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Chapter 281 Part Human

Abi froze by the door as she watched Elle thrashing around on her bed. However, just as Abi was considering whether or not to stay or enter, suddenly Elle sprung up from the bed.

The room was filled with a very strong and mysterious energy and Elle was... Abi's eyes widened at the scene that was playing before her eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes... one of them had turned completely white. It was not the silvery color that Alicia, Lilith and Zeres possess.

Elle's was just a clear and pure white that even her pupils could not be seen anymore. It seems that even her pupils had turned pure white.

She made a distressed sound and her hand flew up to cover that one eye, as if it was excruciatingly painful.

Something in Abi wanted her to keep her distance from Elle and observe quietly for a little while longer but when she made that pained sound, she could no longer stop herself from rushing over to the younger lady.

"Elle?" she called out softly, worried that if she called a little too loud, it might startle her.

The first thing that Abi had noticed was her ripped shirt. But when she looked at Elle's hands, she could not see anything unusual anymore. "Elle, dear. Can you hear me?"

"My eye... it hurts..." she cried.

At that moment, Alicia arrived.

"Let me see, Elle." Alicia was immediately by her side, gently touching her wrist.

But a shrill scream escaped Elle's mouth the moment Alicia touched her, causing Abi to panic a little. And then she abruptly stopped. Her scream turned into heavy pants.

Slowly, she lowered her hand and looked at Abi and Alicia with an utterly shocked and confused look in her eyes. Her other eye was back to the normal blue again.

"I... I don't know what happened..." was the first thing she told them. "I felt like my body was burning up and then it felt like my right eye was burning too."

Looking down, she realized that her shirt was ripped and in a very sorry state.

When Abi and Alicia could not answer her, Elle stared down at her hands. Parts of her shredded clothes were still caught in between her fingers.

She began to shiver. "What is... going on?"

Alicia calmly sat down on the edge of her bed, facing her as she reached out and held her hand. "Listen Elle..." she started. "We believe that you are awakening your powers. Your real ability is finally manifesting itself."

It took Elle a long while to manage a response. "P-powers? Wha- what are you saying...?"

"You're not a mere human as you thought you are, Izabelle." Alicia forthrightly told her, not wanting to be vague.

Elle's lips parted at Alicia's words. Then a forced breathless laugh left her lips. Disbelief filled her eyes. "That... that can't be..." she trailed off as soon as she looked at Abi and saw the expression on her face.

Her heartbeat thudded hard and fast within her. 'What was happening? Am I somehow still trapped in my dream?'

"When I first met you, I immediately felt that there was something different in you, Elle." Alicia continued. "After looking and observing you, I then realized that there was something off with your heartbeat. The pace of your heartbeats were completely different to the beats of a human, or a witch, or even a vampire's heart. Yours is something I have never came across before and I wasn't the only one who had realized that. That was why since we met, I knew you were different. That you're not just any ordinary human."

Elle's conflicted gaze fell back to Abi again. She struggled to find words to say. She even started to shake her head slowly in denial. What the two ladies had just told her was really hard to take in. It was just too fantastical! How had she suddenly, after one day, turned into a supernatural being like them?

But the look in these two ladies' eyes were more than enough to force her to stop trying to deny the things she just heard.

"Actually, during the hunt last night..." Abi spoke hesitantly. "Alex said you were literally invisible, Elle. No one can see you. Alex couldn't see you, too! The only reason why Alex had managed to catch you was only because you had come out on your own and he heard your light footsteps crushing the leaves and the grasses you were stepping on and brushing aside. He followed you with just those sounds that you made. And then you were also wounded and he followed your scent next. That's how he managed to catch you, Elle. It wasn't because he saw you."

Elle could not even react. She did not know how to even react. But eventually, she gave out another soundless laugh. How was she supposed to react to this? Was all these really even real?

"We understand that it's going to be hard for you to even believe, Elle... and that's why we had refrained from telling you anything. But now, we believe it's about time you start to learn more about who you truly are." Alicia's eyes were serious. And no matter what she was feeling at the moment, she knew with that one look that this woman would never ever lie to her. Abi as well. These two ladies had no reason nor would they get any benefits in lying to her.

"We believe that from here on out, you're going to keep learning about who and what you truly are."

"What... am I?" she finally asked. "Am I like... Alexander? A half... human...?"

Alicia pressed on her hand gently. "We believe that you are definitely one part human, Elle. But we still could not figure out what your other part is since you're one of a kind. You are the first to have that peculiar pace of heartbeat and also the first to have that kind of invisibility magic."


Chapter 282 Gone

The day passed slowly for Elle.

