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C62 [part 1]

Chapter 62 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (5)

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Upon his master’s return to the mansion, Jerome received his master’s coat and reported the small incident that happened earlier in the day.

“So. In summary, you do not know where that fellow is.”

“Yes, Your Grace. I am sorry.”

Roy woke up after getting a long lazy sleep and stealthily slipped away. Maybe he got scared since Hugo was about to return. If that fellow made up his mind to escape, no one couldn’t find him, and even if they knew where he was, there was no one with the ability to drag him back unless Hugo went there personally.

“When he shows himself later, tell him I said he should stay put. Do not try to seize him by force.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

After taking a bath, Hugo went into his wife’s bedroom. He went up behind her as she sat in front of the dressing table, kissed the back of her neck and fastened the necklace he bought on her neck.

At the coldness on her neck, Lucia flinched and looked in the mirror to see what was on her neck then her eyes widened in surprise. The teardrop-shaped jewel twinkled brightly in the mirror.

“You don’t like it?”

“Ah no, it’s not that. It’s pretty. I was just wondering what day it is.”

“Gifts aren’t only for special occasions.”

“I’m asking because I don’t really know but…this isn’t an exorbitantly priced jewelry, is it?”

When she thought of the present he gave her for her birthday this spring, she felt overwhelmed, like her stomach was still upset. Following his first gift of a white diamond necklace, he presented her with a red diamond necklace this spring.

Because the diamonds weren’t as heavy as the ones of the white diamond necklace, she wore it to her next tea party. A noble lady, particularly interested in jewelry, instantly recognized the red diamond necklace, and mouthed off about how much it could be won for at a jewelry auction.

Hearing the enormous sum, Lucia had felt faint. She had expected it to be expensive but the price was way above her expectations.

“Do you want something like that? Maybe at the jewelry auction next month…”


Seeing the serious look on her face, Hugo chuckled and turned around. He climbed onto the bed and plopped down with his hands on the pillow.

“Your husband is rich. Try to enjoy being a woman that has a rich husband.”

Instead of giving an answer, Lucia smiled weakly. She was born poor. Even when she lived as Count Matin’s wife, she was unable enjoy the luxury. She didn’t worry about starving to death in the dream but she always worried about her livelihood.

It was not that she lived with the values of honest poverty but that the circumstances were just not well.

However, Lucia could not forget the Duchess that she saw in her dream. The Duchess was draped in expensive garments and ornaments but she did not seem happy at all.

Lucia felt like she would change and become like the Duchess from her dream if he were to leave her. Unable to escape the luxury that was once tasted and trying to fill the void in her heart with it.

She didn’t want to step into that unescapable swamp.

“Do you dislike jewelry? Or is it that you dislike it because of the person giving it?”

“Why do you say that? I am grateful. It is pretty and I like it.”

“I know you’re not being sincere.”

He didn’t expect her to react dramatically like other women did but he was upset that she looked strangely burdened by his gift.

Time and time again, he was shocked by her words asking if he would cheat in the capital. It were as though she would give him anything when she opened up and fully accepted him on the bed but in reality, her heart was closed and she did not trust him. What other way was there if she refused even his gifts?

She did not acknowledge his persistent efforts to obtain her heart. Just the sight of her made him feel her preciousness, and just the thought of her made him feel jittery inside yet his Ice Witch did even not think of melting at all.

“Are you angry?”

“I am not.”

He replied sourly, contrary to his words. Lucia gazed at him in thought.

‘If it were in the past, I would have been hurt by his blunt words.’

She probably wouldn’t have said a word and suffered in silence. However, now, she could afford to not worry too much even if he was grumbling. When did she become able to confidently tell him, ‘you can go and sleep in your room today?’

Lucia stood up, her gaze fixed on him. She slowly took off her bathrobe and it fell to the floor, revealing her nude body underneath. He, who was lying down indifferently, jolted upright.

Feeling his stunned red eyes staring at her intensely, she looked at him and her eyes curved beautifully as she smiled. Looking at his wife smiling like an enchantress as the amber necklace glistened off her fair skin, Hugo’s mind went blank.

