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Chapter 336 Distraction In The Corridor

Surely Vincent didn't keep any person's fangs after breaking them, and considering the velvety box was right next to the stuffed bear, it only meant that these bear's fangs belonged to Marceline. Eve pulled out the fangs from the bear's mouth, slipped them in her dress pocket, and made her way towards Marceline's room.

Right on time, Timotei stood outside Marceline's room, his bushy black tail moving back and forth while he watched the door.

On noticing Eve at the end of the corridor, Timotei left the door and made his way towards her. Making sure no one was around, she asked him, "Is Marceline in her room?"

Timotei nodded, "She hasn't left the room since she entered. How long am I supposed to sit there again? I have a busy night ahead of me." 

"She has her younger sister's fangs. She's either trying to harm Allie, or trying to trace it back to me in some way," Eve explained to Timotei in a hushed tone. The young vampiress wasn't in the mansion until late noon and had left home quite early. Returning home, she had looked for Allie's fangs, and this only meant one thing. "She's probably using some help from someone to find answers. There is something I need you to do, Timotei."

The black cat didn't look impressed with Eve's words and responded, "If you are going to make me work, I think I should start getting paid. I would like to have one gold coin every ten minutes."

Eve gave the cat a pointed look. Somewhere it gave her a feeling that both Timotei and Rosetta were cut out of the same cloth. Instead of agreeing to his demand, she bargained, "How about I speak to Vincent about a room all for yourself? There will be delicious food too."

Timotei gave it a thought and asked, "Directly to my room?"

Eve nodded. But the cat appeared to be doubtful and before it could refuse, she added, "You are the only person I can rely on, Timotei. I know by your sharp and clever skills, you will be able to do it."

The black cat stared at her for two seconds, where his tail had gone still before it started moving again. He waved his paw in front of him, "Isn't that evident. I am the bravest and cleverest of them all. There is nothing I cannot do. All I need to do is snap my fingers, and everything will be done in a second," he harrumphed, while he looked at Eve with a proud face.

"I need you to switch Allie's fangs with Marceline's fangs. Here they are," Eve fished for Marceline's fangs in her dress pocket and then pulled it out, placing them on the ground. "I think Marceline put it in her dress pocket, and before she leaves the mansion, you need to do this quickly. Without her notice of course."

Timotei took hold of Marceline's fangs in his paws and hid them where Eve couldn't see them anymore. He smoothened one of his ears and said, "I will be back in three minutes. You will see." Saying this, the black cat disappeared from the corridor.

Eve went to stand in the corner of the corridor, waiting for the cat to return with Allie's fangs. Just as Timotei had proudly said, he arrived after three minutes in front of her.

Timotei cleared his throat and said, "We have a little situation," Eve frowned at what it could be, "Her windows and doors are locked and there's no way I can get in. I need you to open the door for me."

Eve covered her eyes for a moment and sighed, "I will divert her attention and you take the fangs from her dress pocket. Okay?"

"Of course, I can do something so easy. I can do it with just one paw," Timotei coughed, and Eve walked towards Marceline's room.

On reaching the front of the vampiress's room, Eve made three sharp knocks on the wooden door. From the other side of the door, Marceline opened the door, and her arrogant look turned sour on seeing Eve in front of her room. The vampiress bounty asked,

"What do you want?"

"I am here to make peace between us, than fight with each other," Eve suggested to the vampiress, who stared at her. She said, "Hurting each other will bring us nothing."

Marceline softly huffed, "Do you think I am interested in your peace offering? It is because of you Vincent defanged me, robbed me of my peace."

"And what you did was alright? Provoking people to humiliate me for a reason I have no idea why," Eve internally hoped that Timotei would swap the fangs quickly, and right now, she noticed the cat hanging on Marceline's dress skirt without her notice.

"You are a lowly human, you cannot compare your worth and status to mine at any time. Are you now scared after knowing my brother is going to marry Rosetta?" Marceline smirked triumphantly. She continued, "I told you, I will drag you through the dirt and show you what it means if you intervene in my path."

The black cat used its claws to hang on the vampiress's dress skirt and tried climbing up near her dress pocket. The arrogant vampiress was too immersed looking down at Eve, to look down at herself and realise Timotei was there.

