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Chapter 356 Despair Of The Cursed

Music Recommendation: RV: 315 "L'estate": I. - Antonio Vivaldi


Marceline's lips trembled in shock, and she didn't know how this could happen. She saw the bird peck on the witch's body, and the vampiress couldn't believe that her luck had run out.

The pain in her foot didn't reduce, and it only increased with every passing second.

She pulled the front of her dress. Unbuckling the shoe strap, she removed her cursed foot and felt like she could finally breathe from the tightness as her foot had swollen. She then carefully started to roll down the stocking, an inch at a time, and when she came right above her foot, she screamed in agony.

"AHH!" Marceline grit her teeth, her soul ready to escape from her body.

Not because of the pain alone but also the sight of one of her limbs. Pieces of her skin had stuck to her stocking and came off when she rolled the stocking and removed it.

"Who is there?" Marceline heard a male's voice from behind her, and she quickly covered her foot. "Raise your hands!" She heard a creaking sound.

When the young vampiress turned around, she noticed it was a human who worked for the Council. The man was in his late thirties. She knew it because he had been invited to the soirees that were held in the Moriartys mansion.

"Lady Marceline?" The man asked in surprise. "I don't think you remember me, I am Uric Osborne. I worked under your father," he placed his free hand on his chest and dropped the gun away that had been pointing at her.

Marceline mustered a smile while she was still in pain and shock.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know that this is the place where the witches usually take shelter?" Uric informed her.

The vampiress innocently batted her lash as if she had no clue, and she lied, "I was taking a walk and didn't realise how far I came."

The man nodded, "That's fine. I am just glad to see that you are safe. This thing here must have scared you," he jerked his head in the direction of the dead witch. The councilman continued, "You don't have to worry about her. We have been hunting her for more than two weeks because she has been kidnapping young women and killing them. But we finally tracked her down and killed her," he appeared proud as he said this.

Marceline's eyes shifted from the dead witch and looked at the councilman. Her hands clenched in frustration, and she was ready to snap his head here for what he had indirectly done to her. She could blame it on the witch. It wasn't as if anyone would know she was there. Or maybe she could convince everyone that the witch cursed her while they were fighting, and she somehow, single-handedly, killed the witch.

"Where is your carriage parked? Let me walk you till there as it isn't safe here," the councilman offered, and Marceline started to walk with him.

Marceline tried hard not to wobble. She had hidden her shoe and stocking behind her dress and walked unevenly, where one of her feet felt the snow under her feet. She felt nothing less than a wobbling duck, which frustrated her more.

Having lost the ability to think straight because of her condition, when the human looked the other way, she raised her hands and was ready to choke him to death.

"Osborne!" Someone yelled from a little distance from where Marceline and the councilman were. The vampiress quickly dropped her hands to her side. Another councilman walked to where they were and informed the man, "There are no other witches anywhere around here. It appears like the dead one was the only queen bee witch in here."

"That's good to hear, let us wrap up the witch hunting mission here for the time being. Have the others get the witch's body and have her things back to Darthmore," said Mr. Osborne, and he added, "I will see the lady to her carriage."

The other councilman's eyes fell on the vampiress, whose face was warped in concentration. He then asked, "Was she a victim of the witch you found in hiding?"

Marceline was ready to say yes to the victim part, but before that Mr. Osborne replied, "No. Lady Marceline was taking a stroll when she wandered too far here and appeared after I killed the witch." When the other councilman turned a little suspicious of what the lady was doing here, Mr. Osborne introduced, "Lady Marceline is Viscount Eduard Moriarty's eldest daughter."

The councilman's eyes widened on hearing the Moriarty family name, and he quickly offered her a bow, "Ezekiel Scroggs at your service, milady."

Marceline didn't care to know about the councilman, but old habits die hard, especially when it was mastered and ingrained into her since she had grown up. She offered a kind smile to the man. She said, "Mr. Osborne, thank you for accompanying me until here, but I think I can walk from here myself."

"Please, I insist that I come see you till your carriage," Mr. Osborne didn't find it safe for a woman like Lady Marceline to be walking alone. Not to mention, something seemed off about the way she walked.

Mr. Scroggs's eyes fell on the young lady's hands, where she held her shoe. He saw they weren't two but just one shoe. He said, "I think you should wear your shoe, milady, lest you want to enjoy the snow..." with one leg, the man thought to himself.

Mr. Osborne's attention fell beneath the lady's dress and on the ground. Marceline clenched her jaws and said, "Unfortunately, I broke the buckle of my shoe and thought it would be better to walk without it. Please, don't mind me. I will have it fixed by my coachman."

