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Chapter 326 Time To Make Move

On their way back to Skellington, Eduard Moriarty and Marceline rode in one carriage, while Eve and Vincent rode in another. Eve sat with her arms crossed, and Vincent watched her from the corner of his eyes. 

"Did my response shock you?" Vincent asked her, the corner of his eyes crinkling in amusement.

Eve turned away from the window and stared right into his red eyes. She stated, "I thought nothing could shock me more than you burning an entire town. But you exceed my imagination."

"I like to always try," Vincent smiled, showing off his fangs to her.

"What is a blood marker? The registry, what happens if you break it?" Eve asked him, as she had never heard about it before.

"It is a promise you cannot go back to once you have made it. You know how we creatures of high society sneak around to get away from things we say we will do or comply with. It is a more fixed way of saying we mean to hold our end of the deal," Vincent explained to her. Noticing her shoulder slump, he said, "Worried?"

Eve shook her head and replied, "Not much."

It was because she knew Vincent didn't want to marry Rosetta. But then he said,

"You know, in the olden days, it was acceptable for a vampire to have more than one wife. One of them even had five or seven wives. King Gauntlet was it?" Vincent said it jokingly, and the peaceful look on Eve's face turned into a scowl. "Rosetta might be the first wife, but you will be the second and my dearest wife. Close to my heart, air to my lungs."

"You know I don't find it to be funny," Eve pointed to him, where she wasn't in the mood but glad at the same time that, for now, Lady Camille's death was brushed back under the carpet.

"Why would it be funny when I was merely stating the possibility of our future?" Vincent asked in seriousness before his lips cracked a smile. "Everything is going according to the plan."

"You ending up in the dungeon?" Eve asked him, and Vincent leaned towards her and gently kissed the tip of her nose.

"That was actually a desire of mine. Sadly it was a short one," Vincent replied to it nonchalantly.

He picked up her hand resting on her lap, intertwining his fingers with hers and said, "I have everything under control. This is something that we needed to close for once and for all, and the Hookes chose to attack, and we will lure them so that they don't bring the subject up again. No more Lady Camille's murder to haunt and worry your mind."

"I know," Eve whispered, she trusted and believed him. She doubted there was anything that Vincent couldn't do. When he was next to her, all the worries evaporated from her mind, and she asked him, "Does nothing worry you at all? On what if something goes wrong?"

One corner of Vincent's lips pulled up, "Fear and worry is something that makes a person grow old quickly. It is when the person makes more mistakes. And it isn't like you killed the woman on a whim. We had to bury her because the situation demanded and I am not letting you drown. Even if you would have killed the woman on a whim."

"That's very supportive of you," Eve couldn't help but smile and shook her head.

"You have found a good, supportive husband. All you have to do is stay next to me, under my shelter and I will take care of the rest," Vincent said as they stared at each other. "Moreover, your dear friend doesn't want to get married to me either. What I don't get is why she hasn't taken a step yet, or if she has."

The vampiress was love-struck with Eve's butler, and with her parents' insistence to have her in the Moriarty mansion, Vincent only found it an opportune time to get things running.

Eve let her body lean against Vincent's before resting her head against his shoulder. They didn't seem to have a good break in their lives and could only steal these little moments for themselves.

Her eyes fell on their interlocked fingers, noticing how Vincent's fingers were lean and long, his nails longer than most people she had come across. When she felt him press his lips against the top of her head, a small smile bloomed on her lips.

"Is there anything I can do or need to do during this period of time?" Eve asked him, playing with his fingers. 

"Just be the way you are and feed me your blood," Vincent said in a cheeky tone. Eve gently nodded before the smile on her lips widened. She had been worried when she had left the mansion, but now that they were together, everything seemed alright. "The next few days, the Hookes will push Rosetta next to me when we are in public. Will you be alright by yourself?"

"I will be fine. I am learning to be myself more," Eve softly replied.

Vincent squeezed her fingers between his, "That's good to hear."

