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Chapter 501 Night At The Council
The tears rolled down Eve's pale cheeks and when they left her, they had turned into pearls. Vincent quickly caught them in the air without letting one of them hit the ground.

With her emotions that had broken free, she realised the predicament she would be putting herself in if people in here were to discover who she truly was. She tried to hold back her tears, but it was hard to do with Noah's body in front of her.

She wanted to cry more, but this wasn't the place to do it.

Vincent placed a comforting arm around her shoulders and said, "Let us finish what we came here to do. I will keep them distracted so that you can take your time."

Eve couldn't stop staring at Noah's body, and she faintly heard Vincent's words before she nodded and whispered, "Okay."

"Just a little longer," Vincent promised her, and he walked past her and the table to reach where the three physicians worked for the Council. He said to Ms. Clarks, "Show me the sample."

"Here it is, Sire," the woman stepped away from the device to let Vincent step forward.

While Vincent spoke to the council members, Eve was left next to Noah and her hand trembled when she raised it towards him.

Eve whispered in question, "What happened to you, Noah?" In some part of her mind, Noah was the person who would always be there around. Even though she had never admitted it out loud, she had always depended on his wisdom and believed it. The man was kind and pure, and knowing that he had reached his end this soon was baffling.

Eve slowly slipped her hand into his resting hand to find the truth of what had happened to him. His hand was cold as ice. She pressed her fingers on his, half wanting to support him, and she finally closed her eyes to read his memories.

But after thirty seconds of Eve trying to read Noah, her eyes snapped open and she screamed loud enough for the people in the room to be startled.

One of the male physicians turned and asked, "What happened?!"

Vincent, who heard Eve's scream and her heart racing in her chest, was quick to leave where he was seated and came to her side. Eve had moved away from the table and had fallen on the ground.

"Eve! Are you alright?" Vincent tried to read her, and all he found was her being scared. Her body trembled, and he grabbed her before having her stand.

"Is the lady alright? Did something happen?" Asked the other male physician, who looked at Eve, then a dead Noah and then the room as if waiting to catch Noah's ghost floating around.

Vincent offered a slight smile and responded, "The lady isn't used to seeing dead people. It would be best for me to take her out of here, and let her rest a little. I will talk to you later, Clarks."

The woman nodded briefly, watching the couple leave the laboratory room. Vincent noticed how Eve looked as pale as a ghost, and she didn't speak but stared. He took her to his office room, burning the wood logs and having her sit on the couch before putting a spare blanket around her, which he took out from the room cupboard.

Vincent then poured a glass of water for Eve before bringing it to her.

"Drink it," he said when he noticed the reluctance in her eyes.

Eve took it with both hands, while Vincent sat down next to her, watching her blue eyes dilate. She took a couple of sips before returning the glass to him. Her eyes watered, and more tears slipped from her eyes and this time, he didn't stop her, and neither did she. Pearls bounced on the ground, moving in a different direction but not too far from where they sat.

Vincent gave her heart some time to settle, and he then patiently asked her, "What did you see in Noah, Eve?"

Eve's eyes moved to meet Vincent's gaze, and she shook her head, "Nothing."

Vincent frowned at Eve's words, and he asked her, "What do you mean nothing?"

It wasn't that Eve wasn't able to see Noah's memories, because when she did... "It felt cold and dark. I have touched things that hold no memory. Like an empty shell... But his, I can still sense the coldness like an abyss of darkness." There were goosebumps on her entire body.

When Eve had closed her eyes while keeping contact with Noah, it was as if she had fallen into an endless darkness that didn't let her breathe or see. There was literally nothing in there. She whispered, "Someone did something very bad to him..." She shook her head, with tears still gleaming down her eyes. "I cannot read him, Vince. The longer I tried to read him, even though it was barely a few seconds, it felt like I was inking myself with it for an eternity."

Eve wanted to help Noah but was scared to read him again. Because she had found nothing in there but an empty shell.

