Angelina Episode 21 & 22

Episode 21&22
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
My heart jumped out of my body that minute by the sight of Mr Brandon. I looked back at the bout and looked back at him. Then I looked back again and quickly closed the bout hard. I turned back and saw him walking to my !ain gate and he opened it and entered.
He got closer to me,still folding those arms and still with a gloomy face as always I was sweating and shaking. Did he even see me pulling the body from the hall way? Is he suspecting anything? I was hoping under my brain,because this man hates me with passion already. If he should know what am really up to,there’ll be no sparing of my freedom at all.
I also gathered enough courage to face him,so I folded my arms and also frowned. Then I took one step back away from him
” How may I help you by this time Mr Brandon? I thought you and your family needed nothing to do with me ”. I said.
” Exactly that! We want nothing to do with you! But of seems that warning didn’t get into your head…. Did it? ”. He sad in a low tone.
” What do you mean? ”.
” Stop being a hypocrite, you’re too young for that. What do I mean? What happened between you and my son,that made your people come to attack him huh? ”. He asked, getting angry.
” Why have you walked all the way from your house to this place to ask me? You could have asked your son yourself. I am just an innocent victim! ”.
” Oh you are far from innocent, you little witch! Now listen very carefully…this is going to be your last warning. If you don’t want any disgrace, keep away from Nickel. He’s an immature kid,he knows nothing for now. I am the one going to teach him how to interact with the right woman. You,you are never good for him. Is that clear? ”.
” I am even planning to leave your estate. And also,I don’t care about your son at if you want to keep him away from people, take him to another planet! ”.
” Oh he will stay right here, but I will keep him away from a fish like you! He has enough fishes on his food..he doesn’t need a human fish! If u don’t keep away,I will….”.
” If your father in heaven could reveal this spiritual aspects of mine,why did he not also reveal to you,the reason why I am now an occult Mr Brandon?! You are here shouting like,nothing’s ever happened and you’ve not seen worse than me! Let me ask you Mr Brandon… Will they accept you heaven when you stand at the gate? Are you repenting sinners PR you are pushing him away? Is that what your father in heaven did when he came to earth? ”.
When I said that, Mr Brandon was puzzled, and he was speechless. He now didn’t have any answer to give me. He stood there looking at my face like a ghost. I walked pass him and went to lock my hall. I came back and stand in front of him. He needed to leave so I close my main gate.
” Is there anything more you want to tell me? Mr Brandon? ”.
” Hm! ”
He looked at my car bout in suspicion.
” What did you put in there? ”.
” Oh my goodness! You are warning me to stay away from your family, I myself has nothing to do with you,so why are you asking me all this? I think,you should please mind your own business sir ”. I said.
” Hm…”. He said and left
I was now feeling alive. Finally, he left. I really had to pass the car on a quiet and lonely road. I knew exactly were to dump her dead body. I entered the car and drive out. Then stepped out to close the gate and after,I drove so fast. I curved to another road when I saw policemen on the left.
I drove almost, the whole night to get to the front of my father’s mansion. I puked my head out of the window and everywhere was dark. No one passed by. I stepped out,tired and exhausted and I opened the bout and just pulled out Ellen’s body which was already smelling so bad and it was heavier than it was. I pulled her out and rolled her on the floor till I got to the entrance and left it there.
I bet aunt Okereke and uncle Tom were all snoring in their sleep by that time. I didn’t have time to waste at all. I quickly went back into the car and drove speedily away. I didn’t remove the bedsheets from Ellen’s body,who cares about that? I arrived home very late at 3 am.
(Day Break=Jordan’s Mansion).
Inside the hall,the family heard some noise outside the house and they wondered what was going on. Aunt Okereke and uncle Tom with their two children, Danny and the youngest walled out of the mansion through the main gate and a very vile stink met them on their way out.
They all closed their mouth and nose and run into the street to join the others who were also taking pictures of the unknown thing that was smelling so bad and wrapped in a bedsheet. Houseflies were hovering around it and uncle Tom didn’t understand what was it that,someone had dropped in front of his house. He quickly took his phone to call the police. Aunt Okereke also kept asking around about who dropped that garbage there.
