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Chapter 341 Satisfaction Of Happiness

Holding the mop in her hand, Rosetta took a look at it before making a similar action the way Eugene had showed her.

Rosetta dipped her mop in the bucket, sloshing it up and down in water. She enjoyed doing it as it seemed fun. Then came to twist the cloth and she watched the water drip. Having never done anything like this before, she felt shivers run down her body at the thought of having to touch it. It was because the cloth looked ragged and old.

Gulping down the icky feeling she felt, Rosetta told herself, 'If I pass through this, Eugene will see me in a new light. I need to do my best!' She finally touched the wet mop and squeezed the water as she scrunched her face.

Eugene, who stood on the other side, watched the vampiress putting her effort and he continued with his work. Who knew that the vampiress would show such determination. He hadn't expected her to touch the mop, but here she was.

The first time he had met her, he had remembered her crying her eyes out while in her drunk state.

"Front and back. Front and back," Rosetta pushed the mop on the floor. "This seems more fun than it looks," she muttered and continued to follow what Eugene had instructed her.

Suddenly feeling empowered by just touching the mop and doing something she had never done before, she used more force and tried to speed up the process. Every now and then, she looked up at Eugene and shyly smiled. They were already a couple! Cleaning together early in the morning, her chest puffed in pride. While the vampiress continued to dream about their future as she worked, she heard something crack and her eyes fell on her mop, which had broken into two parts. The wet mop, and upper side of the wooden stick.

Rosetta's eyes widened. She quickly took a look at Eugene, who hadn't noticed her incompetence. She quickly tried to hide it and held the two ends of the wooden sticks as tight as she could. The last thing she needed was him to dismiss her. It seemed like being a servant wasn't easy, the vampiress thought.

When Eugene turned to look at her, Rosetta stared back at him and heard him say, "Be careful to not step on the wet floor."

Rosetta smiled, "Thank you for taking care of me so that I don't fall."

Eugene pursed his lips as that wasn't the only reason and he said, "You will leave footprints if you walk on it."

Rosetta's happy smile lowered on hearing her beloved's stern voice, "I will keep that in mind." She muttered, "You could have admitted that you are looking after me. Eugene cares about me," and she secretly smiled.

Eve, who stood behind the wall leading to the corridor on the left, took a peek and was glad to see that everything was going well so far. When she felt something soft curl around her ankle, she softly gasped and noticed it was Timotei.

"You scared me, Timotei," Eve whispered to the black cat and raised her finger placing it on her lips.

"Did you think I was a ghost who came back to haunt you and your lover? Let me just turn back to my original self, and I will throw him out. Actually you should turn him into a toad, and I will eat him for dinner," Timotei suggested before chuckling at the idea.

"Vincent?" Eve asked him.

"Where?!" The cat quickly turned worried and looked around to see if the pureblooded vampire was here. He then questioned, "What are you even doing here?"

"Rosetta is working along with Eugene," Eve replied, and Timotei craned his neck forward and noticed the human and the vampiress working in the corridor.

"The disastrous human Romeo and Juliet vampire," Timotei remarked and shook his head.

"Did you ever love anyone when you were a vampire... or a kitty?" Eve tried to hold in the smile when Timotei grimaced at the idea.

"Hmph, no one can make me, Timotei fall in love. To capture my attention is the hardest, as if they would even get a glance from me," the black cat looked proud and boasted, "Do you know how many women used to wait to see me?"

"You must have been a very good looking man," Eve praised him in a low voice. Timotei waved his paw in front of him and responded,

"That goes without saying. I was the most handsome man. There were rumours that I gave a tough competition with the princes in the women's mind," Timotei raised his head back and Eve believed that if he stretched it a little more, he would be able to see what was behind him. "Women are nothing but troublesome creatures. Look at what happened when the King wanted the woman from the sea. It brought his downfall."

Eve took another peek to make sure Eugene and Rosetta were fine, and she then heard Timotei say, "I hear someone's footsteps." She turned her head to look in the direction of where the black cat was looking. The black cat was the first to walk in that direction, and she quickly followed to see if it was a maid.

"There's no one here," Eve remarked, noticing the empty corridor.

"No. Fast and clean footsteps. Too fast as if... it is a thief!" Timotei quickened his paws on the cold marble floor, and after crossing a few more footsteps, they reached near the corridors where they could see the stairs.