When the Hookes returned to Camille Wright's mansion, Lady Aurora appeared to be in more than a good mood. She demanded, "Where is Rosetta?" It was time to start the chess game so her daughter could grab the title of Vincent Moriarty's wife.

The butler took hold of the woman's furry coat and answered, "Lady Rosetta is in her room, milady. Lady Rosetta hasn't come out for lunch or snacks since early noon."

Lady Aurora rolled her eyes, wondering what had upset her precious daughter. She reached the front of the room and knocked on the door. When she received no response, the woman tried to open the door, but the door was locked from the inside.

"Rosetta? Rosetta, why is the door locked?" The older vampiress asked loudly.

Rosetta hadn't finished crying, where she had wet one side of her pillow and was on the mission of wetting the other side.

"I know you are in there, Rosetta. Open the door," Lady Aurora turned slightly impatient as she stood in front of the closed door.

"I want to be left alone," Rosetta responded, where the rim of her eyes had turned slightly swollen.

"I have good news for you and the entire family. Open the door and I will tell you," Lady Aurora lost her patience and she shook the door knob. "Are you going to open the door or should I have it opened now?" She heard the little rustle from the other side of the room and muttered, "What are you doing locking the door."

Finally, the door opened, and Lady Aurora stepped inside the room without noticing her daughter's face, which had turned flush.

Lady Aurora held her hands, and when she noticed Rosetta's face, she asked, "What happened to your face?" Rosetta shook her head as she was unable to form a proper answer. The older vampiress continued, "Anyways, your father and I were able to talk Vincent Moriarty into marrying you."

Rosetta stared at her mother, trying to wrap her mother's words around her head, "W--what? What about Eve and him marrying?"

Lady Aurora smiled wide before replying, "That has been called off. Now that we have paved the path, make sure not to mess things up this time."

Chapter 327 Mother’s Strict Instructions

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Rosetta now stood in front of the entrance of the Moriarty mansion with her two trunks on the ground next to her. Next to her stood her mother, who held a pleased expression with how she had cornered Vincent Moriarty. There was no way for him to get out of it.

"Don't forget what I have told you, Rosetta," Lady Aurora warned her daughter, "All you have to do is stay in the mansion and wait for the days to pass until your marriage to Vincent. After that, we'll join you."

"What is wrong with our mansion up in the North?" Rosetta questioned before she started, "Mother, I don't want to marry Vincent—"

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It." Lady Aurora turned to look at Rosetta and glared at her. "If you don't want me or your father to be angry with you, listen to what we are saying. Vincent is handsome, wealthy, a pureblooded vampire who will push your name to the top position in high society. If you so much as mention a word of refusal, don't think I will spare your dear friend."

Rosetta softly gulped and clenched her hand, "You hurt her aunt…"

Lady Aurora smiled, "It isn't something you haven't seen us do before. You have done it too. Throwing things at the servants, or breaking glasses, where the servants would step on the glass pieces. There's no need to behave like an angel. I will accept you the way you are, but others won't. Not to forget, they killed your aunt."

"Then why are you and father getting me married into this family? Don't you two love me anymore?" Rosetta sadly asked in desperation.

"It is because we love you, which is why we have taken such great measures so that you can have a great future and so shall we. Do you think you will be able to find a better man than Vincent by yourself to settle with? Don't be upset now," Lady Aurora said when she noticed the Moriarty's butler appear at the entrance.

Alfie offered a bow to the two women, "Welcome to the Moriarty mansion, Lady Aurora and Lady Rosetta. Let me ask the servant to carry the trunks and have them placed in the room assigned to Lady Rosetta."

"You will need to make the arrangement to accommodate Rosetta's personal maid," Lady Aurora stated in a proud tone. Right on time, a maid entered the gates and walked towards them. The maid served the Marchioness and was here to keep an eye on her mistress's order. Not on Rosetta, but on the human governess so that Rosetta's future husband wouldn't be trying to spend his time with the human.

