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Chapter 531 Catching Of Age
Vincent, Eve and Eugene left the Moriarty mansion and arrived at Dawson's residence in Meadow. There was a deep frown on Eve's face, and once they got down from the carriage, she quickly ran inside and made her way towards Lady Aubrey's room.

Her eyes fell on the older woman, who was now resting on the bed with her eyes closed.

Eugene said to Eve in a low voice, "Rosetta and I didn't notice the changes because Lady Aubrey made sure we didn't know. She has been coughing blood, and it is only now that I know about it. I should have understood when she said she wanted to wash her own clothes."

When Eve stepped into the room, Rosetta, sitting next to Lady Aubrey, went to get up. But Eve waved her hand for the vampiress to sit down and took the other side of the bed.

Eve's hand reached out to gently hold Lady Aubrey's hand, and the woman, without opening her eyes, said,


"It is me," Eve replied.

"Of course, it is you. You and I, we have held each other's hand for so long, I can tell it with closed eyes," Lady Aubrey said slowly, and one could tell by her voice that the elderly woman was physically weak. She opened her eyes and she turned to look at Eve, who had tears in her eyes. "I am still here and fine."

Eve nodded, blinking the tears away from her eyes, and she complained, "You should have told Eugene or me, or Rosetta than suffer by yourself."

Lady Aubrey weakly returned the hold on Eve's hand, saying, "All of you have your plates full and I know you would be more than happy to take more, but things like these, I am old. With old age, a person's body starts to deteriorate."

Vincent said to Lady Aubrey, "Eve and I were hoping that you would help us raise our dozen children, Lady Aubrey." He had heard from Eugene that the human had not more than a year in her hand, and he could tell both Eve and Eugene were struggling as death was approaching. He stated, "I heard you don't want to extend your life."

Lady Aubrey smiled at Vincent's words, "It is true. Even if I do not make it through, I know with my full confidence… that they will be raised well. They are going to be smart, kind, beautiful and handsome children. Anyways, I still have lots of time… I am not dying any time soon and have a lot of time!" She snapped at them because of the amount of gloominess that was hovering in the atmosphere.

Eve returned the smile and said, "We will make sure every day counts, Aunt Aubrey."

"It has, Eve. It very much has," the elderly woman replied with warmth in her eyes.

After Lady Aubrey had lost her husband, life in many ways, had dulled down for her. Because of her previous status of being a governess, she had made connections and acquaintances, but that hadn't been enough to fill the emptiness since her husband passed away.

But then came the little girl with bright blues, and she loved her as her own daughter, raised her with everything she believed in and what a fine woman she had turned out to be.

"If you all want me to see you children, now is the best time to get to business so that I can hold them in my arms," Lady Aubrey looked at the four of them.

After two hours, Lady Aubrey went back to rest, while the four of them stepped out of the room. Knowing how Lady Aubrey was attached to this house, Eve didn't go to mention about having her moved to the Moriarty mansion. Not to mention, Eugene and Rosetta were now using the room which was hers before she got married to Vincent.

Eve said to Eugene, "Tell me if you need anything, Eugene. Anything at all, and we will do our best so that all of you are comfortable."

Vincent said to Eugene, "I will speak to the physician I know and he will come twice a day here to check on Aunt Aubrey, it would be good to be up to date than not knowing anything."

"Thank you, Miss Eve and Mr. Moriarty," Eugene thanked them.

While Vincent and Eugene began to speak about the Council and how Eugene's new work was going, Rosetta and Eve moved aside. The vampiress hugged her tightly and asked,

"How are you doing, Eve? We heard about your kidnapping today. Are you hurt?"

"I am fine now, Rose, thank you for asking. I somehow got healed," Eve replied to Rose and then she said, "How about you? How are you doing?"

Rosetta nodded, "I think I am alright. Though I miss Eugene when he's away for work, Lady Aubrey has been teaching me a lot of things. I now know how to make salted butter and bread sandwiches and even just bread."

Eve had a proud smile, realising how much Rosetta was learning and improving herself. She said, "Maybe we can sit down and eat one of these days."

