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Chapter 246 Beyond

All the pain and grief that were consuming them both were completely suspended. Their whole world froze. Every part of them screeched to a full-on halt as their thoughts belatedly caught up to speed.

He had... kissed her. And he was... okay. Totally okay.

No flashes of unwanted disgusting images that would cause him to break out in shivers. It was just her beautiful face that was in his vision, filling up his every senses. Just her and the feeling of her soft, warm lips pressing desperately against his.

He had just lost it. He was desperate to stop her from saying those words but he could not bear to lift his hand anywhere above her shoulders. That horrifying scene from that night when he had returned to his senses and found his own hand wrapped around her neck, strangling her as though wanting to choke her to death, was still playing too vividly in his mind.

And then that just happened.

"F**k." Sebastian cursed. Then he choked.

Elle could only stare dazedly at his darkening eyes. She was still paralyzed from the shock but her mind was at least now able to process. And there she saw the overwhelming emotions in his completely vulnerable eyes. The shock, the desperation, the disbelief, the awe, the ache and... the utter hunger. She was struck hard once again. Because she now understood the real reason why he refused to look directly at her. It was a lie. He had lied to her. It was not true that he could not look at her anymore. She could see it clearly in his eyes. She could even feel it in her bones from his touch... from that soft, brief but smouldering kiss that they had shared.

A feeling words could not explain suddenly surged like a ten-foot wave within her.

That horror in his eyes he had shown her before when he attempted to kiss her was no longer there. Not even a trace of it was left. It was as though it had been a hallucination on her part. The trembling also did not come. Lord... was this a dream? Please... could he just allow this to be a one-time miracle...

She prayed in that moment that this was not just a dreamy bubble that would pop in the next second. That he would not turn around again in the next second, sending her away and acting like nothing had happened between them.

When his thick and long lashes trembled against her cheek, Elle finally fully snapped out of the trance that she was caught in. But she was then seized in another compelling one the moment he stared at her lips.

Once again, Elle felt like everything was being slowed down. She could even swear that the world even stopped spinning. She heard him groan ferociously and a flood of electricity was sent rushing through her every nerve ending as their lips collided again. She did not know if he was the one who had leaned into her again, or was it she who had pulled him against her. All she knew then, was that their lips had met and crashed together, and the flood of electricity exploded and flowed into her.

His lips... oh dear lord... She was at a loss for words to even describe how wonderful those two pieces of luscious flesh tasted. She was shocked all over again. She was in complete disbelief that his lips were now against hers. That he... that Sebastian was kissing her. She had thought that with the way he had been so cold to her earlier, and even not wanting to turn to look at her face even once, that there would be no chance of them even hugging or kissing one another ever again. But... there they were, lips locked and breaths intertwined.

The taste of his lips... the satiny moist feel of his skin moving against hers... it was just as she had imagined. No... In fact, it was beyond what she had imagined. His kiss in that moment seems to give her the she-could-die-happy-now feeling.

She wanted to grab him tight and kiss the breath out of him. But there was still that little niggling doubt of fear at the back of her mind. Afraid that this was a bubble that would pop with one wrong move. That it was a fragile glasshouse that would come crumbling down with a single throw of a tiny pebble. She did not want this beautiful dream to end. Never ever should this end.

It was unbelievable how everything was forgotten so quickly. In that moment, nothing else mattered but him, but this kiss that they shared. She would give anything for this to last... please... do not let it end... please...

Slowly, Elle parted her lips. And dear lord in heaven... he took her, groaning even deeper and earning him a violent shiver at the realization that he was moaning out her name into her mouth.

Lord... His tongue inside her mouth was a moving flesh made of magma. It was extremely hot. So very feverish. So maddeningly good. It burned up everything, her mind included, into oblivion.

And before she knew it, they were clasped together. Burning up together. But neither of them cared right at this point.

Sebastian's fingers splayed across the back of her skull as he feverishly continued on their kiss, devouring her mouth like a man dying from hunger. Like a man who was only tasting the sweet freshness of water for the first time after countless years being trapped in the desert.

His tongue stroked and danced inside her mouth like he could not get enough of the taste of her. He was uncontrolled. Until she was breathless and out of air, more than she can handle that she could only pull away from him to catch her breath.

"I... Iza..." her name was a low hoarse sound that fell like a prayer from his lips. Their lips were still brushing as they panted out almost fiery breaths against each other. "F**k... Iza... Iza..."

