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Chapter 321 Subtle Warning


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It was only the time near noon, when one of the councilmen arrived at the Moriarty mansion with a scroll of parchment in his hand. Lunch was being set up in the dining room, and on hearing the sound of the carriage pulled in front of the mansion's entrance, Eve who was passing by there appeared in the hallways to see if Vincent had arrived home.

The councilman was greeted by Alfie, who offered the man a bow. The councilman informed, "Is Lady Marceline Moriarty present in the mansion? There is something important I would like to talk to her about."

Alfie shook his head, "Lady Marceline isn't here as she left the mansion early this morning. Is there something you would like me to relay to her about?" the butler politely asked the person.

The councilman was none other than the person who was handling Lady Camille's murder case, and he was displeased by the butler's response. Byron said, "I would like to sit here and wait until she arrives. Or if you can tell me where she went, I will meet her directly there to save time."

"Unfortunately, Lady Marceline didn't inform where she was going when she left the mansion. Forgive me for not being able to be helpful. Maybe you would like to speak to the Viscount?" The butler suggested, and Eve, who was at the other end of the hallways made her way to where they were.

"Is everything alright?" Eve asked Alfie, as the councilman appeared hostile and not in the mood to leave the place.

The butler smiled at her, "Yes, milady. This man here is looking for Lady Marceline."

The councilman refused the butler's suggestion and said, "My business here is with Lady Marceline. I will wait for her until she arrives. Also, I would like to inform that Vincent Moriarty is now facing interrogation and temporarily placed in the dungeon under the suspect of Lady Camille Wright's murder. Enough proof has been submitted on this matter to the Head Council."

"What?" Eve whispered in shock, and the butler was taken aback too. "When did this happen?"

"Just an hour ago. Before I left Darthmore," the councilman named Bryon, responded to Eve's question, "I think instead of sitting down and waiting for Lady Marceline, I would like to question something with the people here who failed to answer the truth earlier. I would like to start with you, the butler."

Eve couldn't believe that Vincent was put in the dungeon, and she said to Alfie, "I will go visit Darthmore."

"Wait a minute, Miss…" the councilman stopped Eve.

"Ms. Barlow. Genevieve Barlow," Eve said her name.

"Ms. Barlow, I am a councilman. Hatice Byron. I have a few questions for you, I would appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes of yours to answer the questions?"

Eve gave him a nod, "Okay."

"Let me lead you to the drawing room," Alfie led the councilman and Eve to the room. And once they reached the room, he hurried out of there to inform the Viscount about the councilman's presence and his master's current situation.

Once Eve and the councilman entered the place, she gestured to the person towards the couch, "Please take a seat," and took one herself. "What would you like to know?" She asked him, while all she wanted to do right now was to see how Vincent was doing.

Byron took a seat, leaning his back against the couch, while locking his fingers. He said, "I am sure you have already answered it before, but it seems that there were some loose ends. Did you by any chance see Lady Camille the day she went missing?"

Eve shook her head, "No, I didn't."

"Are you sure about it?" Byron repeated the question, his light red eyes staring into her blue eyes.

"Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't. My work here has been teaching Viscount Eduard's youngest daughter as a governess. Teaching is all I have been concerned with, before going straight home," Eve responded to the councilman.

As Eve gave her answer, the councilman, who was a vampire, tried to tune in his hearing ability with the woman's heartbeat, trying to find an abnormal heartbeat when she would lie. But so far, her heartbeat seemed normal.

"Did you hear anything about her in this mansion?" The man continued to question her.

"Nothing that not everyone is already aware of," Eve answered. This had the councilman raise his eyebrows.

"And that is?"

"That Lady Camille was found in Darthmore and she was murdered. Lady Camille's niece, Rosetta Hooke, who is also my friend" Eve stared back at the councilman.

"I heard that Vincent now wants to marry you. Considering the man's reputation, it must have been hard to gain his affections," Byron paused for a moment, looking at the door where no one had arrived and with just them in the room, he said in a low voice, "Marchioness Hooke mentioned about your aunt in Berkshire. I pray that she will travel back safely home, considering whom you decided to lock your horns with."

"I wasn't aware that councilmen liked to threaten people this openly," Eve held her ground, while deep down she became worried about her aunt's life. The Hookes wouldn't harm her aunt, would they? Her aunt had nothing to do with Rosetta or Hooke family.

