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Chapter 26 Act

The procedures did not take long, and the wedding was done. Just like that.

Elle couldn't help but secretly huffed out a humorless chuckle. It was just as she had expected. A wedding befitting a marriage of convenience, a loveless marriage. The official who wedded them did not even announce, 'you may kiss the bride'. She did wonder if this country did not do that or was it Sebastian who had asked the official to skip it because as he had said, he does not do kisses?

Shaking her head, Elle forced herself to stop thinking about it, knowing that it did not even matter anymore.

Once again, she reminded herself that this was her own choice and that this quick and straight to the point wedding was way better than the extravagant and lavish wedding that Brandon Haze had prepared for her. At least, she did not have to be forced to walk down the aisle against her will, trembling and hoping that someone would shoot her dead, or better yet, shoot Brandon dead before they reached the altar so that the wedding will not happen.

Keeping her gaze focused on the scenery beyond the window that was passing, Elle fought not to look down at the silver band that was currently adorning her ring finger. Earlier, when he had slipped the ring on her finger, Elle had felt an indescribable feeling. Even until now, she could still feel the wake of that unknown emotion, now seemingly lingering every time she became conscious of the ring that was now on her.

At last, she was finally married. She was now Sebastian Reigns wife. That fact alone would definitely secure her from any kind of trouble Brandon Haze might still be planning. And with this, Elle was certain her own father would no longer trouble her.

All she had to do now was do her best. Do her duty as the wife of this country's crown prince and make sure to never cause Sebastian a reason to divorce her. She wasn't afraid of it. She was already expecting that it will eventually and definitely happen but not now, not soon. She needed more time to stand on her own feet first. So, when that time comes, she won't rely on anyone, not even to her father or her royal status.

Taking a subtle deep breath, Elle relaxed as she slowly exhaled it out.

"May I ask why you suddenly decided to go ahead with the marriage with me today, Prince Sebastian?" Elle broke the silence inside the car that was smoothly moving in quite a safe speed this time. "Of course, you are free not to answer."

"You can stop being so formal now, Izabelle." He replied, holding her gaze. "Just to let you know, my family are full of love birds. All the married ones are married to the love of their lives. So, we'll need to act like a real married couple around them. Do you think you can do that?"

Elle creased her brows, surprised at what he had said. "But... but didn't they, I mean your father and uncle, already know that we are not –"

"They assumed that we are attracted to each other at first sight and that's why something 'supposedly' happened between us that night. There's a high chance that both would not reveal the truth to the rest of the family as well."

"Why? I mean why would they... is it to avoid possible future gossips and scandals?" Elle could understand how the royal family would want to avoid such bad reputation to affect them.

Sebastian paused for a moment after hearing her comment.

"Not letting them know is actually better for us as well. My family, most especially the ladies will definitely come at me and nag me endlessly if they ever notice that something is amiss in our relationship. I can't promise they will not bother you as much as they do to me if they end up finding out." He was very serious while speaking about his family that Elle really felt that he was not lying.

Somehow, she felt a little better about it because it seemed his family was not as what she had been expecting – of course, she also had lowered her expectation to prepare herself to expect the worst about his family. Just in case. But the fact that he said they all had married the love of their lives, spoke volumes. That was an amazing fact. Especially when considering that they were all royals. As far as she knew, royals tend to have arranged marriage and seldom had the chance to marry for love.

"So, in front of them, we need to act like we're in love with each other?" Elle asked and Sebastian nodded.

"That's right."

"I understand." She gave him an understanding nod. "I will try my best."

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Chapter 27 The Reigns (Part I)

The Reigns castle sat on a rugged hill overlooking the city of Quesa. It was a colossal six story structure in the shape of two huge cuboids that were connected by a bridge at a straight angle and covered by two adjacent high gable roofs. The snow-covered mountains that could be seen rising majestically behind the castle just made the view all the more magical in her eyes.

The past few days, Elle had already began seriously studying the city of Quesa and this country. She had found out that the Reigns Castle had stood on that same hill for centuries, and that the royal family had religiously buried their ancestors under that hill.