"Let us see you to your carriage then," Mr. Osborne stretched his hand forward, and the three of them started walking.

Upon reaching the edge of the forest, Marceline's coachman noticed his mistress look angry. He could tell she was mad about something because of the years he had come to work for her. He quickly ran towards his Miss and caught the shoe that she threw at him. She had stuffed her stockings inside the shoe.

"Please be wary of places like these, milady. They are unsafe and can be harmful. Please convey my regards to the Viscount," Mr. Osborne said to Marceline.

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Marceline smiled and offered a slight bow to the councilman, "Thank you for being kind and seeing me here. I will surely pass your message to my father."

The coachman opened the carriage door, waiting for Marceline to get in. Biting her lower lip as her foot prickled, she climbed inside the carriage and quickly the coachman closed the door.

As the carriage left the area of the forest and got on the road, Marceline's coachman sat straight as he rode the vehicle. It was after a minute that he heard the vampiress scream in frustration--


The coachman pulled the horses' reins to stop it. When the carriage paused, he nervously turned to look at the window and asked, "Milady, are you alright?"

For many seconds, he received no response from her. He then turned from his seat when Marceline closed the curtain to the front and barked, "Who told you to stop the carriage? Take me to Mr. Pepper, the physician's house."

Before he would get more scolding from her again, the coachman quickly patted the horses and started the carriage, while wondering what had made the vampiress this angry. Surely he didn't want to stand in her path when she was breathing fire and decided to steer clear of it.

After several minutes, they finally arrived at physician Mr. Pepper's house. The physician specialised in treating vampire and werewolf patients.

Marceline got down from the carriage with difficulty. When she walked towards the front of the house, Mr. Pepper's assistant appeared and offered a bow. The vampiress stated, "I am here to see, Mr. Pepper. Is he here?"

"He is, milady. Let me take you to the office room," the assistant informed, and they walked through the corridor and reached the office inside the house. The servant opened the door to the room, and Marceline stepped inside the room, and the door was closed.

"Lady Marceline, have a seat. How can I help you today?" Mr. Pepper sat behind his desk. His blonde, greasy hair was combed to the side.

Marceline had trouble saying this or even showing her foot. But she had to get this treated before someone would notice what was happening to her foot. She tightly clenched her hands before she said,

"I was walking in the garden this morning, and suddenly my foot started to swell up and there have been blisters since then."

"Let me take a look at it," Mr. Pepper got up from his seat and walked around the desk to come and kneel. "Place your foot forward, please."

Marceline hesitantly put her right foot forward, raising her dress and Mr. Pepper's red eyes widened on seeing this. He remarked, "This... doesn't look good. It looks like an infection that is rapidly spreading from your foot."

"What can be done? It hurts!" Marceline cried in pain and her eyebrows furrowed.

Mr. Pepper took a closer look at the slime and the blisters on her foot that were caused by Marceline when she removed her stocking. He said, "Let me apply the medicine on it and bandage it up so that it doesn't continue the infection and can heal. If it hasn't changed, you can come here tomorrow."

"But you can make it better, right, Mr. Pepper?" Marceline confirmed.

Mr. Pepper nodded, "Of course, an infection from the garden, it must be able to heal right away.

Marceline hoped the medicine would work.

But the vampiress forgot that this wasn't a common illness but was caused because of a curse. A curse she had wished upon someone that had come right back at her.

Not too far away from the physician's house, in the Moriarty mansion, Blythe finished the work that the butler had given her. The butler had given her work that amounted to two people and had left her all by herself to finish it. But she was an expert, and she had sneaked around, looking for the governess in that time. She now wiped her hands and looked around when she came upon a window facing the carriage shed and noticed Vincent Moriarty's carriage parked there.

The maid quickly sneaked towards the piano room, and took a quick peek. She noted the governess was nowhere near the room. She wondered where the human could be.

Blythe wondered if perhaps her initial suspicion was wrong! Maybe the two of them weren't in the mansion, and they had gone outside. She gritted her teeth and without a word, made her way towards the mansion's entrance to visit the Marchioness.

Alfie stepped in the way, and questioned, "Where are you going? Did you finish the work that was assigned to you in the East wing?"

"I have. Everything has been completed as you asked. I remembered something and need to visit Lady Aurora urgently," saying this, Blythe left the mansion, while Alfie turned worried. Did the maid discover that his master and Ms. Barlow weren't in the mansion?

Blythe's footsteps were quick, and once she reached the Wright's mansion, she knocked on the door. When the door opened, she entered, went straight to Lady Aurora, who was having her afternoon tea in her room. The maid offered her a bow.

