides, you said you needed my help to become rich too right...don't you trust me? ''. I asked,feigning annoyance.
'' Well,am sorry. Please don't get upset.
'' It's okay. I'm cool,just don't tell anyone about any of this...okay? It should be our little secret. Alright? ''.
'' Okay...I promise. But will I see you again? ''.
'' For sure girl,I will come back for you ''.
'' Then give me assurance. I want your number ''.
I saw how desperate this girl was. I knew that she would die in three days time as Queen Marina had said. I took a pen and paper then wrote down a nonexisting number for her. I added a huge sum of money and she gladly took it. I reached the slams and she got down and waved me good bye. I couldn't believe I didn't have the slightest guilt or regret about the three men who just died at the hotel and this girl who is going to die in three days,because of me.
I didn't mind in anyway and I drove far away to the estate and got into my house. I went to my bedroom and poured out the dollars on my bed and I packed it all into my wardrobe.
I was starting to love this lifestyle. I went downstairs and switched on the television to watch a programme when I saw my picture viewed on almost all the stations. I was so shocked because the first thing that entered my head was the murder committed by Lady Nash in the hotel room. Did someone see me? Was any camera recording everything?
How could I be so stupid not to check that. I looked around me to see whether anyone was watching. I watched clearly and also realised that the picture on the television I a picture from 3 years ago. But who would have given this picture to the public? Only a family member must have done that. I also realised that,they had tagged me a s a missing person. I took that worry to heart.
And I wondered who was searching for me. I took that restlessness to bed.
(Next Day).
When I woke up,I went to the dinning hall and four the breakfast all set. The maid asked for permission to go out to see her mother at their home. I gave her permission to go. I started eating breakfast and I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door and opened it and it was Mr Brandon. He stood there in suit and tie,holding a white envelope.
'' Good morning Angelina ''.
'' What?! How did you know my name? ''. I asked in utmost shock.
'' dear,nothing is hidden under the nose of are you? ''. He asked.
'' I'm okay. What do you want? ''. I asked,frowning.
'' I am hosting all people under my 7 days half night service which would be begin tomorrow evening at exactly 7 pm to 10 pm. So I am here to invite you to the programme.He said and handed the envelope to me. '' I hope to see you there tomorrow child ''.
'' I will try and see what I can do,please... Is that all? ''. I asked arrogantly.
'' Yes, I will take my level now ''. He said and left.
I entered the hall and went straight into the kitchen then threw the envelope into the dustbi. I turned my back and the Queen mother slapped my face from no where. I screamed in pain,holding my cheeks. I looked again and saw her standing there in anger.
'' I have made you my favourite Lady Sona! But you are not acting like I want you to! You nearly messed things up with your first assignment, if not because of Lady Nash! ''.
'' I am sorry Queen! Please! It was a mistake! ''. I said,kneeling down.
'' You better fill your gallon by the end of the seven days,else..I will kill what is most dearest to you! I will your daughter! ''.
'' No!!! Please,don't do that, i will do whatever you want! ''.
'' And you have just a kill that pastor Brandon. I have tried all I could,but I failed. Kill him and bring me his blood...else,your daughter will pay the price in a months time! ''. She warned and disappeared.
This can't happened to me. Queen Marina can't be serious about this threat. I would give my whole life for my daughter. She's all I got in this world. I will try my best to kill that man,but if I fail...I will fight tooth and nail to protect my daughter.
(Brandon's Mansion).
Nickel is busily telling his friend about the beautiful girl who has come to stay in the area and is doing all he could to gain her attention. Mr Brandon entered the hall and didn't like what he heard.
'' Nickel! ''.
'' I'll talk to you later dude ''. He said and hanged up. '' I thought you said you were going to a church meeting dad ''.
'' Yes. I forgot my car keys here ''. He said and picked the keys from the table. '' And what did I hear you say to your friend,what girl are you talking about? ''.
'' Oh,the girl? I'm talking about Sona dad. The new girl ''.