She had seen a photo of this castle before but now that she was seeing it with her own two eyes, she could not help but feel something peculiar. That something magical and mysterious she had been feeling since the moment she stepped into this country seemed to become even stronger now as their car entered the castle's complex through the symmetrical gatehouse flanked by two stair towers.

When the car stopped at the vast courtyard, Elle felt her heart thud hard within her.

"Don't worry. They already know that the wedding's already over." Sebastian's calm voice sounded from beside her. "So, you don't need to bother about explaining it."

Elle could not help but crease her brows at him. "You already gave them an explanation on why we had gotten married so suddenly? Would you mind telling me what excuse you used on them so our stories will match? I believe that they will still question me about it."

"I didn't give any explanation. I just said that this is our decision. They won't pry you about this matter, Izabelle. That I can assure you." He sounded so confident and sure about it that Elle had no choice but to believe him and stop asking about the matter. She could only hoped that the ladies would not corner her later on and try to dig more information out of her.

The sight of the entire castle being sprinkled with numerous decorative chimneys and ornamental turrets, and the court front with colorful frescos while the court-side gable was crowned with a black-colored dragon mural, made Elle pause in her steps. The mysterious feeling escalated once again. The thought that this feeling seemed as though she had just arrived in a fictional world had her shaking her head in disbelief and wanting to laugh out aloud. What was going on with her? She really needed to stop overthinking because her feelings and thoughts were really starting to become more and more ridiculous!

Sebastian offered her his hand and when Elle accepted it, he intertwined their hands together as though it was a natural thing for them to be so touchy-feely. She guessed it was necessary as they needed to portray the loving and passionate relationship that they had which would justify their sudden registration of marriage. She decided to not say anything as she understood that this was him already starting their act, trying to ignore the feel of his large hand entwined with hers that was more than just a little bit distracting.

"Relax," his velvety deep voice echoed softly into her ears as they walked forward hand in hand. "You have nothing to be nervous about."

Elle just gave him a nod. And once they both entered the main door, Elle halted at the people who were already gathered there, seemingly anticipating their arrival.

All eyes went to her. Their faces smiling, and she could see no pretense in them as she looked from one pair of eyes to another. They all looked at her like they were genuinely pleased. Each one of them were extremely beautiful people oozing with an unsettling elegance.
"Welcome to the Reign family, Izabelle," an older woman around the same age as King Rudy approached her first. She had seen her in the picture. This was the current reigning queen. King Rudy's wife, Queen Lana of Viscarria. Her mother-in-law.

Lana embraced Elle in a welcoming hug. And then, the others came to her. Two princesses approached her after Queen Lana. Their names were Rena and Minerva. Both had blond hair and brown eyes, just like the queen.

"Nice to meet you, Sister-in-law, I'm Kyle." The handsome man who was obviously one of the Reign's princes, just going by the color of his eyes and his aura, shook hands with her. He had a face of a male superstar and such charming and gentle smile.

After gracefully greeting Prince Kyle back, another man stepped forward. She knew him. He's the famous businessman and CEO of Quin Corporation, Skyler Quin Reign. He's also the second oldest prince of this kingdom.

Just like Kyle, Prince Skyker had that princely kind of attraction which was befitting a perfect prince on a white horse. It was so opposite and unlike Sebastian's villainous and fallen-angel type of male beauty.

"Hello Izabelle, so glad you're finally here. Meet my wife, Kelly." Skyler flashed Izabelle such a warm sisterly smile as he introduced her to Kelly.

Kelly was a sophisticated lady exuding an aura of an alpha woman. She had seen her in interviews before so she already know that Prince Skyler's wife was also a powerful businesswoman. These couple too exudes elegance but for some reason she didn't feel that indescribable presence around them. She didn't know how to explain it but these couple feel more just like her, when compared to the rest of the family.

"I see why Sebastian has fallen in love you at first sight, Princess Izabelle." Kelly giggled when a familiar voice echoed.

"Izabelle!" Elle's gaze widened before it flew to the man approaching them. It was Alexander.