"What is it, Blythe?" Lady Aurora questioned, raising one of her eyebrows.

"Milady. The governess has been missing from the mansion since noon and didn't appear for lunch in the dining room. She is nowhere in the mansion and I believe she is out with Mr. Vincent Moriarty," Blythe informed before pursing her lips.

Hearing this, Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed, and she uncrossed her legs, "They wouldn't dare."


Chapter 357 Threat To The Loved Ones

Music Recommendation: He'll Be on You- Nathan Barr

Alfie, who had been walking back and forth on the above floor's balcony, took a peek at the gates to see if Lady Aurora and her maid would arrive at the mansion first or Master Vincent and Ms. Barlow would return before them.

When one of the maids arrived at where he stood, the butler asked, "Has the doors in the North wing fixed?" The door couldn't be opened from the inside and was also jammed outside like many other rooms as they hadn't been used in a long time.

"One of them has been sent to fix it," the maid answered. 

"Good," Alfie exhaled, and he said, "With the oncoming time of festivals and marriage, the rooms will need to be prepared for the guests."

When a carriage appeared in front of the mansion's gates, for a moment, he became worried if it was the Marchioness with the tattle-tale. But on a closer look, it was Lady Marceline's carriage that entered through the gates and now stopped in front of the mansion's entrance. As the coachman opened the carriage door, the butler quickly ran inside so that he could be of her assistance at the entrance.

Marceline's foot had been cleaned, and the physician had applied medicine before bandaging it. This way, she wouldn't have to worry about it being seen by anyone until she would fix her situation.

"Welcome back home, Lady Marceline," Alfie reached the hallways, and suddenly a shoe was thrown at him, which he quickly caught.

Marceline walked past him and ordered, "Send my food directly to my room."

"Yes, milady," Alfie immediately complied.

On her way to the Moriarty mansion from the physician's place, Marceline had thrown her stained stocking as she wasn't going to use it again.

Before Marceline could leave the hallways and walk towards the stairs, Lady Aurora's carriage soon stopped near the entrance and the coachman pulled the door for the lady and the maid to step down from it. Leaving the hallway abruptly would be strange, and if there was one thing Marceline cared about, it was to maintain good relationships with people who belonged to high status and position.

When the Marchioness entered, Alfie bowed and Marceline greeted the woman she had seen several minutes ago, "Lady Aurora, did you forget something?"

Lady Aurora's arrogance was above the roof. She said, "I have come to hear that your brother and the governess aren't in the mansion. That they went out together."

Even in a situation as sticky as Marceline was in right now, she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows in surprise, and a subtle smile appeared on her lips. She said, "I really doubt that has happened, considering how my brother is bound to the deal with his blood, Marchioness. He can be reckless sometimes, but he's not a fool."

"Let us hope that is true, Lady Marceline. I wouldn't want my beautiful daughter to marry a fool," Lady Aurora's words were firm and she turned to Moriartys' butler, "Did Ms. Barlow leave the mansion today?"

Alfie felt sweat starting to form on the back of his neck. Still holding Marceline's shoe in his hand, he bowed and responded, "I haven't seen Ms. Barlow leave the mansion, Marchioness."

"So, you are telling me that considering how Ms. Barlow is still working as a governess, teaching the youngest Moriarty, she must be with her?" Lady Aurora confirmed, and Alfie suddenly felt his neck had turned stiff.

One would think that the butler would be burdened by the intense stares he was receiving from the three vampiresses. But Alfie was no ordinary vampire, and he had been working for the Moriarty mansion for many years, enough to be used to and keep a blank expression on his face even during stressful situations.

"Yes, milady," Alfie lied to the Marchioness. But he knew the inevitable that was going to take place.

"Good. I would like to talk to the governess now," Lady Aurora stated, and she questioned, "Where is she now?"

Even in pain and in her plight, Marceline didn't stop herself from taking merriment at someone's expense and she answered, "She will be in the piano room." But that was as far as it went, as she couldn't walk there as even after medicine, she could still feel her foot hurt.

"Wonderful. Thank you, Lady Marceline," Lady Aurora started to make her way with her personal maid, Blythe. But the Marchioness stopped after two steps, and turned to Marceline, and asked, "How is your foot now? If you need a physician, I will send the person."

Alfie quickly picked on this, and wondered why Marceline had not complained about it. After all, the young vampiress liked to make a big issue out of small things, so everyone's attention was on her.

Marceline offered the lady a kind smile and responded in her sweet voice, "You don't have to bother yourself, Lady Aurora. I am sure with a little rest in my room, I will feel much better."

