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Chapter 156 Easier [2/7]

"Oh, it's already sunset!" Elle exclaimed and rose from the couch. "I need to go prepare for dinner now, Sebastian. Good Lord... time just flew by too fast today, did it not? Since you are back, you should rest for a little while. Maybe you can go wash up first before taking a short nap? I'll call you once dinner is ready." 

After giving him another smile, she headed for the door. Trying to keep up appearances, Elle reminded herself to keep her footsteps light and cheery.

But just as she pulled the door open, it was being pushed closed again very suddenly with a muffled bang, startling her a little. Her eyes widened before falling to the veiny hand that was being pressed against the door. For a split second, her heart rate had sped up crazily as her body had automatically responded by wanting to duck and flee - from the left-behind nervousness from seeing Boone from the yesterday. However, in the next second, she drew in a breath and told herself that it was just Sebastian's hand and there was nothing for her to be afraid of. Feeling her heart rate starting to calm down, she slowly turned around to face him. 

"Sebas..." she could not complete his name because of the expression that she saw on his face. It was not an expression that she was expecting to see. Not from this man, the Crown Prince of Viscarria, Prince Sebastian.

Pinning her against the door, Sebastian loomed over her. Seeing that he had gotten her attention, he took a small step closer to her, bringing his body almost flush against hers. His nostrils flared as he breathed in her unique floral scent, his eyes closing for a while as he fought his instincts to tamp down on his raging emotions.

"Tell me, Iza... what should I do? Please tell me what can I do to make you never smile and laugh that way again?" he asked in a hoarse voice, almost breaking at the end. "I can't... f**king stand it... So, tell me... tell me what I should do..."

He could not believe what he was saying. But he immediately realized that this was him doing something so unlike himself again. This was him trying to do something to prevent her from getting broken in his arms. To him, this was far easier than letting her go. Yes, despite all that realization, letting her go was still something he could not even comprehend. No, he was unwilling to accept the possibility of her leaving his life. So, he was even f**king willing to try and fight the inevitable. Maybe... just maybe... if he could persist, something might change? That it might give them both a fighting chance to make it work? Maybe... she would somehow at least keep her smile. That would be enough for him. 

But... what if this was something he could not do anything about, at all? And that was why she could not respond? 

He gritted his teeth. "Tell me... is there nothing I could do? Because it is who I am that's making you a���" 

"Stop!" she yelled at him, cutting him off as she lifted her hands, both her palms facing him, telling him to stop. Her eyes were wide as she looked at him. His face. His expression. The look in his eyes. She had seen this vulnerability before in that magical meadow and it had made her momentarily lose her power of speech. She was becoming more confused at the things that he was saying to her. Why was it that it seemed as though they were not even on the same topic? "What are you... I don't understand what you're talking about a���"

"Enough!" He told her through his gritted teeth. "Do you really think I can't distinguish your fake smile and forced laughter? Huh? Izabelle? Do you really think I can't see the horror and fear in your eyes?" he scoffed bitterly, shaking his head. "I know I can't understand your emotions sometimes or maybe most of the time. But your smile... your laughter... I at least recognize what is real and what is not!" 

"Sebastian..." she said his name in a disbelieving whisper. Her hands slowly reached up to touch his face. The way she moved so carefully was as though she was afraid that if she touched him wrongly, he would just shatter into a million pieces. "I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to... I was... I was trying to hide how scared I was. That's why I am forcing myself to smile and act like nothing has happened. I didn't want you to know what a pathetic mess I was yesterday, suddenly running away in fear, then hiding and trembling in the bushes... I..." she trailed off, suddenly realizing what she had been saying to him. She had been trying to explain her actions to him.

"Tell me..." his voice was even tighter now as he spoke through gritted teeth. Sebastian had heard her words. And it sparked a flame in him. She was in fear. Hiding and trembling in the bushes. Why?! "Why did you run in fear? Why were you hiding in the bushes and trembling? Who made you... who had terrified you to that point?" 

Elle's lips fell open. Her eyes started to sting really bad and felt really hot as she looked up at him. She saw the clear view of his face suddenly wavering and blurring after a while. And she knew it was because tears had already filled her eyes. She was only holding them back from spilling from sheer will.

"Answer me, Izabelle. Did some vampire out there scare you? Or was it... was it the things that you had recently found out about us vampires that made you... or was it me who a���" Sebastian kept starting and stopping, asking new questions and stopping halfway, not finishing it before asking another question. Though it was haphazard and quite confusing, Elle somehow managed to follow his train of thoughts.