When her eyes fell to the woman next to him, Elle just stood there for a while, unable to pull her gaze away as she stared at her. She must be Alexander's wife, right?


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Hellbound Heart  Chapter 28 The Reigns (Part II)
Chapter 28 The Reigns (Part II)

There was just something so breathtaking about the lady that Elle could not quite put into words. And it was not only due to her beauty and that indescribable presence she possessed… why did she feel like… this was not the first time she had seen this lady?

"Hello, dear…" her sweet voice echoed and Elle was speechless as she stared back into her bright black eyes that was seemingly filled with so much emotion. "I'm Abigail. I am so happy to meet you… Izabelle…" she said before spreading her arms open to envelop Elle in a tender hug.

Elle could not quite explain what she felt. She was feeling a little confused at how this woman named Abigail was reacting so emotionally to her right now. Could it be that she was just emotional due to something else? Perhaps, something sad had happened today and that was why she was being so emotional? Or maybe her looks just reminded Abigail of someone that was close to her and that was why she was behaving like this? That was the only explanation Elle could think about, because she was certain that she had never met this woman before.

Abigail hugged her far longer than was normal in a greeting hug. It was even a little tighter, and Elle still felt that this beautiful woman was holding back some. What on earth…?

"So pleased to meet you too…" Elle awkwardly greeted while still caught in the woman's embrace. It was after her greeting that the woman released her. But Elle could feel the reluctance even as those arms slowly unwrapped themselves from around her. She almost wanted to burst into a self-conscious laughter. However, her training as a princess and a noble lady was truly ingrained into her and she withstood that urge and managed to retain her graceful smile.

"Just call me Abi." The beautiful woman informed her before smiling at Elle so tenderly. It was the kind of sweet smile that could probably melt the iciest of hearts. It was really amazing how this lady made her suddenly feel so much better. She was like a bright and warm ray of sunshine in the middle of a cold winter night.

"Mom?" a young boy around ten or eleven years old appeared from behind the crowd of people, pulling on the hand of a girl of his age. One look at them and Elle could immediately tell that the two children were twins! The boy an exact carbon copy of Alexander and the girl also greatly resembled Abigail. They were no doubt their parent's children. One would be blind not to notice it.

"Oh, Alexis, Alice… come over here." Abigail waved excitedly at the kids to approach them.

"Is she… our new aunt?" The boy – Alexis – asked in a very curious tone. His large and bright grey eyes looked up inquisitively at Elle like he was amazed at what he was seeing. Smiling, Elle said her greetings to the cute boy.

"Yes." Sebastian replied flatly because Alexis had then turned to look at him with those big questioning eyes.

Alexis cocked his head, his gaze now staring attentively at their intertwined hands. "So, this beautiful lady is your wife now. Right, uncle?" His intelligent eyes twinkling as it travelled from their locked hands, back up to their faces.

"That's right, Alexis." Sebastian again agreed to his nephew's comment.

"Hmm…" The boy hummed, pursing his lips and tapping a finger against those pouty things. One of his brows arched and he looked as though he was not convinced at all. Elle looked at the sharp look on the boy's face and her heart rate picked up its pace a little. Could a young child like him even tell that there was no true love nor affection between her and Sebastian?

Elle squeezed Sebastian's hand, wanting him to do something to clear the obvious doubt in the child. But Sebastian did not bother to say or do anything and simply ignored the boy, causing Elle to fall speechless. Did he not say they needed to act like they were truly in love and be as convincing as possible?

"Alice, is it just me or you feel that something's just off with them?" the boy whispered to the cute and quiet Alice that was standing beside and slightly behind him. Though it was supposed to be a whispered discussion between the twins, it was loud enough for Elle to hear. Oh lord… the boy was highly perceptive!

"I feel the same way too, brother." Alice replied in a low voice.

"Right!" Alexis exclaimed. "They don't look like real couple, right?"

Elle's jaw almost dropped to the floor when she heard the boy's confident words. What on earth did Abigail feed her twins?! Why were they so sensitive and insightful that they could tell what was happening between her and Sebastian at first glance?

