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Chapter 506 We Are All In The Same Boat
On feeling her mother's arms tighten around her, Rosetta asked, "Mother?"

"Yes, Rose?" Lady Aurora released her hands around her daughter and brought her hands back inside the cell. She looked at her daughter, who was the ticket for her to get out of this horrible place. Never had she imagined that the place she had sent people to would be the place she would be living in.

Rosetta said to her mother, "You haven't greeted my husband Eugene since we arrived." She turned to Eugene and raised her hand towards him.

Eugene took his wife's hand before stepping right next to her. He noticed how Lady Aurora's face fell, and so did her father, who looked repulsed by the thought about their daughter married to a servant.

Rosetta didn't miss the look on her parent's faces and she felt her heart break. It was because it was evident that her parents weren't happy about the marriage since the time they had come to find out about it.

Lady Aurora tried to offer Eugene a smile that faltered and said, "The dungeon is so dark that we didn't catch sight of him. Hm."

Rosetta frowned and she said, "Mother, father. I hope you can acknowledge our marriage and embrace it with open arms. I would be very upset if you didn't because Eugene is my life and I love his family." She paused for a moment and then said, "Eugene and his family is no more from a lesser class, because you are now on the same boat as us."

For once Rosetta was truly glad that her parents and she had no money because this would allow her parents to see the way she looked at things.

Lady Aurora's face hardened nothing less to the wall of the cells because her daughter's words weren't comforting. Her voice had turned hoarse with her husband after continuously shouting with every whip that had touched them with a hiss.

Rosetta's father wanted to speak back and scold her, but he and his wife were in a capricious position with no way out of here. No one was willing to talk for them or listen. All the guards did was use their whips on them.

Eugene smiled at Rosetta and said, "You worry for nothing, Rose. Your parents must be tired because of the dire condition in this cell. I am sure they have accepted our wedding the day they placed a foot in here. Isn't that right, Mrs. Hooke?" He turned his head to look at the woman, who once so haughtily had threatened him and his family.

Lady Aurora wanted to glare at the human's insolence to think he could speak to her directly, but it was the pain in her back that had her seal her lips and not to mention her daughter was standing right in front of her.

Eugene continued smiling and said, "Once they are out, they will be staying with us. In Meadow. It would be rude to leave them on the streets with nowhere else to go, right?"

"You are so considerate, Eugene," Rosetta beamed at her husband at his thoughtfulness. She turned back to look at her mother with a bright smile and she said, "It would be wonderful, mother. I know it will be hard in the beginning, but you will learn to appreciate the small things in life. Just like I did."

Mr. and Mrs. Hooke didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse, as they were forced to live in a town that they despised and looked down upon. They nervously smiled at their daughter's excitement.

"W--we look forward to it, Rose. So very much that we can hardly wait for it," Mr. Hooke replied to his daughter, while trying to hold back his tongue.

"Wonderful!" Rosetta clapped her hands. "We will speak to Vincent and see how long it will take for both of you to come out. I love you both."

"And we love you, Rose," Lady Aurora said to her daughter.

But Rosetta wasn't done talking and she said with her smile lowering from her face, "I heard what happened between you and Lady Aubrey, mother. Her missing toes... I think it would be best that you apologise to her when you see her. Because even though Eugene and I live there, it is Lady Aubrey's house and you will need permission. I think you could take this little gap of time until you are out, to think what to say to her. We'll see you soon," she smiled and held Eugene's hand before leaving the place.

Lady Aurora's face fell once her daughter left the cell. She turned to look at her husband angrily, "This is happening all because of you. Neither would you have gambled our family money away, nor we would be in such a terrible condition! I have to bow down to that lowly human!"

"Shh! We are getting out of here and let us be happy with it for now, Aurora!" Mr. Hooke hushed his wife before someone heard them or their daughter returned. "We are in no position to be talking about status. Frankly, staying in here is one kind of torture, and getting out is another."

Lady Aurora rubbed her temples before wincing in pain when she stretched her back, "What has our life come to? We were marquee and marchioness, and now... now we are prisoners with no status, no money, nothing!" She said in frustration, "I will drink them dry before I bow my head to the lowly people!"