"Pardon me, but we have enough maids and Master Vincent will appoint the best one for Lady Rosett—"

"I don't remember asking for your suggestion here," Lady Aurora spoke sharply to Alfie, who offered her another bow. She turned to her daughter and said, "Blythe will take good care of you and help you with anything you need."

For a moment, Rosetta thought of running away from here. Though she was old enough to look after herself, she was scared of what her mother could do. She knew her mother was ruthless and was leaving her hawk maid with her. She nervously smiled and said,

"You might need her, mother. It would be very selfish of me to keep her with me."

Lady Aurora stepped towards her daughter and kissed her head before whispering, "She will report to me about everything that happens with you and related to you. Don't disappoint me."

Rosetta gulped, while feeling the subtle warning her mother passed for her in those words. She pleaded in a whisper, "Mother, please. Reconsider it!"

"You won't understand it now, but one day in the future, you will appreciate our decision. I am after all older and wiser than you, unless my daughter thinks otherwise," Lady Aurora stepped away from Rosetta.

Alfie heard only half of the conversations, but behaved as if he wasn't paying attention. Once Lady Aurora turned to look at him, he asked permission, "Allow me to call the servant." He looked around before calling, "Eugene."

On hearing Eugene's name, Rosetta turned in the direction where the butler was looking, and her eyes fell on the man who had rejected her this morning. He was on one side of the garden, pouring water on the plants.

Eugene wiped his hands against his pants and went to where they stood. Alfie ordered, "Take Lady Rosetta's trunks inside and have them placed in her room." 

"Isn't this man the lowly human's servant?" Lady Aurora noted with a hum as her eyes zeroed on Eugene. Rosetta couldn't stop staring at Eugene. It felt like it was only a minute ago she had confessed to him, and her heart still hurt. When Eugene picked up her trunks, she heard her mother comment, "This is how a low life lives. Obeying others commands to make money and scrubbing the floor for days or months before they can earn a single coin. I don't think you are ready to lead such a life, are you, Rose?"

Alfie turned confused wondering what Lady Aurora's words meant, while on the other hand, Eugene, who heard the remark, came to believe that Rosetta had told her mother about her feelings for him. He only hoped the Marchioness wouldn't take severe action against him.

"That isn't too bad though, is it, mother? It is an honest way of earning a livelihood," Rosetta retorted without holding back her tongue. This resulted in her receiving a glare from her mother.

"True. This is the reason why I have taken away all the money and precious jewels that have been in your procession. I am sure the Moriartys will look after you, and if you need anything, your father and I are only a few minutes away," Lady Aurora kissed Rosetta's cheek and said, "I will come back to meet you later. Take care until then."

Lady Aurora left in the carriage, while Rosetta stood in front of the mansion. She noticed her mother's maid smiling at her. Rosetta did not like this maid.

"Let me lead you to your room, Lady Rosetta," Alfie politely said, and once he started to walk, Eugene followed behind him, and then Rosetta and her mother's maid. The maid carried a trunk of her own, and when they reached the stairs, Rosetta paused and haughtily demanded,

"You don't plan to sleep in my room, do you now?" She turned to the butler and said, "Why don't you show her to the servants quarters, while this man can take me to my room."

Alfie offered, "In that case, let me take the trun—"

"Now. I am not in the mood to say everything," Rosetta tipped her chin with a small glare, and it was apparent that she wasn't in a good mood.

Seeing how the young lady didn't listen, Alfie said to Eugene, "The room is in the East wing and fourth room." Eugene only nodded, and he started to climb the stairs to be followed by the young vampiress.

Chapter 328 Persuasion In The Corridors


Music Recommendation: RV 155: II. Allegro- Antonio Vivaldi

With her mother's maid away from her, Rosetta could finally speak to Eugene without having to worry about the maid reporting about their interaction to her mother. They finished walking on the stairs and had stepped on the second corridor. She tried to walk next to him, but the man didn't even try to look at her or make an attempt to talk to her.