Lady Aurora gave Marceline a nod, without another word she left the place, as she was more interested in the lowly human. The butler said she was in the mansion. But if the governess had left the mansion without informing the butler, it only showed how bad of a governess she was, leaving her work in the middle of the day and it would be easier to catch the lie and dismiss the human from her job.

Lady Aurora walked at the front, her head high, while the two servants followed her a few steps behind, while Blythe let her mistress know which way to go, to reach the piano room.

"This is the one, milady," Blythe informed Lady Aurora, and on seeing the door closed again, she whispered, "Earlier when I came here, it was closed and looked suspicious. They tried to set me up. They are up to no good, milady."

Lady Aurora placed her hand on the doorknob, while Alfie closed his eyes. When the Marchioness opened the door, Eve sat at the table, teaching Allie with books in front of them.

Eve looked in the direction where the door had suddenly opened, and on noticing Lady Aurora, she stood up from her seat. Alfie let out a sigh of relief that Blythe took note of. The mermaid asked,

"Lady Aurora, is there anything I can help you with?"

What Lady Aurora and the maid weren't aware of was that not a minute had passed since Vincent had dropped Eve back in the piano room. Vincent had left as he had other matters to attend to. While Eve had quickly walked to the table and had taken her seat when she heard footsteps outside the door and in the corridor.

Lady Aurora's eyes moved across the room before she walked towards the opened windows. She put her head outside, her eyes looking left and right. She then pulled back and remarked, "Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the gown you will be needing for my daughter and Vincent's wedding." She turned around and waved her hand at the butler to dismiss him, "You can leave. You too, Blythe. Fetch Rosetta for me."

The two servants bowed and left the front of the piano room. The older vampiress said, "I assumed that as you are a mere governess, you would want to have a gown tailored for the upcoming celebration. From what I remember, governesses don't make much to afford a decent gown that will be fit to be worn in high society."

Eve stared at Lady Aurora.

For a woman, who was on her way to stepping foot into the line of poverty, Eve couldn't believe the arrogance this vampiress showed. She offered a polite smile to the woman and responded, "Thank you for your generous thought, but I assure you that I can buy my own gown. It isn't a celebration for me, so I do not see a point in dressing like an elite."

"That is because you are incapable of doing so," Lady Aurora sneered.

"Sister Eve is the prettiest," came the soft voice that belonged to Allie, who had a small frown as she didn't like the Marchioness's belittling words.

Lady Aurora laughed, "It seems like you have been putting a spell on everyone here. Makes one wonder if you really are a human," her voice lowered as she stared at the governess. For a human, the woman was stunning to look at, and it was something the vampiress couldn't deny. "A witch who eats little girls, to steal their youth for herself. Isn't that what the people of your town said about you a few weeks ago?" She then looked at Allie and said, "You should choose your friends wisely, and know who your true enemies are. You don't want ill things to befall on your family now, would you?" She smiled.

The vampiress stepped towards Eve, staring at her clear blue eyes, "There seems to be something very peculiar and suspicious about you. Don't think I won't find out."

"You seem to be overthinking things, Marchioness. I think you like to write in your free time," Eve responded to Lady Aurora, turning the Marchioness angry.

"So young and naive. To think you can provoke and deceive me, and I won't do anything to you… or the people who you love so much. It seems like you aren't too fond of them," Lady Aurora's lips quirked up as she cunningly smiled at Eve.

Eve's face turned serious. She warned, "Don't you dare hurt any of them."

Lady Aurora softly harrumphed, "That's what I thought. Before you th—"

Suddenly the Marchioness's words were interrupted by her maid, who returned to inform, "M—milady, Lady Rosetta. She…" She shook her head.

The vampiress turned to face her maid and demanded, "Rosetta what?"


Chapter 358 She’s Run Away!

Music Recommendation: The Way Things Were- Nathan Barr


Eve wondered what had happened to Rosetta, that made the maid look worried. She saw Lady Aurora walk towards the maid and heard her question in a low voice,

"Where is Rosetta?"

"Milady, I am not able to find her in her room or anywhere in her room or other possible places. No one has seen her since she returned here after visiting the Wright's mansion," Blythe informed her mistress in a fearful voice.

Lady Aurora glared at her maid and scolded her, "You had the same suspicion about this human, and look she was here all along. She must be sulking in some corner of this mansion for not being able to attain Vincent's attention."

But noticing Blythe's worried look, even Eve turned a little concerned. There was no way Rosetta had run away after she had advised her not to do anything like that. The Marchioness turned to look at Eve as if gauging her expression and she then ordered her maid, "Tell everyone to search for Rosetta in the mansion."

"Yes, milady," Blythe bowed and quickly left the place in haste.