"I am not sure if you are feigning innocence about Vincent's actions, or you just don't know whom you have tangled yourself with," Byron said to her. "It would be best for you to leave this town and don't come back. You are a lowly human who is aiming too high and will fall quite badly."

Eve wondered if this man had come here to relay a message by Lady Aurora. She answered, "I did it once, but it didn't go well. I don't think I want to do it again. Not to mention, these lands are my home just as much as it is yours, Councilman."

Chapter 322 Re-Investigating The Murder


The councilman had already heard about this young woman through Lady Aurora Hooke's mouth. He said in a low voice,

"If you know something about the murder, Ms. Barlow, it isn't too late. Your punishment will be minimised for hiding something important. I ask you again, are you sure you don't know what happened to Lady Camille the time she went missing?"

Eve had hoped that this matter wouldn't come to rise again. But it seemed like Lady Camille didn't let her in peace even after her death. Not only that, for a murder that she had committed, Vincent was facing consequences as the culprit.

She wondered in what state Vincent was, and worry started to form on her forehead. She replied, "I don't know."

Soon Viscount Eduard, with his wife and the butler, arrived at the front of the room and entered it. Viscount Eduard demanded, "What is going on, Byron?"

Byron stood up from the couch, offering a bow to the Viscount and he said, "Viscount Eduard, pardon me for my rudeness but evidences by the Hookes have cropped in the case of Lady Camille's murder, and Vincent has been put under questioning."

At the same time, Marceline had only arrived at the front of the mansion and was on her way to meet her little sister to ask where her little sister's old fangs were, when she noticed her family in the drawing room along with a councilman.

"Vincent couldn't have killed Lady Camille. Don't you think you are accusing him for no reason?" Viscount Eduard questioned in slight anger.

Marceline stepped inside the room. Bowing her head to her parents in greeting, she asked, "What is a councilman doing here?"

Byron offered her a bow and said, "Lady Marceline. You have been summoned at the Council in front of the Head Council for questioning. I would be delighted if you would cooperate with me."

Eve didn't know if this was a good idea for the council members to question Marceline. Especially when Vincent was the reason she had been dull as she had been defanged. She noticed how Vincent's family members held the same thought. Marceline readily nodded in agreement.

"I doubt my brother has murdered Lady Camille, but I always prefer to stand with justice. Let us go," Marceline offered a slight smile with her false expression, stepping out of the room with the councilman.

After two minutes passed, Eve turned to Vincent's father and asked, "Viscount Eduard, is it alright if I visit Vincent right now?"

"I will be visiting him too. You can ride in the same carriage," Viscount responded and Alfie quickly ran out of the room to inform the coachman to prepare the carriage for their travel to Darthmore.

Soon Viscount Eduard and Eve left in the carriage, which followed Councilman Byron's carriage not far from them. The ride was quiet, as they had similar worries, and Eve held her hands on her lap.

Eve hoped Vincent was alright and they hadn't started to torture him. Given that the pureblooded vampire was always busy burying someone, but this time it was because of her that he was behind the cell bars. It was her murder, and he had taken the blame while sheltering her.

"Don't worry about Vincent, Ms. Barlow," Eve heard Viscount Eduard speak to her. She turned away from the window to look at him. "He'll be fine and be out of there in no time."

Eve managed a small smile that didn't reach her eyes. She asked him, "What if he's unable to get out of it?"

"It is Vincent. He won't die with a mere execution," Viscount Eduard's old eyes smiled at her. She gave him a nod. He then said, "Byron works for Marquee Hooke, and is a loyal councilman to the Hookes. Whatever evidence they used against Vincent to trap him, they have been planning to use it for some time now and it isn't something that they found this morning."

But there was something that did worry him. It was his daughter Marceline who could tip the scales of problems right now.

When they finally reached Darthmore and the carriage pulled over at the front of the Council's main building, the coachman got down from his seat and opened the door. Viscount Eduard stepped down from the carriage and was followed by Eve. Marceline was taken by the councilman, Byron, while Eve and the Viscount went straight to the dungeon to see how he was doing.

Upon reaching the dungeon, Eve noticed a few men guarding and they offered their deepest bow to the Viscount.

"I am here to see Vincent. Where is he being held?" Viscount Eduard asked the guards.

"In ground level one, Sire. Would you want me to take you to him?" One of the guards politely asked, keeping the Viscount's status in his mind.

"That won't be needed, I know the way," Viscount Eduard stated, and he stepped in, but when Eve followed, the guard stopped her. He quickly said, "She is with me. You can let her pass."

