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Chapter 516 Smell Of Salt In The Wind
When Eve woke up, her body felt light as the air, as if it was ready to float even though it continued to lay down on the ground. She was still conscious and somewhere she felt between being herself, while also feeling something powerful. She got up with her eyes still closed and she turned her body to face the men.

"What's the matter, don't feel chatty anymore?" Erasmus asked her.

Eve finally opened her eyes, which had radiant blue but it was mixed with gold in there. If one took a close look into the mermaid-sirens eyes, they would notice the intricate design that continued to form in there.

Eve turned her head to the side without revealing her eyes to the werewolf and asked, "What's the point of being chatty if you are going to kill me in the end?"

Erasmus grinned cunningly, and he reminded, "For old time's sake, how about I kiss you one last time. Of course, I will do it when you have only a few drops of your essence left in you. I don't need you trying anything. Did you forget how you were in love with me?"

Eve's lips curled and she said, "You are pitiful, Erasmus. Nobody loved you, not even me entirely, but you know that already because my first option was Acheron. Even your father chose Acheron."

The werewolf's face scrunched into a deep scowl as he glared at the sea creature inside the cage. He then smiled at her and said, "What about you? You were no less than me. Nerhys decided to give your sister to Acheron, and not you."

"I think it would be better for you to not put me in the same place as you, Erasmus. It was a momentary lapse in my judgement that day, and though we are bound to each other, today is where it ends," Eve said to him.

Erasmus turned to the priest and ordered, "Do the process faster. Let us have the ritual done quickly once the moon is out."

The priest nodded and continued to utter spells and Eve felt as if her soul had been struck with a bolt of lightning as her essence reduced in her body. Her eyes took in the cage, looking at it carefully before her eyes fell on the metal dug into the ground. Of course, she thought in her mind. The cage had five only sides, and not six.

Eve placed her hand on the ground, stretching it wide and hiding it beneath her dress. Closing her eyes as if appearing to be in pain, she began to concentrate. While the essence was leaving her body, she used part of it to sink under the ground and find its way to where Vincent was.

'Vincent, can you hear me?' Eve asked in her mind, trying to make a mental connection.

There was no need to contact the siren or mermaid, as Eve was linked to Vincent with the bond. Because of the distance, they hadn't been able to feel each other, but with Nerissa and her combined powers, her voice reached Vincent, who was in the air looking for Eve.

Vincent's wings flapped, and his eyes skimmed the place where he was quickly, "Eve? Where are you?"

Even though they were not beside each other, Eve was so happy to just hear his voice. Her hands gripped the ground and she heard him ask, "Are you safe?!"

'I am in a cage, Vince. James is Noah's father,' Eve rushed to give him the information, and she continued, 'He's put me in a cage and I haven't been able to use my powers until now, but I will try again. I don't know where we are, except that we are in a cave I think. The time is not on our side, the full moon is today.'

"That's not possible," Vincent remarked, and he turned to look at the sky where the moon was yet to show up. 

'James said he…' Eve felt the strain in her body, 'He planned it in a way to fool us. He has a priest sucking out my soul to sacrifice tonight.'

Vincent gritted his teeth and raked his mind for a solution. As he changed the direction of his flight, he asked, "You said it was a cave?"

Eve answered, 'Yes.'

"What's the colour of the walls in there? What do you see? Anything," Vincent questioned.

Eve's eyes opened carefully as she didn't want to break the connection with Vincent, and her eyes took in the surroundings one more time. She said, 'The walls look almost black but it has a tinge of maroon in there. I could hear birds earlier. There's also something else. I can smell the salt. A lot of salt. I am sorry, Vince… I didn't realise that it wasn't you.'

"You don't have to be sorry about it. Just stay safe, I am coming to get you," Vincent said, making his way to the Council. "Salt in the air means you are somewhere near the sea. It is somewhere near Whispering Peaks or Cartnear mountains. Even James has limitations of how much he can apparate from one place to another, and he couldn't do a lot with you in it too. Eve?"

Eve asked breathlessly, 'Yes?'

'I love you,' Vincent said to her, bringing a smile to her lips.

'And I love you back. Please be careful,' Eve told him, before the connection she had made went blank and she heard Erasmus say to her,

"Are you meditating? The last of your hours."