"That's not a thief. That's Marceline." The vampiress had a cloak over her head and with some patches of wetness on the cloak, it was obvious that she had been out and was only returning home now.

"Still a thief. Didn't she steal her sister's fangs?" Timotei said in a matter-of-fact tone, and Eve agreed.

Eve wondered where Marceline had been to, and she quickly walked back to where Eugene and Rosetta were to keep them away from trouble.

In the meantime, Rosetta had finished mopping her side of the corridor, and so did Eugene. She murmured in pure happiness, "I did it..."

Eugene noticed how she appeared happier, and now that he knew she wasn't trying to attack him to drink his blood, he noticed how she looked at him like a little girl waiting for approval and praise. He replied,

"It is good for your first time, but next time you will need to move faster than that. Good work, Lady Rosetta." 

A child-like smile graced Rosetta's lips. She had cleaned half of the corridor all by herself! She was proud of herself, and Eugene had good words for her!

Too shy to hug him, she wanted to thank him more. Rosetta's feet moved so quickly that neither of the two expected what was going to happen next.

Wanting to get closer to Eugene, the vampiress kicked the bucket of water, which ended up tilting and hitting the floor, while on the other hand, Rosetta wanted to stop it from happening and lost her balance because of the water that spread next to her feet.


Chapter 342 Cleaning The Mess

Eve's eyes widened, as everything had happened in slow motion and she heard the clatter of the bucket against the ground, while the used water spread on the floor. She heard distant, yet quick footsteps approaching and when she leaned over the railing to see, who it was. She noticed Lady Aurora's maid.

During that time, Rosetta stared at the dirty water spread on the floor, and her lips quivered. How could this happen....and she sniffled.

Eugene's eyes widened on hearing the sniffling sound, and noticed tears ready to fall from the vampiress's eyes, "Please don't cry, miss!" He hurried, "I should have moved the bucket to the side. Are you hurt?" Not only did he have to clean the dirty water from the floor now, but the vampiress appeared to have hurt herself.

"I will clean this!" Rosetta tried to hold back her disappointment. She then noticed Eve appear at the end of the corridor and signalled her something. Blythe was on her way here! Oh, no.

Eugene assured her, "You don't have to do that, milady. You have worked hard enough, it is time for everyone t--"

"Hurry, hide!" Rosetta quickly got up and pushed Eugene the other way.

"Lady Rosetta, I need to clean--"Eugene's words were in vain, as Rosetta pushed him to one of the closest rooms and said to him,

"Please allow me to handle this, and don't come out!" Saying this, she closed the door.

Eve slipped inside another room, before Blythe walked past the room she was in. When the maid appeared in the corridor, her eyes were ready to fall on the floor. She quickly ran to where the young vampiress stood and almost slipped because of the fallen water and asked flabbergasted,

"Milady, what are you doing with a mop in your hand?! Please drop it! "

"You aren't my mother, Blythe," Rosetta stubbornly raised the mop in front of Blythe.

"But, milady, this is a servant or a maid's job. You are going to be the lady of this mansion!" Blythe reasoned with Rosetta. "I will call the butler to clean this up--"

"You will do no such thing. I was the one who spilled the water, and I will be the one to clean it," Rosetta picked up her broken mop. She said, "It is time for me to take responsibility for my actions. If I am going to be the lady of this mansion, I should start taking responsibility. Unless you don't want me to be the lady of this mansion, what would mother say if she found out?"

The maid's eyes widened in horror at what the young miss suggested. She stuttered, "T--that is not what I meant, milady!" Was this really the Marquee and Marchioness Hooke's daughter?! The vampiress who made people pick, carry, or do the simplest things wanted to mop! "Allow me to help you with this."

"Blythe, are you the lady of this mansion or am I going to be the lady of the mansion?" Rosetta demanded, her eyes narrowed at the maid for coming between her and her moping. She had to make Eugene proud, but this woman was hindering her and she couldn't help but glare.

"... you, milady," the maid carefully answered.

"Good. Now move to the side so that I can finish the mess I made," saying this, Rosetta started cleaning the floor.

The maid suspiciously stared at her young miss. Something didn't seem right, and she asked, "Milady, if I may ask--"

"No," Rosetta curtly had the maid shut up, and in no time, she mopped the floor clean.

Blythe couldn't report this! Lady Aurora would behead her if she knew her precious daughter was mopping the floor while she stood at the side watching it!

