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Chapter 526 Idea Of Reviving James Sullivan
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Eve was engulfed in Vincent's arms. A bright smile appeared on her lips when he uttered about missing her when it felt like it had only been a few seconds since they had seen each other. Suddenly she felt his body stiffen, and he pulled away from her. He looked at her blue eyes and said,

"You are my Eve, aren't you?"

For a moment, Eve blinked at what Vincent said, and then she burst into laughter. She said, "What do you mean by that? Of course, I am your Eve," she sat upright and leaned to kiss his nose.

For a moment, Vincent was worried that the sea goddess had played a terrible joke on him because he hadn't heard Eve speak to him until now. He placed his hand on the side of her head, gently caressing it, and he sighed,

"You don't know what you put me through in these last few minutes. But it was worth it. Everything is worth it when it comes to you, come here," Vincent helped her sit on his lap, facing him. He put his hands around her waist and heard her say,

"Nerissa was stronger than I thought and she used the dagger before I had the chance to stop her. But... how I am all healed," she said, looking down at her body. There wasn't a single drop of blood smeared on her as if she had been cleaned.

Vincent intertwined their fingers with each other, and he said, "About that. Your mother was here."

"My mother?" Eve's eyes widened, and she looked around, waiting to catch sight of her, but she felt the gentle tug on her fingers and returned her gaze to Vincent.

"The sea goddess. Nerhys. She was the one who brought you back to me, and left. Back in the sea," Vincent let her know, and noticing the little furrow in her eyebrows, he said, "I am guessing you didn't meet her."

Eve shook her head, feeling it slightly bizarre, and said, "Would it be strange... if I said the only mother I remember in my memories is the one in this life?"

"I don't remember mine when I was Acheron, so I guess it makes the two of us," Vincent comforted her. "Just because you don't remember her doesn't make the relationship you had with her to be any less. It seemed that she was a good mother, and watched over you until now."

Eve nodded, grateful to the sea goddess for bringing her back to Vincent and not keeping her dead. She asked him,

"Are you alright?"

"With you on my lap, I am more than alright. I am fantastic," Vincent responded to her worry as she checked him from where she sat.

Eve then asked him, "Where is James's body? Was he still alive?"

Vincent didn't care about James's body because all his focus was on Eve. They had been apart for so long since she had been kidnapped that he didn't care if he had to fight the werewolf again. He replied,

"Hopefully one of the wild animals in the forest ate him up. That would be a good way to end everything."

The luminosity that the moon had before had lowered, and the air was no more thick with tension. It gave the opportunity for the couple to relax as they watched the waves. Eve rested her head on Vincent's shoulder and felt like she could finally breathe. The man who had killed her mother was dead, and she had killed him with her own hands just like she had thought about it.

"Something is bothering your mind, my love?" Vincent asked her as he continued to hug her with one of his hands.

"All these years... I was waiting for this moment, and I had made it to be my goal to find and kill him. But now that I have... It's like an unsettling feeling in my chest," Eve said to him with a slight wonderment, wondering if she was anxious about something.

"I believe that is because the goal you had assigned yourself is complete and you feel there's nothing more to do," Vincent said to her. "Or... sometimes you expect revenge to be satisfying in the end, but it is not always like that. Sometimes it leaves you with emptiness, because the things and people you have lost, they won't return after the completion of it."

So that was why, Eve thought to herself. She asked him, "Was that how you felt when you lost your mother?"

"Hm," Vincent hummed thoughtfully and said, "In some ways, maybe. But truthfully, when I found the opportunity to kill them, I just did what came to mind. I didn't think about revenge in particular. Because if the opportunity was given to me now, I would have planned to torture them for life, making them wish they were dead than alive. What I learned was that it was often the strongest, the smartest and most of the time the wealthiest that wins. I think in time, we all find our purpose, and you will find yours."

Eve nodded, "I guess. Maybe help the mermaids and the mermen. The sirens too, because not every siren is bad and they are worth saving like Nerissa."

