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Chapter 151 That Idiot

Elle kept on walking forward after that one short pause, while Caelian had let her go on alone with his coat.

And the instant she was within Sebastian's reach, he grabbed her and pulled her towards him, before snatching Caelian's coat off her.

"You're back?" Elle made a comment as she looked up at him, ignoring the heavy air around him and the unfriendly and warning glare that he was throwing at Caelian.

"Good evening, Your Highness." Caelian greeted. But Sebastian snubbed him, causing Elle to fall speechless. Lord... he was in such a bad mood...

Elle looked back, planning to give Caelian an apologetic gaze, but to her surprise, the man looked completely unbothered and unperturbed with the heavy pressure that Sebastian was throwing out. Caelian simply stood there like he had not noticed a single thing.

"Get inside, it's cold." Sebastian's grumpy voice echoed.

"Okay, let's go inside then a���"

"No. I'm heading back over there once Alexander arrives. He's about to reach." Sebastian glanced down at his watch as he said that.

"Oh... I see..." Elle nodded in understanding and after sending her regards for the speedy recovery of Azy and Alicia, she proceeded to enter the door, leaving the two men outside.

Alexander appeared the moment the door was closed behind Elle.

"Did the Princess enjoy her day in the library?" Alex asked Caelian.

"I think so. I never saw anyone who could focus and read a book so intensely that she completely forgot about the time and everything else." Caelian reported to Alex, his tone rather fond as he chuckled in memory of how Elle had been poring over the books and had not once looked up to notice her surroundings.

Alex laughed. "That just sounds like what the diligent princess would do." He then patted Caelian shoulder in an aggressively playful manner. "You may head home for tonight, Cael."

Caelian nodded and then turned to face Sebastian, his eyes falling to his coat that was in the tight grip of the prince's hand.

"I'll pay for this coat. You can't have it back anymore." Sebastian replied in an emotionless tone. He did not care if he was being rude to Alexander's bodyguard.

The god of silence seemed to have passed by above the three of them for a moment. Caelian could barely stop himself from shaking his head. Damn... he should have known that this prince was fatally possessive of the princess! He had personally seen how dangerous he had become at the bar! Wait... did the prince actually recognize him from before? But he made sure to disappear from the princess' side as soon as he had spotted Prince Sebastian!

"Oh, you don't need to pay for it anymore, Your Highness. You can have the coat. Well then, I'll be off." Caelian immediately excused himself. He was aware that this prince was dangerous and... cruel. He had heard a lot about him, most especially five years ago and he knew what he heard were not exaggerated rumors. Because he had once seen it himself. His ruthlessness.

To Caelian, Prince Sebastian was much more dangerous compared to his older brother. Simply because this man right here did not care much about any consequence of his barbaric actions. Well, that was five years ago and so far, he had not heard any other news about him and his cruel antics the past five years now. Still, he was not interested in becoming a target of this dangerous and unpredictable prince's jealousy. He was quite surprised though. It was shocking because it seemed that this ice-hearted prince has a heart after all.


"I want you to assign another guard for my wife. I want a woman." Sebastian told Alex as soon as Caelian was gone.

Sighing, Alex raised a brow at him. "Caelian knows his place, Sebastian. He would never do anything stupid. That I can assure you. And there are no female guards who are as capable as him or even close to him in this town. And you know that."

"Then hire two female guards. Make it three if necessary." Sebastian grumbled, not wanting to give in.

"Fine." Alex gave in, sighing again. He knew that Sebastian would not give up until he got what he wanted. "Wait, you're leaving already?!"

"I already told her I'm going."

Alex facepalmed. "And? She didn't say anything? Like asked you to stay for the night or to stay for a while longer at least?"

Sebastian creased his brows, looking at Alexander like he did not understand what he was even talking about. "Iza understands the situation very well, Alexander." The way he said it even sounded a little proud as he thought that his wife was so understanding and accommodating to his matters.

Somehow, Alex wanted to scold and wring the hopeless neck of this infuriating and grumpy prince but he held back. Because Alex believes that with a man like Sebastian, it was better for him to learn his lesson the hard way before he could fully grasp and understand how things really were.

