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Chapter 251 Still Beautiful

That look in his eyes was enough for Elle to understand that it was not a lie. The divorce was as real as it can get.

A lonely but bitter tear fell from the corner of her eyes despite her efforts not to cry. And Sebastian moved to lick it away. She could feel his breath shaking and hear his heartbeats thumping impossibly fast and hard.

"You... tried to make me leave you... forever..." Elle continued. Her emotions could no longer be controlled. "You... you..."

"I was... trying to save you, Iza..." he finally spoke. His voice wavering. "I decided to... let you go... before... before something worse happens to you. It's the only way that I know to keep you safe."

Elle could only smile bitterly at him, shaking her head slowly. Wordlessly telling him that she did not understand him.

"You're in grave danger because of me, Izabelle. I am the reason why you're suffering, hurting... I am a blasted, damaged being." his gentle fingers that were brushing over her skin trembled. "If you... if you continue on and stay with a damaged man like me... one day, you will end up broken too."

He cupped her face and pressed his forehead against hers. "F**k..." he uttered so weakly but desperately. "I am terrified that one day you will end up as damaged as I am... beyond repair like I am... I will do anything and everything to stop that from happening! Even if... even if I have to kill myself again by letting you go."

When the trembling of his hands worsened, she cupped his face in turn and stared deeply into his wavering, vulnerable, breath-taking grey eyes. "No, Sebastian." she told him firmly. "You're never a hopeless case. Cause look at you... you're now able to... to kiss me. Yes, you're brutally damaged. But you've never been beyond repair. You are actually healing!"

"It's all thanks to you. You're my miracle, my cure, my salvation... and yet..." he buried his head in the crook of her neck. "I even failed to stop myself from hurting you with my own f**king hands."

"You weren't yourself..."

"No matter what state I was in ... I should never have hurt you. Never, Iza! But it still happened. No matter the excuse, it has happened and nothing can ever change that as a fact."

Elle could not stop it when another fat tear fell from her reddened eyes. She could feel the extent of his self-loathing at the moment. He hated himself for hurting her that night. And she could feel it in her bones that he would never forgive himself for it. "It will not happen again, Sebastian." She could only say, gently hugging his head and pulling on it to let him rest on her bosom as she buried her fingers in his silken damp hair. Something in her was telling her that nothing could ever make Sebastian forgive himself, and it terrified her.

"I have already told you before, Iza... that I don't even trust myself." his voice came out a little muffled from having his face pressed onto her chest. But even so, Elle could hear the hopelessness and self-reproach.

"I trust you, Sebastian a�"" She had to say it. Even if he did not believe it himself.

"God, Izabelle..." he stared at her, smiling heartbreakingly at her. "What if I told you that I was... I was... I was a mad... literally a mindless creature for seven hundred years? I spent most of my existence in the darkness, in my little mad world... Now tell me, can you still put your trust in someone like that?"

"Yes." Elle replied without even missing a beat, causing Sebastian to freeze. He looked dumbstruck at how confident Elle had sounded and how quickly she had responded. As though his question was not even something that needed to be considered at all.

Elle cupped his face and gently answered as though she could almost hear the doubts in his mind. "This is not blind trust, Sebastian. It's not just because I'm in love with you. I still trust you despite all your past. Do you know why? Because despite everything that had happened to you..." she pressed her palm over his chest before looking into his eyes. "This heart of yours didn't die. It's still alive and capable of feeling, of loving. You don't know how amazing... how strong you are, Sebastian. You don't know how incredible this heart of yours is. To still be... to still be able to beat like this after all those... all the damages you had and still are suffering even up till now."

Her tears flowed hard as she told him these words. She did not bother to hold back her tears any longer. Being reminded of Alicia's story only brought more heartache to her and she could even imagine the bitter tang of loneliness and helplessness Sebastian had to endure. The abuse he suffered and that impossibly long time of suffering... Elle could not even imagine how she would even begin to go about surviving it. But Sebastian did it. Though he was now like this a�" still full of wounds and could not even bear to trust in himself a�" he was still a survivor. No one else might have survived such a horrible event and still remain sane, but he managed to. 