"I am sure we can do something about it. Clayton would be more than happy to do good things," Vincent stated with one corner of his lips curling. He said, "We can bring James to life if you want to torture him the right way. I will be more than willing to help you orchestrate the torture. And if he hasn't been eaten by a bear or crocodile. What do you say?"

This brought a chuckle out of Eve, and she asked him, "And how do you suppose to do that, Mr. Moriarty? Don't tell me Nerhys will help us with that," she smiled sweetly at him.

"Well I think in a way she did," Vincent raised her curiosity because she didn't know what he meant by it. Soon he pulled out the glass vial from his coat pocket and gave it to her.

"The vial... I thought you used it to bring me back to life," Eve's eyes shifted from the vial to look at Vincent's red eyes.

"Before Nerhys left, she told me I should love you the way I always have and that would be enough," Vincent handed the vial to her and said, "I entrust this back to you, Genevieve Moriarty. The original owner of it."

Eve took it in her hand, staring at the colourless liquid and heard Vincent continue to speak, "She spoke simple words, but what she meant was that I kiss you to bring you back to life," he touched her lips.

Eve had only heard stories about the sea goddess and had never met or didn't remember the woman. But the woman's gesture warmed her heart, and she whispered, "Thank you."

Vincent asked her, "What do you plan to do with that vial?"

Eve enveloped the vial and looked at Vincent, "You know."

"Of course, my kind mermaid," Vincent leaned in to kiss her lips, and she returned the kiss with the same fervour.

Chapter 527 Using The Vial
Eve and Vincent walked quietly through the rows and columns of the graves that were placed in Woodlock's cemetery. The cemetery keeper was nowhere in sight, while most of the people of the town had returned to their houses as it was the middle of the night.

"Can we not do it tomorrow?" Eve asked him, watching Vincent sway the shovel back and forth in excitement as he walked in front of her. It felt like somehow, they always gravitated around the graves.

"What's the fun in doing it tomorrow, when we can witness the look of shock on people when they see a dead man back to life," Vincent responded to her, turning to look at her over his shoulder with a grin on his face.

In one way, Eve agreed to open Noah Sullivan's grave because she didn't want the townspeople to spread the word about her or Vincent associating themselves with witches. She truly wondered how every townsfolk would react to seeing an alive Noah. When they finally reached the grave, Vincent used his strength to lift and push the gravestone away before he started to dig in the mud. He remarked,

"Doesn't this bring back wonderful memories, darling? You, me and the shovel with graves around us."

Eve smiled at Vincent's words, because the same words in the past she would have glared at him. She said, "It is still one of the most memorable days of my life thanks to you, my crazy husband."

"All yours," Vincent sweet-talked Eve and once he was done digging the ground until the coffin was found, he pulled it open.

Eve noticed Noah's face had shrivelled. It was obvious by his appearance that he was dead, and she asked him, "Is this how he is...is supposed to..."

Eve could smell the pungent smell wafting from Noah's dead and decaying body.

"Supposed to look?" Vincent asked her, and his eyes narrowed. "Looks like Patton is going to get fired for not fixing the pipe in the right grave. That idiot," he muttered. "Here, give me your hand," he offered his hand towards Eve, and she placed it in his, before climbing down into the dug space. He said, "Now it is yours to use, Eve. Careful with every word you speak after you open the vial."

Eve nodded, taking a deep breath as if to prepare herself as she doubted she could breath well once she sat close to the body. She then opened the lid of the vial for the very first time.

Carefully, she made her way to Noah's head. She brought the vial towards his lips and said,

"This vial is now a red potion, and once it touches the dead person's lips and enters the mouth, it will immediately bring back the person to life. His heart will beat and he will hold memories."

Eve had mentioned the colour only to make sure that the vial worked, and when she did see the colourless liquid turn red, she poured it quickly into Noah's mouth.

