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C64 [part 1]
Chapter 64 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (7)

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Hugo returned home late at night. Lucia’s expression was dark as she greeted him upon his return home. Her gaze was downcast and a gloomy aura revolved around her.

Hugo grabbed her chin and lifted her face to meet his eyes. She was surprised at the sudden contact and became conscious of the servants gazes and turned her away.

Hugo wasn’t concerned about the servant’s gazes and held her chin firmly. Her repeated avoidance of his eyes was very worrying.

“What’s wrong?”



Jerome quickly answered to the sharp call of the Duke.

The butler, Jerome, had been developing new ways to improve his competence and chased away the servants with his eyes because the mood around his two masters was starting to turn unusual.

“Her Grace has been upset ever since the boutique designer dropped by.”

For Jerome, the understanding of his madam’s mood was now a more important priority than anything else.

“Was she rude to you?” (Hugo)

Lucia shook her head.

“Then, what is it? Tell me. What is making you so upset?”

“…I think I made a big mess.”

“What mess?”

“Would…Would it be possible to get a refund even now? It may not be finalized yet.”

Hugo, who was ready to immediately get to the root of her problem and eradicate it, instantly softened. Hugo was reminded of the designer that asked him to leave it to her. It would seem the lady had as much ability as her confidence stated.

When Hugo released her chin and began to walk away, Lucia grabbed onto his arm.

“Where are you going? I said I made a big mess! I mean, as many as nineteen outfits were added to the dress!!”

Shoes, hats, and so on, naturally came along with the dresses. The price tag of these additions were not inferior to that of the dress.

Not 190 but 19? Why the ambiguous nineteen instead of cleanly striking at 20? Hugo’s rating of Antoine’s capability went down. If Antoine were to hear this, she would feel aggrieved. She had used all her means possible to sell those nineteen outfits. Antoine had even justified it with the honor of the Duke that should not be mentioned carelessly.

“I have worked up a sweat all day so I want to wash up first. You can tell me your story afterwards.”

“If you hear the amount, you won’t be so calm!”

“If I’m not surprised, what will you give me?”


“A bet has to have a reward.”

“When did I say I was betting!”

“Think about what you’ll give me. You have till I bathe and come out.”

Listen when someone is talking! Lucia called after him in protest but he climbed up the stairs. Oh, for crying out loud. She stamped her feet in frustration for an unknown reason and turned her head to the small sound of someone clearing their throat.

Lucia was embarrassed. The bill Antoine left behind was still circling in her head so she forgot all about keeping up appearances in front of the servants. Fortunately, it seemed the servants had dispersed when she didn’t realize it so they didn’t see anything.

Lucia looked at Jerome in relief and somehow, his eyes seemed to be smiling.

“Shall I prepare a bath?”


“You have not bathed yet and since master has already gone ahead, I was just informing you.”

Lucia face wend red and she lowered her gaze. She felt embarrassed for some reason. A respectable butler like Jerome would not say that with any intention of the sort. She knew that but the timing was strange.

Lucia stood around indecisively then gave a deep sigh. She would end up bathing anyways. Plus her body was sticky because of the hot weather. However because of a strange feeling of unwillingness, she replied quietly.

“…I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, Milady.”

Jerome answered with a smile. Indeed, he was an excellent butler. One that could read the mind of his master.


‘I must have really lost my senses earlier.’

It was Lucia’s first time experiencing the kind of service where one devoted their all with the intention of getting paid. If Lucia had visited the boutique, she would not have let down her guard.

However, she was too relaxed in the safety of her own home. What could a guest do the host? Lucia was thinking too naively. She was used to the flattery of the noblewomen she met at Roam. So she was confident that she would not fall for someone else’s nice words.

But now she had to pay the price of looking down on the flattery of a merchant that wanted to sell their product. Antoine’s eloquence was weaved to meet the demands of fussy noblewomen and it could capture the human soul.

Antoine was not just a good talker. Her skills were also excellent. She touched the simple dress that Lucia was wearing, here and there, and made it give off a completely different atmosphere.

Lucia had almost forgotten about face and clapped. Antoine first showed off her skill and seduced Lucia’s heart. She couldn’t understand half of the fashion terminologies that Antoine explained colorfully but she had strangely felt like she understood.

Through Antoine’s words, Lucia was reborn into visionary beauty that was the focus of people’s eyes. When Lucia thought about it now, it was very ridiculous but at the time, it sounded quite reasonable.