” Thomas, why don’t we just chack what it is? ”.
” I have already called the police,they are in their way. I won’t go close to that smelly thing, I don’t know what that is ”.
” But it’s close to hour house! We have to get it away! I even feel like vomiting ”.
” That is the job of the police. God will punish whoever has dropped this thing there! Hey God! ”.
About some minutes passed, the police car arrived and the three of them stepped out with guns and sticks. The people paved way for them and they also closed their mouth and nose with white handkerchieves.
They went closer to uncle Tom and aunt Okereke.
” What the hell is that Mr Thomas?! ”.
” We have no idea officer. We woke up early this morning,ad input hall,we heard heavy noises outside, and when we came out,we found this thing in front of our gate sir ”. He told their leader the commander.
” Okay boys! Wear your gloves ad check whatever that is and come back ”.
Two of the policemen wore their gloves and got to the bedsheet then rolled it off and Ellen’s dead body fell of onto the ground and thousands of people started running with shouting especially the children. Aunt Okereke was speechless, uncle Tom fell on the ground and Danny was shocked.
The policemen also left the scene and got to the police commander. Everywhere was smelling. Blood had dried up between her tights and her eyes were widely opened and she was smelling. There was mourning. The commander called the mortuary and they came to pick up Ellen’s body away. Uncle Tom and aunt Okereke were all in black at once. In the living room with the policemen.
” Oh my Princess! Ah…Ellen,don’t let the person who did this to you to have peace! Destroy him or her! ”. Uncle Tom wept.
” The mortuary people have called ”. Police commander said. ” The autopsy report shows that,your daughter was raped and abused ”.
” Ah ah ah…so can’t you people do some investigations for us? ”. Aunt Okereke asked.
” Well…am sorry. But if only your daughter was alive,she could have given us some information about the kidnappers. Or the rapists. But we have no idea were she came from so…am sorry,but even if we open this case,it’ll be a foolish case ”. Commander said.
” It’s okay. Thanks for everything officer ”. Uncle Tom said and escorted the officer outside and they left.
They had no choice but to mourn silently and bury their daughter in peace.
(Angelina’s Mansion).
I stood outside the street. I just felt like sitting on my car outside the mansion and use my phone. I acted cool,like nothing’s ever happened. As I sat,Nickel came from by behind,I had no idea where he came from,but he stood here starring at me with a rose flower.
” Oh gosh,not you again! I think you are deaf! ”.
” Don’t be mad at me for coming here okay? I just can’t stay away from you. Just let me say what I have come to say ”.
” You don’t get, do you? Can’t you understand that you are making my life miserable? ”.
” Look,am sorry for kissing you okay? It wasn’t my fault. It’s love ”.
” I am going to leave this estate soon,so you and your father can swallow it! ”. I jumped off the car and started walking into the mansion but he held my hand and I pushed him awy by his chest. ” Let me go! Don’t you get it at all? I don’t want to fall in love with you! ”.
” Why?! Because of my father? ”
” Mostly! He came here last night to give me another warning! Just go! If you don’t stay away…you’ll find my dead body by tonight! ”.
I sw how his facial expression changed so fast when I said that. He left the rose flower on the top of my car and walked away into their mansion in anger. I stood there looking at the flower for minutes,and I saw that Nickel had walked out of their !mansion,still in anger,he entered his brand new car and drove madly.
I was quite worried and wondered were he went. I kept wondering and saw Mr Brandon walking fast towards me. He also reached my side in anger too.
” What the hell did you tell my son Angelina? What did you tell him for him to come and disrespect me like that? ”.
” Ah Mr Brandon, go and ask your son! Why are you asking me?! Is he a baby or what?! ”.
” Angelina! Angelina!! Angelina!!! You are worrying me! You are getting me angry oo!…”.
His phone rang and he answered.