Vincent put his arms around her and buried her in his protection. He said, "It's alright. We don't have to find things through him," he gently rubbed her back, feeling her body run through tremors before she broke down further into an uncontrollable fit of pain. 

They stayed the night at the Council. Eve slept on the couch of Vincent's office room, while he watched over her. Hours passed, and before the wake of dawn, someone knocked on the door. When he opened it, he noticed it was none other than Patton.

"Mr. Moriarty, you are back!" Patton exclaimed, and Vincent's eyes narrowed.

"Hush your excitement. The lady sleeps and I prefer that she rests and doesn't wake up," Vincent replied in a low voice, and Patton's eyes, which moved to look at a sleeping Eve, and he quickly zipped his mouth.

Patton nodded, and Vincent waved his hand outside before stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him.

"How was your trip to the North, Sire? Is the palace as stunning as it appears from afar?" Patton asked, but Vincent replied,

"How would you feel if your lover was stolen and you found her after many years?"

Patton blinked, wondering if this was some sort of a puzzle and he asked, "Uh..." Was there another woman before Lady Genevieve? Thought Patton in his mind.

"Angry is the right answer. Especially when you find out the person who stole your lover is dead," Vincent stated with a grim expression.

The councilman's eyes furrowed, slightly confused, and he nodded and added a shrug to it, "I guess, Sire. Did you hear about what happened to Duke Noah? It is all everyone can speak about right now."

"Mm, we visited him before coming here. Did you hear anything interesting about it?" Vincent asked the man.

"Word is that the poison that was used was the nightingale. Used by a witch, but the flower from which the nightingale is made, it has gone extinct. You will not find it anywhere, Sire," Patton explained to him with a constant frown. "Is it possible that the potion was stored for many years?"

"That's highly unlikely. It must have been obtained by a witch who runs in higher circles than the ones we catch and kill," Vincent hummed thoughtfully. On seeing Clayton walking in the other corridor, he said, "Patton, stay here at the door. I will return in two minutes."

Patton nodded, guarding the door behind him. Vincent caught up to Clayton, and the Head Council looked slightly surprised by the pureblooded presence at this hour.

"Are you here waiting to hear about Noah's autopsy?" Clayton asked Vincent.

"I came here for a special autopsy myself but something is amiss. Clayton, did you take a look at Noah's body? Make contact with his body?" Vincent questioned the small-looking vampire.

Clayton paused his footsteps and faced Vincent with a sullen expression. He said, "Seems like you found something similar to I have. Was it Eve?" And though he questioned and Vincent stared back at him, he continued to say, "Something is strange about the body. Usually I can detect something at least. Some sort of emotions or threads of ability, but right now. Noah's body echoes like a blank slate. As if there was nothing in there."

The Head Council appeared to hold an unsettling feeling in his chest as he thought about it. He said, "The poison was given by an B list witch. Though it doesn't make sense why a witch would go so far as to kill a Duke, and I don't think Noah was a weak man. I have seen him fight before."

That made sense, Vincent thought to himself.

With the witch's poison running in Noah's blood, the first and obvious suspicion would be the witch. But that wasn't who they were supposed to look for. Vincent said,

"Considering how Noah was good at combat and not any regular person but a Duke while he was a werewolf, he probably let his guard down with the person whom he was with, or the one who stabbed him," Vincent stated, and it had Clayton nod in agreement.

"I heard from the Sullivans that Noah was on his way home from the East side, and both he and his coachman was found dead," Clayton told him.

"Coachman too?" Vincent asked.

"That's what his family told us. His coachman's body was found in Theserk Hills, and Noah's body in the inner edge of the forest," Clayton explained before he sighed. "James Sullivan mentioned that he had sent Noah for a family work to the East, and it is possible that the person who was targeting their business, is also responsible for his nephew's death."

"Where is the coachman's body?" Vincent asked as he didn't remember catching sight of it.

"The head was severed from the body. It's in the laboratory. Not of much use," Clayton added then, "A quick interrogation was with the people of Woodlock, inside and out, but no one saw them enter the town. Strangely no one saw them at Theserk Hills either, so they were lured in the forest."