Everything still felt too surreal to her. And she could not help the lingering fear that coiled within her. She told herself that it was most probably the fear of the unknown, because none of them knew what her other half was.

Thankfully, that fair and beautiful man named Zeres arrived in the Black Forest again this afternoon. His presence had somehow distracted her from drowning herself with overthinking as the man had offered to be the one to play the hunting game with her while he waited for Lilith's return.

Alexander had said that she needed to try her abilities against a powerful witch this time because they believed that there was a powerful witch who was playing the supporting role behind their enemy. So since Lilith was away, Alexander had asked Zeres to come over to be her partner for this round.

Elle immediately agreed. Though there was that heavy feeling gripping her now, she decided to force herself. She wanted to know and test herself to see if she indeed had the powers Alicia and Abi had told her she possessed. She truly wanted to see it for herself.

So as soon as twilight came, Elle ran off to the forest without hesitation.

The hunt then began.

Elle felt that there was something different with herself. She had been bothered by this feeling ever since she woke up, but she could not quite tell what had changed in her until now that she was in the forest. Her body felt so light that she actually felt she could run on forever and she would still not get tired.

Zeres did not move as violently as Alexander. He was the complete opposite - sleek and stealthy. She knew he was around somewhere... but she could not see him no matter how she looked. Somehow, she felt more wary of him because she could sense that he was the type to appear out of nowhere and catch her before she could even realize he was already coming close.

However, Alexander had already instructed her of what she should do this time. That no matter what happens, she must not move from her spot. Not even to lift the gun to aim. She must not shoot at him unless they found her.

Elle knew what Alexander was aiming to test out in this round of practice session was on how long she could remain in her invisible state and undetected if she did not move at all.

Time ticked by and nothing happened. Zeres did not show himself at all.

It was already thirty minutes since she felt someone's presence nearby. And now she could not tell if he was still around. Or did he leave to look somewhere else? Or could this be a test? Was he waiting for her to make a move too and expose her whereabouts?

Steeling herself, Elle decided to stick to the plan. She would not want to disappoint Alexander if she disobeyed his instructions and ended up getting caught due to her own carelessness.

After another long stretch of waiting, Elle finally saw him. He materialized several steps away from her. It was a shocking sight for Elle even though she had already known that powerful witches had the ability to teleport. This was the first time she was seeing this happen right before her eyes! 

The beautiful man did not move from his spot. He was just standing there like a perfectly carved piece of heavenly statue. The man simply looked so unreal to belong in this world!

But that was not the issue here! Was she truly invisible? She could not believe it. She was not hiding at all. She was right across from him! And yet... was this really happening?!

Suddenly, he turned and looked in her direction.

Elle fought to keep herself still. He was not meeting her eyes, so this could mean he only sensed her presence but could not see her yet?

'No matter what, don't ever move. Only move if he reaches out to touch you.' Alexander's strict instruction echoed in her head.

Regulating her breath to the point where she was only breathing in shallowly, Elle kept her gaze on him. Until, he moved again. His long silver hair was like floating silk, trailing behind him.

He walked towards her but his direction was a bit off. She thought that he would definitely miss her by a few inches if he did not change directions.

She felt the nerve-wracking pressure as he approached closer to where she was. Her instinct to run away was kicking in again. But she fought her body's knee-jerk reaction and rooted herself to the ground, reminding herself of her task. And he was not going to catch her. He was off the mark!

Zeres did walk past her. Barely for like two inches and stopped after maybe three more steps behind her.

Elle sucked in air as she had been holding her breath. And then she slowly turned her head over her shoulder.

A hand was reaching out.

She lifted her gun but... it was too late. She was caught before she could even pull the trigger.


"Don't you think they're taking a bit too long?" Abi asked Alexander a little anxiously. A slightly worried look flashing in her eyes.

Alex crossed his arms around his chest. "This is Zeres, Abi. An immortal like us. I think he must have been playing the waiting game with Elle."

"Well... you're right but... I can't help but feel worried. Because you know... Zeres just returned and would not even say anything to us..." Abi had a frown creasing her brows.

Alex faced her, looking a little surprised at what Abi had said. He was really surprised that his wife actually doubted Zeres. Because he just could not. To him, Zeres was just someone he could not imagine betraying him... betraying them.

"Dad!" Alexis's frantic voice echoed out and he landed before Abi and Alex. "Azy said he couldn't feel Princess Elle's presence anymore! Uncle Zeres' is gone too!"



Chapter 283 Dearest

Ever since Azy's tattoos started to appear all over his body, the boy's power had grown even more powerful. So powerful that he could sense and even differentiate anyone's presence including the ones belonging to the animals that were within a wide radius from where he was centered at.

