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Chapter 316 Go Back To Woo!
Marquee and Marchioness Hooke returned to Lady Camille's mansion along with their daughter Rosetta. The butler helped in removing the coats from the trio, and inquired, "Would you like me to bring some tea?"

"No, we would like to be left alone, thank you, Myles," Lady Aurora dismissed the butler, and the butler bowed before leaving the place.

As the Hooke's walked away from the hallway and further into the corridor, Marquee Hooke said to his wife,

"I spoke to Eduard, and it seems like the Viscount has indeed decided to allow the marriage of their son with the human. And he had no clue about Camille's whereabouts."

Lady Aurora walked further inside the mansion with a grim expression, and when her family entered the room, she said, "The murder took place there and by Vincent's commands. I am sure of it. Especially considering all the facts that point to them." The older vampiress turned to her daughter and demanded, "What do you think you were doing earlier, Rosetta? Especially when you like the man."

Rosetta looked at her parents cluelessly and asked, "What did I do?"

"When Vincent Moriarty mentioned about you not marrying him, why did you deny it?" Her father questioned with a disappointed look.

"Because I don't want to marry him. I already told you he is not the man I want to marry," Rosetta explained and stepping forward, she said to her parents, "He likes Eve, and Eve likes him back. Isn't that perfect? What am I going to do in the middle wh--"


"In the middle?" Lady Aurora asked her daughter in a low tone while her palm burned after striking Rosetta's face. "You have the nerve to question us on the decision we take for you? How long are you going to live in your little world without knowing what is going on in the Hooke's family? We are trying to fix things here and you are intent on ruining it! If you don't marry Vincent, things are going to turn bad for us."

Rosetta felt the sting on her cheek and looked taken aback by the slap and her mother's words. She screamed back, "I am not marrying him! Why am I being forced to do this!"

"What is wrong with you!? Instead of having him as your husband, you are willing to throw it away for that human?"

"Why are you so intent on having me married to him?!" Rosetta questioned, feeling tears prick in her eyes even though she talked back to her mother, who looked furious at her.

Lady Aurora held a proud look but didn't look at her daughter. She said, "Because if you don't marry him, soon enough we will end up not being in high society and be out of it. The wealth we had has been depleting and we don't know how long we can survive. Your father is going to get the documents processed through the Council and we will be acquiring the money that your aunt has left behind. Do you want to move into a middle class family? Where you will be forced to work!"

"Father is a Marquee. Where did the money go?" Rosetta asked her mother, but neither of her parents answered her question.

Marquee Hooke ordered his daughter, "You have to marry Vincent. Not only is he a pureblooded vampire, but the wealth the Moriartys possess is enormous. We can sustain like this for maybe for ten more months, but we need to find a way to help our condition. The best is for you to marry someone of status."

Lady Aurora's eyes held a glare that scared Rosetta. The older vampiress said, "I know how to get Vincent to agree to me. With the murder of your aunt, I will make sure he gives in and has nowhere else to go. And for that I need your help, Rose. I know you won't disappoint me." She stepped forward and kissed her daughter's head. "You are a Hooke, you need to preserve our names. I am sure you have seen how people treat the ones in the lower status, and you don't want that now, do you?"

Rosetta shook her head, while still staring at her mother.

"I knew you would understand it if I explained it to you," Lady Aurora smiled at her daughter, and she said, "It's time to snatch the man to your side, Rosetta."

"I should snatch him back?" Rosetta repeated her mother's words.

Her mother responded, "Well, yes. I know you are friends with that human, but let us get back to reality here. You need to have a better life than her, unless you want to belong to a lower status and have everyone insult you. You are a rose, my daughter, and you should get the best. Now go get ready, and take advantage of being a 'friend' to that human. Go back to Moriarty mansion and change everyone's mind. In the meantime, your father and I will visit the Council."

Rosetta stared at her parents, questions in her mind about what led to the depletion of the family's wealth. She didn't want to court Vincent's affections, but at the same time, her mother pushing her to meet him also meant that she would get to meet Eugene.

She couldn't have her parents pushing her for marriage like this, and she knew she would have to let her feelings be known to the man she was in love with. With that thought, she walked to her room to get dressed again.