"You are the strongest man I've ever known, Sebastian. Please believe that. You can do anything... I know you can. You just have to give yourself another chance. If you can't believe in yourself yet, then let me be the one who will put my trust in you. Because I'm not going to leave. You cannot push me away anymore, Sebastian. Because I'm never going to let go of you. You fear that I might break if I stay... but my love..." she smiled through her tears and pressed her lips over his. "As long as I don't give up, I believe I can survive anything too. In the case that I do end up breaking, that's okay too. Because I know that there will always be hope... we can always heal and put ourselves together again... and besides... broken people are still beautiful..." Her smile became so tender, so full of hope as she stared at his breathtaking eyes, his gorgeous face. "... If not the most beautiful."

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Chapter 252 Yours

Feeling as though his heart was going to burst from her heartwarming words, Sebastian buried his head on her bosom. His arms around her tightened as he pulled on her, pressing her against himself and caging her within his embrace as if he was terrified that she would just disappear if he did not hold onto her tightly and close enough.

Words were just not enough to explain what he was feeling. Those words of hers… shook him to the core. It did something unthinkable, inexplicable, to his entire being… to his very soul.

He felt his own frame tremble as he held her. His body was now uncontrollable. Even he could no longer stop himself from showing everything he was feeling to her. All of his baggage was now bare to her. All of these emotions or whatever these may be called were all out, freed… freed by her. The skeletons that were trapped in the closet were all unearthed and cleared out by her. He realized that there was no one else on this earth who could make him feel the things she did. Only her.

And he felt tears fall from his eyes. He could not remember the last time he had cried. It was so long ago that he had forgotten about it. Now thinking back, perhaps it was on that day… that day he held… Alyssa's lifeless body in his arms. That was the last time he remembered shedding tears.

He pressed his face harder into her, attempting to hide the tears from her. But she held his head and kissed the crown of his head. And Sebastian knew then that she already knew. He could feel it in the way she held him, kissed him. He knew she was trying her best to make him feel better. Everything she was doing right now spoke to him, whispered to him, saving him from the darkness.

With a shaky breath, his body just relaxed in her arms. Just how… just how did he manage to find a woman like her? He never believed in miracles. But all because of her, he was now a believer. Because here was the miracle that came into his wretched life in the form of an angel named Izabelle.

"Iza… Izabelle…" he uttered hoarsely, repeating her name like it was the only word he remembers at the moment.

And Elle smiled gently through her own quiet and hot tears that streamed down her cheeks.

"Mmm… I'm here, Sebastian…" she whispered to him, holding him tighter.

She could feel the wetness on her skin. She knew that he was crying. Her heart and soul ached for him but she was glad he was not trying to steel himself anymore. She was relieved that he was letting himself go and be vulnerable instead of acting all invincible and tough as hell like he used to.

"I love you…" she said, and he lifted his face after hearing her say those words again.

Without giving her time to look at his face, Sebastian kissed her, burying incoherent words into her mouth. And all she could do was shiver in pleasure at every delicious stroke of his tongue inside her mouth.

"Sebastian…" she moaned his name before she kissed him back. And she felt him harden inside her, stretching her, filling her to bursting once again. 

Elle finally allowed herself to blush at the fact that he never did pull himself out of her since he entered her so many minutes ago.

"Iza…" he moaned her name back, causing gooseflesh to cover her skin. "Iza… kiss me…" his deep voice sounded so sensual, so compelling. "Please…"

Dear gods in heaven… she did not know she loved this kind of thing oh so much… Sebastian, pleading with her. It made her feel like he was truly hers. That he was giving himself totally to her. That she was not just his but he was also hers. It was as though finally, they were truly in a two-way relationship that involved the both of them.

It ignited that fire within her again and she took over. She had long since lost count of the times that she has devoured his mouth up till now since the moment they first kissed. But she did not care because she knew Sebastian could not get enough of it. It was as if her kisses were a drug, making him more addicted the more she tasted it. His reactions on the other hand was the drug for her. Of course, she couldn't get enough of his kisses, too. But his reactions right now were just more potent for her.

Pushing her fingers through his dark hair, Elle delved deep into his mouth, giving him the hottest, wettest, and wildest erotic kiss she could give.