Antoine talked about the rumor that Lucia knew – that the Duchess was a matchless beauty- and while talking, she brought up the honor of the Duke. She also emphasized the fact that the Duke of Taran was so concerned that he visited the boutique personally. After which, she boastfully proclaimed that Lucia should leave everything to her.

[Your Grace only has to relax, count the days till you appear in society and wait for time to pass. I will make the rumor that the Duke of Taran has a beauty of the century as his wife into a reality.]

Lucia inwardly cared about the rumors. It wasn’t that she was afraid of people’s gazes but that any gossip that concerned him, weighed on her mind.

[Your Grace is beautiful. But like a rough gem, this beauty is not revealed. A rough gem’s true beauty is hidden deeply but if not processed properly, it can turn to stone. Please allow me to process Your Grace into a jewel.]

C64 [part 2]
Chapter 64 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (7)


As though bewitched, Lucia signed the contract that Antoine presented her. The things that Antoine says she had to buy were essential and indispensable. At the time, she thought so. Even after Antoine left, she was still somewhat vacant from the feeling of being entranced.

But when she checked the copy of the contract and the invoice delivered in the afternoon, her half departed senses returned. She felt like her soul was about to fly away when she confirmed the amount.

Lucia didn’t know that the price to pay for falling for the designer’s whispers would be so massive. The price of the first-class designer’s dress that she bought for the first time in her life was much more that the vague amount she imagined.

The maid moderately poured lukewarm water on her shoulder. While absentmindedly leaving her body in the hands of the maid waiting on her in the bath, Lucia continued to think of the dress.

‘Why in the world are the hats and shoes so expensive? Much less the gloves.’

Lucia’s common sense was that hats and shoes were accessories. Nevertheless, a dress was what people saw and while shoes were an assortment, they were not that visible hence Lucia thought that it was enough for them to be presentable. In the dream, she had never even bought something like gloves. And when she bought the dress, she got a few extras.

‘On top of that, they’re all summer dresses.’

When the weather cooled down a little, she couldn’t wear them.

‘I have to get a refund. I can’t blow that much money on a dress. Anyways, I haven’t received anything, and it’s custom-made.’

Originally, Lucia wanted to get a refund immediately but Jerome discouraged her. He advised her to discuss it with his master. Asking for a refund after purchase an item was an important issue than concerned reputation. Especially in the case of luxury goods, there was a fear of bad rumors.

While Lucia constantly contemplated a refund, Hugo finished his bath in his bedroom and came into her bedroom. As he listened to the faint sound of the water from the bathroom, he picked up the white envelope on the table.

Contract and Invoice. Hugo sat on the couch and read through the specifications. When he saw the amount, he chuckled. It was about 1/5th of the amount he had written down for Antoine.

Should he recognize the ability of the designer to be able to make her use this much, or should he praise the designer’s crook-like merchant talk that thoroughly brought down her defenses, without going overboard?

The designer was determined to use the entire amount that Hugo wrote down. A good merchant would not blow away the chance to make money. However, the designer took a step back.

Hugo did not know because he wasn’t at the scene at the time but most likely, the designer must have felt danger that if she were to push excessively, she wouldn’t sell a single thing.

Antoine took a step back to move forward. She realized that this business would not be finished in one shot. To Hugo, it was easy to find noble families consumed by the extravagance of their madams. However, he didn’t know that he would end up paying attention to this for the exact opposite reason.

She was never stingy to others. When the garden was built back in Roam, the workers on the garden were paid a higher compensation than average. However, Hugo was very tired of her frugality and conservation that only applied to herself. It didn’t matter when they were staying in the fiefdom.

Her immaculate skin without her makeup felt good to the touch, and her flowery scent without thick perfume was refreshing. Furthermore, there was no need for extravagant clothes. Clothes existed to be stripped. In that sense, he didn’t like winter. The skirt was too thick and heavy.

But originally, he hated the sticky summer. He used to enjoy horse riding in the cold winter. Certainly that was so, until the winter of last year. Hugo had no issue with her attire, but it wasn’t the same for others. She had to appear in high society as the Duchess. Appearance was the easiest criteria to judge a person on.

If she were to show a simplicity that was not suitable for her status as the Duchess, she would not be praised for her virtue, instead she would become a target of gossip. He did not want her to become the subject of such a worthless topic.

