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Chapter 256 Her Name

It was the most passionate night Elle and Sebastian had ever shared together in the entire duration that they were married. They took pleasure in being in each other's arms and made love to each other to their heart's content. And yet, the entire night was not long enough. It was just not enough. They wanted more time to be with each other like this.

But dawn was coming, ending the night.

Staring quietly at the window, Elle's dazed eyes blinked slowly. She knew it was silly but she still wished the sun would not come out just yet.

The sound of Sebastian's heartbeats was steady and soothing. It was calming as she put her head sideways on his chest, her ears pressed right over his heart. It was like they were his voice whispering to her that everything would be alright. And a small, tender smile tugged at the corner of her lips. That was right. Everything would be alright. This separation would not last long. It was not a permanent parting between them. She was willing to accept this wholeheartedly… she would have anything except him sending her back to Dalenn and never seeing him again.

"I… Iza… Iza…" Sebastian moaned her name. Elle was not sure if he was calling out in his sleep or he had just awakened.

Elle could not say 'yes' because of the weird strain in his voice. So instead, she carefully pulled herself up and looked at him.

His eyes were still closed. "Iza…" he called out again. His brows creased tight.

Looking at him made Elle immediately remember those times when he was calling out for someone else. For Alysa.

She silently took a deep breath. Was she hearing it right? Was he really calling for her name and Alysa's? Or was she just hearing it wrong?

Her heartbeat thudded hard within her chest as she waited for him to speak again. She kept herself still as she held her breath, waiting for him to say her name.

"Iza…" The soft breath of her name escaped his lips and Elle widened her eyes when she clearly heard that it was her name that was called out.

Elle's hands flew to her mouth. Emotion flooded her eyes, her entire being feeling as though it had been electrocuted. She was so terrified she was wrong and that he would call out someone else's name again. But Lord… he really called her name.

"Izabelle?" The change in his voice had Elle lifting her face from her palms.

He was already sitting up, eyes reflecting his worry as he reached out and gently cupped her face. He ran his eyes all over her face, trying to see what was the matter and if there was something bothering her. "What's wrong?" he even glanced around like searching for threats.

"There's nothing wrong. I'm fine…" she smiled at him through her teary eyes. "I'm just a bit emotional."

Deep lines appeared between his brows after hearing her words. "Why?" He looked so upset, thinking that there might be anything negative that had caused her to turn emotional.

"Because…" her smile widened while her tears fell, "because it's my name that you finally called out while you're holding me in your sleep."

Sebastian froze upon understanding what she had said.

Seeing the utter shock in his eyes had Elle dropping her gaze. She was about to wipe her tears when Sebastian yanked her into his embrace. As he drew in a breath, she could hear how his intake of breath rattled slightly. He must have been shaken after hearing her words. Then his arms tightened around her a little more.

His hold on her was tight. So very tight that she could not move even a muscle. But he still did not say a thing. He just hugged her, caged her in his strong yet warm and tender arms.

"May I… know…" she hesitated, swallowing as she considered whether she should continue speaking or not. But Elle knew she must bring it up now or else this would bother her to no end again especially once they get separated. It was time for her to ask about Alyssa now. "Who is… Alyssa?" Elle paused just a little before mentioning the name.

He became very still after hearing her speak that name. She could swear that he even stopped breathing for a while. But she waited and did not move nor talk until his hold on her loosened.

Letting go of her, he pushed himself away from her at arm's length before staring into her eyes. "Since when did I… start saying her name?" he asked lowly.

Elle looked at him for a couple of seconds before answering his question. "Ever since the first night we slept together."

His eyes widened and then he pressed the heel of his palm against his forehead, looking as though he could not believe what he had just heard.

"This was the first time… I heard you call out mine." Elle added in a careful tone, observing him. "Though lately, I haven't awakened at dawn like today to hear if you were still calling out for her."

"Could this be the reason why back then, you had always acted cold and distant to me the next morning almost every time we had slept together?" Sebastian immediately identified the problem that he did not know why had kept cropping up previously.