Just as the vial was supposed to act, Eve noticed Noah's face starting to fix itself and bringing the colour to his face that he had lost since his death. Even his chest that had been wounded, started to heal itself, restoring his body the way it was. It took only a few seconds before Noah opened his yellow eyes and gasped. 


"Welcome back to hell, Duke Noah," Vincent remarked, and helped Eve stand up.

Noah looked confused and he noticed Eve and Vincent standing above him. He asked, "What happened? Where is James?!" He quickly stood up, but he almost lost his balance.

"Careful, Noah. I don't think you should move so quickly," Eve advised him.

"Wow to fill him with everything, that's going to be something," Vincent clicked his tongue and he said to Eve, "How about we go back to the Moriarty mansion. I need to check on our family."

Eve turned to look at Noah and said, "I would like it for you to come with us."

Vincent then informed Noah, "James or Erasmus is dead. Your parents have been taken to the dungeon for questioning, because James kidnapped Eve. But as you see, all is well now. Also, it would be better to have you changed into fresh clothes."

Noah's eyes slightly widened and as he was only back from being dead, it took him a moment before he nodded to Eve's words.

Once Noah changed his clothes in Sullivan's mansion, the carriage was arranged, and the three of them travelled to Skellington. When they arrived at the Moriarty mansion, Alfie ran towards the front entrance and he looked ecstatic to see his master and Lady Genevieve unharmed. But with them was the Duke of Woodlock. Wait... wasn't he dead?! The butler asked himself.

"Great, you are here, Alfie. Prepare a good meal, and send the carriage to call my father back from the Council. Also have you heard anything from Holy Oak?" Vincent turned to look at Eve and Noah, who didn't enter the mansion as they stood facing each other.

Outside the mansion, Eve didn't know how to bring up the subject and she asked him, "How are you feeling now? The vial was supposed to heal you."

"I feel healed, thank you for doing it for me, Genevieve," Noah thanked her, and he said, "I think--"

"You m --" Eve apologised when they began at the same time, "I apologise, you were saying."

Without a word, Noah offered Eve a deep bow without raising his head and apologised, "Forgive me. If I had been brave and stood on the right side, you wouldn't have gone through what you did the last few years. I am guilty for my lack of actions, and not telling you the truth when I knew...But believe me when I say that it was never my intention to hurt you."

When Eve was captured, and in the cave, she tried to understand why Noah had never told her. She realised there were moments during their friendship, when it looked like Noah wanted to tell her something, but then he would smile and talk about something else. And it took her kind heart to forgive him.

"I know. Please raise your head, Noah," Eve said to him and once he did, she met his guilty eyes and said, "It wasn't your fault. It was our circumstances... and you never brought me harm. You have always been a dear friend of mine, and you will always be. What has happened is now in the past and everything is well now. I am sorry that you had to carry that secret with you for so long... it must have been hard on you. I think you can call me Eve now."

The Duke of Woodlock was a subtle man, and he had drawn the line between them by calling her by her full name even though they had been friends.

Noah stared at Eve, the guilt that he had been carrying slowly trying to escape from him, and his heart felt heavy. Not because of his feelings for her, but because of her forgiveness. He smiled at her and said,

"You are the kindest person I have ever come across, Eve. I will forever be indebted to your kindness."

"Aunt Aubrey says it's not good to hold debts between friends. It ruins friendships," Eve replied with a cheerful smile and then added, "But if you still insist, there is something I could use your help with."

"Anything," Noah replied.

Eve then said, "There are these dried petals that need to be fixed together."

"I will see what I can do," Noah agreed to help her. "Where are they?"

"They are in Meadow..." Eve's voice trailed, happy to be back home.

From inside the mansion, Vincent watched Noah and Eve continue to converse. He realised how Eve never knew about Noah's feelings for her. But at the same time, the air was different today. It was because Noah didn't hold the look of longing that the pureblooded vampire had always noticed in the werewolf's eyes.