Eve finally turned around and met Erasmus's eyes, "Well well. Look what we have here," said the werewolf with an excited look. He had picked up the flask that contained her essence and he raised it to his lips, consuming it until the last available drop.

"I was praying for you," Eve replied to him, and she added, "So that your soul can rinse and wash with my waves."

"For someone who is going to die soon, you are losing your mind quickly," Erasmus slipped his hands in his trouser pockets.

Eve faced her open palm towards Erasmus, and it took less than five seconds for the air around her to start moving quickly. Soon drops of water started to get collected around her hand and instead of aiming her ability at him or the priest, she swiftly bent down and placed her fist to the ground.

Suddenly something seemed to emerge from the ground, and they were sharp spikes of air that couldn't be seen. Erasmus was quick enough to jump back, but the same couldn't be told about the priest, who didn't move for a good two seconds.

"AHHH!!" The priest screamed in pain, while blood started to drip from the palms of his hands.

The look in Eve's eyes wasn't hers alone, but it contained the siren's look who didn't care about bleeding the man. When the priest dropped the book from his hand, he turned, ready to escape from there, but the sharpness of air with a hint of minute moisture, pierced right into his chest, causing him to drop dead on the ground, while blood started to surround his body.

When Eve used all her energy and swung her hands, the cage blew up and let her free from it.

"I have a promise to keep and I won't rest until then," Eve said with her eyes glowing gold and blue.

Erasmus laughed, liking the challenge and said, "One last dance between us."

On the other hand, Vincent arrived at the Council with his wings on display and the councilmen who weren't aware of it, their eyes widened in shock. Their lips moved, but no sound came as they had never known for any one to have wings.

"D—do you see what I am seeing?" One of the councilmen asked, while murmurs started to go around the place. "How does he fucking have wings?!"

"The devil had wings," whispered someone else.

Vincent didn't heed the comments, and his wings quickly disappeared behind his back in a blink of an eye. If it was possible the councilman's eyes would have fallen from their sockets with how wide they had turned. He walked past them, making his way towards where Clayton could possibly be, but he met the Head Council in the middle of the corridor.

Clayton could hear the whisperings and the eyes that followed Vincent. He said, "You have gathered quite some attention on yourself."

"Like always," Vincent responded. Clayton noticed how Vincent's eyes were bright now and he asked,

"Did you find where James or Genevieve is?"

"Are the men prepared?" Vincent asked, and Clayton nodded.

Vincent then turned to look at the open side of the corridor, and he stood in a certain direction, before sending out an echolocation. After a minute of waiting, where silence fell everywhere in the corridor and people, who waited to see what was going on, he turned to Clayton and said,

"Cartnear mountains, on the East side. There are werewolves, rogues mostly." He then answered the question that Clayton's face held, "It works only one time, before it takes days I can use it again. Limitations."

Vincent didn't stay there to speak more as he had somewhere to be and it was urgent. He stepped away from the corridor, and his wings emerged out, and he quickly flew away in a blink of an eye.

Clayton turned to one of the men and said, "Prepare the howler. Message need to be sent that the men need to be sent to Cartnear Mountain."

Some of the council members continued to stand there, staring at the sky in the direction in which Vincent had disappeared. One of them asked,

"Do you think he is the devil's son? He has wings of a bat!"

Clayton turned to look at the person and said, "Angels have them too. Get back to work already! Do you think you get paid for idling in the corridor?" He asked, annoyed, and the councilmen were quick to scurry away from there.

The Head Council made his way towards the other building, when guards suddenly began to follow him and he paused. Turning to them he asked in a glare, "Who told you to follow me?"

"Head Council Clayton, your life is in danger. We have been given orders to protect you from James Sullivan as he has tried to attack you!" One of the guards replied in a serious tone. "Sire, you need to be—"

Vincent that brat... Clayton thought in his mind.

Clayton stared at the guard, before he said, "Follow me, and I will make sure you are fired from your position. Out of my way now," he dismissed the guards, before rolling his eyes. He took four steps before turning and saying to the guards, "If you are still bored, you can help the mowers. The lawn needs some trimming," and he left the place, heading in the direction he initially was going to.

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Chapter 517 Out Of The Cage
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With the cage blowing up, Eve's eyes glowed into a brighter gold while her teeth were no more human-like as they had taken the form of the siren.

Erasmus said, "Look at you hiding all that power. It will be wonderful knowing you died in my hands this time."