However, as the boy kept getting stronger, Alicia's condition continued to deteriorate. Even though her hair was silver again, Alicia's power only kept getting weaker by the day. It was as though Alicia and Azy's powers were on an inverse scale. One goes up and the other comes down.

"What is it, dearest?" Alicia asked her son when the boy's dark, demonic power appeared and swirled like a blanket of living smoke all over him.

Azy looked up at her. 'Princess Elle and Uncle Zeres... they're gone, mom!' He revealed through their telepathy. 'They're no longer in the Black Forest.' 

Panic instantly colored Alicia's eyes and she immediately sent Alexis to deliver the message to his parents.

The search for the two of them immediately commenced once the news was delivered to Alexander. Izabelle and Zeres were truly gone. Alexander even went as far as bringing Azy out to sense their presence in the nearby villages and towns but Azy could not pick up their presence anymore, no matter how many times he tried.

It was midnight when Alexander brought Azy back to the Black Forest.

His expression was dark as he stood there in silence. Trying to make a decision now as fast as possible while Alicia and the other witches were trying to reach Lilith to deliver the message to her.

With Alicia's very weak magic, it had been a struggle since Lilith must be very far from the country now.

"They're about to reach Lilith." Abi said as she stood next to her husband. Though she did not sound overly distressed, he could tell from her tensed up frame that she was. "The witches Lilith left here with us are strong so it's finally working."

Alex only nodded.

It had been so long since Abi had seen her cool husband looking like this. Silent. Brooding.

She knew that he must be raging silently within himself and at the same time, trying to keep his cool and think. Abi was certain that this situation was really hard for him because he could not leave the forest and pursue Zeres wherever he was right now no matter how much he wanted to.

The aura he was exuding was not just that obvious to Abi even though he had kept his expression serious.

"Elle will be alright." Abi said reassuringly as she hugged her husband, her arms curling around his slim and muscular waist. "I'm sure she'll be okay. That young lady is very strong."

Alexander hugged her back, knowing that Abi was much more worried about Elle right now. He knew just how important Izabelle was to her.

"Yes. You're right. And with her newfound power. I'm sure she'd be able to use them to her advantage." He rubbed his wife's back gently and then sighed heavily. The dark and cold air around him gentled the moment Abi held him. "I just..." he paused and shook his head in disbelief. "I just can't believe Zeres did this."

Abi could only shut her eyes. They had been talking about this just some moments before the news was brought to them by Azy on Elle and Zeres going missing. She too was so hurt right now, all because it was Zeres of all people who had done this. Zeres was their oldest and one of their most dearest friends. He was a family. Someone whom they both could trust even with their lives. Zeres was the selfless, precious person that they could not even imagine betraying them.

"I'm so angry at him right now..." Alex said through gritted teeth. "But I'm sure there must be a reason for this. Elijah must be using him. That little bastard knows that we trust Zeres. Damn... there was no one else who could possibly kidnap Elle right on our watch except Zeres. Just why the hell didn't I consider that when he's obviously showing obvious signs?" Alexander then clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles even turned white.

"It's all because you trust him, Alex." Abi told him as she gently caressed his fisted hands with her fingers.

Shoving his fingers roughly through his hair, Alex expelled a deep breath. "I'm going to beat him into a pulp. That guy..."

He then ran his palm over his face and looked up. "I can't figure out why or how Elijah even managed to get Zeres to do this. Nothing has changed in Zeres' power at all. He is still strong... so how? Why did the likes of Elijah managed to make him betray us?"

"Blackmail..." Abi suddenly uttered. That was the closest reason they could think of as it was still impossible for them to imagine that Zeres simply had chosen to join the enemy.

"Yes. I believe so too. I'm bothered by the issue between him and Iryz." Alex replied. But within him, there was another possibility he had in mind. Alex could not help but remember that time long ago when the two of them had fought to the death. Zeres had been used, allowing others to use him, that caused him to cause their downfall. All because he had believed in someone else's words. Now Alex could not help but wonder if Zeres was doing something along the lines of the case like that one again. That perhaps if another misunderstanding had driven him to do this.

He would really prefer it if the reason was indeed because Elijah had blackmailed him. But... with Zeres' tremendous power, how did he even let that happen?

"Dad! Mom!" Alexis' voice called out to them and he immediately spilled the news. "They did it!"

The trio ran towards where the witches were and saw Alicia sitting there, all sweaty and spent.

"Alicia." Abi immediately went to her side.

"They're already on their way. But I can't help but worry about Sebastian." Alicia looked at Alexander. "You must go to him now, Alexander."