Rosetta's arrogant heart softened everytime she looked at Eugene, and she wondered why her love was so hard. She tried speaking to Eugene,

"I, uh. I don't want to marry Vincent Moriarty. It is my parents who are forcing me to marry him and I have nothing to do with it."

Eugene turned to look at Rosetta, "It is good to hear it." His words brought a smile to Rosetta's lips. At least he understood her. But then he continued, "It would be the worst if you agreed to marry the man because of other reasons."

He had heard about the situation from Miss Eve and wasn't pleased with how things had turned. But he trusted Mr. Moriarty to fix the situation. He knew both Miss Eve and Vincent shared a deep bond, which was the only assurance he had for now.

Rosetta nodded in agreement and said, "I would never do that to Eve. She is my only friend and who cares about me, I would never betray her. I know she and Vincent like each other."

"Thank you for holding your friendship with her, Lady Rosetta," Eugene paused for a second to offer her a quick bow, but Rosetta wasn't happy with the wall between her and him. He avoided looking her in the eye, as if it was beneath him, but in truth, he didn't want to get her hopes up.

"I want to marry you, Eugene," Rosetta once again declared her thoughts to Eugene. The man turned startled and quickly looked around to make sure no one had heard her. He quickly said in a hushed voice,

"You cannot go saying that, Lady Rosetta. Lest you want all of us to get into trouble. Haven't I told you not to pull me or Eve into any more trouble? Please," Eugene pressed on the 'please', hoping she would comply. But Rosetta, who had been crying back in her aunt's mansion, had bounced back to her usual self after seeing him.

"I don't want to cause any problems. All I want is for you to look at me as your potential wife. I love you," Rosetta paused her feet.

Eugene turned worried, and before someone could catch what they were talking about, he requested, "How about we go and talk about this elsewhere?" When Rosetta didn't move from her place, he let out a frustrated sigh. How did she even fall in love with him? Surely this woman was allergic to people who belonged below her status, and her confession puzzled him.

"Not until you agree to what I said," Rosetta knew this wasn't how to approach a man's heart, but she didn't have enough time with her parents planning her wedding with Vincent.

Eugene said in a low voice, "Did you not hear what your mother said at the entrance of the mansion? If you marry me, I cannot offer you anything. I don't have a house of my own, nor do I have the money to look after you the way your parents have."

"I just need a little space in your heart, I will live there," Rosetta said with her eyelids gently batting, and she looked at him with a hopeful expression. "I am willing to live the way you do. The only thing I want is your love. I will adjust with the rest. I promise to do my best!"

"Lady Rosetta," Eugene gently dropped the trunks on the ground. "You seem to be not li—"

"Rosetta. Rose will do too," Rosetta interrupted him. Her voice got slightly louder in excitement, and she said, "I am sure with your guidance, I will learn to cook, clean and everything else. I have enough clothes to last for a year and by maybe an year I will learn to knit and we can—"

Eugene quickly covered Rosetta's mouth to stop her voice from getting any louder with her thoughts of their future. The young vampiress suddenly stopped thinking and trying to speak, while she stared into Eugene's black eyes. His hand was pressed on her mouth, and the thought of him touching her entered her mind. She furiously blushed.

Rosetta's heart skipped a beat, as she stared into Eugene's eyes. She saw him part his lips, but before he could say something, they heard a gasp from the other corner. Both she and Eugene turned, noticing it was Eve.

"Uh… Is everything alright?"

On finding out about Rosetta's arrival, Eve came looking for her friend. Eugene quickly let go of Rosetta, while the vampiress was ready to melt into a puddle.

Eugene didn't know how to explain. He murmured in haste, "I will keep these trunks in the room," and he grabbed the trunks and left the place.

Eve noticed something to be going on between Eugene and Rosetta. Unsure if Rosetta had perhaps shown her sharp fangs that had led Eugene to cover the vampiress's mouth in fear. She walked to where her friend stood.

"Are you alright, Rose?"

Rosetta shook her head. Like a child, her eyes started to brim with tears, and she said, "Help me, Eve."