"I think it would be lovely! Lady Aubrey will be happy to have you here too," Rosetta beamed with a wide smile before her smile vanished. "I wish everything was okay… Now Lady Aubrey is sick and my parents…"

Eve placed her hand on Rosetta's arm and said, "I heard Eugene and you visited."

"Mm. Our meeting seemed fine," Rosetta nodded again and then innocently said, "They were in a horrible condition there and I wanted to bring them here, because of how guilty I felt. Lady Aubrey also told me it was fine, if I wanted them to come live with us, after all they have nowhere to go. She said it would be interesting… but then I thought, maybe they could use some more time in the dungeon before they come here?"

Eve stared at Rosetta before nodding, "I guess so."

She made a mental note to ensure that Rosetta's parents wouldn't attempt to kill Lady Aubrey if they stayed here. She turned to look at where Vincent and Eugene stood, and met her pureblooded vampire's eyes, who seemed to know what she was thinking as he smiled at her.

Chapter 532 A Moriarty Woman
Another two hours passed before Lady Aubrey woke up and Eve sat with her. The older woman refused to accept that she needed rest and told everyone she was doing fine, and had decided to sit on the front stairs of the house. Eugene and Rosetta were in the kitchen, preparing supper along with Vincent, who for once and maybe the first time decided to help in the kitchen.

"I will be just fine, Eve," Lady Aubrey assured Eve, who held a serious look on her face.

Eve smiled at Lady Aubrey and said, "You will be fine, auntie. We won't let anything happen to you." She then asked her, "Does your stomach hurt?" It was because she noticed the older woman's hand move to her stomach.

"I barely felt it," Lady Aubrey replied, and she caught hold of Eve's hand with both hands by encapsulating it. She said, "My dear daughter Eve. When did you grow up this much?" It wasn't a question to Eve as the older woman held wonderment in her voice as if proud.

"Time passed too fast, didn't it," Eve looked around the garden before her eyes fell on the pot that Rosetta had planted along with Eugene. "Thank you, Aunt Aubrey. For all you have done, when others couldn't."

"You don't have to mention that. You and Eugene have been my joy, my companions after Rikkard," Lady Aubrey replied, and she then said, "Eugene mentioned something this morning… James Sullivan, was he…"

Eve only nodded, and Lady Aubrey took a deep breath as if trying to piece the things that had happened until now.

"To think the person was so near and none knew until the very end. I feel relieved that it was solved and you are safe now," Lady Aubrey murmured and asked, "How are you doing, Eve? You seem quieter than usual. Is there something else bothering you?"

"I think it is the mind after the storm has come and left," Eve responded, and she placed her other hand on Lady Aubrey's hand. She then asked, "The dried petals of my wedding bouquet…"

"I have saved them all with me," Lady Aubrey responded, "I knew you wanted to give them to Anaya, but I am not sure how you plan to give it as its broken, and just a heap of mess."

Eve nodded and then said, "I might not be able to keep you alive forever. But," Lady Aubrey gave a questioning look and said, "I can take away the pain that you feel."

Soon shimmering white particles started to gather around their hand and Lady Aubrey looked at it with a stunned expression. The stunned expression was quick to turn to awe as she continued to stare at the little droplets that formed in the air.

"These look so beautiful, Eve…" Lady Aubrey murmured, forgetting the pain that had formed in her stomach.

Eve concentrated on removing the illness that Lady Aubrey was going through. She pulled them one by one, and when she released Lady Aubrey's hand, she also pulled a murky mud-like substance before waving her hand on the ground. 

"Ah, Eve. At the front," Lady Aubrey's eyes were directed on the road in front of the house.

Eve turned away from Lady Aubrey, and her eyes fell on Mrs. Humphrey and her son Patrick. Mrs. Humphrey's hand was pointed at Eve, while it trembled. The woman asked her son,

"Did you see that, Patrick?! She's a witch!"

Patrick stared at Eve with horror and disbelief in his eyes. He couldn't believe what he just saw, all those shimmery and shiny diamonds in the air.

