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Chapter 291 Uncovering Lies

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Marceline shook, half at the nervousness of being caught and a half at the thought that Vincent had slapped her for a lowly human! She cried with her eyes starting to glisten,

"Why are you slapping me! I have considered you to be my brother no matter how mean or rude your words have been towards me! It was Stella who told me about it!"

Lady Annalise tried to pull Marceline away from Vincent so that she could take a look at the young woman's face, but Vincent stopped her with a harsh glare and said,

"It would be best for you to step back from our discussion, unless you want to feel ashamed later."

"This isn't how you speak to your mother, Vincent," Eduard let most of the things pass in his family just so that there could be a peaceful environment, but this had gone out of hand. He had never seen Vincent be violent with his own family. "Why do you suspect Marcie when she clearly said where she heard it from?"

"Because I was there the day Eve was being humiliated by the townsfolk of Meadow. Apparently, someone's maid went and lit fire about her mistress being upset because our governess was sleeping with her husband. How about we call Stella and see if she really told you about Eve, or if you were the one who went to Meadow?" Vincent raised his eyebrow at Marceline, whose cheek burned as if on fire because of the force of the slap.

Marceline called out his bluff and said, "Go on. Do it and you will know that it was her who told me." With tears streaming down her face, she said to her parents, "He's slapping me for such a small reason, for a woman who isn't even a part of the family now. What will he do once she is part of the family?"

"I will bury you alive," Vincent glowered at her.

Marceline shook her head, "How can you even say that?! I am your sister."

Vincent stated, "It is a true pity that you are my sister. Else I would have already done it than warn you."

"I didn't do anything!" Marceline continued to stick to her lies.

"Can you stop terrorising her!" Lady Annalise shouted.

The atmosphere in the room started to turn chaotic. The youngest vampiress in the room turned anxious with how things were turning out to be and she stared at them in worry.

Eduard placed his hand on Vincent and said, "Son, these things can be talked through." He then turned to the door and called the butler, "ALFIE!"

Moriarty's butler quickly appeared in front of the door, where he had been standing at the end of the corridor until now. He bowed and heard Senior Mr. Moriarty order him, "Go to Lady Stella's house and tell her she has been summoned to the mansion for urgent matters."

"Yes, Sire!" Alfie quickly turned and left to fetch the woman, who was Lady Marceline's friend.

Eduard turned to look at his daughter, who quietly cried while his wife tried to console her. He questioned,

"Marceline, did you have anything to do with what Vincent just said."

Marceline looked offended and replied, "Why would I ever do anything to her? Do you think I am someone who will even step foot in Meadow??"

"How are you sure that Marceline had anything to do with it? Where is the proof?" Lady Annalise questioned, not knowing Marceline's true nature beneath the obedience and sweetness she exhibited.

"And what if I prove that it was her?" Vincent didn't look away from Marceline.

"You are setting me up for no reason!" Marceline exclaimed.

"Pray tell me why would I do that. You don't amuse me as much as you think you do, darling sister," Vincent remarked, his head tilting to the side.

"Just the way you are trying to set me up for no reason! Why would you even think I would want to hurt her? I have been nothing but nice to her and she is Allie's governess. I know how everyone prefers her as the governess as she makes our little sister happy!" Marceline continued to defend herself. "Once Stella comes you will know that I heard it from her!" She looked as if she was the victim of confusion she was not part of.

Many minutes passed, and the family members didn't leave the room and continued to stay inside, waiting for the butler to bring the woman to the mansion. After more time passed, Lady Annalise turned to look at the wall clock and frowned,

"Did the carriage break down that it is taking so much time?"

Eduard knew Vincent didn't do things for no reason, and because of the line of work his son was in, he couldn't help but frown deeper. Marceline softly sniffled while not looking at anyone as if she was not only physically hurt but also emotionally.

After many more minutes, footsteps were heard outside the room and in the corridor, that got louder with every passing second.

"Finally, they have arrived," Lady Annalise murmured, and everyone turned to look at the door.

The butler bowed, and he raised his head, where his eyes briefly met the family members' eyes, and he stepped aside. For many seconds, Lady Stella didn't step in front of the door, but when the person did, Senior Mr. Moriarty and Lady Annalise grimaced. Because Alfie had not brought a woman but a man.

Eduard's eyes narrowed at the butler's failed attempt to follow his order. He demanded, "I told you to get Lady Stella. Whom did you bring?"

Vincent spoke, "Alfie was following my orders, father. I knew this time would come, considering how Marceline's dear friend is in the West to visit her aunt." He then spoke to Marceline, "Did you think just because I wasn't home or in Skellington I wouldn't try to get to know who was behind the incident that took place in Meadow?"

