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Chapter 441 Keeping It For A Better Place
The celebration continued in the Moriarty mansion's ballroom, where everyone was in the mood of merriment as they danced, talked with each other, ate and drank.

Eve danced with Viscount Eduard and noted her father-in-law was as tall as Vincent. At the same time, Vincent danced with her aunt Lady Aubrey on the dance floor.

"I didn't pegged you to be light footed... Vincent," Lady Aubrey said as she swayed with the pureblooded vampire.

"Thank you for the compliment, Aunt Aubrey," Vincent's eyes sparkled, and he added, "You seem to be quick on your toes yourself."

"When I was a governess, it was required to know how to dance so that we could instruct the young girls and boys," Lady Aubrey mentioned.

"A talented woman like my wife," Vincent responded to the elderly woman's words, which brought a smile to Lady Aubrey's lips.

"Thank you, Vincent," Lady Aubrey thanked him.

"I should be the one to thank you. For raising and looking after Eve for all these years. For loving and taking care of her, and keeping her safe that gave the opportunity for us to meet again."

"Again?" Lady Aubrey asked in slight surprise, "I didn't know you two met each other before Eve started to work. Seems like it was destiny that brought you two together then."

The older woman didn't have children of her own, and many years ago when she had found Eve that night, she had taken the little orphaned mermaid under her shelter as her own. She had taught the girl everything she knew so that the mermaid wouldn't live in fear but would feel that she belonged in the land when society had labelled the mermaid to be an outcast.

In the past, seeing Eve and the Duke's closeness, Lady Aubrey had thought that the Duke would ask Eve's hand in marriage. It was because she was sure that the young man loved Eve, but for some reason, things didn't work out as she had expected. Instead, it was Vincent Moriarty, who was Eve's former employer, who stole her heart and accepted her the way she was.

She said, "She is now yours to take care of."

"I will. You have nothing to worry about. My love, protection and care from here will belong to her. She comes before anyone," the older woman nodded upon Vincent's assuring words.

Eve, who was dancing with Vincent's father, saw her aunt and Vincent talking to each other, and she wondered what they were talking about.

"Genevieve," Viscount Eduard called her, and she quickly turned to meet the older vampire's eyes. "I am grateful for what you have done for my family so far. For Allie and Vincent. I know it hasn't been easy, but you have made Katherina's dream come true."

Eve stared at the Viscount and heard him speak only for her to hear, but she knew that one of Vincent's ears was listening to her, "When Vincent and Marceline were little and before Katherina passed away... she collected gifts for the future. Something she wanted to give when the right time came. I don't know if she had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to give you. Now that she isn't here with us, I have handed it to Vincent."

"Ah, thank you for the gift, Viscount Eduard," Eve thanked him, and the Viscount smiled at her, his eyes full of wisdom and calmness.

Viscount Eduard then said, "Viscount Eduard sounds like a stranger. You can call me father."

Eve was stunned, and her lips moved but no word came out for a second. She then nodded before smiling, "Thank you, father."

She heard her father-in-law said, "Since your arrival in his life, he has turned calmer. If I am not wrong, even the count of dead bodies has gone down," he said the last sentence in a whisper.

Eve blinked, unsure if she could agree to that, considering how wild Vincent appeared when taking action on certain things. Like burning the whole town to teach a lesson to the people who had wronged her.

As hours passed, the celebration finally came to an end and the guests left the mansion one by one until it was only the Moriarty family, the Dawson's family and the servants who worked in the mansion.

Viscount Eduard, Lady Annalise and Lady Aubrey stayed back in the drawing room, sharing a quiet drink. Allie was put to bed in her room after the energetic day she had spent, while Timotei laid on the armchair of the young vampiress's room that he had pulled in front of the fireplace.

A bitter Marceline didn't leave her room, as she stuffed everything she could in her trunks. She wanted to live a comfortable life once she left this place, and she would reinvent herself better than she had before.

In the servant's quarters and in Eugene's room, Eugene was done folding the clothes that belonged to Lady Aubrey's late husband Rikkard Dawson and kept them on the chair.

He heard footsteps outside his room in the corridor that stopped in front of his room. When he didn't hear the footsteps leave, he walked to the door and opened it. The person at the door was none other than Rosetta, who was stunned as if not expecting him to open the door.