The guards stepped away, and Eve finally stepped inside the dungeon of the Council for the very first time. The place was bright, with light passing through the little windows of every cell, but when they took the stairs to reach the floor below it, the place needed fire torches as there was no window or light in there.

Eve's feelings suddenly took over her heartbeat as it grew anxious to see Vincent.

"It is always good to have visitors, especially when you are behind these rusted bars," Vincent stated, and both Eve and Vincent's father stopped walking when they found him standing in one of the cells.

"Are you okay?" Viscount Eduard asked his son, not liking that his son stood on the other side of the corridor.

"Fantastic as usual. Did you speak to Clayton?" Vincent questioned, and Eduard shook his head.

"Not yet, but I will be going to his chambers. They have summoned Marceline for questioning," Eduard informed his son. "I will get you out of here," he promised, and Eve could sense the worry in the Viscount's voice for his son. "How did you end up here? They didn't have evidence until this morning."

This was something even Eve failed to understand. After all, when she killed Lady Camille, Vincent wasn't in the mansion and he returned only around the time when the sky had darkened.

Vincent replied, "Sadly, one of our maids testified against me. Saying I was in the mansion when the incident possibly took place. Because of the favouritism Clayton has towards me, the Hookes demanded I be put here until they deal with things."

"Don't you have an alibi that you were with someone?" Eve asked Vincent.

Upon hearing Eve's voice, Vincent looked at her and he smiled. He couldn't be happier to see her now, her eyes worriedly looking at him.

"There are ones when I was out of the mansion. But they don't believe what happened after I returned home. It opens the opportunity that I could have killed her during her time in the mansion. The maid saw Lady Camille in the mansion, but didn't see her leave," he scrunched his nose as if thinking about something.

Chapter 323 Set Up In The Carriage


Watching how Vincent appeared relaxed as if barely bothered about standing in one of the cells in the Council's dungeon, Eve hoped that things would not turn to the worse. The inside of the cells were dark, which would make it hard to see the person if they didn't come to the front.

Viscount Eduard said, "I will be back soon. Let me go and see how things are going at the Head Council's chamber." On Vincent's nod, the older vampire left the corridor with Eve standing in front of the cell.

"What if Marceline speaks against you?" Eve asked Vincent in worry.

"That would be interesting now, wouldn't it?" Vincent softly chuckled.

Eve didn't understand how Vincent could not be worried about this. And she stepped closer towards the rust rods. "The murderer could be anyone, why you? Marceline was in there too." innr𝚎𝚊𝚍.𝚌𝚘m

,m "Because the Hooke's find it to be convenient, and sister dear will be interrogated. Not to mention by record, it has pressured Clayton to take a step, though if you ask me, not a bad one. Vincent then continued to speak in a nonchalant voice, "They don't have concrete evidence yet, which is why I am all shiny and clean. This is more of a precautionary measure, don't sweat it. I will be out soon depending on how things go from here. Come here," he raised his hand, that passed through the rusty rods.

Eve took a step closer to the cell and caught hold of his hand. She said, "The Hookes want me out of Skellington."

Hearing this, Vincent's hand suddenly disappeared and he turned into a bat. The creature flew between the rods before he turned back himself. Free. Eve's eyes widened and she quickly looked back and forth to only be embraced by him.

"You are going nowhere. Not without me," Vincent whispered to her. Eve hugged him closer. "Things might turn a little bumpy, but bear with it."

Eve nodded, "I am so relieved to see you are more than fine."

"Silly girl, nothing can happen to me," Vincent said as he continued to hug her. Pulling away from her, he remarked cheekily, "Why don't you give me your hand so that I can snack on something. Sadly, they don't offer snacks here."

Back in the Head Council's chamber, Marceline now sat in front of the Head Council, Marquee and Marchioness Hooke, the councilman Mr. Bryon, who had accompanied her to the Council from her mansion. She held a kind and innocent expression on her face, hiding the vile nature that had curled around every cell and bone of her body.

Someone knocked on the door. In entered the inner circle's councilman Mr. Stoker. Mr. Stoker turned surprised and remarked, "I didn't know Marquee Hooke and Lady Aurora were here. Seems like something important is going on with the investigation?"

Clayton didn't react to Mr. Stoker's words and said, "You can come see me after an hour, Stoker. As you can see, I am busy right now."