Marceline's already tear-streaked face turned pale on seeing the man at the door. It was Patrick Humphrey.

Chapter 292 Nowhere to go

Vincent walked up to where Patrick stood, an unnerving smile greeting the human that sent shivers down the latter’s back. The pureblooded vampire placed his hand on Patrick’s shoulder and said,

“How are you doing, Humphrey?”

Patrick Humphrey looked nervous. After Marquee Hooke’s daughter, Rosetta Hooke, had insulted him, he had gone to the market and returned home in a foul mood. All he wanted was to enjoy his supper in peace, when someone knocked on his door and said he was summoned to Moriarty’s mansion.

To the question asked by Vincent, Patrick didn’t know how he was supposed to feel, while partly he couldn’t get his eyes off such a magnificent mansion where he had only seen the ballroom and the hall once. On one side, Vincent was smiling at him as if he was going to be sacrificed, and on the other hand, a young vampiress in the room looked familiar, but he couldn’t point out where he saw her.

“Who is this man, Vincent?” Eduard questioned his son, noticing the nervous human.

“He is a friend of Marceline, isn’t that right, Marcie?” Vincent questioned Marceline, who fixed her dumbfounded expression.

“I don’t know who he is,” Marceline replied with a firm voice. With a confident voice, she asked Patrick, “Have we ever spoken to each other?”

Patrick couldn’t identify who this woman was because Marceline stood in her expensive gown and her beautiful black hair bombed and tied like any other young woman of the high society in a fancy hairstyle.

Vincent remarked, “Take your time, but make sure you give the right answer. A few days ago, a maid appeared at Meadow and mentioned to you about her mistress’s husband having an affair with Ms. Barlow. Is this the woman?”

Eduard’s eyebrows furrowed, turning to his eldest daughter, “Marceline, is this true?”

“It is not!” Marceline cried out in frustration. When she turned to look at Patrick, she glared at him.

Patrick felt like he had been tossed into a hot pan; even if he wanted to jump out of it, there was nothing but fire. He stared at Marceline and then turned to Vincent before he said,

“Sire, the woman whom my mother and I spoke to, she was a maid–“

Vincent’s lips twitched, and he said, “Yes, Moriarty’s genes are strong and we are quite the lookers. How did the maid look? You better remember or I will have you thrown into the dungeon for what you did.”

Patrick’s lips trembled, and he repeated, “How did the maid look?”

“Mhm,” Vincent hummed, “You must have spoken to the maid for quite some long time to jump with the conclusion that Ms. Barlow was sleeping with different men for money.”

Marceline doubted this stupid human would be able to identify her because she had taken extreme precautions before stepping foot in Meadow to spread the rumour about Genevieve Barlow. The way she looked that day and the way she looked right now held a stark difference.

“I–I don’t think I remember her face now, Mr. Moriarty. It has been–“

“Looks like you don’t care about your own reputation. Alfie,” Vincent called the butler, “Bring the authorities of Skellington.”

“No no!” Patrick broke a nervous sweat. He said, “She wore maid’s clothes, and looked dull.”

“Let us have my dear sister wear the maid’s clothes then,” Vincent decided and Marceline’s eyes widened before they turned furious.

“Are you not going extreme to try to prove your point, brother Vincent? I told you I have nothing to do with Ms. Barlow’s reputation, yet time and time again you press that I have something to do with it,” Marceline’s voice sounded hurt, and she said, “Can you not believe me? I am your sister.”

Vincent wasn’t moved by Marceline’s words and he said, “You are my sister, which is why we are still talking. Do you think you would be standing here if we weren’t related?”

This time even Lady Annalise came to Marceline’s rescue and said, “This is enough drama for the day, Vincent. You cannot order around just because you want to. Consider your sister’s feelings.”

Vincent turned to his father and said, “This is just one thing I need her to comply with. If the man here confirms that she wasn’t the one, I will be more than willing to marry any woman you show me, and never turn to look at the human woman that mother so despises because of the difference in status.

Eduard stared at the human who stood in the drawing room, while everyone’s eyes fell on him, waiting for what he would say. He noticed his son holding a watchful gaze while his daughter had a deep frown or helplessness, as if she was being subjugated to a trial she didn’t deserve.

Eduard pinched the bridge of his nose, not liking where this was going. He pursed his lips and then gave a nod, “Alright, Vincent. Just this one thing and if the man fails to identify Marceline, you will let this go.”

“Also forget about the human woman you planned to marry earlier,” Lady Annalise added what Vincent told, taking this to be a ticket for her to save the family’s reputation.

“Fine,” Vincent responded to both of them.

