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Chapter 331 Word Of Caution

Any person who was a human or any other creature who wasn't another pureblooded vampire or a werewolf was meant to be scared of a pureblooded vampire. In the past, Eve respected Marceline like any other person from high society, as she knew where she stood compared to the other people around her. But she didn't have to hold the same respect or wariness towards the vampiress.

Marceline had humiliated her in front of every person in Meadow, causing Eve mental and physical pain. But it ended there. Knowing the vampiress didn't have fangs anymore nor her family's support in hurting Eve, Eve didn't have to bow her head to this woman. The vampiress was reduced to nothing less than a human, who drank blood from the glass.

"Love is fickle, Eve," Marceline stared back at Eve with a stubborn and arrogant glint in her eyes. "Don't think it will always stay like this just because you think everything is good now. The love my brother has in his heart might burn too bright now, but you should also be aware that the things that burn too bright also exhaust fast."

Marceline knew she couldn't do anything to Eve because her brother was still not married to Marquee's daughter, which was why she would have to wait for proper time. And that time wasn't too long. 

Marceline took another step further inside the study room, her red eyes scanning the room much more carefully. There was no way this woman was taking a nap in here, when she had her own room. Her eyes went back to meet Eve, and she said,

"Vincent and you cannot stay in the same room, alone anymore. It will be reported to the Hooke if you do something out of line. We don't want to make things difficult for you. Tell my brother that too, that I will be keeping a close eye on him and so will this maid."

Eve noticed how Marceline's arrogance had returned twice in amount since they had returned from the Council's quarters. She calmly replied, "You can tell it to him yourself."

Marceline's eyes narrowed. She threatened Eve, "Don't forget that you are still a lowly human and will always stay like that. So don't try to act superior."

Eve offered the vampiress a polite smile and stood up from the couch, making her way to where they stood, near the door and replied, "I wonder what it is, but you seem to be intimidated by me to take my simple response as an act to threaten you." Not forgetting her manners, she offered a slight bow and stepped out of the study room.

The vampiress turned furious with Eve's behaviour and wanted to show Eve her place. She ordered the maid,

"More than keeping an eye on Lady Rosetta, keep an eye on this woman and my brother. Make sure they are never alone in a room. Vincent has to get married to Lady Rosetta and I wouldn't take any other lowly person as my sister-in-law," Marceline glared at Eve's back.

"Of course, milady," Blythe bowed, complying with the order.

Away from the study room, Eve walked in the corridors, not knowing where Vincent had flown away. On her way, she met Lady Annalise, who held a grim look on her face.

"A moment with you, Ms. Barlow," the older vampiress's words surprised Eve, and when she nodded, the woman said, "Follow me."

They walked away from prying ears and eyes, towards a deserted corridor, where there was no sight of a single soul apart from them. Eve asked, "Is there anything I can help you with, Lady Annalise?" mend you for being able to shoulder and accept someone so wild as Vincent."

"Vincent is a good man when you pass through those wild sides of him," Eve carefully replied, not expecting Lady Annalise to even think about it, considering how the Hookes had planned to marry Rosetta into the family.

Lady Annalise softly harrumphed, "There's no need to tone it down. The Moriarty children's turbulence cannot be passed, but you live in it. It is about managing." The older vampiress tipped her chin and stared at Eve, as if trying to read something before she said, "I don't know what Vincent is up to, but steer clear of Marquee and Marchioness Hooke, young lady. They aren't people whom you would like to play or test with. It would be good to sleep with an open eye, you don't want to know what they are capable of."

Eve was already aware of what Marchioness Aurora Hooke could do if someone tried to go against her. She nodded, "I shall take your advice, Lady Annalise."

"You better do, unless you don't like your life or don't want your close ones to live," Lady Annalise warned in a low voice and said, "The higher the society goes, the more pristine it looks and the blood on their hands is unimaginable. There are barely a few of them who are sheep." She muttered under her breath, "Heaven knows why he killed the woman," and she brought her hand to press her temple.