Once Rosetta wore a new dress, she went back to visit the Moriarty's mansion with nervousness marrying her face. She was greeted by the Moriarty's butler, who politely told her, "Ms. Barlow is at the moment teaching Miss Allie, would you like to wait for her in the drawing room?"

"Yes, I would like some tea and biscuits," Rosetta made herself at home, and for a moment, Alfie stared at the spoilt vampiress.

"Of course, milady," the butler bowed while Rosetta turned jittery.

She wondered if she should find Eugene. Or ask him to come to meet her? But would that be strange? But where was he now?

Chapter 317 Time For Confession

Music Recommendation: Lyrides- Jozef De Schutter


Instead of sitting still in her place, Rosetta decided to look for Eugene. She wasn't interested in drinking tea and doubted she could swallow any biscuits with the anxiousness that had built in the pit of her stomach.

The vampiress started to search for Eugene by walking out of the drawing-room, and when she came across a maid, the maid stopped walking and offered her a bow. Rosetta demanded from the maid, "Where is Eugene?"

The maid raised her head and blinked, not knowing whom the vampiress was asking for. Rosetta rolled her eyes as if she was talking to an idiot. She said, "The man who came with Genevieve Barlow. Where is he?"

"Oh! Yes, milady, I believe he was told by the butler to clean the floor in the East wing," the maid quickly answered. Rosetta looked left and right, unsure which side she was supposed to go, and the maid raised her hand and pointed out to her left, "This side, milady."

"Of course, I knew that much. I was pondering on something," Rosetta softly harrumphed before continuing to walk as she looked for Eugene.

After three good minutes, where Rosetta turned slightly lost because of the number of corridors and passages in the mansion with many servants walking up and down to clean, she finally found him. Eugene stood in one of the corridors with a bucket of water and a mop. He dipped one end of the mop in the water, squeezing it before he started to mop the floor.

The man was in his mid thirties, his black hair combed to the side, where one piece of his hair had settled on his forehead after the amount of work he had been doing without a pause and he hadn't paid attention to his appearance. He wore a different attire than Rosetta was used to looking at him, an attire that belonged to the Moriarty family. A white shirt and black trousers. His eyes looked tired, even though his body was trained for the life of labour he was born in.

Rosetta wiped her clammy hands against her expensive skirt, and when one of the servants walked past her, she finally walked to where he was.

Eugene saw a shadow on the floor, and he turned to see if it was one of the servants of the Moriarty mansion who had come to pass him a message. But his eyes turned weary when he noticed it was the Marquee's daughter, Rosetta Hooke. He offered her a small bow, and Rosetta, who had never bowed her head to a servant or spared a look at people who were beneath her status, felt compelled to return his bow.

Rosetta and Eugene stared at each other with different emotions in their eyes. But when Eugene's eyes carried a questioning look to the woman, the vampiress suddenly blushed and turned her face away to hide it.

You can do it, Rose! Rosetta pumped words of encouragement to herself. There was nothing she couldn't do! She was the Marquee and Marchioness's daughter! But at the same time, she remembered the words spoken to her by her parent's a while ago. That her family was going to lose all the wealth soon.

Rosetta, who had grown up with wealth around her and a life of luxury without facing any hardship, didn't care much about it, even though she used her family status to throw in a person's face whenever she needed. She knew her parents would be very angry once they found out about her and Eugene, but they would come around, wouldn't they? After all, she was their only daughter.

Eugene asked her, "Would you like me to take you to where Miss Eve is, milady?"

Rosetta turned to meet Eugene's black eyes that held no lustre. She cleared her throat and said, "No, I am here to meet you."

Eugene was taken aback by the vampiress's words and he asked her, "How can I help you, milady?"

Rosetta looked around the place before asking, "Can we go to a quieter place?"

"Quieter place?" Don't tell me she wants to drink my blood even now, came the thought in Eugene's mind.

Thankfully, Rosetta cleared his doubt by saying, "Yes, I need to talk about something," and a slight relief entered Eugene's mind, and he nodded. He led her to the quieter side of the mansion where no servants would disturb them.