But Marceline didn’t want to go through this. One, she feared being recognised and caught. Two, she was the prideful vampiress who belonged to one of society’s most highly esteemed families. She wasn’t going to wear a maid’s clothes! The ones that she had worn that day didn’t belong to a maid but she had got them made in another town.

Marceline shook her head, “No! I am not going to wear some lowly maid’s clothes. I would take all the false allegations that were put on me until now, but this… I will never agree to it!”

“I am not happy about it either, Eduard. She is our daughter, not some maid’s daughter,” Lady Annalise stated, and she said, “You might have lowered your standards, Vincent, but that doesn’t mean all of us should do it too.”

“Why not? It isn’t like the maids have diseases that you will catch,” Vincent tilted his head with a questioning look in his eyes. He said, “The maids and the other servants are the people who draw your bath, cook and clean, and the ground that you walk on… I don’t see why it is such a problem. But that’s fine. I have a solution for it,” a slow smile crawled up his lips.

Marceline felt dread crawling under her skin and if she had a human’s heart, Vincent would have been able to hear it race and be ready to collapse out of the stress and tension she felt.

Vincent snapped his fingers at Alfie, and said, “Go get the fresh clothes of the maids that were stitched and arrived recently.” The butler offered a polite bow and stepped away from the room, and the pureblooded vampire then turned to look at his sister, who stared back at him as if she had seen a ghost. He said, “Don’t worry, dear sister. I have made sure that it fits you perfectly well.”

“W–what do you think you are doing stitching my size of maid clothes. Do I seem like a maid to you?!” Marceline questioned her brother.

Vincent noticed the slight agitation starting to appear in Marceline’s voice that she had been hiding until now. Slowly, her appearance started to turn ruffled, and her eyes appeared as if she had seen a ghost. He remarked,

“We’ll get to know soon.”

When the butler returned with the clothes, Vincent said, “Hand it to Marceline so that she can go and change herself in it.”

Alfie walked to where Marceline stood and raised his hands in front of the young vampiress to take it from him. A week ago, when Master Vincent had told him to prepare maid-like clothes for his sister’s size, he didn’t know what exactly was going on, and without any question, he had got it made as soon as possible.

Marceline stared at the dress that did somewhat look similar to what she had worn to Meadow, and she was having an internal breakdown. All these years, she had been careful in fooling not just her parents and others, but at some level even her brother so that he didn’t know what she was truly up to. She couldn’t believe that a simple incident like this was going to break loose about her secrets.

“Time to change your clothes, Marceline,” Vincent ordered her. “The longer you take, it is only going to make you look suspicious and you don’t want that,” he hummed, noticing his sister take the dress.

Lady Annalise accompanied Marceline to the room if she needed any assistance. Once Marceline wore the maid-like clothes, she struggled to step back into the drawing room where the human and the other members of her family were present.

When Marceline stepped inside the drawing room, her hands were clenched. Patrick turned to look at the vampiress, and somewhere his eyebrows furrowed. He tried to remember the maid he had spoken to.

Vincent questioned the human, “Did she look like this?”

Patrick moved his hand around his head and said, “That maid had a shawl…”

“Of course, how could we forget that little detail!” Vincent exclaimed and picked up something from Alfie’s hand and walked to where Marceline stood. He then draped the shawl around her head while the young vampiress’s face turned pale. Stepping away, he turned to Patrick, “Does this look perfect enough?”

Patrick’s eyes widened, and he quickly nodded, “This was her!” He said excitedly, but then frowned, “Wait. She was the maid?”

Eduard and Lady Annalise looked taken aback and stared at Marceline, while Vincent said, “Looks like Marceline likes to be a maid. Don’t you sister?”

Chapter 293 Verdict for the guilty


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Vincent stared at his sister, who looked pale and in shock as if she was trying to process how and what had happened. He knew that Marceline had taken great measures to ensure not to get caught by any of the townsfolk, and though she could fool them, she had forgotten that he was in the picture.

But how could the poor vampiress know that her brother had his eyes on the governess she despised. And nothing went past his eyes.

"Are you sure you aren't mistaking her for someone else?" Lady Annalise still held a little hope, but that was only because Marceline had perfected the art of having the perfect image in front of everyone. The older vampiress stared at the human with narrowed eyes.

Patrick, who was still trying to wrap his head on why a vampiress of high society would go so far as to pose as a maid, turned his eyes to meet Lady Annalise, and he quickly nodded. He said, "She was the maid whom I spoke to. My mother will agree to it too. But why did she... I don't know," he muttered the last words with his eyebrows deeply furrowed.