Elle bit the insides of her lower lip. Now that she thought about it, he was actually right. She softened for him every time he touched her. But she had always managed to steel herself immediately the next morning, thanks to him calling out someone else's name in his dream.

She heard him curse under his breath and he pulled her into him again, kissing her hair. "I'm sorry… I really wish you had told me about this before."

"I had felt I didn't have the right to ask about her, back then. And there's also our agreement, remember? I never wanted to risk myself getting divorced by you even though… even though hearing you calling that name hurts me every single time."

Chapter 257 Paper


"Alyssa is..." Sebastian started in a low tone. His body was still a little tense but his grey eyes were unseeing as he stared at their entwined hands. "She's with me when I was held captive by that... woman."

Elle's eyes widened and at the same time, her heart throbbed painfully when she heard his admission.

"She's a... prisoner like me. She's..."

Without waiting for Sebastian to finish what he was about to say, Elle rose to her knees and hugged him. "I'm sorry..." she whispered. Pained. She did not know Alyssa was from the duration of that same dark past Sebastian loathed the most. She never meant to make him think back about that phase in his life. "I'm so sorry, Sebastian... I... I didn't..."

"Shhh..." he made her sit on his lap and rested his forehead on her shoulder, taking a deep breath of her scent as though to help him calm himself. "It's alright. You have nothing to apologize about, Iza." He told her with reassurance, causing Elle to feel so much better. She was afraid she had brought out something he had been trying to forget. "Alyssa and I met in that... prison. We had no one else but each other in that hellish place. She was the one who helped me stay sane." He paused for a long while, as though lost in his own thoughts and then Elle saw pain and regret flashed across his eyes for a moment. "But she didn't... make it out."

That painful throb nearly made Elle clutch her hands over her heart, but instead, she shot her arms out and wrapped them around Sebastian again. Pulling him into her embrace and tightening her grip around him.


The next time she opened her eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. Sebastian was still lying next to her, holding her. His face looked so peaceful, almost beyond tranquil that Elle could not help but stare. She could really stare at his face forever and would never get tired of it.

When he opened his eyes, he stared back at her dreamily.

"Morning," Elle greeted him with a bright smile and then a slow, tender smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Good morning, my wife." A deep vibrating voice sounded from his chest. Elle felt that his slightly sleepy and just awakened voice sounded so dreamy that it felt as though her insides were filled with cotton candy.

Elle playfully pursed her lips and lifted her brow at him. "We're divorced, remember?"

He ran his palm over his face, groaning slightly but then he smiled again and said, "That's just mere paperwork. All we have to do is sign another paper again."

Elle could not help but grin when suddenly, a thought came to her. She lifted her hand and looked at her ring. "We must... remove our ring, right, Sebastian?" She looked longingly at her cherished ring, reluctance bubbling within her at the thought of needing to pull this long awaited band from her fingers.

"Do you want me to take it off?" Sebastian spoke softly.

"We don't have a choice, do we? To make our separation believable, we must... take it off." Although Elle knew and said the right words, her heart bled and was highly opposed, just thinking of it.

Sebastian pulled her into his embrace. "I'm not taking it off. I'm wearing my gloves again from now on so no one could see whether I'm wearing a ring or not."

A soft knock echoed, causing the couple to dart their eyes towards the door.

"What is it?" Sebastian asked.

Elle did not hear the response but Sebastian creased his brows and then groaned.

"Stay here, Iza. I'll be back once I send them away."

"Who came?" Elle asked as she tilted her head, wondering who it was that could bring out such reactions in Sebastian.

"The king and some of his officials." He answered flatly as he scooted off the bed. "I am not sure what they want, but you must not be seen by them."

"I understand." Elle nodded. "I'll wait for you here."

He bent over and then, his lips were slanted over hers. "I'll be back quickly. Just wait here for me."

"Mm. Go." Elle only gestured with her head towards the door.

Once Sebastian was gone, Elle rushed to the bathroom and took a bath. But she was faced with a dilemma once she was done. Her clothes were no longer in the dressing room. It seemed that Sebastian had truly packed everything that had belonged to her already!