For a moment, Rosetta had forgotten that Eugene was no longer a human but a vampire with decent hearing.

"Hi," Rosetta awkwardly greeted him, as she hadn't prepared what she was supposed to say to him.

"Hi," Eugene responded, noticing the vampiress slightly fidget where she stood.

Rosetta cleared her throat and said, "I--I didn't know if I should come here or not... to sleep," her cheeks turned bright red once she uttered those words. She spoke quickly to hide her embarrassment by saying, "I mean, we are married and I thought it would be strange to have each of us sleep in different rooms--"

"Come in," Eugene took a step backwards to make way for Rosetta to step inside the room.

Rosetta's heart fluttered in excitement, and she quickly stepped inside the room, Eugene closed the door. Her eyes fell on the single bed, and her cheeks turned even brighter than before. They weren't only going to spend time with each other, but they were going to sleep next to each other.

Eugene apologised to her, "The bed here is small, but once we go back to Meadow, the bed in my room there is bigger than this and even more comfortable to sleep in. You can still sleep in the room that you have been sleeping in...."

But Rosetta had already removed her shoes and had climbed onto the bed like an eager child and replied, "This is good. I have slept in a narrower place than these." When she received a stare from Eugene, she explained, "Sometimes my parents or Aunt Camille would lock me up in the cupboards and go out to attend soirees. I would fall asleep after... being tired."

"I thought it was only your parents," Eugene responded. Rosetta shook her head, with her eyebrows furrowing in the memory of it.

"Aunt Camille followed my parent's footsteps when it came to punishing me," Rosetta replied and wondered if it was wrong for her to feel less sorry about her aunt's death. "I will sleep on this side!" she decided, taking the opposite side of the wall and giving Eugene the place to sleep.

Eugene placed the burning candle on the side table before he got on the bed. He lay next to Rosetta, and when he noticed the her take a quick peek at him before looking away as if waiting for him to do something, he said, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I would like to hold you the way you want to once we get back to Dawson's residence. In my room and not here."

Rosetta's bubbling anxiousness cooled down from hearing those words from him. If it were before, doubt would have arisen in her mind, but they were married, so she asked, "Is it because this isn't your room?" Her voice held a slight disappointment, which Eugene noticed. 

Eugene offered her a smile, "You might not be a marquee and marchioness's daughter, but you were brought up with a lot of care. And as you are my wife, I think it would be right to take care of you like that in a better place and not here. Do you understand what I mean, Rose?"

It was hard for Rosetta to disagree with Eugene when he looked right into her eyes. She nodded. She whispered, "Okay."

Though she had been chasing Eugene like a rabbit, not that she did catch up to him, she wasn't sure how to go about it and thought maybe this would give her time to be a better wife for him! She could be patient!

The candle light was blown out so that they could get some rest.

Once they lay on their back, Rosetta couldn't stop her heart racing. It had been a long time since she had been this happy, and it felt like she would have a lifetime full of happiness with this man next to her. At the same time, she felt bad for her parents, where the feeling lasted for two minutes before going back to thinking about Eugene, even though he was right there.

Five minutes passed, and Rosetta stared at the dark ceiling before looking back at Eugene's face, where he had closed his eyes. She softly sighed. Maybe she should have asked for a kiss. She missed the kiss that she had shared with him at the chapel, and she wondered if Eugene was a shy man, after all, he was never involved with a woman romantically.

But it would be embarrassing to ask him for a kiss! Her cheeks turned warm and she shook her head. She was supposed to be a shy and demure wife... How was she supposed to let him know that she wanted a kiss without asking him directly?

Thoughtfully, Rosetta turned around, forgetting the size of the bed she was in, and rolled towards the edge, only to end up ready to fall on the hard ground, when she felt an arm around her waist that pulled her back to the bed.

"You should have taken this side of the bed," Eugene murmured with his eyes still closed.

Rosetta's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. To think her husband was caring for her even when he had gone to sleep. Eugene was indeed amazing!

"T--that's okay. I am fine," Rosetta replied, secretly happy that Eugene was holding her, and she closed her eyes with a smile.