Having watched Vincent grow up in front of her eyes, Lady Annalise had an idea that something bad was brewing behind the curtains. It seemed like she was the only one who cared about their family reputation, while the others were intent on ruining it.

Eve watched Lady Annalise giving her another look before she softly harrumphed and walked away from the corridor.

That was all? Was the lady here to warn her about Hookes?

Did it mean the vampiress had pulled her to the side to give her a word of advice? The woman was confusing with her actions, making it hard for Eve to infer the kind of person Lady Annalise truly was. At the same time, it made Eve feel there was something on the vampiress's mind, but she hadn't delivered it.

After finishing dinner, Eve stood with Rosetta on one of the many balconies of the mansion. But even though they tried to stay away from people, Lady Aurora's informer maid didn't stop tailing them. She stood at the far end of the corridor, keeping an eye on both the young women.

When a chill breeze passed where they stood, Eve pulled the shawl around her shoulders closer and Rosetta mumbled in question, "Have you ever thought about running away, Eve?"

Chapter 332 A Friend In Need...

Hearing Rosetta's words, Eve's eyes slightly widened and she turned to look at her friend, and whispered, "Do you have plans to run from here?"

Rosetta cleared her throat, "I thought it had a novelty of its own. Maybe it won't be bad," and her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She said, "I feel like I am trying to gain affections from a wall that doesn't see or hear me."

Eve wasn't sure if she should feel pity for Rosetta or Eugene. She had noticed the disinterested face on Eugene's face, when he was serving food in the dining room, while Rosetta had 'tried' to look at him subtly. She asked, 

"Did he say anything else apart from rejecting your feelings?"

Rosetta nodded with a tired sigh as if the world was ending. The vampiress pushed her fangs that had appeared with her thumb and replied, "He said he couldn't offer or look after me the way my parents have. Which I am aware of, but my parents are going to have no money soon and we'll both be in the same status, won't we?" She held a thoughtful expression.

It seemed like her friend was missing Eugene's point here, Eve thought. And she asked, "Rosetta, have you carefully considered it?" She asked this not because she had seen Rosetta's spoiled self but because the reality was, Rosetta wasn't built for the life of a servant. She noticed her friend furrowed her eyebrows, and she said, "I don't mean to discourage you. If Eugene agrees, will you be able to sleep on the floor? Clean people's used plates and mop the floor? These are little things. Maybe you can start with something small that will put the point across to him." Eve wanted Rosetta to be sure of her feelings and not to be swept by the whirlwind of romance.

"Point across him?" Rosetta looked up at Eve as if consulting for any suggestion.

Eve nodded, "You can ask him if he needs any help, show him that you are willing to lower your status to a servant."

Rosetta was not like Lady Aurora. She was innocent, sheltered, and though arrogant, she appeared ready to learn.

"I see," Rosetta nodded. She then asked, "What do I do about Blythe? She's going to keep following me everywhere!"

"I will distract her and keep her busy. In the meantime, you can try to speak to Eugene and sway his heart," Eve offered her friend a bright smile, and a twinkle entered Rosetta's eyes. She then placed her hand on the vampiress's arm, "Eugene and I... we are upset with what happened to Lady Aubrey. But that doesn't mean we are angry at you. You never tried to hurt her, it was your mother."

"Thank you for having such a kind heart, Eve. I knew you were the best person as my friend," Rosetta said enthusiastically and muttered under her breath, "It is a mystery how you ended up with such a vile person."

"What?" Eve asked, as she didn't catch Rosetta's words and the vampiress shook her head. She said, "But make sure no one finds out about it. Don't act suspicious. Not in front of that maid nor Marceline."

Rosetta nodded, "I will keep that in mind and make sure not to do that!" Still with the same enthusiasm, she asked, "Shall I meet Eugene now?"

It seemed like Rosetta was too in love, and Eve nodded, "I will try distracting Blythe. I will leave from here first, and have her follow me."

Rosetta turned emotion for the support she was receiving. She quickly put her arms around Eve before hugging her. She said tearfully, "You are a good person, Eve. I cannot tell how much this means, what you are doing. Even my own parents went against my feelings, and the people I thought were my friends, they had nothing but ill words behind my back. And here you are... I hope one day I can be as remarkable as you, Eve."