She felt a slight pang of pain when she looked at her empty closet next to his. There was nothing left of her things except... except her red silk scrunchy. She could tell it was not left in there by accident. She just knew he had left it in there on purpose.

Picking it up, Elle smiled sadly. "This man..." she could only mumble before she put the scrunchy back on top of her makeup table.

Left without a choice, she put on one of his black shirts. She did not even need shorts because the shirt was already big enough for her and it had covered enough.

"Princess?" Lucas' voice echoed from outside and Elle rushed towards the door, peeking out.


"I've brought you food. His Highness will still take a little more time."

While Lucas was placing a tray of food on the table, Elle could not help but frown a little. "Lucas... did... something serious happen?"

"He had sent everyone back but..." Lucas paused as if unsure whether to tell her the truth or not.

"But?" Elle stepped out of the dressing room to demand an answer from Lucas. For some reason, she suddenly felt a little uneasy. Lucas only stared at her for a couple more seconds before sighing. From that action, she could tell that he gave in to her request.

"Someone suddenly arrived so His Highness needed to..."

"Who is it?" The words were blurted out of her mouth before she even realized she had already spoken.

Lucas met her gaze and then answered. "It's the prophetess, princess."

Chapter 258 Quick


Whirling around from the window, Elle immediately opened her mouth to speak upon seeing Sebastian. "Is... is everything alright?" she rushed towards him.

But Sebastian was silent, busy eyeing her from head to toe and then back again before he sexily half-bit his lip. Elle was speechless, but if this man was still able to flirt like this, it should only mean that everything was going on well, right? But why would the prophetess, one of the vampires' most important figures, come over so early in the morning? And not to mention the king and some high officials too?

"Lucas saw you like this..." he mumbled, his eyes narrowing a little as he took in what Elle was wearing. She looked all too tempting dressed in nothing but his black shirt.

Blinking, Elle reached out and caught his face in her hands. "There are no other clothes available for me to wear. All of my things are gone." She then gave him a slightly accusatory look.

"That guy..." he ignored her look and clenched his fist while turning towards the closed door, but Elle knew he was not seriously angry. "I better go erase his memory."

"Sebastian!" She lightly slapped him on his shoulder before forcing him to look at her again. "He only looked at my face once and then left, okay? So just leave Lucas be and answer me. Is everything truly alright?"

He sighed and then nodded. "Everything's alright, Iza. We'll proceed as planned. But first... Lucas!" he looked over his head and called out for Lucas.

The door opened and a hand stuck out holding a bag that obviously contained clothes for her.

Sebastian took the bag from Lucas's hand before he lifted Elle and brought her to the dressing room. Gently, he seated her on top of a table, wedging himself between her legs.

"F**k!! And you don't have any underwear on!" Was the very first line he growled out. "You're really making it a torture for me to let go of you today, huh, baby girl?"

Elle blinked and her ears heated up. Because here he goes again, seducing her. "I told you... who's fault is this? All of my things are gone. There literally is not even a single stitch of my clothing left behind."

"Somehow... I'm glad I've got them packed away. If I didn't... then I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see you wearing my shirt so sexily like this." Sebastian grinned mischievously at her.

Her lips parted, surprised at his words. Was this man seriously seducing her right now?! This was supposed to be the time for them to prepare for their...

"F*ck, baby..." he caught her hard nipple between his lips and Elle moaned despite the fabric that was caught in between, instantly wet from his saliva. "Since when did these cute nipples of yours harden up so nicely like this? You didn't let Lucas see you like this did you, baby?"

"I made sure my hair was covering my breasts when I came out. But wait, Sebastian a�""

"That's my good girl." He purred and then pulled away. "Kiss me, Iza..."

"But... I thought we need to..." Elle was thrown off from the sudden request from Sebastian.

"It's fine. We'll be quick. You've aroused me so much I don't think a cold shower alone would be sufficient enough to calm me down."

"Are you... sure? I don't think we can do it... quick." A doubtful look was on Elle's face as she pursed her lips and tilted her head.

He chuckled at her uncertainty.