Lucia walked towards the bed without looking away from his hardened center. Her boldness surprising even herself.

He always gazed at her passionately. His gaze was as though he was seeing the fantastical beauty from the rumors. At first, she felt embarrassed but as she got used to his gaze, she began to think, ‘maybe I am a little attractive.’

And when she enticed him, she became confident that she could go forward with it. She climbed onto the bed and slowly approached him on her knees. She looked into his wavering red eyes that were as though she had seized them and smiled.

It was a crafty smile that she herself did not realize. Hugo was frozen stiff as he watched her climb over his body and mount him. She sat down as tightly as possible on the center of his thighs.

His rigid penis peaked from beneath his bathrobe, pressing hard against her behind. His Adam’s apple moved flinchingly. She grabbed the necklace on her neck and lifted the yellow sapphire to her lips then she gave him an odd smile.

“The necklace, does it suit me?”


His voice sounded strained.

“It’s not that I don’t like the gift but I have a small liver(1). Please understand that I worry of you going bankrupt.”

“Even if the sky splits in two, that won’t happen.”

Lucia slid her hands into his bathrobe and slowly caressed his firm chest. Meeting his quivering gaze, she felt a thrill of excitement from the situation she was leading.

“They say the luxury of a woman can shake the foundation of a nation.”

Much less that of a family. Although Hugo knew what she meant, he was thinking that if she wanted, he would set up a nation and give it to her.

“Shake as much as you want.”

The Taran family could handle that much. Even though Hugo grit his teeth at the disgusting history of his family, he acknowledged its strength. At his arrogant confidence, Lucia smiled as if it couldn’t be helped. Humility was not the virtue of Hugo Taran.

He drew in to kiss her but she tilted her head backwards slightly. He tried again, but she avoided it again.

His seething expression revealed his wonder at her actions and she kissed his lips, catching him by surprise then she quickly pulled away. Seeing his eyes ablaze as he panted, Lucia burst out in laughter. He was at the brink of pouncing on her.

She caressed his cheeks and kissed him again. This time too, he was unable to refuse her attack. Unwilling to be outdone, he held the back of her neck, kissing her fiercely.

She followed the movements of his tongue as it deeply fondled every corner of her mouth and her hands clutching the front of his robe trembled. His hot tongue wrapped around her tongue, drawing her in. His frenzied kiss continued for a long time.

In the meantime, his hands explored above her waist, sweeping up to her shoulders. After a good while, he moved away and Lucia gazed at him with misty eyes. Like an afterimage, she could still feel the movements of his tongue occupying her mouth.

Looking at her swollen lips, Hugo licked his lips.

“Where did you learn these things?”

Lucia laughed at the puzzlement in his voice

“From you.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Applying what one has learnt is the attitude of a good student.”

He gave an odd smile as though saying he was in trouble then mumbled.

“It’s a good thing I’m not king.”


He felt like he would become a wild king that ruins his country because of a woman. While muttering that to himself, he wrapped his hands around her waist and took her pale breast into his mouth.


In an instant, he stole the initiative. Lucia moaned and twisted at his intense caresses. He always wanted her passionately. And she was also the same.

C62 [part 2] - < — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (5)

Chapter 62 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (5)

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With every intense thrust from behind, Lucia’s body shook tremendously. She squeezed the sheets tightly, trying to hold on, but her arms kept wobbling.

“A-! Aah!”

He grabbed her waist and mercilessly thrust his penis in and out of her. Because of their position, his thrusts could reach deeper and her insides felt jittery. It was too deep. She couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure as she screamed coquettishly.

“Ah! Ang!”

Whenever his thigh hit her butt, her body shook in response and her eyes glistened with tears. His relentless thrusts showed no signs of ending. Unable to bear the pressure any longer, her arms fell and her upper body collapsed.

Her knees could barely support her and were trembling in exhaustion. She felt herself running out of breath as her cheeks rubbed against the sheets. Her eyes heated up and tears fell from her eyes and onto the sheets.

“No…No more. Hk…”

In spite of her pleas, he slammed against her butt, pushing even deeper. At the stimulus, her insides squeezed his penis tightly causing him to flinch then he resumed his intense thrusts.