Eve gently rubbed Rosetta's back, "You are already good the way you are, Rosetta. We all have our positives and negatives, and need a little tuning on how to handle things." Before the vampiress would squeeze her to death in her arms, Eve said, "I should get going so that you have time." And soon the vampiress loosened her hold on her and took a step back.

Rosetta took a deep breath and exhaled, "I am ready."

"Please be careful," Eve had little faith when it came to Rosetta not bringing trouble, but she hoped the vampiress would be more cautious.

Eve stepped away from the balcony and made her way through the quiet and lonely corridor. As she turned to another corridor, she noticed Lady Aurora's maid taking a peek as if wanting to follow her without letting her know.

The maid, Blythe, slowly tiptoed as if she were doing her work. She passed the balcony where Rosetta stood, following Eve until the end of the corridor, wanting to see if the human would leave for her room.

Eve decided to confuse the maid and paused her feet. She looked left and right before starting to walk to Vincent's room. On seeing this, the maid narrowed her eyes and quickly followed, wanting to see if this human was trying to provoke her lady.

Candles burned brightly in the corridors, keeping the mansion bright in the candles' golden light. Eve continued to walk and when she reached the corridor where Vincent's room was located, the maid waited for her to step inside his room, ready to run back to the Wright's mansion to report about this.

But Eve paused her feet in the middle of the corridor again, only to end up walking down the stairs and towards the study room.

Blythe followed Eve, waiting for the right time to catch the human with the pureblooded vampire. While in the meantime, Rosetta took this opportunity to find Eugene so she could woo him.

Chapter 333 Let me help

Music Recommendation: Crisis of my home - (K)NoW_NAME

Eve walked through the corridors while being followed by the nosey maid. It had been fifteen minutes since she had started walking from one corridor to another, pausing now and then to take a peek at the rooms as if she was looking for Vincent when she knew where he was. But the lowly vampire maid wasn't aware, and continued to follow her.

While Eve leisurely walked in the corridors, from the other side appeared Alfie with a tray of kettle and glasses in it.

"Milady," Alfie offered her a bow and asked, "Is there anything you would like to drink before bed?"

"Thank you, but no," Eve replied. "There is something I wanted to ask," she said loud enough for Blythe to hear it.

"Yes, milady," the butler asked attentively.

Eve stepped closer to the butler and whispered, "Have you seen the black cat?"

"I believe he was walking around the kitchen but I don't know where he went after that," Alfie answered in the same low voice and asked, "Would you like me to find it?"

"No, that is alright. I will find the cat myself," Eve's eyes shifted to look at the tray and asked, "Is that for Allie?"

"It is milady."

Eve smiled at him, while the butler offered her a bow and made his way towards the parlour room where the young vampiress was sitting with her mother.

Eve walked in the opposite direction, and when she disappeared at the end of the corridor, Blythe quickly made her way towards the human she was supposed to keep her eyes on. At the same moment, she crossed paths with Alfie. The butler noticed the maid was following Eve.

Blythe wondered if the human had asked where Vincent Moriarty was, as the woman had been looking for him all over the place.

While Eve had successfully diverted the maid from Rosetta, on the other side of the mansion, Rosetta quickly slipped away from the balcony and made her way to where her beloved Eugene was working.

The young and spoiled vampiress took a quick peek inside the kitchen, but she didn't find Eugene there. She wondered if he was perhaps in the servant's quarters. He did need lots of rest after the amount of work he must have done in this mansion. But reaching there, she didn't know which was Eugene's room. On seeing a servant walk in the corridor, who offered her a deep bow, Rosetta demanded,

"Do you know where is Eugene? Ms. Barlow's family person, she is looking for him," and cleared her throat.

The servant replied, "I believe he is in the dining room."

Rosetta turned on her heel but suddenly paused. The servant stood still, wondering if he had made a mistake. It was because the vampiress turned back, sizing him. He grew nervous and then heard the vampiress arrogantly utter,

"Thank you."