Eugene was cautious with Rosetta, not knowing if the vampiress was here to ask about her aunt's death. He watched her, wondering what she wanted to tell him.

On the other hand, Rosetta didn't know how to start, and she said, "My parents want me to marry Vincent Moriarty, but I don't want to," she pursed her lips for a few seconds and then continued, "He is not the person whom I want to marry because the person I want to marry is someone else on my mind."

Eugene wasn't sure why the young, wealthy vampiress was telling such personal matters to him. He politely advised her, "You should discuss this with your parents, milady. Maybe you could come to an agreement. Take the man you like to meet them." Considering how prideful and spoiled this vampiress was, he imagined her to have chosen someone of her own status.

Not wanting to beat around the bush, Rosetta said, "Come with me."

"For support? I think Miss Eve would be a better option to accompany you with something so important, milady," Eugene humbly denied her invitation with a bow, but this only agitated the vampiress.

"No, not support. I--uh, I wanted to tell something else not that," Rosetta had begun to sweat because as much as she had followed Eugene until now, her ability to confess had been washed out like the morning wind blowing away the dried leaves on the streets of the town.

"Okay," Eugene patiently waited for her to finish her words. At least it didn't look like she wanted to suck his blood.

Rosetta's eyes wandered everywhere before it came to meet Eugene's eyes, and she took a deep breath before confessing her feelings for him, "Eugene. I love you."

Eugene stared at the vampiress with a speechless look, not knowing if she was making a prank, and he looked around them to make sure no one had heard it. He slightly chuckled and said, "That almost got me, milady. But you shouldn't joke about such things. I should get back to my work," he bowed.

Rosetta's eyebrows furrowed, and she saw him turn around, ready to leave. She repeated, "I am in love with you, Eugene. Since we first met, and I am being serious."

The small smile that was present on Eugene's lips fell. He turned back to meet the vampiress's serious eyes. He said, "I--uh, I don't know what to say."

If Rosetta had a beating heart, it would have been pounding in her chest. Blood rushed to her face, adrenaline coursing through her body, and she stared at him. She had finally confessed! Finally, she and Eugene could be together!

Rosetta fidgeted a little with nervousness, waiting for Eugene's acceptance and then heard him say,

"I am sorry, but I cannot return your feelings."

Chapter 318 It Is For The Best

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The butterflies that were flapping in Rosetta's stomach disappeared. She felt her stomach drop on the ground. Her nervous smile and hope vanished and was replaced with an ache. She stared at Eugene, who stared back at her.

Rosetta asked him, "You don't like me?"

She knew she wasn't as pretty as Eve or smart compared to the other vampiresses in her society, but she was ready to work to achieve it. There was nothing she couldn't achieve if she put her mind to do it.

"Lady Rosetta," Eugene drew a sharp line between them, subtly hinting at the difference in their status, "You shouldn't be expressing such things with me when you are very aware of my status. Your family will be disappointed if they hear about it and it would be better if you don't mention it to them or anyone else."

"My family doesn't hold my heart, but you do. I don't care about the difference in our status and if that is what worries you, you shouldn't pay attention to it, Eugene," and when Rosetta took a step towards the man, he took a step backwards to maintain a distance between them and his action hurt her.

Eugene didn't know if this was a ploy by the Hooke family and if it wasn't, he didn't know what action of his misled the vampiress to think that he would be okay with her feelings for him. Clearly the young, spoiled vampiress lived inside her own world, not realising the reality they were part of. He said,

"I think it would be best for you to forget about your feelings for me and marry a man who belongs to your status."

"You didn't answer my question, Eugene. Do you not like me?" Rosetta held her breath.

"I only see you as Miss Eve's friend, and nothing more than that. I hope that answers your question," Eugene curtly replied, and the vampiress shook her head, with hurt starting to brew in her chest.

"That doesn't answer my question. Do you not like me?" She repeated her question, her words more firm.

,m "I don't."

A chill passed through Rosetta's body, and her heart broke from hearing his answer. Was she unlovable? She asked herself. Was it her being unappealing? She asked him,

"Why not? Do you like someone?" Was it Eve? Was that why he was protective about her... and the thought left a pinch in her mind.