"That is yet to be seen, isn't it," Eve responded, and she swiped her right hand from left to right before turning it into fists. Quick stones made of ice formed in the air, and she said, threw it in his direction.

Erasmus jumped back, trying to dodge her attack, while Eve didn't let him approach her. She said, "I can smell the sea, where I belong to. The water is at my disposal and it is limitless, unlike your life that ends today, Erasmus."

Erasmus was annoyed that the priest was dead, but that was fixable. He had learned the spells and all other ways to fulfil this night, just as a backup if something did happen to the priest. The priest was only a human sacrifice that he knew the sea creature had to make, everything was part of the plan.

Eve raised both her arms, and when the stones turned into sharp needles, she directed them where Erasmus was standing. If the werewolf didn't move back in time, he would have several piercings of ice in his body before bleeding himself.

"It seems like you don't want to have a peaceful death. Nerissa... you have always been a rebel, isn't it?" Erasmus questioned her, and the next moment when Eve tried to attack him, the werewolf disappeared in thin air.

Eve's breathing was ragged, and she wheezed for air. If it weren't for half of her essence now being possessed by Erasmus, she would have more energy and wouldn't feel the fatigue in her body. Her eyes moved left and right, trying to see where the werewolf went.

Without Eve's realisation, Erasmus appeared behind her and whispered, "Naive little creature."

Before Eve could react, Erasmus caught hold of Eve and threw her at one side of the cave's wall, which was the entrance. She winced, feeling her muscles sore, but it didn't stop her from pushing herself up to stand.

"What the hell..." Eve muttered as she hadn't expected Erasmus to have the ability to apparate.

His current ability made her wonder what other abilities he was hiding. Erasmus laughed connivingly and said, "It would be wise of you stay where you are without doing anything."

Eve glared at the werewolf and said, "Why? Are you scared that I might leave a scratch on your furry face?"

Erasmus sneered at Eve's cocky words when she was supposed to be on her knees and begging for him to spare her life. He said, "Let us see if you can leave a scratch on me. Or if I will be the one to tear one of your limbs, because you don't seem to want it during the last hours of your life."

Instead of continuing to fight, Eve turned to look at the sea that wasn't too far from where the entrance of the cave. It came beyond the forest, and she jumped down from the cliff.

"Where do you think you are going?" Erasmus asked her, following her and catching up to her. "I thought you were trying to wound me!"

Eve put all her energy and concentration into creating ice walls behind her that Erasmus had to break through. She dodged him when he tried to catch her, but as a water being, she didn't have the agility like the werewolf born to roam the land. He caught hold of her by her hand, but Eve only used her long and sharp nails to pierce into his skin, had the man hiss.

But Erasmus grabbed the back of Eve's hair and whispered, "I want to rip your head off your body now." 

"Why don't you," Eve felt the man tug her hair painfully, but they both knew he couldn't kill her now. He had to wait for that moment when the moon would appear and be at its highest point.

Erasmus's nose grazed Eve's exposed neck, as he took a big whiff and said, standing behind her, "You smell delicious. It makes my mouth water." He continued, "Once I finish you, I will slice you into pieces and enjoy your flesh. What better but to enjoy my rule than have the sweetest delicacy this world has to offer." He ran his fingernail across her neck, drawing blood out and humming.

When Eve tried to get away from him by digging her fingernails back into his flesh or biting his hand off, Erasmus only pulled her hair that much in force before throwing her against one of the barks of the tree near them.

"Argh..." Eve groaned as her body experienced muscle soreness she had never felt before. But she wanted to kill him.

Eve had been waiting for this moment until now, waiting to kill the man who had killed her mother in front of her eyes. It just happened that the person who had killed her mother and the person Vincent or the sea sisters had to kill were the same. She had sworn to kill him, and she wasn't going to let anyone steal that opportunity from her.

"Give up already. You are weak," Erasmus slipped his fingers into his mouth that had her blood on it.

Eve was still on the ground and noticed him staring at her smugly. She prayed to have the strength to end this person, who had caused misery in her life and others. With Erasmus staring at her with eager eyes, something dawned on Eve. There was a way to surprise. Her body now held the two daughters of the sea goddess, and she doubted her abilities were lesser than this werewolf.

Erasmus said, "I was worried when I saw that little mark on your hand. I thought it would be hard to bring you out of the mansion, but it seemed it was easier than I first thought. It only points that your bond isn't strong."