"What did you tell my daughter?" Lady Aurora demanded from Eve. "Did you put some ideas in her head? To make it seem that she finally likes Vincent so that I don't pay attention to her and she escapes from here?"

Eve stayed quiet for a second, and she then said, "I believe that Rosetta has not run away. I don't know about your daughter, but the friend I know wouldn't do such a thing."

Lady Aurora glared at the human and left the room to find her daughter. Eve sighed as the tension in her shoulders left. She then turned to Allie and apologised, 

"I am sorry for not accompanying you earlier today through your studies, Allie."

The small vampiress shook her head, "I was practising a song. I shall play it in the soiree... Would you like to hear it now?" Asked the little one with excitement, and Eve nodded.

"Of course, let us hear you play," Eve replied with a smile, and an excited Allie hopped towards the piano, taking her seat on the bench.

Allie started to press her small fingers on the black and white keys, and soon the instrument started creating beautiful music tunes. In her mind, Eve hoped that Rosetta hadn't really run away. While far away from the piano room, Lady Aurora stood with her arms crossed at the beginning of the bottom flight of stairs, waiting to see her daughter before she returned to the Wright's mansion.

Soon servants started to search for Hooke's daughter, but she was nowhere. Lady Annalise, who caught sight of the maids moving back and forth in the corridor, appeared at the stairs and questioned,

"Is everything alright?"

"It will be when I find my daughter," Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed as anger started to bubble up in her mind. "Where is Rosetta, Lady Annalise?"

Lady Annalise made her way down the stairs and replied, "I thought she was with you, Lady Aurora. I haven't seen her since this morning."

The Marchioness's eyes slightly narrowed. Did that mean Rosetta didn't return after it? No, Blythe said she did. What if her daughter had made it appear as if she had returned, only to escape from here? But at the same time, Rosetta had no money and would need lots of money if she travelled somewhere. If the governess had helped her daughter with money, it would only be little, so it couldn't be the governess.

"Where is Vincent?" Lady Aurora demanded from Lady Annalise.

"He has gone out, and must be in Darthmore on some work, Marchioness," Lady Annalise answered, and Lady Aurora's question made her wonder if Vincent had done something to the young Hooke.

Blythe once again came back and informed her mistress, "Milady, Lady Rosetta is nowhere to be seen."

Lady Aurora glared hard at her maid and slapped the maid across her face. Blythe shook in fear, her hand now covering her cheek whilst she looked at the ground. The Marchioness said,

"I told you to take care of Rosetta." She turned to look at Lady Annalise, "I warned your family to follow through the conditions and not try anything. If not in this mansion, where is my daughter, Lady Annalise?"

Lady Annalise furrowed her eyebrows and said firmly, "Isn't it possible that she went to visit her friend, or she went shopping by herself? I don't think it is good for our future relationship, if you are so willing to put the blame on my family."

"My daughter has no friends. Nor does she have any money on her to spend. My daughter is used to buying the most expensive things. Be it either clothes, jewels or even food," Lady Aurora responded and she said, "Let me go question your son in the Council." Saying it, the woman turned on her heel and walked away from there, while being followed by her personal maid.

Alfie appeared at the scene. He bowed and turned to look at Lady Annalise, who held a grim expression. She questioned him,

"When was the last time you heard about Rosetta here?"

"When I heard that she returned, I sent a glass of blood tea to her room. But it has been left untouched and cold until now, milady," Alfie dutifully answered the lady of the mansion.

Lady Annalise sighed. Many weeks ago, she had believed that the Hookes would be the perfect family match when Lady Camille Wright brought up how she was looking for a groom for her niece. But right now, she couldn't believe the trouble the Hookes were bringing them.

Alfie watched Lady Annalise walk up the stairs, while he wondered if Rosetta Hooke really ran away to avoid marrying his master. It seemed like the vampiress was trying to rebel against her parent's decision. But where did she go?

With all the commotions going on In the Moriarty mansion, away from the front side of the mansion, on the above floor and in one of the corridors where people didn't often walk, inside one of the many dark rooms, an unconscious Rosetta now lay on the floor. And next to her stood Eugene, who was very much awake.


Chapter 359 Carrying The Tray Of Hope

Music Recommendation: Heavens, what an afternoon- John Lunn


A few hours ago...

Lady Aurora and Rosetta sat next to each other on the drawing room's couch in the Wright's mansion, where the Marchioness looked pleased, while her eyes tried to look through her daughter. She remarked,

"I am pleased to hear that you have finally come to your senses on how important our alliance with the Moriartys is, then I am more than happy, Rosetta. But if there's something else cooking in your head, it would be best for you to stop it."