"I shall introduce to you how we can do a quickie, baby." He whispered, and then he kissed her. The passionate kiss was quick to escalate to a hungry one filled with such wild, uncontrollable desire. It was a kiss unlike their slow, tamed, and heavenly sweet kisses last night. This one was a literal hellfire.

Pressing her against him, Sebastian freed his already rock-hard length from his trousers and rubbed it against her slightly moist entrance, causing her to moan.

He lifted her and in the next moment, she felt her back pressed against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and then she felt the head of his manhood enter her. Lord... he was going to f**k her while... standing!

The delicious entrance had her moaning louder and before she knew it, she was trying to rock her hips to meet his hard thrusts. Oh god... they had spent the whole night making love and yet... it felt like she had not had enough of him yet! And this... this wildness... him, being as untamed like this...

"Iza... yes, like that, f**k me back, baby." He whispered as he lifted her ass and then drove himself in, reaching the deepest parts of her.

"Sebastian...!!!" Elle squealed his name as her fingers tightened and her nails dug onto his shoulders.

"F**k, harder baby, hmm?"

"Yes...ungh, yes!" She could only scream out her pleasure.

And he lifted her until his length was about to fall out of her and then thrusted back into her again, producing delicious friction as his push worked in tandem with gravity to slam their sexes together. Elle's head fell back from the intense pleasure. A powerful orgasm was already reaching its very peak.

"I'm... coming..." she cried.

"Me too, baby..." Sebastian groaned. And then with one last long and hard thrust that had him bottoming out, the fireworks of mind-blowing pleasure exploded for the both of them.


Elle still felt a little high even after they were both already dressed. They had to quickly get ready because of another knock that had echoed as soon as they were done with their speedy business.

Giving her a black sunglasses on top of her elegant outfit, Sebastian stared at her. "Alexander will be coming to get you before you reach the airport. That's just to make it look like he had come to stop you from leaving the country of his own accord. Elijah knew Abigail's very fond of you, so it's certainly not suspicious for Alexander to try and stop you from leaving and even taking you to the Black Forest."

"Okay," Elle nodded, taking a deep breath. She supposed she was as ready as she could ever be.

And then their eyes held each others'. Both were drinking in the sight of the other as they knew it would be some time before they would be able to see each other freely again.

"Please don't get yourself hurt, Sebastian. And don't worry about me, I will be safe and alright." She told him and he smiled, reaching out and rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

"Yes." He pressed his forehead against hers. "I'll come to take you back home soon, Iza."

"I'll wait. I love you." She kissed him and when they reluctantly pulled away, Elle put on the sunglasses. Once Lucas lead her our of the room, she turned, looking back at Sebastian one last time before the door closed, blocking him from her view.


Chapter 259 Bothered


"Where is Snow?" Elle asked Lucas as they walked along the corridor. She had forgotten to mention Snow to Sebastian a while ago!

When Lucas did not respond to her question, Elle paused and turned to look at him. She had a niggling feeling that something was not quite right. It was unusual for this man not to respond to her like this. Usually, when she asks him anything, he would respond quite immediately.

"Lucas? Where is Snow?" She asked him again.

The man's eyes darted sideways and then he slipped his hand inside his pocket before pulling his phone out. "Give me a moment, princess."

While he was making a call, Elle waited patiently. She had initially planned to tell Sebastian that she was planning to take Snow along with her. Apart from the fact that she was really missing her pet, she believed that taking Snow with her could also be another solid proof that she was truly leaving the castle for good. Leaving her beloved pet behind might make someone see it as a sign that their separation might be a farce, even though the divorce was real.

"We'll wait for Rion in the courtyard, Princess." Lucas said upon ending the call and then continued walking. However, there was no response about the matter of where Snow was at the moment.

After just a few minutes of waiting in the car, Elle saw Rion arrive. However, there was no Snow with him.

Elle got out of the car and Rion immediately bowed his head to her. Though he had yet to say anything, Elle could clearly feel that this was a bow of apology.

"Forgive me, princess, but... Snow has been missing." Rion reported apologetically. "We don't know how he managed to escape from his cage. But he's been missing ever since the night of your birthday party. We initially thought that he might have been hiding somewhere in the castle. But..." His words trailed off with a guilty look flashing across his face.