"Well, if you say so." Alex's gaze shifted to Caelian's coat that was still in his hand. "And what you're going to do with that coat? You are gripping at it like it committed some unforgivable crime against you."

"I'm going to burn this in the forest." Was all Sebastian said. However, Alex noted that his tone was extremely unpleasant when he said that. After saying that, then he was gone.

"Ah... that idiot." Alex sighed out heavily before shaking his head.

The next day, Alexander introduced two female guards to Elle.

Elle was surprised and was curious at why Caelian was replaced. But she did not bother to ask Alexander about it anymore.

She spent another fulfilling day in the library and then the next as well. She had learned a lot but she still felt like she was starving for more knowledge. Finding out that the vampires can actually talk to each other without saying a word as long as they were having eye contact, shocked and fascinated her. But the latest thing that had her mouth gaping was the fact that the vampires had existed as long as humans had. How was it possible that the world never found out about them, even with all these modern technologies?

Chapter 152 Maybe

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Another day passed.

Sebastian had come and gone just like how he had done the past few days. Just staying for a moment to tell her that he was going to go back to the Black Forest again.

Elle was truly glad for Alexander's suggestion to her, telling her to go visit the library. Or else, she was not really sure how she would be faring right now. And if she was to be honest to herself, she would definitely have to answer that she would most probably be driven half mad due to her habit of overthinking.

"Let's stop by the market." Elle told her guards. The two ladies had been guarding her for a few days now. She had liked them, but Elle felt like these two ladies were a bit restless. Unlike Caelian, they were not as relaxed and calm. They were always on high alert and their alertness most of the time, ended up distracting her while she was trying to read in the library. To her observation, the ladies were a bit tense compared to all the other guards who had guarded her since she had entered this country. It was as though they did not know how to maintain their alertness but not allow the intensity of their aura affect their client.

"Okay, Miss." One of them called out. She had already told them to call her 'Elle' since she had donned on a small disguise when going out - wearing jeans and a baseball cap and face mask when going to the market to buy food to cook for dinner. But the ladies just could not seem to bring themselves to say her name so they had settled on 'Miss'.

The past few days, Elle had started to be the one doing the groceries a��� including the food Sebastian and Alexander had been bringing over to the Black Forest every day.

"Ooops... I think that this should be enough for now. Please hand me some of the bags." Elle felt sorry for her guards when she turned around and saw that their hands were already packed with heavy bags of food and necessities.

"No worries, Miss. These are very light for us." They reassured her and Elle could only give in, knowing that it was futile for her to insist on carrying something when these two were around.

"Oh! Hold on... I forgot the cheese!" Elle gushed as the three of them were walking back to their car. "Wait here, I'll be quick!"

Then she turned around and rushed back, not bothering to wait for them to follow her. Since it was only one small item, Elle thought that it would be faster for her to run back and get it on her own than wait for one of the bodyguards to put the bags down and follow after her. One of her guards put down all the bags and turned to run after her, but there was already a huge gap between them.

Elle had just accepted the bag of cheese she bought when her entire body froze. Her eyes widened in horror at the face that she had caught sight of in the crowd. W-what was that man doing here?!

Her entire being trembled and the moment she managed to move, she ran away, as fast as she could. Forgetting everything else. All that was in her mind right now was to escape the danger that was approaching her! That face... she was certain... there was no way that she would ever forget the face of the man who was almost always by that monster's side. As her mind was in turmoil, her legs pumped harder as she ran non-stop, bringing her further away.

That man, nicknamed Boone, was Brandon Haze's most loyal bodyguard and the most ruthless one too. Since she was young, that Boone guy had always terrified her because he had... he was the one who had punished her when she had tried to post a cryptic note about Brandon Haze on the Internet. They had quickly deleted all traces of that post that perhaps not many people had managed to read her post.

Boone had punished her by... Elle's hand flew to her neck and she crashed her shoulder against the wall. It felt as though she was drowning. The images of her kneeling in front of the fountain in the garden, while Boone was pushing her head into the water flashed across her mind.