Once Rosetta finished her work there, she wiped her forehead and sighed. She finally did it. The floor was back to being spotless and she had cleaned it all by herself. Blythe offered with a bow, "Let me take the bucket, milady." When the maid went to get a hold of the mop, the young vampiress pulled it away from the woman's reach.

"I am taking this to my room," Rosetta softly harrumphed. This was Eugene and her first mopping time, and she wanted to treasure it.

Blythe didn't know what Rosetta was up to, but she hoped she wasn't unnecessarily causing trouble. Bowing her head, the maid said, "Okay, milady. You should wash yourself and... fix your hair."

Her hair!

"I will," Rosetta calmly shooed the maid away from the corridor, and when it was safe, she knocked on the door where Eugene had been. Unable to leave the trait of being proud, she informed him, "I have cleaned the floor and you don't have to do it. My apology for the earlier mess. I will see you later, Eugene. I hope we can do this more."

Turning around, Rosetta started walking away from there. She felt her hands burn, not because of the fall but because she had held on to the broken mop, keeping it together with it scathing her palms because of the uneven wood that kept rubbing on her skin.

But internally, she felt giddy. She could only imagine how surprised and amazed Eugene was by her work. 

Eugene's eyes moved from the dry floor to the vampiress, noticing her wiggling her hands. She had bruised her hands.

On reaching her room, Rosetta came to stand in front of the mirror and realised how terrible her appearance was. Getting into the bath, she washed and then dried herself. Wearing one of the finest dresses her parents had bought, one of Moriarty's maids came to help her get ready, but she refused and now tried to fix her hair.

The maid stared at the vampiress, not knowing what was going on. Because clearly the young heiress of the Hooke didn't know how to tie her hair. When someone knocked on the door, Rosetta ordered,

"Come in." But seeing no one enter the room, she rolled her eyes and told the maid, "See who is it."

The maid left her side and after a few seconds, returned with a bowl and a note, "Milady, this was in front of the room."

Rosetta stood up and took the note from the maid, which read-- 'This will help reduce the burns on the palms.'


Chapter 343 Invitations To Be Written

Getting ready, Eve stepped out of her room with a yawn escaping from her mouth. Though she wasn't a human but a mermaid, she needed some rest, which she couldn't have as she had been out with Vincent till late midnight, and after that, she had to make sure to wake Rosetta up.

As she walked in the corridor, she heard the door to Allie's room open, and out stepped the little vampiress and a maid who had helped the small girl in getting ready.

"Miss Eve!" Allie turned excited, seeing Eve there.

"Good morning, Allie. Did you sleep well?" Eve asked the little one, who nodded but stared at her. Feeling Allie's stare, Eve wondered if something had happened. "Everything good?"

The maid offered a bow to Eve and walked away from the corridor, leaving the two of them alone in the corridor. Allie looked enamoured with the way her governess looked. In the small girl's eyes, the woman looked no less like an angel, not to mention she even had powers to heal. She complimented, "Your hair is beautiful. You look beautiful, Miss Eve," and then blushed for being so straightforward about it.

Eve returned Allie's compliment with a kind smile and touched the crown braidings on one side of her head, "Thank you very much, Allie. You look lovely yourself."

The small girl fiddled with her fingers before meekly asking, "Can you—Can you do that for me too?"

Slightly taken aback, Eve confirmed with the girl, "You mean the hairstyle?" And Allie enthusiastically nodded. "Sure. Would you like me to do it now or after breakfast?"

"Now…" Allie replied shyly.

"Alright then, let us get you back to the room," Eve led Allie to her room and made the young girl sit on the bed and she sat next to the girl.

Eve noticed how excited Allie appeared to be with the thought of having the same hairstyle as her. Seeing this, it warmed her heart that the small vampiress held that innocence without getting lost in a mansion like this. 

Taking the comb, Eve combed the vampiress's hair, moving it one section at a time before braiding the two sides of her head and secured it with pins. Eve made sure not to make it too tight and keep it slightly loose so that the little one would not feel her hair strands pulling her scalp. Once done, she pulled two pieces of her hair near the temple before letting it rest.

Allie's eyes shone with excitement and she turned to Eve and hugged her tightly, "Thank you, Miss Eve. It looks as lovely as you."

"I would say it is much better than mine," Eve hugged the little girl back, gently stroking Allie's small back.