"Of course, we can discuss later," Mr. Stoker responded, but when he didn't move from the room, Lady Aurora said, "This is a family matter and I would like it to be something just between a few and not be spread. If you don't mind, we would like to have that small space before you enter the room, Mr. Stoker."

Clayton looked surprised because he believed the Hookes would want to keep another person in the room as evidence when or if the final decision occurred in Vincent's case for the day. Mr. Stoker offered a tight smile before he left the room. Claytn then looked at Byron and said,

"Now if we can begin with our questions."

Byron bowed and then spoke to Marceline, "Lady Marceline, as I mentioned earlier in the mansion, this is regarding Lady Camille Wright's death. Your brother, Vincent Moriarty has been found guilty under suspicion and has been placed in the dungeon."

"Yes, I remember you told that to me," Marceline responded, but her thoughts went back to many minutes ago when she and this councilman were still riding in the carriage and on their way to Darthmore.

'Lady Marceline, I am here for your benefit,' Byron had told her earnestly, and his words had Marceline intrigued.

'And what is that?' She questioned him, her eyes narrowing.

'I have come to hear that you aren't keen about human's existence, especially one who is going to join your family, milady. I personally came here to get you so that I can relay a message from Lady Aurora Hooke. The Marchioness.'

'I am listening,' Marceline wondered what a Marchioness wanted from her.

'The Marchioness said that she would like to join her hands with you. In offering you help that you need, if you help her to make things easy,' the councilman said to her as the carriage moved. He continued, 'If you agree, your brother's life will be spared and he will be married to a proper vampiress and not a lowly human. To save your family's status in the society.'

Marceline was angry with the humiliation Eve and her brother had caused her. But mostly at the human, who had caused this change in balance in her life now. All she wanted was to see Eve in pain, and if it was being offered, why not take it? Marceline asked in her mind.

Even though she wanted to ruin things between her brother and Eve, she knew her direct hand would only cause her damage, and she could let the Hookes take the blame. But that wasn't enough for Marceline. She said, 'I want a better position than I am. Favours that I shall ask later. Do the Marquee and Marchioness agree to it?'

'They will, milady,' Byron assured her, and the young vampiress smiled.

Marceline's thoughts returned to the present. Byron started to question Marceline now in the chamber, "Lady Marceline, the day Lady Camille Wright went missing, did you see her in your mansion?"

Chapter 324 Deal Of Peace

Everyone in the room waited for Marceline's answer as if sitting on needles and heard the young vampiress answer, "No."

Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed at the young vampiress's words. Did the councilman fail to relay her words to this naive young vampiress? Even Byron turned slightly worried with the way Marceline refused. He was sure the woman would agree to it on the first try. He picked the next question, while Clayton quietly sat there witnessing the beginning of the interrogation.

Byron questioned again, "Did you see anything unusual that particular day? One of your maids told us that you inquired about a carriage that didn't move from the front of your mansion's gates for a long time. Can you tell us a little about it?"

Marceline gave a nod. She then explained, "Father and mother weren't at home. They had to attend a soiree and they left with my younger sister Allie."

"It seems like we have another suspect in the list apart from Vincent Moriarty," Clayton remarked, and Marceline turned slightly annoyed that this short vampire had the nerve to suspect her. She offered him a sweet smile before continuing,

"I went to get some fresh air, when I noticed this carriage standing in front of the mansion. Not directly, but right next to it, as if someone visited us. I decided to take a look, after all, I didn't know if the person had lost way or if the carriage was broken. When I stepped out of the mansion to inquire and learn more, I found my butler there."

Lady Aurora wondered where this vampiress was spinning the tales because she wanted to corner Vincent and not some lowly butler. But the older vampiress didn't know that Marceline wasn't making it up and this was something that had happened.

Marceline continued with, "My butler said it was from the council. Who had come to meet my brother, who was in the mansion that time. And the carriage had left."

Clayton questioned the young vampiress, who feigned innocence, "Are you telling Vincent was in the mansion at that time? When the carriage was stationed."

Marceline nodded, "Yes."

Marquee Hooke remarked, "As you can see, Vincent Moriarty is the one who is behind my sister's death."

"We aren't completely sure about it, Marquee Hooke. Things like these take time to understand and gather. Just because Vincent was in the mansion, it doesn't say if Lady Camille was in there too," Clayton pointed it out.

Lady Aurora glared at the Head Council and then Bryon for not being able to convince this vampiress to bring her to their side. At this rate, the little hope she had gathered was slipping between her fingers.