The sensation of his firm manhood plunging deep into her caused her body to jerk and twitch. Every time he ravaged her insides, a thrill ran up her spine and her sight flickered repeatedly.

“Hugh…Haa…Tired…I’m tired.”

“Good girl. It’s almost…over. Just a little more.”

His voice was cracked and heavily subdued as he spoke in a soothing manner. Lucia knew from experience. The him right now was like something had snapped in his brain. Pleas wouldn’t get to him.

It was only once in a while but there were times he would keep pushing ruthlessly. Every time that happened, she would feel like she was bitten and drained by a large fang.

“…I’m in trouble. You’re squeezing so tight…can’t even breathe.” (Hugo)

“Hk. Don’t…say that…”

Lucia wanted to block her ears. Even though his erotic taunts were embarrassing, she was more embarrassed at the excitement that coursed through her body at his words.

Every time he rammed into her, her body trembled threateningly as though it would fall. If it weren’t for his strong hands holding onto her hips and thighs, she would have already fallen. Even though she was extremely tired, she could feel her vagina walls going into spasms.

Every time her inner walls pulsed like a heartbeat, his breathing grew rough. His muscular frame drove her curvy body and his flowing sweat fell onto her back.

It was the first time she was led to climax so many times while only being taken from behind(1). Since it was an exhausting position for her, it wasn’t one that they usually maintained for long.

Her tears and pleas as she trembled and accepted his penis, stimulated his beast-like desire for conquest and possession. She was his. His woman. No matter how much of her he had, it was not enough.

“Hugh. Please…Hhng!”

“If you want me to stop…..stop tightening. You won’t let me go.”

One of his hands began to knead her breast and she felt a smarting pain from his bite on the back of her neck. This time she groaned. She had no strength to move her waist. His raging erection showed no sign of abating and he repeatedly penetrated her body with great force.

His semen, from his several previous ejaculations, drooled down her thighs with every merciless thrust. The sound of squelching and smacking could be continuously heard as his thighs repeatedly met her buttocks.

Lucia felt dizzy from her constantly shaking vision and closed her eyes. He grabbed her hair, controlling his strength to avoid hurting her.

His other hand wrapped around her stomach and lifted her up in order to elevate her buttocks. Her hands closed around the sheets, gripping it tightly.


He gave a heavy thrust and released into her. At the feeling of his searing hot fluid pouring into her vagina, her entire body shuddered and trembled.

Filled with enjoyment from the sexual pleasure, Hugo let out a subdued moan. He wanted to sow his seeds deep inside her womb. If his seeds were to take root and sprout in the depths of her body, she might become his completely.

‘Damn it.’

That was impossible.

When her inner walls finally stopped convulsing and her tightness had loosened somewhat, he began to pull out slowly. He released his hand supporting her body and like that, she quietly fell onto the bed.

Apart from her shoulders moving up and down as she panted, she didn’t move an inch. Cloudy liquid, unswallowed by her vagina, ran down her thighs. Seeing this, his red eyes ignited as though set on fire.

Hugo’s throat felt parched. It was akin to drinking salt water to quench one’s thirst; his thirst seemed like it would lessen if he held her but worsened instead. It was extremely hard to reign it in.

Hugo slowly closed his eyes and reopened them. Upon doing so, his eyes that were murky with desire had become much clearer. This was enough. He forced down his turbulent desires. He brushed away her hair wet with sweat and revealed her round forehead.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. It was unknown if she was asleep as her wet eyelashes rose tremblingly. Before shutting her eyes, she had fixed him a gaze full of reproach.

His lips curved gently and he stroked her hair, feeling apologetic. The slight crease on her delicate forehead slowly unfolded.

He put on his robe, wrapped her body with the sheets, and lifted her body into his arms. She opened her eyes slightly and closed it again. She had no strength to respond and her body dangled from his arms.

He walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the bathroom. A prepared warm bath should still be available.


Lucia slept like the dead and woke up when the sun was high in the sky.

‘I’m so stiff.’