"It is a plausible theory," Vincent remarked. "I have a favour to ask from you, Clayton."

"I cannot give you access to the case if that is what you are going to ask me. Because the Sullivans want the werewolves to work on it and don't want any vampires," Clayton said, which had the pureblooded vampire tilt his head in question.

"Is it because they think the vampires have a hand in the Duke's death? That's quite interesting and makes me wonder where it's coming from," Vincent's eyes narrowed a little. "Anyways, that's not what I was going to ask for. I need to have access to his body after the results of his autopsy is out."

Clayton glared at Vincent, "You ask for the impossible. The Sullivans will not let that happen, and he will be buried like any other respectful person. What do you even want to do by accessing his body?"

"If I say I want to dissect it, would you agree?" Vincent asked with his bright eyes looking at the Head Council, who was nowhere amused by his words. "No one is telling not to bury him. But I need you to keep his body in a preserved state, and I will have it arranged. The Moriarty family are very good at wanting to preserve the dead and the undead. The deceased Duke is tied to something I am involved in. At least until the full moon shows up and leaves."

"If you can have it arranged in two days, all is well. Else there's nothing I can do," Clayton replied, not knowing what and why Vincent was doing. "Even if the autopsy result of the body comes out in a few hours, it will be buried only the next morning. I believe the Sullivans have already begun to circulate the news with the people whom they are close to."

Vincent was more than happy with Clayton's words, and he said, "I will need to know where he will be buried. So that I can prepare the grave space to be accommodating."

"I will let you know once I hear about it," Clayton murmured, and his eyes moved from one end of the corridor to the other end of the corridor. With no one there, he turned back to look at Vincent and warned, "Careful, Vincent. It takes only a little miss for the fault to come fall on you. Any guess on who might have killed Noah?"

Clayton asked this because he didn't believe it was a powerful witch or a witcher who was the cause of the Duke's death.

"I think it would do us well to know what Noah has been up to recently that he was interrupted or if he upset someone one," Vincent replied to the Head Council. "Let me know if you find something," and he made his way back towards the room.


Chapter 502 Use Of The Vial
Eve woke up from her sleep when she heard one of the logs of wood snap in the fireplace. Pushing herself to sit up, her eyes noticed the fireplace fizzling out as if the coals had burned the most they could. But it wasn't the crackling woods that had woken her up from her sleep, but the distant sobs that came from outside the room.

The sobs felt nothing less than heartbreak as if in anguish and pain. As the room began to darken, her feet began to move and made its way towards the door before she opened it.

Eve followed the sobs, and when she finally reached the end of the corridor and in the garden, her eyes fell on a woman who sat on the bench. The woman wore a white dress, the same dress she had seen the person wear many weeks ago in her dream. The woman looked like her, and she finally realised why she previously saw someone like her. It was the sister from the past.

She stood there in silence, listening to the woman continue sobbing against the silence surrounding them. Building courage, her lips parted,


The young woman suddenly stopped crying and turned to look at Eve with her golden eyes. The woman said, "You finally found me, sister."

Eve pursed her lips before replying, "I didn't know you were waiting for me..." A strong breeze moved in the direction where they were.

One stood, and the other sat at the bench with evident tears that had spilt from her eyes down her cheeks. Nerissa said to Eve, "I have been waiting for you to find me, for so long. For so many years, Marina."

Eve gulped the ball of anxiousness that bubbled up her throat, "H--how do you know that it is me?"

By what people often described a siren to be, Nerissa barely scratched the surface of the description. Instead, she sat there with unmatched beauty that Eve didn't know a person could put another into a trance. The sadness seemed to disappear from the siren's eyes, and she said,

"It is because you are my sister, my other half. I would never not know. I prayed to be with you in this birth. To protect you. You made a mistake by marrying the man who comes from Gauntlet's bloodline. They are not to be trusted."

"Vincent is a good man, and even in the past.... He fought for us."

"Fought for you," came the siren's cold words. "We need to end this. Kill the brothers."