She then said, "I am ready to improve myself to be a better person for you. I don't ask much from you but you. Yo--"

"Lady Rosetta, it is only because you are Miss Eve's friend and the only reason I exchange words with you. Else for what your mother did to Lady Aubrey, I would have never looked at your face. Miss Eve might have a kind heart, but I only possesses kindness to the ones who are close and dear to me," noticing Rosetta's confused expression, he said, "Your mother crushed two toes from Lady Aubrey's foot and she has made it clear to Miss Eve to steer away from you. If you really care about us, then you will stop thinking about this to avoid any trouble."

Rosetta's heart broke for the very first time, and she stared at Eugene, the man she believed would accept her. After all, he had shown her kindness without expecting anything in return. His words and polite actions had won her over, and now she was hurt. She said,

"I didn't mean to bring any trouble to you or Eve... I didn't know that my mother mistreated Lady Aubrey in such a harsh manner..." Rosetta noticed how Eugene looked serious, as if he wasn't going to change his mind.

"It is something you wouldn't have known, milady. But now that you do, I hope you understand the gravity of the situation we are all in," Eugene responded to her. If it weren't for her, Miss Eve would not have killed the vampiress, and things wouldn't be complicated. And who knew how close the dead woman was to this vampiress. There was no assurance that she would still be friends with Miss Eve if she knew the truth.

Rosetta's hands clenched just like her heart did and she apologised, "I would like to ask for forgiveness on behalf of my mother. What if I said I will leave my status behind and would like to make a life with you?"

Eugene stared at the vampiress and offered her a smile, "Are you willing to mop the floor? Serve food for the people who belong to your status like a maid, milady? Can you carry the dirty clothes to the river to wash it?"

"I can try..." Rosetta whispered, who looked like an abandoned puppy.

"I don't believe it is what you truly want, milady. You deserve a better life, not one that belongs to the servants," Eugene tried to make her understand and continued, "Love is never enough to lead a life. There are many other things that need to be taken into account that you haven't. You should go back and forget about it because what you wish for, it cannot happen."

More importantly, Marquee and Marchioness Hooke would hunt him, Lady Aubrey, and maybe even Miss Eve as she wasn't married to Mr. Vincent Moriarty yet. And Eugene wasn't willing to put the only family he knew in danger.

Rosetta looked embarrassed but more importantly, hurt. She didn't stay there for a second more and ran away from the corridor and out of the Moriarty mansion with tears in her eyes.

"Tsk tsk! Don't you think you were a little too harsh on her?" Timotei jumped on the edge of the open window with his tail swishing back and forth. "Imagine the wealth you would acquire if you were to marry her. From rags to riches, how wonderful. Yet you turned out to be a heartbreaker, tch."

"It is for everyone's good. Her mother will hunt us down, if she even gets a whiff of her daughter's thoughts," Eugene responded with a deep frown, while he looked in the direction in which the vampiress had run away. "And I don't want to die this soon."

Chapter 319 Looking For A Trail

Eve, who had taken a break from teaching Allie, stepped into the balcony of the piano room in time she noticed Rosetta hastily leaving the Moriarty mansion. The young vampiress didn't get into her carriage but walked past it. Crossing the mansion's gates, Rosetta walked on the streets, wiping her cheeks with both her hands.

Wondering what had happened to her friend, Eve turned and saw Allie busily writing in her book. She said to the little girl, "Give me a moment, Allie. I will be back in five minutes."

Allie nodded, and Eve offered the small girl a smile before stepping out of the room. When she reached the ground floor and neared the hallways, she met Alfie holding a tray in his hand and asked him, "Did Rosetta come to visit here?"

The butler bowed and replied, "Lady Rosetta did arrive here a while ago, but she left in haste."

That was strange, Eve thought to herself. It was very un-Rosetta-like to come here and to leave without meeting her. She hoped everything was okay with Rosetta.

Away from the Moriarty mansion, Rosetta Hooke after walking and crossing the streets, she finally reached her deceased aunt's mansion, and when the main door opened, she walked past the mansion's butler without a word, and went straight to her room. She fell on the bed, sobbing her tears into the pillow. Was she so unlikeable that no one ever accepted her the way she was? Perhaps she had misread Eugene's actions the first time when she had met him.