Allie closed her eyes as she continued to hug Eve. The little vampiress didn't know why, even though they weren't blood-related, there was something very warm about her governess. Her parents were busy attending and catering to the people of the high society, while her brother was busy with work, and her sister, she didn't spend time with her like this. Slowly pulling away from her governess, she looked up at Eve to meet her eyes and asked,

"Miss Eve?"

"Yes?" Eve gently asked with a question in her eyes.

Allie looked slightly troubled, but she tried to get her thoughts out and asked, "Can I… call you as my sister?"

Eve was taken aback by the small girl's request, as this was something she hadn't expected. She stared at Allie before replying, "I don't think your family would appreciate it." By family, she was referring to Marceline, who had built hate towards her that she didn't know existed.

Allie's shoulders slumped and said, "Brother Vince told me that, there are important relations, more than the ones that tie you with blood. Some that are connected by heart, and if I feel it is important, then I must treasure them…" Her small voice trailed before it picked up, and the small vampiress said, "When I grow up, I hope to be like you… like sister Eve," she looked at Eve with her big red eyes.

Eve knew she had her shortcomings but hoped she would be better at things than she was yesterday. She smiled at Allie and said, "You can call me your sister."

Hearing Eve's words, Allie beamed. Soon they left the room and made their way towards the dining room.

When everyone arrived at the dining room to have breakfast together, most of them appeared happy for different reasons.

Eve had a good time with Vincent the previous night. Though she was sleepy, she couldn't help herself from yawning, her chest felt full after Vincent had uttered the three beautiful words to her. Before him, she had believed that she would die all alone while trying to protect herself from being found out.

Allie was excited with her new hairstyle, which elevated the small vampiress's mood, where she suddenly felt like she had turned into an adult. Rosetta was still giddy on the other side of the table that Eugene had sent her a balm to apply on her palms. His kind heart won her where he didn't judge how she looked or where she came from. She knew soon she and her beloved would set sail in the sunset. She blushed, remembering the time they had spent together as they worked.

Next to Rosetta sat her mother, Lady Aurora, who looked more arrogant than ever. After all, she had trapped Vincent Moriarty so that he would marry her daughter. With their alliance to Moriarty, their wealth and status would soon move higher than others in high society.

Then there was Marceline, who couldn't wait to catch the person who had healed her little sister's to regrow her fangs. Picking up the teacup next to her, she sipped on the blood tea. Marceline knew that it was only a matter of time when the sun's rays would touch Skellington, and the person would be exposed to her. Either through tea gossip, the physician, or worse, in the newsletter.

"Viscount Eduard," Lady Aurora started at the table, "About the soiree that I mentioned yesterday regarding the announcement of Vincent and Rosetta's wedding, have you chosen a date?"

Viscount Eduard pursed his lips, and his gaze shifted to his son, who was smearing jam on his bread and asked, "Vincent, have you picked a date?"

Vincent looked up from the bread and offered a charming smile to Lady Aurora, "I was guessing you already, considering you planned framing me and everything else."

Lady Aurora chuckled before it turned into a slight sneer. She replied, "I was thinking of holding it in two days. Why wait, when we have everything ready?" She turned to Rosetta and said, "Your dress will be brought here by the seamstress, make sure you see if the fitting is fine. As it is a combined soiree, it would be good to have the parchment scrolls sent out to the people with both our family's names on it. What do you think?" She asked the Moriartys.

Marceline was the most enthusiastic one, and she responded, "I say it is a very thoughtful thing to do, Lady Aurora. After all, our family is going to be unified."

Marquee Hooke turned to Viscount Eduard and Lady Annalise, "We don't want to cause any trouble, Viscount. A smooth soiree where we all are in agreement."

"Of course, Marquee Hooke," Viscount Eduard offered a business-like smile. After all, he was there when Vincent had sealed the deal with his blood.

Lady Aurora then looked at the lowly human, who continued to sit at the same table as her and her family for meals. She offered, "As Ms. Barlow is an esteemed governess and well educated, she can help write the invitation for the soiree. What do you think, Ms. Barlow?" She offered a cunning smile.

Eve stared at the Marchioness, "I have to teach Allie today, and I am sure you will find many others who will be willing to do the job," she offered a slight bow to the Marchioness.