” Hello? Yes this is him…Oh,Bill my boy! How are you son?…What?! Nickel?! Accident?! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Where,how?!….Okay which hospital?! Okay,am on my way now my boy! ”.
” What’s wrong with Nickel, Mr Brandon?! ”. I asked,very worried and concerned.
” That’s none of your business! Just pray that my son doesn’t loose his life you witch! Like I will throw my bible away,and you wouldn’t like the monster I become! ”. He siad and raced to his mansion,took his car and drove away.
I was so frightened now. I quickly closed my agte,entered my car and drove speedily away,following Mr Brandon’s car. I followed him until he parked at the Health Assurance Hospital. I also parked behind him. He stepped out and I did too.
I was frightened about how he would react,but I didn’t care,as long as I knew how Nickel was doing.
” Are you kidding me?! You had the gust to follow me? ”.
” Pleas sir…..”.
One of Nickel’s very close friends, Bill stepped out of the hospital and received Mr Brandon. He was called Bill,because he was a Billionaire. His friends hail to him whenever he was round or appear in a gathering.
” What happened Bill? Where’s your friend? ”.
” He’s in a very critical condition uncle. He’s being admitted at the emergency ”.
” So what happened?! ”.
” Uncle, I was in a restaurant with my girl. We were having a good time,then suddenly, a car caved into the walls of the wall of the building. Everyone escaped for their lives. We all checked inside and I realised it was my brother, the doctors said he’s unconscious, but he keeps on mentioning a name ”.
” What name? ”.
” Angelina ”.
Mr Brandon turned to look at me in horror.
” What have you done to my son? ”.
” Please sir,I won’t hurt him..let me see him,pleas! ”.
” Huh God. Let’s go ”.
He said and well entered the hospital. Later on the doctor allowed us to go and see him one after the other. I was shocked Mr Brandon allowed e to go in first. I entered and I se he was unconscious and bandaged on his head and right arm.
I sat to caress him,then Queen Marina appeared there,she raised her hands then a balls of fire appeared, she threw them at Nickel’s direction, then I quickly blocked the way with my left arm. I stiffened my palms and threw tons of lightening at her,she also blocked the way of the lightening. She opened her mouth and let out a big cobra, I covered Nickel’s face with the hospital bedsheet quickly, an I grabbed Queen Marina’s neck,and struggled her,letting her swallow back her snake, then I opened my palms,and an eye appeared in my palm,Queen Marina was choking,I was stringer.
I hit her forehead with the supernatural eye and she disappeared quickly from my sight. I now understood perfectly. So,it was the Queen that made the accident happened. I uncovered Nickel’s face. He was so handsome even on a death bed.
So is this how Queen Marina wants to play? Okay Queen…bring it on! ….
I don’t even know how I got so strong and did that to the Queen. How come am so strong in my anger. I sat down wondering, had I dome something to get such excess powers? Any ways,this battle was spiritual, and I wasn’t going to get Nickel involved no matter what.
U sat closer to him and caressed his soft black hair. He must have suffered a very big blow due to the accident. His breath was normal and I think he was going to get well soon. For the first time,I wept for love. Yes! Yes I wouldn’t care much now. From the day Queen Marina killed Katherine,I seriously started not being afraid of her like I used to.
I was no longer a scared person. I knew she would by all means send some of the ladies to haunt me down,but if I could face her today,who at all are those ladies I can’t face. She !at have killed Katherine… But I won’t allow her to kill Nickel. I am going to protect him! Because I an madly in love with him.
As I was starring at him,I looked through the transparent emergency door and saw Mr Brandon looking at me with his usual folded arms. But this time,something had changed. He was actually smiling. I didn’t understand, did he see whatever I did just now? He was smiling widely.
I had never seen him like that. He opened the gate and walked towards me who was sitting on a plastic chair besides Nickel’s bed.
” How is he doing now? ”. He asked.
” I think he’ll be fine soon Mr Brandon. I hope he does ”. I sobbed.
” Thank you ”.