But Marceline spun a lie and said, "The carriage that the butler said was a councilman's, I believe it belonged to Lady Camille. It is because I have seen the lady and her carriage move frequently on the streets of Skellington." 

Clayton's eyebrows furrowed, "Are you sure of what you saw?"

Marceline nodded, "I wasn't sure before, but now... I believe it to be so. I just cannot believe that my brother would do something like that."

A proud smile appeared on Lady Aurora's lips on hearing these words. Finally, she thought.

The Head Council could sense that the Hookes weren't here for the deceased murder but for Vincent. But he didn't understand why Vincent's own blood was agreeing to his murder. The truth was, Clayton didn't know if Vincent had or hadn't killed the woman. He said,

"Alright. As Lady Marceline has revealed information that we weren't aware of, I will ask the council—"

"You don't have to do that, Head Council," Marquee Hooke interrupted Clayton, leaving the small-looking vampire curious. "This is a case that we reopened, and the Council failed us. We would like to deal with things our own, vampire, old fashioned way."

"What do you mean?" Clayton questioned.

"If Vincent Moriarty agrees to marry our daughter Rosetta, we are willing to drop the charges. It is only because my daughter Rosetta is in love with him that we are ready to overlook things," Lady Aurora explained with a serious look and said, "We want it in writing and get a copy of it. Let him know about it."

Clayton, who was already aware that Vincent was going to marry the governess, stayed quiet for a moment before asking, "And what if he refuses?"

"I am sure he will understand the situation, when he knows the evidence that has been gathered against him. We are all looking to draw peace among us," Lady Aurora responded.

After giving it a thought, Clayton turned to look at the councilman and ordered, "Byron. The lower ranked councilman bowed, and left the chamber to go to the dungeon to deliver the message.

Lady Aurora faintly smiled and said to Clayton, "It is good to have your cooperation in this matter, else there would be a need to get an answer from the lords. I am glad that everything went well," she smiled, bowing her head, and she walked out of the chamber.

Marceline was next to leave the room, leaving Clayton alone in his chamber. But not for long, as the Viscount came to meet him, to inquire what was going on.

A couple of minutes later, Bryon appeared in front of Vincent's cell with the deal the Hookes proposed for the matter to be completely hushed. Vincent had returned inside the cell, while Eve, who stood outside the cell, heard it all and looked between the councilman and Vincent. The councilman asked Vincent,

"What is your answer to it?"

Silence fell in and around the place, while Eve could feel her heartbeat increase.

Byron was more than pleased to see the arrogant and sarcastic pureblooded vampire in the dungeon. It seemed like all the highly ranked vampires were being shown their true place and he said, "Take your time to answer it. The Hookes are in no hurry and you can tell it tomorrow."

What better, but to have this person in the dungeon, so that his pride could lower down, the councilman happily thought to himself.

Chapter 325 Sealed With Blood

Right now, back in the Head Council's chambers, everyone except for Vincent and the Hookes looked stunned. Speechless at how the pureblooded vampire had immediately agreed to the deal offered to him. Eve stood at the side, staring at Vincent, who finished reading the parchments of documents.

Lady Aurora made it clear to Vincent, "You will not take back the word you have given. Disappearing from here isn't allowed. Nor will you leave my daughter standing at the altar without your presence. You will marry Rosetta by word and presence of every member of the high society. If you fail to follow it, you and the rest of the Moriarty family will be charged for my sister-in-law, Camille Wright's murder."

Vincent leaned forward, picking up the quill dipped in the ink bottle. He signed his name on it as an agreement and then handed it to Lady Aurora. 

"Is that it?" Vincent calmly asked the woman, while Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed at him, wanting to make sure he wouldn't pull anything from his sleeve to nullify the agreement.

Lady Aurora picked up the document and stared at his signature. She then handed it to Clayton, "Mr. Turner, we would like you to verify that this is his signature and would like the Council to get a blood seal."

"Pardon me, Marchioness, but you sound very witchy when you say that, Lady Aurora," Vincent remarked and Lady Aurora softly huffed.

"You forget that I am a woman way beyond the years that you cannot catch up to," the older vampiress stated in pride.

"That's one way to say that you are an old woman," Vincent couldn't help commenting on it, and when Lady Aurora glared, he added, "Mother-in-law," and he offered her a bright smile.

Clayton rolled his eyes at the things he had to diffuse and he took a look at Vincent's signature before confirming, "This is his signature."