Brandon Haze had asked the man to punish her without leaving any bruises and scars on her perfectly smooth and milky skin. So, Boone had chosen that punishment.

Panting hard, Elle found herself hiding in the bushes. She did not know how she had gotten here, but finally, she was starting to calm down. Where was she?

Her eyes widened at the realization that it was already dark and she was... lord... how did she manage to end up in a forest?

Elle held her breath, and slowly forced herself to lift her head. To her relief, she realized she was right beside the road and there were bright street lights along it. How long had she run and how did she end up hiding here?!

She remembered her instincts had simply kicked in and all her body and mind had wanted to do was run. To run as fast and as far away as she could from that danger sign named Boone.

Suddenly, her eyes widened again at the realization that everyone must be looking for her by now. The thought that she had caused everyone even more trouble when the situation was already not good, had her feeling even more worried. She should not be causing any trouble for Sebastian and Alexander when their hands were already so full with the matters regarding Azy and Alicia! It should not be that late yet, right? Maybe, they were still waiting for her in the house or Sebastian was still caught up in the Black Forest. Right, she can still return there quietly before everyone comes looking for her. At that thought, she nodded to herself.

Elle was about to rush out of the bushes where she was hiding, but her body froze up again. What if Boone was... what if she ran into him when she came out of hiding? What if he was still chasing after her? What if a���

A paralyzing fear gripped her as she slowly and silently turned around in her hidden position in the bushes, and saw a silhouette of a man a few steps behind her.

Chapter 153 The Truth

"Princess!" A voice full of worry called out.

Elle's knees buckled the moment that familiar voice echoed in her ears. She knelt on the ground and let out the breath that she was holding. Panting, she fisted a hand over her chest to calm her racing heart. She needed to calm down as her vision was starting to blacken around the edges. 

"Good lord! What are you doing here?" Caelian frantically squatted before her as he quickly checked her over. "Are you hurt?" 

Caelian did not hesitate anymore and touched her forehead, finding that it was cold and clammy. However, to his relief he did not smell any trace of blood from her. But good lord... she looked like a mess! What in the world could have driven her to be in this state and hiding in a place like this?!

Gritting his teeth, he immediately pulled his phone out of his jacket and made a call to Alex. 

"Alex. I've found her... I think she's not injured at least... here in the a���" he broke off as she suddenly grabbed onto his wrist, her cold, trembling fingers sending goosebumps spreading over his skin. 

She was shaking her head at him. God, was she telling him not to answer Alex's question? 

The way she desperately looked at him while shaking her head had Caelian unable to reject her plea. "We'll be there in no time Alex. She said she'll explain as soon as we get there." 

Once Caelian ended the call, she continued panting again, dropping her head tiredly. "T-thank you." 

"Can you stand, princess?" he asked gently, realizing how she was still trembling and trying so very hard to compose herself. r

She nodded as she clung to his arm. 

"I think I'll carry you instead. I need to bring you back to Alex before he sends out more people to look for you if we don't get back quickly." Caelian explained. 

It has not been that long since her two female guards reported that she was missing. 

Alex had immediately dispatched him and his group to look for her. He had said that if they could not find her within thirty minutes, he would send out more people to search for her. Thankfully, he managed to track her down in time before Alex stirred up a commotion in the entire town. 

"Please... bring me to a place where I can wash up first." Elle's voice was still trembling when she requested this from Caelian.

Caelian frowned. "No princess, you can wash up later. I really need to bring you back before Prince Sebastian returns from the Black Forest." 

"You mean he had not heard about this yet? Alex had not told him?" 

"Yes. Alex was planning to send a message to him if I couldn't find you in thirty minutes." Caelian had no choice but to explain to Elle.

She breathed out in utter relief, causing Caelian to look so puzzled. Why was she relieved that her husband had not heard about this yet? Should she not be reacting in the opposite way? He was expecting that she would want Sebasitan to find out and show his concern over her and maybe even pamper her.

"Caelian..." Elle held his gaze with an intensity that made Caelian feel like whatever she would say next was something that he did not want to hear or do. "Please don't tell Alexander or anyone else that you found me here... like this. Please..." Her voice was so desperately pitiful and it cracked when she said 'please'.