It wasn’t a bad thing that her husband was a man of great stamina but sometimes, it was a problem when he went over the limit.

After groaning and finally getting up, Lucia was greeted to a small pile of jewelry that was delivered in the morning.

In the receiving room, a stack of jewels lay piled up on the table as though presenting themselves to Lucia. The maid’s eyes twinkled with pride as though saying ‘hurry up and see them’.

‘This man, really.’

Lucia was stunned speechless and couldn’t believe her eyes. Even for presents, there was a limit. How much would all this be? She felt a headache coming.

She thought of telling him her thoughts on his excessive spending when he came back in the evening but, the events from the previous night flashed into her mind.

‘…He’ll get upset.’

He certainly would. Yesterday, he was sulking that she received his necklace unenthusiastically so if she asked him to return them, he might get angry. There was no need to make him feel bad after he had gone out of his way to give her a present.

[Even if you are gifted a single flower, embrace him and thank him like there is no gift more precious in world, and if there is any passion, that passion will overflow.] (2)

The advice that she heard from the northern noblewomen came to mind.

‘Alright. It’s being given anyways so let’s accept it rather than leave it to rot. It’s still money if it’s sold again.’

As she could not see all the contents of the gifts from just looking at it, she carefully unpacked the contents of the boxes, one by one and the afternoon passed with her trying each one on herself.

In the evening, he came back early and they were able to have dinner together.

During the meal, he said, “Tomorrow, a designer will be visiting. I am of the opinion that you need a dress.”

“…a dress?”

“This is the capital. If you wear outdated dresses like in Roam, you will be subject to ridicule. The prestige of the Lady of the House is the prestige of the family.”

Lucia did not say anything to that because his words were true. The nobles of the capital were particularly sensitive to fashion. In particular, the attire of high-ranking noblewomen was the main gossip of many women.

Even if she could not to become a fashion leader, it would be difficult if she drew ridicule upon herself with her attire. Indeed, it would seem that the dresses she had presently were not suitable for her upcoming social activities in the capital.

C63 [part 1]

Chapter 63 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (6)

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After their meal, Lucia took a walk with him in the yard. When they were in Roam, he would often take evening walks with her whenever he had time. Her husband was a busy and diligent man.

There wasn’t much of his time that she could have before they retired to bed. So, Lucia was much happier with this leisure time of walking with him than receiving an expensive gift.

“They were all individually beautiful and lovely. Did you choose everything yourself?” (Lucia)

“I did.” (Hugo)

Hugo had just packed them up after one glance but it was correct to say he chose everything himself.

“Do you like it?” (Hugo)

“Yes, thank you.”

Lucia was more grateful for his heart of giving rather than any jewelry.

“You seem to know a lot about female jewelry. I guess because you’ve gifted a lot.”

Lucia wanted to take those words after ot left her mouth. She had no intention of criticizing him and thought that her words had crossed the line. She felt he would be displeased and was about to apologize for her slip of the tongue but he spoke first.


He gave a deep sigh, reached out to hold her wrists and stopped walking.

“Can’t you forget the things that happened before we got married?”

Lucia thought he might get angry but he looked unexpectedly vulnerable. She gazed at him blankly.

“Do I keep mentioning things from before our marriage? I’ll be careful in the future.”

“That is not what I meant. This is from a while ago but, do you remember what you said when you asked to modify our contract?”

[Please do not go making lovers without my knowledge. If you get tired or disgusted of me, and want to leave me for another woman, please tell me first. I do not wish to hear it from another person’s mouth.] (1)

“Yes. I remember.”

“I won’t have a lover without your knowledge not will I leave you because I am tired or disgusted of you so I would like it if you trusted me.”

Lucia’s heart began to race. She didn’t know the intention behind his words. A huge whirlwind began to sweep through her mind. She was the one that made a mistake. She didn’t have any reason or right to criticize or mention his past actions before their marriage.

It was possible that he had a personality which was bogged down by rules. Therefore, after the legal contract of marriage was established, he kept to it strictly.

However, that didn’t agree with the person that Lucia had been watching all this time. He was a wilful person that had no qualms of changing the existing rules to suit himself.