Eve frowned before she quickly nodded, "Of course. I will do my best." But before she could hear what it was about, the young vampiress grabbed her and hugged her tightly. "Easy on the hug," she patted Rosetta's back. Soon she felt her shoulder turning wet and could only guess the vampiress was crying. "Rosetta?"

"I am so sorry, Eve," Rosetta softly sobbed, "I… I am in love. I—I didn't know about things before. I am sorry. I don't know what to do."

Rosetta's words being unclear and Eve, unknown of what the vampiress was apologising for, questioned if perhaps Rosetta had agreed to marry Vincent because she was in love with him. If so, the situation had only turned complicated and Eve didn't know what to do.

"You don't have to apologise for it," Eve whispered with a frown, "Somethings are out of our control."

"But he doesn't love me," Rosetta sobbed. That was because Vincent liked her, Eve thought in her mind and she rubbed her friend's back, and when the vampiress pulled away from their hug, she noticed tears streaking down the pale cheeks of her friend. "Will you help me gain his attention? So that he starts to think of me?"

Eve turned speechless because she knew Rosetta was a spoiled vampiress, but she hadn't expected for the girl to be in love with Vincent.

Same time, Eugene stepped back into the corridor after placing Rosetta's trunks in her room. He walked past the two young women, and Rosetta looked at Eugene, "He doesn't even look at me."

Eve got confused and asked, "Eugene?"

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Rosetta nodded, "Am I not his type?"

Eve's eyes widened, "You love Eugene?"

"Obviously," Rosetta answered in a proud tone.

Eve remembered the letter Rosetta had written to her, which Lady Camille had brought along with her. There was a mention of Rosetta asking for her approval, something Eve had forgotten. But who would have guessed that it was something to do with Eugene?

On one side, Eve felt relief wash over her mind, knowing Rosetta wasn't in love with Vincent. But simultaneously, she realised the trouble that her friend would bring her and Eugene.

Rosetta then quickly said, "Don't tell anyone though! Only the three of you know about it."

"I don't think it would be good for anyone to know," Eve pursed her lips and then asked in doubt, "Three?"

"Yes. You, Vincent and Eugene are the only people who know about it," Rosetta confessed, and it finally dawned on Eve. "I don't know how he found out, but he just did. I didn't mean to hide it from you!"

They heard footsteps coming from one side of the corridor, and soon Alfie appeared in sight. Reaching near them, Alfie informed, "Ms. Barlow, Master Vincent wants to meet you in his study room along with Lady Rosetta."

Chapter 329 Ingredients Inside The Cooking Pot


Upon reaching Vincent's study room, Alfie knocked on the door and informed, "Master Vincent, Ms. Barlow and Lady Rosetta have arrived with me."

"Step inside," Vincent ordered. The butler pushed the study room's door and stepped to the side to give way for the two young women to step inside. Once they entered the room, they noticed the pureblooded vampire leaning his back against the front of his desk. He instructed the butler, "Close the door while you leave," and the butler bowed and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Rosetta suddenly turned guarded and gulped when Vincent's shrewd eyes fell on her. Eve, who noticed it, asked,

"Is there something you wanted to tell us?"

Vincent's eyes softened when they fell on Eve, and he offered her a smile,

"I was missing you and needed to speak to this one," he jerked his head towards Rosetta. He then remarked to the vampiress, "It seems like you are too keen on marrying me, Lady Rosetta. It seems like you don't like your life as much as I thought you would. How would you like me to end it?" He pushed himself away from the desk.

Rosetta stuttered, "I—I do not want to marry you! It is my parents who forced me to come to stay in the mansion!" She didn't know how her friend could be fascinated with this silver-haired vampire, who was crazier than he looked. "Why did you even agree to marry me?!" She questioned him back. 

"It is all thanks to you. Your parents framed me for your aunt's death and threatened that if I don't comply, my family and Eve's family will suffer," Vincent glared at Rosetta as if he wanted to kill her for the mistakes she had made and the trouble it had caused them. "Had you not written the letter to Eve which your family found, we wouldn't be in this situation."