Rosetta swiftly turned and started walking towards the dining room. If only Eugene were here to see it, he would see the effort she was putting into having his love for her. And though for the vampiress, it was a big step to thank a lowly servant while she was the Marquee's daughter, it was the basic politeness of a humble person.

Quickly going to the dining room, in excitement, she pushed the door with both hands, and the doors banged against the wall.

Eugene and the two maids in the dining room turned startled at the sudden disruption. Rosetta glared at the two maids, who were a hindrance, and ordered, "My bed needs a new bedspread. Change it. Now."

The maids were of low class and didn't dare to argue or question. They only bowed in compliance and left the dining room. Happiness started to bubble in the vampiress's chest. 

Eugene could sense that the vampiress was scheming something, and he decided to stick to his work of placing the fresh plates on the table.

"You don't have to act as if I am invisible. You know I am here," Rosetta tried to walk stylishly like the other women of the high society that men often fell for, swaying her hips, but that didn't come right.

But to Eugene, it looked like something was wrong with the vampiress's back or legs. He answered, "Are you here to kill me? If someone catches us—"

"I told you, I will not let any harm come to you, Eugene. Before anything happens to you, I will take the arrow for you," Rosetta placed her hand on her chest to emphasise it.

That meant that after she took an arrow, it would be his turn without being spared, Eugene thought to himself. He requested, "Lady Rosetta, you should go back to your room and rest."

"What will I do there, when you are here?" Rosetta continued walking towards him, and she said with a bright smile, "You can drop the title 'Lady'. Just Rosetta will do it from now on."

Eugene moved in the opposite direction, placing the clean silverware and also maintaining distance between each other. He wondered how he got into this sticky situation. He knew that vampires were persistent creatures, but he had hoped this one would quickly lose interest in him. He responded to her, "That would be too bold of me."

"I don't mind you being bold with me," Rosetta offered a sweet smile and mistakenly stepped on the hem of her dress, but on time caught her footing. But as she did it, she placed her hand on the table and pushed the plate that fell on the ground.


Rosetta offered Eugene a sheepish smile and said, "I was thinking of helping you."

"No!" Eugene responded, and Rosetta furrowed her eyebrows.

"How will I show you that I can help and work like you?" Rosetta questioned out loud.

Eugene politely said, "You don't have to show me anything, milady. I am sure you are very capable of doing things," he falsely smiled.

"Then that only means I am eligible to be your wife. How wonderful!" Rosetta's red eyes brightened. "But I still insist on helping you. It will be a practice for our future," and Eugene stared at her.

Chapter 334 Words In The Corridors

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Eve wondered where Timotie was, hopefully, not causing any trouble, she thought to herself. Several minutes had passed, since the maid diligently continued to follow her. While she made her way to her room, she noticed Marceline walking in the opposite direction.

From what Eve knew, Marceline's room was not on this side, but on the other side of the mansion. When they came to cross paths with each other, Marceline remarked,

"Enjoy as much as you want now, because soon you will be back to living in that lowly human town."

"I heard that you are going to get married to one of the elite vampires. You should too," Eve handed Marceline's words back to her with a smile.

Marceline softly huffed, "I don't know where you heard it, but it is old news that doesn't hold anymore."

The vampiress continued to walk but at the end of the corridor, she crashed against one of the maids of the Moriarty mansion, who had walked from the right corridor. The thing that Marceline was holding in her hands fell on the marble floor with a light clatter, and Eve's eyes fell on it.

It was small, white and sharp. Were those fangs? Eve questioned herself.

Marceline's eyes widened on noticing the fangs on the floor and she quickly picked them up in her hands. She then glared at the maid for not watching where she was walking and raised her hand to slap the maid for her audacity. But before she could strike the maid's face, Eve caught hold of the vampiress's hand.

"What do you think you are doing? How dare you even touch me," Marceline demanded from Eve.

"One would think that after being defanged you would have learnt your lesson to show compassion to the people who belong to the lower status. But you seem to not hold a pinch of it," Marceline pulled her hand back and Eve let it go.