I was so flabbergasted at once. I do know that Mr Brandon hates me so much because I tried to kill him some ti!e back. But I know deep down there,he’s a good person. And he knows am be innocent deep down in my soul. I was just on a mission.
It’s not my fault. All this evil things in me started from uncle Tom. But am too ashamed to tell Mr Brandon anything. He might be in danger. And I can’t protect two people at a time.
” I know what you’re thinking about. You’re surprised am acting that way isn’t it? You know,I have being standing at the door ever since you entered. And I saw everything you did ”.
” S..sir..sir..I….”. I stood up.
” Don’t say anything Angelina. I have seen you protect Nickel, putting your own life aside. Meaning, you are not who I thought you were Angelina. You are not evil,and you saved Nickel. But I don’t understand, what are you doing with your life? ”.
” You don’t understand sir..”.
” Then make me understand Angelina. Come with me Angelina ”.
We left the room and hospital. When we got outside, we sat on the public hospital bench which was fixed in clay surrounded with green grass. I couldn’t look at his face,I knew what he wanted. And I also know what I wanted. I also wanted to be out of that cult. It was difficult for me because I never really had conversations with him.
He saw ice cream vendor passing by and he calls him to serve both of us. I tried to reject but he didn’t even ask for permission. The man poured creamy pink ice cream into a small plastic cup with a plastic spoon. Mr Brandon also got his and the vendor rode on his bike away.
I was afraid of how my lips would burn with fire when in eat that ice cream as it came from him. He was a very powerful man of God and there was no at I was taking any risks.
” Don’t worry dear,take your ice cream,the sun is scotching. As we are having our conversation, we can both coll up with it ”. He laughed,though I didn’t find it funny.
” Sure ”.
It’s not everything that you must tell me okay? I know some of your story by spiritual revelation. So tell me,who was your dad? ”.
” Kelvin Jordan. Doctor Kelvin Jordan ”.
” Oh okay. Never heard of him. I heard both your parents died. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s not easy living in this world without your parents. It’s not easy at all. But..who took care of you? ”.
” My mum’s sister,and her husband……”. I just told him some part of the story,little did I know everything had being revealed to him.
” Oh my God! You are indeed, a woman of steel. Wow,you have birth to your own uncle’s child. That’s pathetic! So,where’s your baby? Because I never heard of her,you don’t act like a mother. Where’s she? ”.
” She.. She..she’s dead. Queen Marina kills her ”. I got so emotional and couldn’t control my tears.
” Oh my God! Please, relax okay? Then you have really passed through a lot. But,how come? ”.
” In the rules of the cult,any person who sells her soul,is forbidden to fall in love,else that individual will regret of forever ”.
” Really?… But,are you in love? ”.
When he asked that,I looked else where and cleared my throat,I was embarrassed. He saw my every move and understood, then he also laughed.
” Oh I see! You’re in love then. don’t tell me that part okay? My God gave me a warning last night, to help you Angelina. You know why? ”.
” No ”.
” Because, both you and Nickel,are !want for each other. And what you did early this morning, has proved God right. But you were so strong in there,you could shun your own almighty Queen mother away,how did you do that? ”.
” I’m surprised myself sir. I don’t even know how I did that. But it worked. I don’t know where that source of power came from ”.
” Let !e explain to you..did you say that,one of the rules was that,you were not to fall in love? ”.
” Yes ”.
” Are you the only Lady? ”.
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” We are eight in number. We’re all so very young. We all are sober to the Queen, because her appearance is very scary. We obey whatever she wants. So,all the Ladies do their best to stay away from men and hate them with los of passion ”.
” And you,my dear lady,fell in love with Nickel…that’s why you are so powerful now Angelina ”.
” What?! ”.
” The passion you’ve derived is so strong,that’s what make you stronger than your Queen. She has no love Angelina, she has no love for anyone to be able to fight for them. But you…you have the edge to fight for someone. You have the edge to protect someone. That’s why she told all of you not to fall in love my dear. Because she knows,that if any of you should fall in love,you’ll be able to defeat her. She has no power to kill you, you rather have the power to kill her ”.