"What a pity, Rose. Your friend isn't ready to help you in your wedding and you call her a friend," Lady Aurora softly harrumphed.

"A more important role before a friend is of a mother, Lady Aurora. I hope you will enjoy writing the invitations for your only daughter," Eve's words were polite, but this angered Lady Aurora glared at her.

"How dare you talk to me in such a tone? Your education makes you think you are superior than me," Lady Aurora stood up from her seat, not liking being disrespected and spoken back to. "I don't want to share meals with this lowly human. Either she leaves or my family will not have breakfast and I don't know what will come next."

The room turned tense, and Vincent remarked, "She might be no one to you, Lady Aurora, but she is still Allie's governess."

"My sister," Allie added, with her eyebrows furrowed.

Marceline rolled her eyes, "I am your only sister, Allie. Don't mix human blood into our family."

Allie pursed her lips and muttered, "You have it too." Vincent couldn't help but be proud of his little sister, while Marceline's face darkened because it was the truth she didn't want to accept.

Vincent then remarked with a cunning smile, "Lady Aurora, I may be getting married to your daughter, but that doesn't mean that we the Moriartys are going to follow every whim and word of yours. This is my house, and you will follow it without questions. Now, how about we enjoy the meal in peace. If not, I am sure you will find it more satisfying to have your meals in your home than to order in others' houses."


Chapter 344 Wise Decision Of The Past

Marceline kept staring out of the window every five minutes. There was no hint of the sunrays, and snow continued falling from the sky, painting the entire town white along with the trees. Some town workers cleaned the snow off the streets so people could walk, while some snow on the roads was pushed to make way for the moving carriages.

"I should go and see the witch," Marceline murmured, realising the mistake she made when instructing the witch to curse the person and the condition on which the curse would take effect.

Picking up her black furry coat, Marceline put it around her shoulders and made her way towards the entrance of the Moriarty mansion. She ordered the servant, "Tell the coachman to bring the carriage around. I will be heading out."

"Right away, milady," the servant bowed and left the place.

While Marceline stood at the front of the entrance, waiting for the carriage, at the same time, Lady Aurora arrived. The Marchioness remarked in wonderment, "Lady Marceline, I was hoping to make the guest list for the soiree with you."

Right now, Marceline had more pressing matters than making a guest list: to get her fangs back in her mouth. So far, only a few people in the Moriarty mansion knew about her being defanged, she didn't want anyone to find out that she was a vampiress without fangs.

"I need to visit a friend, but I should be back in two or three hours at the most," Marceline offered a sweet yet kind smile. She noticed Alfie walking in the hallways. She called the butler, "Alfie! Lady Aurora needs assistance with the Moriartys guest list."

Lady Aurora offered Marceline the same kind smile and said in a low voice, "I don't know how it works in the Moriarty mansion, but we don't work with the butlers. Not directly at least. A pity, I was actually inviting you so that we can do some damage to the lowly human who spoke back to me. But if you have other important things to do, let it be for now."

Alfie appeared near them and offered a bow, "How can I help you, milady?" He politely asked without raising his head.

Marceline stared at Lady Aurora in intrigue. Knowing the women held the same interests, she couldn't help but want to indulge while her dignity and honour were in line. She ordered the butler, "Open the carriage door for me."

Alfie didn't know what was going on with the young miss of the Moriarty family. One moment she said something, then the next second, she changed it. Without uttering a word, he strolled near where the carriage would come to stand.

"I am interested in knowing how you would be doing it, Lady Aurora. Unfortunately, there is something pressing that I need to attend to and if you don't mind, I would be more than willing to join you after noon?" Marceline inquired with the lady.

"I will be visiting Hollow Valley at noon. See if you can join me there," Lady Aurora offered a tight smile and her eyes slightly wide as if there was something she was very eager to do.

Marceline offered a slight bow and stepped inside the carriage, which was quick to move out of Moriartys' property.

Inside the mansion, Marquee Hooke was talking to Viscount Eduard in the Viscount's study. Viscount Eduard handed the man a scroll and said, "This was used for Annalise's birthday celebration. I think you might find all the names that you need here."

Marquee Hooke took the scroll from the Viscount and remarked, "I am so glad that you have been so accepting of the marriage between your son and my daughter, Eduard. This was something both our wives wanted from the beginning, didn't they?"