Footsteps echoed from the other side of the corridor, and soon Eugene appeared back in front of the cell that had the Hooke's couple glare at him. Lady Aurora asked him, "Was it always your plan to trap our daughter and get her married to you?"

Eugene stared at the couple and replied, "Yes, she's a lovely woman. I didn't see why I shouldn't be married to her. You do forget that I have respect and value more than you do, Mrs. Hooke."

"What value does a servant have?" Lady Aurora clicked her tongue in distaste. "Rosetta will one day realise the grave mistake she has done by marrying you. She was brought up nothing less to a princess and would expect it later if not now."

Eugene lowered his eyes before giving them a nod. He said, "It seems like you don't know your own daughter. And I am not a lowly servant any more," and he raised his eyes where his black eyes had changed to red eyes and the couple saw it quickly with shock on their faces. He said, "I will be a council member, and you will learn that your daughter values emotions than materialistic items. Let us hope all of us can get along for each other's sake," he offered a small bow and left the dungeon.

Lady Aurora's lips trembled in continued shock, and she turned to her husband and asked, "H--he is a vampire!?"

"Seems like we are stuck, Aurora... It is better for us to accept defeat," Mr. Hooke said in a dull tone as he stared at the black wall in front of him.

Chapter 507 Friend’s Funeral
With hours that continued to run, everyone who belonged to the high and low society heard the news about Duke Noah Sullivan's death. Many of them held sorrow for the loss of such a kind and remarkable man, hoping he was at peace wherever he was.

The day Noah's body was going to be buried, Vincent and Eve left the Moriarty mansion in their carriage and reached the cemetery located in Woodlock. Mr. Briggs pulled the reins of the carriage, and once the horses stopped, he got down and opened the carriage door.

Vincent was the first to step down from the carriage, and he turned around, offering his hand to Eve as she placed her feet on the ground.

"There are a lot of people outside the cemetery," Eve said in a low voice on seeing the crowd that had formed.

"Noah left a mark on the people. It has been a while since I last saw so many people attending the funeral. Come," Vincent said to Eve, who put her hand around his arm before they started to walk.

There was a continuous murmur among the people who didn't dare to enter the cemetery as it was made for only the known people of Woodlock, and common people weren't allowed inside. When they got closer to where the grave had been dug out, Eve's eyes fell on Anaya, the Head Council, and a few more councilmen who stood with her parents.

Lady Anaya's face held a sullen expression, who stared at the dug ground and the coffin placed next to it, inside which lay Noah. Eve's eyes shifted from the she-wolf to look at Noah dressed in a black suit and a white in-shirt. His black hair was combed, and for a moment, it felt like he was still alive and only sleeping. 

On one corner, Lady Hilda was held by her husband, Jeffry Sullivan, who supported her during this hard time of losing their son at such a young age.

Soon the priest said loudly for everyone around to hear,

"We are here today to bid the kind soul of Noah Sullivan. It is a day of sorrow for us, knowing we lost a good man. As everyone knows, Noah Sullivan was the son of former Duke Jeffry Sullivan and Lady Hilda. He turned into a Duke with his splendid qualities and hardwork. There is barely anyone who will have any complaints against the man, and I say this knowing the man closely..."

The priest continued to speak before opening the book to read a few verses, while everyone listened to him.

Once the priest finished speaking, he said, "Now I would like to call upon a few to speak a few words about the deceased man, to remember him for who he was. Mr. Jeffry Sullivan."

Jeffry Sullivan stood next to the priest, and he continued to hold his wife's waist. Like many others in the cemetery, Eve noticed how heartbroken Jeffry looked, and he said,

"Noah... Noah was not just our son, but he was someone who was meant to do great things. Since Noah was born, we have been blessed to have him and he always stood for the right. I cannot say how hard it is for our family... to lose a son," he paused before continuing, "Whoever did this to him, they will pay back for it. For stealing our son away from us. God will not forgive the person," he shook his head. "He was a kind person. I don't know why anyone went as far as to murder him. I can only hope and pray that Noah is at peace."