"Who are you to tell me how I should treat my servants?" Marceline huffed, turning around to face Eve.

"You are a lowly human, and if it weren't for my brother's interest in you, you would be a servant in this mansion. Which isn't too long."

Eve stared at the vampiress, who surprised her every day since finding out about what she had done to her. She replied, "You could have watched your footsteps then blame the servant who was carrying the quilt in her arms. Don't you think it is a little more than out of line for you wanting to hit her, where you share half the fault."

Marceline rolled her eyes, "Of course, I wouldn't expect for you to understand how things work in the mansion of the high social standing families. Considering how you were brought up in a small house in a poor condition." 

"I don't think it is a matter of status, but a matter of what is right and wrong. Surely, you had your own governess who taught you about it, but it seems like you might be a poor student," Eve calmly replied.

"It seems like you are intent on making me appear bad in front of people, when I am only showing where I stand. I am the daughter of this mansion's owner. These servants and maids work for the Moriarty family and their lives are already given to us," Marceline took an intimidating step towards Eve and warned her, "Do that again, and you will regret it. It will be better if you don't try to cross paths with me. Don't think I have forgotten what you have done until now. I will pay them all back. "

But Marceline's words didn't intimidate Eve, and she responded, "Let us hope you don't do something that will result in more humiliation, Marceline. It is pitiful when it happens."

"Watch your words, you filthy human," Marceline glared at Eve, "I might not be able to harm you, but that doesn't mean I will go easy on the people whom you care so much about. At the end of the day, I am still a Moriarty and though Vincent hates it, he cannot kill me. Blood is thicker than anything," the vampiress walked away from there.

The maid whom Marceline crashed against looked too scared. And though Eve had helped, the maid only apologised before hurrying away and out of sight.

Eve stared at Marceline's retreating figure. Blythe stared at her and she stared back. She wondered what Marceline was doing, carrying her broken fangs and walking around the place. Was she looking for a way to attach her fangs back to her mouth?

Earlier when the fangs fell on the floor, the vampiress looked flustered, as if she was embarrassed for anyone to know about what had been done to her. Yet, at the same time, Eve noticed that Marceline learned no humility or feel regret over her actions.

Eve stepped inside her room, closing it and heard purring.

"What are you doing here, Timotei?" Eve questioned the cat, who had stretched himself on the bed and was rolling on it.

"I was keeping an eye. Saw the scheming vampiress walk in front of the door and wondered if she was here to check something," Timotei yawned before adding, "I am such a useful person. The world would be in utter disaster if I didn't come to help."

"Did she step inside the room?" Eve asked him, her eyebrows furrowing in question.

"As if she could, when I am here. It seems like she stepped into the next room," Timotei continued to purr and said, "It feels like back in the day when I had a room of my own. Such great pleasure," his bushy tail moved back and forth.

Next room, Eve thought, and she murmured, "That's Allie's room."

"Mm," Timotei purred and said, "It seems like all Moritarty members are odd, aren't they. The little girl wanted to pet and put me on her lap, which I did not mind until she called me a pet," he paused and raised his paw, "I am not a pet!"

Eve ignored Timotei and after a moment, realised, "Fangs. Those were Allie's old fangs." But what was Marceline doing with them? There was definitely suspicious behaviour out in the corridor.

Chapter 335 Turn Me Back To A Vampire!

Music Recommendation: Crisis of my home - (K)NoW_NAMe


Timotei got up from the bed and jumped on the floor. Coming to stand in front of Eve, he said, "I have been wanting to tell this to you since morning, but you have been so busy. I need a room of my own so that no one disturbs my peaceful time with myself."

"I do not own this mansion, Timotei, but I am sure you can sneak into one of the unused guest rooms and use what you want," Eve stated in a matter-of-fact tone, this was something the cat would do.

Timotei huffed, "You underestimate me, lady. Do you think Timotei didn't try to do it already?" He placed his soft paw on his chest. "They have locked every damn room, and I was unsuccessful sneaking in any of them. I need to take a good bath, and you know how important privacy is."