"No!" she finally burst out, stopping Subastian from continuing.

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Chapter 157 The Hunt [3/7]

"No!" she finally burst out, stopping Subastian from continuing. Shaking her head frantically. "That's not it! The vampires or you have nothing to do with it... it's not you... it's not the vampires..." her lips started to tremble as her tears began to flow from her eyes. "I'm not... scared because of you... or any vampires!"

Sebastian yanked her into his arms and held her, unable to stand watching her cry anymore. He couldn't bear the sound of her trembling voice as she tried to keep herself from breaking down.

"I'm sorry... don't cry..." he whispered as he held her tightly in his embrace. He tried to keep his composure even though all he wanted in that moment was to rush out and find whoever it was that had scared her so badly, and skin him alive and torture them until they were begging for death. Even then, he would not let them off for torturing his Izabelle.

Fortunately, he managed to hold himself back. It was already an incredible feat for him to be able to stay put in the midst of his lethal bloodlust and anger. And he knew that it was all because of this woman who was crying in his arms a��� whose tears he had wanted to stop more than anything else, even more than his desire to spill blood.

He took her back to the couch and sat down there with her cradled in his lap. He let her cry into his shirt and simply held her. He could feel her whole body shaking with the sobs that were wrenched out of that slender body of hers, as her tears continued to fall and caused the front of his shirt to be wet. Waiting patiently for her to finally feel better. He wished he knew what comforting words to say to soothe her even for a little. But he was not that confident in his ability to spout soothing words. He was aware that everything about him was rough and harsh. And he was afraid he would only make her feel worse if he went ahead and said something.

So, all he did was quietly hold her close to him, moving his hand gently over her back - from her shoulders down to the small of her back. As he held her, he realized how small she actually was in his arms a��� how fragile and breakable she felt. He just needed to exert a little strength and her bones would break in his hold.

By the time she finally stopped sobbing, Sebastian held her shoulders and made her look up at him. "I want to... no, I need you to tell me the truth, Izabelle." He told her, his voice pleading. He must know who was the bastard that had scared her, or he would lose it and go wreck havoc in this town and disrupt everyone's peaceful life just to find whoever or whatever that had terrified her yesterday.

"It's... it's the man named Boone..." she finally confessed after keeping silent for a couple of minutes. "He's Brandon Haze's chief bodyguard. And he used to..." she paused and bit the inside of her lip. "I thought I saw him in the market that day and... I ran away as fast as I could. And before I knew it, I ended up in the forest, hiding."

Sebastian noticed how Elle had suddenly stopped talking and continued on another topic. His heart had skipped a beat as he had a bad feeling about it. "He used to... what? What did... he do to you?" He tried his very best to keep his voice less severe lest he accidentally scared her.

When she could not make herself give him an answer, he pulled her into his embrace again. He knew exactly just how hard it was to say the things one would never want others to know.

But right now, he did not need to hear it anymore. His bloodlust made his blood boil. He needed to kill that bastard. No, he needed to torture him in the worse way possible for him to calm down again!

Placing Elle down gently on the couch, Sebastian whispered to her. "Stay here. I'll be right back."

But Elle grabbed onto his hand. "Where are you going? You're not going to..."

His thumb was suddenly on her lips and his forehead rested against hers. His grey eyes were bright and staring directly into her own blue ones.

"Don't worry... I will not cause too much commotion now that you have named the bloody man. Stay here. I'll be back." His lips landed just below her ear, and before she could react, he was already gone.


As soon as Alex saw Sebastian's expression, he sighed out in relief. That bloodlust and rage only meant one thing. Sebastian had found who had caused Izabelle to run away and hide yesterday.

"I need to see the face of that Brandon Pig's bodyguard. The man named Boone." Sebastian told Alex. His eyes now had a steely and sharp quality to it and looked as though it could flay Boone into meat strips.

Seeing that Sebastian was looking like dangerous time bomb itching to blow up any moment, Alex immediately went to his phone and called the mole he had planted in the Eves palace. Fortunately, since Brandon Haze was still going to the Eves palace with his goons, the mole had already familiarized himself with the most important bodyguards of Brandon.

So, in a matter of seconds, he managed to send them a picture of the man named Boone.

As soon as Sebastian looked at it, his face screamed the words 'the hunt has begun'.


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Chapter 158 Pang Of Ache [4/7]

Elle tried to rush downstairs to at least tell him that she was not even sure if Boone was indeed the person that she had seen in town that day, in case he went out looking for him. But when she went downstairs to look for him, Elle found that Sebastian and even Alexander were already gone. These men really worked incredibly fast!

