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Chapter 206 So Good

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Elle's heartbeat thudded hard as she waited for his consent.

He licked his dry lips and he settled deeper into the back of the couch. That one move was all Elle needed from him. He was giving her his permission! Her nervousness was completely shoved to the background once again.

She sank herself and sat comfortably on his lap. The feeling of their nakedness igniting a more intense fire between them.

"Thank you..." she whispered hoarsely. She had thought that he, not wanting to do this, was a big possibility.

"I already gave you my word, Iza." He replied. His voice was husky with need. "I'll give you anything you want tonight."

"But... this is truly alright with you, right?" she asked a little hesitantly. Knowing about his boundaries, Elle had thought of the possibilities that Sebastian might not be okay with the woman being in charge. In fact, she already believes that he might even be really against it. That was why she had been so careful the entire time. She knew it was risky but this was the only way she could do what she was planning to do. To do something for him. To pleasure him. To put him first.

However, she was also ready to back off any time. She did not want to force him to do something that would trigger that scar within him. She did not want to do anything that could upset him. She only wanted him to be happy.

"F**k..." he breathed, a sexy smile forming across his gorgeous face. "You have no idea how seductive you are right now being bold like this, Izabelle. So don't worry... I am more thrilled than anything else right now, baby girl."

Beyond happy with his response, Elle reached out to stroke his face and brushed his hair back, combing his silky dark hair with her fingers. She took her time to savor the sight, the feel. To revel in everything that was happening between them. Even though he had agreed that she would be in charge, he still exudes a dangerous vibe while at rest like this. Reminding her that this man was an untamed male that could pounce on her at any time, the moment she let him.

She then caressed every contour of his face with her eyes, settling on his lips for a while until she gazed down at his sculpted chest and abs. She eyed him like he was a priceless work of art and she was the meticulous connoisseur.

While he kept his gaze focused on her, he rejoiced in the feeling of the caress of her eyes, causing his tongue to do a slow sweep over his lip. He did not feel any discomfort with it even though his body had responded to that invisible caress all over his torso. And to his shocked surprise, he wondered how it would feel if she would touch him there. F**k... he cursed in his mind. He could not believe what he had just thought. He had just thought of asking her to try it. Perhaps, Iza would not trigger him? Because it was her. But hesitation held him immobile and he bit on his lip to stop himself from talking. He did not want to risk it. He did not want to ruin this moment in case he ended up getting triggered once she touched him.

When she lowered her head down to his collarbone and her lips nipped him there, he shut his eyes closed. Her lips were so soft against his skin. So f**king hot! Her every single innocent but bold nips sent electricity jolting through his body.

When she began to lick her way up to his throat, Sebastian almost shuddered. F**k. It felt so, so good...

Though she had kissed his neck a few times already, this was different. She was boldly taking her time, being so slow and seductive like she was enjoying herself and savoring him was another shock. And her lick... f**k... it turned him on so much that his cock strained so much that it was starting to hurt a little.

Soon, she began to latch onto a patch of skin at his throat, kissing him there passionately. Her tongue and lips felt divine and Sebastian found himself wondering how it would feel to possess those innocent yet bold lips and tongue of hers.

Surprises kept rushing into him. He had thought of this before. He had imagined how her pretty little mouth would taste like. She was the first to make him even think about kissing, and the imagination in his head was inviting. But then, when he tried it in the garden, it did not go well. But that was then. Now it was different.

However, he could not forget the fact that what he feared the most did not happen.

His thoughts disappeared when she leaned closer and pressed her body against his. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest and he groaned low, clenching his fists to stop himself from touching her. He still wished to see what wise she had in store for him. He knew he would not be able to stop doing more once he started touching her. Even with his promise, he knew that with Iza, everything was easier said than done. So, if he truly wanted to keep his word then, he must not reach out and touch. At least until she was done. And if he was still sane and alive by then. Because right now, he was a little doubtful if he could actually survive through this.