"Princess..." Caelian did not know what to do or say. He should be instantly saying 'no' to her request. No matter what she says, this was something that should never be kept a secret! Just by the sight of her right now was enough for him to tell that something terribly wrong had happened. The only thing that was keeping him from grabbing her instantly to bring her back to Alex was only due to the fact that he could not smell any signs of physical injury on her. 

He would normally straight out say 'no', but this princess was making it very hard for him. He believed it was because of the desperate and teary look in her eyes.

But just as Caelian gave her his nod, he immediately shook his head right after. He must not get swayed. This was something that Alex must know at all cost! "I'm sorry but I can't possibly a���"r

"Please, Caelian." She gripped his arm tighter as she begged him, her large eyes looked even larger as she stared at him hopefully. God... he had never expected this. The first time he saw this princess, he had thought of her as that kind of regal and forever composed beauty. Of course, he was not unrealistically expecting her to never have a low moment. But this was... this was too shocking! r

"Princess a���"

"I don't want to trouble anyone. Alexander and Sebastian have lots to deal with already. And this is no big deal, really. I'm fine. I just... I just saw someone I think I might know from the past. But now that I think about it, I believe I must have just hallucinated or saw his doppelganger. That was why I hid myself here." She frantically explained. Her eyes begging him desperately and goodness... how could he say 'no' to her when she was already looking at him like this?

He found himself nodding, surrendering to her pleas. He just could not stand that this princess was begging him like this anymore. 

"Thank you." She uttered and, noticing that she had finally calmed down, at least outwardly, he finally picked her up and took her back to Alexander's house without. 


"It's the truth. I really just got myself lost in the crowd. I'm so sorry for the trouble." Elle said, forcing an apologetic smile at Alexander. "I promise it won't happen again. I'm so sorry, once a���"

"Stop apologizing, Elle. I'm just so relieved that you are alright and nothing bad has happened to you. That is all that matters right now." Alex told her as his gaze scrutinized her from head to toe. "Are you certain you are not hurt anywhere? I think it would be better if I call for a doctor a���"

"No, no." she waved her hands almost frantically as she laughed a little. "I really don't need a doctor. I'm really fine. Dear lord... I'm so embarrassed. I'm like a child who got lost and ended up wandering around beyond my curfew. Please don't worry. I'm really fine, Alexander." 

Watching her slightly embarrassed and sheepish smile, Caelian tried his best to keep his face straight. He was marveling internally that this princess was really good at acting! How could she smile like that when she was a trembling mess just a while ago?!

"Alright. You look very tired. You should go and freshen up before resting. Don't worry about dinner, I'll take care of it." Alexander seemed to be finally convinced by Elle's smile. 

"Thank you." She replied, throwing Caelian a discreet glance before entering into the house. 

Elle rushed upstairs and locked herself inside the bathroom.

Her hands immediately trembled again as she slid down onto the floor in an ungraceful heap.

Chapter 154 Spit It Out

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Elle could not believe just how her body had reacted.

She always knew that no matter how much she trained or how capable she had become, she would never be able to use any of those skills against Brandon Haze and her father and anyone related to them. Because all her body knew when it came to them was to run. It was as though her body had been pre programmed to have that reaction. It was a trained reaction that had been forced into her since long ago that she could not fight back and undo this involuntary reaction. It was kind of pathetic how terrified she was. She should not be terrified of mere humans like them. She was literally living with powerful and dangerous creatures worthy to be feared. Yet nothing would still ever top the intense fear those people were causing her.

It was like her fear had been engraved into her deepest core and there was no more overcoming it. They had successfully planted fear and horror within her that would haunt her for the rest of her life. She would have to accept living like this, always looking behind her back and shivering in cold sweat whenever the shadows of these people ever crossed her sight.

After burying her face into her palms, Elle forced herself up and took her clothes off. Sebastian should be coming back very soon, so she must compose herself now. She must not allow any trace of her fear and discomfort leak through as Sebastian would be able to notice it.

She did not want him to know. Not only because she did not want to trouble him, but also because she realized that she was not even actually sure if the man she saw was indeed Boone. He might be just a look-alike or she had perhaps hallucinated.