Lucia couldn’t make heads or tails of what he was thinking and mumbled absentmindedly as she looked at him. She wanted him to say something, anything, so she could draw a conclusion that ‘ah, it was a meaningless remark’.

However, his pupils quivered with disappointment. He made a face that said he didn’t know what to say. He repeatedly opened his mouth as if to say something then he closed it.


Lucia felt her fingers going numb so she clenched and unclenched her fists. This man in front of her. He was hurt.

The man whom Sir Krotin was so confident of, that no one under the sky could hurt even his fingers, was now in pain from her short words.

A long time ago, Lucia had once felt like this. When she had sharply told him that she would never fall in love with him, just for a short moment, she peeked at his pain.

At the time, she was not in a situation to think deeply so she had pushed it aside. It was such a long time ago that she had almost forgotten her feeling from back then. But now, she was left with a bitter taste in her mouth.

‘Could I have…’

Her heart felt too full for words and ached like it was guilty. It hurt but it was a pain that she hoped wouldn’t end forever.

‘Do I…mean something to you?’ (Lucia)

After carefully choosing with words, Hugo opened his mouth.

“I know you cannot believe me. And I understand why.”

He had made a lot of mistakes with her. Ever since their encounter with Sofia Lawrence, it was the worst. Before they got married, he brought documents and told her not to interfere in his private life.

He omitted the wedding ceremony because he found it bothersome, on their first wedding night, he only satisfied his greed and didn’t take her into consideration. It was himself that thoroughly sought out her body.

“I will try. So, look kindly on me.”

‘Why? Why and for what reason are you trying?’

Lucia looked at him in silence for her question wasn’t answered. As her silence grew longer, Hugo sighed and turned away, sweeping a hand through his hair.

Looking at him fidgeting, Lucia’s eyes gradually began to grow clearer and brighter.

‘Is it a whim?’

She did not know what he did to his other lovers. She didn’t know how he whispered words of love to the person he was once most affectionate with.

The only thing she had seen was the scene of him heartlessly rejecting his lover. And that scene was deeply rooted in her heart as a fundamental fear. She thought that someday, she may be in Sofia Lawrence’s position.

“…I do not care about what happened before our marriage.” (Lucia)

“Really?” (Hugo)

“I do not have the right to.”


I’m going crazy. Hugo mumbled under his breath. Could any wall be stronger than this? She didn’t, even for an instant, step away from the line that she drew around herself.

“I believe in you.” (Lucia)

“…You do…?”

“I believe that if you get a lover, you will tell me and not meet in secret. You keep your promises.”

Sure enough, she was a witch. In a short moment, she shoved him down a cliff then she pulled him up again. Hugo felt bleak. He didn’t where to start from to unravel the twisted strings. His previous solutions of cutting the twisted strings instead of unraveling them, was of no help in this situation.

“Why do you want me to trust you?” (Lucia)

Hugo was at loss for words. He hadn’t thought about the reason. He barely managed to make up an excuse.

“…You cannot live in the same house with someone you cannot trust.”

When she began to watch him in silence again, Hugo grew nervous wondering if he made a mistake.

‘I have no idea.’ (Lucia)

She knew but she didn’t. It seemed like she was getting close to the answer but it also seemed like she was back to the beginning.

‘Does he…?’

It was a very slight suspicion but Lucia didn’t think it was possible.

Lucia held expectations that she would someday receive his love. It was a vague and huge desire that she didn’t know when it would be accomplished. It could not be that simple. So, she excluded that option while looking for the reason why he was being this way.

‘He does quite like me.’

His actions were not just him being dutiful as a husband. Of course she knew that he saw her favorably and treated her well.

‘Is it that he needs trust because he is fond of me?’

He was a knight, the lord of a family and the lord of a large territory. He was in a position where he couldn’t place someone that he didn’t trust beside him. Trust is completed when it is shared with the other. When she thought of it like that, she could somewhat understand it, although not entirely.

“What you’re saying is…what you mean is, you will be faithful as a husband, so I should trust you, right?”

When she put it like that, it seemed right but also didn’t. Hugo couldn’t exactly put his finger on it so he just nodded.