Chapter 442 What’s Mine Is Yours
Music Recommendation: Les outrages des hommes- Etienne Forget


Eve stood in front of the burning fireplace, catching some heat. She watched one of the maids keep the last of her things in Vincent's room. Their room. The maid offered a deep bow, stepping out of the room, and closing the door behind her. To make sure that no one would come to disturb them tonight, Vincent walked towards the door and locked it.

Vincent's foot padded across the room, coming to where Eve stood and wrapped his arms around her waist. Pulling her close, he asked her, "Are you tired? You stood for many hours without rest."

"They are just a little sore," Eve replied, and breathed in his clean scent, similar to the fresh air after heavy rain. "What about your feet?"

"I am a vampire. A pureblooded vampire on top of that. This is nothing," Vincent replied, loosening his arms. Picking up her hand, he tugged her towards the couch, which was only a few steps away from the fireplace. 

Vincent had her sit on one end of the couch and he bent forward, picking up her feet. He then unbuckled her shoes before dropping them on the carpeted ground with a slight clatter. When he gently pressed his fingers on her feet, massaging them, a blissful sigh escaped from her lips.

She could definitely get used to this, Eve thought in her mind as her body began to relax. She leaned her back against the couch, watching Vincent relax and ease her foot from the tension she had been carrying since this morning. From now onwards, this was her room, and her home. She was a Moriarty.

"What were you and Aunt Aubrey talking about?" Eve asked him, as he continued to massage her feet.

"She wanted to make sure you will be taken good care of," Vincent replied, and he continued, "I am glad for her existence. That it was her who took you in, and not a greedy human, who would have sold you for meagre coins. Tell me, my little girl, what gift do you want from me?"

"Gift? You already gifted me," Eve responded with a smile, "You gave me my pearls."

"They were yours from the beginning, that belonged to you. It is a tradition in our pureblooded families for a husband to give his wife."

Eve stared back at him, wondering what to ask him. She replied, "I don't need a gift."

"Ask me anything without hesitation, and I will bring the world to your feet," Vincent let her know with a sly smile on his lips as he stared at her.

"Then... I want us to be together forever. To choose peace and love. One day in the future we will have a bigger family that will be filled with everything we wanted when we were young, and not lose anyone," Eve asked Vincent.

Eve never had an actual family, and as grateful as she was towards Aunt Aubrey and Eugene's presence, she often wondered how it might have been if her parents were still alive. If her father was alive and her mother didn't have to fend for her young self in this harsh world.

She wanted their children to have everyone who was dear and wished well about them. That they would have the whole family, with no missing people.

"You have my word. Our family will be happy and everything that you have wished for. And not go through the pain we have felt," Vincent promised her solemnly, and Eve smiled. He then added, "I knew you wouldn't pick something materialistic, and it would be something meaningful."

Eve smiled at Vincent's words, "Everything that I wanted, I already have and I have you next to me." The person who dotted her and her existence in his life.

"This morning, you looked breathtakingly beautiful in the wedding gown, and I am sure I was the envy of many. To behold you next to me," Vincent's compliments and sweetness was turning her heady and drunk with his words.

"I would say many women must envy me too, but I don't think they understand your quirky side like I do. I love all your sides, Vince. From the sweetest to the oddest to the craziest side of you," Eve conveyed her feelings for him.

"I know you do, and I love that very much about you," Vincent smiled, with his eyes brightly shining for his wife. "How does your feet feel now?"

"Much better," Eve responded, and her chest filled with more fondness towards her husband. She heard him say,

"Give me a minute," Vincent stood up from the couch, and walked to one side of the room. He came to stand in front of the cupboards and pulled the door.

Vincent's hand disappeared behind the cupboard door and pulled out a small box and an envelope before padding his way back to where Eve sat watching him. He handed them to her, "These are yours now."

Just by the sight of the dull envelope and a velvety red box, Eve immediately knew what it was and she said, "Is it from your mother?" She took them both in her hand before drawing her legs away from the seat to place them on the ground.

"It is," Vincent answered. He took his previous seat by sitting at the other end of the couch, while letting one of his hands rest against the edge of the couch.

As Eve turned around the envelope, she noticed the cursive handwriting that belonged to Katherina Moriarty. The letter read-- To the dearest person. She was excited and slightly nervous, wondering what was written in it. She heard Vincent say,

"Father told me that my mother had the habit of writing certain letters. Sometimes she wrote them for her future self, and some letters were for others. Like my father, me or Marceline. I found recently that one was also written for Annalise in her name."