At last, she reached for his throbbing cock that was raging and begging for attention between them. He felt her fingers shying away, causing him to smile a little.

"Don't tell me it's my cock that your boldness can't conquer tonight, hmm, Iza?" he teased.

She pulled away and stared at him silently for a few moments and then she lowered her gaze between them.

Staring at the long and throbbing monster standing at attention, she swallowed hard before reaching both hands out. Gripping him firmly yet carefully, her move caused him to let out a deep groan before he threw his head back.

"Ah, f**k... baby!!"

Chapter 207 Going Crazy

Elle had thought of the many different ways that she could do in order to pleasure Sebastian. She had thought of giving him a blowjob, but she was not that confident about it. She was too inexperienced for that. Even with the hand job, she really was not sure if she could even pleasure him enough and properly with her obviously beginner's level skill.

And that was why she had decided to do something else that was not either one of the two.

However, his reaction when her hands wrapped around and gripped him, had her confidence suddenly rearing its head back. There was a heady rush of self-assurance and certainty that gave her that very much needed push to continue on.

She started to stroke him, hesitantly at first but when she felt his length hardening and throbbing even more in her hands, she began to move more confidently. But the entire time, she reminded herself to still maintain her touch to be as tender as possible, avoiding hurting him by chance. Even now that she was gripping him like this, Elle still could not help but get a little stunned by his size.

"F**k, yes, baby... that feels so good..." he groaned out hoarsely. His gaze was hooded as he looked at her ever so seductively. That heavy lidded gaze ended up sending hot and thick waves of desire coursing through her veins. It was potent enough to cause her to experience a strong tingle that ended up moistening her womanly place.

She made sure to watch him ever so closely. Wanting to make sure that she was actually meeting her goal which was... on pleasuring him fully and completely.

His body was now starting to be glistening with sweat. And she leaned in again and kissed his throat while keeping her hands working, twisting and pumping. Twisting in a steady circular motion as she maintained her arms moving up and down. The entire time, she too enjoyed the silky yet hot texture of the skin around his length.

Pulling away, Elle stared at his striking face and then back down to his throbbing sex that was being held in the gentle grasp of her hands. His pre-cum had long since leaked out and had flowed down to coat the palms of her hands. And she had unconsciously licked her lips as she stared.

That slow lick didn't escape Sebastian's notice. His gaze zoomed onto her wet lips and that little tongue... f**k...

The thought that popped in his mind as he stared at her lips had his cock throbbing. Her warm and moist mouth... yes, he could possess her pretty mouth too even without kissing. It was possible this way. F**k, he wanted it. He couldn't believe how he was craving it so badly that he could almost taste it. He wanted to own her mouth too and if he could not do it with his mouth yet, then he would have to do it with his cock. Yes! That is the other way.

"Iza..." he uttered her name somewhat desperately and she met his gaze.

He was about to command her to kneel and suck on him, but he was reminded of her request tonight just in time. Right at the last minute, he remembered that she was the one in charge. Not him. And he had given her his words. Oh f**k...

"Yes? Am I... doing... something wrong?" there was a slight hint of worry in her tone.

Her question surprised him. But he was immediately reminded of one thing. That this little wife of his was a virgin when he first took her. That only meant that she must be inexperienced with these things too. Hence the hesitation on her part.

Another realization then dawned on him as he remembered how she had licked her lips a moment ago. That must be her, thinking of giving him a blowjob but hesitating due to her inexperience and uncertainty. But f**k it, because he did not care in the slightest if she was inexperienced. He would take anything from her that she was willing to give to him. Anything!

"No, baby..." he whispered to her, breathlessly. "You're doing nothing wrong. Nothing wrong at all. I just wanted to tell you not to hesitate. Do whatever you want to me... I have already given you my word, didn't I? So, if you want to suck my cock, don't hesitate and just go ahead and do it, baby girl... I don't care if it's your first time. In fact, I'm actually dying to be the first and only man your pretty little mouth will ever get to fuck."