And he was kissing her again, possessing her mouth in a frenzy as he pinned her against the now closed door behind her.

Chapter 247 Vulnerable

Sebastian could not believe what was going on. He was overwhelmed. Completely overwhelmed. And all over a kiss. Over kissing her.

It was simply overwhelming and he found himself unable to stop. It was insane but right now, he wanted nothing else but her lips... for her mouth to be on his. And he felt as though he could never get himself to stop.

At that moment, nothing else mattered to him anymore. The only thing that was of any importance was her, and them kissing at last.

He had dreamt of this moment. Imagined it countless times in his head, how it would play out. He always knew that it would be different if it was her... if it was Iza that he would be locking lips with.

But even his imagination totally failed to foresee this reality happening right now. Never had he thought it would turn out this way. Never had he thought that it would be like this the moment he kissed her.

It was... like nothing else that had ever happened to him. It was even nothing else that he had ever imagined. Not even close.

'So, this was what it was supposed to be like...?' was all his overwhelmed mind kept repeating. Words were just not enough to explain what he was feeling. 'So, this was what kissing was supposed to be like, huh...'

When she groaned and pulled away, he almost did not let go of her. But thankfully, his dazed mind at least had somehow realized how breathless she was getting. And it was then that he too realised that he was as well. It was crazy how it seemed that he did not care if he was even breathing, as long as he could continue kissing her.

He just could not get enough of it. Of kissing her. He wanted more. Of her lips, her tongue, her mouth that were now at long last completely his.

So, he kissed her again, not giving her any longer than a few seconds to draw in her next breath. His entire being seemed to be on fire. Everything else was thrown aside and forgotten. He wanted time to freeze and completely stop so they could stay like this forever. So, he could continue being lost in her kiss, their kiss.

But that was just not possible. Before long, she pulled away from him again, her pants sounding louder in his ears. "S...seb..." her voice was shaky against his lips. Their lips were still lightly touching as he did not allow her to pull away any more than what was enough for her to draw in air.

He really did not want their lips to part and he knew why. He did not want this kiss to end yet... because the reality that he was barely aware of was waiting to hit him hard once it did.

As their breaths mingled, Sebastian realized that his hands were cupping her face. His thumbs caressing her cheeks.

"Sebastian..." she whispered once again between her pants.

He responded by pressing his lips against hers again. But she stopped him this time and did not part her lips.

"W-wait... Seb... let me..." She struggled to speak.

He licked the seam of her lips oh so lightly, almost as though trying to coax them to open just a little, like he was licking something so precious. So divine. "Iza... let me kiss you more..."

And the desperateness of his voice only ignited her further. She tightly wrapped her arms around his neck and grabbed onto his silken hair as she kissed him. Hard. As hard and passionate as she could until he was groaning, and pressing his hard body against hers.

Elle was also beginning to feel elated. Because it seems as though... for the first time... she was the one truly in control while he was the one being completely... and utterly... overwhelmed.

Lord... she could not believe what was happening to them right now... Sebastian, overwhelmed over an intimate act, over a simple kiss, was almost too unbelievable for it to be true.

But here he was, like this, and Elle found herself feeling a strong desire to...

She began to move her body. Without breaking their kiss, Elle tried her best to not buckle. Her knees were already so weak but she wanted to do something. Her desire to do it was so strong that she managed to fight through her daze and pulled him along, leading them both slowly to the sofa.

And the most unbelievable thing was that Sebastian had just allowed her to control the pace. It seemed as though he did not even realize it. As though he was too lost from their kiss to care or notice anything else. Which she thought was just so unlike Sebastian. But at the same time, that only gave her more courage, more boldness.

Elle gave her all to push him down. Her limbs were weak so she had to really put in more force. But he fell back down all too easily on the sofa in a sitting position. Though he pulled her along and did not let more than a couple of inches distance to get between their faces, Elle knew that all his defenses had given way. It was hard to believe it, but he was... right now... totally in her mercy. She could see it in how heavy lidded his eyes were right now. And a feeling far stronger than what she had felt when she made him come that night of her birthday surged like a giant wave within her.

Lord... he looked so hot with those dazed and vulnerable grey eyes of his.

Not giving him any chances to recover and maybe even turn the tables on her like he had always done before, Elle quickly made her next move. She kissed him again, this time with a dominance she did not know she had in her, as she wrapped her arms possessively around his neck. Then she straddled him, confidently pressing herself against his already massive and straining bulge.