Vincent wondered if it was because a part of Erasmus's essence that was residing in Noah was in some way attached to Nerissa, who was present in Eve before. Or if it was simply that Noah had finally released his feelings for Eve.


Chapter 528 Truth Finally Comes Out
In the morning, when the sun rose, Mr. Briggs continued to drive the carriage, bringing it to a halt when they finally arrived in front of the Council building in Darthmore. Outstepped Vincent and Eve, and Patton, who was walking by, greeted them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Moriarty! How wonderful to see you both here! I heard that James Sullivan had--haaa," Patton stuttered on seeing the other person step down from the carriage.

The person who had accompanied Vincent and Eve was none other than Noah Sullivan, and the councilman looked at him with his mouth agape.

A scheming grin appeared on Vincent's lips, and he asked the councilman, "What is the matter, Mr. Garth?"

Patton's lips moved but no sound came as he stared at Noah. He then finally said, "T--that, behind you!"

"My carriage?" Vincent hid his amusement while he enjoyed the plight of the man. "I know it needs to be polished and fixed. The wheels are a little creaky but Mr. Briggs will be taking care of it. Won't you, Mr. Briggs?"

Mr. Briggs bowed his head and climbed the driver's seat to park the carriage away until it was time to return to the mansion.

In the meantime, Vincent and the others walked towards where Patton stood, who was at the entrance. The poor councilman couldn't help but rub both of his eyes, and the deceased Noah Sullivan's soul followed the couple. Patton asked Vincent with a whisper and a look of suspicion,

"Sire, can you see the ghost too?"

Patton shrieked when Noah got closer to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"I need you to take this to the clerk and have it stamped. It needs to be right away," Noah said to Patton.

"Be quick, Patton, and make sure you do it right. Not like how you fixed the pipe in someone else's grave," Vincent's eyes slightly narrowed at a confused Patton, who was losing his mind as he questioned if he was dreaming in his bed. If he was, this was a good time to wake up. "Now," the pureblooded vampire glared, and Patton quickly bowed and ran from there.

Eve could tell that Patton was in shock, and so were some of the councilmen, who stared at Noah. She heard Vincent say as he looked at Patton's back, "I told you it was going to be fun today."

"I pity the people who work for and with you," Eve murmured but only received a wider grin from Vincent.

"Don't say that, my love. But that's fine," Vincent leaned closer to Eve's lips and said, "I will have you work below and above me."

The three of them then went to the Head Council's chamber, and Clayton held his serious look. On seeing Eve first, he said,

"I hope you weren't harmed, Lady Genevieve. It is good to have you back, and... Noah," he stared at the Duke of Woodlock, who was supposed to be in his grave. "I wasn't expecting you to see you. Nonetheless glad to see you alive, could you explain what happened..." He looked at the three of them, who stood before his desk.

Soon Noah explained about his side of the story, and Vincent and Eve explained about the vial as well as the fight that took place with James. Clayton, who heard the entire story, held a grim look and he said,

"I think it would be best to leave out some of the details as it might cause unnecessary probe. I will handle the inner council as well as the newsletter that will be getting published tomorrow. It would be better to have it printed before rumours spread which we cannot handle."

Vincent said to the Head Council, "About Noah's resurrection, you can tell that James was involved with witches and he created a potion by killing many lives and what not. Dead men tells no tales," he smiled, showing his fangs.

"There is something I would like to say before it, Head Council Clayton," Noah informed the small-looking vampire.

"Go on, Duke Noah," Clayton raised his hand for him to go ahead.

Noah had always been a man who abided by the law, and his image had been nothing but clean. Not to mention, the werewolf had always been helpful and kind to the people around him. As grateful as he was towards Vincent and Eve for bringing him back to life, there was also a downside.

It was that his family name had been tarnished because of his uncle and mother, but there was someone who wasn't responsible for it. He said,

"My father has been innocent throughout what has happened. He was never involved in James's plans or my mother's. I would appreciate it, if you could let him free and pardon whatever names that have been printed about him since these last two days."