The young vampiress shook her head, "Not at all, mother. I would never want to disappoint you." Rosetta had always tried to please her mother, but it never seemed enough. "I realised that it will be hard for me to live a life of poverty and I would rather prefer to live in that mansion."

Lady Aurora placed her hand on Rosetta's shoulder, "That is good. Very good. How are things between Vincent and you?"

Thankfully well, Rosetta thought in her mind. But noticing how her mother gauged her expressions, she realised she was supposed to lie flawlessly. If her mother discovered that she had revealed their family's financial condition to Vincent and Eve, she doubted a mere scolding would be all she would be receiving.

Rosetta imagined Vincent to be Eugene and answered her mother, "I have tried to approach him, mother. I truly have," she furrowed her eyebrows, "But I feel like I am still failing. He did offer me..." She couldn't use the word balm!

Lady Aurora raised her eyebrows, "Offered you what?"

"Blood tea, when I was feeling faint," Rosetta quickly replied.

"Seems like Vincent Moriarty has finally understood that there's no way for him to escape. If he's offered you blood tea, it means he's trying or testing the waters with you," Lady Aurora raised the teacup to her lips and took a sip.

"He is?" Rosetta asked in surprise.

Lady Aurora pressed her lips before responding, "Of course, why go through the trouble of showing his concern to you? At least we know the person cares about the reputation of his family, enough to care for you."

So she was right, Rosetta thought in her mind. Eugene cared enough to send her the balm. Not to mention, she had tried hard not to complain or cry about her bruised hands. 

Rosetta had hope. A small smile appeared on her lips, and her mother chastised her,

"Don't think just because of that simple action everything will go well, Rose," Lady Aurora's eyes were sharp, and she gracefully leaned forward and placed the teacup on the small table in front of them. "You need to learn to dress better than this. Push your bosom so that it looks full. But it isn't all about appearance. It is how you talk, how you walk, even the way you glance at the person, that will leave the person stunned."

"T--that, I don't think it will work, mother,," Rosetta stuttered. She doubted that would work with Eugene when his eyes were focused on completing his work in the mansion.

Lady Aurora's eyes snapped at her daughter and glared, "Don't underestimate those little things. How do you think I even married your father? A woman should know how to play her cards well to her advantage, after all, we live in a patriarchal world." She then instructed her daughter, "Today when you see him, ask him about his day, if there is something you could do for him. Bring him a drink and something to eat. That will be a good start."

Rosetta nodded, "Okay, mother. I will try it." She would try it on Eugene once she returned to the Moriartys mansion.

"How are things with your... 'friend'? The lowly human," Lady Aurora asked in a casual tone, but Rosetta knew her mother was inquiring only to know more about what was happening in the Moriarty mansion.

"She uh, she has been upset about it. We haven't spoken much since yesterday," Rosetta lied.

"Didn't seem like you both aren't in talking terms after what she said during breakfast," Lady Aurora stared at her daughter.

"Eve is very direct with her thoughts and has a kind heart, mother. I think, even though she's giving up on Vincent, she's trying to be supportive," Rosetta tried to make her mother see Eve's good qualities, but the Marchioness softly huffed.

"My naive and sweet daughter. It would be foolish for you to think that way. You never know when she will try to backstab you, after all, we are taking her love away from her," Lady Aurora softly chuckled on how silly her daughter's thoughts would be. Her daughter would be a sacrificial sheep, if she wasn't there to guide her.

Rosetta shook her head, "I don't think she is like that, mother. Eve is--"

"Alright. If you are saying it, and give her something that she will appreciate during the day of the soiree," Lady Aurora offered a small smile to her daughter, subtly letting Rosetta know that she wasn't interested to hear about the lowly human, when they could speak about other things.

After spending a few more minutes in the Wright's mansion, Rosetta returned to the Moriarty mansion. Seeing how everyone in the mansion was busy, including her mother's maid, who every once in a while went near the piano room, the young vampiress took this opportunity. She walked to the kitchen, ordering milk and snacks.

"Where would you like to have them, milady?" Asked the kitchen's cook, and at the same time, he raised his hand, signalling a nearby maid to come and take the tray, and follow the lady.

Rosetta raised her hand, "I shall take it myself." She was a grown and responsible woman who could carry the tray herself. Also, she didn't want the maid coming between her and Eugene.

"Milady, please allow me to bring this for you. The Marchioness and Lady Annalise wouldn't be pleased if they found out that you carried it," the maid informed her.

"Then it would be best for all of you in here to not mention that I was here. You did not see me. Is that clear?" Rosetta stared at the servants in the kitchen, who quickly bowed at her words.

