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Chapter 521 Shadow From The Beyond
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Eve stared at the shadow not too far from where she stood. At first, she believed it to be Erasmus, who hadn't moved from his place. But when the fog in the air started to settle, her eyes widened.

For a moment, she believed it was a woman because of the golden blond hair that fell on the back of the person, but when the person turned to the side, did she realise that this was a man. A man who shared the same features as her. Her blue eyes and golden hair, and as logic started to move in her mind, she felt her heart squeeze in her chest.

"Father…?" Eve's lips moved with the voice not coming out.

When Erasmus's eyes finally fell on the man, he first looked confused and demanded, "Who the fuck are you? Where is my mermaid-siren?" For a second, he was mistaken that the woman had turned into a man to trick him. But then his eyes fell on Eve, who stood at the back.

"I thought the people of the land are sharper than the ones in the sea," the man who had appeared in front of them said, his voice deeper than the sea.

At first glance, the man looked like a normal person, but Vincent and the others could feel and tell that this person was anything but normal.

Erasmus's eyes shifted from the man and looked at the sky where the golden moon continued to glow. There was no time to waste because the moon would begin to lose its lustre in a matter of a few minutes, and he had to finish his ritual by then.

"It would be best to forfeit from your ambition, boy," the man warned Erasmus, noticing the evil glint in his yellow eyes.

"Fuck off!" Erasmus didn't pay heed and he apparated suddenly from where he stood, appearing in front of Eve.

Vincent's wings went back up in the air, ready to fly back to where Eve was, but something moved from the corner of his eyes. When he turned to look, he noticed two Eve's standing there.

Erasmus raised his hand with a new dagger, while muttering the spells and ready to stab Eve. But when the dagger touched Eve, it broke into a splash of water, wetting the ground and having the werewolf fall on the ground. The werewolf growled in frustration.

"Did you think that I would let you harm her, when I am here?" The man asked Erasmus and he turned to look at where Eve actually stood.

When Eve's eyes met the person's, she wondered if he was indeed her father. Her lips finally moved, "You are my father…"

"I am," a look of tenderness appeared in his eyes, and he said, "I have been wanting to meet you, Eve. For a very long time now."

Eve felt a lump in her throat and smiled at the person with dewy eyes. She asked him, "Why didn't you sooner?"

They were interrupted by Erasmus chuckling and saying, "That's because he died. This cannot be Rebecca's husband. I made sure I got him killed with the other mermen."

By now, Vincent had reached where Eve was to keep her near him, and they saw the man smile at Erasmus. The sea creature said,

"The people of the land are naive. Naive to want and use the powers that belong to us, and not know who or what they are dealing with. I am Anchor, Nerhys's husband."

Anchor then raised his hand and brought it in front of Erasmus. He continued, "Do you know what my ability is?"

Everyone turned curious, while Erasmus's eyes grew wide when he felt something draw out of his body.

"W—what are you doing?!" Erasmus asked in panic, and he tried to get away from Anchor.

At the same time, Vincent had Erasmus fall on his knees. Even though the werewolf was as strong as the pureblooded vampire and could stand up unlike the other earlier rogue werewolves or corrupted vampires, he had difficulty apparating away from there.

Strands of light continued to be extracted from Erasmus's body, and Anchor said, "You seem to have enjoyed stealing others abilities, while it is a true pity that you couldn't turn it to be your own, isn't it?"

Erasmus gritted his teeth and threatened, "I will burn you and everyone else!" He brought his hand forward, and fire blazed towards Anchor, but nothing happened to the sea creature, while the fire itself seemed to exhaust itself. Soon his werewolf appearance started to change and he turned back to look more human by appearance. With his heart beating loudly, he asked in panic, "W—what the fuck are you doing! These are my fucking ability!" He tried to grab Anchor, but the sea creature only stared at him.

Anchor turned to look at Eve and said, "I believe this yours?" And he threw something at her. A ball of light illuminated the path it flew in, and Eve caught hold of it.