Clayton nodded, "That I intend to do. As you are alive and we have evidence of what happened, your father will be let out of the dungeon, Duke Noah."

"Thank you," Noah offered a bow to the Head Council and then said, "Permission to go see them in there."

The Head Council pulled out a seal and handed it to him. With another bow, Noah stepped out of the chambers, made his way through the corridors, and moved to the other building. When he finally reached the Council's dungeon, he felt his feet stop for a moment as he tried to think what to ask. But he doubted he would be ready for it. Noah entered the place by handing the seal to the front guard, whose eyes almost fell from his face.

Jeffry and Hilda Sullivan were placed in one cell, but they hadn't been harmed since no hard evidence had been brought forward. They heard footsteps approach them, and Noah finally appeared before their cell.

"N--Noah? Is that you, Noah?!" Lady Hilda couldn't believe her eyes, and a smile spread on her lips.

"Noah!" Jeffry Sullivan quickly moved to the front along with his wife. "How is it possible? I thought we buried you, but you are here."

But as quickly as the smile had appeared on his mother's lips, Noah noticed how it started to slip with every second between them in silence.

"How are you here, Noah?" Lady Hilda asked him carefully. "We missed you so much, you don't know how much we were in despair. But now that you are here, everything is going to be alright."

Lady Hilda hoped Noah wouldn't mention about what he had heard from James. But Noah was always good with secrets, and she believed if not for her sake, her son would do it for Jeffry's sake by not bringing the truth.

"Where is James, Noah?" Noah heard his father ask him. "Something is wrong with the Council. I have been trying to explain that we had nothing to do with it, but they refused to reason."

Noah replied, "James is dead, father. He kidnapped Vincent Moriarty's wife Genevieve. Who is also a friend of mine."

"Why would he ever do something so absurd?" Jeffry's eyebrows furrowed in question, and he turned to look at his wife, who had gone quiet. She then said,

"It does sound abs--"

"That should be enough with the castle of lies, mother," Noah interrupted her.

Lady Hilda titled her head, trying to keep a calm face but she was failing at it.

"What lies?" Jeffry asked, his eyes shifting between his son to wife.

"I think you are mistaken, Noah. Whatever you heard, it is just--" Lady Hilda began only to be interrupted, and she had never been interrupted so bluntly.

"Did you know how much I looked up to you, mother? All this time, I loved and wanted to protect you. Our family, but only to know that it was just lies. You didn't betray just me, but father here."

The colour from Lady Hilda's face drained and she shook her head, "You don't understand. It isn't so simple as you make it to be. Let us talk about it calmly."

"We are talking calmly, mother," Noah pointed out to her. He said, "I have done everything our family asked me to do. I have placed a stone on my heart, just to maintain the peace, and what did you do?" Lady Hilda shook her head, not wanting to reveal it before Jeffry. With James gone and her son knowing the truth, she only had Jeffry to protect her. "That you slept with your husband's brother, and brought me to this world."

Chapter 529 Broken Relationships
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Lady Hilda looked like a ghost as she stared with horror in her eyes. She felt her husband turn to look at her, his eyebrows furrowed, and he questioned,

"Is what Noah saying... is it true?"

The woman was at a loss of words, because she hadn't expected the secret to come out. All these years, she had been control. The servants had been paid heavily to close their lips, and those who couldn't were discarded and put to grave. She shook her head like a broken toy,

"Jeffry, I..."

Jeffry turned stunned, before he placed his hand on his forehead. Never had he been fooled the way this woman before him did. For nearly a good minute, everyone stood there in silence, and he then turned to look at Hilda,

"Why?" There was so much disappointment in his voice that brought shame to Lady Hilda that hadn't occurred to her all these years. "I loved you, Hilda. I treated you with love and respect. With patience and have stayed beside you... how could you break my trust? HOW?!"

Lady Hilda closed her eyes at the sudden rise of Jeffry's voice, and tears slipped from her eyes. She said,

"You don't understand. You both don't understand. James and I... it happened when you were out to the North trip for two months. I tried to resist, but I was turning lonely!"