‘I have to meet the designer once more.’

Hugo decided to recognize the ability of the designer. And he wanted to meet the designer again and talk about the contract.

‘I have to make two contracts.’

The contract with the real amount would be sent to him and the fake contract with a much smaller amount would be sent to her. He didn’t want her to worry about something like money. Even though in her head, she was filled with worries about him, there was no need(1).

Translator’s Remark:

1. There was no need for her to worry about his money.

* I oddly connected with Lucia this chapter. Sales people scare me lol.

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C65 - Side-story 1
Side-story 1

<–Supplementary story – In Another Future – Philip–>

The day was quickly getting darker. Philip looked to the sky to guess the time and estimated the distance to the mountain that was some distance away.

It would be hard to climb the mountain today. Unless it was a state of urgency, it was better to not climb a mountain in the dark.

Philip was a seasoned traveler with lengthy experience but he refused to risk it. He would be sleeping in the streets tonight as well. Once one got accustomed to this lifestyle, making a bed for the night was very swift.

He made a bonfire and had his dinner of dry rations and water. Philip’s mind went back to the village he left today. Just like other places, the naive villagers were on guard at first but quickly opened their hearts to him.

It was always sad to shake off the hands holding him back when it was time to leave. Very rarely, there were places that made him consider settling down. However, he was unable to bear it for long and would set out wandering again.

It was a wandering with no destination and no known end. It wasn’t for freedom. He was just wandering around aimlessly. Philip reckoned that his family’s karma had piled up and become his retribution.

“Hu-hu…my attachment is tenacious.”

The face of the patient from the earlier village suddenly sprang up in his mind. The woman looked old but she had a clear and pleasant expression. Philip didn’t think he would see a patient that took mugwort, much less a patient that took it from her first menstruation at a place like that.

He had seen patients whose menstruation stopped for a while after eating mugwort but it was his first time meeting a patient like the one earlier. It was a case where it wasn’t done intentionally but it was done of one’s own accord. The world was indeed vast, unexpected things happened all the time.

Philip gave the woman the cure. He had torn it out entirely from the notebook passed down as his family’s vision. The cure was stored in his head anyways, but there was a reason why he went out of his way to tear it out.

It was a meaningful action to tear off his small attachment that was still persisting and clinging on. In any case, once the Philip that had no family died, these secrets would be buried with him forever. But even then, he was still unable to throw it away but finally, now, he was able to.

“I even asked her if she was a virgin. How stupid.”

Philip ridiculed himself. He wondered why that question had come out of his mouth then. It was no use whether that woman was a virgin or not now.

Tears began to form in his eyes as he vacantly gazed at the bonfire. Due to old age, a pool of tears began to flow from his eyes. Whenever he suddenly recalled the young master, he couldn’t bear the sadness and the urge to cry.

Even if he had grown into an excellent young man, to Philip, he was always the little young master. The memories of him holding the toddler’s little hand and taking him to the Duke were still vivid in his head. Philip was already content to watch that mature figure from afar.

It had already been several years since the man that was Philip’s last hope was buried in the cold ground(1). And since then, the Duke had abandoned the north and only roamed the battlefield(2).

Everything was over. The course was running for the last time.

“Young master Damian…”

Philip’s shoulder’s shook as he sobbed. Just like the day he held onto the returned corpse of the young master and cried endlessly; Philip stooped to the floor and cried.

C65 [part 1] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (1)
Chapter 65 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (1)


“Oh god.”

The maid attending to her in the bath suddenly exclaimed and fell to her knees. Lucia glanced sideways thinking the maid had slipped but found all the maids on their knees, bowing their head. She lifted her head because she could tell something was strange.

He stood at the bathroom entrance in his bathrobe, folding his arms. Lucia was so surprised that her jaw went slack. Meanwhile, the maids immediately made themselves scarce. They were gone very quickly.

“…What’s the matter?”

Lucia was conscious of her nakedness in the clear water. She slouched, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

“It’s very late.”

“I’m done. I’ll be out soon. So…”

He suddenly approached, startling her so she moved backwards. Eventually she was obstructed by the bathtub and had no choice but to lean against it. He sat on the bathtub edge and lifted her chin that was buried in her knees.

“Why? We can also bathe together.”

Lucia felt her cheeks redden and shot him a look of complaint.

“You haven’t done this before.”


“Coming in while I’m in the bath.”

“Is that so? Why does that matter?”