Eve's eyebrows raised in surprise. She remarked, "She and Lady Annalise were acquainted with each other?"

Chapter 443 Letter From Mother-In-Law

Vincent gave her a nod in response.

"Even though my mother was a human, she was special. Special enough to think about everyone's future with ifs, if the time came so that there would be no room for doubt," Vincent hummed, while the fire from the burning logs of wood crackled in the fireplace.

"Go ahead. Open it," Vincent gave her a nudge, and Eve looked at him.

"Do you want to read it with me?" Eve asked him.

It was because she knew the person whom she had married was curious and liked to know everything that was going on, especially when it concerned her. But he surprised her by shaking his head.

"That one is for you to read, and you alone," Vincent offered her a smile and continued to watch her before letting his chin rest on the edge of his palm. One of the people he honoured was his mother, and the letters were written with confidence that they would be opened by the person to whom it was addressed and not anyone else. He didn't want to disrespect his late mother by opening the letter that was for Eve.

A little anxious, Eve carefully tore open the envelope from one side and pulled out the letter. She unfolded the two foldings before spreading the letter to read it.

'To the special woman who is important to my son,

If Vincent has chosen to marry you, he must hold you very dear to his heart and the one he's opened his heart to. And if you are reading this letter, it means my time in this world has been cut short. I have come to learn that life is not always how we imagine it to be, and living and loving the person dear to you in the present is what one can do.

My son is one of my precious treasures, and I love him and my family with my life. Vincent has his own way of doing things. A little odd, but mostly out of good intentions. I hope you can continue to love him for who he is because I know he will love you the way you are. Without a question of doubt and protect you, never letting go of your hand. Call it a mother's intuition, but we know how our child might grow up. To him, you are the most important person in the whole world, and I am happy that he found you. To share his love and happiness, in pain and sadness, for better or worse, that you have each other.

We haven't met each other, but do believe me when I write this to you, that you are a wonderful person. You will always have my blessings and love, and maybe one day we will meet each other after eons.

As I finish this letter, it makes me wonder if you are that person he has gone looking for this afternoon in this cold weather.'

Below the letter was signed by Vincent's mother' Katherina Moriarty'.

Eve read the letter two more times and her eyes moistened, at the inability to meet the woman. Vincent smiled at her, whose eyes were still on the letter and he placed his hand on one of her hands that rested on the couch.

"It felt like she knew," Eve said in a soft voice, feeling a heaviness in her throat and she took a deep breath.

"It always seemed like it," Vincent responded, and he squeezed her hand, "It is always interesting, on how we had letters, and it felt she was in tune with our lives. Father said it was strange, that for a human, she was so in sync with the future that was going to befall upon us. I went through her history and it seemed like she was a hundred percent human."

Eve nodded, and stated, "She asked if I was the person you went out to look for one snowy afternoon. We met during the time of Winter, didn't we?"

Vincent nodded, "We did."

Eve then picked up the little velvety box and opened it, and her eyes fell upon a red hexagon crystal with a silver chain. She murmured, "This is pretty." She turned to him and said, "Thank you. For giving them to me."

"I was only giving you what already belongs to you," Vincent responded. Eve carefully folded the letter and pushed it back inside the envelope.

Eve said, "I will treasure it," and moved to sit next to him before her hand went around his arm, and he kissed the side of her head.

The time they shared, the present, was beautiful and held tranquillity. She asked him, "Did Marceline read her letters?"

"She didn't. Alfie once found a small piece of the letter given to her that hadn't burned itself completely in the fireplace of Marceline's room," Vincent said, his voice barely changing its pitch. "Maybe if she did, she wouldn't have strayed that far away. Marceline believed it was written by me or my father to change her view of the society."

"I see…" Eve murmured, not knowing if she should or shouldn't pity the vampiress.

Earlier this day at the chapel, though Marceline had dared not to go against her family when Lady Aurora had demanded her to tell the truth to everyone, she knew that the vampiress was wary of her current status and wanted not to make everyone her enemies. Not until she got what she wanted.