Lady Hilda couldn't help but break down there and turned to hide her tears in her husband's arms.

The priest said, "Thank you, Mr. Sullivan. Let us all hope that Noah's soul will reach heaven, and to make it possible, it is time to pray and send him with our blessings."

As they weren't family of the Sullivans or not directly involved with the family, apart from Vincent and Anaya, no one was aware of the closeness between Eve and Noah.

Eve watched the priest sprinkle holy water before muttering something under his breath. This was added with a werewolf custom where a bone was broken and dusted away at the side. She turned to look at Vincent, who was watching the funeral take place with a serious expression on his face.

Vincent patted the back of Eve's hand and said, "Sometimes things happen for a reason. It is hard to understand now, but one day, let us hope it will."

Eve wondered if Noah's death would ever make sense to her the way Vincent told. She watched his coffin descend into the dug ground, and soon the coffin's lid was placed above to enclose it. The heaviness in her heart continued to grow as if ready to pull her below the ground as she watched mud being pushed back into the ground.

Within a few minutes, the ground was evened, and the headstone was placed, which now read-- Duke Noah Sullivan. A good son.

Soon people started to pay their respect to Noah's grave, and some went to talk to the parents, while some left. Once the people moved away from the grave, and Vincent went to talk to one of the councilman, Eve walked up in front of the grave.

There were a lot of things Eve wanted to talk to Noah about, and it felt like until two days ago, she would be able to converse and clear any possible misunderstanding that was going on between the Sullivans and the Moriarty family. But life didn't wait for anyone, and people who were meant to die were taken away without a hint, Eve thought.

"Strange, isn't it?"

Eve turned and saw Anaya coming to where she stood. She replied, "It is. Feels like it is all a bad dream. How are you holding up, Anaya?" It was because she knew about the lady's feelings towards the late Duke.

"Truthfully? Not good," Anaya turned her gaze to look at Noah's headstone. She said, "I thought that I wouldn't feel too bad, because I had gone back to my life. But I was wrong," she sighed with a heaviness that Eve could relate to. She shook her head before asking, "How about you? It must be worse for you, Eve. Knowing you both were close," she said in a low voice.

Eve's eyes moistened, but she held back her tears, unlike Anaya, who quickly wiped out the tear from her cheek. She said, "It's just hard to fathom that he died." Noah had always been a great friend who was there when she needed his kind words and patience. "I wish there was a way to turn back time to fix it."

Anaya's hand reached for Eve, and they squeezed each other's hands to support each other. The she-wolf said, "I know what you mean. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have never left Woodlock. I would have stayed back."

Eve watched the regret in Anaya's eyes. There was pain and sorrow that blazed inside of her, but there was nothing that they could do. As if the opportunity was gone. Anaya took a deep breath as if trying to control her emotions as they were in a public setting. She said,

"I am sorry I didn't see you before I left for my town. I should have written to you at least."

"You don't have to be, Anaya," Eve shook her head and turned to face the woman. "I understand, and you don't have to explain it to me." Anaya nodded.

Before Eve had been hoping to give her wedding bouquet to Anaya. Though it wasn't in the same condition anymore, she doubted she could ever give it. When she knew that the man Anaya wanted to marry was no more.


Chapter 508 Vincent’s Suspicion
Eve and Anaya moved to the side, giving way to the other people attending Noah's funeral. The two young women shared friendly words, sharing their good thoughts about Noah.

"Anaya, dear," Anaya's mother called her, who was done talking to the Sullivans. "We will be leaving."

Anaya gave a nod to her mother and responded, "Two minutes, mother. I will be at the carriage soon."

Anaya's mother looked at Eve, and when their eyes met, the two shared a polite bow before the older woman turned and started to walk with her husband. Eve asked,

"Will you be okay? You can stay with us for some time."

"That is very kind of you, Eve. But I don't think it would be wise to stay back, when the probability of being hurt is higher," Anaya said sadly. When Noah was still alive, and she had returned to her home, she had hoped that the feelings would fade, and maybe it was. But this news... it shattered the walls that she had built. All she was left with were memories and the pain of the departed.