"One day you will regret your own words and actions, Marceline," Eve's eyes softened, but Marceline's red eyes narrowed.

"Step out of the mansion, and then see what happens to you. I will make sure it will be difficult for you to walk in the light with your head up," Marceline glared at Eve. When the vampiress looked away for a moment, Eve noticed Timotie's paw carefully sliding into Marceline's dress pocket.

The vampiress was about to close the door in Eve's face, but Eve placed her hand on the door to stop it. "What do you think you are doing?"

"I am not done talking to you," Eve stated with a straight face, and she could tell Timotei wasn't done yet.

"And I do not talk to lowly humans who are beneath my shoes. Get out of my sight now, I am going to sleep," Marceline glared at Eve, even though she wasn't wearing her night clothes, and it appeared as if the vampiress was still in her earlier clothes. "If you really want peace, why don't you lick my shoes and I will reconsider my decision."

Eve pursed her lips. This person was unredeemable, and she doubted there was hope for Marceline to come around. She said, "I hope God shows you mercy, Marceline." This elicited a chuckle from the vampiress. Timotei jumped down and quickly walked to stand behind Eve.

"Pray for yourself, you filthy human. You need it more than me," Marceline then closed the door with a bang in front of Eve's face, which was an inch away from being hit.

Eve stepped away from the door, walked away from Marceline's room and to the next corridor and then asked, "Were you able to switch the fangs?"

Timotei, who walked next to her, puffed his chest and proudly responded, "There isn't anything I am not capable of. I do not like that woman, she smelled funny."

"Funny?" Eve asked. Timotei stopped walking and raised his paw.

"I would like to be carried now and be treated like a King after finishing such a difficult job."

To Eve, Timotei was only a cat because of his cat appearance and behaviour, and as she hadn't seen him in his vampire form, she didn't find it odd. It was just a talking cat that she doubted would ever take its vampire form ever again. She picked up the cat, and heard him sigh contentedly.

Timotei stretched his limbs before comfortably settling in Eve's arms. Though he wasn't someone who liked his food to take care of him, he couldn't deny that Eve was a beautiful woman with a kind nature, better than most and he didn't mind being spoiled once in a while. He closed his eyes, softly purring, but his blissful time was short, which he didn't notice.

When Eve stepped towards the mansion's hallways, she saw Vincent making his way from the front.

Vincent's eyes fell on the rotten cat in Eve's arms and his eyes narrowed. What did they think they were doing? His footsteps sped through the hallways before coming to where Eve was and picked up the sleeping cat by its scruff.

"Meow?" Timotei felt the pinch that woke him up, and he came face to face with Vincent. "Wait, where are you taking me?!"

The black cat flailed its arms, wanting to free itself, while Vincent walked towards one of the open windows and threw it out of the mansion.


Chapter 337 Glimmer of hope

Vincent dusted his hands against each other, and turned to Eve and remarked, "If your arms are idle and need work, you can come to my room. I am sure I can keep them as busy as you want them to be, than carry that thing in your arms."

This was probably one of the first times Eve had caught the streak of jealousy in Vincent's eyes, and she remarked, "Noted." She then informed in a low voice, "There is something you need to know. Marceline was with Allie's fangs, but Timotei and I switched them to her fangs."

Vincent's eyes narrowed, and he said, "Seems like she has come in touch with a witch to get her fangs back. Good thinking on switching them. I will have someone keep an eye on her at all times."

Eve gave him a nod, "That would be a good idea."

"Looks like the nosey maid isn't here to spy, come with me," Vincent said, catching Eve's hand, and they stepped out of the mansion.

"Where are we going?" Eve asked as she followed him out of the mansion and into the garden.

Vincent turned to look at her and offered her a cunning smile, "A place where it is just you and me. No one else will disturb or interrupt "The plates should be extra clean for tomorrow. I am making sure 23:46

everyone will approve of them," Rosetta enthusiastically stated to us."

Inside the mansion, Rosetta and Eugene were still in the dining room, where the vampiress picked up a plate and rubbed it with the cloth. She looked at Eugene and asked, "Like this?"

"Milady, that is really not needed," Eugene tried to stop the vampiress from working in here. What was she even doing cleaning the already clean plates? He asked himself. Every time she picked up the plate, he felt his chest tighten, worrying about where she would break another one.