The only ones left were the twins guarding the door and grinning at her.

"Sorry, Princess. But... you are not allowed to step out of this door tonight." Alexis said in a firm voice. The boy was obviously taking his job very seriously. Elle could not help but see how much he resembled his father, Alex at that moment. Alexis would definitely grow up to be a heartbreaker in future!

"Don't worry, Princess Elle, I will do my best to accompany you. I have already listed down a few things that we could do tonight to keep the boredom away." Alice approached her and stretched her hand out to her. A folded paper containing her list of things to do was on her palm. "It's a long list because I don't know which activity you would like the most."

Taking the paper and unfolding it, Elle scanned through the items before smiling after reading it.

,m "How thoughtful of you." Elle hugged the adorable girl tight, itching to squeeze her. "Can I at least ask where your uncle went? He went back to the Black Forest, right?"

The twins tilted their heads. They moved so synchronized in that moment and even had the exact same expression that it made Elle giggle with their cuteness. "I think so, Princess." It was Alexis who answered and Alice simply nodded.

After dinner and playing Supermario Bros with Elle for an hour, Elle finally went off to bed. Of course, the twins had both accompanied her to their door.

Elle was not worried about the twins not sleeping early anymore like how she used to during her first couple of nights in this house. She was already used to it and she had already learned from her studying that they really do not need as much sleep like humans do.

Once she was in bed, Elle's mind brought her back to that moment when Sebastian had asked her what he should do to not make her fake her smile again. Her heart began to thump hard at the thought of it. It seemed as though he was truly worried for her, and that he really cared for her.

She replayed that moment many times in her mind until she finally fell asleep. Completely oblivious of the ferocious hunt that was happening in town, all for her sake.

The next time she opened her eyes, it was already three in the morning.

She used to never go out of her room even when she woke up at midnight or dawn. But tonight, something in her wanted her to leave her room. She hesitated for a moment but she eventually got up, took the glass pitcher and left her room.

She was about to take her first step on the stairs when she heard a faint sound coming from the living room. That had her heart rate accelerating as she had a sudden fear if someone had broken into the house. But she dispelled that thought almost immediately after it sprung up. It was then that she heard voices floating up the stairs.

"It's strange because I had already locked up the borders the moment I heard that Izabelle was missing. This Boone guy should not be able to escape since I had not lifted my orders yet." Alexander's voice echoed. Elle could hear that he sounded puzzled as he said that. "And this Boone guy is only a human."

Elle bit her lip. Dear lord... Sebastian had really gone ahead to search for Boone instead of going back to the Black Forest?! She needed to stop them! From what Alexander said, Elle seemed to have gathered that they could not find Boone. It seems that what she saw was indeed a hallucination!!

Feeling bad that Sebastian and everyone else had been troubled to search the town, she quickly rushed downstairs. Her face was pale but her cheeks were stained red due to embarrassment of having made a fool out of herself.

Everyone was in the living room. Alexander, Sebastian, Caelian and another man that she did not recognize.

Alexander and Caelian who were facing her way lifted their gazes towards her when a buzz of a vibrating phone broke the silence. Alexander immediately received the call and then the atmosphere just instantly turned utterly suffocating.

The next thing Elle knew, everyone moved in a blur. She watched as Sebastian sprung from his seat. What had happened?

"Seb..." she could not even finish calling out his name. He had moved past her like he had not even seen her.

He was so fast that even her hair was blown over her shoulders and she was pushed a step back. She believed it was because of the power of his movement that even though his body did not touch her, it was as though she had been forcefully pushed aside by him.

Elle just stood there, paralyzed as her mouth hung open. What happened? What could have made them react like that ... that Sebastian did not even bother glancing over at her?

She could not help the pang of ache that had stabbed her sharply in the heart. She hated this. She really hated how easily she was getting hurt by this person.

Pacing back and forth by the door, Elle ended up biting her nails in agitation. She had a bad feeling about this. She kept praying that she was wrong. That nothing had happened in the Black Forest and that Azy and Alicia and Abi were definitely alright.

But she knew that no one would have elicited that kind of reaction from Alexander and Sebastian but them.

Chapter 159 Even For A Moment [5/7]

The sun was already up when the door opened. It was Caelian.