"As hard as it is, I hope time can ease this hard time that we are going through. If you ever decide to come visit the West, write me a letter. I will be happy to have you with us," the she-wolf stepped forward and hugged Eve.

"I will, Anaya," Eve replied, watching Anaya turn before something seemed to cross Anaya's mind.

"There is something I want to give you," Anaya fished something in her coat pocket and took out a square box wrapped in a shiny cover paper. She said, "This belongs to you."

Eve looked confused as she took the box, not knowing what Anaya was giving her and she asked, "What is this?"

To Eve's question, Anaya responded with a shrug, "I don't know. If I am not wrong, it was a birthday gift which was meant for you by Noah. That night I had his coat, and forgot to return his coat, and he seemed to have forgotten that the box was with me. I think he would like it for you to have it," she smiled at Eve.

Eve looked back up at Anaya and said, "Thank you for giving it to me, Anaya."

"It was no trouble. Take care, Eve. I hope we can see each other soon, but on a happy occasion," Anaya said to Eve before offering a slight bow and leaving the cemetery towards the carriage, where her parents were waiting for her.

Eve looked down at the box, curious about what was there inside it. She remembered the night of the soiree how before leaving the Moriarty mansion, Noah was with her. She had believed she would return to the back garden but she didn't, and maybe that is why he hadn't been able to give the present to her. She turned the box, ready to tear the cover, when Noah's uncle appeared and greeted her,

"Lady Moriarty."

Eve dropped her hand from tearing the cover and met the man's eyes. She offered a small bow and her condolences, "I am sorry for your loss, Mr. Sullivan."

"Thank you," James held a grim expression on his face. He said, "You were friends. Through Anaya Chambers."

Eve offered a nod, "Yes." She then asked him, "Did they find what happened?" She put the box in her coat pocket and decided to open it once she got back home.

James shook his head, "Unfortunately, nothing. Jeffry, my brother said that the Council said they are looking for the witch, but it feels like nothing much has been done. I mean, first our butler went missing. Then the coachman and now Noah. It feels like someone is targeting our family."

Eve's eyebrows furrowed, and she asked him, "Why?" She took the liberty to ask him because he didn't seem as uptight as Noah's parents, because Lady Hilda only offered her a brief look before she continued to talk to the other people.

"I wish I knew. My family and I, even Noah. We have been trying to find who was behind it. It was why he was out of town, looking for answers," James pursed his lips and then said, "If I knew this was going to happen, I would have never agreed for him to go all by himself. My brother or I would have gone instead."

James then politely said to her, "Excuse me," and he left to speak to one of the councilmen.

Vincent finished talking to one of the inner Council members and returned to Eve's side. He asked her, "Shall we leave?" And Eve gave him a nod.

As they walked past Noah's grieving parents, Eve's eyes met Lady Hilda's eyes, and there was something very strange with the way the lady looked at her. When they stepped away from the cemetery, Eve asked him,

"Did you hear what Noah's uncle said?"

"Every single word that he uttered to you," Vincent responded, and he said, "It is quite odd to hear that someone is targeting the Sullivans, and went as far as to kill Noah."

Eve asked him, "Noah was the last descendant. Do you think someone knew about the curse of Nerhys and King Gauntlet's son's abilities?"

"Someone trying to stop him?" Vincent asked in a nonchalant tone. He continued, "Sounds more like someone wanted his ability. I went through some of the books before and came across this particular one. Apparently if someone is strong enough to kill me, my abilities go to them. That is if."

"But the person needs to be the descendant of King Gauntlet," Eve whispered to him. "It should be in the bloodline, right?"

"Mhm, which is why the witch theory doesn't make any sense. My bet is on the father," Vincent stated when they reached the carriage.

Eve's eyebrows furrowed, "You think Noah's father killed him?" But Noah was his son.

Vincent remarked, "He's the direct link to Noah. Don't be moved by tears or the speech in here. You don't know how far people will go to acquire power."