"The plates should be extra clean for tomorrow. I am making sure everyone will approve of them," Rosetta enthusiastically stated to him. She said, "When I was young, I used to have this little kitchen toys, and I used to cut the plants and use mud to cook when I was a child," she laughed fondly before she remembered her mother had thrown it the next day.

"Why don't you take a rest and I will finish all the work," Rosetta proposed, and Eugene did what she was doing, wiping the already clean plate as quickly as he could before coming to stand in front of her so that she wouldn't have to do it.

"Lady Rosetta, if someone sees you doing this, I will get into trouble. You have helped me enough for the night," Eugene assured the lady, ready to chase her away. 

Rosetta, who noticed this, her shoulders fell, and she asked him in a soft voice, "I don't mean to cause you trouble. I want to be able to unburden your burden, but not with you telling me to not hold any feelings towards you. I promise to try harder..."

Since the last few minutes, Rosetta had tried to move Eugene's emotions and feelings. But she could sense that nothing had changed since she had arrived here.

Eugene pursed his lips, noticing how down the vampiress suddenly looked. He looked at the closed doors of the dining room and said, "Milady, I don't know what you see in me, but I believe I am not the one for you."

"Why?" Rosetta asked him. She had been looking for ways, and maybe he could show her the way.

"If you were to marry me, I have nothing to offer you. Love is part of life, but it isn't life. What will you do when someone you know from high society meets you when you are a servant? They will belittle you for the life you could have, or the life you give up," Eugene tried to make her see the future.

"That will be my choice, isn't it? We can build things from the bottom," Rosetta's hope somewhere made Eugene stare at her.

"If it was that easy, we wouldn't have poverty in our country, would we?" Eugene asked her.

"Do you not believe in love, Eugene?" Rosetta questioned him.

"It isn't about believing, milady," Eugene responded to her. "I know what the future holds. You would do much better marrying someone of your own status and maybe kind. I understand it is hard to think about it now, but you will do well with a secure future without your parents being angry at you, or hunting us down."

Rosetta gave it some thought before she replied, "I will protect you from my parents, Eugene. I will also protect Eve and Lady Aubrey so that no harm comes to you. What is stopping you? Is it the fear for your life, or the hate towards my family? Because if it is the latter, I had no hand in it."

Eugene wondered how to sway the vampiress's mind, who seemed fixated on him. Maybe if he would give her some examples, that could help, he thought. He said,

"Alright. Tomorrow, I am going to mop in the South wing before breakfast will be served in the dining room. You can take over it. Let us see if you have the basic skills."

Rosetta's eyes brightened, and she asked, "Then... does that mean you are willing to consider it?"

"We shall talk about it once you are done with it," Eugene responded, and Rosetta nodded. It wasn't the kind of progress she had hoped for, but the vampiress was ready to grab anything he gave.

Rosetta walked towards the closed doors of the dining room, and she paused her footsteps before turning to look at Eugene with a satisfied smile.

She said, "Thank you, Eugene. For considering me. I have heard that when you love someone, you can move mountains. And regarding your earlier question," she paused for a moment, staring into his black eyes, "People have bad mouthed me even though I am the Marquee's daughter. I don't think I should care what they think if I lower my status for the person I love. Because what matters to me is the one I want to live with."

Something in Rosetta's words struck Eugene and his eyes slightly widened before he gave her a nod, "Goodnight, Lady Rosetta."

"Goodnight, Eugene. I eagerly wait for tomorrow," Rosetta stepped out of the room with a smile.


Chapter 338 First Snow With Each Other

Music Recommendation: Who do you see in me? - Nathan Barr


It was past twelve in the night, with both Vincent and Eve's beds empty and cold. 

Right now, they sat in a tall tree, where its strong branches spread wide, and it was rooted near a cliff. Next to the cliff flowed a river that made soft gurgling sounds along with the sound the forest had to offer.

Eve wore the coat that belonged to Vincent as the weather was too cold. The night sky was covered in clouds without a single sight of a star.

"Do you think the maid will check our rooms?" Eve asked Vincent, who sat next to her, smoking a cigar.

Vincent blew the smoke into the air and responded, "She won't if she holds her life dear to her. I told Alfie to place pillows on your bed and cover it with a blanket."