Tomorrow was when Marceline would leave the Moriarty mansion, unbeknownst to her, what was waiting ahead of her.

A few more minutes passed, with their interlocked fingers playing with each other. Vincent kissed the back of her ear and said, "Shall we head to bed, my darling."

Eve nodded, and she let go of his hand, standing up. But when Vincent stood up, he scooped her in his arms, and she felt her heart skip. He said, "If we are doing it, let us do it the right way."

Chapter 444 Wedding Night
Music Recommendation: Salted Wound- Sia


Eve clung to Vincent as he carried her towards her bed. She said,

"I need to change my clothes before we sleep."

"Who said anything about sleeping, my lovely wife?" Vincent raised one of his eyebrows at her, and her toes curled at his question. "Sleep is the last thing on my mind. Tonight I will make love to you until there's no room for any thoughts but me in your mind. To hear you scream and moan until your throat turns dry."

Vincent dropped her on the bed and her body slightly bounced.

Eve pushed her body backwards with the help of her heel and hands, watching Vincent unbutton his shirt, revealing his smooth and taut chest to her. There was a mischievous smile on his lips, and the look in his eyes appeared as if he was ready to create chaos in her body. The look on his face tickled her arousal.

"Let me show you how I will love you for the days that are to come until we turn to dust," Vincent remarked, and his hands clasped her ankles, pulling them towards him. There was something very dominating his action, and Eve felt her breath hitch in her throat.

The mischievous smile had started to dissolve on Vincent's face, bringing a predatory look. When he leaned forward, Eve raised her upper body with the help of her elbows and met him halfway for a fierce kiss filled with passion.

Their lips moved against each other, and Eve felt Vincent playfully tug on her lower lip. The tug wasn't painful, but it wasn't gentle either which was a sweet torture. She felt him lick the seam of her lips before he slipped into the sweet cavern of her mouth. One of his hand made weaved through the back of her soft golden-blonde hair.

Eve winced, when she felt one of Vincent's fangs nip her tender bottom lip. Within a heartbeat, he collected the drop of blood with his tongue.

With a heated gaze, Vincent licked his lips as if savouring her blood. With the cut being fresh, she felt him run his tongue across her bottom lip before sucking in the blood until it finally healed.

They didn't stop kissing until Eve turned breathless.

When he bit into her lip once again, Eve bit him right back and heard him wince. How do you like that Mr. Vincent, she laughed in her head and noticed his eyes glow as if had caught her being naughty. His hand gently tugged on her hair, revealing the pale skin on her neck that invited him to take a drink.

The tip of Vincent's nose grazed her warm skin as if breathing her sweet scent and he whispered, "You are all mine. Mine to love and hold." He said, "As sick and twisted as it is, I am thankful that you left Meadow. I was an idiot back then."

Eve looked at him and said, "But you came for me."

"I would have chased you beyond afterlife if it was needed," Vincent replied in a cunningness that Eve believed it to be true and possible.

Feeling Eve's pulse race, Vincent pressed his lips against her neck, giving her mouthful kisses. When he pulled away, he noticed her dishevelled look and slightly dilated eyes filled with her need for him. Her breath was heavy in anticipation. His hand let go of the nape of her neck and grazed the front of her dress,

"Such an offending fabric, obstructing my eyes," Vincent's hands came to settle on her waist. Before she knew it, he swiftly turned her body such that her front pressed the bed's surface.

"Let us discard it, shall we? I don't think you would be happy if it was torn," Vincent's voice had turned huskier and seductive in her ears.

Vincent's hands were quick in pulling the chiffon lace that was tied in a zig-zag fashion on her back. It took less than a minute before Eve felt cool air touch her skin. His hands moved to her shoulder, and as he pushed the fabric of the dress, she pushed herself backwards, feeling his fingers graze her arms and the rest of her hands.

Eve closed her eyes when Vincent's lips left whispers of his love on her skin. His kisses turned less gentle and rougher along with his hands as if she would disappear.

"Ah!" Eve moaned with her back facing Vincent when his hands reached her breasts and pinched one of the tips. As the pain faded, it was replaced by pleasure, and she felt his front press on her back.

"Did that hurt?" Vincent tugged on the tips while he peppered kisses on the crook of her neck.