'' Huh? Sona?! Be careful Nickel,I don't want to even see you near that girl! ''.
'' looks like you think am still a kid. And...what do you mean by what you said dad? Do you know Sona? ''.
'' Open your eyes my son. You don't see what i see. Her name is not Sona! Her real name is Angelina!.
'' Say what?! ''. Nickel is shocked and remembers when he nearly knocked down a girl with his car...

Episode 14

By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).

'' Angelina??? '' Nickel now starts putting all the pieces together. '' But dad,how did you know all this? How come you know this? ''.
'' Just be carful of that girl. When am sure of what she really is...then I will surely not stand in your way... ''. Mr Brandon said and left.
Nickel walked to the sturdy room and took an envelope and stepped outside the estate.
(Angelina's Mansion).
I was in the hall,thinking of what Queen Marina said. I had three things ti worry about.
1. The fact someone was searching for me and I don't know who it was..
2. The fact that Queen Marina threatened to kill Katherine if I don't give a full gallon of blood in seven days or kill Mr Brandon.
3. And the fact that Mr Brandon mentioned my name.
I was worked up and my Brauns were burning up. I was co fused more than ever.
As all this thoughts swam through my head,I heard another knock on the door and I stood up to open,and it was Nickel. I was surprised. I didn't understand why any time I saw his face,my heart just skipped a beat. But as usual, I had to remember the oath I made in the marine kingdom and act tough on every guy that came my way. This was very unlike me. I used to be a free cheerful and happy girl,but seemed like there was something inside me which was controlling me.
'' Hello Angelina... '' Nickel said and he wasn't smiling.
'' may I help you? ''I replied and also didn't smile.
'' I knew it wa you....Angelina. Don't you remember me at all? ''. He said surprisingly.
'' What do you mean? ''. I said intentionally.
'' You remember a year ago? I mistakenly literally was about to knock you down by my car? You held some !market goods? ''. He said and his smile was becoming visible.
'' Hahahaa...yeah. Oh my God..Nickel! I nearly forgot you. Wow,I can't believe this! ''. I said.
'''ve changed so much from what I saw a year ago beautiful ''. He said. '' Do you own thus big house? ''.
'' I urrrmmm..I errr..I..I....I am just....''. I kept stammering.
And fortunately and luckily for me...three expensive black cars entered my compound and three of the ladies from the cult came out,including Lady Nash. It was Lady Nash, Lady Slay and Lady Chutka. They were in very expensive revealing clothes and what their eyes saw,they didn't like. They climbed the entrance stairs and got to Nickel and I.
I se the shock on Nickel's face when he saw this ladies coming to me. They also looked back at him with horrible faces and they walked pass me into the room.
'' Who are those? ''. He asked.
'' Well...those are..urrrmmm...they are my friends. Look,I have to go now okay? I guess we'll chat later ''. I said and was about entering the room.
'' Wait! Please, relax okay? Here,this is an invitation to my birthday party tomorrow night ''. He said and handed a white envelope to me.
'' Okay. But I thought your father was holding a half night service tomorrow evening? ''. I said.
'' Yeah...but not such a church person. Tomorrow is my birthday too..and I got to chill,right? ''. He said with a smile.
'' Of course...''. I said and returned the smile.
'' that way all the time beautiful. It brings your beauty out '. He said and left.
I went back inside the hall and saw the ladies seated and chatting with a wine glass on their lips. I placed the envelope down and sat opposite them.
'' Hello Ladies. What do I owe to you this surprise visit? ''. I asked.
'' Who was that guy Lady Sona? ''. Lady Chutka asked.
'' His name is Nickel ''. I replied.
'' And I thought, I gave you a warning about that guy Angelina!!! ''. Lady Nash snapped angrily.
'' Hey..girl,relax. Okay? Chill...I wasn't doing anything wrong with him,was I? ''
'' No you weren't! But our rules,even forbids us to look into a man's direction! ''. Lady Slay added.
'' Our rules said,we shouldn't fall in love! It didn't say we shouldn't speak to a man ''. I threw back.