Mrs. Humphrey and her son were on their way to the Edwards's house when they caught sight of the witchcraft. The woman said, "You are indeed a witch just like we assumed! You should have been burned that day. I am going to tell everyone about it. You tricked all of us and need to be captured! Hiding behind that wretched vampire of—"

When the woman turned around, something sharp came flying right in front of her nose and hit the wall on the other side of the road. Mrs. Humphrey felt her heart leap in her throat and she stopped her footsteps.

On hearing the swishing sound, Patrick turned in that direction, and his eyes widened on noticing a sharp glass piece sticking into the wall. How did it get there?! He couldn't believe his eyes and wondered if he was seeing things. Both the mother and son turned to look back at Eve.

Eve started to walk towards them, and said, "I thought we ended all the feuds, Mrs. Humphrey. But it seems like you forgot what happened the last time you called me a witch. Calling me that again will lead to your loss, not mine." She moved the gate away and stepped outside before saying, "Don't think I missed my aim."

Mrs. Humphrey stared at Eve and stuttered, "W—what are you?"

"I am a woman who wants peace and if you speak ill of my husband or family members, I won't stand quiet," Eve's words were calm and she turned to look at Patrick, who couldn't take his eyes off of her. There was something sweet yet dangerous in the way she looked. "I am hoping you will be able to make your mother understand."

Patrick, who once tried to intimidate Eve for her hand in marriage and had tried to come strong on her, was now left speechless, and though big, for the first time he felt small.

"I would listen if I were you."

It was Vincent who had stepped out of the house. He approached Eve, while Eugene and Rosetta stood next to Lady Aubrey. He said, "The Moriartys are very protective about their family." He cracked his knuckles, "I don't just snap fingers, but also snap necks. The sound is quite lovely."

Patrick nervously laughed and said, "We didn't see or hear anything. Nothing at all! Isn't that right, mother?" He sharply nudged his mother.

"A—ah, y—yes," Mrs. Humphrey stuttered in fear, and the mother-son duo left without looking behind even once.

Eve watched them disappear at the end of the road and heard Vincent remark while he glanced at the ice and wall, "That was a good throw. Even a sharper ice like glass. Your ability seems more refined than before. My strong wife," he put his hand around her waist.

"My amazing husband," Eve turned to look at him and kissed his lips.

"Lady Genevieve, how wonderful to see you here! We were so worried about you!" Mrs. Edwards remarked, who had watched the disappearing figures of Mrs. Humphrey and Patrick.

Rosetta's eyes rolled to look at the human and asked Eugene, "Is it okay to drink from your neighbours?"

Eugene smiled and rubbed his wife's back. He kissed her nose and said, "Come let us go back to the kitchen." The kiss was enough to change Rosetta's mood, and she quickly followed him inside the house.

Mrs. Edwards then asked in curiosity, "Was it the Humphreys?"

Vincent offered a charming smile and replied, "It was. They were here to tell us that they are leaving the town tomorrow."

Mrs. Edwards's mouth went into 'O' shape, and she nodded. Eve cleared her throat and asked him, "They are?"

"Early in the morning right before the sun rises. I hear there's a storm, and wouldn't want them caught up in it. Safety first," Vincent replied cheekily, bringing a smile to her lips.

Chapter 533 Execution Of The Lady

A carriage quietly moved through the roads of the Darthmore town before it came to a halt. The coachman stepped down and pulled open the carriage door. The people inside it didn't step down, as in their Jeffry Sullivan appeared reluctant to watch his wife's execution.

Noah, who sat next to him, said, "You don't have to come if you don't want to."

Jeffry pursed his lips and replied, "It wouldn't be right." Half because Hilda was still his wife and he couldn't break the vow he had made to her when they married. Another part of the reason was that sending his son to deal with everything felt unfair. He took a deep breath and then said, "Let us get through this, shall we?"

Before Noah even stepped out of the carriage, some of the laymen and the councilmen were already staring at the fancy carriage. Carriages that were this big and beautiful only meant that it belonged to one of the high-standing families.

A collection of gasps were heard in the air when their eyes fell on Noah. One of the councilmen asked another one, who stood next to him,

"Weren't you present when he was being buried in the Woodlock's cemetery? Did he look alive?"