“I am embarrassed to face the maids.”

Because of her experience in the dream, Lucia obviously knew how much maids guffawed and chattered when their masters couldn’t see them. If it wasn’t leaked outside, she couldn’t really say anything but she was conscious of it.

In her dream, she had never witnessed such an embarrassing situation when she was a maid attending to her madam. In her mind, to keep showing such a sight to one’s subordinates would hurt the master’s dignity.

“Strangely, you pay attention to that. What’s so embarrassing?”

“I mean, be careful when there are eyes around.”

Hugo could not understand why she cared about the eyes of the servants. Servants were like one’s hands and feet. Why should one pay attention to one’s hands and feet? She had high standards in odd places. Even when dealing with workers, she didn’t handle them casually.

She was too gentle and kind when dealing with people. Therefore, Hugo was worried about releasing her into the capital’s high society that followed the law of the jungle. Unless one was to become a clergy, kind people were used and hurt.

Humans were a lot that preyed on the weak and wagged their tail to the strong. If the strong showed favor, they were exalted for patronizing the lowly, and when they crushed another cruelly, they were admired and revered. Those that wished to take advantage of her gentleness would be countless.

He couldn’t watch over her every single moment to make sure she wouldn’t get hurt. But he didn’t want her to change. He selfishly wanted to keep her like this.

Just a little bit. He wondered if she could be hurt, just enough, to run into his arms for comfort. He didn’t want her to fall but he wanted her to lean on him sometimes. No, rather than sometimes, a lot more often.

Hugo removed her hand from her knees and kissed the back of her hand. He also kissed her fingertips. As he lightly kissed her palm, wrist and arm, her face grew red. He held the back of her neck and swallowed her moist lips, wet with water.

He wove his tongue into her small feverish mouth and coiled around her flustered tongue. He felt intoxicated from the smell of her body mixed with scented bath oil. He never got drunk no matter how much he drank but whenever he held her, he often felt that this was how getting drunk would feel.

As he listened to her small gasps, blood rushed to his lower abdomen. From the time she sat in the bathtub and looked at him with surprised rabbit eyes, he had been feeling a certain stiffness at the waist.

When he released her lips, she was flustered and looked puzzled about what to do.

“I said I’m done. Let’s not do this here…” (Lucia)

Her babbling went in one ear and out the other. He gave a carefree smile.

“Then, shall I receive my reward?”

Lucia was getting worked up but hearing the word ‘reward’, she seemed to realize something and spoke in a disheartened voice.

“Did you…see it?” (TN: she is referring to the invoice/bill)

“I did. I told you before, your husband is rich.”

“Being rich doesn’t mean that a fortune becomes small change.”

“Let’s not talk about unimportant things and get to the main point. What will you give me as my reward?”

“What do you mean reward!”

Lucia protested but, when he continued to repeat the same thing confidently, requesting for his reward, she somehow felt like her worries the entire day were trivial.

‘Alright. I’m worrying over too much fortune. Would anyone else worry like me?’

He didn’t show an ounce of interest in the large purchase she made today. The dark clouds that filled Lucia’s heart slowly dispersed. In any case, she had to arrange a lot of things to go out to the social circle.

Next time, she would look for slightly cheaper designers. Lucia was already caught in Hugo and Antoine’s snare but she would only know this in the future.

“What do you want?”

Instead of replying, Hugo slowly looked over her naked body in the water, starting from her toes and moving upwards. The desire in his scarlet eyes was clear. Lucia’s face gradually grew hot.

“Why are you doing that!”

When she shouted, he titled his head as though asking ‘what?’ and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“We’re going to wash again anyways so it’s more economical.”

Seeing him smiling suggestively, Lucia made a long face. Her body reacted reflexively and the insides of her thighs ached with thirst. She was gradually getting tamed by him. Like the fox Damian was raising, once it lost its wilderness and became a pet, it was unable to survive if it lost its master. Or, perhaps it was already at that step, Lucia thought.

She looked at him and he appeared happy at putting her in this puzzling situation. In front of him, she was flustered and didn’t know what to do meanwhile he was always relaxed. Lucia was dissatisfied with this. She loosened her arm around her knee, secured a foothold in the bathtub and lifted her body.

She brought her face to his, kissing his lips and gently sucking on his lower lip. When she moved her away and looked at him, his eyes were trembling slightly. She felt good seeing his flustered expression and smiled faintly.