But Jeffry shook his head and turned to look away from her as he didn't want to see her face. He said, "You have lied to me, Hilda. And from what I can sense, it wasn't the first or the last time, was it? Did you enjoy fooling me and going behind my back? To no one but my brother?"

"Please don't say that, Jeffry," Lady Hilda tried to close the distance between them and was about to place her hand on his shoulder when she heard him say,

"Don't touch me. Don't come near me. I will ask to transfer myself to another cell because I cannot look at you, Hilda."

At the same moment, a guard appeared and unlocked the gate of the cell the elderly Sullivan couple were in. The guard then said,

"Jeffry Sullivan, follow me."

Lady Hilda tried to stop her husband from leaving here alone by herself, and she said, "Jeffry, I didn't mean to hurt you. Please come back! I am guilty and in pain, I need you!" The guard locked back the gate and took Jerry away from the corridor, while Noah stood there, staring at his mother.

Hilda tried to control her tears, but one slipped from her eyes as quietness began to settle in and around the cell. She asked Noah, "Are you happy now? Happy that your father knows the truth?"

Noah took a step closer to the cell and asked her,

"Mother... did you truly weep for me when I died? When I was being buried?"

"Of course, I did! I am your mother, I brought you up--"

"Then shouldn't you be happy that I am alive than being questioned about the marriage that you failed to maintain and keep?" Noah asked his mother with a softness that only pricked Lady Hilda.

"You don't know how the world works, Noah. I did things to survive, to come forward and to make sure you had a better future," Lady Hilda replied to him with her glistening eyes.

"How can I have a future, when your lover or my biological father stabbed me. Watching the life leave my body?" Noah had always respected his mother, even when her decision and thoughts didn't align with him. He said, "All of you have suffocated me, and somewhere, I have always felt dead. And regarding about knowing the world, all of you made sure I grew up faster than the others. So don't patronise me about not knowing. Everything you hide and lie about, it eventually comes out."

"Are you going to make it public then?" Lady Hilda asked him with a serious face.

"I will leave the decision to your husband," Noah said to her, watching her frown before her eyes widened.

"He is going to be free..." Lady Hilda bitterly smiled and crossed her arms across her chest. She then nodded and said, "I never thought there would be a day where I would see hate in your eyes for me."

"Neither did I," Noah responded to her. He said, "This will be the last time we will be seeing each other, mother."

Lady Hilda asked him, her words growing softer, "You refuse to see how I am doing here? Will it pain you? Is that why you won't visit me?"

For a moment, Noah didn't respond to her and Lady Hilda continued to stare at him.

She asked him, "What is it?"

"In the light of whom you were associated with and the bodies that you have killed and buried. Involved in the operations behind the scenes by killing innocent men and women, your penalty is death. You will be executed tomorrow."

Lady Hilda stared at him, and then looked away before a bitter smile made its way to her lips. She nodded, "I see. So that is my punishment." When Noah was about to leave, she stopped him, "Noah. Will you come see me tomorrow?" Her voice broke at the end, because as much as she had used her son as her puppet, she loved him. After all, he was part of her flesh and he was her son.

Noah wasn't sure if he was ready for it. But at the same time, he had been raised to be a good person. He finally gave her a nod, "Sure. I will be there. I should go now."

He made his way to the end of the corridor, taking a right and when he came to the end of it, he stopped walking. His eyes were filled with sadness, and he braced himself before stepping out of the dungeon.

Chapter 530 Peace Settling In
Music Recommendation: Strong Helper- Sim Hee Jin

The next day early in the morning, Eugene made his way to the market of the Meadow town to fetch milk when he heard the local boy shouted,

"Return from the dead! Never like before! Fresh and exclusive news from the Council itself!"

A lot of townsfolk surrounded the local boy, paying him two shillings before taking the newsletter and reading it. They read half of it before looking at the person next to them and beginning to gossip.