"More than a week ago, Marceline went to Meadow," Vincent brought in the facts from the beginning. "My dear, lovely sister posed as a maid and spread wrong things about Genevieve Barlow being a woman with immoral character. She instigated this man and his mother, who suspected and were angry at Genevieve because she refused to marry him."

Eduard and Lady Annalise, staring at Marceline until now, shifted their gaze to look at the human.

Vincent, who had walked up to where Patrick stood, placed his hand on the human's shoulder, which shook under his touch and gaze. He questioned, "Isn't that right?"

When Patrick felt the vampire almost squeeze his shoulder, he remembered the painful day he had spent in bed that night, where he wasn't able to turn to any side as his body ached. Not to mention, his speech was no more the same because of his missing tooth. The bruises that he had received had not disappeared.

"Yes, I wanted to marry Genevi--Ms. Barlow," Patrick quickly corrected in fear, while he tried to cling to his male pride. He said, "But she rejected me, and I was very angry that she was being pursued by other men of higher status. It was a misunderstanding, but it started with this person!" He rushed the last few words, raising his hand to point his finger at Marceline. He wanted to go home and stay far away from Vincent Moriarty before he did any more damage to him.𝚒𝚗𝚗re𝚊d.𝚌om

Vincent let go of Patrick's shoulder and said, "What you heard about Eve in Quintin's mansion was spread by Mrs. Walsh, who didn't even know that her husband had a series of mistresses behind her back. But you have already heard about Mr. Walsh; the actual culprit is in front of us."

His coppery red met Marceline's eyes, who had failed to utter a single word until now. She felt everyone's eyes fall on her, and she moved her lips,

"This human is lying!" Marceline shouted in frustration. "He is delusional to think that I was the maid, whom he spoke to."

One side of Vincent's lips curled and remarked, "Funny, isn't it? Here you are so proud of who and what you are, yet you felt so threatened by a human's presence in the mansion that you went to the lengths of shaming her. Trying to strip her of the respect she worked for is something you could never aim for. Putting the people against her, having them hold a witch hunt because you are an insecure woman, knowing no matter what you did, you could never match up to her heights. Because she was becoming important to people here and you just couldn't take it."

Marceline's eyes widened, half in shock with what was going on and half in anger. She screamed, "What is wrong with what I did?! I am the daughter of the Moriarty family, I am the vampiress and have always been on the higher end! She just swept in, taking all the attention!" The young vampiress had turned livid, and she took a step backwards, placing her hand on her chest. "I have worked hard for it! I have done everything a high-status lady is to be doing, yet I am always placed second!"

Except for Vincent, everyone else looked taken aback by the vampiress's sudden outburst.

Vincent turned to Patrick, raising his hand, he waved two of his fingers as if shooing him, "Your work here is done, you can leave."

The human was happy to leave the room and run out of this place. To make sure he didn't wander around, the butler followed him to lead him to the front of the mansion.

Lady Annalise, who had been taking Marceline's side until now, questioned her, "Is this true, Marcie? Is what Vincent telling to be true?"

Marceline looked at her mother in disbelief and cried, "Are you taking her side? A human's! I am your daughter, I am the important person!"

Eduard stared at Marceline before he turned to his youngest daughter and said, "Allie dear, why don't you go to your room."

The small vampiress didn't question and instead walked away from the room before looking at her sister, who looked just like her scary self when they were alone. When the people in the room heard the receding footsteps of the young girl, Eduard returned to ask the question,

"Why would you do something like that, Marceline? I doubt Ms. Barlow has done anything to you, for you to repay her kindness in such an evil way."

"Look at all of you," the facade that Marceline had built over the years started to crack and crumble, revealing her true nature. Tears formed in her eyes, and she cried, "I am your family, and instead of taking my side, you are questioning me!"

Eduard sent a glare, something he hadn't done with his children, and this had Marceline turn weary by her father's look. He said,

"The matter isn't who is and isn't family. It is about what you did and why you would go so far as to hurt her. The reasons you have listed sound silly like an errant child asking for a toy in the shop, Marceline. I never pegged my daughter to be someone with such ill and evil intentions," his lips set themselves in a thin line, with an unmistakable look of disappointment on his face.

Marceline was so used to her father's sweet and kind words that she didn't expect him to look at her the way he did now. She shook her head and tried to reason,

"You don't understand father. I didn't mean to hurt her."

"So what were you expecting by spreading false rumours about Eve?" Vincent's eyes narrowed at Marceline, who still failed to understand what wrong she had done.

"She is a lowly human! And it isn't like you have never hurt any human before or killed them!" Marceline glared back at Vincent and demanded, "Why do you want to protect her! I am your sister."