Her eyes circled slightly, obviously stunned at how he was speaking to her. His words held nothing back. He couldn't hold anything back because he was going crazy for her right now!

She swallowed and her face burned. But then, to his delight, her blue eyes gleamed with fiery confidence.

When she climbed off him, Sebastian could not believe how his heart just rejoiced with so much thrill and anticipation. It was truly unbelievable, every singlr thing that this woman was doing to him!

Licking his lips, Sebastian shifted a little on the couch. He got himself into a more comfortable position in anticipation of what is to come.

Looking up at her, he spread his legs wider for her. Inviting her to go down and have him for herself.

"I'm all yours to take, my bold baby girl." He said, his eyes gleaming so bright.

Slowly, she dropped to her knees. F**k, she was so beautiful, so seductive, so innocently daring, and she was about to... his gaze fixed onto her mouth again, the part of her he had yet to claim for himself... and he felt like he was truly about to go crazy. F**k, he did not know he would be feeling like this. Perhaps because he had once thought he would not be able to ever possess that mouth of hers. Now that he could... have it too... that pretty mouth of hers...

She gripped his throbbing cock again as she positioned herself between his legs, sending Sebastian's heart into a frenzy. There was no more hesitation in her eyes, but she was still overly cautious in her movements.

Eyeing his cock, she then lifted her eyes to meet his gaze again.

When Sebastian showed her how beyond ready he was, she returned her attention to his weeping cock.

Opening her mouth, she slowly descended.


Chapter 208 Dazedly
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Heartbeat going so fast with the thrill of what she was doing, Elle reached forward and placed her hands around him again.

His eyes closed briefly as a slow erotic smile graced his face.

Slowly, Elle moved her hands down up and down his shaft again, looking up at him. He was staring down at her, his gaze fixed onto her moist and luscious lips. She could tell with the way his eyes were blazing that he could not wait for her to do it, to use her mouth to pleasure him.

Gathering her courage, she leaned forward and the moment she licked him across the head of his cock, Sebastian hissed. His jaws clenched and his body was strained where he sat, immobile and holding himself back from just pouncing on her. She licked him again, this time with a slow and tentative lick.

"F**k... baby...!! Your little tongue is... just as I imagined... yes... you're doing good, baby girl... keep going..." his voice was almost pleading and that was all that she needed to fuel her confidence.

She continued with her innocent boldness and when she ran her tongue over the head of his sex, Sebastian growled. The low rumbling sound sent ripples of pleasure coursing within her. It only pushed her to be bolder. His reaction had any uncertainties lingering within her heart quickly disappearing into nothing.

Opening her lips wider, Elle placed her lips around him and sucked oh so softly. In her mind, she marveled at the wonderful contrast of how silky and warm the skin over his shaft was, to the steely hardness of his length just under it. The hesitation that had suddenly appeared was about to get through to her when an almost animalistic growl escaped him.

And thus, she sucked on him again. This time, it was a little harder.

"Oh f**k, Iza..." he moaned, and when she lifted her gaze up at him, she saw him looking so hot. In flames. His gaze was completely fixed on her face, on her mouth that was wrapped around the tip of his shaft. "Yes, baby... take that cock. He's all yours. F**k! Your mouth is... god... keep going baby girl..."

The thrill within Elle blazed. The thought that she could really do this had her feeling aroused and happy at the same time. She could really pleasure him like this! And he was enjoying it so much as well!

Trying harder, Elle took a little more of him, pushing him into her mouth. Earning her a curse and sexy groan that cheered her on and not to stop.

Pulling back, she used her tongue and twirled it over and around his tip, gently applying a suction as she moved her head. That caused his teeth to clench. And she moved down again, her hands placed on his powerful, flexing thighs to support herself. ing inside her before, she was too lost from her own pleasure to watch him like what she was doing right now. Lord... she could not explain what she was feeling right now, but triumph was one of them. 