After coming to know how he despised and disliked her family, Rosetta's heart was broken into pieces. She whispered to herself, "No one will ever love me..."

Same time in another place in the town of Darthmore, it was the day of execution. Ex-inner circle's councilman Sylvester was led by two guards on either side towards the gallows, while the other inner circle's councilmen, Clayton, the head of the Council and a few others like Vincent, Noah and lower ranked councilman stood not too far from the wooden gallows, waiting to see the execution of the man convicted for the murder of Jones Folwer.

Another member of the Inner circle councilman Mr. Hart murmured to a fellow councilman, "It is unfortunate that we don't know why he killed Fowler. Not a drop of information was spilled by him. One who saw them together would think that they were on good terms."

"Doesn't it only say no one is ever a friend, Mr. Hart," stated the councilman next to him, and Mr. Hart nodded. The man then turned to look at the Duke of Woodlock and whispered to Mr. Hart, "Did he tell the Duke about anything?"

Mr. Hart noticed the Duke holding an emotionless look on his face and replied in a low voice, "No information was found."

Vincent stepped forward, coming to stand next to Noah and asked, "You didn't appeal to the Council for his release from the dungeon. Did you lose trust in him?"

"I have come to believe there are some things that need to be left in the hands of the Council. I doubt you would have purposefully framed him like the others," Noah calmly replied. As the two stood a few steps away from the others, people couldn't hear them speak but only noticed their lips barely moved.

"Such faith in me. I feel very honoured for the work I do for the Council, Duke Noah," Vincent's eyes brightened up with amusement, but the Duke was not amused. "As the accused is tied to you closely, you will be watched very closely but I doubt there's anything to watch at all. If you found the person whom Sylvester is working for, maybe we could still spare his life."

Noah turned to meet Vincent's curious, probing eyes and replied, "You should ask the dying man, as he's the one with the answers."

The guards and Sylvester stood on the gallows, where Sylvester's hands were tied in iron shackles, and so were his ankles tied to each other with a short iron chain. Clayton, who stood near the gallows, questioned the accused,

"I believe you are already aware why you are here. Is there anything you would like to say, Sylvester, before you are executed?"

Sylvester held a faint smile, and his eyes filled with emptiness, where he looked relaxed. He answered, "No." The man was a pureblooded vampire, and some council members couldn't fathom why a man like him would conspire the murder of a fellow inner circle member.

"Very well then," Clayton turned to look at the executioner and actioned him to proceed.

A black cloth was put over Sylvester's head, and a loose noose was around his neck. Though a pureblooded vampire couldn't die by being hung on the gallows, the Council liked to follow traditional methods along with the ways to kill vampires.

Soon a loaded gun was handed to the executioner with silver bullets in it, who placed it on the side of Sylvester's head. The nozzle of the gun was much bigger than usual. During this time, Noah watched his mentor being ready to be shot. He wondered what secret Sylvester was protecting, while holding whys in his mind.

Not a moment later, the executioner pulled the trigger of the gun, and Sylvester's head blew like a ripened pumpkin being thrown on the ground. Blood splattered on the gallows, and the body fell to the ground.

Vincent crossed his heart, and Noah turned to him, saying, "I didn't know you believed in such things."

"Unfortunately, some of my mother's human teachings didn't leave me," Vincent replied and then said, "I am sorry for your loss."

Most of the council members started to disperse from the place as the execution was done and there was nothing more to do near the gallows. Before Vincent could leave the place, Noah said, "Are you still on Fowler's case? If yes, I would like to know who ordered Sylvester to kill Fowler and why."

,m Vincent turned intrigued by Noah's request. He replied, "If that is what you want, sure. I have something to ask you too. By any chance, do you know anyone who recently visited Berkshire?"

"Genevieve?" Noah questioned, not knowing if the vampire was testing him for something.