"I can bet on my life that the man looked pale as a ghost. He still appears pale, only that his eyes are open and he's walking," replied the other councilman. "Like many others, I thought he was dead, which is why it's mind boggling to see him walking. I mean, the Sullivans even made a speech about how he missed his son and the woman cried. Was it all for a show?"

"It could be," said the first councilman, before he added, "The more puzzling thought is that the culprits were right in their house and they didn't realise it?"

"Maybe they were hiding it?"

Noah and Jeffry could hear the murmurs of questions about James, Hilda and Noah's return from the death, and whether they had used a false body to bury him. Ignoring the remarks, they made their way towards the gallows as they entered.

The inner council members and the Head Council had already arrived. One of the inner council member stretched his hand forward towards Noah and said,

"It is so good to see you, Duke Noah. You are a brave and an outstanding man, to be able to catch the culprit… I mean even though it is some of your family members like your uncle and mother. It must have been terrible, no…"

Noah stared at the inner councilman, because he hadn't done anything as such. Though Vincent was the one who had cracked the mystery, the accolades were given to him.

"That should be enough talk, Mr. Hart," Clayton said to the man as he made his way to where Noah and his father stood. They offered each other a slight bow, and he said, "I wasn't sure you were going to come, Duke Noah."

Noah offered a slight smile and replied, "I promised her I would come see her one last time. Also, I believe it is better to do things, than not do and regret it later."

Clayton's chin lifted and he said, "Looks like you have learned some things."

After a few minutes where everyone was gathered at the front, one of the guards shouted loudly, "Make way for the culprit! Make way! Bringing the person ahead!"

Noah didn't turn his head, but his eyes followed his mother, escorted by the guard.

Lady Hilda's hands were bound behind her, and her ankles were bound with shackles, which made her movements slow and the guard pushed her when she didn't move fast enough. Her head was covered by a black cloth so that she didn't see where she was going.

The guard dragged her to the top of the gallows by the stairs, bringing her to the centre and having her stand before everyone. One of the councilmen stepped forward, a cunning smile on his face as he enjoyed reducing a person's status to nothing, and watching them grovel. He was the announcer, and he said loud enough for everyone to hear,

"We are gathered here for the crimes that this woman Hilda Sullivan has committed. She has not only convoluted with James Sullivan in supporting heinous crimes, but has also performed them. You must already be aware of her crimes as written in the newsletter, which is why it has been decided that this woman shall be put to an end so that no one will try to repeat the mistakes she has done."

The councilman turned to look at the guard and waved his hand. The guard stepped forward and removed the black cloth that was around Hilda's head. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust to the brightness and when she could finally see, her eyes fell on the many councilmen, who now stood on the ground.

Hilda's eyes met her husband's eyes, who quickly turned to look in the direction as she was ashamed of what she had done. It was because one of the crimes, even though not published in the paper, it deeply hurt him. He couldn't fathom the thought that she had gone behind his back, when all these years, he loved her so dearly.

On noticing how her husband didn't look at her, Hilda felt a prick in her chest. She looked pale even though she wasn't dead. Her eyes had lost the glimmer and shine. Her eyes shifted to look at her son, and she found some solace in there.

Noah stared back at his mother, who stood on the gallows.

An onlooker would say that the lady hadn't lost her class and still appeared to be poised even though she was going to be executed. But looking into her eyes for so long, the observant Noah could tell that she was terrified of a lot of things right now.

If it was a different time, Noah would have fought and saved his mother. But she had done so many bad things, and he could tell it was nothing compared to what James had done. As if she was the puppeteer, leading James to believe he was in control when she was the one pulling the strings.

On the other hand, Hilda stared at her son, the only one who didn't look at her in disgust and contempt. Noticing the sadness in his eyes, it somewhere brought peace in the woman's mind, knowing her son still loved her. But the longer she stared at him, the more she realised that he had always carried that look… how long? How long had he been unhappy? As his mother, she had been building a future for him, while ignoring the pain that was causing him.