Vincent said, "It is your essence."

Eve stared at the glowing ball. Once it settled in her hands, it slowly started to float before going straight at her chest and disappearing. She took a large gasp before she started to cough because it felt nothing less than swallowing a large portion of food that was trying to settle in. Soon her legs were no more slimy and it was back to normal.

Anchor said to Erasmus, "I couldn't kill your father, but I will be sure to enjoy killing you. Feel every ability of yours leave your body and tell me how you feel."

"Bastard! Give them back to me!! They belong to me!" Erasmus had started to lose his mind, because not only were there a few minutes left for the golden moon to lose its strength and lustre, but he had been so near to fulfilling his goal for years only to see it disappear in front of his eyes.

Eve watched the place where Anchor and Erasmus stood at, and the place glowed because of the sea creature. There were little specks of glowing dust floating in the air, and when Anchor took back everything that didn't belong to Erasmus, the werewolf finally fell to the ground.


Chapter 522 Embrace Of The Ghost
Vincent no longer had to hold Erasmus as he didn't have any more ability left in him.

Erasmus complained, "You are supposed to be dead! You died!"

Anchor stared at the werewolf with no pity in his eyes, and he responded, "Who said I am alive."

This took everyone by surprise, and Anchor continued to speak, "I died the day my beautiful Nerhys died. I couldn't live without her, but we all have a purpose to fulfil, don't we?" He turned to the side where Vincent and Eve stood. He said, "Like the vampire there. Even though he has the dirty blood of that King who stole many things from me, he has been protecting my daughters. My daughter had the purpose of bringing you here, so that we could finally end what your family began."

Erasmus glared at Anchor, and he picked up his dagger. Pushing himself to stand, he went to attack the sea creature, "AH!!!"

But Anchor only raised his hand to stop the werewolf from getting near him and said, "You have caused too much agony to me and my family, it is time to breathe for the last time."

Eve shouted, "Wait!"

Anchor turned to look at his daughter and said, "Surely you don't think this man is worthy to live, do you? People like him are parasites who will cling to others and try to repeat the same crimes he has already committed."

Eve left Vincent's side and made her way to where Anchor and Erasmus were. In the meantime, a wide and hopeful grin made its way to his lips. He said to Anchor,

"You seem to have missed the point that Nerissa and I have bonded."

Anchor's expression didn't change, and he rather appeared to be amused. He replied,

"Did you know that parents offer know a lot of things about their children? I knew my daughters, one in light and the other in dark, but they were never meant to stray. They are after all, mine and Nerhys's children. You say you bonded with her, but isn't it strange that your mark on her is non existent now?"

This was something Eve and Vincent had always wondered about. They had also believed that the reason for her missing wing on her hand in the water was because of Erasmus, but it seemed that they were wrong.

"Nerissa belongs to me and so does her powers!" Erasmus shouted in anger.

"Did you know that a siren can bond only that life?" Anchor stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "It was only Marina who could because of her mermaid nature. If you think about it, she came back for revenge for her sister and her mother's death."

When Eve came to stand next to Anchor, she said, "Let me complete the promise that I made to myself, father. I swore to avenge the deaths of this man."

Anchor was a siren, and he didn't care that his daughter's hands would be covered in more blood. He instead stepped aside and said, "He is yours to kill. Make sure his screams echo through not just the forest but are also heard in the sea."

Eve's slit eyes stared at Erasmus, who now had a look of fear. It was because the werewolf could feel his abilities gone and he was only a regular werewolf now.

"Nerissa, I love you! I am the only one who loves you!" Erasmus pleaded with her, adding, "You cannot do this to me!"

When Erasmus raised the dagger, it was only trampled on by Vincent's foot to keep it down.

Erasmus cried out in pain as he felt the bones in his hand being crushed. When he used his other hand to claw Vincent's leg, the pureblooded vampire used his ability of the command to push back the hand into an iron grip.

Nerissa spoke through Eve, "I told you we would see who would die this evening. You will now pay for the sins that you committed," and she raised her hand above her head before bringing it back down as it turned sharp and long.