"Yes… f**k… kiss me, Iza… f**k my mouth too…"

His words were like fuel to her already blazing fire. Honestly, she could not believe what he just said but she found it so hot, arousing her so hard she felt her insides pulse around him fiercely, even though both of them never made a move. He was just pinning her steadily tight against him with his powerful hands and she did not even try to move her hips.

And yet the pleasure was rising, sending them both to that height of pleasure.

He let her overpower him, overwhelm him until they were both utterly breathless. She could feel his rock-hard length thicken even more inside her.

"You're mine…" she told him and he smiled. At long last, she saw it. That gorgeous, heart-stopping dimple, paired with those devil-bright dazed eyes.

"Yours, baby… I'm yours…" he replied in assent. And Elle's eyes widened before she kissed him again. Until their hands were in each other's hair, pulling and grasping at each other.

Their tongues mated like never before and then he groaned loud, shuddering, coming like there was no tomorrow, spurting his seed inside her.

The fact that he came with just them kissing and without any of them moving to stimulate their connected sexes blew Elle's mind and she too, came and clenched hard around his rigid length that was still inside her.

Chapter 253 Like This?

After just lying there and listening contentedly to Sebastian's pounding heart, Elle finally lifted her face off his chest.

Though part of her was adamant and refusing to do anything too suddenly, for fear that this magical, miraculous moment would end, she knew that there was nothing else they could do but face each other and deal with their remaining dilemma. She needed him to speak now.

But first... she really needed to get off him first! Blushing hard, Elle moved her hips and tried to lift herself off him.

To her shocked surprise, Sebastian's hand around her waist did not budge. And that caused her to fall back into his lap again.

Looking at him with slightly widened eyes and reddened cheeks, Elle spoke. "I think... we need to fix ourselves first, Sebastian. We really can't be putting this off any longer and need to talk."

"Can't we talk... like this?" He looked at her with a neutral face, as though he was being serious with that suggestion.

Elle almost choked before parting her lips in shock. Those words were the last thing she had ever expected him to say in this situation. Was he even serious?! Who could even think straight if being put in the situation that they were both in right now?

Her hand shot out and before she knew it, she had already pinched his cheek. Hard. "Sebastian... I'm serious... we..." she trailed off at the realization of what she was doing. A wave of relief washed through her when she realized the fact that even if they were divorced now, it did not seem to have changed anything between them - with the way she was responding to him. In fact, it was unbelievable but she felt even closer to him right now than ever before. It was hard for her to put what she was feeling right this moment into words, but all she knew was that she was certain something had changed between them and it was only for the better. And that realization brought a flutter of joy filling in her heart.

Fighting the urge to smile outwardly in disbelief, Elle's eyes wandered and it fell to his neck.

Her expression immediately changed and her gaze turned worried and confused. "Why... is my bite not healing yet?" She asked, as her heartbeat raced and her brows knitted together. Sebastian's wound should have healed already with his vampiric powers! 

"Because I'm not letting it heal." He replied to her simply. His fingers now on her lips, tracing its outline gently, looking so engrossed in that as though he was touching a highly prized piece of art.

"R-really? You can do that?" Elle was taken aback.

"Yes, Iza. That's your mark on me. I don't want it gone yet."

Elle tilted her head a little but she then felt relief flooding her entire body in the next second, knowing that it was intentional on his part and not that there was something wrong with him. Her creased brows relaxed. She sighed in relief because for a while there, she thought she felt something strange.

"But... it looked... grave. And it's still bleeding a little. Can you heal it a bit?" Elle still asked despite the assurance given from Sebastian earlier.

He shook his head. His gaze still focused on her swollen lips. "No can do. It'll heal without any trace if I do that."

"Oh... but we can't just leave it like that." She argued. No matter how she tried to ignore it, the wound and blood on him was something she could not bear. Just why in the world did she have to bite him that hard?! Did she have a dog for her ancestor?! Lord...

As though he finally realized how bothered she was about his wound not healing, Sebastian gave in. "Alright, let's just put some band-aid and ointment on it."

She blinked at him, not expecting his choice. But she chose not to argue anymore as she just found a way to have him release her. She could finally get off him so that she could finally think without getting distracted by having his manhood still stuffed inside her.