"Can you believe this?" One of the men asked.

"How is it even possible?!" Asked another townsman. The man's wife, not knowing how to read, leaned towards her husband and asked him,

"What is it? Who is the person who returned from the dead?"

Eugene went straight to the local boy, paying him the money, he took hold of the newsletter, and his eyes skimmed through what was written there. His eyes widened, and he ran back to Dawson's house.

"Lady Aubrey! Lady Aubrey!" Eugene shouted as he entered the house.

"What has gotten you so excited, Eugene?" Lady Aubrey asked, who was in the kitchen with Rosetta. The vampiress had been learning how to cook with Lady Aubrey's help.

Rosetta noticed her husband had not bought the milk along with him, and she asked him, "Is everything alright?"

Eugene stretched his hand forward and held the newsletter and said, "The person whom James Sullivan kidnapped was Miss Eve."

"What?" Lady Aubrey's eyes widened as this was her first hearing about it. The local newspaper had mentioned the Sullivans, but there was no mention about who was kidnapped. "Give that to me," she said, adjusting the glasses on her nose, and Rosetta came closer to read along with her.

Lady Aubrey read what was written in the newsletter with her eyebrows furrowed,

"The Council would like to inform everyone that James Sullivan, the uncle of Duke Noah of Woodlock, is now dead. During the time of his capture, the man refused to comply and come with the members of the authorities, which eventually led to his death. As you are aware, James Sullivan had turned into a rogue and had kidnapped Genevieve Moriarty, wife of Vincent Moriarty.

Mr. Moriarty has brought back his wife safely to Skellington, and thankfully, there has been no worrying damage being caused. Mr. Sullivan kidnapped Lady Genevieve to sacrifice her after mingling with the witches for his means. With him, Lady Hilda and Jeffry Sullivan were captured for their involvement with him, as there have been a series of deaths that was caused by them.

But in the light of the truth that was found recently, because Noah Sullivan is alive, it has been found that Jeffry Sullivan is innocent and had no hand in any of the operations. Many councilmen, as well as one of the Inner Council members, that is Mr. Fowler's death was caused by Hilda Sullivan. Duke Noah has been trying to bring the truth to light, and his false death was only an attempt in the success that we have achieved. We would like to thank Duke Noah for this contribution.

While Duke Noah and Jeffry Sullivan are innocent, after a lot of thought, it has been decided that Lady Hilda Sullivan will be executed today at noon."

Lady Aubrey read the rest of it in her mind, while Rosetta stepped away from Lady Aubrey and asked her husband, "We should go to the Moriarty mansion as soon as possible."

Eugene was in deep thought, and he whispered, "Do you think he was the one?"

"The one?" Rosetta asked, not knowing what Eugene meant.

Now that Rosetta was part of the family, he told her, "The one who killed Miss Eve's mother… She told me some time ago about the family history, and I always thought it was someone from that family."

"It could be," and it couldn't be, Lady Aubrey thought to herself and said, "So much happened, I wonder how she is doing. Let us get the carriage prepared and leave quickly to Skellington." But when she turned around to go to her room, Lady Aubrey fell on the ground.

"Lady Aubrey!" Eugene and Rosetta quickly came to her side, but the elderly woman had lost consciousness. They carried Lady Aubrey to her room and laid her on the bed. Eugene said to Rosetta,

"I will go get the physician."

"I will be here looking after her," Rosetta replied, and watched her husband leave the house as fast as his body could move.

In the Moriarty mansion, Eve and Vincent sat in the garden for some fresh air, talking to each other. Eve asked him,

"Will you be going to the Council?"

"To watch the execution?" Vincent asked her, taking her hand in his and playing with her fingertips. "I have very little interest in the person who is getting executed. I think I can spend my time better by sitting next to you, than waste it on someone else."

Eve smiled at Vincent's words and took a deep breath before staring at the blooming flowers. The snow had started to reduce, and the Winter season was leaving them.