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Chapter 248 Not Today

Elle felt an electrifying jolt of lust rolled through her when Sebastian's breath hissed against her mouth the moment she pressed herself against him. She purred in satisfaction and kissed him harder, bolder, seductively tangling her tongue with his and sucking hard on that supple piece of flesh that was driving her inner temperature up. 

He groaned into her mouth, making such a sexy sound that did nothing but encourage Elle to keep on with what she was doing. The grief that had been gnawing at his heart and everything else that had been troubling him earlier were long thrown out his mind and forgotten. The only thing that was resounding and repeating in Elle's mind now was to... possess him, make him feel how much she loves him, make him surrender to the fact that no matter what happens now, he belongs to her and she belongs to him. She needed to impress and burn this into Sebastian's heart, body and soul so that he would not be forgetting it anytime soon. If ever. 

Reaching out for his waistband, Elle slowly unbuttoned the top of his pants before hooking both her thumbs into the side of his pants and pulling it down in one smooth motion, exposing him to her mercy then slid her hand up to touch him. 

He moaned into her mouth again when her warm fingers circled slowly but firmly around his erection, sending powerful tingles spreading out from where her hands were, out to his entire body. As his body shivered from his reaction, he could not help but draw in a hissing breath, alerting Elle to how sensitive he was right now. Stunned at his somewhat extreme response to a simple thing as grabbing his manhood, Elle looked down at where her hands were, a little concerned if she had hurt him accidentally. But Elle was stunned at what she saw. The fact was that he was already so damned aroused by just that little action of hers that his pre-cum was already leaking. 

'Was this not too early?!' Elle wondered, but wisely kept those thoughts to herself. Or was it their kiss that did this to him? Elle concluded that it must be it. Because just kissing him already made her wet she could feel the dampness in her panties for a while now!

Happy that the effect of their kiss seemed far stronger on him, she ran little circles around the head of his sex using the pads of her thumb. She did that for a while before lifting herself and worked on sliding her panties off one leg first. Whenever he tried to make a move, like when his hold on her waist tightened and was about to do something, Elle gave him a soul-devouring and mind-blowing kiss. And he seemed to forget whatever he was planning to do again. Elle needed to do that. She needed him to just sit there and empty his mind and just let her take over.

Elle reached out for his sex again and she marveled at the fact that he was so aroused that his entire sex was fully upright and against his toned lower abdominals. She had to even pull his rock hard length away from his stomach. And when she pushed herself down a little and allowed the head of his shaft to enter slightly inside her, Sebastian's breath snagged in his throat. At the same time, Elle's breath also hitched as his swollen head speared her and stretched her in an oh-so-delicious way. That pleasurable mix of pain and gratification as he entered, caused her to be lightheaded and her eyes to blur a little. 

The pleasure threatened to make her lose her mind and let the mindless pleasure take full control. But she can't let that happen. Not today. 

Pulling away from their now slow but erotic kiss, Elle looked at his face. His eyes... oh lord... they were so devil bright... so lost, so drunk, and so high with desire. 

She did not realize how it would turn her on so much. This sight of him... good gods, she would do anything to see him in this state even if it was only for a little longer. She would do anything to prolong this moment.

His hands burned a fiery path on her skin as they dragged their way from her hips and down to her butt cheeks, when Elle's hands shot out and grabbed his wrists. They were heavy and just so strong, but when she guided one of his hands back up to her face, he let her. Opening her swollen and moist lips, she guided one digit into her mouth and placed it on her tongue that she had stuck out a little. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she wrapped those seductive lips around his finger and sucked on it, applying some pressure, before she reached out and touched his lips too. Those sexy lips she had been yearning so intensely and for a long time... those very lips that she had finally possessed over and over in just a span of several minutes. 

She pressed her thumb between his sexy lips and he automatically opened up before sending that hot tongue of his out to lick her finger. That action of his only made her purr like a satisfied cat and she let herself slide another inch down his rock-hard shaft, feeling his throbbing length stretch her out more. 

He cursed. The low sound vibrated in his chest Elle could feel the slight rumble spread to the place where they were connected. He was so thick and hard that Elle found herself writhing a little to accommodate him. Was it because of the position that it felt more invasive or did he become even bigger? There was no way... right?