"Unfortunately we share the same blood, else you know well what I would do to you, Marceline," Vincent glowered, looking down at his sister. He knew that Marceline wasn't like Allie, and her mind worked differently or maybe somewhere similar to him, but he would have never expected her to stoop so low.

Now that Marceline was cornered, she turned frantic and questioned, "Why her! She is like any other human!"

"You have problems when it comes to listening, don't you?" Vincent continued to glare and said, "Because I have decided to make her my wife. And by relation, she will deserve all the respect, status and name that you tried to use and hide behind. She is already a woman of status, and I won't let even you, my sister, drag her through dirt."

Marceline's mouth went dry as she remembered his previous words. He had given his word to their parents that if he couldn't prove her guilty, he would agree to marry any women they showed. She swallowed the bitter feeling that bubbled up her throat. But the vampiress didn't know that there were other more important things to worry about, that worry about Eve's dynamics with her.

Lady Annalise wanted to comment and argue on what Vincent said, but with how things had turned in Marceline's case, she remained quiet and let her husband talk.

Marceline continued to stand as if what she did was right and tried to justify it, "She is a woman of low status! A human, who comes from Meadow and you know how father's wife died, when she couldn't even protect u--"

Eduard raised his hand, slapping Marceline before she could complete what she had started. He looked furious, while the young vampiress was shocked to be slapped by her father for the first time.

"I have been lenient with you, letting things pass. At first because you lost your mother and then because you were a grown woman, but you make me regret for not taking action during the early stages." Senior Mr. Moriarty stared at his spoiled daughter, his eyes holding sorrow, "During her final moments, Katherina loved and tried to protect you in the best way she could. Even Annalise knows about it, yet you, instead of being grateful, you continue to berate her. I did not expect this from you, and I cannot tell how disappointed I am."

Marceline's lips trembled while her eyes held anger which was meant for Eve.

Eduard walked away from Marceline, holding his hands behind his back. Vincent then questioned Marceline, "How would you like to be punished, my dear sister?"

Marceline's eyes widened, and the anger was replaced by confusion, "Punished?"

Vincent hummed, "Mhm. If you go unpunished, you might think it is alright to do something the next time. And we don't want that, do we? As much as I am not happy having you as my sister, I still prefer you alive now."

Marceline softly chuckled in sarcasm and she replied, "No, I refuse the punishment!" She turned to her mother and pleaded, "Mother, even you don't like that human! Why are you standing quiet!"

Eduard turned back to look at Marceline, "Your mother knows what you did was wrong, Marceline. Instead of asking for forgiveness, you continue to justify your cruel actions to the poor human. Vincent is right."

Marceline shook her head in denial.

"You brought her physical pain. Stripped her respect and had her drag through the streets," Vincent recollected and then said in a sinister voice, "You will be stripped from what you are so proud of. From being a vampiress. Allie was able to grow her fangs back, let us hope you can too."

Chapter 294 Choosing death over humility

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Vincent's words left a chilly silence in the room where he stood with his family members. Marceline stared at him with an apprehensive look in her eyes. There was no way he would defang her; it was far worse than the punishment she deserved!

At the same time, Lady Annalise wasn't happy with the decision and spoke to Vincent,

"Given that Marceline's approach wasn't right and she didn't know of your thoughts about marrying this human, don't you think removing your sister's fangs is a little too much? Genevieve is not part of our family yet, and if Marceline knew about your intentions towards the woman, she wouldn't have gone that far." She turned to her husband, who stared at his daughter, and Marceline stared right back at him with a pleading look.

Eduard knew Marceline's wrong doings today. He was also aware of his leniency towards his children, but that was only when they were young.

With years that had come to pass by, where his two children had grown up, Marceline had turned to be obedient with everything he or Annalise told her. Her hate towards the humans was apparent, but as she didn't bring up regarding Katherina, he had believed or hoped that she had made her peace with her mother's death.

And despite all the things, Marceline was still his daughter, and he questioned, "Do you understand what you are saying, Vincent?"

Vincent gave a nod, "I have thought it through before mentioning it. If Allie could regrow her fangs because of her pure heart, who knows, maybe dear sister will be able to regrow them again if she changes herself for good."

Marceline retorted, "Don't you dare touch my fangs." And as she said this, there was evident fear in her dull red eyes. She shrieked when Vincent walked towards where she stood, "Father you can't let him do this to me!"

Lady Annalise tried to reason, "Why don't you just leave her after a warning. We already went through the phase of Allie being defanged, why do you want the family to go through all of it again?"

"Because Marceline isn't someone who will fix herself or her thoughts. It is time we disciplined her," Vincent stated, and he came to stand in front of Marceline, who stared at him. "What she did to Eve wasn't a basic mistake."