"Neither is mine with yours," Eve responded, calming her heart and mind. Now that they weren't in the cave anymore and she was closer to the sea, and where Vincent could pick up her scent, she had to hold on a little longer.

He chuckled at her words and said, "It is a pity that you couldn't say goodbye to Acheron, but I will send him soon to you when I am done killing you."

During the time they spoke, Eve started to build a glass with a mirror-like surface. But the base needed to be strong else the ice mirror wouldn't reflect. She asked him, "Why? You could have lived in peace with your brothers and sisters in the castle."

"Because I am the true son of my father. It is his blood that runs in my veins and I was always meant to rule the lands," Erasmus said to her in a matter-of-fact tone. "Something to think about, isn't it? If my father had matched me with Marina, maybe I would have never realised what I am capable of."

When Erasmus walked towards her and grabbed her by her neck, at the same time, Eve, who had grabbed the silt and mud from the ground, threw it right into his eyes.

"You bitch!" Erasmus cursed her, and Eve bit into the palm of his hand, turning it bloody.

Erasmus growled and kicked her, having her thrown a few distances away. He said in rage, "Now you have done it! I will rip those teeth of yours!"

Eve ran as quickly as possible, and she tried to near the sea to use more water or the best way to stop Erasmus was to swim to the far end and disappear. That was a good option, but she was no coward to run away and had a promise to keep.

She quickly hid behind the large tree when Erasmus was rubbing his eyes and trying to catch her. She tried to breath without much noise and heard him say,

"There's no point hiding! I can fucking smell the blood, and it gets stronger as I walk towards you."

Eve looked down at the side of her waist where her dress had been ripped, and blood oozed out. It had happened when Erasmus had thrown her across the bark of the tree, she thought to herself.

When her hands moved down in silence, her eyebrows furrowed, and she reached out to see what it was. Her eyes widened on seeing the dagger. She didn't remember carrying it, and the last she remembered, Vincent had it. Did Nerissa steal it without their knowledge? Eve questioned.

Erasmus exclaimed, "There you are!" And Eve cowered.

But Erasmus had got the wrong tree, which only had Eve's blood marred on it, while she tiptoed carefully away from him. The werewolf turned annoyed, and his yellow eyes moved to the corner as if trying to pick her movements and scent. When he heard the sound of the twig snap, his eyes narrowed, and he hightailed her.

Noticing her stand right there, looking in another direction as she hadn't seen him coming, he leapt and attacked her with his nails grown sharp and big. But what Erasmus didn't expect was to crash into a thick wall of ice that shattered into pieces, and he fell to the ground as he had only attacked Eve's reflection.

Chapter 518 Fighting Spirit Of The Mermaid-Siren
Erasmus hadn't expected to be ticked by Eve, and he tried to get a hold of his footing on the ground. But Eve didn't give him the time, and she brought the dagger out that she had been carrying with her, jumping from behind to stab into his back.

But as much as Eve had planned and fooled the werewolf, it took Erasmus just a second to disappear, and she ended up stabbing the ground in front of her.

"I didn't expect you to use such abilities on me," Erasmus said behind her, while she quickly rolled away to maintain distance from him.

Eve's face scrunched in pain as she could feel the air touching the side of her waist where Erasmus had used his claws. Keeping her eyes on him, she tried to stay alert because this person could appear in front of her and attack her anytime. She could tell he was only playing with her, because if he wanted, he could kill her with a snap. She said,

"You forget that I am a governess."

"Ah, yes," Erasmus nodded as it dawned on him, and he said, "An educated woman with tricks under her sleeves then? Let us see how much your tricks work on me then."

As expected, one second, Erasmus was far away from her, and the next second he came behind her. But when the man's hand reached out to grab her, Eve turned and caught hold of his hand.

"Forfeiting from the fight already? Sam—" Erasmus's words were stuck midway as Eve used the skin contact to create ice, and she began to cover his body in it within a few seconds. "Such silly tricks," he cackled.

Eve didn't stop and continued to use her abilities of water to the fullest by freezing the man until he appeared to be in an ice sculpture. Looking at the sky, she started to head toward the sea as fast as her legs could take her.

But in haste, Eve's foot got stuck in one of the roots that had pushed up from the soil, and she fell to the ground.