"Oh my…" Abigail held Alexis's shoulder and bent down to whisper into his ears.

Whatever Abigail said made the boy looked instantly apologetic. "I'm sorry. That was rude of me to say." he apologized followed by Alice who repeated the same thing her brother said. Both children looked sorry at their direct comments to the new family member.

"I'm sorry. We assumed you two are not a real couple because our parents and aunts and uncles are always very sweet and loving to their husband and wife while you two are only holding each other's hand." The girl's fast explanation had Elle lifting her eyes and looking around at the other adults who were present.

The little girl was actually right. The princesses and their husbands as well as the king and queen were all standing close to their significant other that they were brushing up against each other's arms. The twins' parents as well as Prince Skyler and his wife looked even sweeter as the men were intimately holding and curled their arms rather possessively around their wives' waist. Meanwhile, not only she and Sebastian were merely holding each other's hands, but they even had quite a wide gap between their bodies! No wonder it triggered such comments from the twins. Elle could feel a warm flush on her face due to embarrassment and she knew that there would be a pink tinge highlighting her cheeks.

"Oh, it's okay…" Elle smoothly let go of Sebastian's hand and gracefully squatted down to put her gaze to the level of the twins. She whispered to them, smiling, making sure only the kids would hear what she was going to say. "I and your uncle Sebastian are still newly wedded, so we are still a bit shy to be so sweet to each other while there are people are around. Right now, we are still trying to get used to our new roles as husband and wife." She explained, blushing a little as she grinned at the kids.

"Oh…" Alexis' mouth formed an 'o' while Alice blinked her huge eyes at Elle with an understanding gaze. "So that's why… I understand now, Princess Izabelle."

"You two can call me Aunt Elle."

"You're very beautiful, Aunt Elle." Alexis complimented generously and Elle giggled at how adorable these twins were.

Soon, the family gathered around a spacious and luxurious sofa. Each had given the newlyweds their gifts and then they started pleasantly chatting to each other, making small talk to ease Elle into her new surroundings. Well, Sebastian did not talk much. He only answered when Alexander and Skyler spoke to him.

Elle had also become aware on what Sebastian and the twins said were right. All these married couples were very much in love with each other. She could see sparks in their eyes as they looked at their spouse. The way they touched and held and spoke with their other halves were just… Elle could not help but wonder if they could really fool these love birds with their little acts.

Sebastian had made sure to have her sidled up as close to him as possible, the entire time since the twins had pointed out their distance, but that was it. Now she could not help but wonder if Sebastian was even serious about this acting. She could feel that he was when he said it earlier. But she was expecting him to up his game but surprisingly, he did not. Could it be because this man thought that this was enough?

Silently sighing, Elle slowly brought Sebastian's hand to rest on top of her lap and then started massaging his palm as she spoke with the ladies. Her attention was fixed onto Abi and Kelly while she casually massaged his palm, that she did not notice Sebastian staring at their hands on her lap with an unfathomable expression danced across his eyes.


Chapter 29 Taboo

Meeting the Reign family and getting to know them felt too good to be true for Elle. She had never expected how harmonious and happy and peaceful everyone was. There seemed to be no power struggle or envy or anything unpleasant within their midst. This was something really rare in a royal household. This is what a true and loving family should look like in Elle's thoughts. Observing and communicating with them had caused her to feel a little wistful as she compared it to her own family. She knew that she should not, but she just could not help it.

"I can't believe how amazing everyone in your family is…" Elle commented, still smiling softly. She had actually enjoyed every minute of her time socializing with them, most specially with Abigail. She just liked her very much. She had never thought it was possible for her to like someone she just met this much. But they were just so welcoming and warm that she just could not help being drawn to them. "I've never seen any family in power as peaceful as the Reigns. It's really amazing. I really don't know how your family does it." She continued to gush as they walked along the corridor.

A while ago, everyone had urged Sebastian to bring her for a tour around the castle grounds. So here they were, walking around silently. And as she had expected, Sebastian really was not tour guide material at all. In fact, he was the worst choice possible if they were to ask for a tour guide. He did not even bother explaining to her about any background history of the places in this massive and magical castle.