Within a second, she bent down and her fingers pierced through Erasmus's chest.

"AHHHHH!!!" a loud scream ripped through Erasmus's mouth as he felt his chest being ripped open, while Eve looked at him with calm eyes.

Eve pushed her fingers further and said, "This is how you killed my mother, didn't you? Feel every nail and finger of mine now... that wraps around your fragile heart."

"Don't do it!" Erasmus shouted in pain and pleaded, "I will be good, I will be good! I won't harm you and promise to--"

But Eve pulled his heart out of his chest and drops of blood fell on her face and clothes, while she stared at Erasmus's eyes that started to fade and his body finally went limp. She stared at him with a slight smile, knowing she had done what she had told herself.

"You did well," Anchor praised his daughters, and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Vincent helped Eve stand up and watched the way Erasmus's body started to change once again. With Erasmus gone, the werewolf's body turned back to his initial self, and that was James Sullivan.

Suddenly a silence fell in the atmosphere along with a certain calmness. Anchor praised Eve, "My dear daughters."

Eve tore her gaze away from James and looked at Anchor, her eyes moist. She didn't remember how her father looked until now, but she was glad to have him here now. Anchor raised both his arms, spreading them wide and without hesitation, she took the steps forward before hugging him.

Eve was engulfed in Anchor's big arms that hugged her protectively. Having never known about her father until now, she didn't realise how much she needed him. How much she needed to know and remember about the importance of his existence.

Tears fell from Eve's eyes, and Anchor placed his hand on her head, "I am sorry that you had to go through this by yourself."

Chapter 523 Everything Needs To Return
Music Recommendation: A new name... a new life- John Williams

Eve opened her wet eyes with a slight surprise because this was the first time he called her name and didn't refer to her as daughters or calling by Marina or Nerissa's name. He said to her,

"I have always wanted to meet you again. To cherish those moments that had faded in my memories when you were born."

With Eve's palms on Anchor's back, she saw flashes of memories that passed before her eyes. In one of the flashes, she saw Anchor and her mother… her mother Rebecca Barlow. She whispered,

"You were always my father…"

Anchor pulled away from their embrace, and he said to her, "I had to make sure that you were safe. I was always with you, Eve."

Eve's eyebrows furrowed because she hadn't expected her father to be Anchor in both of her lives. She pursed her lips because if he was always there, he could have protected them from the beginning then waited until now. She asked him,

"Why didn't you come sooner, father?"

Anchor offered her a sad smile, "I belong to the sea. It was hard to come the way I have now, and it is possible because the sea is so close but only for a little while. Like I shadow, I have been trying to follow you, hoping and praying for your well being. You have gone through the trial of life, and you have come through so many times. I am so proud of you for it."

Eve didn't know how Anchor found Rebecca and knew that she was going to be born to them, but she was happy to see him as more tears spilt from her eyes and pearls fell on the ground. A rush of memories of when she was Marina and Nerissa made its way into her mind, and she sniffed.

"I have missed you, father. So very much!" Eve hugged her father back, who gently smiled at her words.

"And I have missed you. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to talk to you and it's finally time, isn't it?" Anchor whispered the last words before adding, "It is time to come home."

Vincent's eyes narrowed at Anchor's words, and he said, "She's already home."

Anchor pulled away and turned to look at Vincent. He said, "I want to kill you with that blood that runs in your veins."

"Father!" Eve turned startled and went to protest, "Y—you—"

"I won't kill him," Anchor replied to Eve. It was evident by the look in the man's eyes that he wasn't fond of the pureblooded vampire because of his past bloodline. He said, "I will spare you, only for the reason because you have protected her until this very moment. Nerhys obviously thought you were worth letting near one of my daughters. But everything that leaves, should return to where it belongs. Do you not agree?"

The look in Vincent's eyes hardened, and he said, "I don't think we share the same views. Eve is not only my wife, but the woman whom I bonded with. Not once, but twice. She will be staying here."