Nervously, Rosetta tried to remember which letter he was talking about and then remembered. She wanted to be eloquent in her words, but the first few tries, she had trouble phrasing her words. This had led to one of the initial, barely written crumpled parchment to get stuck behind the dressing table.

"But it is fine. It isn't something that you cannot fix," Vincent remarked and his words caught both the women's attention.

"Why me?" Rosetta asked him with her eyebrows knitting together.

"You were the one who started it, so I am hoping you will be the one to end it. Refuse the marriage with me or run away from here now, and we can report you to be missing," Vincent deadpanned, as he didn't have any interest in marrying the vampiress. The only woman who had in his heart was Eve and he wasn't planning to give even an inch of space to another person.

Rosetta turned worried, and she asked him, "How long should I go missing?"

"As long as we are alive." Rosetta blinked before she scowled. She couldn't do that! And even Eve was aware of it. "I would have killed you if you didn't like your life, but the deal in the parchment says that if something bad happens to you, I will be the one to hold responsible for it."

Rosetta held a look of shock on her face. She knew it! This man just wanted to kill her!

"You cannot kill Rosetta," Eve stepped into their conversation and asked Vincent, "Is there no other way for it?"

"There's one last option," Vincent hummed and turned to look at Rosetta, "Marry someone else and the deal will turn void. There's nothing anyone can do after it."

Rosetta's eyes sparkled and excitedly said, "I already found my groom!" She was ready to get married right this instant, but the next second the sparkle in her eyes disappeared. She let him know, "There's a problem… Eugene doesn't want me as his wife."

Vincent walked to where Rosetta stood and raised his hand for the vampiress only to end up closing her eyes. But he only patted her back, "If you truly love him, then it's time to move mountains so that he notices you." He then turned to look at Eve and asked, "Does he hate vampires?"

Eve, who was still digesting the news she had heard Rosetta being in love with Eugene, replied, "Not that I am aware of. He's never shown discrimination between any kind."

"If Eugene doesn't like you back, I have a few potential men whom you may be interested in," Vincent offered. He knew the only way to nullify the deal was for this vampiress to marry someone who wasn't him. e to," Vincent offered the vampiress a saint-like smile, but that sent shivers down her body.

Rosetta was stuck between her mother and Vincent.

But then she thought. She could indeed use this time with their help to gain Eugene's affections. She nodded to Vincent.

"Okay. Eugene and I will marry!"

For a person who was crying over rejection just a minute ago, her friend had bounced back and was too optimistic, Eve thought in her mind and smiled. She hoped things would end well and not in a disaster.

Rosetta excused herself from the study room and left the place, while leaving Eve behind with Vincent. Eve looked outside the window at the sky which had somewhat turned orange and pink as the evening was soon turning to night.

"Still worried?" Vincent inquired with Eve, who was staring out the window.

Eve's blue eyes quickly shifted to meet his dark red eyes. She shook her head and smiled, "No."

Chapter 330 Quick One


"You sure?" Vincent picked up her hand that was resting on her side, and he tugged it as he led her towards the couch that was placed in front of the fireplace. The logs of wood brightly burned in the fireplace, keeping the room warm.

Vincent knew that despite the hardships Eve had faced, she was mentally strong to stand her ground, and if she hadn't learned it before, she was now. It wasn't that he overestimated her, but the thought that she trusted him and he did the same, it had intertwined the understanding between them.

But Vincent didn't want to take advantage of that and cause pain in her and he wanted to know what she thought through her words. It was the smile on her lips that replied to all his questions. He took a seat on the couch while pulling her onto his lap.

"Did you forget that we aren't meant to spend alone time together?" Eve asked him when she sat on his lap with her knees resting on either side of the couch's surface.

"The deal speaks of things that I have no plan to follow. Walking between said lines is something that I am not very good at, you should know that," Vincent pressed the tip of her index finger. On hearing her heart hitch, a wicked smile spread on his lips, "Does it excite you? Knowing we might be caught and to be sneaking around?"