Wordless, Elle simply looked at him with a shocked look on her face.

"I've been searching for him since we realised that he was missing. I've tried to look for him in the forest as well but... I couldn't find even a trace of him." Rion added, looking so disappointed in himself. "I'm so sorry, princess."

Despite the worry and sadness Elle felt when receiving the news, she forced herself to smile. "I... I see. It's not your fault, Rion. I believe that Snow should be fine wherever he is right now. Maybe he had returned to his pack already. He should be alright since his wound has fully healed." Trying her best not to show her emotions, Elle then climbed into the car again.

She clearly knew and again reminded herself that wolves could not possibly be domesticated. Though Snow had been very different and seemed very tame, she thought that perhaps, the wolf was like that merely because of his injury. Still, she could not help but feel sad to part with him. She wished she could at least have hugged him one last time before he left.

Taking a deep breath, Elle told herself that it was alright because Snow might have felt really lonely being caged alone with no one to play with and entertain him. The wolf would be much happier now in the forest, running free, rather than being tied up. 

"We have someone to continue keeping a lookout for him, princess. So please be rest assured that once he is found, I'll definitely inform you as soon as possible." Rion said as he climbed into the driver's seat.

Elle just nodded, thankful at how thoughtful the man was. "Thank you, Rion. Please tell them not to capture him if they do see him running free in the forest."

Rion whirled around in surprise. "Are you sure, Princess?" Rion knew how much the princess loved the wolf when it was still around.

"Yes," Elle looked out the window, staring longingly at the direction where Sebastian's study was situated. "As long as he's alright, I don't want them to capture him. He might want to be free again. That might be why he escaped. So, please tell them to let him be... all I want is to ensure that he's alright and is not hurt." A gentle yet rueful smile curled her lips.

A short silence followed her statement as Rion looked intently at Elle to identify that she was serious with her orders before he finally nodded. "I understand, Princess. I'll forward your message to them ASAP."

As the car left the Reigns castle, Elle continued staring out the window. Prince Kyle was again accompanying her along with Lucas. Only this time, there was the additional Rion that had tagged along as their driver.

Prince Kyle did not say anything to her apart from the small greeting nod he gave her while entering the car a while ago. She honestly did not mind the silence as she understood they must be on high alert. But for some reason, Elle felt a little bothered about something concerning Prince Kyle. She felt as though there was something off with his presence. Or perhaps it might be his aura?

She was not that certain, but she just felt like the air around Prince Kyle right now was a little heavy and... kind of darker. It was very much unlike the calm and light air that he had around him just yesterday.

Elle tried not to think too much into it and just told herself that perhaps, the prince might just be having a bad day today.

By the time the airport was finally visible in Elle's view, an insanely fast car zoomed past their car that was already travelling at a fast speed.

However, Elle did not feel worried when the car swerved dangerously in front of them because she thought that the driver must be Alexander. However, to her surprise, Rion cursed under his breath as if he was angry at the overtaking car. Did Rion not know about Alexander coming to get her?

She then looked at Prince Kyle and Lucas to get a better bearing. But the look on their faces had her unable to help but spiral into worry.

The next thing she knew, the deafening sound of screeching tires filled her ears.

Chapter 260 Long Time No See


When Elle opened her eyes, the first thing she realized was the strong arm that had wrapped around her front. It was Prince Kyle's arm, holding her steady and keeping her pressed down against her seat. Even though she had her seatbelt on, she knew that his hold was definitely the reason why she had not felt any extreme impact she thought was coming from the almost car crash.

"Who the freaking he..." Rion's loud voice trailed off and everyone looked at the car that had cut right in front of them and was currently blocking their way.

Prince Kyle retracted his arm off her and he sat back, sighing before muttering to himself. However, Elle who was near enough heard his words clearly and could not help but crack a little smile of amusement. "Alexander should really stop doing this unnecessarily flashy antics of his."

Lucas, with his vampiric hearing abilities, also caught onto his mutterings and responded blandly. "This is already not considered flashy actually. To him, this is already holding back a lot because he knows the princess is with us. You know very well how he was in the past, Your Highness." Though Lucas did not show any expressions on his face, Elle had the distinct feeling that he was also amused internally.