Anchor said, "We sea creatures are meant to be in the sea, where our kind resides and never on the land for the amount of pain and death it has caused."

"Sometimes it is not about where you belong but where the person's heart lies, and if you have truly followed Eve like the shadow as you say, then you should know better than anyone what she truly wants," Vincent replied to Anchor, who stared back at him.

When Vincent looked at Eve, he noticed the torn look on her face. On one side was her father, and on the other side was him, who loved and needed her by his side.

Anchor didn't wait as he turned into mist and disappeared from there as if he had been called back to the sea and his ghost body couldn't hold its strength on the land anymore.

Eve's golden blue eyes met Vincent's red eyes in silence. She said, "I don't want to do it either…"

"Then don't," Vincent's voice came strong because he could see the sadness in Eve's eyes.

"You remember what was told before," Eve's words were a whisper which was influenced by the siren. She said, "The dagger needs to be used to end the curse."

"You know I will burn the world to keep you beside me. I don't care how many more times I need to die to keep you alive with me or fight others," Vincent's gaze burned into hers, and his words brought a sad smile to her lips.

"I know," Eve replied, but they both knew this was supposed to happen. She and her sister's souls were supposed to return to the sea… just like her father mentioned. Though they were given the vial, neither knew if it would truly work or if it was the same vial that was lost many years ago.

When there was a moment of hesitation in Eve's eyes as if she weighed back the consequences of not finishing the curse, suddenly, her body emitted energy that shot up to the sky and pushed Vincent away from her. The wind moved so quickly that some leaves detached themselves from the trees, while some had broken branches.

"I knew my sister would have second thoughts," it wasn't Eve who spoke, but Nerissa. She said, "I promised her to not take your life, but I shall take her back with me."

"NO!" Vincent shouted, pushing himself to reach where Eve stood, but Nerissa had already pierced her mother's dagger into Eve's chest, and she said with blood dripping from her mouth,

"This ends the curse…" and her body started to turn faint as if it started to evaporate.

Vincent had used his command ability, but it had no effect on her, and by the time he reached her, wanting to grab her hand, all he did was grab the air as she disappeared in thin air without a trace.

Chapter 524 Fighting The Waves
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The waves could be heard hitting the shore, moving forward before being dragged back into the sea. The only people seen near it were James, who now lay dead on the forest ground, and Vincent, who stood staring at the spot where Eve had been standing a few minutes ago.

His hand turned into a fist, the same one which had tried to grab Eve before she had disappeared in front of his eyes. His eyes quickly looked around the place, his breath heavy, and he called, 


But she wasn't there anymore, leaving no trace behind her.

A wave of raging anger started to course through Vincent's veins, and he made his way towards the beginning of the waves and shouted, "Eve! Come back!" But all he received was the continuous sound of waves, and he ran his fingers through his hair in pure frustration.

The last time Eve's previous self Marina had used the dagger on herself, she had died in his arms, and he had held her body close to him. It was why he wasn't worried about it until now. But this time, it wasn't even Marina's turn but Nerissa, who had to die with the dagger. The last dagger.

"Anchor! We need to fucking talk," Vincent shouted at the sea, and he began to walk against the water that pulled and pushed him.

Vincent had lost his mother and his sister Marceline for her behaviour, and he didn't want to lose Eve. He had made sure to protect and keep an eye on her so that no harm could occur, but he had failed. The thought itself disappointed him gravely, and his eyes turned redder.

"EVE!" Vincent didn't lie when he told Eve earlier that he would follow her to the ends of the world. He would cross the world beyond this just to bring her back to his side.

He had seen and dreamed of their future together. To have a life of peace and joy, with the love he didn't believe he was fated to have. He wasn't going to let her go when he had tasted what life was with her.

"EVE!!" Vincent shouted louder than before, hoping her soul was around just like Anchor's and they could use the vial. If not her, at least Anchor so he could know how to bring Eve back.