Hugo’s throat felt dry. He wanted to bite her flushed cheeks that were like rose petals on white milk. She provoked him first so she shouldn’t complain later. He handed the responsibility over to her and grabbed the back of her head to kiss her soft lips.

He slid his tongue into the gap of her small mouth and licked the extremely soft insides of her mouth. He caught her runaway tongue and entangled it with his. He swallowed her sweet saliva and a long, drawn-out kiss ensued.

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C65 [part 2]
Chapter 65 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (1)

TN: Aiya, the flowery words strike again.

At first, Lucia was hesitant but soon she was entranced by his kisses and wrapped her slender arms around his neck. She was a great student, actively responding to his skillful kisses. She incorporated what she had been taught and couldn’t be compared to her first night when she didn’t even know to open her mouth.

As he sucked on her hot, soft tongue, he smoothly ran his hand down her back and grabbed her waist, pulling her into his bosom. Her wet lips in his mouth was as soft as whipped cream. Why was she so sweet? Why was he so thirsty even though she was already in his arms? He was always troubled to suppress his beast-like desires because he was afraid he might hurt or frighten her.

After the deep desiring kiss was over, Hugo looked at her restless expression for a moment then he stood up. He took off the robe he was wearing and threw it away. There was nothing that could be called imperfect on his muscular naked body. His standing center between his legs looked huge and firm.

In spite of herself, Lucia’s eyes were glued to it and she gulped hard. He entered into the bathtub. Lucia stayed still, sitting in the bathtub and looking up at him who remained standing. His blazing red eyes looked as though they would completely devour her and he ordered in a raspy voice.

“Come here.”

Lucia shrank and her gaze alternated between his face and his raging erection. At his overbearing gaze, goosebumps rose on her skin, a lump appeared in her throat and her ears grew flushed. Slowly, she raised her torso, slicing through the water and moved forward on her knees.

Her gaze was fixed on his erection that was gradually becoming closer. She stopped right next to his lower body and looked up at him again. His eyes were silently commanding her.

Lucia carefully took hold of his firm manhood, obeying his command. It wasn’t her first time touching it. Occasionally, he would guide her hand slowly on his thing, moving several times and not in a hurry. Now she had reached the point of not being cowered unlike the first time.

It was big enough to fit tightly in her hard and it was hard enough that she couldn’t believe it was flesh. The terrible thing that penetrated her day after day and tormented her persistently, she brought it to her mouth.

Now, she was able to try things that she could not even imagine in the past. She kissed the curved tip and licked it slightly with her tongue. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed it. It would be unreasonable to swallow all of him with her small mouth so she only put the upper part in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue.

His hand grabbed her hair and his breathing became rough. His reaction excited her and the insides of her legs ached and squeezed. It was the feeling of a female getting drunk on a male’s thick scent.

Her technique was bad but her poorly teasing tongue excited him more than any good technique. Just seeing her taking him into her mouth was enough. His innocent wife that couldn’t even kiss was now licking his thing with her mouth. It was a pleasure as though tainting her snow-white feathers with his color.

He grabbed her hair a little firmly and pulled her away. Her lips that had been licking and swallowing his thing, glistened with saliva. Her face flushed with excitement and her unfocused eyes were terribly erotic.

He lifted her up with strong force and made her to stand. This time, he went on his knees and spread apart her thighs. He held them firmly apart and kissed her nether region. He tasted her petals nestled deep in her forest between her thighs. There was a lot of delicious honey flowing beneath her petals.

He rubbed her tender flesh with his lips and sucked on it strongly. His mouth moved like when he desired her creamy breasts. He pushed his tongue inside her petite entrance. Her hot, wet insides did easily not give way to his prying tongue. He sucked on her chewy flesh and swallowed her deeply.


Her legs trembled. A hair-raising pleasure ran up her spine. If he pushed his tongue deeper, she could get a greater thrill but he kept his stimulation to a borderline degree. She was gradually losing strength in her legs. Thanks to his firm hold on her, she narrowly avoided falling down.


Imploring moans flowed from her mouth. Her entire body was focus on his stimulations and slackened. Her upper body fell on his shoulder and her hands grasped his hair tightly. Even though she was leaning her entire weight on him, it was too much for her. She wanted collapse and lie down.