Eve's eyes widened in alarm, and she said firmly, "I won't let you hurt him, Nerissa. Vincent isn't like King Gauntlet or... Erasmus. Do not hurt him."

"Are you telling me that you will fight your very own sister?" Nerissa looked visibly upset and stood up from the bench. "You do know that all it takes is a little force for me to overpower you? He killed you. I saw it."

Eve said to the young woman, "What you saw is not the truth. I killed... myself. It wasn't him. We couldn't keep two daggers, because that would mean a repeat of the past we have already passed through. We need to end it... But something has gone wrong. Erasmus's descendant is dead now."

The siren's eyes turned into slits and she asked, "He cannot be dead. Not when I am alive."

This had Eve look at Nerissa with a confused expression, "What do you mean?"

Nerissa looked away from Eve, looking ahead of her and said, "Our fates are tied. The prophecy of the sea says to break the curse, the last male descendants should die by our hands. Two sacrifices are to be made. That's the only right way to stop this curse. Else people will continue to suffer, ours and theirs. There's no way the bastard is dead," she said with gritted teeth. "Whoever killed the person, the person must have stolen every essence that belonged to Erasmus. It is destiny, of whoever apart from us kills the brothers, they will take the soul. Do you know who killed the descendant?"

Eve shook her head, "We don't know. They say it's a witch."

Nerissa looked back into Eve's eyes and said, "Find the person quickly, because the golden moon is near and whoever it is, is trying to find you too." When the siren next moved her lips, and Eve at first didn't understand, "...mother's vial. Gift it to someone you trust."

She should have known... The siren was a part of her, which was the siren knew she had the vial.

Suddenly the siren screamed and opened her mouth and screamed in pain, and the scream was shrill enough for her to flinch. Though Nerissa looked angry, she was wailing, and it made Eve wonder if maybe... it was because the siren could feel death...

Wanting to comfort the woman, she placed her hand on Nerissa, but suddenly her hand turned wet as if touching the water.

When Eve looked down at her hand, a gasp escaped her lips as she noticed blood dripping down her body. Suddenly Nerissa was no more crying, but her hands clutched to her bloody stomach.

"Why did you do it, sister?" Nerissa asked her before rage started to consume her, and this time, she screamed louder than before, running right into her.

The next moment, Eve woke up with a gasp, feeling sweat trickling down the back of her body. Her eyes moved around the room, where the fire in the fireplace burned brightly and she heard the door open, before Vincent entered. Her mind was a little hazy from the sleep she had pulled herself out from.

"Where did you go?" Eve asked slightly anxious.

Vincent closed the door, locking it before he walked to where she was. He said, "I went to talk to Clayton. Hard to sleep?"

Eve nodded, "I had a dream... of Nerissa."

"Doesn't sound like it was a good one if it woke you up," Vincent sat next to her, "Do you want to talk about it? Or maybe later, as there's still time for the autopsy report and you can catch some sleep."

"Will you sleep with me?" Eve asked him, and Vincent noticed how his wife wanted to stay close to him now. Closer than usual.

They laid down together on the couch with Eve in Vincent's arms. But he could hear her wakeful heart as if she was thinking something. After a few minutes, she said, "The vial... we could use it to bring back Noah, isn't it?"

"We could," Vincent brushed Eve's hair.

That would be the right thing to do, Eve thought to herself. She then said, "Nerissa said I should give the vial to someone I trust."

"She doesn't want you to use it? Probably isn't a good luck potion," Vincent said, when Eve raised her head to meet his eyes. "What else did she say?"

Eve's eyebrows furrowed as she recollected her dream and she said, "We didn't get to speak much about it, because she was bleeding as if I hurt her..." her voice trailed.

Vincent, who had a calm demeanour until now, his eyes narrowed and he said, "I think I know why she wants you to give it away. Because you will need it in the future."

Chapter 503 Prepare The Black Dress
Eve had a little doubt when Nerissa had told her to give the vial to someone she trusted, but she hadn't expected she would be the one who would need it. She pulled her head away from Vincent's chest that she had been resting on until now and asked him,

"Does this mean I need to die for everything to be put to an end?"