Eve wanted to listen to the door just in case Marceline or the maid Rosetta had mentioned about before they had entered the study room would appear at the door. But it was hard to do that with her rising heartbeat.

"What about you?" Eve asked him, and Vincent stared deep into her ocean-blue eyes.

"Anything to do with you excites me, darling. That goes without a doubt," Vincent hummed, and he caught her other hand.

Eve felt a soft current run up from her fingers as she felt Vincent's fingers play with her fingers before he brought them to the front. He asked her, "Where were we? Yes, Rosetta and Eugene. Has the man ever had his heart broken before?"

"No," Eve answered, and she said, "Eugene has always focused on taking care of Lady Aubrey and me that I don't think he ever thought about anyone. He isn't someone who will chase wealth."

"That goes without saying, considering he raised you with your aunt," Vincent held a thoughtful look on his face. "Looks like your dear friend will need to work hard to win the man's heart. Now that we know the Hook's lack money, and are desperate, it will be satisfying watching the result of how things turn out to be."

Eve stared at their hands, which were intertwined. Soon Vincent untangled his fingers with hers, making her wonder if she should get up. After all, they had to be careful about who would burst through the unlocked door.

"Where do you think you are escaping to, my little girl?" Vincent asked her, placing one of his hands on her lower back. He placed his other hand on one side of her waist.

When their faces got closer, Eve's lips parted and their noses rubbed against each other. Eve whispered to him, "Vince."

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"Lady Anaya wrote to me about wanting to check the piece of the wedding fabric she has made and wants to confirm with me. That she will be visiting here in two days," Eve let him know, while feeling his fingers tracing on her back. "Shall I tell her not to make the gown for the time being?" She asked him.

With their marriage on hold, as Rosetta's parents wanted Vincent to marry their daughter, Eve didn't want Marceline and Lady Aurora's maid to know about it. Vincent pulled away his hand on her waist and caressed her face, "There's no need to change the plans, just because they think we won't marry."

"But soon word will be out about you marrying Rosetta. Won't it cause doubt?" Eve inquired with her eyebrows furrowed.

"There's no rule that a man or a woman cannot get their wedding clothes stitched. And I doubt apart from the Sullivans, the woman helping with your gown and us, anyone else knows where you are getting your wedding gown made," Vincent hummed, and the next second, he quickly turned his body to the side and pushed Eve's back against the couch's long surface. He asked her, "Will you be able to handle the next few days?"

"I will do my best," Eve answered. Vincent leaned his upper body towards her, and remarked, "I am sure you will."

Eve stared back at him, and her breath quickened because of the quick movement. Her hand reached near his face and brushed her fingers against his silver hair. She was aware that Vincent liked to lead his life dangerously, even after he had stepped inside the dungeon cell today and was having Lady Aurora's eyes in the mansion.

Vincent brushed her lips with his thumb, "Don't be nervous about the future. Close your eyes." Seeing his face get closer to hers, she closed her eyes and felt his lips press against hers.

And like many other times, Eve felt him steal her breath. She felt him capture her lips with his, and she tried to do the same, indulging in the sweet feeling that he offered her. Though the pureblooded vampire brought chaos in others lives, he brought peace to her. Their moment was short, as she heard the doorknob to the study room turn and felt Vincent's weight disappear.

When Eve's eyes snapped open, she noticed Vincent had disappeared. She quickly sat up and noticed Marceline standing at the door, and Lady Aurora's maid stood behind the vampiress.

"What are you doing?" Marceline questioned her, and her eyes swept across the room, not to find her brother there. 

"Resting," Eve answered and asked, "Do you need something?"

Marceline took another look before replying, "Nothing you can help with. Now that you aren't going to marry my brother, you should watch your back," she warned Eve.

But before Marceline left the front of the room, Eve responded, "So should you," and her words had the vampiress grit her teeth.