The crash had Eve groan as she pushed herself to get up when she felt her feet continue to slip, which had her frown. Pulling up the skirt of her dress, she quickly removed her shoes when her eyes widened, and she whispered,


It was because Eve's feet had turned slimy, and she could see the blue scales starting to form on some sides of her skin there.

At the same time, Erasmus, who was in the ice sculpture, his body started to change, and he used his own abilities to break away from it, sending the pieces of ice flying and hitting sharply on the tree. Eve turned to look at where he was, and she caught sight of him in his slightly transformed self where his face looked rougher, and his teeth were no more human, but they were sharp and big. He appeared to be twice his size, and his feet had torn the shoes he had earlier been wearing to show feet similar to a wolf's.

"You keep forgetting that the magical ability that I have, it isn't some random one but it was gifted by your very own mother. And I must tell you that the power is addicting. You on the other hand," Erasmus started to walk towards where she was on the ground, "You are a creature of the sea. The land is not a feasible one, and with your essence half gone, did you really think you would be able to walk around? The fish cannot survive out of water."

Eve cursed under her breath and looked for the dagger a few steps away from where she was sitting on the ground. She only fell back on the ground when she tried to push herself. Not knowing what else to do, she pressed her palms on the forest ground and gave out a siren cry that echoed through the forest.

"There's no point trying to contact Vincent, because even if he does come here there are a lot of obstacles in here," Erasmus said to her.

But that didn't stop Eve, and from the ground emerged sharp and long spikes and stopped where Erasmus stood. She said, "I will not let the powers that my mother bestowed on us or the one that you stole from Noah be misused by you."

Eve wished Noah had told her about his uncle killing her mother, and during the time in the cave, she had tried to understand the now-deceased Duke. No matter, in the end, Noah had always been her friend even though he had hidden a crucial truth. Trying to help her had resulted in his death, and she wasn't going to let Erasmus win.

While Eve was keeping Erasmus busy, men had been sent to take down the rogue werewolves that James had got Lady Hilda to position at the edge of the forest. The men came armed, carrying guns or daggers in front of them, while keeping a look out for the rogue werewolves.

"ARGGHH!" One of the rogue werewolves jumped on one of the men, and soon gunshots were heard echoing through the forest, while the trained men started to fight the rogues.

"Kill all the rogue werewolves!" One of the men ordered, and the men didn't hold back, but neither did the rogue werewolves that tore the men's arms or heads off their bodies.

And as the fight broke amid the forest, Vincent arrived at the scene as he tried to find Eve. But there seemed to be a protective shield above the forest, making it hard for him to find her and he landed on the ground.

"What the fuck is that?" A nearby rogue asked, his mouth bloody as he had only torn the man's arm off.

Vincent brought his silver gun out from his coat, aiming it at one of the rogues who was trying to attack another person. He pulled the trigger, and the werewolf's head blew up, and he stated,

"This is Vincent fucking Moriarty. Now if any of you would tell where I can find my wife and the bastard that captured her," he pointed the gun at another rogue before blowing the person's head.

Chapter 519 Out Break Of Fight
The rogues turned rabid, baring their teeth as they didn't like the smell of blood that belonged to the other werewolves who were part of their own little rogue group. Soon they started to pounce and attack him.

Vincent used his hands to keep the rogue werewolves at a distance by punching them with enough force to send them flying in the other direction. When another werewolf bared his teeth and was about to bite the pureblooded vampire's shoulder, Vincent bent down while turning around and kicking the person's leg. This had the rogue fall on his back.

Before the rogue could get up, Vincent jumped on him and stuck his hand into the rogue's chest, pulling the beating heart and throwing it at the other rogue's face.

One of the men, who had come to fight the rogues with a dagger questioned his fellow comrade,

"Why is the number of rogue werewolves not reducing?! It feels like our men are falling, and the rogue werewolves are the same, or... increasing."

"It's as if all the rogues are concentrated here," replied another man, who tried to defend himself from the werewolves that tried to chomp his arm.

On the other side, when Vincent tried to move ahead to find Eve, three rogue werewolves and one corrupted vampire who had lost his sense attacked him. The pureblooded vampire noted that James hadn't prepared just the rogue werewolves, but he was also controlling the corrupted vampires to attack them, which seemed never to end.

Vincent ripped the werewolf's heart out, while he dodged the attack of the corrupted vampire.