Marceline was left with no choice and was out of her wits, with her father not taking her side and Vincent adamant about defanging her. She finally beseeched her brother, "Now that I know she is important to you, I won't ever hurt her again!"

"Your words are similar to dust, dear sister. Easy to blow away," Vincent's eyes glowered at her.

Marceline shook her head, "No, I won't! I will be careful with my words and will never try to hurt her. Please don't defang me! Vincent!" She screamed when he didn't respond to her.

"When a person is dying, they agree to anything so that they can live, but when the threat of death doesn't hang on the person anymore, do you know what they are capable of, Marcie? Retaliation and I don't want that," he whispered, his voice emotionless.

At the back, Lady Annalise who stood next to her husband, said to him, "I don't agree in defanging her. Please, stop him. Anything else, please!"

Eduard had a frown and he spoke to his son, "I know you are upset with Marceline's actions, but is there no other way to handle this situation?"

Vincent turned his head to the side without completely looking at his parents. He said, "Marceline's actions led to Eve being dragged in the streets, stones were thrown at her, injuring her. And while this happened, people tore the clothes that she wore, called her undeserving names for something she never did. Rumours had spread of her holding an ill character, where the people of the town don't hold the same relationship with her as they did in the past. How about we try it with you, Marcie?"

Marceline's eyes widened at the question that was asked to her. "What?" She whispered.

Vincent lacked empathy or sympathy towards Marceline even though they were related by blood. A small sinister smile appeared on his lips. He said, "If you don't want your fangs to be removed, then you shall undergo similar treatment as what happened to Eve. You wanted fairness and to keep your fangs, this is a fair option for you to choose because your fangs will still be with you."

Both options that were offered to her would make her lose the reputation she had built for herself, and if there was something precious to Marceline, it was the respect, reputation, and her family name that was enough for any person to think twice before talking to her.

"No..." Marceline whispered, and knowing Vincent was firm with his decision, she turned to look at her parents hoping to get their help. She pleaded, "Please don't do this to me. It was just one mistake, and I won't repeat it!" Tears started to fall from her eyes, streaking down her cheek and some falling on the carpeted floor.

Eduard then said, "You will apologise to Ms. Barlow tomorrow."

Marceline was grateful to have a kind father, and she was quick to comply with his words. She nodded vigorously and said, "I will do that!"

It was much better than losing her fangs or being dragged in the streets, and Marceline would be able to gather some mere words for the human when she arrived at the mansion.

"You will apologise to her in Meadow. In front of everyone for what you did. Until she doesn't forgive you, you will not leave the town," Eduard added, and hearing these words, Marceline stared at her father.

"You want me to grovel in front of everyone?" Marceline reconfirmed with her father.

"Yes," Eduard nodded, a soft sigh escaping from his lips, and he said, "From what Vincent said, Ms. Barlow must have gone through a painful time. This is something you can do, can't you?"

Vincent's eyes narrowed, and he said, "And what if Eve cannot forgive Marceline?"

"Then Ms. Barlow will decide Marceline's punishment," Eduard spoke in an even tone. He said, "I know you are furious for what your sister did, but we cannot discard the fact that she belongs to our family. Blood sticks together, through thick and thin, and I know that is why you have spared her... But this is a feud between Marceline and Ms. Barlow, and I would like to know how Ms. Barlow feels."

"So that Marceline can repeat it in the future?" Vincent remarked, his voice holding voidness in it.

Eduard shook his head, "Marceline is aware of your anger and she knows you better than the rest in the room that you won't hold back if something else happens, neither would the members of the Moriarty family."

He turned to his daughter and said, "Also to add to your punishment, you will forget about the Duke of Woodlock and marry Horace."

"Father, you cannot do this to me! Does the matters of my heart mean nothing to you?!" Marceline cried.

"You can either choose to do what father said, or prepare yourself to lose your fangs," Vincent stated, knowing his sister was torn between the two sides of her pride.

"Mother please!" Marceline pleaded, but Lady Annalise was more than happy to keep her daughter's fangs rather than be married to a werewolf.

Vincent cracked his fingers, and his bones made noise against the quiet room. He questioned, "Did you think your actions would not have any consequences, Marcie? Remember that it is your selfishness that brought you to this crossfire."

"I'd rather die..." Marceline whispered, and she stared at her brother. "I pick death over my pride and respect being ruined!" She tried to guilt her parents, who frowned at her words. "All of you chose a human, who isn't even part of the family yet. You chose to abandon me, when the same thing is done by Vincent, you forgive him readily! Why am I always the second person! I deserve to be first, and if not first, I prefer to die. So kill me."

Vincent chuckled before his face turned serious, saying, "You aren't guilty for hurting an innocent person." He said, "This is why I said she needs to be defanged."