Elle had such conclusions because she had already experienced this before. She had once seen Brandon Haze's face in the crowd even though that monster was actually abroad that time. And she had also seen her sister's face on a girl that had slightly resembled her.

So, she believed that it was highly possible it might not actually be him. Moreover, there was just no way that those people would be in this place, right?

When she was certain she was composed enough, Elle went downstairs and chatted with the kids like nothing had happened.

Thankfully, Sebastian came back late that night.

Elle was already asleep in bed when Sebastian entered their room to check on her.

He stayed longer that night, watching her sleeping face before he left and returned to the Black Forest.

The next day, Alex had gone to check around the town as he had a little suspicion regarding Elle's story so he too was gone the whole day. When he came back, he was surprised when his daughter mentioned to him that Izabelle had not left the house at all the whole day.

"Is she alright? Is she sick?" Alex asked his daughter, a little worried.

"She said she's not sick, daddy. We spent the whole morning together and she looked alright but she didn't leave her room this whole afternoon." Alice explained.

"I saw her writing on her desk through the window like a couple of hours ago, dad," Alexis butted in as he was balancing a soccer ball on his head. "I think the princess is alright and not sick. Maybe she's just concentrating on whatever she's studying or writing."

"I see..." Alex nodded. But later, he stepped out of the house and called Caelian.

As soon as Caelian stood next to him, Alex did not beat around the bush. "I think there is something you're not telling me. It's not like Izabelle to lock herself inside the house the entire day."

The twitch in Caelian's brow did not escape Alex's notice. "Spit it out, Caelian." He warned in a low and dangerous tone, and Caelian could no longer keep the secret. After all, this man was his boss! He had been actually planning to tell the truth to Alex anyway. He did not want the princess to be disappointed in him, but it truly cannot be helped. Having her disappointed in him was a far better choice than having her getting into danger or something related to this issue.

So, he told Alex everything, even the fact that the princess had asked him to not say anything.

Alex pinched the skin between his brows and took a deep breath.


As soon as Alex saw Sebastian approaching, Alex pushed himself off the door. Sebastian arched his brow, noticing that Alex seemed to have waited outside specifically for him to return. Was there something so urgent that he needed from him?

"We need to talk, Sebby." Alex said in a very serious tone before Sebastian could even ask why he had asked for him to come to the house as soon as possible. "Did you have a talk with your wife last night?"

Sebastian creased his brows. "She was already asleep when..."

The sigh that Alex released made Sebastian's sentence trail off. His expression was now starting to change. He had a bad feeling that something bad had happened and he did not know about it.

"I just found out that Izabelle must have lied when she said she simply got lost in the market. Caelian just confessed that he had found her hiding in the bushes just at the edge of the forest, trembling and out of breath. And today, she had not taken even a step out of the house. Not even just outside the door. Something serious must have happened and for some reason, she didn't want anyone to know about it. She had even begged Cael not to say anything... especially to you."

Sebastian's eyes dilated as the color of his face changed upon hearing Alex's words.

Without a word, he rushed inside the house.

But once he reached their room's door, his hand halted in midair. After taking a deep shaky breath, then pushed the door open.

And he was welcomed by the sound of a glass crashing on the floor and Izabelle, standing there, looking so utterly startled and frightened at his sudden entrance.


Chapter 155 That Fear [1/7]

Chapter 155 That Fear [1/7]

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A deafening silence filled the room.

Sebastian froze by the door while the fear in Elle's eyes slowly faded as she looked at him. She had looked as though she was a frightened rabbit, ready to bolt at the first hint of danger approaching her. He had caught the look in her wide eyes - a look that told him she was the prey and that the predator was out hunting for her.

"S-seb... you startled me..." her voice eventually came out, laughing softly. "Sorry I... I wasn't expecting you to come home so early so I Γ’€“"

"Don't move." He cut her off. His fingers were itching to clench so tight as he approached her. But he held back and kept his fingers slack. He had a feeling that any unnecessary movement he made would startle her and she would get hurt in the process. "You might cut yourself."