"I won't let that happen. I lost you once in the past, I won't lose you again," Vincent said in a serious tone, and he asked her, "Where is the vial, Eve?"

"It's in my coat," Eve replied, and she sat upright. Fishing her hand in her coat's pockets, she finally pulled out the glass vial. But as she wasn't dying and didn't have an immediate use for it, her kind heart wanted to save Noah. She said, "Would it be so bad as to use this on Noah to bring him back to life?"

Vincent pushed himself to sit right next to her, staring into her curious eyes, and he said, "You should know better that I will always choose you over anyone and everyone. Even myself. We both know your dreams aren't simple, and it relates to something that is going to happen in the future. You cannot save everyone, Eve."

"But we can always help the people who are in reach, can't we?" Eve asked him.

Why was it that the people close and dear to her were subjected to death before their actual time came? She wanted everyone to be happy and at peace.

Vincent placed his hand on Eve's hand that rested on the surface of the couch. He said, "I know letting go is the hardest, and it hurts. That you cannot protect and save the people you love. But you need to look at the future and not about the present. Maybe one day we'll find a way to resurrect the dead."

"Will the future be better?" Eve's words turned into a whisper.

"The future consists of uncertainties we haven't seen, but I promise to stay next to you and reduce that burden that you feel in your chest. And for that, you will need to live," Vincent said. 

Eve nodded and when Vincent raised his hand in front of her, she placed the vial in the palm of his hand and said, "I will give this to you, Vince. Because you are the man whom I trust with my heart and soul."

"And I intend to keep that trust, my girl," Vincent slipped the vial into his own coat and somewhere a little more at ease. Not because of the vial but knowing Eve could still be saved if something worse happened. He said, "If at the end of everything, we don't need the vial, I will return it back to you. So that you can use it on whoever you want."

When Vincent said it that way, it opened a whole lot of options. Because no one knew what the future held, and it wasn't just Noah, but there was also her mother, who was resting. If she looked into Vincent's eyes, there was his mother Lady Katherina, who could be brought back to life. The possibilities were endless, Eve thought to herself.

As the dawn broke through, the clouds that had hovered in the sky at night had disappeared, letting the sun rays pass and touch the grounds of Darthmore. It was after Vincent and Eve had finished their breakfast in the private room in the Council, did they receive the information from Patton.

"Sire, the physicians have finished studying the samples in the body and the autopsy is complete," Patton informed at the door with a scroll in his hands.

Vincent walked to where Patton was and took the scroll from him. After reading it, he said, "Seems like the evidence in the body points to the witch. Patton."

"Yes, Sire?" Patton was quick to respond.

"Find out who has been growing nightingale. Make sure you trap the smallest to the biggest witches in the forest," Vincent ordered and Patton nodded.

"Right away!" Patton was ready to leave, but then he paused and said, "I heard the Sullivans will be burying the body in their family cemetery. In Woodlock."

"Is that so," Vincent hummed with a severe look in his eyes. He then said, "Connect me with the grave keeper. Have the channel built to the grave that is being dug for the deceased Duke. Do it discreetly. Can you handle it?"

"I shall contact Horatio for it. He would help me with it," Patton answered, and Vincent dismissed the councilman from the front of his room.

With them being left alone, Vincent turned to look at Eve, who had been listening to them speak and he said, "It is time to get a black dress for you, my wife."

Eve's face held a slight frown on it, as the heaviness in her chest hadn't disappeared and she felt like it was going to suffocate her in her throat.

Far away from Darthmore, in the town of Meadow, for the Dawson, it was a new day and a happy one as they hadn't heard the news about Duke Noah Sullivan's death. They had moved back into their home and town, but the most important was the day for Eugene to go to the Council.

But it wasn't just Eugene who was going to visit the Council, as Rosetta was accompanying him. The vampiress asked,

"Do you think they will let me visit my parents?"