“Okay, I will.” (Lucia)

Her answer was concise, contradicting the suspense he had been in so far. Hugo looked at her doubtfully. He was afraid she would say something and stab him in the back.(3)

“Depending on how you do.” (Lucia)

Nevertheless, she didn’t betray his uneasy expectations.

“…If it’s a joke, it’s not amusing.”

“I’m not joking.”

Actually, she had said it as a joke but when he took it so seriously, she got embarrassed. She threw out those words prudishly, turned and began to walk ahead.

He looked at her absentmindedly then he took a step forward. He didn’t know what to do to get her to trust him. With the way things were going, he wondered if she would hear some absurd rumor and change her mind.

‘I have to call Fabian.’

Fabian was pronounced to be working overtime today again.

C63 [part 2]

Chapter 63 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (6)

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Antoine arrived at the ducal residence with two assistants and several workers. She ordered the workers to neatly display the sample dresses, hats and shoes that she brought along with her in the receiving room.

It was a usual task so they worked very cooperatively and in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere of the receiving room was changed to that of a boutique’s.

Lucia came down from the second floor after hearing that the designer had arrived and paused as she walked into the receiving room that was now unfamiliar.

Just in time, thee workers finished their task and quickly rushed out while Antoine and her two assistants who were standing behind her, gave a deep bow.

“I offer my greetings to the Duchess. I am called Antoine, manager of a small boutique.”

Lucia had often heard the name Antoine. It was her first time meeting Antoine but the woman was very famous in her dream. Antoine was one of the first-class designers that dominated in popularity among noblewomen.

But Countess Lucia was unable to even conceive the idea of buying a dress from a famous designer. Count Matin spent all his money like water but was terribly stingy to everyone but himself, even if it was family. Lucia could only wear a few fashionable dresses after fixing them countless times.

‘This will be expensive.’

That was the first thought that came to Lucia’s mind. But, when she went out to the social circles, the talk of the women would be who designed the Duchess’ dress.

It was not possible for anyone to create fashion on their own(1). If they didn’t have skill, the easiest way was to get help from a famous designer.

“It’s nice to meet you. I heard you would be coming to help me today.”

“It is an honor to meet your noble personage.”

Antoine averted her gaze in order not to give the impression that she was blatantly observing but with her sharp falcon eyes, she quickly grasped the overall feel and appearance of the Duchess. Thanks to her experience with countless customers, this didn’t take long.

Antoine was thrilled with excitement before coming to the ducal residence today. Ever since she became a well-known designer, it was her first time feeling so nervous before meeting a client. She could once again feel the excitement that she felt in the days when she was doing her first fittings as a trainee.

Antoine had already heard that the Duke had swept away all the merchandise on display at Sepia Jewelry.

The golden egg she would soon acquire dangled before her eyes, and her heart raced at the appearance of the romanticist Duke that stimulated all her senses so she couldn’t sleep at night.

Her boutique was a place where famous people in the high society visited frequently so it was at the center of all sorts of rumors. Simply eavesdropping on the chatter of noblewomen gave one access to endless information.

Nowadays, rumors about the Duchess of Taran were the most lively and interesting rumors. Antoine knew that, no matter how interesting, rumors were mostly lies and speculations, so she wasn’t that entranced by it unlike young boutiques designers.

She had seen numerous topics rise to the spotlight and disappear without a word. The rumors of the Duchess were like dust on a barren road. No one had ever seen the Duchess properly and one rumor led to another.

Antoine assumed that once the Duchess actually appeared, this would all settle, like morning weather after a rainy day. However, her assumption began to waver when the Duke of Taran added onto that amount on her memo. And following the sellout of Sepia Jewelry, that assumption was in danger of collapsing.

And today, as soon as she saw the Duchess of the rumors, something burst open in her heart.

‘Oh. My. Goodness.’

It was completely unexpected. This was a type she had never seen in the high society filled with flashy, sensual, and confident noblewomen.

The world that Antoine saw was very different, compared to what many people saw. The doll-like figure that people often referred to as beautiful was so clich茅 that it wasn’t interesting to her.