Chapter 509 Precaution On Both Sides


Eve turned to look at where Jeffry Sullivan stood next to his wife. The man had spoken as if his hands were clean, only for her to realise that he could or was the person who had killed his own son.

"Now that we know he's the culprit, what next?" Eve asked Vincent with her blue eyes starting to pick golden flecks.

"If he's Erasmus, we will know tomorrow," Vincent replied, and this had Eve's eyebrows furrowed.


"Mm. There's only three more days before the golden moon appears," Vincent said and Eve frowned further.

"I thought we had nearly a week," Eve murmured, has she counted the calendar dates wrong? She asked him, "How do you plan to lure him tomorrow?"

"Invite him and his family to a meal. To let them know how sorry we are for their loss, which we are. Everyone has gloves on their hands, him included today because of the weather. It is hard to read if he has all the abilities. Because if he did suck all of Noah's abilities and soul, leaving a hollow shell behind, it only means that somewhere like me, his memories of being Erasmus have returned."

Eve pursed her lips, trying to remember if the man had approached her and he hadn't. But his wife, "Before leaving, Lady Hilda looked at me strangely. As if she didn't like me."

"I thought she always looked at you like that," Vincent helped Eve climb inside the carriage.

"Why would you think that?" Eve asked, and Vincent smiled as he followed her inside the carriage.

Vincent wondered if it was just Eve or other people around Noah, who was oblivious that the Duke loved her. He shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Probably worried that her son would be stolen by you and not Anaya Chambers."

Eve stared at Vincent and then said, "That's not possible. Noah and I barely spoke in front of his family, and even without them, there was nothing like that between us."

"One can never know what brews in one's mind, can we?" Vincent picked up Eve's hand in his.

Eve hoped to bring justice to Noah's soul. For the way, he was killed, and if his father had indeed killed him, it was only right that they avenge it.

Once they returned to Skellington, Vincent was called by his father to speak in the study room about Noah's death, while Eve walked up the flight of stairs.

The corridors had gone eerily quiet in Woodlock and Sullivan's mansion since the news of the Duke's death. Jeffry Sullivan had gone to Darthmore to sign a few formalities and take back the title of the Duke to fill the position, while his wife and brother were in the mansion.

Lady Hilda stood in front of Noah's portrait in the drawing room. She lit a candle, staring at him. Hearing footsteps entering the room, her eyes moved to the corner.

"Where is Jeffry?" James asked, closing the door behind him and walking to where she was. When he went to place his hand on her shoulder to comfort her, Lady Hilda moved to the side and went to the couch before taking a seat there.

"He's at Darthmore," Lady Hilda replied with a serious expression.

"I see," James nodded, and he said, "You have been avoiding me since this morning."

"I am grieving for my son's death. Which you clearly aren't," Lady Hilda remarked with her eyes blazing in anger.

James cocked his head and asked, "Are you trying to imply something, Hilda? You don't have to hold back. We don't have such a relationship."

Lady Hilda closed her eyes before getting up as if ready to leave the room as she wanted to be alone. But she asked him, "Why did you do it?"

James stared into the woman's eyes for three seconds and then replied, "Because it had to be done. He was my flesh as much as he was yours, Hilda. Look at the bigger future we have."

Lady Hilda's eyes teared and spoke through gritted teeth, "Noah was our son! How could you fucking kill him, James?!" She caught hold of the man's shirt and shook him in question. She then broke into tears. When Lady Hilda had decided to help James achieve his goals, she hadn't expected their son to be sacrificed.

"I can always bring back Noah to life, Hilda. We just need to see through the plan that we have been building for all these years," James consoled the woman. When he went to touch her face, Lady Hilda smacked it away.

"Keep your dirty paws off of me. You killed Noah with these very hands," Lady Hilda picked up the knife resting in the bowl of fruits and aimed the tip at his neck.

"Don't be silly, Hilda. Once I become the king of all the creatures, land and sea, you will be the queen," James said calmly.

Lady Hilda was ready to stab the man, as the loss of their son hurt her. But just before the knife could touch him, he disappeared from her sight and her throat went dry. Her eyes widened, and she looked left and right.