"Mr. Moriarty said that he has always put a word about you coming to visit them, so they will allow you just fine," Eugene assured her, and she looked nervous right now.

Rosetta hadn't seen her parents since the day they had been dragged away from Hollow Valley. She wondered how they were doing and if they were fine. She didn't know how they would react to seeing her, especially when, in their eyes, she had betrayed them.

Chapter 504 Servant About To Be A Council Clerk
Lady Aubrey came to stand next to Rosetta and placed a warm hand on the vampiress's shoulder. She said, "Don't worry too much, Rosetta. As hard as it was before, they are still your parents." The elderly woman then turned to look at Eugene and said, "Make sure you accompany her there, Eugene."

"Of course, Lady Aubrey," Eugene offered a bow to the respected woman. "Shall we leave now?" He asked his wife, who nodded twice just out of nervousness.

Eugene and Rosetta climbed on the coachman's seat, sitting in the front together before they left the front of the house. And while the couple left for the Council, Lady Aubrey decided to take a walk in the town as it had been quite some time since she had strolled through the streets she was familiar with.

With the weather perfect enough to keep the cold away as the sun was out, Lady Aubrey picked up her long staff before locking the house and placing her foot on the streets of the Meadow. The birds chirped, and so did the people of the town.

"Lady Aubrey! How lovely to see you! Did you just return?" Asked one of the women from the town, who offered her a bow.

"Good morning. Yes, we moved back yesterday. How are you doing, Agatha?" Lady Aubrey asked in politeness.

"Very well, milady. I was wondering if Genevieve is continuing her job as a governess. I was hoping to send my daughter to her," the woman chimed with a smile.

"That sounds wonderful," Lady Aubrey said with a smile. Society, Lady Aubrey thought in her mind. The same people who had once questioned about her teaching Eve were now keen on teaching their daughters.

"I cannot wait to have my daughter learn under her. She is a remarkable woman!" The woman named Agatha said loudly for the older woman to smile.

Eve had indeed turned into a remarkable woman, Lady Aubrey thought to herself. She woman had taught Eve everything she knew, but it wasn't her teachings but the way Eve truly was, which exhibited the right qualities.

The town people looked at Lady Aubrey with more respect than before. It was because she was now related to the highly known Moriarty family. People bowed down to the wealth, power, and status that Eve had married into.

"Good morning, Lady Aubrey!" Another townsfolk greeted her.

"Good morning," Lady Aubrey politely smiled. In the opposite direction, she saw Mrs. Humphrey and Patrick walking after visiting the market as they carried groceries in their arms.

Mrs. Humphrey quickly stopped walking and offered a deep bow, "Lady Aubrey, it is good to see you!"

"I wish I could say the same after what I heard, Mrs. Humphrey," Lady Aubrey responded after she had heard about the incident the townsfolk had put Eve through during her absence. "But what happened is in the past, and I believe you have grown wiser than the last time we saw each other."

Mrs. Humphrey nodded with her eyes on the ground or looking elsewhere without meeting Lady Aubrey's eyes as she was too ashamed. It was because their house had been burned down almost to the ground during the outbreak of the fire in the town. Though later, it was built up by the help of Eve's husband.

"My sincere apologies, milady. We heard it from that woman, and misconstrued it with wrong information. My son and I have learned our lesson," Mrs. Humphry then jabbed her son's side, who quickly bowed.

Patrick said to Lady Aubrey, "If there is anything you need help with, please don't hesitate in letting me know, Lady Aubrey. My family and I will be more than happy to help you with anything."

Lady Aubrey stared at the duo and responded, "I will be sure to let you know if there's anything," and she walked past them.

When she came across the stand where the newsletter was being sold, she heard the young boy shout to the walking crowd,

"Fresh news! News about the Duke's death! Come read it! Only two shillings!"

Lady Aubrey walked towards the young boy and pulled out her purse before giving the boy three shillings. The boy offered a more heartfelt smile at the sight of the extra shilling before he handed the newsletter to the older woman.

She walked to the side as she read the front page that read-- 'Duke Noah Sullivan murdered' in block letters, and this had her eyebrows furrow deeply.