Chapter 284 Fine

"I can't." Alex immediately replied. His expression remained serious "My priority right now is Azy and you. Also, this could be another trap to divert my attention. Leaving the Black Forest at a time like this is always too risky."

"But Alexander... what if Sebastian will..." Alicia's words trailed off before she shook her head slowly, keeping her gaze at him unrelenting. "There is no one else who could possibly take a hold of that guy but you. That's why you really need to go to him before something really regretful happens. You know what could happen if Sebastian ends up losing himself."

"Sebastian is a mere vampire now, Alicia." Alex stressed even though he fully understood Alicia's concern.

"I know. But still, Sebastian had been born a half-demon. His demonic powers might be gone but demon blood still flows through his veins. Anything could happen Alexander, you know that."

"You can go, dad." Alexis spoke when Alex fell silent for a moment, causing the three adults to snap their heads towards the boy. Azy was right next to him. Both boys exuded a serious and heavy aura all over them that had the adults falling speechless. "Azy and I can protect the Black Forest, dad. So please don't worry about us and just go to uncle Sebastian."

The dark energy swirled stronger around Azy as though he was using his power as the alternative to his voice to second Alexis' words. Though not speaking, his eyes were firm and intense, showing his completely similar stand to Alexis on this matter.

"Good grief." Alex sighed. "Now... now... relax Azy. Don't go around displaying your power like that. Do you even have any idea how strong the magic coming out of you right now is, huh? Zeke's kid?"

"He knows, dad. He's just trying to show you how strong he is now and that he's definitely capable." Alexis looked so incredibly serious while Azy innocently nodded, just agreeing with anything that Alexis had said.

Alex shifted his gaze back to his son. His grey eyes were bright and... they did not look like the eyes of a child right now. Sometimes, especially during times like these, Alex could not help but feel a little troubled at how much this son of his was growing and changing every day. He was only an adorable little rascal a few years ago yet now here he was, staring back at him like he was no longer a mere boy.

He was also a little concerned at how much he seemed to be influencing Azy. Since the day these two boys met, they had been almost inseparable. And as the days went by, it was almost like Azy had been completely influenced by Alexis to the extent that Azy had become Alexis' shadow, just following right behind him, agreeing and doing everything that Alexis did.

And no matter how Alex had tried to intervene between their seemingly unusual and still growing bond by separating them, it did nothing to change the relationship between the two boys. Sometimes, Alex could not help but wonder if Azy was truly following Alexis so zealously of his own free will or was he just very influenced by his son.

"I did not persuade Azy, dad, if that's what you're wondering." Alexis said, as though being able to read through his father's thoughts and directly answered Alex's doubts. This only caused Alex's eyes to widen a little before he pinched the skin between his brows. "Maybe... the two of us just think and want exactly the very same thing. That is why we get on together so wonderfully."

Again... Azy nodded. Agreeing ferociously to what Alexis had just said. Alexander just barely held himself back from rolling his eyes at the complementing actions of both boys.

"So, dad... please stop worrying and trust us just a little. I don't have the power that Azy has but I'm your son. And I'm immortal. These reasons should be enough for you to put some faith in me. Right...?" And Alexis confidently grinned at his father, waiting for the man's final word on the matter. He even looked confident that Alex was going to give in eventually.

Another sigh escaped Alex. Really... he wished that these two would act their age!

He then stretched out his hand and lightly flicked at Alexis' forehead. "Didn't I tell you not to act and talk like an old man? You know how much Azy here is following your example, Alexis."

"Just for tonight, dad. And don't we play like we're children during the day anyway?"

"Like children you say... I should really send you both to a normal school soon. You both need to see what children your age are supposed to be playing at."

The two boys simply glanced at each other.

"Also. I never said that I don't have faith in you, Alexis. So don't be putting that thought in your head. I just..." Alex sighed for the nth time. "We'll talk about it once this malarkey is over."

"Yes, dad." Alexis nodded obediently. Then he smiled sweetly.

"I had not agreed to go yet." Alex arched a brow at his son, causing the boy to blink a couple of times.

The boy's smile faltered. "Oh, come on, dad. Auntie said uncle Sebastian badly needed you."

"It's okay, Alex." Abigail finally butted in. Flashing a gentle smile at her husband. "I understand your worries, but... I am still here too. Don't you forget what your own wife is capable of." She raised a brow at him and Alex finally gave in, figuratively raising his white flag.

"Fine... fine... you all win this round. I'm going. Now, my love... I'm leaving everyone in your care." Alex said and reached out to pull Abi in for a kiss on the head.

"Count on me, my love." Abi replied and Alex ruffled his son's head next.

The father and son stared at each other and after a wordless conversation, Alex finally left.