"I'll go get the first-aid kit." She told him and Sebastian finally loosened his grip on her.

Elle quickly climbed off him and fixed herself. She rushed towards the door and then to their room to wash herself off first.

Once she was back in Sebastian's study, he had already fixed himself. He was standing by the window and looking outside.

Her eyes caught the box of first-aid kit that was sitting on his desk and it seemed that he had already dealt with his wound himself.

Elle approached him quietly, placing the kit down on the table before she stood behind him. Reaching out, Elle's arm circled around his middle and hugged him, pressing her forehead against his back.

She felt his body flexed at her touch and then relaxed. "What are you thinking about?"

Sebastian took her hand and turned around, facing her. His grey eyes now serious, a little intense. "I want to send you back to the Black Forest, Iza."

She met his gaze, staring deep into his eyes. "Can you tell me why? And what about you? What are we going to do about our... divorce?"

"I want everyone to think that we're truly over. You will leave me. But instead of going back to Dalenn as originally planned, you'll take refuge at Abigail's home instead." He caressed her cheek gently. "I don't know if this can fool Elijah. But at least, he can't touch you while you're in there if he ends up not believing it at all. Witchcrafts and such won't work if you're within the Black Forest. So that's the safest place for you to hide out for now. The safety won't be a hundred percent... but with Alexander and the witch queen in there, I know you'll be much safer with them than having you tag along with me."

"What about you?" she asked him in a low voice.


Chapter 254 I Promise

"I'm going to deal with Elijah and end this stupid game of his once and for all." Sebastian replied firmly, his face turning serious. Elle could hear how resolute he was from his voice.

Seeing that dangerous power and renewed determination in his eyes, Elle sighed out in relief. He looked as composed as usual again. Anyone who could have seen him right now other than her, might never believe that this man had been trembling, vulnerable, and even shedding tears, just several minutes earlier.

"I wish there was something that I could do to help you out." Elle voiced out her genuine wish, knowing that as powerless as she was, the least she could do was not to get herself captured by the enemy and be used as bait to hurt Sebastian again.

He was about to respond when his gaze snapped up and focused towards the door.

Elle immediately understood that someone was outside, so she thought that Sebastian would call for whoever the person who came, to enter the room. But he did not. Instead, he looked at her as if to ask for permission.

Realizing what he was doing, Elle was struck speechless by his thoughtfulness. The feeling that gesture gave Elle was just so heart-warming.

"Who is it?" she asked softly. Though she did not want anyone to disturb them yet, Elle needed to know first, in case it was something very important.

"It's Lucas."

Knowing that Lucas would never disturb them over a trivial matter, a little helpless smile curved over her lips as Elle nodded at Sebastian. "It's okay. He might have something very important to say."

"Get in." Sebastian immediately called and Lucas entered.

Lucas gave them both a respectful nod before he stared into Sebastian's eyes. "Princess, can I speak with His Highness privately for a while? It concerns something important."

Elle stopped herself from frowning. Lucas usually does not do this. If he had something he did not want her hearing, he would have just communicated it to Sebastian through their eyes. So why was he asking her for privacy now?

"Of course. I'll wait ou a�""

"No." Sebastian cut her off. "Stay here, Iza. We're going outside."

After almost ten minutes of waiting, Sebastian entered the room again. Elle scrutinized his face but to her relief, she saw no signs of negative expressions on his face. There was not even the slightest scrunching up of his brows.

"What did... he say?" Elle asked. Part of her was amazed at how she was not hesitating to ask him anything now. Perhaps, due to the divorce, what she used to fear had actually already happened. Thus, nothing seems to be able to scare her anymore.

He strode towards her and without warning, he lifted her before seating her on top of his desk.

"Matters regarding Elijah." He replied without preamble, pressing himself between her parted legs. "We are trying to do something to destroy or counter his plans and it seems we're making quite the progress."

"So... You need to... go now?" Elle could not help but be hesitant in her questioning. She was loath to have their beautiful and passionate reunion cut short. But she knew she could only let him go if it was something really important.

"Tomorrow. You're going to leave the castle tomorrow as well, Iza." Sebastian smiled as he looked down at his Iza, as if he could already tell what she was thinking about.