"What in God's name..." Lady Aubrey whispered as her eyes raked through the news in there.

Like Lady Aubrey, others who read the news were shocked to hear that the young Duke of Woodlock had been murdered. One of them asked,

"How did this happen? When a Duke isn't safe, how can we expect people like us to be safe here at all?!"

Whispers and murmurs followed, while Lady Aubrey wondered if Eve had heard about it and, if she had, what was going on in her mind. With that thought, the older woman cut short her stroll and returned to her home with the newsletter.

By the time Eugene and Rosetta's carriage arrived at the Council, the news about Noah's death had reached everyone. Some of them made plans for early tea so that this matter could be discussed and shared on who knew what. 

Eugene parked the carriage in the parking place, and they walked towards the building. Rosetta walked closely next to her husband and whispered,

"This place looks busier than usual."

"Have you visited the Council before?" Eugene asked her, and she nodded.

"I have. A few times in the past with my father, because I used to like walking in these corridors..." Rosetta replied to Eugene before clearing her throat. It was because, in the past, she had come here with the intention of snagging a councilman as her husband. It was because her mother had brought her up with the thought that she was supposed to find a man of status to marry, and she had only followed it until she met Eugene. She said in a low voice, "I think they are working on some high profile case, which is why there's so many feet out in the corridor."

As it was the first time Eugene was in the Council's corridors, his black eyes looked at everything that moved and stood. Once they went to submit the application letter that he had in his hand, in one of the offices, the main clerk informed,

"You will need to wait two days for the application to be submitted. Usually the approval takes a few hours, but the Council has been busy since yesterday and has been buried in other work." The clerk didn't know why the Council was hiring a human when hiring a vampire, or a werewolf would do them well.

Eugene nodded, "That's fine. I am more than happy to receive the work here."

"Mm, your qualifications seem alright, though you don't have an actual degree. But your recommendation is strong," the clerk said, eyeing the application in his hand, which had the Moriarty's house's name and stamp on it.

Chapter 505 Woeful Parents
Eugene proudly said, "My mistress is a former governess. She taught me what she knew." To add to that, Rosetta said,

"That's right. Lady Aubrey taught Vincent Moriarty's wife and his youngest sister. Eugene is a quick learner," the vampiress praised with a dutiful nod.

The clerk looked at the couple and then said to Eugene, "We will inform you when the application gets processed. You can start your work here, and your wage will be discussed at that time."

"I cannot wait for it," Eugene offered a bow, and with Rosetta, he stepped away from the office room.

Eugene and Rosetta, after visiting the office, now walked towards the other building, which was located farther away from the main buildings. They walked towards the dungeon, where Rosetta's parents were confined in the cell rooms.

The nervousness and anxiety were back to bite the vampiress, and she fiddled with her handkerchief. When they reached the front, the guards there looked at them with intimidating eyes.

"Commoners aren't allowed in here. Go back where you came from," said one of the guards with a gruff voice.

"We are here to visit Walter and Aurora Hooke," Eugene let the guard know and added, "We were told by Mr. Vincent Moriarty that we could visit."

"Do you have the seal?" The guard questioned him, and Eugene quickly pulled out the folded envelope, handing it to the person. The guard unrolled the parchment and didn't bother to read the content but only noticed the signature before he jerked his head and ordered, "Follow me."

Eugene asked Rosetta, "Would you like to talk to them alone? I don't mind staying out here and waiting for you."

"No! Come with me!" Rosetta quickly caught hold of Eugene's hand in hers as if not wanting to part from him and wanting his moral support and physical presence while facing her parents.

"Okay. Let us go then," Eugene offered her an encouraging smile, and they followed the guard inside the dungeon.

The dungeon was slightly dark, with only little windows that wasn't enough to let much light inside the dungeon. Rosetta picked up the pungent smell in the air from the cells, which was or had been used by the prisoners here. Rosetta doubted she would be able to survive in the place even for a day.

While Rosetta walked, someone jumped from inside the cell to the iron grills and shouted, "Help me, lady!"