"It did..." Eve replied in a heated voice before another moan escaped, louder than the previous one, "Ahh!" She felt him smile against her skin as he kissed.

This devil, Eve thought to herself as golden flecks started appearing in her blue eyes.

One of Vincent's hands palmed her left breast, while his other hand dipped along with the curve of her waist as his lips continued leaving kisses on her skin. Eve not so innocently, thrust her hips towards him, moving them in a circular motion that brought a grin spread on his lips.

Eve felt Vincent's hands hold her waist firmly to stop her from provoking him. Vincent hummed next to her ear, "My dangerous girl, what do you think you are doing?"

A playful smile appeared on her lips, and when she went to move her hips again against Vincent's front, she heard him hiss, "Responding to your love."

"Looks like a little discipline is in order," Vincent hummed, bringing his hand across one of her bottoms over the dress that had fallen to her waist. When Eve felt him pull his hand away, the hand swiftly came to smack her bottom cheek. His palm gently caressed her tender bottom before he pulled away to follow with another smack harder than the last one.

She gasped, blood rushing up to her face and wetness starting to pool between her legs.

Eve's heart didn't hold anxiousness; instead, there was fluttering excitement. Neither was she nor Vincent new to their nakedness, and they were adults. But it was her siren side that contributed to her sexual confidence, and it was as if she was compatible with Vincent.

Vincent coaxed her, "Come here, my love."

When Eve turned around, she met Vincent's heated gaze. Her cheeks burned in colour. He pulled down her dress to her knees which she stood on, and then laid down for him to pull it and throw it on the ground. He kissed the hem of her underwear, hooking his thumbs before tugging it down her legs and letting the undergarment join her dress.

Eve watched Vincent remove his clothes, while their eyes continued to stay on each other. 

When her eyes moved to look down at him, his well endowed member was already hard and throbbing.

Like a predator, Vincent moved towards her before hovering above her. She raised both her hands, circling it around his neck as he descended his body, kissing her lips, while her fingers wove through the back of his silver hair.

Eve's hands roamed on Vincent's broad shoulders, and when her hand moved to his chest, she pulled away from the kiss and murmured, "I can feel your heartbeat."

Vincent smiled at the innocence of the woman who was under him. He placed his hand on hers, which rested on his chest and said, "This is how much you affect me, Eve. No one in this whole wide world has that ability to do it. Just you alone."

His words brought a smile to her lips. She replied, "And my heart beats only for you."

Vincent's lips left trails of kisses on Eve's body, starting from her neck to her chest and then downwards to her stomach before his face settled between her legs. He paid attention to every part of her, his hands fervently roaming on her skin leaving no part untouched as he lit fire on her skin.

Not a moment later, Vincent's mouth covered her wet sex, and at the same time a moan escaped from her lips. He sucked and licked, kissed and sucked again, while his tongue probed into her aching core that was being teased by his lips and tongue. Eve's toes tingled and her back pressed against the surface of the bed.

Just when Eve's body began to tremble and little cries of moans turned louder, he pulled his face away from her and her eye widened at the teasing expression on his face.

Vincent sat up with his knees pressing the bed and sitting on his heels. But it wasn't just Eve, who was turning anxious, as his own emotions were spiralling and he wanted to have her. He licked his lips, when he let his manhood rub against her entrance and watched Eve's eyes roll back.

Eve's lips parted with a silent plea of the arousing feeling Vincent produced in her.

Vincent remarked to her with a wicked smile, "There's no one on this side of the mansion tonight, so feel free to voice your desire, my love."

As Vincent's words sank in Eve's mind, he then thrusted his hips forward for him to enter her and Eve cried out in pleasure.

"Let me hear more of that sweet voice of yours," Vincent's eyes darkened, hearing to Eve moan and cry with every thrust of his hips.


Chapter 445 Sweaty Bodies
The bed lightly creaked with the two bodies that moved on top of the soft mattress. Sighs and moans touched the cold walls of the room, where heat emitted from Eve and Vincent's bodies.

"AH!" Eve's high-pitched voice spilt from her mouth, her hands crumpling the mattress beneath her, twisting it as Vincent's hips thrust into her sex.