"So, we have one more night before we part ways...?" she tried not to look disappointed. Knowing that she should be grateful instead for this one more night. 

"That's right..." his hungry gaze fell on her lips.

"How long? When can you visit me in the Black Forest?"

He returned his gaze to her eyes. "As of now... I'm not sure yet. It will depend on how Elijah will respond once he learns about our divorce. So I can't really tell you any tentative dates yet."

"I see... I understand. Will you call me then?"

"I'm afraid not. Elijah has control over these things. He most probably have bugged the lines already. He can hear and see any conversations if he wants to investigate. So, we need to be extra cautious."

Elle nodded understandingly at his explanation once again. "I understand. I will cooperate and do my best not to make you worry for my safety, Sebastian. But in return, I need you to be careful and don't get hurt. Can you promise me that?"

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "I promise to be careful. But I don't think I can promise not to get hurt. However, I will not die nor disappear, that I vow to you, Iza."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. That heartfelt and sincere promise was enough for her. Though she wished that he would not get hurt, she knew that would be unrealistic of her to request that from him. "I love you... and I will be waiting for you to come get me from there and bring me back to our home again, Sebastian." She whispered and he nuzzled her neck comfortingly.

"I promise..." he replied before once again, claiming her mouth passionately.

Elle kissed him back with as much fervor, if not more. His kiss this time was all-consuming, dominant. Telling her that his beast was back and he was now ready to take the reins back from her.

Tonight was going to be their last joining together for now. Not knowing when they will reunite has only added to their passion. And they were not planning on wasting even a single moment of it.

"Make love to me, Sebastian." She moaned against his lips.

"Yes, Iza... I'll make love to you this entire night."

The fact that he used the words 'make love' instead of f**king had Elle's heart swelling up with so much happiness. Her heart was so full it felt close to bursting.

Chapter 255 Happy

Sebastian had brought her to their room and made love to her in their bed. He took her slowly, so gently, and so unlike how he was used to.

He was truly tamed and it seemed that he was not planning to do her roughly nor unleash his usual intensity tonight. Elle wondered if it was because she had told him to make love to her and not f**k her. She was not complaining, because the slow sex was so good for her. Though there was this frustration and desire for him to go hard on her like he usually does, Elle was mind-blown by all these kinds of heightened sensations. The slow sex was giving her all the time she needed to just relax and feel everything, savor all the different sensations and enjoy even the smallest part of the process... it was just as incredible as the usual rough and wild sex they shared before.

However, Elle was a bit worried and wondered if Sebastian was enjoying this as much as she was. She knew he never did this before. At least to her. And for some reason, she felt like he was a bit...

"Seb..." she uttered his name. Her hands landed on his face and brushed his hair up before staring into his tantalizing eyes. "Please don't... restrain yourself, okay? I love how you are being so gentle right now, but I love it when you're rough with me too."

His eyes stretched a little before he dropped his head onto her shoulder, groaned low, and then chuckled a little helplessly. "No, baby... don't think that I'm not enjoying this. You don't have any idea how much I'm loving this too."

"But... you're a bit..." Elle bit her lower lip. She wanted to accept what he said at face value and just listen to him. However, she just felt like he was...

"Don't worry. I'm just... a little nervous." He said in a somewhat hesitant voice and Elle blinked, surprised. What? Nervous? Sebastian? The word 'nervous' and 'Sebastian' do not usually go hand in hand in the same sentence.

"W-whatever for?" she managed to ask, eyes widened due to shock.

"I've never done this before, Iza. I've been doing it hard and rough my whole life. That is the only way I knew how to go about it for a very long time. So... this is the first time I'm doing it... this way."

Elle was dumbstruck. She never would have expected to hear these words from Sebastian. But oh lord... he was really going to make her heart burst for real at this rate!

"I want to do it slowly and gently, but I'm not confident if I'm doing it right..." he could only confess.

When he heard her say the word 'make love', Sebastian had felt that his heart had swelled and melted but the moment he had put Iza down on the bed, his heart thudded hard and fast. He found himself thrilled and a little nervous. Or maybe it was more than a little.