"F**k, Iza... god..." he finally spoke, still panting. A devastating smile filled with so many overwhelming emotions was gleaming in his eyes as he reached out for her face. He then leaned over and dazedly licked his own cum that was splattered over her lips.


Chapter 209 Prepared
The feel of his tongue licking her lips had Elle completely go almost catatonic. She had not expected him to do this. To lick her lips like this.

Her body froze with the electrifying sensation of his slick fiery tongue lapping away and at the same time, her heart was thundering so loudly within her ribcage as a little fear began to spread out from her chest, fighting the blazing wildfire his actions of licking on her lips had just caused.

She knew why her fear had ignited in her heart so fast like this. That time in the garden, he had barely even brushed his lips against her and it was already enough to trigger him so bad. She could still remember the horror that was clearly reflected in his eyes, the violent trembling of his body and his tortured breaths. She could never forget it. And that was why right now, even though she had been dreaming of this for so long... For him to kiss her... For her to taste his mouth... his lips... she still could not help the fear that this otherwise simple action of kissing, would trigger him.

Everything had been going so perfectly. So good. So dreamy. She did not want this amazing night to end with him trembling in her arms. Please... she wanted this night to end as perfectly as it had started out.

"F**k, Iza..." his uttered between his still heavy breaths. "This mouth of yours... f**k... it was... it is just so... so good..." He kept muttering and singing her praises. And Elle was as much in heaven, just listening to him and enjoying the sensations that were washing over her.

He continued licking her dazedly as Elle remained as still as a statue. She dared not move. Even her breathing was kept as shallow and light as possible.

"Divine... you have no idea... finally, this pretty mouth of yours is mine. Mine. F**king mine!" He growled as his voice vibrated against her lips and he licked her over and over again, as if he just could not get enough. As if he could not stop himself from worshiping her lips like that.

Elle clenched on her fists. Lord... what should she do? She wanted to open her lips so badly and kiss him right back. She was dying to have him devour her mouth with his. Right here, right now. She had been dying for this for so many times that she had lost count of how many times she had dreamt of it.

But he was in a daze right now. Perhaps he had not even realized what he was doing yet. That he was licking her lips. That he was currently doing what was the exact thing that would trigger his deep seated fears and traumas. What will happen if she... oh lord... she did not know what to do. The temptation and fear were fighting so fiercely within her. What if she ended up triggering him if she opened her mouth, or made a move to kiss him? But what if this was her only chance to break through that barrier and finally make it happen? What if this was the moment he just needed to... oh good lord ... just what should she do? Should she just play it safe? Or should she just risk it all?

Holding her breath, she parted her lips slowly and carefully.

Her heartbeats were like the beating of drums in her ears. She had already made a wish for her birthday tonight, but she would make a wish once more right now. And it was for this... for him to not get triggered. For him to finally kiss her. Please... make it happen... ing completely still, as if he too, stopped breathing had her shutting her eyes close in despair. It seemed as though her fears were about to be realized no matter how she hoped and prayed.

Then steadying her heart, she slowly pulled away. Her eyes opened little by little as her lips began to tremble. Expecting to see him start to crumble again before her. Just like what had happened to him the last time.

Prepared for the worst, Elle's eyes were already stinging hot as she looked up at him.

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Chapter 210 Once Again
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Sebastian could do nothing but freeze in his tracks.

He was so lost, so dazed from the utterly mind-blowing new experience his Izabelle had made him feel once again that he did not even realize what he had been doing.

That one earth shattering orgasm she had just performed on him even with her unskilled first-time blowjob had totally wrecked him up and shattered him to bits that he felt he had gone to the forbidden heaven for longer than what was possible. It was f**king inexplicable and he was so f**king happy he had felt like he was still in an oblivion high after. In fact, the word happy was not even enough to begin describing how his feelings were at this moment. He was at a loss for words to explain it.