He caught the other werewolf's hand, twisting the arm and punching the person in his gut.

"Looks like you are out of bullets," snickered one of the rogue werewolves.

"Saving it for the best," Vincent responded, that had the rogue werewolf growl and jump to attack the pureblooded vampire.

Vincent caught hold of the werewolf, bringing the person in front of him when the corrupted vampire tried to attack him, which ended up with the werewolf taking the blow. Gripping the rogue werewolf's head and lower mouth, he pulled it apart, while the rogue werewolf screamed in agony. Blood spilled on the ground, with the scent spreading in the forest.

When Vincent took a look at the sky, it wasn't light blue anymore as it now had orange and pink. He tried to find where Eve was as he fought, but he couldn't sense her, as if she wasn't there and it had him punch the rogues with much more force.

He loaded the bullets into his gun and shot the corrupted vampire who jumped in the air to attack him, blowing the vampire.

"Sire!" One man called Vincent and said, "There are too many rogues and corrupted beings in here."

With time running out and the golden moon ready to ascend into the sky soon, Vincent instructed, "Fall back."

"Sire?" The men fighting the corrupted vampires and rogues looked confused at Vincent's order.

"Run back now. Whatever suits you," Vincent placed his gun back in his pocket.

The men who were fighting along with Vincent quickly passed the message to each other. They started to move away from the pureblooded vampire, while fighting the rogues. Vincent continued to fight, where most of the rogues and deranged vampires started to concentrate and attack him.

When the men fell back on Vincent's order, the pureblooded vampire raised his hand towards his chest, the palm of his hand facing one side. He closed his eyes to concentrate, while the rogues were headed in his direction to rip him apart.

One of the men turned to the other and asked with wide eyes, "What is Mr. Moriarty doing?! He is going to be torn into pieces!"

"Should we go back to where he is?"

"He ordered us to fall back," said another man there.

When Vincent opened his eyes, his eyes were as red as the blood that had spilled on the ground and suddenly, something emitted from him. It was a strong, invisible wave that moved in an outward direction, and when the wave passed through the rogue werewolves and the corrupted vampires, they were forced to fall on their knees and couldn't stand up.

Even the men, who stood far away, felt the pressure in the air that made one of them throw up on the ground. One of them stuttered, 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝘨

"I--Isn't this... the ability to 'command'?"

"Mr. Moriarty stopped the fights with one single movement..."

"I thought it was only a made-up ability!" another man whispered, while staring wide-eyed at Vincent, who was the only one standing.

Back near the cave and the sea, Erasmus sneered at Eve, his nose scrunching as he watched the number of spikes that surrounded Eve and kept him from reaching where she was. Even if he did apparate, there was no telling that he would land in a safe spot, considering there wasn't one, and he would only be injured.

He then laughed, as if he was amused, and he said, "I will accept it. You are smarter than your mother. Smarter than most of the sea creatures. But you forget that I am older and wiser than you, and haven't displayed all my tricks to you," a wide grin appeared on his lips.

The smile was unsettling, and Eve wondered what else Erasmus was hiding. He then started to pull out a tree that was next to him, where the roots hung with mud still stuck to it. He then threw it across the spikes, breaking them and also making his way to where Eve was.

Eve had quietly used the water like a snake to fetch the dagger that had fallen away, and when Erasmus came to by using another tree, she kicked his leg by having him fall and raised the dagger in her hand, ready to stab it into his rotten heart.


Eve's hand froze midair when Erasmus changed his appearance to her mother. For a moment, she lost her thoughts as it had been years since she had remembered her mother this vividly.

Rebecca raised her hand towards Eve's face and said, "My daughter, are you trying to kill me?" She asked in the voice that brought nostalgia to Eve.

With Eve's hesitation, a sly smile appeared on Rebecca's lips, and she quickly pushed Eve to the ground, while snatching the dagger from her.

Chapter 520 Fog In The Forest
Eve knew that the person who hovered above her wasn't her mother because she had buried her mother and put her to rest. But it had been too long since she had seen her mother this clearly as her memories had faded, and she had to rely on her ability of touch to see her mother. Which was seeing her mother breathing with her eyes full of life, it had left her with a frozen expression.

"My dear daughter," Rebecca said to Eve with pity in her eyes. "How could you do this to me? I miss you," she whispered before coming near Eve and staring into her blue and gold eyes. "Come join me where I am."