"Well, everything's peaceful. For now." Was all he said in a quiet voice, causing Elle's smile to slowly fade. For now? What was that supposed to mean? She creased her brows and opened her mouth, but before any word could come out of her lips, she pressed her lips together again and shifted her gaze to the beautiful eastern garden that had caught her eyes. She had thought about it for a while and realized that he was right. All families had their own peaceful moments until one day, when everything would just change. Just like hers. She hoped from the bottom of her heart that this family would forever be this happy and peaceful, but she knew that even that might be too much to ask.

"Are your other two brothers joining us for dinner tonight?" Elle asked, changing the topic.

Sebastian halted. Then he let go of her hand and leaned against the veranda, his back facing her. She watched him bring out a cigarette and lit it up. Did she say something wrong? She just asked purely out of curiosity. She knew from her research that there were five princes of Viscarria but today she had only met two of Sebastian's four brothers. The second and youngest princes.

Since she had found out that Sebastian was not the eldest, yet he was chosen as the crown prince, Elle thought that the eldest must have given up on his rights to the throne. There was no information on why Sebastian, the third prince was crowned as heir apparent to the throne. She could understand why Skyler Reign relinquished his rights, but how about their eldest brother?

"Elijah will probably appear tonight." He said, blowing out smoke. Elijah… that must be the fourth prince? "I advise you to be extra careful around him."

She had not expected that warning. Was Elijah probably the black sheep of the family and that was why he said that?

Elle opened her lips to ask more but Sebastian spoke before she could. "As for the eldest… never ever ask about him. Never." his voice was hoarse and scratchy.

Silence reigned after those words. She had felt a little shiver run down her spine for a moment. His voice always sounded calm and cool even when he spouted threats. But this time, there was an obvious edge in his voice. Something intense and terrifying. Elle got the message. It seems the mere mention of their eldest brother was a taboo to him.

The sounds of people approaching them reached Elle's ear and she immediately recognized Kelly's voice among them. They were coming their way…

Looking over quickly at Sebastian, Elle easily realized how their postures must look like to others right now. And with how grim Sebastian's aura felt, she was certain that they would immediately come to the conclusion that they were fighting once they saw them.

When the group of people were about to reach them, Elle nibbled on her lower lip as she contemplated before throwing caution to the winds and wrapped her hands around his waist, hugging him from behind. She felt him still due to her sudden 'attack' so she quickly whispered to him, "People are coming…" then she rested the side of her head against his back. Heart thumping fast and face flushing, she hoped that it would be enough to give that false impression that her pink cheeks was due to their couple time instead of something else.

She squeezed her eyes tightly closed and her face turned even redder when she heard the talking ladies lower their voice as they passed by them.

Once the sounds of their steps were far enough, Elle breathed out in relief and pulled away from him. "Should we go back now or…" Elle trailed off as her gaze met his. Was it just her or was there really something different in the way he was looking at her right now?

The faint sounds of a vibrating phone had him shifting his gaze away from her and he smoothly pulled his phone out of his pocket. He stared at the screen for a moment before lifting his gaze to her.

Elle immediately turned around. "I'll go ahead first. I'll walk slowly to give you some time to catch up." Then she walked away, never turning back.

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Chapter 30 Decision

The dinner that night was another joyful moment to savor and file into her memory for Elle. She had been with people she could never trust much less laugh along freely with for far too long ever since her sister's death, that it was truly a breath of fresh air to her in being able to meet these amazing and beautiful people. She had forgotten how liberating it was to just take everything at face value and just laugh with abandon at the jokes and harmless jabs thrown between the family members.

Joy. That was what she was feeling at the moment. In fact, she had totally forgotten about Sebastian – her newlywed husband – while she was socializing with the ladies as well as the twins, until she turned towards him in the middle of her laughter and their eyes inadvertently met. After throwing a bright smile at him, Elle did not wait for his reaction and immediately returned her attention to Abigail and the rest of the ladies surrounding her.