A smile formed on the pureblooded vampire's face, "Well, yes. Eve was with me, but I mean a werewolf. You see, after we left Berkshire, we were attacked by a bunch of werewolves in the middle of the night and Eve almost, and I mean almost got hurt. I was perhaps wondering, if you know of any of your kind who went missing... because of me. I believe someone wasn't happy that I put Sylvester behind the cell." 

"None that have come to my notice," Noah responded and at the same time wondered if the person who sent werewolves to attack Vincent was the same person his mentor worked for. "I will look into it."

Vincent gave him a nod, "Until we meet again then," and he headed towards the Council's main building, while Noah stood in the same place, staring at the lifeless body of his mentor that was now being picked up by the guards from the gallows.

On reaching Clayton's chamber, Vincent knocked on the door and stepped inside the room, where the head of the Council was alone and sat behind his desk. The small looking vampire stared at him as if he wanted to kill Vincent with his glares.

"Do you always wake up so grumpily?" Vincent inquired with Clayton.

"You should be in the dungeon for the chaos you caused last night in the human town. What were you even thinking by burning down the town?!"

"Winter is here, I thought they could use some warmth as their souls have grown cold," Vincent answered in a nonchalant tone, as he walked towards the desk. "Don't worry, Clayton. I stayed there to warm my soul too and damn did the warmth sink deep into my soul."

Clayton gritted his teeth while glaring at Vincent, "One more toe off the line, and don't think you will be covered for it. Your actions were unreasonable, so you better do some damage control."

"That is already in progress since this morning. I am sure they will praise and love the Council for the support being shown towards them," Vincent picked up a grape from the bunch of fruits placed in the bowl and threw it in his mouth. "Actually, you should punish them back."

"Keep your personal matters to yourself rather than causing disruption everywhere, Vincent. There are other important matters to handle, which is filling Sylvester's shoes in the Inner Council."

"You keep on forgetting that I am working for you temporarily and Sylvester's shoes don't interest me nor does Fowler's. I am better off working without the rules set up for the rest," Vincent made his intention clear, and the two stared at each other. "My arm was torn. What about that?"

Clayton's eyes fell on Vincent's arms, and he remarked, "They appear to be in perfect condition."

Vincent rolled his eyes and said, "That's because I joined it back. But imagine if I couldn't. How would I carry my bride to be in both my arms, in a romantic way?"

The Head of the Council stared at Vincent in slight frustration. Not only were the council members and the people of the inner council pushing his buttons, but to make matters worse, Vincent was trying to stir the pot which he usually liked to do.

Clayton who then picked on what Vincent earlier said, asked, "Bride to be? You are getting married?"

"Unless it translates to killing more people, well then yes," Vincent's eyes sparkled. "Without a doubt, you are invited. You can accompany my little sister Allie," the grin on his lips broadened when he noticed Clayton scowl at him.

"Bless the woman's sanity who marries you," Clayton muttered under his breath.

"That she does have. You have met Ms. Barlow. What more blessing do you need when I am in your life," Vincent picked another grape and popped it into his mouth. Clayton, who had just gotten back to look at the parchments in his hands, looked up from it to look at the pureblooded vampire in front of him. Did he mean misery instead of a blessing? "By the way, I want you to explain to me what happened the first time we met."

The blank expression on the small vampire's face didn't change. He asked, "Why?"

"Not the gore, but just you and me. How we started our great chemistry? What did you feel when you shook my hand?" Vincent placed his hands on the chair in front of the desk and leaned forward.

"Intense darkness," Clayton deadpanned with his eyes dully looking at Vincent. "Why?"

"I was curious if you found someone else apart from me. With similar energy within them," Vincent continued to probe for information.

"I don't think I ever have. You are the special one," Clayton responded, and Vincent softly chuckled.

"I wish that was true, but recently I came to find that there is another person who holds similar energy as me. My bet is on the current Duke of Woodlock."

"Noah Sullivan?" Clayton questioned in doubt and stated, "I didn't sense any such thing from him."

"And what if he's hiding it, not letting anyone know?" Vincent replied with another question.

"Even if he is, why are you curious about it? Why so suddenly?" Clayton wondered what was going on, but Vincent only shrugged his shoulders.