Eve stared back into her mother's eyes and replied, "I don't know how your mother was, but my mother would have never expected me to die for her. She was a fighter who wanted me to live."

Saying these words, the water that Eve had been accumulating on the ground nearby. She brought the water to her hand, which started to cover into ice and a sharp dagger-like end.

"What a wise woman you have turned into," Rebecca smiled, showing his large set of teeth, and he dragged his hand back which held Eve's dagger and he used all his force to stab Eve so that he could injure her.

But Eve brought her hand covered in an ice dagger and it clashed against the dagger. It didn't stay long as the dagger was no ordinary one and it quickly cracked the ice on her hand. Before the dagger could get to her, Eve pushed Erasmus away from her and tried to crawl away from there. But Erasmus quickly caught hold of her leg which had turned slimy and pulled her back to where she was.

"Where do you think you are going? I have a sacrifice to make," Erasmus hadn't returned to his appearance and continued wearing her mother's appearance to distract Eve. "Look there, the moon is ascending the sky and it is soon going to be time when I send you where your mother is."

When Erasmus raised his hand along with the dagger, a gunshot was heard and to avoid the bullet from hitting him, the werewolf quickly apparated from where he was and away from Eve, while also dropping the dagger next to Eve.

"I didn't know you liked to cross-dress, Erasmus," Vincent said, letting the gun rest on his side. He turned to look at where Eve was, and noticed her on the ground. Even with the distance between them, he could see the scales that had formed across the leg, as if ready to join the legs and feet to form into the sea creature's tail.

Erasmus bitterly chuckled before the smile on his lips lowered, and he said, "I wasn't expecting you here. Not this early at least, brother."

"I would apologise to disappoint you, but you seem to have taken my wife from me," Vincent responded, sliding the gun in his trouser belt.

Eve was happy to see Vincent here and it had her relax her mind and body. It was probably because she had faith in him, knowing there was nothing that could harm her when he was around.

"I was merely taking what rightfully belongs to me," Erasmus finally changed himself back to his usual past appearance, and he ran his fingers through his hair and said, "Seriously what were you thinking coming here? Her essence is with me, and she is going to die."

"It is yet to be known who is going to die. Did you forget that you were unsuccessful even last time?" Vincent questioned Erasmus, as he walked forward.

"That was then, and now is different from what I know and have. I cannot watch you beg, Acheron," Erasmus snickered with pure evil reflecting in his eyes. "Father didn't know better on who was the right heir to the throne and power. But I will show you."

"Did you know what happened to the couple who killed the golden goose, Erasmus?" Vincent questioned calmly before answering, "They were sent to hell in the living world because they had no golden eggs anymore. You shouldn't have brought Eve here. It would have been wise if you continued your life with no one knowing who you are, just like how you were in the past. A nobody."

Erasmus turned angry at Vincent's words, and his eyes turned bright yellow in the oncoming shadows that were forming in the forest. Soon his body started to bulk and tore the shirt that he was wearing, while his face started to morph into the werewolf's face. Eve had never seen a werewolf transform before, and she realised Erasmus's form was huge. The werewolf stood on his hing legs, baring his ferocious teeth at Vincent.

Erasmus growled, "Watch me kill her with my bare hands!"

Vincent was in no mood to joke either and in no time, his wings appeared from his back, spreading wide like a spider ready to lay traps to its prey. Eve, who was watching him, noticed his face started to morph with his ears growing pointier at the top and his eyes turning into slits. His face held a hollow gaunt appearance as if taking the form of the first vampire that walked on these lands.

"Why don't you try it," Vincent taunted Erasmus, who sneered at him.

When Erasmus tried to apparate from where he stood to reach where Eve was on the ground, Vincent used his ability of command, and this had Erasmus's body freeze and move in pauses. It gave the pureblooded vampire the time to swoop in by flying where the werewolf was and punching him right in the gut and kicking him, having Erasmus fly and hit the two trees, one after another.

Vincent chuckled and watched Erasmus on the ground, as the werewolf pushed himself to stand up. He said, "You seem surprised, Erasmus. Did you think you were the only one who took something from our father."

The werewolf spat the blood on the ground and stared at his brother, "Bastard…" he cursed, and he wiped his mouth before he laughed, "It is good to know that I wasn't the only one who stole something. I didn't know you could steal our father's ability that the sea goddess gave him."