But a long while later…

"Alright, everyone." Alexander stood from his chair. "It's a joyful night but it's high time for us to let the newlyweds go." He winked suggestively at Sebastian, smiling. "This night is special for them after all. So, ladies, please return the wife to her husband now or Sebby here might go berserk."

Everyone agreed, giggling good naturedly as they looked over at Elle with meaningful gazes. Gazes that brought a flush of warmth into her cheeks. "Alright, you should go now, Elle. We'll be able to catch up more again tomorrow." The ladies urged.

Elle could only nod and stand. Deep down, she did not want to leave yet but everyone else were practically pushing the new couple away from the dining hall now for the much-anticipated wedding night. Alexander had even gone to the extent of excitedly guiding them both back to their room and unceremoniously shut the door behind them with a solid thud.

The matter of their wedding night had completely slipped Elle's mind! She had been enjoying herself a little too much since she had met the Reigns that she had totally forgotten about this one crucial matter! She nibbled on her lips uneasily as she thought on how to approach this sensitive matter with Sebastian.

"You are not obliged to have sex with me if you don't want to." His dark and sultry voice pulled her out from her deep thoughts. It was then that she realized they were already in a large room, and she could tell that it clearly belonged to the crown prince. "We didn't tackle this issue in our agreement after all." He seemed to be offering her a way out as he shrugged his broad shoulders, as though this was only a small matter to him.

She could not see his expression clearly as he was already walking towards another room. She assumed that it must be his dressing room and bathroom. He must have noticed that she was a little nervous and that was why he had said those words, right?

When he was back, Elle could not help but have her mind go back to that night. The first time they met, he was also in this outfit – a black bathrobe tied loosely around slim and tapering hips and damp hair which still had some water droplets dripping from the ends of it. The overall effect was just smoking hot. But Elle managed not to stare at him any longer than was necessary as she quickly disappeared into the same bathroom Sebastian had just exited from. It seemed that she was finally developing a higher tolerance against her husband's gorgeousness.

Elle took her time in the bath. Her mind was full of conflicting and confusing thoughts for a long while, but her body and heart were surprisingly relaxed despite the decision she had just came to a few seconds ago.

Letting out deep breath, Elle left the bathroom. She wore the provocative black night gown folded and left on the shelf in the bathroom that had been most likely prepared by the castle's maids beforehand. It barely covered anything as it was almost see through. It was a very sensual robe made of soft and sheer black chiffon. It was an off-shoulder style with thin straps that barely hold it up to cover the chest area. The entire outfit was flowy and only held together with a chiffon waist tie that would fall open even with a light tug on it.

Her cheeks flushed a ruddy red as her fingers gripped tightly around the doorknob. Shyness had made her hesitate a little, so she reminded herself that there was literally nothing that Sebastian had not seen yet. He had already seen everything! He had even touched certain places already!

,m Braving herself, Elle turned the doorknob and pushed the door open before entering their bedroom. Her feet halted at the sight of him sitting on an antique sofa. His endlessly long legs stretched out in front of him on the footstool, crossed at the ankles as he sipped at his red wine in a relaxed and graceful manner. Elle could not help but swallow heavily at the provocative sight.

Those grey eyes of his lifted above the rims of his glass and Elle's hands unconsciously lifted to cross and cover her breasts. His gaze dragged slowly down her body that she could almost feel it as a physical touch, and when it settled down there, Elle's hands almost flew to cover it as well. But this time, she bit down on her lip and managed to stop herself from covering up, knowing that it was useless for her to cover herself. She had already made her decision and she would not be changing her mind.

Elle moved and approached him unhurriedly. She felt like she was a prey presenting itself to its predator, only that she was a willing and courageous participant. She stopped once she was only a few steps away from him and continued holding his intense gaze, thankful that she did not stumble as she made her way over to him.

"Just for tonight." Her soft but decisive voice broke the thick silence between them.

Sebastian's glass hung in midair, as he was halfway swirling the wine in it and his eyes trained intensely on her.

"Just for tonight," Elle repeated. "I want our marriage to be consummated. But after that… no more sex between us. That's my decision."