"Kill me, father and mother. Do it right now, before I realise I was never important to you. It is only Vincent and Allie who are important. Even for Vincent I was never important, and I was just someone," Marceline held sorrow in her eyes as she said these words, as if she was internally hurting at their actions and words.

"Don't speak recklessly, Marceline. You can pick what Vincent said, or what I said," Eduard stated, knowing his punishment was less harsh than his son's.

But Marceline shook her head and caught hold of Vincent's hand, placing it on her neck. She ordered, "Kill me right now! I don't want to live in this place anymore!"

"What is with the madness, Marceline! Don't kill her!" Lady Annalise slightly fretted as things had taken a worse turn.

"No," Marceline shook her head and made Vincent grip her neck. She said, "I do not want to live with my life being decided in unfairness." She then grabbed his other hand so her brother could pull her heart.

But the truth was that Marceline didn't want to die. She wanted to live and she wanted everything to go her way. She only said it so her parents would succumb and not go through with the said punishment. She had tried to live her life the way she wanted, and she wasn't going to let anyone ruin it for her! Not her parents, not her brother, no one!

The young vampiress knew if Vincent was truly cold and detached towards her, he would have buried her by now, but his hands were tied because they were siblings with the same mother. The mother he so much cherished.

"Fine," Vincent's hollow reply alerted Marceline. Right now, his eyes lacked any emotions. He stated, "If death is what you seek, then let me be the one to deliver it."

Eduard and Lady Annalise suddenly turned distressed by Vincent's words. But by then Vincent's hand squeezed his sister's neck, while his other hand began to move towards her chest.

Marceline opened her mouth to protest, but no words came out, and she closed her eyes in fear.

Instead of piercing his fingers through Marceline's chest, Vincent raised his hand and broke one of the vampiress's fangs from her mouth by pushing it.

Chapter 295 Subtle Notice

Vincent pushed Marceline's fang with such quickness that the young vampiress didn't realise it for the first two seconds as she was too busy making sure that she escaped the punishment that her father and her brother wanted her to go through. And when the fang fell on her tongue, her dull red eyes widened in horror.

"It is always better to have both fangs together or nothing at all, isn't it?" With a serious look, Vincent remarked, swiftly pushing the other fang that Marceline had failed to retrace.

The second fang of Marceline fell on the carpeted floor. If it were possible, she would have had a heart attack.

"What did you do?!" Marceline questioned something she already knew, as she had never expected Vincent actually to break her fangs. Death would have been easier for her to digest than now living a life without her fangs. Still in shock, she ran her tongue across the front of her teeth and found her fangs missing. "You didn't give me the time to choose what I wanted!"

"You chose death," Vincent deadpanned, "But I want you to live, Marcie. I am not so cruel to kill you for such things," he stated, stepping away from her.


To Marceline, it was as if someone had suddenly pulled the ground beneath her feet and she didn't know where she was standing. Her eyes caught sight of the fang on the carpet, and then she spat the fang in her mouth on her palm to stare at it. Within a few seconds, her position had been moved from a high social status to the bottom of the vampire life, which she had so much looked down upon.

Lady Annalise's mouth was left hanging. It had happened so fast, yet slow enough for her to take in the scene.

Eduard didn't like the fact that his daughter Marceline was defanged because everyone knew how vital fangs were for a vampire and vampiress. It wasn't just what the vampires were just identified with; the fangs were used to feed and protect themselves from harm. But his daughter had tried to wiggle out of the punishment. In a worrisome voice, he said,

"Marceline, you should learn to take responsibility for your thoughtless actions. You could have saved your fangs by apologising to Ms. Barlow and marrying Horace. Living a comfortable life in the West. But instead of asking for forgiveness or showing any remorse, you chose death," the Viscount shook his head.

Marceline's already open mouth turned wider in shock and questioned in panic, "And what Vincent did is right? He broke my fangs! I am not a human but a vampiress! You want me to suffer!"

"A little humility goes a long way, dear sister," Vincent stated, and she wanted to grit her teeth, but that only brought an ache to her chest. "You belong to the Moriarty family, the same blood that runs in our little sister's veins is what runs in your blood too. Maybe if you change how you view people, you will regrow your fangs overnight, not right away but maybe in a few months."

"M--maybe," Marceline stuttered. He broke her fangs with a 'maybe', where they didn't know how long it would take for her own fangs to grow or if they would even grow.

Unable to stand in the room any longer, Marceline ran out of the room and towards her room to take refuge from the tragedy that had struck her. One could hear her sobbing whilst the young vampiress stormed in the corridors until she reached her room. And when she did reach her room, she closed the door with a loud thud that everyone heard.