Erasmus tried to apparate once again, and he almost succeeded reaching where Eve was, but Vincent's wings were fast, and he caught Erasmus's leg and threw him on the ground.

"It isn't stealing if I asked him, is it?" Vincent smiled at Erasmus. "He realised his mistake, but it seems like you haven't."

"The only mistake is that my father thought you were superior to me, when between us, I was the older one," Erasmus then raised his hand and a beam of orange light was sent towards Vincent that hit the pureblooded vampire. He laughed at seeing the burns on Vincent's body and said, "It will be a pity, brother. To think that the blood we share isn't thicker than the need to rule this world."

Vincent placed his hands on his knees, huffing for air and he said, "I believe you are the only one who wants to rule." 

"Then let me take the rule!" Erasmus spoke in excitement. He said, "You can go about your—"

Vincent started to cackle and sighed before saying, "Isn't it time we end what was started many years ago? You don't think I would agree by having you sacrifice the woman I love."

Erasmus grinned at Vincent and said, "Look at you, you are burning like a log of wood. Do you think you are a match for me? Even though you have a few abilities, it isn't enough to keep you alive."

Soon Vincent and Erasmus came near each other and started to fight with their hands and legs.

They used their abilities and strength to the maximum level as they fought each other. Erasmus moved his hand forward, his hand pistoning and trying to land a punch, while Vincent dodged it by his hand. When the pureblooded vampire went to kick Erasmus, the werewolf caught hold of his leg and tried to swing him, ready to throw him far away so that he could start his ritual with the sea creature.

Erasmus finally was able to punch Vincent's jaw upwards and then his stomach that had him fall on the ground. But Vincent's endurance was better than most and before the werewolf could get a bite from him, he grabbed the branch on the ground and pushed it against the werewolf's mouth that was snapping at him.

The moon had ascended into the sky and now burned brightly with a golden light that blazed around it.

Eve looked at the sky and then looked back at the two men fighting against each other. One who wanted her dead, while the other wanted to protect her. She had to get her strength back then sit here and do nothing!

With that thought, she looked at the far end where she could hear the sound of waves.

Eve raised her hands and with a deep breath, she used her ability to draw the salt water out of the sea and bring it where she was before it fell on her body until she was completely drenched in it. Soon the scales that had formed on her skin started to disappear. Though the fatigue was still there as her essence was missing, she was now able to stand on her feet.

When she turned back to the fight, Eve noticed Vincent had brought his bat wings to shield himself from the fire that Erasmus's hand was emitting. But no matter how much fire was sent, it didn't burn the wings. Erasmus growled and said,

"Now you cannot fly anymore." He turned to look at Eve and said, "It is time for you to die," he brought his hand forward, which showed the large and sharp claws on his hand.

Eve said, "You speak a lot. Instead of ending things quickly."

Erasmus replied to this, "Let us end this then!" He then turned to look at Vincent, who had got back on his feet. The werewolf brought his hands forward, and a roar of fire emerged out, and at the same time, Eve used the water to interrupt the direction of the heat. The trees caught fire, and soon it started to spread to the other trees as Vincent dodged and got closer to Erasmus.

At the same time, Eve threw the dagger towards Vincent, who caught hold of it.

With the little distance between them, Vincent quickly got hold of Erasmus's collar and punched the werewolf in his gut, which had Erasmus throw up blood. But before Vincent could attack him one more time, the werewolf quickly apparated from his place and appeared right behind Eve.

Erasmus wheezed for air, while he looked excited as he stood in front of Eve. With a large grin, he said,

"Looks like it's finally time." But just as he said this, a mist started to form in the air, hindering each other's visions. For a moment, Eve wondered if it was Vincent or Erasmus, but it was neither. Erasmus questioned, "What the hell is this?!"

Eve took this opportunity to step away from Erasmus as quietly as possible without his notice.

The fog that formed in the atmosphere and around them, started to slowly extinguish the fire that had earlier been spreading around the forest. Smoke started to drift from the trees in the air that had been burning.

Vincent's eyes narrowed when his eyes looked through the fog where Erasmus stood, while Eve heard a woman singing a song. The song felt serene as if she was home after a long time. Erasmus didn't realise Eve had stepped away because he saw the continuous shadow that stood in front of him.