Chapter 285 I won’t dare

Finding herself bound up inside a room, Elle was struggling to get on her feet.

Zeres had kidnapped her last night right at the end of their 'hunting game' session. He had knocked her out with what she believed was a strong spell as soon as he had caught her.

And the next thing she knew, she was already here inside this room, with her hands tied together. The room was not shabby at all. The feminine decorations and everything else inside told her that this room definitely belonged to a girl... a girl who loves books with all her heart.

She was put on a soft bed and a blanket was even draped over her sleeping form. However, she was tied up quite securely. Both her hands and feet. And the rope was even obviously not any ordinary type. The entire surface was glowing with something silvery white and it was as though those things were alive!

Every time Elle tries to wiggle and move her hands to loosen the bindings, the rope tightens. And when she stopped, the rope would automatically loosen up a little again.

Somehow, Elle could not help but laugh silently at how this captor of hers was treating her. Why did it seem like Zeres did not want her to hurt her hands?

She shook her head. She did not know much about Zeres, but there was one thing that she clearly knew. This man had kidnapped her and in doing so, that action in itself was already betraying his friends. Now she could not help but berate herself for thinking that the man was an angel. Why was it, that it was somehow always these bad guys who had to have these kinds of innocent and angelic faces?! They were so misleading!

Elle had finally arrived underneath the windows after rolling and squirming herself across the floor. She then pushed herself up to sit against the wall before folding her knees into an upside-down 'V'. After that, using the wall as leverage and her legs already in place, she struggled to stand. When she finally peeked outside, she had found out that she was right. She was in a lone house in the middle of a forest. The trees around were lush and colorful and the surroundings did not look like a place where a villain would or could reside. It was the type of place where a simple and humble but happy family would choose to live in. There were even pretty and colorful flowers outside, so unlike the interior of the Black Forest where though breath-taking, it was not as colorful. Is this where Zeres lives? Or did he just hijack this place from a poor family?

A waft of homemade food scents made her stomach growl loudly. It was then she realised that she was ravenously hungry. It was already noon and the smell was so delicious that she could not help but salivate.

When she could not find even a shadow of anyone on the outside, she turned towards the door. She began to drag herself towards it and just as she was about to reach the wooden door, it opened. Thankfully it swung towards the outside, or else her face would have been the one greeting the door.

The silver-haired kidnapper emerged, holding a tray of warm, steaming food in his hand. It was the scent that she had smelled just a while ago.

He abruptly averted his gaze away from her and quietly put the tray down on the side table.

Then he returned for her, picking her up without a word and gently seating her on the edge of the bed. When he picked up the plate of food and began attempting to feed her, Elle finally opened her mouth and spoke. "Zeres..."



"Eat." Was all he said.

"I have my own hands. Please at least untie –" Elle tried to reason with him. But before she could continue, he had cut her off. However, his voice held no harshness nor anger.

"Sorry, but I can't." The words were said in a quiet but firm tone. "I'll feed you myself. Now please eat."

"What if I refuse?" she stared at him with defiance, a stubborn light suddenly lighting her eyes.

He put the spoon that was held out to her, back on the plate. "You'll just starve yourself."

Elle so desperately wanted to face palm with his straight up response, but could not. "Look here, Zeres... Can't you at least just free my hands? How can I possibly let a stranger spoon feed me? I am not going to escape, I promise you. You and I know I can't possibly escape when you're here, watching me... Right?"

"I won't dare to underestimate you. I know you're not a mere human already, Princess Izabelle."

"Are you saying that you know what I truly am?" Elle perked up at his words. Though what Abi and Alicia told her about her not being fully human was still causing some confusion within her, she still wanted to know what her other half was. She might not like it, but she was not one who would run away from things. It was always better to face it head on than run and hide, as hiding never solved anything.

He paused and then lifted the spoon to her lips again. "If I were you, I would eat, for my own sake. You need energy to deal with what's coming ahead –" Zeres' words were hinting on future things.

"Like what? Elijah? Is he coming here to get me?"

Zeres finally met her eyes. "Yes." He answered and Elle immediately felt fear churning in her stomach. "Now eat this before I take it away. Please don't think that I will do more for you than this."

The dangerous glint in his eyes forced Elle to simmer down and eat. She knew she really needed to reserve her energy to think about how to get away from this before Elijah arrives. She must not let Elijah take her away no matter what! Sebastian... he would torture Sebastian again using her!

Shivers and goosebumps crawled under Elle's skin as she ate. She would do anything... everything to stop that from happening! 

Just as she was trying to concentrate on thinking about something while pretending to be busy chewing on her food, another person's presence made her snap her gaze towards the door.