Angelina Episode 12

Episode 12
.By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).

Nickel stood in front of me,smiling. Oh my goodness he was so cute,and those deep blue eyes. But I wondered how his father was dark and he was white. Well,maybe his mother might have being white. I had being worried since the moment Lady Nash told me about the assignment. I had to think deep into it and decide. Then this guy too have arrived at my doorstep.
I wondered what he wanted. It's being a year now since I saw him. I wondered if he recognised me.
'' Hello. Good morning, how are you doing? ''. He asked with a smile and stretches his hands.
'' Hi...I am okay. What about you? ''. I asked and shook his hands.
'' I came home from a meeting this morning and one of the people in the neighborhood told me that,there was someone new in the estate, so I came to say hi and welcome you ''. He said.
'' Oh,tha...thank...thank you. Thanks for that ''. I stammered.

'' Okay cool. By the way,I am Nickel Brandon. What about you? ''. He asked.
I opened my mouth to feel free with him to introduce myself to him,when suddenly, I looked over his shoulder on the streets and saw Queen Marine standing on the road,wet with legs and frowning then puts her fingers on her lips in a warning to me.
I was suddenly paralysed by that moment and Nickel turned back to see what I was looking at but saw nothing. He turned back to look at me and smiled.
'' Are you okay? What's your name? ''. He asked again.
'' Sona! My name is Sona. My friends call me Lady Sona ''. I replied.
'' Lady Sona? Wow,that's funny...never heard if that before. But anyway, welcome to the estate Sona. You're highly welcomed. I will take my leave ''. He said.
'' Okay...have a nice day ''. I said and shut the door at his face.
I was frightened more than ever because of the sight I saw of Queen Marina. I decided to clear that view off my head and get myself busy with Katherine. She was becoming fat. She was so beautiful. Unlike ugly uncle Tom. My baby looked like me and my mum put together. I must avoid anyone even finding out that I have a baby here. And I must hide the fact that I am a 13 years old teenage mother.
I know gossips will start asking me about how a little girl like me owns such a house. I didn't want any disgrace on my part. And besides, I am not going to allow anyone trample on me again.
Some few days later,I got a house help for the house and so whenever I wanted to go out,I left Katherine in her care. She looked as young as me,but I had changed completely. And last night,on the meeting in the marine kingdom, Lady Nash was highly accorded.
She succeeded in bringing her one full gallon of blood of the innocent. Most of the ladies brought their gallon, some couldn't bring a full gallon and I saw the severe punishment they received. Tomorrow was Monday and I had to go for virgins hunting.
I stepped outside and stepped on the street, one of my cars had being parked outside, and I relaxed on the side,thinking of what to do. I hopped to the front and sat there with my phone. As I wa thinking, little did I know,I had eyes on me. I raised up my head and saw Nickel in front of their mansion with another guy starring at me. They also were both sitting in front of a black sleek expensive car.
I totally got worked up and annoyed as to why they were starring at me. I was so mad that I ignored their looks and was thinking about the tax ahead. Whenever I raised my head,it seemed they cared like they weren't looking at me and they laughed. I quietly and annoyingly stepped down from the car and went straight into my house.
(Next Day=Angelina's Mansion).
I woke up very early in the morning and took a bath,I got myself ready and gave the house help (Sarah) to keep up the house until u returned.
'' Use it to buy anything you want. But,take this warning from me. Don't allow anyone inside this room. And make sure,that Katherine does not cry. And in any case,if Katherine should cry so loud and create the attention of people, tell them...that she's your little sister and her mother is on a trip. Is that clear? ''. I warned.
'' Yes ma ''. Sarah said.
I got out and sat in one of my cars and when I was about to spark,Nickel got to the car in Jersey clothes and sweating, and I lowered the glass of the window.
'' Hey there! Good morning beautiful ''. He said.