Eve smiled at his words, "I see." She took a deep breath before exhaling the air through her lips, watching the fog escape from her mouth. "Don't vampires or pureblooded vampires not feel cold?" Vincent had handed his coat to her before they had flown out of the Moriarty mansion, and it had prevented her from catching a cold as the wind was icy cold.

"It isn't that we don't feel cold. But we have a better resistance when it comes to the cold temperature," Vincent replied to Eve's question, and he took another puff from the cigar. After blowing the smoke to the other side, he turned to look at her.

Eve, who was looking at the scenery in front of her and the tranquil sound of the water that gave her peace, felt Vincent's gaze on her. Turning her blue eyes to look at him, she raised her eyebrows in question and saw him shake his head, while he continued staring at her.

"Do you come here often?" Eve asked him and felt her toes curl with the way Vincent watched her. "To have some peace?"

"No. I was looking for a good place to bury a body and found this place," Vincent remarked calmly, and Eve nervously smiled.

"Is there a body buried here?" She asked him.

Vincent's lips twisted into a smile he didn't hold back and replied, "Not here." And Eve sighed. If ghosts existed, with the number of people Vincent had killed and buried, they would have been haunting the pureblooded vampire. When he leaned towards her, he said, "Tell me if the smoke bothers you."

Eve gave him a nod. It wasn't as if the smoke was hitting her face as they sat in a way where the smoke blew away from her and occasionally drifted towards her. Vincent enjoyed his cigars, which kept him somewhat warm like the flames of a fireplace and it also helped him in curbing his urge to drink blood.

"You have been staring at me. Did something happen?" Eve asked him.

"Does something need to happen for me to stare at you?" Vincent answered her question with his question, and Eve shook her head.

"Unblinkingly," Eve pointed out. On her words, he blinked before asking,


Eve couldn't stop the sweet smile on her lips and warmth filled her chest. Flying with Vincent hadn't been easy, but at the same time, it was something she had never experienced and had never imagined. After all, she was a water being. A creature who was supposed to live in the water. Walking on the land without being caught until now was already a lot.

She slightly swung her feet in the air and continued to admire the scenery in front and around her. She wondered if Eugene would have a change of heart towards Rosetta. Would her friend be able to move him? She asked,

"What are we going to do if Rosetta and Eugene don't get together? I don't think pushing her to marry someone where her heart doesn't belong would be wise." Eve didn't want to sacrifice her friend's happiness for her happiness, and at the same time, she didn't want to force Eugene into something just because it was convenient. A little nudge was the most she could offer.

"I bluffed when I said about having potential grooms for her," Vincent remarked, and he tapped the top of the cigar for its ash to fall and disperse in the air. "Rosetta is naiver than a human would be, but also determined and loves Eugene for who he is. Surely, there is something that she saw she believed to be worthy and chased after. A man like Eugene will appreciate her earnest feelings. He might not have seen her as a woman until now, but he might once he sees her efforts. Though we cannot be sure what the outcome will be."

Vincent then continued, "The vampiress is starved of love. The need for approval comes off as arrogance, but you can detect a regular arrogance to worse. Showing that she needs to be seen as an important person and that she matters. There are a lot of people like that in high society."

"You know, I always felt Rosetta and Timotei are similar," Eve let out her thoughts, and she remembered the cat being thrown out of the mansion.

"It is good that one of them is a cat, else they would be competing against each other," Vincent brought the cigar to his lips and took a puff before blowing the smoke out. Noticing Eve pull his coat closer to her, he asked, "Cold? Let us get you back to the mansion."

Eve shook her head, "I can handle it. Nothing I haven't experienced."

She remembered the time when she was young, when her mother was still alive and it was the time of Winter. Her mother would make sure to wrap her in warm clothes before putting her to bed. When her mother wasn't around, Eve had the habit of walking out of the house and in the snow.

Her eyes shifted to look at Vincent, to think they had met each other when they were young. Sadly until now, she couldn't recollect the memory.

Vincent stared at her with his red eyes that had darkened. Suddenly his black, bat-like wings spread out from his back, and they covered her body with them. He murmured, "Don't want you catching a cold when our wedding is near." Eve stared back at him, feeling her heart race. Her eyes trace his lashes and his high cheekbones. As weird as the pureblooded vampire, he was considerate when it came to her, making her feel special. His hand reached for the ribbon in her hair, letting it down. "You don't have to look like that in front of me, little girl. I know how you look and you look beautiful like this."