"Do you have any last words to say, Hilda Sullivan?" The councilman questioned.

Hilda was busy looking at Noah, lost in thought to reply to the councilman. Seconds passed by, and the people around looked at each other, while also noticing the line of her sight that was directed at her family, who had come to witness her death. 

"It appears that the woman knows the mistakes that she has committed and there is nothing she would like to say," the councilman said to the gathered crowd, as he didn't care enough to give her the time to think. He then turned to the executioner guard, and said, "Place her head on the slab."

When the executioner with a mask on his head pushed Hilda to step forward and sit on her knees, the woman finally realised what was happening, and her face turned nothing less than a stone.

Another guard pushed her head on the slab, keeping it firm so the neck could be severed in one cut and didn't need more than one swing.

"Take your position," the announcer said to the executioner, who stood next to Hilda, and raised his sharp axe up in the air. "EXECUTE!"

The axe was swift and in one movement, Noah watched Hilda's head roll away from the wooden slab and fall on one corner front of the gallows. Blood dripped down, smearing across the surface of the gallows.

Jeffry said to his son, "I will be in the carriage," he turned around and left.

Noah couldn't take away his eyes from his mother's now severed body. It was when Clayton came to talk to him, that he finally looked away.

The Head Council said, "Duke Noah, you have shown more than courage today by showing up here. Integrity that many fall short in. You are a commendable man." He raised his hand forward as if to have them start walking as their business here was done.

"I don't think life ever rewards the man who is commendable but the person who isn't," Noah murmured, while he looked ahead of him.

"I would like to think otherwise," Clayton responded, turning to look at the tall man who walked next to him. He said, "Not everyone are granted another life. If you didn't live well before and has regrets, perhaps it is time to live without regrets?"

Noah didn't respond to Clayton's words. He thanked him though, "Thank you for what you wrote in the newsletter. For keeping my family matter out." He could tell that the Head Council knew that he was James's son, but Clayton hadn't mentioned it to him or in the newsletter.

"Hm, I have tried to clear things so that you will have an easier time before resuming your work as a Duke," Clayton replied. He stopped walking when they got near the road and he said, "Take some time for yourself, Duke Noah. I am sure you need it. I will be looking forward to having you join the position."

Noah and Clayton offered each other a slight bow before they parted ways.

When Noah returned to the carriage where his father was, he climbed inside it and the carriage began to move under the curious gazes of some of the councilman. For several minutes neither of them spoke to each other as they let the thought about their family members dead sink in their minds.

"Noah," Jeffry began, and Noah turned away from the window, "I want to apologise to you."

"You have nothing to apologise."

"No," Jeffry insisted, a look of guilt marking his face and he said, "I must apologise, before it is too late. All these years, I have wronged you by keeping you in the shadows of Hilda and James. Even I, I believed and followed them, which is why I know it was very hard on you. I know that is why you are so, sealed."

"It is all in the past now," Noah replied.

Jeffry held pain in his eyes, as unlike his son who was younger than him, he had been unable to shake the pain of seeing his wife executed. He hadn't realised until now, what he and his family had put Noah through, he said,

"Even though we know the truth, I would still like to have you as my son. In some ways we still share the same blood and we have lost people."

Noah offered a kind smile to Jeffry and said, "It isn't blood that makes the bond thicker, father. It is the intention and the love. You are the only father I have known, and you will always be the only one I choose to accept."

Jeffry managed a smile, and he then asked, "Now that you are free… what are your plans for the future?"

"So far nothing much than to continue to be the Duke of Woodlock," Noah hadn't really thought about it. To be free… was this how one felt without being bound or anyone or anything? He then said, "I need to be somewhere. I will return for supper." He knocked on the front window and ordered the coachman, "Stop here."

Chapter 534 It Is Yours
When Noah entered the town of Meadow, some who recognised him gasped in shock and horror, realising what was written in the newsletter was true. Nobody badmouthed him because of how the newsletter portrayed him to be a selfless man, which he was in every right. 

"Duke Noah! How good to see you back here!" One of the townsfolk's women greeted him with a bow. "Have you been doing well?"