His whole life, he had only f**ked. He only had sex to get that release, that orgasm. And the only way he knew he could reach those was through rough and hard f**king. When he met Iza, something in him had slowly changed. He knew something had definitely changed, that sex with her was completely different from all the other experiences he ever had. However, he still could not quite call what they shared before as a real 'love making'.

Sex with Iza had always been mind-blowing. Overwhelming to the point that he felt like he was going crazy because of so much pleasure. It was something he had never experienced with anyone else. But he had called those heavenly moments as 'f**king'.

Alexander had indirectly educated him before about the difference of love making and f**king, since he never bothered even knowing or even thinking about it. It was during that time when he and Iza visited White Falls village. While following after their wives, Alexander overheard two young men having a debate about that topic and Alexander just nonchalantly butted in and stated straightforwardly like the wise old man he claimed he was, 'F**king is just about you having sex for the sake of your own pleasure and reaching that orgasm. Love making is not about that at all! It's about your partner and about enjoying the intimate connection of your body and soul, enjoying all the process and everything in between, and loving all of your partner's body. Got it, boys?'

Sebastian had totally forgotten about that until tonight when Iza had mentioned that she wanted him to 'make love' to her. He wanted it. To take her tonight in a way so unlike what he had been giving her all these time. The experience on the couch just a while ago was something so inexplicable. He simply did not even have words to describe it. He was shocked at how he came so hard with just kissing her, just feeling her clamped around his sex, just holding her so damned close.

Iza had made him experience something so extraordinary. That, to him, was pure lovemaking. And now, he wanted to do that to her too. He had wanted to do it naturally. But it seemed that she had noticed his stilted movements at times and felt his overly cautiousness to not mess up.

He could only groan in frustration, but he was not that embarrassed. It seemed that after all that she had already seen and experienced with him, he could easily show her everything now. Still... he really wanted to do this right! Perfectly if possible. He wanted to make love to her... give her the love making she so deserve and...

A sweet, soft, and gentle chuckle echoed. Causing him to immediately lift his face and to look at hers. And f**k... she looked so beautiful! That look in her eyes while she laughed was worthy enough for him to worship. Not that every part of her was not already more than worthy of worship.

"Oh, Sebastian..." she cupped his face and pulled his face closer to hers. "You are doing it so right! So very right in fact!I just thought you were holding back so much and that's why..." she paused, pressed her lips together and then smiled so gently, so lovingly at him. "I love everything, Sebastian. I'm enjoying it so much that I can't quite believe it is real. I want you to keep it up and continue making love to me like this."

He swallowed hard. His cock inside her twitched with pleasure and he bit his lower lip oh so slowly.

"F*ck..." he cursed almost inaudibly. "I really can't help but wonder what have I done to be blessed with an angel such as yourself, Izabelle."

She blushed hard at his words, slightly shocked at how he was expressing himself so clearly to her before she moved and kissed his lips. "I feel the same. I also can't help but wonder how on earth I could end up finding a man as beautiful as yourself, Sebastian."

At those words, he thrusted into her oh so slowly but firmly that she bit her lip and momentarily shut her eyes closed. "Don't call me beautiful, baby girl."

"But you are." She teased and he teased her back by pulling his cock out excruciatingly slowly until the head was just about to slip out of her.

"You... tease..." She playfully bit him on his lower lip.

And when he chuckled, Elle laughed too. Their eyes were shining brighter than the stars as they stared at each other.

"F**k... I'm so..."

"Happy..." Elle took the word right out of his mouth when he trailed off.

"Yes." Sebastian whispered, eyes staring deep into hers, feeling as though his heart was full to bursting. It was the first time he was feeling this way.

"Me too... I'm so happy right now, Sebastian."

He kissed her, and then he pushed himself back into her depths, gently, before he lifted himself off her to watch her. His eyes savored every expression she made, listened to every sound of her moans and even breaths, worshiped every curve and dip on her exquisite body.

"You're the beautiful one... Iza... the most beautiful..." came his praise and when she opened her dazed eyes, she smiled at him.

"I love you!" She replied and he bent over her, claiming her lips again, burying a sound that seemed like the echo of those three words she had just uttered to him.