As she was thinking about it, Elle became aware of Sebastian's strong heartbeats that were pulsing through him being communicated to her through his throbbing shaft that was partially within her. And that feeling was just so indescribable that Elle was thrown in a daze for a while. 

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Chapter 249 Desperately

Elle pulled her mind back and forced herself to concentrate on their current state right now. And before he could do anything to try and help her, she had let go and allowed gravity to pull her down. She swallowed him to the hilt, letting out a yelp as his thick length penetrated her deeply, and he moaned loudly at the sensation. 

"F*ck... Iza...!!" he groaned before panting as though he was out of breath. And Elle reached out, kissing him again. Her lips might swell from too much kissing at this rate, but she just could not stop herself. How could she when she could finally kiss him freely while they were one? She had waited too long for this. She had longed to finally kiss him like this for many nights!

Soon, their lips parted. Both of them were suffused with the heat of their pleasure as Elle moved her hips slowly, sliding herself up and then back down, inhaling sharply and making high pitched sounds every time he hit her at that one pleasurable spot, so deep within her. The pleasure was too much Elle forgot everything else for a while.

Until Sebastian reached out and held her waist tightly. When she opened her eyes, she saw the look in his eyes change. Oh no... the beast had already been awakened! Not fully... but that gaze told her that if she did not do anything to stop him soon, he would be turning the tables on her and she would end up being the one under his total mercy again. Honestly, she wanted that too... being devoured completely by him. But not today... just not today... 

"Iza... baby... faster... f**k me... f**k faster..." his voice was hoarse and low and so sexy, but she wanted to hear his moans and groans better today. 

Before he could begin to take control, Elle had quickly grabbed his head and kissed him, caging his head within her arms as this was the only thing she knew right now that could wrestle back all control over him. "Don't move... my love..." Elle whispered. She did not know how that word came out naturally from her lips, but what matters was the fact that it seemed to have struck Sebastian in a good way. She even felt his length jerk and twitch inside her, which made her heart dance excitedly within her chest. "Let me... don't do anything and let me... make love to you, Sebastian."

She was no longer afraid to use that word anymore. It was crazy how natural it was coming out of her lips now. It was crazy because she was only able to say it out now that they were no longer husband and wife. 

Feeling his hold on her loosened, Elle kissed him again, her heart so happy at how this virile man was so easily surrendering to her right now. 

Pulling away, Elle began to set a steady rhythm going as she moved. This was the first time that she was doing this. But every time she looked at Sebastian's face, her confidence that she was doing it right just skyrocketed. That dazed look on his face was the most powerful confidence booster she could ever receive from him. No other words were needed.

He was watching her as she rocked up and down his hardness, looking like he was suspended in a wonderful, erotic dream. There was utter lust, wonder, and love in his dreamy and fiery gaze. Yes, she dared saying she saw 'love' in those vulnerable eyes of his. She knew it was love because if she could look at herself in the mirror, she knew she would be seeing that very same look reflected back. 

And that only made her movements wilder, bolder. She rocked on top of him until her breasts bounced, shocking even herself. But she did not care. All she cared about now was this maddening pleasure they were sharing. All she cared about was for those heart-stopping sounds he was making, that look in his eyes, that expression plastered on his face. It looked to be as though he was not in control of all those reactions that were being freely shown. It looked as though he was truly being loved well and good. And Elle could only grin widely on the inside, satisfaction blooming and filling her chest. The feeling was simply overwhelming.

"Iza..." her name was the only word he could form between his moans. Lord... Sebastian's moans were everything... she was certain it would be enough to send her into oblivion and blast like fireworks in the sky. 

His head fell back but Elle did not stop her movements. Until Sebastian's mouth-watering plea echoed in her ears. 

"Kiss me... kiss me, Iza..." he uttered in a guttural yet begging voice, his heavy-lidded eyes fluttering, as they looked at her like he was worshiping a goddess. His goddess of love. "Please..." 

And Elle could do nothing but give it to him. There was just no way that she could hold back. Not with that look that he leveled at her. It was impossible to stall when this man asked ... no, begged her like this. 

So she ravished his mouth. They both ravished each other as they held each other tighter, so much harder until they were completely bound to each other. One could not tell where one started and the other ended. Their hands in each other's hair as they grasped and pulled at each other so desperately like their closeness still was not enough to satisfy their cravings for each other.