'' Hey! My name is not beautiful, okay? I told you that I am Sona! Not Beautiful! ''. I said in annoyance as I stepped out from the car.
'' Wow,what a temper. You know,you actually just reminded me of someone who once made the same statement to me a long time ago. But I just cat remember who made that statement ''.
'' I don't care...what do you want? ''. I said while frowning.
'' Well,you know,I just wanted to say good morning to you ''.
'' Okay,good morning to you too...can I go now? ''.
'' Anyway... Where are you going? ''.
'' Oh Gish! Why are you like a housefly in my food? Why are you even coming to me after yesterday? Look young man,I am not in this estate to make friends so if you're looking for my friendship, then you're wasting your time okay? ''.
'' Woooo....what are you acting so rude girl? Relax... Why are you angry,who's annoyed you? Tell me so I can......''
The anger got to my throat and I entered the car and sparked it and I saw him laughing at me. I ignored him and drover away. I drover around the city,looking at people in the restaurants and stuff. I drove into the slams and threw money to the begger and on my way in the car,I saw two young ladies walking together and chatting.
And so I stopped the car at their side and lowered the glass.
'' Hello ladies! Hello!!! ''. I called out and they both walked to the car. '' Can I talk to you please? ''
I chose one of them in a red dress and she walked closer to the window smiling. Her name was Lydia.
'' How are you doing young lady? ''.
'' I am fine ma. What about you ma? ''.
'' I am also fine girl. Please uurrrmmm..I am new in this neighbourhood, can you please tell me where I can find Good Life Hospital? ''.
'' Ooooh,madam...then you are lost. You look like you don't live in this country ''. She said,looking at my car and smiling.
'' You're right. I arrived from the States like three days ago. And I had a bad news of my mum's illnesses. They said she's being admitted at the Good Life Hospital, that's why am asking for help,do you know the place? ''. I pretentiously asked.
'' Of course madam! But since you've being here for not long,I think I should go with you,so that you do t get confused by the directions. What do you think? ''. She asked with a smile.
'' Oh of course dear! That would be very generous of you. Come on ''.
She went and talk to the friend and later ended my car and I started driving while the idiot kept giving directions with so little idea of what my real intentions were.
'' What's your name? ''. I asked.
'' Lydia Forson madam...please what about you? ''. She asked and still looking around the car and smiling.
'' I am Angelina. And,how old are you? ''.
'' I am 18 years old. Wow madam,is this car yours? ''.
'' Yes. It's mine. You like it? ''.
'' Yes ma! Wow,it must be very expensive, I have always wished to be a young billionaire. But things are hard this days ''. She added.
'' Would you love to make so much money,and get a car like mine? ''. I asked.
'' Wow! Like I would be flabbergasted madam! I would love to Ben make more money than you ''.
'' Is that so? ''...
I asked and started touching her body in seduction, but she seemed not to mind,and I realised her greediness.
'' Are you willing to do anything for money? ''.
'' I am really willing ma ''.
'' Are you a virgin? ''
'' Yes ma ''.
'' Are you sure? ''.
'' Absolutely ma ''.
When I heard this,I convinced her to go with me to a hotel and she agreed. At first,she was trying to question my change of mind about not going to the hospital, but I removed some money from my purse and gave it to her. We got to the hotel and I paid for everything.
We entered into one of the rooms and Lydia started seducing me. I then realised,she wasn't into boys at all. Maybe that was why she was still a virgin.
I felt so alive by that moment,I liked what she as doing, I couldn't deny,we got ourselves naked and hopped into eachother for hours. After everything was done for,Lydia fell into a deep sleep. Now,I couldn't control myself, my body language changed suddenly, my mouth opened there were black veins in my face and beck.
The huge black anacondustartrd making it way out of my mouth,and I was groaning and moaning louder and louder. It was too long so had to take time in coming out. As the moaning and groaning were becoming louder and louder...there was a violent knock on the door with a screaming voice...
'' Hello?!!! Madam,are you okay?! Open the door...hello?!!! ''....