Just like when he kissed her senselessly, he rolled his tongue, enveloped her wetness with his lips and licked her with the tip of his tongue. Her spring drooled with fragrant juices. It was a clear spring but deep enough that the bottom couldn’t be reached. Reaching the bottom was a task for his manhood that was firmly erect in his lower abdomen. The shallow insertion of his tongue in her crevice was mainly for exploration.

The stimulation from his tongue that moved recklessly and stirred up her insides was too covert. Lucia trembled with a mix of shame and excitement. His caresses were done without reserve. His mouth was greedily licking her private part. The sound of him swallowing her body fluids made her feel giddy. Her breaths and moans gradually turned rough.

She could only put enough strength in her hands to hold his hair and her legs held in his hands could no longer move to her will.


She felt a short sense of climax and her body shook tremblingly. In an instant, it ran up her spine and the feeling of intense pressure was dizzying. She tightened her hold on his hair and gasped for breath. As his lips moved away, his strength supporting her legs disappeared and her body collapsed.

Hugo lightly lifted her exhausted body and sat on the edge of the bathtub. He brought her petite entrance to his center and slowly sat her down on his rigid member. Her narrow path swallowed his rod in one go, allowing him to enter smoothly.

A sigh-like moan escaped the two of them. Lucia’s entire body trembled and she buried her head in his chest. The feeling of his tip pushing against her deepest parts sent shivers up her spine. His huge rod stirred inside her body as it was positioned from below.

His lips carved their seal onto the back of her neck and collarbone. A ticklish sensation came from her shoulders then a smarting sensation followed.

Hugo waited for a moment then he grabbed her hips and lifted her up then lowered her down. He repeated this over and over without using too much force. Her arms around his neck shook up and down and she mewled seductively. Her screams resonated through the bathroom.

“Aah! Ang!”

He opened her up and entered her countless times. With the force of her weight pressing down, his penis widened her vaginal walls, driving all the way in. As his movements intensified, her arms around his neck began to slip due to sweat and water.

He captured her bouncing breast with his mouth, seizing her nipple with his tongue and her insides squeezed in response. He then skillfully turned her around, changing their position. She sat with her back facing him and he held her arms behind her.

Their changed position stimulated a different place inside her. Every time he bounced his waist, her vision was propelled forward and the water surface shook. As she sat on his thigh, her feet floated in the air. The unstable position increased her anxiety and drove her with excitement.

Every time he thrust from below, she let out a cry of pleasure. Whenever her body came down, his huge rod would penetrate her, filling up her insides. She was exhilarated from the rise and free fall in addition to the pleasure and was unable to think of straight.


Climax swept through her body. Her body stiffened and at the same time, her vagina began to spasm. He stopped moving, feeling an irresistible pressure and released.

Listening to his deep-throated moan, Lucia felt a startling sense of pleasure. After the moment of climax passed, she exhaled breathlessly and her body slackened. He held onto her body that was about to topple over.

He embraced her tightly from behind and the pressure could be felt deeply. ‘Haa,’ Hugo gave a low sigh. He tried to endure a little more but he couldn’t bear it.

When her trembling subsided a little, he stood up with her in his embrace. He walked out of the bathroom and went into the bedroom.

At the feeling of softness on her back, Lucia opened her eyes. Meeting his scarlet eyes, she could see that his desire had not subsided at all. Only her upper body lay at the edge of the bed and he positioned himself beside the bed.

When his hands moved to hold her waist, she predicted what would follow and closed her eyes. In one stretch, he thrust into her.


He penetrated her quickly but intensely and began to thrust rapidly. An intense stimulation moved in and out of her. Small shudders coursed through her body at his quick movements. She moaned intermittently and twisted her body. She was feeling breathless as though she was running.

The lingering feeling from the climax earlier caused her inner walls to convulse, opposing the intruder. From time to time, he let out a raspy breath. He grabbed her legs and lifted them to his shoulders.

When he thrust in deeper, she squeezed the sheets tightly. The feeling of his thing reaching up to her womb sent shivers up her spine. In this position, he was hitting her deepest parts more often and better than before.

Sometimes, Lucia had the thought that his persistence added up little by little. Little by little, she was swallowing him like a bottomless pit. When the stimulation became so intense that she was about to cry, he pulled out and turned her body upside down.

Lucia lay face down on the bed and grasped the sheets tightly then she let out a moan-like sigh. When will tonight end? He rubbed against the inner flesh of her thighs and his rigid penis opened up her body and entered inside.

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