"The Council doesn't want to drag it, considering the murders the Sullivan duo plotted of high standing people," Vincent stated, and he agreed. He preferred them all gone, so that he could spend peaceful days with his love.

His voice drawled, "I was thinking about something."

"About what?" Eve asked him, and she turned to look at his silver hair gently moving in the direction of the wind. "Now that you have fulfilled the goal of getting revenge from the man who killed your mother, I was wondering how about we start our family."

Eve stared at him before a beautiful smile spread on her lips. She said, "I think I would very much love that."

Vincent remarked, "I thought of waiting for some time so that I could spoil you, but then I thought, I can always do that with the way days come. To love and cherish you without having to pause, while we build our family. Imagine little Eves and little Vincent running around."

Two carriages appeared from the gates, moving towards the entrance of the mansion. Alfie quickly made his presence in front of the mansion and bowed when the members of the Moriarty family stepped down from the carriage. It wasn't just Lady Annalise and Allie who had returned. Along with them were grandpa and grandma Moriarty.

"They seem to have arrived sooner than I expected," Vincent murmured, and he stood up with Eve, leaving the garden and making their way towards the front.

Grandpa Moriarty, noticing Vincent and Eve, commented loudly, "You both seem perfectly in shape! We heard from Annalise that my lovely granddaughter-in-law was kidnapped and we came as quickly as we could!"

"How did you travel so fast?" Vincent inquired, and Lady Annalise replied to this,

"They were already headed in this direction, and our carriages passed. They caught up to us and we had to turn around because they said it was better we stick together."

Lady Ravette said, "Of course, that didn't make sense. What if you needed help?" She asked her grandson. "But it seems you were capable of protecting her by yourself."

Grandpa Moriarty said to Vincent, "Rave and I were missing all of you and left Holy Oak, not knowing that they were headed our way, but it is good that I have a good eye. Now that we are here, and everyone are in good shape, we should celebrate it together!"

Lady Ravette asked, "Where is Marceline? Not back from her trip?"

"She's in House of Purgatory," Vincent finally revealed the truth.

The older vampiress tilted her head, while Grandpa Moriarty raised his eyebrows. Lady Ravette then remarked after the silence that grew in the atmosphere,

"What did she do to have you all send her there?"

"She has harmed and tried to kill Eve," Vincent answered. Lady Ravette nodded, and she responded, 

"Why doesn't that surprise me? I knew the child since she was young," she then turned to the butler and said, "Prepare tea in the dining room."

"Right away, milady!" Alfie bowed, before the other servants appeared to carry their luggage inside the mansion.

Grandpa Moriarty put his arm around his wife's waist and whispered, "Did you have to phrase it that way, dear?"

Lady Ravette wasn't pleased to hear that one of her grandchildren was in the House of Purgatory. She said, "She disappoints me. Maybe we could go and pay her a visit? Maybe see if things can be fixed?"

"Perhaps," Grandpa Moriarty answered as they continued to walk inside the hallways.

Vincent and Eve were the last ones walking behind the elderly couple, when Eugene appeared in front of the mansion and called,

"Miss Eve!"

Eve turned around, the bright smile on her lips lowered when she noticed the worry on Eugene's face. She quickly made her way towards where he stood, and Vincent followed him.

Grandpa and Grandma Moriarty turned to see who it was, and Lady Ravette questioned, "Who is that man, who talks to my granddaughter-in-law with such a casual tone?"

Lady Annalise quickly answered, "That is Genevieve's family. She was taken in and raised by them."

"A vampire?" Grandpa Moriarty asked in slight surprise.

"He was a human… until… your granddaughter Marceline stabbed him," Lady Annalise replied.

"Seems like our elder granddaughter has been busy with idle work," Lady Ravette responded before her lips set themselves in a thin line.

At the front of the mansion, Eve asked, "What's the matter, Eugene? Is everything alright?"

Eugene then said, "It is Lady Aubrey."