Not a moment later, the door of Clayton's chamber was knocked upon by someone and soon appeared Marquee and Marchioness Hooke with another councilman next to them. Clayton stood up from his seat and greeted the high positioned couple of the high society, "Welcome to Darthmore, Marquee and Marchioness Hooke."

Vincent turned to look at Lady Aurora and their eyes met. The vampiress appeared proud and confident with a subtle triumphant smile on her lips. Marquee Hooke greeted Clayton, "A pleasure to be here at Darthmore."

"The pleasure is all mine," Clayton put up a business-like smile and could feel the rising tension in the atmosphere.

The councilman who entered the chamber along with the Hookes looked at Vincent before shifting his gaze to the Head of the Council and informed, "Sire, Marquee and Marchioness are here to discuss about their relative, Lady Camille Wright's murder." The man walked towards Clayton with a file and then offered it to the Head of the Council, "Here is the relevant information of evidence that you might want to have a look at."

Lady Aurora raised her hand for the councilman to stop talking so she could take over the discussion. She addressed Clayton,

"Mr. Turner," grabbing his attention for a moment, who had started to read the papers in the file he was handed, "The copies have been kept in a safe too, so that there are copies of it. My sister-in-law was brutally murdered and it is a pity that you couldn't find the person behind it. With all the evidence pointing and people whom I will bring forward to speak, I would like you to detain Mr. Moriarty in the dungeon for murdering Camille," her eyes shifted to meet Vincent, while her nose tipped up.

Chapter 320 Evidence Of The Eyes

Clayton went through the documents handed over to him, the frown on his face turning deeper. In the meantime, Lady Aurora stepped in front of Vincent and said, "Is fear finally coming to settle in on what is going to happen to you?"

"So scared that I cannot express how I feel about it," Vincent sarcastically replied to Lady Aurora's words, and the vampiress's eyes slightly narrowed at his words.

"Still holding the cocky attitude as if you have all the cards with you. I gave you an option, but you refused to accept it. You left me with no other choice," Lady Aurora smiled at him with a triumphant smirk.

Vincent clicked his tongue and said, "I didn't expect you to move so fast. And here I was, considering accepting your proposal."

Lady Aurora responded, "It isn't too late."

"Mm, I think I lost my mood for it. But you can take all your evidence back with you. I am sure it can add some more flame to your fireplace," Vincent didn't hold back his tongue for the vampiress, and his words only annoyed Lady Aurora that much more.

Lady Aurora schooled her expression before she said, "Your arrogance is going to put you in a deeper pit than the one you dug out for Camille. Haven't you heard? Arrogance leads to a person's downfall, especially when you don't know who you are against." She was older, wiser and more experienced than this young pureblooded vampire who thought he could surprise her.

"I didn't know you like to joke, Lady Aurora. Especially when your arrogance is as much as mine, to think you can corner me with something so simple," Vincent responded with his coppery-red eyes staring back at the woman with a glint in them.

"I would like to see if you will smile the same when you stand behind the dungeon cell. What do you think, Head of the Council?" Lady Aurora challenged Vincent before she shifted her eyes to look at Clayton, who hadn't stopped reading the evidence that the Hookes had collected.

In the meantime, Vincent looked at the councilman who was now working for the Hooke couple and questioned him, "Byron. How are you doing? Enjoying the new case?"

The councilman turned to look at Vincent with a hint of weariness in his eyes. He responded with, "Making sure everyone gets justice."

"What a noble man you are. I am sure the Hooke's have rewarded you for taking up the case," Vincent hummed, and Clayton closed the file in his hand.

The Head Council held a grim look on his face, and he looked unhappy with what was about to happen. He asked, "Marquee Hooke, do you have the maid and the people who saw Vincent when he spoke to Lady Camille's coachman, who has gone missing since her death?"

Marquee Hooke nodded, "We do. In fact, they are waiting right outside. We thought it would be best to get their statements so that you can hear it now and know, before Mr. Moriarty decides to make them disappear."

Vincent didn't respond to it and calmly listened and watched them. Lady Aurora said, "I am sure those will be enough? I would request you to put Vincent Moriarty behind the cell for the pain and loss he has caused us."