A second later, Rosetta realised she shouldn't order them around and had to treat them like her equals. Something she had never done except with Eugene. Her upbringing and what she was trying to achieve clashed with each other. Maybe she could be... friends with them.

Rosetta nodded before saying, "We should all get along well and be friends."

The servants stared at the young vampiress, some in surprise and some in shock over her words. Rosetta then picked up the tray in one hand, which would have almost toppled if it weren't for the maid near her, who quickly grabbed the tray and balanced it. The maid cleared her throat and carefully said, while trying not to offend the lady,

"Milady, it will be easier to hold the tray and balance with both hands."

Rosetta nodded, "See me later in my room, there is something I would like to talk about." The maid turned worried, wondering if the lady wanted to scold and punish her for trying to 'teach' her when she didn't need to be taught, as it was irrelevant for a lady of her status. But the vampiress only wanted to get more tips on how to be able to help Eugene, as it seemed like Eve was busy with Allie and Vincent, and she didn't want to burden her friend.

Soon Rosetta left the kitchen, ready to serve a hard-working Eugene with some afternoon refreshments.

Carefully carrying the tray, Rosetta reached the corridor where Eugene was supposedly working. Her feet were quick so that the milk wouldn't be cold when Eugene would drink it.

"It seems like Eugene is the only one working here," Rosetta murmured as she walked in the lonely corridor without making too much noise on the carpeted floor. Most of the doors to the rooms in here were closed, and upon noticing the farthest one, which had its door open, she paused for a moment. "Where do I keep this tray?" She looked left and right before placing it on the ground.

Making sure no one was around and looking at her, Rosetta's hands reached for her bosom and she adjusted her bosom. She wondered if her mother's advice would work.

Bending downwards, her hands reached for the tray. Picking it up, she came to stand in front of the room with a nervous smile. Her eyes fell on Eugene's back, who stood on a stool, cleaning the cold glass lanterns attached to the room's wall.

Rosetta stood in the same place for a minute, staring and admiring him. She liked that he worked so hard, with all his concentration, even though there was no one to monitor him, where he could have chosen to rest. Her chest puffed in pride, knowing she was in love with a sincere man. Her lips parted to speak, "Eugene."

Eugene turned around, feeling a little surprised to see Rosetta there. He offered her a bow from the stool that he stood on.

"Good afternoon, Lady Rosetta," Eugene greeted her, and while he curiously stared at the tray she held in her hands, Rosetta stared back at him. She then greeted him,

"Good afternoon, Eugene."

"How are your hands?" He asked, and Rosetta nodded.

"They are much better. Thank you for sending the balm to me. I very much appreciate it," Rosetta thanked him with a starstruck look.

"You worked hard today. Cleaning the water on the floor even though you could have let it be and had someone else do it. One should appreciate the other, when they deserve and have earned it," Eugene replied.

Until this morning, maybe even after the young vampiress had finished cleaning her side of the floor along with him, Eugene had viewed her as just the Marquee and Marchioness's spoiled daughter. And maybe after it, he would have dismissed it. But the fact that she had taken responsibility for cleaning the mess she made, made him view her differently. Not much, but a little.

Rosetta was ready to sit on the clouds upon Eugene's praises for her, turning to the side to hide her blush while also starting to imagine their future.

On the other hand, Eugene noticed the glass of milk and the cookies, wondering if she had brought them here for herself.

"Are you not being chaperoned by your mother's maid?" Eugene asked her because he didn't know when the maid would find out about Rosetta spending time cleaning the mansion.

Rosetta placed the tray at the nearest surface, and she shook her head, "Blythe is busy with work and she's busy keeping a watchful eye on Eve. To inform my mother if Vincent and Eve spend time with each other."

She then asked him, "Can I help you?... Please?"

Eugene stared at her, but seeing her eagerness. He said, "There's a cloth there, you can use it to dust the table there."

Rosetta nodded and said, "Thank you! I will make sure not to break anything there. I brought you some milk and cookies. You might want to have it when it is still warm." She wondered if Eugene noticed that she had pushed her bosom, and then she added, "You must be tired from cleaning and I thought a little milk would help," she smiled at him.

Eugene noticed that Rosetta didn't hold expressions compared to the other vampiresses. He said, "I came here five minutes ago."

"You can drink it later, only if you want to. It is for giving me the balm this morning," Rosetta added the last words so that she didn't sound imposing and held her hands in front of her, and she hoped not to upset Eugene.


Chapter 360 History Of Fear

Eugene offered her a bow,

"Thank you, milady. I shall drink it later." The vampiress obviously meant no harm and was only trying to be appreciative and he didn't see a reason to be mean towards her by refusing it.