"I know..." Kyle could only sigh again. "He still ended up scaring the Princess, though."

"Oh... I'm good... I'm fine." Elle laughed awkwardly as she waved off Prince Kyle's worry for her.

The prince slightly craned his head and looked at her. "You were even shaking a little a while back."

"Ah... that was... it's because I thought... someone was coming to kidnap me." She took a deep breath of relief and smiled. "I'm relieved now and glad it is actually Alexander."

The car door opened just as Elle said those words and Alexander bent over to look into the car.

"You scared her." Kyle told him curtly before he could even speak.

Alexander's warm smile faded hearing what the young man accused him of, and he looked at Elle with worry and apology in his eyes.

"Oh no... please don't worry about it. I'm really alright." Elle immediately waved her hands and shook her head, smiling back at Alexander.

"Sorry about that, Princess Elle. I was trying to play my role out as properly as possible. That way, it would make my chase look serious. Guess I overdid it a little, huh?" He flashed her a lopsided smile that was full of apology.

"No, not at all. More importantly, I think we should move our cars that are sitting in the middle of the road first, before the police head over..." Elle trailed off, realizing belatedly that traffic rules might not be something that she should be worrying about in this country. In fact, she was even wondering if traffic rules were even applicable to these supernatural beings?

"Right! We're lucky this highway is empty." Alexander quickly smiled again, stretching his hand to Elle. He was quick to discard the earlier issue. "My wife can't accept just letting you go like this. Thus, the reason I am here to get you."

Elle looked at the other men inside the car before she placed her hand in Alex's.

As she climbed off the car, Elle noticed that look in Alexander's eyes as he glanced at the other men who were still in the car. And she knew that he was using their vampire eye-communication to pass some secret message. But she could only wonder what he was communicating to them. 


Somehow, Elle fell asleep in Alexander's car on their trip back to the Black Forest. She thought she could never fall asleep due to the anxiety in her that something like the other night would happen again. But perhaps due to her lack of sleep last night, she eventually passed out.

When she opened her eyes again, she was leaning her head against someone's shoulder. Almost jumping up from surprise, Elle quickly pulled away and immediately apologized for her rudeness.

"I'm sorry a�""

"Please don't worry about it, Princess." Rion smiled at her.

"We're finally here." Alexander's voice echoed, pulling her attention to the front. When she saw that they were already at White Falls village, Elle's jaw dropped. My goodness... now she knew why Alexander insisted on driving when Rion was begging for himself to be the driver instead. How did she manage to sleep when this man had definitely driven as fast as a bullet?! It seems that she had been totally dead asleep!

Very quickly, their car stopped at the entrance of Black Forest.

Elle felt a rush of relief filling her up on the inside as she stood there, looking at that enchanting entrance again. She was just truly glad she had finally arrived here without any serious trouble.

"Well then, princess." Rion then bid her goodbye as he had just apparently tagged along until she was safely delivered to this forest.

"Thank you, Rion." Elle expressed her gratitude. Though she knew that Rion was expected to do this as it was his duty being a guard of Sebastian's household, she did not want to take his care for granted.

"I will send you word once I find Snow." Rion said, not forgetting about the princess' pet wolf.

"Yes. Thank you."

Once Rion had turned and left, Elle and Alexander entered the entrance.

It was already twilight and beyond the gate, it was already quite dark. But of course, with the dainty white, glowing blossoms everywhere, the place never felt scary to Elle. In fact, it always brought an otherworldly feeling to her whenever she entered this place.

Until Alexander suddenly halted and spoke to the darkness. "I don't know why you're trying to hide, but long time no see..."

A man so beautiful with features as breathtaking as Alicia's stepped out of the darkness. His long silvery hair shimmered with the few dim shafts of light that was waning. However, it not only did not detract from his beauty, but instead, seemed to accentuate it. The tall figure slowly walked out, his long legs and upright posture bearing a testament to the dignified yet solemn aura that surrounded him.

"... Zeres."