'' are you now going to teach us the rules? Remember, that I was the one who introduced you into the cult,not the other way around ''. Lady Nash said.
'' I know. But you don't even know why I was speaking to that guy ''. I said.
'' So tell us then....what's your purpose on talking with him? Have you forgotten, that his father is the Almighty Pastor Brandon?! ''. Lady Nash asked.
'' Queen Marina layed me a visit. She's giving me an assignment to eliminate that Mr Brandon! ''. I said with worry.
'' Oh my goodness! But,we all tried but failed...and we all layed the price for it. I loosed my mother because I couldn't kill Mr Brandon. So what's on your part? ''. Lady Chutka said.
'' If am not able to kill Mr Brandon, then
Katherine would pay the price for it. So am doing all I can to eliminate him.. And by so,I have to use his son! Do you girls understand now? ''. I lied.
'' Wow Angelina! You're such a devil,you're even worse than us...that's a smart move girl,go for it! ''. Lady Nash endorsed me.
Nickel is such a good human being... There was no way I would involve him in this crazy things. He helped me when I needed it some time back. I was now beginning to feel guilty. And I was going insane, how am I going to do this? What have I started???
It seemed I was biting more than I can chew. This was so difficult. But how would I protect Katherine now? I had a decision to make. Mr Brandon or my Katherine? The ladies and I had a great time,drinking and chatting and they left me. The day w my second day to hunt for another girl. So just like I did before, I did it again,and had a white gallon for the snake to vomit the blood in it. It wasn't even half a gallon yet. I placed it in a room I have locked.
Back home in the evening, I took Katherine in my arms and spent mummy and daughter's time. I fed her and made the maid put her to sleep. I went to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe. There were too much clothes,I didn't know what to choose from. I searched into it and selected one of my most expensive party dresses. I chose it and threw it onto the bed.
It was a light pink short straight and tight dress. I had never worn it. But I decided to take that to Nickel's party. He recognised me...oh my goodness. Nickel was going to be the only one at the party,with all his friends and not Mr Brandon. I remembered what he said about my smile and I smiled myself. If uncle Tom hadn't destroyed my life...I wouldn't be here.
I had to set a date to pay them a surprise visit. I will destroy after the other. And I will start from Ellen. My cousin Ellen who took my room,my clothes and everything and treated me like a slave. Maybe Ellen should be my next blood target. I would make her suffer than everyone else. I switched on my bedroom television and again I saw myself, being tagged as a missing person and I was unimpressed. I took the number which was being used and made a call to the radio office.
'' Hello?...Good evening ''. I said.
'' Hello...madam good evening ooo ''. The unknown voice replied.
'' I was watching TV and saw a picture of Angelina Jordan being tagged a a missing person... ''. I said.
'' Oh yes yes madam. A woman came to our office to make that request from us. Please canyou help us? ''. He asked.
'' Who is the woman who brought the request? ''. I asked curiously.
'' She said her name was.......Gina Flair ''....
I quickly hanged up. I wa shocked. Aunty Gina has come to Africa? And she's searching for me. I was saddened and disappointed. It WS too late. I had already sold my soul to the devil.
(Brandon's Mansion=In the hall).
Gina is hugging Nickel tightly and wishing him a happy birthday in advance.
'' Thank you for coming before the party aunt ''. Nickel said.
'' Of course nephew. You know I wo t miss it for anying! ''. Aunt Gina said.
'' Ei Gina. So where's my brother in-law your husband? ''. Mr Brandon said.
'' Hahaha...I know you are vexed brother. But your brother in law will also land here tomorrow morning ''. Aunt Gina replied.
'' Better for him. I miss hI'm already ''. Mr Brandon added.
'' But I actually came her for a specific reason. My late friend's daughter is missing and am searching for her ''. Aunt Gina said.
'' Oh my God. How,what happened? ''. Mr Brandon asked.
'' It's a long story brother...I will explain later ''. She replied.
'' What's her name aunt? ''....Nickel asked...