His eyes stared down at the shards of broken glass on the floor. And then at her bare feet.

With jaws clenching hard, he wordlessly scooped her up into his arms. Though his aura was flaring and his face was taut, his arms that curled around her were as gentle as could be.

"What happened?" she asked him with concern as Sebastian lowered her on the couch. "Is everything alright in the Black Forest?"

Her questions made Sebastian feel even worse. His chest felt extremely stuffy and was even heavier now. When he saw that horror in her eyes when he opened the door as if she had expected for a moment there that a ferocious monster was the one who had opened the door, it struck him f**king bad.

And now here she was, asking him what had happened or if there was anything that went wrong in the Black Forest. He felt like something was strangling him.

"Sebastian?" Her warm, soft hands lifted up and cupped his face. She gazed worriedly into his eyes as her brows furrowed and she asked him gently. "Are you alright?"

His hand grabbed her wrist as he sank onto the floor and knelt on one knee before her. Her gentle caring was like a sharp knife being stabbed deep into his heart. 'F**k... I should be the one asking you those questions...! Not the other way around! Stop... stop looking at me with concern. I'm not the one who is needing any concern...'

"Sebastian!" She called out again, shaking his face slightly. Her actions and call had pulled him out of his own thoughts. "W-what happened?"

His fist on her side clenched so hard before he finally spoke. "Tell me, Izabelle. What happened to you yesterday?" He did his best to keep his voice from being too intense.

It was her turn to freeze up. She blinked at him and then her pupils began to wander. She looked like she had not expected Sebastian to ask about what happened to her yesterday.

"Oh... Alexander told you about it...?" she uttered, and then her expression suddenly shifted. A sweet but awkward smile curved on her lips. "I actually got lost in the market yesterday. And that had caused Alexander to mobilize Caelian and the others to come looking for me."

She covered her face with her palms as she continued. "I feel so embarrassed about causing so much trouble for them that I asked them not to tell you."

Sebastian's clenched fist tightened even more. She was still trying to cover it up. Still trying to deny it.

"Why...? Why won't you want me to know?" he asked in an almost inaudible voice.

Putting her hands down slowly, she looked over to the window and stared out unblinkingly at the reddish sky. She did not speak for a while and Sebastian remained quiet, allowing her time to arrange her thoughts.

"I did not think that it was necessary for you to know. I don't want to trouble you or anyone else with something that was not even a big deal." She returned her gaze to him and gave him an apologetic small laugh. However, Sebastian could see that the smile did not reach her eyes. Her eyes that were usually warm, were now tinged with a little darkness. And he realized that he did not know where that darkness came from.

When he did not say anything in response to her statement, she looked like something suddenly dawned on her and exclaimed, "Wait... is this the reason why you came back early today?"

Sebastian did not answer this question as well. The more he looked at her this close... the more she feigned those smiles and small laughter... the more the strangling feeling got worse.

"Yes... Alexander said you didn't leave the house the entire day." He finally answered her, his voice tight.

"Oh... oh my, I hope Alexander didn't tell you I'm sick just because I stayed in our room the whole afternoon." She sighed and then laughed awkwardly. "I just decided to spend time with the twins and also to rest my eyes a little as I had been reading a lot for the past few days. I've actually taken a long nap and had just woken up not long before you arrived."

He could not respond. That fear started to creep under his skin. That fear where her smile started to become too bright and fake. That fear that her laughter would not even reach her eyes anymore.

He thought that he was already prepared for this. Yes, the moment he decided to own her and make her his forever, he had already expected that she would sooner or later get tainted dark as a result of her getting tied to someone like him. Just like everyone he had cared about, she too, will change for the worse as time goes by. Despite knowing all that, he had selfishly claimed her instead of letting her go or even giving her a choice. He had decided to chain her to him and drag her down to his hell. So, this should not shake him anymore. This was already something he had predicted.

But now that he was watching it start to happen... Now that he began to watch her fake her smile and force a laugh right before his face... it was... it was f**king unbearable.

And for the first time in his long life, he felt the kind of fear he had never experienced before. Fear that this fragile princess of his would one day end up broken in his arms.