"Thank you," Eve whispered, feeling the distance between them had magically reduced. But that was because they leaned towards each other. The cigar slipped between Vincent's fingers and fell on the ground.

"It is going to get tangled because of the wind."

Vincent's silver hair wavered in the wind like her hair, "I will help you untangle it."

His hand reached out to her, brushing the side of her neck. His other hand found her hand, and he used his thumb across her wrist, feeling her pulse rise.

Vincent closes the distance between them and presses his lips against hers. Eve kissed him back, her toes curling half because of the kiss and half because of the weather that had turned colder than when they had arrived here.

The kiss deepened with the seconds that passed by, and they tried to freeze time.

Snowflakes started falling from the sky, one after another, until they found a surface to settle on. One or two snowflakes drifted in the air, coming to fall on the cigar's burning end to melt and take away the heat from it, turning it cold. While the two people who sat on the branch shared a heat that had only been kindled and burned brightly in their hearts.

When they pulled away from the kiss, Vincent stared at Eve, whose eyes were still closed as she lingered longer in the sweet kiss. The side fringes of her hair gently moved in one direction, and when he was able to look into her blue eyes, he confessed,

"I love you."

Eve felt her heart skip a beat. She responded, "I love you back." She noticed Vincent's grin, which was less wicked and appeared boyish.


Chapter 339 Nightly Activity In The Forest

Music Recommendation: Up the Down Trench- Thomas Newman


Marceline stepped out of her room in the middle of the night with her body covered in a black cloak and a hood over her head. She didn't need a lantern in her hand as she knew the way outside the mansion, like the back of her hand. Instead of using the entrance, she sneaked through the back door and left the mansion.

She reached the edge of the town and mounted the horse that she had ordered to be tied at her disposal, the vampiress quickly left Skellington town, heading towards the forest named Palavista.

On reaching the forest's heart, Marceline finally pulled the horse's reins to stop it from clip-clopping further and unmounted from the horse.

An owl hooted at a distance, leaving a trail of eerie silence behind it. The silence of the forest surrounding her didn't intimidate Marceline. She reached the place she had been earlier this morning.

"You are more desperate than I thought," came a voice not far from where she stood, belonged to the witch.

"I like to finish my work than leave it hanging in the air," Marceline replied, trying to find where the witch stood.

As the witch moved towards the vampiress, one could hear the scrunching of the dried leaves as it was being stepped on, "If you want something from me, I am guessing you have brought the virgin human that I told you I need for my own use."

Marceline had been in such a hurry that she had forgotten the witch's deal. She said, "I will get the virgin human once you complete my job."

The witch chuckled darkly, standing three steps away from Marceline and moving her index finger in the air, "Not so fast, vampiress. First comes the fulfilment of my demand and, then comes the fulfilment of your wish. Don't take me to be one of your servants who will do your bidding." She said in a low voice, "If you want something from me, then you need to follow my rules. Got it? Now go bring me a virgin girl," the witch waved her hand, turning around and starting to walk away from Marceline with her hunched back.

Marceline clenched her jaws in frustration, and her hands turned into fists. If her brother had not defanged her, she would have ripped this witch's head from her body for talking to her in such a rude way. But without her fangs in her mouth, the witch knew she couldn't threaten her.

"What if I give you the name? And the location of the virgin person? Will that be enough?" Marceline didn't have time to go back and forth, and she had to be back in the mansion without anyone's notice.

The witch disappeared into the darkness, and Marceline scoffed in anger. She decided to bring Eve as the sacrifice, and with that thought, she mounted the horse and left Palavista. An hour had already passed since she had left the Moriarty mansion.

On her way to Skellington, Marceline came across a quiet village. She noticed small houses; outside one of the sheds, there stood a young girl who was probably no more than fifteen. The young human girl had come to the shed after hearing the mooing of her beloved cow.

Marceline wondered if she should perhaps use this one for now and save Eve for later, after all, she wanted to make sure to torture Eve. She wanted to drink Eve's blood to the point where the lowly human would beg and cry for mercy.

Halting her horse, she unmounted and headed towards the young girl who had just finished feeding the cow and was making her way back to her house. Silently creeping behind the girl, she struck the girl's head, and Marceline dragged the unconscious girl to the forest.