The water level of the sea increased as Vincent continued to walk forward, from the level below his knees, the water reached up until his chest and then his neck. He didn't pay attention to the salt that entered his mouth or his eyes, leaving a slight burn. And after a minute, the pureblooded vampire was completely submerged in the water.

Far away from the sea and in the forest, the men who had earlier fought the rogue werewolves and corrupted vampires finally made their way through the place where the trees were burnt. They looked tired, with blood smeared on their bodies, while a few were injured and were resting in the same spot where they had initially fought.

One of the men ordered, "Where is the lantern? Bring it forward!"

It was because the forest was dark, and the golden moon had started to lose its lustre and had begun to turn into its usual pale white. With the lanterns burning brightly, the men at the front looked around, and one of them said,

"The earlier fire we noticed has been exhausted. Look at the trees," he said, pointing to the black trees, which appeared charred. Even though burnt, the smell of the fire had disappeared, and it smelt like fresh seawater. "Where is Mr. Moriarty?"

"I don't see or hear them. Do you think they went to the other side of the forest?" Asked another man, who looked ahead of them.

"Half of you go forward, and the other half, let us scout in here," said the main person leading the group. The men, who went forward, reached the cave and caught sight of the broken cage, potion, and vials, along with the dead priest. While the other men finally found James on the ground.

"James Sullivan is in here!" One man shouted on finding the body on the ground, and he bent down to check his pulse. He turned and said, "He has no pulse. He's dead!"

"Where is Mr. Moriarty? Do you think he's dead too?" Asked another man there. The search continued, and on not finding them, the men there decided, "Let us take James Sullivan with the man found in the cave with the proof of what was being done. We need to report the missing people here."

With that, the men left the forest, not knowing Vincent was in the sea now.

Vincent didn't give up, knowing it was now or never. He continued to swim in the sea, frantically trying to find Eve with the hope that she was still there. But even for a pureblooded vampire, the sea's currents were strong this night as it continuously pushed him back and brought him back to the shore after several minutes.

Vincent now sat on his knees, his clothes wet and his hair dripping the salt water down his face and neck. The waves continued to reach where he sat before leaving once again as if taunting him, and he stared at the water.

He pushed his hand, standing up and not ready to give up. He would continue to look for her, no matter how long it would take. It was when his feet touched the water one more time, did he heard someone speak not too far but standing in the same line,

"You won't find her there, Vincent," the voice was smooth and soft.

When he turned to look at who had spoken, his eyes fell on a woman who stared at the sea with a longing expression. Her black hair was tied at the front, then let down before resting on one of her shoulders. Her body wasn't solid, but he noticed it was transparent, similar to when Anchor and Eve had disappeared. A ghost.

"Who are you?" Vincent asked the woman, who turned to look at him and met his eyes.

"I think you already know…" the woman replied, her green eyes staring into his eyes.

"Nerhys," Vincent uttered the name and watched the woman offer him a slight smile that didn't stay on her lips for more than two seconds. "Where is Eve?"

"She's somewhere safe. Back to where she belongs even though not in the state I would like her to be," Nerhys replied, her eyes lowering and looking back at sea. She said,

"You must be wondering what happened. The way she disappeared, where you didn't have the opportunity to have a goodbye." She pursed her lips for a moment and then said, "It was Nerissa who decided to leave and be home. The one she wanted to return to for many years. Because Marina and Nerissa decided to join their souls earlier, Marina… or Eve, she was forced to leave the land along with her sister, and return to where she truly belongs."

Chapter 525 Line Between Sea And Land
Music Recommendation: The Life I Dreamed- Song Jin Seek


Vincent didn't want to accept what Nerhys was telling him. This couldn't be the end between him and Eve. Their fates had aligned themselves so that they met again, and he wasn't going to accept that they were meant to part ways like this when there was so much to be done. He said,

"There should be a way to bring her back here. I will do anything to bring her back, just tell me how."

Nerhys, whose eyes were concentrated on the sea, turned to look at him, and she asked, "Are you sure about it?" She asked it with doubt, especially knowing the bloodline this pureblooded vampire came from.