The sudden action had Rosetta crash into Eugene, who put his hand around her waist to keep her close. The prisoner begged to her,

"Please! Please! Help me! I didn't do anything and was put here!"

The guard leading the couple raised his baton and hit it against the iron rods that dinged loudly, enough to have the prisoner move back, cowering in fear.

When they finally arrived at the cell, the guard turned to Eugene and said, "This is the one. Go ahead. Five minutes. That is all the time you get before I come to fetch you. I will be counting the time." Saying this, the guard left them be.

Rosetta didn't walk to the front and show herself as her heart was beating too loudly. She heard Eugene assuring her,

"Don't be scared. I am here."

The vampiress finally took four steps in front of the cell, and if it weren't for the torch of fire burning in front of the cell room, it would have been an utterly dark place to step into.

"R—Rosetta?!" Rosetta heard her mother whisper her name. "Is that you??"

"Mother?" Rosetta stepped in front of the cell.

When Rosetta's mother approached where she stood, the young vampiress's eyes widened on noticing her mother's condition. Next was her father, who came to see her, and both of them were in a far worse state than she had imagined.

She felt guilt starting to brew in her chest, and she asked, "Mother… father…" her lips trembled.

"Oh, Rosetta! It is so good to see you here!" Her father exclaimed.

Her parents were barely recognizable. How many days had passed since they had seen each other? No matter what had happened in the past, Rosetta was still attached to her parents and tears formed in her eyes. Their clothes were torn and mixed with blood and dirt, the stench of the place and their eyes were hollow. As if they had been left to starve.

Lady Aurora said to Rosetta, "It is good that you are here. You must have come to free us from here, right?"

Rosetta was at a loss for words and stared at her mother with sadness. Her mother repeated the question,

"You are here to take us out of this place, aren't you? Rose!"

"I am sorry, mother…" Rosetta said with guilt dripping from her voice. "It isn't time yet."

"What do you mean?! We have been here forever! What are you doing here then?" Rosetta heard her father say to her; his voice sounded weak yet contained anger.

"Do not speak to her in such a tone," Eugene stepped up, standing next to Rosetta.

Lady Aurora's eyes widened before they narrowed at Eugene, "What are you doing here?" She asked with gritted teeth.

"I am her husband and it is my duty to accompany her," Eugene responded, where there was a mild glare in the way he stared back at the woman who had caused trouble in his family.

Lady Aurora wanted to snap at the human, and she took a step forward, raising her hand even though on the other side of the grill, but she whined in pain,


The older vampiress placed her hand on her lower back as the lashes continued to feel fresh, and she hadn't been able to sleep well. Tears formed in her eyes, and she whimpered, "Oh, Rosie! Look at what they did to us? They said we killed your beloved aunt Camille when we had nothing to do with it! The days here have been unbearable and I haven't been able to sit with support or lay down to sleep," Lady Aurora complained.

Rosetta felt even worse and heard her father say, "We thought we could keep the family name, keep everyone happy by marrying into the Moriarty family, Rosetta… Why did you do this to us? Haven't I fulfilled every wish of yours?"

"I—I never wanted to marry Vincent Moriarty. I am sorry," a tear slipped from Rosetta's eyes.

Lady Aurora moved her hand between the gap of the rusty iron rods and picked up her daughter's hand, "I am sorry, Rose. We never knew that you were so against it. We were so blind, that we didn't realise."

"Forgive me for what I did. I will do my best to get you both out of this place! I promise!" Rosetta was happy that her mother had turned a new leaf, and she wished to help her parents. So that they wouldn't be tortured anymore. "I am so sorry!" She sobbed.

"Oh, darling. Come here," Lady Aurora raised her arms so that she could hug her daughter.

"I am so sorry," Rosetta cried, hugging her mother with the iron rod between them. 

Lady Aurora rubbed her daughter's back and said, "Everything will be fine, Rose. You will see. Once we get out of here, everything will be fine." She looked at Eugene with her eyes narrowed at him.