There was nothing in his heart and mind but pleasure, and bliss. And that was why he began licking away at her lips so happily. Even when he tasted his own cum for the first time, he did not care the least. There was nothing he could care about but her at this moment. All his mind could think of and care about was to show her how she had made him feel. To let her know just how much he loved what she had just done to him... just how much he loved her mouth... just how crazy happy he was to finally claim this one part of her that he had always been dying to possess, to conquer. So, he could finally and literally have all of her.

However, he had not realized that he had been... f**k... was this... real?

He had been licking her lips, with his own... tongue... and he was... nothing had... He was still behaving normally?! Noticing his current condition, his eyes widened.

Completely stunned, Sebastian just could not believe it. Gods... this was... unbelievable... it had happened again. He was doing things that he would usually not do without him realizing. No, she was the one who was making him do things unconsciously again. Like what had happened in the meadow when he had done it face to face for the first time ever. He had not even realized he had done it until she was the one who had pointed it out.

Now this...

He literally had... no words. This woman... this woman of his... f**k... Was she an angel that was sent to him to create private miracles for him alone? She was doing things no one could have ever done to him and for him.

"I'm... sorry... I didn't mean to..." she suddenly whispered, the corners of her eyes going red, causing him to feel like a bucket of ice was being poured all over him, jolting him awake from the trance of oblivion. Why was she about to cry?! Had he unintentionally done something wrong? Or something that had hurt her or caused her to feel uncomfortable?

Sebastian's eyes widened. Not understanding why she was suddenly... wait... f**k...

"No." he frantically cupped her face with both of his hands. "No baby... you didn't do anything wrong. I am fine. Believe me. You might not believe it, but I'm totally fine." he hastily explained, panicking a little at the sight of the thick cloud of despair that was gathering in her eyes. His reaction must have made her think that he had been triggered. "Yes, Iza. Believe it. I'm not triggered." He said that last line like he could not even begin to believe it himself.

Her mouth gaped open as she looked at him a little closer. Her lips trembled a little as she stared at him with wide circled eyes.

"R-really?" her question was soft, hesitant. As though she was still unable to fully determine that his current condition was normal.

"Do you think I'd still be here, smiling like an idiot if I'm triggered?" he could not stop his own smile.

"R-right..." her eyes then searched over him eagerly. "You're not trembling. Not even a little..."

"Yes, baby. I'm not. It really didn't happen. I'm completely fine."

She gasped at that, covering her mouth with her hands. And then tears began to fall from her eyes, suddenly overwhelmed that this miracle was happening right now. And her response only caused Sebastian to pull her into his embrace in one swift move.

"No, Iza. F**k... don't cry." He sounded helpless as though his heart was tearing apart at the sounds of her sobs.

"No... no... I'm... I'm just feeling too happy and relieved right now. That's why the tears... " She whispered, smiling as she cried. "I thought I had ruined it all. I thought I'd made a mistake and caused you to..."

"Shh... baby." He began to kiss her forehead. "Don't cry. You're only allowed to cry when I'm inside you and shattering your entire world to pieces, baby girl. You're only allowed to cry due to the extreme pleasure I gave you, Iza." he then looked helplessly at her watery eyes and nose that had turned a little red from her crying.

"But these are all tears of happiness, Sebastian." She retorted, trying to calm herself down now as she caught his face with her palms this time and pressed her lips on his forehead too. "I'm just so glad. So very glad that you are alright. And that is all that matters to me."

He stilled when he heard her heartfelt words. And when she pulled back, their gazes met.

Reaching out, he gently brushed her tears away with the backs of his fingers. His actions were so careful, as light as a feather. Silence reigned between them. Their heartbeats raced fast and loud as their eyes were still locked on one another.

And then his gaze fell so slowly to her mouth. His fingers drifted over and then lightly touched her lips. It was so feathery light that Elle would not have known he had touched her if she was not looking at him.

She held her breath and he swallowed.

"I believe... it's about time, Iza. For me to claim this mouth of yours fully and completely once again... not with my cock... but with my mouth this time."