Lady Annalise, who was left speechless, looked at Vincent and then her husband before excusing herself from the room.

Vincent noticed a drop of blood on the carpet, which had earlier fallen from his sister's mouth when he had caught her off guard and broken her fang. Feeling his father's gaze, he shifted his gaze to meet his father's eyes.

"I was worried you would stop me," Vincent claimed, his eyes holding calmness and a trickle of mischief.

Eduard's expression was serious, as if he pondered over Vincent's words and said, "Because she is my daughter and your sister? I have faith in your words and actions."

"That she deserves to be punished?" Vincent questioned, and Eduard walked towards the door before closing it so that no one from outside would hear their conversation between them.

The Viscount nodded, before he walked towards the fireplace and stood in front of it. He brought his hands forward, feeling the warmth of the fire that didn't seep into his skin and continued to stay cold. He responded,

"That too. Marceline should have known better than to unnecessarily treat someone who was tied to the Moriarty family... But about what you said about her turning into a new leaf, about this issue that she has continued to harbour towards the humans," Eduard then placed his hands to his back and held them there. He said, "Status and power isn't all about trying to use it against someone by bringing them down. It is about protecting people we care about. How is Ms. Barlow doing?"

"Better," Vincent responded, and he watched his father, who continued to look at the fireplace. He said, "You don't seem surprised by my decision to marry Eve."

"Ms. Barlow?" Eduard asked his son, as he didn't know the governess by her short name. "Vincent, I am not against you or Marceline marrying a human. They are the kind who are easy to mingle in our blood, and I know it will still produce a pureblooded vampire or vampiress. But my worry would arise, if the person was not a human. Like how Marceline wanted to choose a werewolf, and you... You seem to have chosen someone too."

The Viscount turned around to meet his son's eyes, who held a calm expression on his face.

"Seems like you know more than what others do, father," Vincent was impressed by his father's words.

Viscount Eduard Moriarty was aware of the fact that their governess was not an ordinary woman. And the reason was pure since the time Allie had received her fangs out of nowhere. He remembered a few days ago, when he was home and worried about his youngest daughter as she was fangless, and compared to Vincent and Marceline, she was quieter.

He had found Allie with fangs a day before his wife had found out, and it was because his youngest daughter sat in her room, running her tongue over the fangs after taking a bite from the fruit in her hand. The man knew a miracle didn't exist in their world and that it had something to do with their governess, whom Allie had opened to in such a short time. The governess had done something to help his fangless daughter.

It wasn't just Allie who seemed to have opened her heart to the governess, because he knew his son had opened his heart too.

Eduard said, "Frankly, I would have been worried if you chose a human as your partner. Not that it is wrong, but the pain that comes with the loss because of their fragileness, nothing can compare to the suffering. I don't know what Ms. Barlow is, but I am hoping she is stronger than a human?" As a parent, who had gone through the loss of his loved one, the Viscount didn't want his children to go through similar pain.

"She is, and she has me to protect her," Vincent assured his father.

Eduard walked to where Vincent stood, and he placed his hand on his son's shoulder before patting it. He said, "I don't think I need to tell you more, as I believe you are well aware of how things in our world work." Earlier today, he had spoken to Ms. Barlow, and she was more than decent and if Vincent chose her, she probably was special. "When do you want to hold the wedding?"

"In a month's time. Dear sister is in shock right now and I doubt in the headspace to marry, but that shouldn't stop another wedding in the Moriarty family," Vincent remarked, his lips curling.

Eduard nodded, "Alright. Let me know if you need any help."

Before his father could step out of the room, Vincent asked, "Do the Moriarty family have any history or present with the Gauntlet's family?" The Gauntlet family were the family who was entwined with the curse of the goddess of the sea Nerhys. Timotei, the cat, had left Vincent curious about his roots and ability.

His father furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head, "Not that I am aware of. Why?"

"Was just curious," Vincent offered his father a smile.

"Have a goodnight, son," his father wished him and left the room. A few minutes later, the butler arrived and informed Vincent, "Master Vincent, the human has been sent out of the mansion and home."

"Good," Vincent remarked before he ordered, "Open the underground cellar. Time to dig in through the old files."

"Yes, Sire," Alfie bowed and turned around, leaving the room along with Vincent.

Back in Marceline's room, the vampiress had fallen flat on the bed on her stomach and she sniffled. When she pulled her face from her pillow, she scrambled away from the bed to come and stand in front of the mirror.

Marceline opened her mouth, feeling her stomach drop on seeing her fangs missing from her mouth. How could she get back her fangs? Maybe her sister could tell her. There was surely some trick to it!

She quickly left the room, making her way to Allie's room.