Viscount Eduard smiled at Marquee's words, "That is true. Annalise has been very keen to make an alliance between our families. Rosetta was the only potential girl she found, and we agreed to Vincent's choice because you know how stubborn he is."

"This is the reason any parents need to make sure their children are raised with the necessary amount of fear in their minds about the parents. Else it becomes very hard to control them," Marquee Hooke answered and added, "My daughter has been depressed since her poor aunt's death, but look at her now. She's happier than ever before. She has been smiling. This only tells what Aurora and I did has always been right. But no worries, you did try to do what you could after the first Lady passed away. It is good that you married Annalise."

"Thank you for your kind words, Walter," Viscount Eduard gave a tight smile. "I will have the butler look into the decorations of the ballroom and tell Annalise to keep an eye on it."

"That would be wonderful and generous of you. I would have hosted the soiree at Camille's mansion, but it would be insensitive of us. Considering my sister passed away a few days ago," Marquee Hooke moved his hands to emphasise it and sighed, "I wish things could be different, Eduard. But my sister's death has left a deep wound in our hearts. And we can only look at the brighter side and make things right. If I am not wrong, Katherina and Annalise weren't friends, were they?" A small chuckle escaped from the Marquee's lips.

Viscount Eduard didn't comment on it and stayed quiet. Katherina and Annalise belonged to two different kinds, and though they belonged to the same high society, he had heard from Katherina about what had happened in the past. 

"Well, I should get going. Aurora must be waiting for me," the Marquee announced.

"Let me walk you till the carriage," Viscount Eduard politely offered.

This little action led Marquee Hooke to confirm that the Viscount was on their side, unlike the strange son-in-law he was going to have. But one couldn't help but be careful, and before getting inside the carriage, he said,

"I hope everything will go smoothly without any hiccups. It would be terrible if Vincent tries to pull something that he shouldn't."

"Vincent has made a blood seal in the Council's registry. I don't think there is any need for you to worry about it," Viscount Eduard replied, and soon the Hooke's left the mansion. Lady Annalise, who had come to see the Hooke's off, stood beside her husband with a frown.

"Will it really go smoothly?" Lady Annalise asked her husband and sighed, "Can't we just reject holding the soiree and wait for the main day?"

"The Hooke's are being careful and are trying to spread the word with the thought that we won't be able to step back from what we have agreed upon. The more people know, the more we will be pressured to comply," Viscount Eduard replied as the smile on his face disappeared.

While Marquee and Marchioness Hooke climbed inside their carriage, Eve, who stood on the above floor in the piano room, watched the carriage leave the mansion.

An announcement of Vincent and Rosetta's marriage in two days, she didn't know how to feel about it. On one side, she felt uneasy; on the other, she tried to put her faith in Vincent's strategy.

"Eve!" Rosetta burst through the door with panic.

Chapter 345 Sneaking Around

Allie turned away from her book and looked slightly startled, with her eyes shifting to look at the vampiress, while the expression on her face barely changed, and after a second, she went back to solving the problems in her book.

Rosetta closed the door and made her way to where Eve stood. She said in a panicked voice, "D—do you t—think it is too late for me to run away from here? My parents are making sure to invite the Lords, the D—Dukes, and everyone else they have high contact with!"

"Calm down, Rosetta. Deep breaths," Eve breathed in and out, and Rosetta followed, who appeared to be hyperventilating.

"I don't think there's enough time for me to woo Eugene," Rosetta's red eyes widened in realisation. "He gave me a balm this morning for my palms. Is that love? Do you think he likes me? What if he isn't?!"

Eve wanted to be optimistic in Rosetta's situation, hoping Eugene would respond to the vampiress's feelings. But if Rosetta wasn't Eugene's type, this was a lost case, and they were only wasting their time with hope.

"Why don't you take a seat? And we can think of something that doesn't involve you running away."

Rosetta sat on the piano bench as she inhaled and exhaled loudly through her mouth, trying to calm her anxious nerves. She didn't know why her parents were making it difficult for her. Were money and status more vital to them than her happiness? She didn't even want to know the answer because the answer was in front of her.

Her parents didn't like her! Rosetta yelled in her mind.

Eve placed a comforting hand on Rosetta's shoulder and said, "Don't worry. Vincent has surely devised a plan so that you both won't be getting married to each other." There was more than one person who didn't want the marriage between Vincent and Rosetta to occur, and they were all working on it.