"Drop the knife, Hilda. You and I both know that you won't hurt me. You love me," James said behind her, and she turned around.

"H--how did you do that?" Lady Hilda asked him.

James smiled, one of his eyes turning completely yellow, while the other stayed black as he couldn't see through it. He replied, "I am Erasmus Gauntlet, and my powers have returned. Not one but many that I was blessed with," he smiled, revealing his big teeth that resembled the wolves.

Lady Hilda didn't know that one could apparate from one place to another in a blink of an eye. She wondered what other powers James held in him. She pursed her lips and said, "Are you sure you still want me next to you? I didn't miss the way you were looking at Vincent's wife."

A snicker left James's lips, and he said, "I was just curious as to why the last descendant of Acheron married a simple human."

"Then... Did you find the siren or the mermaid you have been looking for then?" Lady Hilda asked James because if all his memories had returned to him through Noah's death, then that would also mean that he knew what that sea creature looked like.

The cunning smile on James's lips faltered, and he said, "That is something I have been trying to figure out. With one of my eyes damaged, the other eye has very blurry information when it comes to faces. But we will know soon."

"The golden moon is near. How do you plan to do it?" Lady Hilda asked him with a deep frown and her lips setting themselves in a thin line.

"With my returned abilities of course. How else? But I need you to prepare something for me," James stated, receiving all of the woman's attention. "Arrange werewolves to be set around the grounds. When the ritual of sacrifice takes place finally, I don't want any interruption."

Lady Hilda gave it a thought before she nodded, "Okay. I will have the men arranged to scout the area and keep any nuisance away."

"Wonderful," James caressed Lady Hilda's cheek and said, "We make a lovely pair, don't we? I was thinking of having my brother off this board game once we achieve our dreams and goals. I don't think you would like to stay with him as his wife."

"Whatever you see fit to be," Lady Hilda replied with an emotionless voice, which only widened James's smile.

Back in the Moriarty's mansion, when it was night, Vincent and Eve stood in the study room of Eduard Moriarty, who held a troubled expression on his face.

Eduard said to Vincent, "I have sent my men to check the grounds and so far, none of them have noticed anything that stands out. The ritual is said to be done in a vast ground, which can also host sacrifices. And this is not just one single sacrifice, Vincent," his eyes moved to look at Eve as if he had finally figured out what his daughter-in-law was. "Are you sure it is Jeffry?"

Vincent shook his head, "It has to be him. Look at the book in here," he pointed at the open book on the table.

"And you think having them visit us will fix things?" Eduard asked with a question in his eyes. "Inviting an enemy to a corner?"

"I think it would be best for our family to go and visit Holy Oak. I am sure grandfather and grandmother are missing you, and they would appreciate it. This place is unsafe and so are the members of the Moriarty family," Vincent remarked in a serious tone. "If a fight does take place, it would be better that we are prepared and take precaution. You can take mother and Allie with you. The servants can be dismissed until the golden moon appears."

Silence fell in the room, and after a minute, Eduard said in a grim tone,

"I had heard about the curse. And I had hoped that it wouldn't fall on you or on your children." He had hoped that his family could live in peace, especially after what happened to his first wife.

On seeing Vincent's father turn serious and quiet again, where the man closed his eyes as if to control his emotions, Eve said to Vincent, "I will be in the room."

Vincent gave her a nod and said, "I will be there soon."

Eve politely bowed at Eduard and stepped out of the room so that the father and son could have their moment.


Chapter 510 Music Box
Eve was walking up the stairs to their room when she remembered Noah's gift to her. It was still in the coat pocket that Alfie had helped her out of when they had returned to the mansion. Turning around, she started to walk towards the front halls when she met Allie.

"Sister Eve, are you going out?" The little vampiress asked her. Her former governess had been busy with her brother, and she missed her time with Eve. "Can I come with you?" She asked her in an earnest voice.

Eve smiled at Allie and replied, "I was going to get a box from my coat. I would like it if you would accompany me there," even though the distance was short, the young vampiress nodded and quickly hopped to where Eve was.