"Good. Now time to complete it with blood on the marker book," Lady Aurora was persistent and thorough with her actions, not wanting to leave a loose thread for Vincent to use against her.

"Byron get the registry," Clayton ordered the councilman, and the man quickly bowed, leaving the room to fetch the marker. He then asked the Hookes, "Are you sure you don't want to prosecute him further if you feel he is guilty?"

Marquee Hooke replied, "We aren't sure why my sister was killed, but I am hoping it is for a valid reason. And if we can bring peace in our lives than vengeance, I don't see why we should not opt for it." Lady Aurora agreed to this by giving a nod, and he stated, "There is something that I would like to request or more so, to be imposed, Head Council."

"And what might that be?" Clayton questioned, while the others waited for him to disclose it.

"I would like my family to live in the Moriarty mansion until the wedding is over. Just to keep an eye and closeness so that everything is being abided. Also keep distance from this lowly human," Marquee Hooke obviously didn't trust his future son-in-law.

Vincent wasn't too keen on accommodating the Hookes in his home even though he had agreed to the deal for now. He expressed, "We both live in Skellington, Marquee Hooke. I do not see why you need to worry when we live barely five minutes away from each other. The whole purpose of abiding with the marker is so that you can be at ease. I am not sure I want to marry a woman, whose family cannot put a little more faith in me. Unless the Wright mansion isn't doing in a good condition..." he drawled, his eyes slightly narrowing, and Lady Aurora didn't want anyone to know about their family's poor condition.

The older vampiress corrected her husband's words, "My husband and I will be staying at the Wright's mansion, but we would prefer for Rosetta to live in the Moriarty mansion. Especially when Ms. Barlow is living there, accommodating one more person shouldn't be that hard."

While everyone discussed Hooke's staying in the Moriarty mansion, Marceline stood at the side staring at her brother with a bewildered look. It was because the young vampiress couldn't comprehend how her brother had agreed to the deal so quickly. Though siblings by blood, she had hoped for him to suffer a little more, just like she was scared with no fangs in her mouth.

Her brother had left the lowly human behind, while taking the deal with the Hooke. It made Marceline question why he even defanged her. He had humiliated her for someone he didn't bother about anymore. Unless... there was something else cooking in his mind, but there was no way out of this situation. She needed to keep a close eye until he married Marquee's daughter.

"Rosetta and I haven't spent enough time with each other. To get to know one another and this might be a good plan, to have her at the Moriarty mansion," Vincent nodded, and Lady Aurora held doubt in her eyes even though it was her husband who had proposed the thought.

"Then it is settled," Lady Aurora remarked and she said, "But we will still need you to mark your blood."

Vincent sighed, "What has this world come to. First you trap me of a murder I didn't commit, and then you say you don't trust me."

Soon, Byron returned with a large book that looked like the registry. When the pages were turned, Eve noticed there were names and thumbprints marked in blood in front of them.

Eve watched Vincent bite into his thumb, drawing a drop of blood, he placed his thumb in front of his name on the page. With this, his fate was sealed, and he had to keep his promise of marrying Rosetta Hooke, and there was no way of backing out of it.

Marquee Hooked congratulated Vincent, "We'll hold an engagement before the wedding, this way everyone will know about it. What do you think, Viscount Eduard?" He turned to look at the older vampire, who had been quietly observing with slight shock and confusion.

Like Eve, Viscount Eduard didn't know what was cooking in Vincent's mind. As the deal had been made, he nodded. Putting up a polite smile and going along with whatever his son was planning, he replied, "We shall hold it in the Moriarty mansion."

"That sounds absolutely lovely!" Lady Aurora chimed in with a delighted smile on her lips. She said, "It seems like we have to look for rings. I should let Rosetta know about this, she will be dancing after hearing this news." Before leaving the room with her husband, the older vampiress paused in front of Eve, who stood at the end. She said, "Rosetta will need a bridesmaid to help her, you are invited for the wedding," offering a sweet smile, she and Marquee Hooke stepped out of the room.

Soon Byron left the room to follow the Hookes to talk to them, while Marceline decided to excuse herself, "I am feeling very tired with the day. I would like to return to the mansion, father."

But Viscount Eduard was not done talking to her, and he demanded, "Why did you help the Hooke's, Marceline?"

Marceline turned startled and asked, "Help? They cornered me for an answer and the councilman said they had all the evidence along with the testimony of the maid. I didn't want to get anyone else to get into trouble but tell the truth..." she blinked in innocence.