But Rosetta, who had grown up with a reputation, whispered as she thought about the future, "Everyone will know that I was going to get married, and then I didn't. The shame… You must have felt worse than me." The vampiress was talking about Eve's time with the people of Meadow. 

There was the change, Eve thought to herself. The vampiress, who was previously self-centred with only her feelings and emotions, was now thinking about others' feelings. She smiled at the thought of it.

"Why are you smiling?" Rosetta asked with a confused look.

"I am happy to know you. You are a good person, and I say this not because you are my friend," Eve praised the vampiress, whose mood brightened at her appreciating words. People like Rosetta showed that there were exceptions to the proud, arrogant vampires.

Once again the piano room's door opened, and it was Vincent, "Good, all of you are here." He noticed his sister turn to look at him, "Eyes on your book, hamster." Allie resumed her studies, while he closed the door behind him.

Vincent walked to where Eve stood and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Rosetta's eyebrows twitched. Here they were in crisis, and this man was busy romancing her best friend. Then suddenly, her shoulders slumped. She would be doing the same if she and Eugene were a couple, but then at the same time she blushed. She wondered what her beloved human was up to. Was he cooking? Or maybe cleaning. Maybe she should go and see, the vampiress thought to herself.

"Do you think her parents are going to call the members of the Council too?" Eve asked Vincent.

He gave her a nod, "That they will. They will invite the highest of the high members to the soiree. But that is fine, let them play and believe that they are in the advantage. It is always good to cheer for people on the other side. The more they fly, the worse their fall will be. Let it be an extravagant wedding to look forward to."

"I sometimes cannot believe that I am going against my parents," Rosetta muttered in worry. If her parents sniffed even a little bit of what she was doing behind their backs, they would skin her alive. She nodded to herself in nervousness and received looks from Vincent and Eve.

Vincent said to the vampiress, "Go see if you want another dress for the soiree."

"I don't care about my dress," Rosetta responded, and Vincent's eyes narrowed.

"Your parents have arranged for you to stay here, visiting them without a proper reason would raise doubts in their minds. Show them that you were in the wrong, and you have come to realise if it weren't for them, you would have lost an opportunity," Vincent instructed, and Rosetta's eyebrows furrowed. "This will lower their guard, and if they ask, tell them I am still being indifferent with you. This will lower their guards about you, and they will solely focus on me. You will be free from being tailed by your maid."

While an excited Rosetta left the piano room, Vincent and Eve stepped out too, as they didn't want to disturb Allie. They sneaked into the next room and closing the door, and Vincent pulled Eve into his arms.

"I missed you," Vincent leaned forward and kissed Eve's neck, hearing a soft sigh escape from her delicate lips. "Did you get enough sleep?" He pulled his face away from hers and looked into her blue eyes.

Vincent had come to find Eve, noticing how announcing his marriage to Rosetta had disturbed her. Though she didn't talk about it, he could tell it bothered her.

"I am alright. I will take a small nap when it is lunch time," Eve felt her eyes slightly burn because of the lack of sleep.

"You should get some sleep now. I don't think Allie would mind, she's a smart child. She will continue her work and get back to you when you are ready," Vincent tucked a piece of Eve's hair behind her ear. He took note of how Eve and Allie wore the same hairstyles today.

Eve shook her head and smiled, "That wouldn't be an ideal thing to do for a governess."

"Mm but you aren't just a governess here anymore. You are going to be my wife, a sister to Allie, and I don't think the hamster would want her sister to be tired when she can rest," Vincent felt the curves on either side of Eve's waist before he gripped it firmly. "I haven't slept either, want to join me?"

Eve chuckled at his suggestion and noticed how he looked serious. She asked, "You are serious? It's day and Blythe will be hot on our tail. Do you always have to live at the edge of danger?"

Vincent grinned, "It is the only way I know to live, else I feel dead with the paleness, my love. So, what do you say? I promise to try to keep my hands to myself," and his words stirred her quiet mind.

"My work, I need to—"

Vincent placed his finger on Eve's plump lips, brushing it gently enough to stir her emotions. He said, "I will let Allie know that her big sister needs some rest and that she continues with her studies. Don't worry, little girl, your employer won't cut your wage."

Eve asked him in a slight whisper, "How do you plan to do it without getting caught?"

Vincent's eyes darkened, picking up the willingness. He said with a lopsided smile, "Leave that to me."