"Of course!" Rosetta was glad about anything Eugene said, and then she realised the milk wouldn't be warm. But maybe, he preferred it that way? She observed the room and said, "These rooms don't have windows or balconies."

"It seems it was once used as a storage room, which is why there was no need for a window. But in time, it was changed to rooms for the guests to be used. By vampires who prefer their quiet isolation," Eugene explained to her, and Rosetta nodded. She also realised the only light that came into the room was from the candle that Eugene held in his hand, the other from the room's door, through which she had entered.

Rosetta picked up the cloth and started cleaning the table the way she thought it was to be cleaned. After two minutes, she turned to Eugene and asked him, "What is your last name?"


"Eugene Eggs," Rosetta murmured his full name and she nodded. Maybe if everything goes well, she would be Rosetta Eggs? Eggs was odd, compared to her family name, but she would keep Eggs just because of her love for Eugene.

When the vampiress smiled, Eugene wondered what the woman was thinking, which made her almost giggle before she went back to cleaning the table.

"How has your day been so far," Rosetta asked him, wanting to make more conversations with him and know him closely as she realised she didn't know much about him, apart from him working for Dawson's family for a few years now.

"It has been the same, milady," Eugene answered. Much better than he had expected because he knew being involved with a high-society woman was dangerous. Noticing her stare at him, he asked, "How about you?"

"It has been the best day. The bestest after the time when my father threw this b--" Rosetta stopped, and she nervously smiled, realising the mistake she would be making and then cleared her throat. "I have had a very good day. It is thanks to you, Eugene."

There weren't many people who enjoyed cleaning, not in the lower class, and rare as one moved up the social class in society, Eugene thought to himself. He wondered what she saw in him, something she didn't find in the men of her own kind or class.

"Eugene, I am done with the table. What do I clean next?" Rosetta asked, ready to turn the next object spotless. 

"You need to change the bedspread. We can do it together when it comes to changing it to a new one. For now--" Did Eugene say together? "--you can remove the bedcover."

Rosetta walked towards the bed, happy to be helping Eugene, and she pulled the cover. But as the room was dusty and old, which had been left unused for quite some time now, the vampiress caught something fly from the corner of her eyes when she forcefully pulled the bedcover.

She went to drop it on the side when her eyes fell on what had flown earlier. The vampiress's eyes fell on a large hairy spider that appeared to be the size of her palm.


Her lips trembled, and she had trouble breathing. She started to sweat on seeing it, and in a panic to shoo it away, she used the bed cover to push it out of the room.

When she pushed the spider out of the room, she pushed the door, so it wouldn't enter again. On hearing the rustling sound, Eugene turned in time to notice the door closing, and he panicked,

"Lady Rosetta, no! Don't close the door--"

But Rosetta, who turned to look at Eugene, her eyes fell on another spider hanging from the ceiling, and when the door completely closed, a click was heard from the door. The vampiress wanting to move away in panic ended up tripping and hitting her head against the wall so hard that she dropped unconscious on the room's floor.

"..." To warn her, Eugene had moved too quickly for the candle flame to exhaust itself, leaving the room completely dark.

Eugene couldn't see a thing in the dark, and having only heard the loud sound of something hitting something, he called for the vampiress, "Lady Rosetta, are you alright? Lady Rosetta?"

But the vampiress, who was earlier freaking out because of a spider, had gone quiet. He became worried. The door of this room was not fixed, and it could be opened only from the outside. Right now, if he called for help in this isolated wing of the mansion, if one were to open the door and find a servant and a high lady alone in the room, the Marchioness would suck him dry.

Maybe Miss Eve or that arrogant cat would find him missing and look for him. He would need to patiently wait for them to find him missing.

A few minutes passed, and while Eugene sat down on the ground, he heard the vampiress finally awake.

"P-please, please don't..." came the small sobs, and it confused Eugene before he realised she was dreaming. "D-don't leave me here! I promise to be good! No no!" her voice got louder. It was as if she was having a nightmare.

Eugene quickly came to Rosetta's side by following her voice and knelt on the ground, "Lady Rosetta, please wake up," he shook the vampiress.

"I promise to be good!" Rosetta cried, and Eugene shook her with more strength, finally waking the vampiress out of her nightmare, and he heard her softly gasp.

Eugene quickly let her know, "The door to the room is locked from outside, and it can't be opened from inside. There's nothing to worry... I am here."

"I am sorry for closing the door..." Rosetta whispered.

"It is fine. You didn't know. Let us wait for someone to come and find us," Eugene said, and it was probably the first time he had felt the vampiress turn this quiet.