"Princess..." the man looked disheveled. But what made Elle's heart sink was the blood that had stained Caelian's white undershirt. There were even rips of his jacket. "I just came to confirm that you had not left the house. Well then a���"

"Wait!" Elle looked at him worriedly. "What happened? They're okay, right? Abi and Alicia and Azy are fine, right?"

Caelian hesitantly nodded. His expression was a little weird as he looked at her, unlike the usual carefree way he had been when he was with her the last time. "They are safe for now. So please don't worry. The problem has been solved and everyone's already settled down. I was ordered to tell you that you still can't leave the house today too. This is for your own safety."

He then nodded at her and turned but he stopped upon holding the door knob and spoke without looking back. His voice was a little strained as he spoke. "Uhm, princess... I really hope you have explained your side of the story properly and told the whole truth about what had happened to you in the market that night. If you have not done so... please consider preparing yourself to explain your side of the story. I know it's not my place to say anything much, but I really hope you would not even try to lie about anything." He looked over his shoulder and smiled gently at her. "I was the one who saw you in that state that night so I really don't believe that was all an act. However, everything that happened had obviously been masterfully planned and I believe you were used to making this attack plan in the Black Forest to succeed. Thankfully, we were not too late and there was no major injury that happened. I wasn't supposed to tell you this but I think you must know beforehand because... one of the rogue vampires we tortured mentioned your name."

Once Caelian shut the door closed, Elle just stood there, stone cold. She could not believe what she just heard. What?!! H-how...?

She had a hard time even processing everything that Caelian said but after several minutes, she managed to calm herself and thought hard about it.

What she came to understand from those little bits and pieces Caelian had mentioned had her body turning cold. Now that she thought about it, the Black Forest had been attacked while Sebastian and Alexander were busy hunting for Boone. The Boone that even both Alexander and Sebastian could not find despite their thorough search. If she would think from someone else's perspective, she would be a major suspect. Because the series of events that had happened seemed to have brought everything to this one conclusion. That everything started since she had gone missing that night. The fact that she had told Caelian not to tell the truth and her lying about it, would also add up to the idea that she had deliberately diverted Alexander and Sebastian's attention so the Black Forest would be left unguarded. And then she could not even prove her claims that she really did see Boone, because he might never have been there in the first place.

A bitter, almost hysterical laugh left her lips as she sunk on the floor, burying her face into her palms.

Somehow, she could already see the end of this. She would be left without any evidence to prove that she was innocent and did not have anything to do with what had happened. All she could cling onto was the tiny sliver of hope that they would believe in her words.

But would they? As far as she knew, she had not done anything big yet to earn anyone's trust. And the fact that her name was even mentioned, was... would anyone even believe her now?

Another hysterical laughter echoed softly as Elle gripped the shirt over her heart. She did not understand what was actually going on. Why? Why was her name mentioned? Was it because she was truly used like a puppet without even knowing? What do they want from her? Why... why was this happening to her?

Hours had passed but Sebastian and Alexander did not return. No one came to question her either. The fact that even Alexander was not coming back to check on his kids made her realize whatever happened in the Black Forest, must have been really serious. Caelian said that they were safe for now and there were no major injuries. But that only meant that they got hurt. No major injuries... that meant that there were some minor ones?

She bit down hard on her trembling lips at the thought that the poor child Azy, who was already in a bad situation, must have been hurt as well. The thought broke her heart all over again that she had to reassure herself that the poor child was fine and safe now. There were so many adults, plus his mother, uncles, and aunt there to watch over him. Certainly, he would be well taken care of. Right...?

Looking outside at the already darkening sky, Elle squeezed her eyes closed. A suffocating sense of helplessness enveloped her and she felt as though she was fighting for breath. She was tired... so very tired... and hurt... Would it be too selfish of her if all she wanted for now was to disappear? To have all of these problems and pain go away? If she could... she would want to just disappear somewhere... anywhere that could make all these feelings go away... even for a moment. She would want to disappear to a place where no one knew her and where she could finally find relief. Better yet, she wanted to disappear to a place where she would stop feeling anything at all.


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Chapter 160 Enough [6/7]

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In the Black Forest...

Sebastian's eyes were gleaming so dangerously through his damped dark hair as he sat on top of a rock. He was currently reeking of blood and darkness. At that moment, he looked like nothing but a breathing and living danger, a heartless slaughterer.

"Sebastian..." Alexander's voice echoed behind him. He was the only one who could approach Sebastian in that state of his. The other vampires had distanced themselves from him even after all the enemies were already completely eradicated. "You need to go wash up now and go back to the village."