Sounds of utter pleasure vibrated in their mouths until they broke apart to breathe, to come undone together. But Elle suddenly aimed for his neck and she bit him there. So hard. She drew blood as he shuddered, exploding hard and emptying himself inside her, filling her up with his seed as she too, squeezed him intensely, milking him dry. 


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Chapter 250 Lied
Sebastian's body was completely wrecked by the ecstasy... by her... by his Izabelle.

He could hardly process anything right now. His mind, heart, body and soul were all possessed by her completely. And all he could do was surrender himself to her, too overwhelmed to even think or realize that she had bitten his neck so hard that it had broken his skin and drawn blood. It was not until he smelled the scent of his own blood that he snapped out of his daze.

The pain from her bite was completely overshadowed by the pleasure that had overtaken him. Or perhaps, even that pain she inflicted on him had somehow turned into pleasure like everything else that she had done to him.

Still panting hard, Sebastian slowly held her shoulders and gripped her. His mind was still hazy, but he had a burning want to look at her face. No... he needed to see her face.

It was like a vacuum that had instantly sucked away all the haze in his brain and gaze. He went very still as he looked at her, eyes slightly stretching wide.

A loud howl coming from the distance echoed in the silence and Elle awakened from her trance. A sharp gasp escaped her lips at the sight of Sebastian's neck.

Then she lifted her hand and lightly brushed at her lips. Drawing her fingers away and looking down at them, she saw the smear of bright red blood on them and her mouth parted with shock and disbelief. How... what had she just... What in the world had she just done?

She started to stutter. "I... I didn't mean to... I'm so sorry... I don't know why..."

Sebastian slanted his head and suddenly kissed her full on the lips, effectively silencing her. As he held her close against him again, Elle became aware of her own slight trembling.

Oh lord... What in the world had happened just now? How could she have bitten him so hard like that? Just how in the world...

He kissed her gently. In a way, it was as though he was trying to soothe her. Telling her that it was alright. That he was alright.

And her body calmed down and responded well to his tender ministrations. Her trembling eventually subsided and his butterfly kisses stopped. His breaths puffed and fanned out so hot against her lips. "Shh... it's alright. It doesn't hurt at all." He told her in a gentle and reassuring manner and Elle stared at the smudge of red on his lips that had gotten transferred from when he had kissed her just now. Flashing her a quick grin, he licked it away until it was gone. And the way he had slowly ran his tongue back and forth across his lips made Elle feel as though he was savoring the taste of his own blood on her lips.

"I'm sorry... I was just... I don't know why I did that." She began to explain before ending helplessly with that excuse. She could not stop herself from panicking. "I just wanted to..."

"You were copying me, Iza. You wanted to mark me like how I did to you before." His calm and gentle voice explained for her.

Elle went silent for a while, thinking over the explanation that he had provided for her before she slowly nodded. She decided he was right. A while ago, all she could think about was the words 'you're mine'. It kept reverberating in her mind and sent a possessive wave rushing through her entire body that it was all that she could think of at that moment. She had been repeating that phrase in her mind as she rocked herself on top of him. All she wanted at that time was to have a way to mark and identify him as only hers. And that must the resulting action that had come about from her strong feelings of possession.

She only knew she had aimed for his neck, wanting to do that marking thing he had done to her without her knowing. But everything else after that had been a complete blur. The pleasure erupted and swallowed her to oblivion that she did not even realize she had really bitten him as what had been imagined in her mind, and in an unforgivably hard way at that!

"I could never... hurt you, Sebastian..."

"I know. Hush now... it doesn't hurt, believe me. You didn't hurt me at all, Iza. And did you forget that your husband is a vampire?" he whispered to her gently, a tender smile playing across his lips even as his voice was filled with helplessness when he continued soothing her.

And then something seemed to have struck them both right at that moment. The word 'husband'. It reminded Elle about the reality that he was not her husband anymore.

They stared at each other in silence. The bite was instantly forgotten as a new reality descended over them both.

Her heartbeats began to thud so hard in her ears. But Elle swallowed hard and broke the silence. "You lied..." she added. Her voice cracked. "It's not true that you can't see me anymore. That you're seeing someone else's face in mine."

Her throat was hurting so bad as she uttered those words brokenly. Her throat felt as though it was constricting, swelling on the inside, making it hard for her to speak. But she forced herself. She needed to open her mouth and speak. "Please tell me... that's a lie too, Sebastian." Her voice was weak, full of hurt but her eyes were still gleaming with intensity. "That we're... really divorced now."