Once again, returning to the forest, Marceline loudly let the witch know, "I am here with a virgin! Where are you?"

"Hmm, a young one. Though not ripe enough, she should do," the witch took a keen look at the unconscious girl and then took hold of the person before dragging her by the hands to her den.

Marceline followed the witch in darkness, heading deeper into the forest. On reaching the witch's den, the vampiress was surprised at finding many jars filled with liquid. There were many animals caged for the witch's use, and soon the young human girl was thrown into a bigger cage before being locked up.

The witch stared at Marceline, her slit eyes glowing in the dark and she questioned, "Did you bring something that belongs to the one whose fangs were fixed?"

Marceline fished her dress pocket and pulled out the fangs she believed belonged to her younger sister, "Here they are."

The witch took a look and tapped on the island's surface, which had a circle and markings drawn on it, "Keep them here." She then lit the candles in the room.

"Will you be able to tell who fixed my sister's fangs by this?" Marceline impatiently asked the witch with wariness marring her face because she knew not to trust the witch completely.

The witch walked to one of the cages, opening it, she pulled out a ferret. She came back to stand near the island where the marking was. Taking hold of a dagger in her hand, the witch gruffly replied, "I won't be able to see the face or know the name, but I will connect with this person who helped bring back the fangs. Once the connection is made, I will know where the person resides and will make a mark so that you can identify this person."

Marceline was satisfied knowing this, but then she changed her mind and said, "If you mark the person, they might hide and it will be hard for me to find out who it is. You might as well cause severe pain in the person's body," she smiled with wickedness.

The witch agreed, liking how this vampiress thought, and she nodded, "That can be done."

Using the dagger, the witch cut open the alive ferret's chest and pulled out its heart. She placed it at the centre of the circle. She whispered spells under her breath, while the candles around them blazed brightly. She threw her head back as if tapping and channelling into something. She declared, "The person is in the same town as you have been living! Has been there for a long time. So close."

This person who had fixed Allie's fangs, had stolen her happiness and light from her, pushing her to the shadows. Marceline wanted the person to suffer yet simultaneously be alive, and in a condition where she could regain her lost fangs in her mouth. She ordered the witch,

"Tomorrow, once the rays of the sun touch the land in Skellington, let this person's leg start to hurt and rot like an aged human."

The witch threw powdered ash into the circle marking, causing fire to blaze in it. She informed, "It is done."

Marceline wanted to see who had dared to hide their ability, leaving her to suffer being fangless. Soon. Soon she would find this person and restore her lost pride.


Chapter 340 Art Of Wooing: To Mop

Music Recommendation: Very Elegant- (k)NoW_NAME


Darkness prevailed in the mansion's corridors as the earlier lit candles had melted and touched the surface they had been standing on. Eve tip-toed from her room and reached Rosetta's room. Slipping inside the room, she saw the vampiress whose arms were stretched wide on the bed while she comfortably slept on her front.

"Rosetta, wake up," Eve nudged the vampiress, who moved her lips while murmuring something under her breath.

"... mm, I want a buttery marmalade bread, with a side of warm blood tea... Refine it..." Rosetta murmured as she dreamt.

Eve turned to look at the wall and saw there was still time before the clock struck five in the morning, but the vampiress had to wake up if she was planning to woo Eugene. She doubted Blythe would know that her mistress's daughter had woken up this early.

"Rosetta," Eve shook Rosetta's arm with much more force. "Rosetta!" She called the vampiress's name a little louder.

"Ugh?!" Rosetta woke up startled, and on seeing Eve, she said groggily, "It is you, Eve. What are you doing here? Come sleep," she scooted to the side and closed her eyes again.

Eve sighed and said, "Eugene is getting married to a mai--"

"WHAT?!" Rosetta's eyes snapped open and she sat upright on her bed. "To whom?!" She asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"He will if you don't wake up. Wear your coat and come with me. We need to finish this job before Blythe wakes up and finds you out of bed," Eve pulled the blanket from Rosetta.

Rosetta suddenly turned energetic and she got out of her bed. She then demanded, "Someone get my coat!" When Eve stared at her, she sheepishly smiled, "I can get it myself..."