Noah smiled at the woman and nodded, and the woman around began to gush, forgetting everything else that was written about his family. He continued to walk until he made his way to Dawson's residence.

Even though he had yet to push the gate open, he could hear the chatter from inside the house. A black cat sat at one side of the pillar gate and stared at him.

"Damn you, Sullivan!" Timotei glared at Noah. The black cat had been unable to keep his thoughts to himself, as he was upset that the glass vial had been used on him when he could have turned into a human.

Noah didn't look surprised as he had heard about this cat. He asked, "Is Eve inside?"

"With her husband, yes," Timotei stood up, stretching his body after sunbathing. He jumped on the ground and pranced straight through the main door. "The ghost is here!" He announced.

When Noah showed up in front of the doorstep, Lady Aubrey looked surprised and said, "A surprise to see you here, Duke Noah. Please come in."

"I don't mean to stay for long. I have somewhere else to be," Noah replied in a polite tone.

Lady Aubrey, who had read the news about Noah's mother being executed could tell that the werewolf had only finished it a while ago by the look in his eyes. Not to mention, he looked hesitant, after all, his family was the one who had put Eve through hell. She waved her hand and insisted,

"You have visited me after such a long time, I would be upset if you don't join us. Come on in, don't be shy," the older woman offered him a warm smile. Feeling better than how she was feeling earlier today, she walked towards the maid's door and placed her hand on his arm, "Eugene and Vincent are cooking along with Rose and Eve. They are preparing a feast for tonight. You should definitely eat with us. The more the merrier."

Noah was grateful to Lady Aubrey's words, but the guilt was hard to get rid of. Nonetheless, he smiled at the woman and inquired, "How have you been doing, Lady Aubrey?"

"Not that well until this morning, but now that everyone is in the house, I feel everything is wonderful again," Lady Aubrey responded, and she then stretched her hands towards Timotei, who was quick to climb and jump into her arms. "Where have you been, Timotei? I thought you were going to prepare your best dish."

Timotei glared at Noah, and ended up getting a tap on his head. Lady Aubrey said calmly, "What did we discuss about glaring at guests?"

"I would have cooked the best dish, Lady Aubrey, I mean my skills are amazing, and you will lick your fingers and want to chew it. But I am a small cat, and I thought I would let the others do the work," Timotei said as he brought his tail closer and hugged it.

"Was that after you burned your tail in the kitchen?" Lady Aubrey asked the black cat, who had appeared at the house an hour ago.

"Ahem, of course not!" Timotei responded and took a quick look at his tail.

While the black cat and Lady Aubrey spoke to each other, Noah's eyes fell on Eve, who was stirring something in the kitchen. Vincent seemed to tell her something, and it had her turn to meet Noah's eyes.

Eve left the kitchen and made her way to where Noah stood. She offered a polite bow and asked him, "Did you just arrive? Please take a seat," she pulled the chair away from the table.

"I did, thank you," Noah replied, and the two of them took a seat. He then said, "There was something I wanted to give you."

Eve wondered what it was and saw him reach out to his coat's inner pocket. He pulled parchments, and handed it to her, while saying,

"This is for you."

"What is this?" Eve asked, taking the parchments and carefully reading it. Her eyes widened, and she said, "This is the house in Brokengroves…"

"I have wanted to give you this for a very long time, but I couldn't in the past. With everything resolved, I think it is time for it to go back to you. As it was your place," Noah didn't get the opportunity to see the young Eve and her mother live there, but he could only tell that this place was dear to her. "It is yours to take care of."

Eve was left speechless at Noah's gesture and she looked up to meet his gaze with her moist eyes. She said, "Thank you, Noah. For everything you have done."

"I wish I could have done more, but it is what it is, isn't it," Noah replied, and when he smiled, there was a slight bitterness in it.

Eve placed her hand on his and said, "I think you have done more than anyone in your place could have done, Noah. You are a good person, and you have been a good friend to me."

Noah was grateful to have Eve's forgiveness. She was the first woman he had ever loved, and he was glad it was her, even though they were just friends now. He then stood up and said,

"I should go now. There is someone I haven't visited since I returned. If you will all excuse me."