” Wow Mr Brandon, I never knew! ”.
” But am not saying you should let that make your head grow big. Angelina, God wants to use you my dear. God wants to use you to save souls for him ”.
” Me?! ”. I was surprised. ” Mr Brandon, I have sinned so much. Mr Brandon….”.
” Did you know that,Jesus loved sinners more? ”.
” Mr Brandon…”.
” Do you need peace and salvation in your life or not? This is not how your parents raised you Angelina… Imagine how they must be feeling right now,wherever they are. Huh? ”.
I didn’t get time to answer the question when Bill arrived in a haste.
” Uncle, the doctor said,Nickel has opened his eyes ”.
” Oh Hallelujah! Thank you Lord ”.
We both stood up.
” But I have to be on my way now uncle. I arrived from London just yesterday and I have my businesses to attend to it. But I promise to one back soon to check on him ”.
” Don’t worry my boy. You’ve already done enough. See you soon ”.
Both me and Mr Brandon entered the hospital and went into the emergency ward and saw Nickel being given water by one nurse while he layed on bed.
” My son…are you okay? ”.
” Don’t worry sir,he’s responding to treatment. Also,the accident affected his spume,so he would be sitting in a wheelchair for a week,get him a therapist to massage him,and he would start walking again ”. The nurse said and left.
” Angelina? You’re here? ”. He said in happiness ”.
For the first time,I smiled with all my heart when I saw his own smile. I raised my head and looked at Mr Brandon. He smiled, so I walked closer to Nickel and sat besides him. Mr Brandon cleared his throat and went out.
” Wow,am I dreaming? Is it my dad who acted so calmly towards you? ”.
” Well,yeah. He did ”. I laughed. ” He and I have talk things out,and settled our differences ”.
” Really? So,does that mean that……that,
you and I … and I…..”.
I bent down and mixed him so very deeply,this was the best feeling ever. I was feeling brand new again,I embraced him on the bed and we didn’t want to let go off each other. I stayed with him until it was evening time,that I decided to go back home to freshen up.
I drove home and freshen up. I decided that,I would be going back to my father’s mansion to reveal myself to them. But before that,I had to first send them a surprise. Another surprise. I made a call and told my worker go and first give the surprise to uncle Tom and the rest.
I went to my bedroom and felt so lonely. There and then,Lady Nash appeared from a powerful smoke. She was so disgusting, half of her face was burnt and she was very angry. She pointed a finger at me,but after everything Mr Brandon had told me,I was no longer scared. I had my love to protect now,and that !ade me strong.
” Angelina! You are doomed! How dare you stand up against the Queen?! After all we’ve done for you? How dare you betray us! ”.
” Are you done shouting? Because all that you’ve said right now,didn’t fall into my ears at all. Get out of my house! Leave the way you came! ”.
”Give us our gallon of blood ”.
” Go and ask that stupid snake you put in my stomach! I don’t owe you people anything! ”.
She was screaming so loud and skating her hands in mid air, then the lights went off,thunder strikes outside and it started raining hard. I couldn’t see anything in the room,I was blinded. Suddenly, I felt multiple hands grab my whole body, I started screaming hard and seized my breath,when I did that,my body turned so hot and flames came oit ,burning around me, though I couldn’t feel the heat,but I went free of those hands and the light came back on,but it continued raining. I saw. Lady Nash, holding tons of fire flakes,she threw them at me nonstop.
I was very weak now. I remembered Mr Brandon’s words. I caught hold of the fire which was too heavy and made me fall at her feet. I grabbed her feet and pulled her,she fell at her back while I used all my might to strangle her neck,I opened my mouth,letting out black smoke consume her face.
I pressed my palms so hard,raised it up and opened it up with fire following it. Her eyes were closed due to the dark smoke,I ripped her heart out and blood sprayed on me from her chest. And hr heart was in my hands. She died and her body disappeared with her heart as well.
After this,I sat thee,smiling. I had defeated one. Now,the rest are next….