Eve sighed internally and advised, "You need to show that you are self sufficient, and don't need maids or servants to do your work. That you will be able to do it yourself."

She knew Rosetta couldn't change her behaviour in a day or a week, but little progress would help tone down her arrogance and prideful nature because of the status she had grown up with. Seeing her friend looking for her coat as if she didn't notice it hanging on the back of the chair, Eve pointed, "The chair, Rosetta."

Rosetta laughed, "Of course, I remember placing it on the chair! I was looking for a scarf." She quickly padded towards the chair, picking up her coat and wearing it. She then tied the straps around her waist and when she was about to wear her shoes, Eve stopped her,

"You don't need that. You will walk barefoot."

"I will?" Rosetta asked Eve in doubt.

Eve nodded, "As this will be your first time to mop the floor, it would be best to avoid you from falling."

"But... if I were to fall and Eugene catches me, wouldn't it be wonderful? Can you imagine it?" Rosetta started to dream with a wide and creepy smile forming on her lips.

Eve pursed her lips and wondered if they should use that card, "How about for now we focus on mopping the floor and then think about him catching you in his arms?"

A hopeful Rosetta exclaimed, "I am ready!"

Eve and Rosetta made their way to the part of the mansion where Eugene had already started to work. Eugene wasn't aware of the fact that Eve was helping Rosetta.

Taking a quick peek, she leaned back and whispered to the vampiress,

"Don't forget what I told you, and be careful. If I see Blythe or anyone who causes problems, I will let you know, and you need to leave the corridor."

Rosetta nodded her face in full seriousness. Eve couldn't help but think that the vampiress looked like an earnest cute child, "I won't disappoint you, Eve! Today is the day I will make Eugene fall for me!"

Eve patted Rosetta's back and gave her thumbs up, and watched her friend make her way to where Eugene was.

In a hurry to leave the room, Rosetta hadn't found time to comb her hair and realising how her hair might look like a bird's nest, she turned around to go back to her room so that she could fix her hair.

But before that, Eugene caught sight of her and greeted her, "Good morning, Lady Rosetta."

Rosetta froze in her place and looked for her friend's help, but Eve seemed to have disappeared out of her sight. The vampiress gingerly turned around to meet Eugene's black eyes. How could she have forgotten to comb her hair?! It could be because, usually, it was her maids who helped her brush and tie her hair to look pretty. What would her Eugene think?! She hoped he wouldn't reject her for this reason. The horror and anxiety was getting to her! The vampiress thought in panic.

"G--good morning, Eugene. Did you have a good sleep?" Rosetta asked in a stiff voice.

"I did, milady. Thank you for asking me. How about you? I must say, I am surprised to see you wake up this early in the morning," Eugene didn't seem fazed by her untidy appearance and looked at her the way he usually did.

Eugene's lack of expression made Rosetta wonder if perhaps it was because he was a human and couldn't see that clearly in the dark, which was why he didn't react to her ghastly appearance now. She cleared her throat and said,

"How could I not after what we decided. If I cannot do the bare minimum, my love for you would be shamed. It was a sense of duty to wake up!" Rosetta could feel Eugene stare at her, and she stiffened. Did he catch her lie?

Eugene noticed that Rosetta wasn't walking strangely anymore and whatever back pain she had must have gotten better since the last time he saw her in the dining room.

"I see. How about we start with the work?" Eugene suggested, and Rosetta readily nodded. He offered the mop he held and said, "Take this. I will use the other mop I brought with me. You can start moping from here, and I will take the opposite end. So that we can meet in the middle. Let me teach you how to use the mop."

Rosetta was eager to spend time with Eugene, and internally she felt her heart was bursting with joy. Alone time with him, what else could she ask for? To spend time with him, she would wake up many more mornings.

She saw him pick another mop on the ground, and he returned to her, where she stood next to the bucket of water. He said,

"You hold it like this and move it across the floor," Eugene demonstrated how to mop. "Make sure to squeeze out the water from the cloth properly and also clean it well when you dip it in the bucket. You need to make sure there's no footprint of people and no dirt brought by the people walking."

Rosetta diligently nodded, keenly listening to him. Eugene made moping look so effortless that the vampiress believed she could do it single-handedly. She couldn't show him the shiny floors with her mopping skills, she nodded in confidence.