Eve didn't want to imagine what would happen if someone in the mansion caught Timotei taking a bath, whilst he sang some song and floated in the water tub if someone entered the room. She said, "You can use my room tomorrow morning. When I leave to attend work."

"Hm, to have to wait for a few more hours, I can try that. I would also like to have some clothes stitched to wear for myself," Timotei offered her his smile and his sharp fangs appeared in her sight.

Timotei remembered the first time when he found that he had turned into a cat. It had been a true trauma for him to stand naked without any clothes on his body that he couldn't share his woes with anyone. Though, over time, he had finally accepted his plight and the way his life had turned into, he still preferred to have some clothes for him to wear.

"But before that, when are you turning me back to my vampire self?" Timotei asked Eve in a patient voice, while his tail appeared impatient.

"I told you that I don't know how to turn you back," Eve replied, while she pulled out a few hair pins and let her hair down.

"Don't give up hope, Eve! You aren't trying enough. Close your eyes and tap into that sea creature magic and wave your hand. Go on," Timotei eagerly waited for Eve to follow his instructions.

Eve sighed, noticing how Timotei looked at her with hope, and she closed her eyes. And when she closed her eyes, she recollected what took place outside the room and in the corridor. Marceline's face appeared in front of her, and then the fangs. She opened her eyes and asked the cat, "Why would one carry their broken fangs around... looking for a solution."

"That wasn't what I was waiting for. Maybe they are looking for answers? How about we close our eyes and try again here, Eve," Timotei took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

But Eve couldn't get the uneasiness feeling off her chest. What if those weren't Marceline's fangs but Allie's old fangs?

"Something isn't right," Eve could sense it.

"We focus on one problem, which is mine. I have been stuck in this body for who knows for how long, and some people even shoo me because I am a 'black' cat as if I will bring them bad luck. You know what I did? Broke their things, bit them, and crossed their paths multiple times. Do you see how terrible my life is?" Timotei reasoned with her and continued to yap, "Maybe we need to do something for you to ascend with your abilities. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of life threatening situati--"

"I need to go find Vincent. You keep an eye on Marceline and don't let her out of your sight," Eve quickly stepped out of the room, leaving Timotei who sighed.

When Eve reached Vincent's room, he wasn't there, and she went to the ground floor and found Alfie there. She asked him, "Where is Vincent?"

"Master Vincent just went out with the Head Council, who came to visit him," the butler replied, and Eve turned slightly worried. "Is everything alright, Ms. Barlow?"

Eve wasn't sure if it was alright and asked, "Alfie, the day Marceline lost her fangs. What happened to them? Where are they?"

"Master Vincent has them, milady. I believe it is in his room. Lady Marceline took off from the room after it happened without taking them with her," Alfie answered.

"Do you know where exactly it is in Vincent's room?"

Alfie shook his head, "Unfortunately, I don't, milady. But I remember him placing the fangs in a small velvety blue box. It was of this size," he used his thumb and index finger to show the size.

That sounded just about right on what Vincent would do. Treasure his sister's fangs that he defanged.

"Thank you," Eve offered a slight bow and she left for Vincent's room.

On reaching the room, she closed the door and looked for the velvety box. Not finding it on the desk, she looked everywhere else through the cupboards and drawers while apologising to Vincent, who wasn't there and for intruding his room.

When she didn't find the box, Eve didn't know where else to look for it, and she rubbed her forehead. Where could he have kept it? Where would Vincent Moriarty keep it? Unless Marceline had taken it and that's what she had earlier seen.

Maybe she should wait for Vincent to return, and hopefully, Marceline wouldn't try anything at that time. Eve was only about to leave when her eyes finally fell on the box sitting on the corner of the table next to a stuffed bear. But on opening the box, it was empty.

"Not here," Eve muttered in disappointment.

Before leaving his room, her eyes fell on the bear, and she wondered if it held any sentimental value, that Vincent kept it around because it looked old.

Picking up the bear, she murmured, "Of course." Vincent had stuck the fangs into the bear's mouth.