A beauty as defined by Antoine, had to be able to stimulate her creativity. And the Duchess was an appearance of new material to work with. She was fresh and charming.

While Antoine sat on the couch and drank tea served by the maid, her sight was continuously trained on the Duchess.

“This design book is filled with the collection of dresses that I have made over the years. Please look through it and tell me if any piece strikes your fancy.”

Antoine had no qualms about referring to the dresses that she made as her pieces.

Lucia’s expression was calm as she looked at the luxurious dresses in the fairly thick book on her lap, one by one. Just as her expression portrayed, she was not that impressed.

In her dream, she had seen enough dresses to be sick of them. She didn’t know much about fashion. To her, it was just a distinction between more glamor and less glamor.

Ball dresses were meant more for show than practicality so if one wore them for a several hours, they would get very uncomfortable. To Lucia, apart from feeling uncomfortable, there was nothing more to wearing a luxurious dress.

‘It seems this won’t be easy.’

Antoine could now understand what the Duke of Taran meant when he said ‘my wife is frugal.’ Usually, when noblewomen received the design book, they would express their desire with an ecstatic expression. Compared to that, the Duchess’ expression was too calm.

In addition, the dress that the Duchess was currently wearing was very much simple. Only the base material was high-class and there was no indication of dressing herself up.

“Is there no piece that catches your eye? I can only apologize for this inadequate display of items.”

“No, these are all wonderful and lovely. It’s just, I’m not quite familiar with this subject…you are the expert, you can handle it appropriately at your discretion.”

At your discretion. There was no worse customer than this. Antoine felt a sense of crisis and at the same time, she felt fired up with a sense of challenge. The amount on the memo written by the Duke glimmered in front of her. Antoine couldn’t miss out on the gold within her reach.

“May we take your measurements?”

Antoine had Lucia stand in front of a full-length mirror and slowly walked around her. In the meantime, her assistants were at the side of the Duchess, measuring her dimensions with a tapeline.

Antoine stood a little distance away and looked at the Duchess as a whole. She got a rough outline of the Duchess’ measurements and drew up an attire in her head.

‘It won’t suit her.’

Antoine quickly realized this. The dress she thought of was glamourous and styled to make the chest stand out. It was a form that showed the body in a sensual matter and was the fashion these days. But in Antoine’s opinion, if the Duchess wore such a design, rather than suiting her, it ran the risk of making her look vulgar.

‘The Duchess is on the paler side. If one adds color, there is a different charm.’

On a slender figure, it was better to emphasize the slim waist and stir up the protective instinct rather than emphasize sensual charm. If the Duchess’s white, clear skin was made the focus and supplemented with light makeup, it was possible to create a pure and enchanting atmosphere.

A new picture was drawn in Antoine’s head. A vibrant creation was brought to life.

Antoine began to instruct her assistants. Her assistants moved like her hands and feet limbs, bringing her what she wanted and understanding her small gestures and glances.

Antoine used a cloth to emphasize the lace of the simple dress that the Duchess was wearing, then she used a pin to hold down her slight modifications to the shape of the dress. To finish, she gave a partial makeover to simply change the feel of the dress.

The whole process took place very quickly. Then Antoine took Lucia to the mirror.

“What do you think?”

Antoine asked while smiling triumphantly.

Lucia’s eyes widened as she looked in the mirror. It was like magic. With just a rough touch here and there, the feel had changed completely. The dress she often wore had become a completely new attire and there was something beautiful about her appearance in the mirror.

She couldn’t really put it in words but something was different.

“Your Grace is very attractive. I do not know why are hiding this charm.”

Lucia touched her face and looked at her appearance in the mirror with admiration.

‘Good. Good.’

Antoine gave a smile of satisfaction. Like a hyena, she didn’t let go once she had bitten. Antoine’s hunt had only just begun.

Translator’s Corner.

1. Alt translation: It was not possible for any tom, dick and harry to create fashion on their own.

*I sometime add alternate translations because I try to keep the ‘spirit?’ of the novel in my translations but the English counterpart may not fully convey what is being said.

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