"Anything," Vincent confirmed, but then added, "Not my life though. What is the point of giving up my life and us not being together? One of us are bound to be in pain, so tell me a way I can bring her. I have the vial with me," he pulled out the little glass vial that had the potion in it.

The sea goddess's eyes fell on it, and a small bitter smile appeared on her lips. She said to him,

"Eve is a ghost now, Vincent. A ghost that resides in the depth of the sea and you won't be able to find her... but I can," Nerhys said in a soft voice. But her pause meant there was something to bargain, and he asked her,

"What is it?"

Nerhys's green eyes were as bright as Eve's blue eyes, and they stared at him in the same way but with a little more intensity even though this woman was only a ghost. He asked her,

"If you are the goddess of the sea, why haven't you stepped into it?" It was because he had noticed her step backwards when the water almost touched her bare feet.

"It is because once I get into the sea, I will disappear and never return to the land. I have been on the land, unable to return because of what the King's family caused. Because my daughters have been here until now, but now... I can finally leave," Nerhys softly hummed and then asked him, "I will bring her back to you, Vincent, because I know it is where her heart is, and that is with you. Even after death, the soul doesn't forget and it can begin to harbour pain and sadness in it. But in return, you will promise me to love her and keep her happy. To cherish her no matter what."

Nerhys and Anchor had been in shadows as ghosts and had been waiting to see each other for centuries. Anchor had disappeared into the sea and she would too, but before that, she wanted to give her daughter the opportunity of happiness and that happiness belonged here on the land with this man.

The sea goddess knew her daughters deserved the happiness she and her husband had envisioned for them. But unfortunately, nothing ever went as planned. Nerissa had been consumed with revenge, while Marina... she had fallen in love and didn't want to rob that happiness.

"I will love her the way I always have. Without a doubt," Vincent promised the sea goddess, who nodded as she believed him.

Nerhys didn't have such high powers, but she would give up the ability to ever return to the land for her daughter's life. She said,

"Then I shall bring her back, Vincent." And she began to walk forward and was about to place her foot on the oncoming wave, when she turned to look back at him and said, "You should use that vial on someone else. Because you won't need one for her, just love her like you always have."

"Thank you... Nerhys," Vincent thanked the woman with a deep bow, and the woman smiled.

It was as if the sea goddess left a cryptic message with the way she said it, and the moment her foot did touch the water, her body dissolved in thin air with no evidence left behind.

In the meantime, the men who had fought the rogues and corrupted beings had returned with James and the priest with them. One of the men used the howler messenger to inform the Head Council.

"This is unit in the Cartnear mountains. We have an information update. James Sullivan and an unknown man in the cave have been found in the area. There is no sighting of Mr. Moriarty or the kidnapped Lady Genevieve Moriarty. There is a possibility that Mr. Moriarty flew from here."

Back at the edge of the forest and in front of the seashore, Eve's body was washed up the shore after a minute. Vincent quickly pulled her to the side. Just happy at the mere sight of her. Her eyes were closed and when he placed his fingers on her neck, he realised how her heart wasn't beating anymore. 

Vincent's eyebrows furrowed, and he stared at Eve, feeling her cold skin.

"Eve?" He called her name, but she continued to stay cold.

Vincent's hand moved away from her neck, and he caressed the side of her cheek before gently pressing the back of his fingers, and he whispered to her,

"Come back to me, Eve. I have waited for years for you, and I don't like the separation. I don't know what I would do without you," his fingertips touched her cheek before they came to brush her lips. He leaned forward and pressed their cold lips against each other.

Vincent finally heard her heart beat for the first time since she was washed up to the shore, loud and clear, and he pulled away from her lips, watching colour slowly return to her face.

Eve finally opened her eyes that were blue as the water in the sea and she heard Vincent release a sigh of relief. But suddenly, she was engulfed in his arms, where he held her tightly and whispered,

"Fuck, I missed you!"