Eve didn't stop him, and she stood up with him. But then she remembered something. She said, "Hold on! There is something I need to give you too. Please wait." Saying this, she hurried inside Lady Aubrey's room, coming with cardboard of glass pieces and withered flower petals.

Placing the cardboard on the table's surface, Eve brought her hands on either side before whispering something under her breath.

Soon light started to emit from the centre of the cardboard, and the broken glass pieces started to fix themselves by turning into the original glass case, while the withered flowers began to attach. Once connected, the fried petals turned fresh with fragrance and the light disappeared.

Eve then picked up the glass case and handed it to Noah, "It's my wedding bouquet. I saved this one for the woman who loves you and will keep you happy. If you have found that person or are yet to find… I would like you to give this to her."

She had saved it for Anaya, and deep down in her heart she believed that Noah and Anaya were meant to be together. But at the same time, she wanted to give Noah a choice and not pressure him with these flowers. She didn't want to be his parents and corner him. It would be wrong to push her wishes or thoughts to him, but give him the choice of what he wanted so that his heart could freely choose.

Noah stared at the flowers, "I will…Thank you for saving this, Eve. Truly."

With a bow to everyone, Noah walked out of the house. Eve, who watched her friend leave, felt a kiss placed on the side of her head.

"You did more than well, my Eve," Vincent praised her, and Eve smiled, hoping Noah would find his happiness like the people under this roof.

Someone in the room cleared throat and it was none other than Timotei. He jumped out of Lady Aubrey's arms and got on the dining table to speak,

"Eve, my sea princess who is above all, it is time you turn me into a vampire as it is long due. No no, a pureblooded vampire," Timotei politely put his request forward by closing his eyes, while his nose was raised to point to the roof.

"We can try that," Eve agreed, and this had Timotei's ears stand pointed in attention and he readied himself.

"Why wait then? Come come, it is time to see my majestic self," Timotei tapped his paw on the table. "Perhaps I should stand on the ground. It would be odd to be standing on the table."

"But there's something you need to know, Timotei," Eve let him know, before adding, "I was going through some of the information and found out that the transformation might not work, and you might lose the ability to speak and turn into a regular cat…"

Timotei's ears flopped in worry, before they straightened and he decided, "Let me go and get you a cat. What you need is a test subject. Am I smart or what?" he started to laugh, before hurrying out to find a cat.

"I don't understand why he wants to turn into a cat. I think he looks cute as a cat," Rosetta remarked in a nonchalant tone.

"You should tell that in front of him," Vincent chimed with a grin on his face. Rosetta then turned to look at Eugene, who shook his head.

Outside the Dawson's house's road, Noah carried the glass case with both his hands. He got on the local carriage heading to Woodlock, and once he got down, he made his way towards the local cemetery, where Kieran's body was buried.

Chapter 535 Finally Able To Breath
Music Recommendation: Strength and Hope- Gregor F. N

Noah spent a good one hour in the cemetery, which was peaceful next to his coachman's grave. He would have never thought that Kieran would be murdered along with him, and if he could, he would be more than happy to switch places with Kieran.

When he returned to the Sullivan mansion with the glass case in his arms, his father sat in the living room and saw him with it. The man asked,

"Is that a bouquet?" 

Noah paused his footsteps and met his father's eyes, "It is. It is a gift for someone in the future."

Jeffry pursed his lips, and before his son walked away from there, he invited him, "Would you like to come sit with me, Noah? For a drink?"

Noah noticed the bottle of opened liquor sitting on the small glass table, which was half empty. He gave the nod and said, "I could use a drink." He entered the living room and picked up a glass before sitting beside his father on the long couch.

"Let me get that," Noah said, picking up the liquor bottle and pouring it into his glass. He didn't enjoy drinking alcohol but didn't want to leave his father alone.

He then refilled his father's glass, and they took a sip each from their glasses, before the fireplace that burned brightly. Jeffry said,

"I was thinking of refurbishing the mansion that's there in the East. I am growing old and a little change in the scenery would do me good. You too, if you want to join me, Noah."