Clayton's eyebrows were furrowed, and he asked, "The letter, who is it written by?"

"It is written by my daughter Rosetta. She has mentioned Moriarty mansion as well as the governess of the Moriarty family. Camille's butler, Myles, told us that he found a similar letter which he gave to Camille before she ordered the carriage to the Moriarty mansion," Lady Aurora responded with her chin up.

"This isn't enough evidence, Lady Aurora. We need something more concrete if you are trying to accuse Vincent as the culprit," Clayton replied, and his lips set themselves in a thin line. "A letter with just three lines in them isn't sufficient."

Lady Aurora raised her hand, turning to the side and the councilman who was with them left the room. She then turned back to the Head Council and said, "Myles isn't lying, and he is the loose thread that Vincent forgot to tie. He knew that leaving the coachman alive would let everyone know that Camille went to visit the Moriarty mansion. They killed her in the mansion, making it appear as if she was at another person's mansion, when the person has no idea about it. Don't you think it is a little too convenient?"

Marquee Hooke supported his wife's words by adding, "Mr. Turner," he addressed the small-looking vampire, "I have heard of how you share a bond with this young man, but you should know better to save your position than to save a murderer. Less a man who killed my sister," he offered a small smile, and the Marquee's words didn't sit well with Clayton.

"Are you trying to threaten me, Marquee Hooke?" Unlike Vincent, Clayton wasn't fond of jokes and stared at the couple with a serious look.

"There's no need to be upset about my words, Clayton. I was only stating what can happen, nothing more than that," Marquee Hooke answered with a smile.

Soon the councilman returned with the maid who belonged to the Moriarty mansion and a man. The maid didn't raise her head. She clutched onto her skirt. The councilman informed Clayton, "This is one of the maids from the Moriarty mansion." He looked at the maid and said, "Tell us what you told us earlier."

Vincent recognised the maid and noticed the poor woman fumbling for words while her eyes darted to the ground without meeting anyone's eyes. The maid stuttered, "I--I, the day when Lady Camille went missing, she had come to visit the mansion."

"And," Lady Aurora prompted with a slight glare.

The maid was sweating out of fear and anxiousness. On one side, she was a maid at the Moriartys mansion; on the other side, she had been given money to speak the truth against Vincent. The Hooke's had mentioned that if Vincent was in the cell, there wasn't anything she would have to worry about, and she would be able to flee from here. Go far away with the money in her hand. But it wasn't easy as she felt his eyes weigh heavily on her.

Marquee Hooke encouraged the maid, "You have our full protection and the Council's. Isn't that right, Head Council? So that this poor woman can speak the truth."

The maid finally blurted out, "Lady Camille had come to the mansion the day when she went missing. She looked angry and I saw her walk in the corridor."

Clayton asked, "Are you sure about it? And what happened later?"

The maid shook her head, "I --I continued with my work. It was the last time I saw her there, Sire... There was a carriage in front of the mansion which Lady Marceline had inquired about." She was there when the vampiress had questioned about it to the butler, but they didn't know whose carriage it was.

"That doesn't tell that Vincent was the one who killed--"

The councilman who was working on the case for the Hookes stated, "Head Council, may I point out that the Moriarty family reported that Lady Camille never visited the mansion when the investigation took place. It was after a lot of work that this maid here decided to speak the truth to provide justice to Lady Camille Wright's murder." He said, "I think we should summon Lady Marceline Moriarty here for questioning. And until then, keep Mr. Moriarty in the dungeon for possible so that no evidence disappears."

"You seem to be to keen to see me behind the cell," Vincent's eyes brightened, and the councilman, who wasn't particularly fond of him, responded,

"Your words don't intimidate me, Mr. Moriarty."

"I didn't even say anything for you to feel intimidated, scared little chicken," Vincent taunted, and he sighed before saying, "Alright, let us get this over with."


The people in the room stared at Vincent. It was Marquee Hooke, Lady Aurora and the councilman in the room whose mouth was left slightly ajar at Vincent's lack of fear or worry to end up in the dungeon. Clayton closed his eyes for a moment. The Head Council took a deep breath, before exhaling.