When she looked at Vincent, she saw his eyes were already on her, where his face held a wildness as he pushed in and out of her. He picked up one of her legs, letting it rest on his shoulder. Every thrust of his was harder than the previous one, and her parted lips, spilling out moans that contained his name in them.

Vincent loved Eve with every fibre and deep down into his bones, and right now, he enjoyed the look of pleasure plastered on his woman, who looked as if she was about to come apart. He licked the corners of his lips and watched sweat start forming on her forehead and chest. He dropped her leg back on the bed. Every time her insides squeezed him, the more his arousal stirred, and he thrusted hard.

Eve's eyes had turned hazy, her breath uneven and she felt Vincent lean forward. When she tried to focus her eyes on him, as they kept trying to roll back with the bliss, she noticed his tongue peek out and he ran his tongue between the valley of her breasts.

Blood rushed up her face, mortified that Vincent had licked the sweat off her body and she protested, "Vince—ah!"

Vincent bit into the top of her breast, taking a sip of blood from her.

Eve's back arched from the bed, pushing the tender mound further into his mouth. Her body trembled and she cried out his name,

"VINCE… I am—!"

"Come for me, my sweet girl," Vincent grunted, his husky voice laced with pleasure.

Her mind spun in ecstasy when they came together, while in each other's arms. She reached the sky, touching the stars she never knew she could. She felt Vincent's tongue lap against the bite he had recently left, while his hands didn't stop admiring her body as they grazed the curves of her body.

It took Eve a few seconds after coming from her high that Vincent had turned hard once again, and her eyes widened.

When Eve looked at Vincent, she noticed the look in his eyes which looked hooded, and there was a cunning smile on his lips which was lopsided. He ran his hand up her stomach, grazing against the curve of one of the breasts before it came to curl on the side of her neck,

"I hope you know that one round isn't enough to satisfy me," he kissed her lips, "I won't hold back anymore, and you know that." 

Saying those words, Vincent once again entered her wet sex, gliding in and out of it with passion, which had Eve lose control of her body as the mattress beneath her gently shook and her voice continued to echo in the room. He took her the way he believed she would like it, worshipping every inch of her body and not leaving anything untouched. Promising her that this is how he would have her for the rest of their lives.

Eve lost count of the minutes or the number of times she had come apart, because her mind and body had turned into a mess. Her head was thrown back, and her toes dug into the sheets. She felt Vincent's lips and hands on her, caressing her as if he couldn't get enough of her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realised that the pureblooded vampire she had given herself had a stamina and pleasure that didn't easily satiate him.

The whole room was filled with erotic sounds from both their lips and the place they were connected.

"AH…ah…!" Eve continued to moan, her gold eyes looking at him and her body shuddered, "Vin—incent… I can't…"

"My beautiful Eve. Scream for me until you have no other name on your lips," Vincent praised her before he said, "I am not going to be done with you anytime soon."

Eve's voice had turned hoarse, and her throat had turned dry from crying out his name repeatedly. Even though she was half siren, Vincent's appetite for her was on another level that she doubted she could compete with.

Her body again trembled before she came, and simultaneously, she distantly heard Vincent reach his release with her.

Eve's chest heaved up and down, and it took her almost three good minutes to come down from the euphoric feeling Vincent had made her experience. Her hands released the sheets that she had been holding onto. Her eyes were still hazy, but she could feel Vincent tenderly kiss her face and pull himself out of her. Still intoxicated from the lovemaking, she asked,

"Is it always this good?"

Vincent smiled at her question, "It always is. Did you think it would be bad?" He returned her with his own question.

Eve's heart continued beating as if she had been sprinting for several minutes, and it was only now that she could catch her breath. As her vision turned clearer, she saw Vincent's face next to hers. The golden flecks in her eyes started to disappear and give way back to the blue in them. She said,

"I heard a few rumours when I was in Meadow. From the married women there, that it was uncomfortable and not pleasurable. But I think it is wonderful."

"Is this you hinting that we can go for another round?" A crooked smile appeared on Vincent's lips, and Eve's eyes widened.

"Th—that— You are joking, right?" She blurted before feeling Vincent's lips against her temple.

"I am," Vincent nuzzled into her neck and said, "I don't want you to pass out on me on our wedding night. So let us stop it for tonight and continue it tomorrow. We have all the time in the world."