Shifting from Woodlock?

Noah smiled at his father and replied, "I think I would like to stay here, father."

Jeffry nodded, not wanting to interfere in Noah's life anymore as he was a grown man who could choose what he wanted to do. He then confessed, "This mansion has so many memories. But it is the one that is tainted that now haunts me along with the people whom I cared about gone. Your mother was everything to me, Noah, and I loved her very much. I don't know why she chose to walk the other path."

Noah tried not to think about his mother because the more he thought about it, the angrier he turned, and hate-filled his mind. But at the same time, the person whom he was all these years tried to conflict with his new feelings.

"It wasn't your fault, father," Noah told the man because he had never seen his parents fight or argue about anything. They had always been agreeable; he had seen his father love and dote on his mother very much. He said, "You did everything a husband could do and give."

"Thank you, Noah. I know all of us have caused you unhappiness, but I would like to tell you that you have grown into a truly commendable man. I would always want you as my son, and if not son, my father, so that I could be guided and not be as hard on you as I was in the past."

As sweet and heartwarming these conversations were, Noah's childhood was lost, and his innocence never bloomed as he was forced to grow up to everyone's expectations. There was no point complaining; he could only fix what was in front of him. He heard his father say,

"There is something I do want to talk to you about, Noah. Only if you want that is."

"You don't have to ask me permission, father," Noah responded with a polite smile on his face, while he stared at his father.

Jeffry then asked, "Hilda once said that she had a feeling that you loved a woman. Why didn't you pursue her?"

A bitter chuckle expanded from Noah's lips, and he said, "She was the daughter of the woman James killed. The one you helped James cover the body at the grounds of the Council."

An awkward silence filled the living room, and Jeffry drank the entire glass in his hand before clearing his throat. He said, "It looks like we have been hurting you for a long time. I am sorry, son."

"It is in the past, and what matters is that she is happy now," Noah replied with bitterness leaving his lips. He was happy that Eve had found her peace.

Jeffry stared at Noah for two seconds before he asked, "You know, life is lonely to live by yourself. You might think you will be able to make it through with it, but at one point, it turns dark and empty and you have no one to share what you want. I don't want mine and your mother's marriage to disappoint you, or our family to base your future. If and when you are willing, I would be more than happy to ask for prospects, unless you have someone on your mind."

"I think I do have someone in mind," Noah replied, smiling and took a sip from his glass. He said, "But I am unsure if she will have me."

"I supposed there's no harm in trying, yes? And if you need any help, I would be more than happy to help," Jeffry placed his glass on the little glass table and placed his hand on Noah's back. "For the pain that you have endured, I hope you will find happiness, Noah, and I mean it."

"Thank you, father," Noah offered him a brief smile. He finished the content of his glass and then placed it on the table. When he stood up, his father stopped him,

"There was also something that I wanted to clear my mind off from. Our butler… was it your doing?" Jeffry asked with curiosity in his eyes as if the question had been chewing his mind.

"It was me," Noah replied, offering a slight bow before he stepped out of the room.

"How strange that no one caught him in the act," Jeffry murmured, slightly drunk as the alcohol was strong. But someone did notice Noah's kill and had only kept it a secret even after he died.

Noah made his way up the stairs, walking towards his room. This mansion held mostly melancholic memories. When his footsteps stopped in front of a closed window, he opened it with one of his hands, letting light pass through, and it felt as if, for the first time after several years, that the air in here wasn't suffocating anymore.

Hours passed, and Noah sat in his armchair with his legs stretched before him. He stared at the fireplace, watching the flame burn brightly, and after an hour, he finally placed the book that he hadn't turned the page to the side. He picked up his coat and carried the glass case with him, making his way through the hallways of the Sullivan mansion.

Noah ordered the servant, "Prepare the carriage, I will be leaving to the West."

"Yes, Sire!" The servant replied and hurried. Once the carriage was brought in front of the mansion, Noah ordered,

"Tell my father I will be returning after a week."

Noah got inside the carriage and left the Sullivan mansion and Woodlock, hoping to meet the woman who had tolerated the real him.