No response came from Sebastian, causing Alex to sigh. "Someone needs to go speak to Izabelle and that someone is none other than you, Sebastian."

In a blur of a movement, Sebastian sprung up and glared dangerously at Alexander. "Don't you dare accuse my wife, Alexander!" He spat and snarled. His dangerous aura that had just barely stabilized a little suddenly started to get out of control again.

But Alexander did not even bat an eyelid at his flaring temper. "I didn't say that. But we need to question her a���"

"She does not have anything to do with this!" Sebastian cut Alex off as he spoke through gritted teeth. "What can a fragile woman like her even do?"

"That's exactly why we need to question her to find out what had actually happened! Questioning her doesn't mean we are accusing her of any betrayal. We just need to hear the entire story from her to a���"

"I told you... she already told me the entire story. She saw that man's face and that was the reason why she ran away!"

"There could still be something that she had missed out on telling you. Did she inform you the reason why she had lied about the real story and tried to hide it?" Alex pressed the issue and brought up points that made Sebastian uncomfortable.

"Enough, Alex." Sebastian shut his eyes tightly closed as his body tensed up. Agitated at the last question Alexander had thrown him, he was like a tightly coiled spring, about to snap as it reached its limit. She had not told him why. And he had not asked her why she had lied. He had not pressed on why she tried to hide what had really happened.

Clenching his fists tight, Sebastian looked at Alex with an intense glare. "Leave Izabelle out of this." He snarled warningly. "There is no need to question her at all. No... forget that that bloody man mentioned her name. My wife is not involved in this. Period!"

Alex let out a long-suffering but understanding sigh. If it were him, he would have perhaps reacted in the same way with Abi being involved as well.

"I am trying my best to be understanding, Sebastian. But right now, you are sounding like you are merely trying to convince yourself that she's indeed innocent." Alexander's words struck him. Hard. And he did not like it. Not one bit.

"You look like you would even choose to believe even her most obvious lies, Sebby." Alexander continued, looking at him like he could read everything - his mind and even what his heart had wanted.

"I understand why you're acting like this. But this is not the right way, Sebastian. If you really believe that she's innocent, then bring this up to her and let us hear her side of the story. Once we hear her explanation, everything will be clearer and she will even clear her name once and for all. I know you're like this because you don't want her to get hurt, but what you are doing right now might hurt her even more in the end. You are trying to plant a mistrust in your heart, instead of solving this the right way. With the way you are right now... you're almost acting like you already don't trust that she's really innocent. And that's why you're a���"

"I said, enough!" Sebastian roared as he landed a punch on the tree beside him so hard, it tumbled to the ground.

Seeing how unstable and shaken Sebastian was right now, Alex let out a deep breath. "Alright... try to calm down first and think about everything that I said. But don't take too long. Remember what I told you. Everything that has happened is intricately planned. And I'm afraid of the possibility that Elle might have been used even without her knowing. That's why I still insist that you question her. I believe this is also for her sake. " Alex again, calmly and rationally pointed out the important points to Sebastian, hoping that the younger man would heed his advice.

When Alexander was gone, Sebastian stumbled back. His back hit another tree trunk and then he slowly sunk on the ground. He cursed and cursed as he struggled to calm himself.

Running both his bloodied palms over his face, he uttered Izabelle's name, and his harsh breathing started to calm down.

Time passed by quickly.

Sebastian still did not move from where Alexander had left him.

He was just there, sitting, with his head down between his knees.

Alexander could only go to him again and at the sight of him, he shook his head. "Goodness! What do I do with this boy..." Alex mumbled. "He couldn't be feeling like he would rather burn the whole world right now, than tell Izabelle the rogues mentioned her name, could he?"

Sighing, Alex approached him. "Sebastian... I came to remind you as I'm sure you have yet to even realize that it is already pretty late. Izabelle must be waiting for you all day and all night. You can't make her suffer from worrying and most probably overthinking any longer than this. Actually, it's already past midnight."

The moment he heard that it was already past midnight, his head snapped up in surprise. It seemed Alex was right. The guy had not even realized how much time had already passed.

Without a word, he rose and finally left.

When Sebastian arrived at Alexander's house, he saw Caelian guarding the door. Wordlessly, Sebastian entered the house. It was silent. Unusually silent.

He climbed upstairs and then headed to their room.

His hand stopped at the door knob and suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. Eyes wide, Sebastian pushed the door open.

"Iza?!" he immediately called out but no one responded. The bed was empty and his Iza was not there. "Iza!!!"