Upon reaching the front of the hallways, Eve walked towards the coat stand and fished her coat pockets. She then pulled out the square box.

"What is that?" Allie asked, staring at it. "A gift?"

"That is supposed to be a gift from a dear friend. How about we open it together?" Eve asked the young vampiress, whose eyes brightened at her words.

They walked to the nearest room and took a seat next to each other on the couch. The fireplace burned brightly in the room, while Eve unwrapped Noah's present. She was curious to see what was in there. And once the wrappers were gone, she opened the box and smiled.

"It is a music box!" Allie leaned forward to take a closer look at the gift.

"Indeed it is," Eve responded. Her blue eyes took in the dark red wood, which felt smooth under her touch.

Eve wondered what had made Noah buy her a music box as a present. She wondered if it had her favourite song, but would he have known? Not like the Duke of Woodlock would drop by the Meadow town's local inn when she sometimes played for the people.

Catching hold of the lever, she turned it round and round and then watched the cylinder begin to turn. She wondered what song Noah had left her. She smiled, waiting for it, but when she heard the music coming from the music box, the smile on her lips dissolved.

"Oh," Allie whispered as she heard the music and said, "It is the same song you sometimes hum in the piano room, sister Eve," her little feet gently swayed to the soft tones.

When the music stopped, silence fell in the room and Allie took hold of the music box to play it again and again, while Eve sat there with a stunned expression on her face. The song was dear to her because it was what her mother often played on the piano when the instrument was available and sang.

Eve had never played it publicly because of how precious it was to her, and the only time she played was for the young vampiress to cheer her up. How could Noah know the song? As beautiful as the song was, it wasn't something one could remember at one time. Then why? She questioned herself.

She stared into the fireplace as her mind and heart raced. Noah couldn't know... no, Eve thought to herself. This minute detail which belonged to her and mother... If Noah didn't hear it from her, it only meant he heard it from her mother.

"No, that's not possible," Eve muttered under her lips, and for a brief moment, Allie turned to look at Eve before she went back to rotate the lever.

There was no way Noah could have known her mother. She had lost her mother when she was too young, and if he did meet, he would have met... met... Eve thoughts started to spiral. Her hands turned into tight fists, and her lips trembled.

The door to the room they were sitting in was open, and Vincent stood there as if he had heard something important from his father.

"Brother Vince, look! It is a pretty music box!" Allie showed him.

Vincent stared at his sister and then said, "You should go to bed now, Allie. Mother was looking for you," he offered his sister a smile.

Allie blinked before nodding. She turned to Eve and asked, "Can I take this with me for tonight? To listen to it as I sleep?"

Eve stared at the music box that continued to play and she nodded before smiling, "Of course, Allie."

"Goodnight, Sister Eve. "Goodnight, brother Vince," Allie wished them before hopping from there, excited to have the little box with her.

Eve walked to where Vincent stood and said, "We need to talk about Noah. The music from the music box, he knew it from my mother."

Vincent frowned at her words and said, "Tell me about it on the way. We need to be somewhere. Come."

"Did your father say something?" Eve asked, a little anxious.

"You will know once you see it," Vincent said, and they made their way through the hallways before getting in the carriage and leaving.

Allie, who had left the room hopping with the music box in her hand, she met her mother who said, "It is time to go to bed, Allie. Come now."

"Yes, mother," Allie replied, and when they neared the stairs, the little girl's eyebrows furrowed on seeing her brother walking down the stairs. She stared at him, and then in the direction she had come from.

Vincent held a subtle frown as if trying to figure out something. He asked his family, "Have either of you seen Eve? She said she was going to our room, but she isn't there," before his eyes settled on his sister.

"Mm, brother Vince... You were with Sister Eve a few seconds ago," Allie stated, wondering if her brother had the ability to move quickly.

Vincent's eyes narrowed at his sister's words and demanded, "Where?"

Allie turned to look back and then said, "At the front of the drawing room. You said I should go to bed."

Vincent clenched his jaw, "Fuck."