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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 41

Unknown POV 

” make sure you do a clean job, I want her here today” mike said to someone on the phone. ” Alright boss” the person said and end the call ” Chad I will get you by force” he said and laugh to hiself.

” We are there” doctor Steve said. ” Nancy” madam Cassie said and hug her friend happily.

” I don’t know why your husband brought me and your daughter here” madam Cassie said.

” he brought you guys here because he has a very big surprise for you guys” Nancy said.

“hmm” codelia sign. “Am very sorry my daughter, how are you doing” Nancy said and rushed to hug codelia.

“am not angry, you saw your friend and forgot you also have a daughter” codelia said.

” sorry my dear” Nancy said. “you’re forgiven, dad we are here I am very hungry and I need to eat” codelia said.

” glutton” madam Cassie said. ” I am not a glutton” codelia replied. “my daughter isn’t a glutton” Nancy replied and madam Cassie roll her eyes.

” madam Cassie I have a little gift for you I hope you love it” doctor Steve said. ” love what?” madam Cassie asked.

” this place” doctor Steve said. ” you mean this mall” codelia asked looking around.

” yeah” doctor Steve replied. ” wow this is beautiful” codelia said and hug doctor Steve happily.

” easy” Nancy said. ” doctor Steve you mean all this place is for?” madam Cassie asked.

” yes, don’t you like it?” doctor Steve asked. ” wow, this place is very beautiful, thank you very much sir I really appreciate” madam Cassie said.

” is nothing you really deserve it and am happy you liked it” doctor Steve said.

” wow, Nancy help me thank your husband this really mean Alot to me” madam Cassie said.

” Cassie you deserve it you don’t need to thank him” Nancy said. ” let go in, their are workers inside, you can employ another workers if you don’t like them” doctor Steve said.

” oh thank you” madam Cassie said happily and they all walked inside. doctor Steve introduced madam Cassie to all the staff as their boss.

“doctor Steve can I ask you a question?” madam Cassie asked. “you’re free to ask anything you want” doctor Steve replied.

“Am very sorry, the question might get you angry” madam Cassie said. “Alright am listening” doctor Steve replied.

” you’re a doctor, am not sure your salary is up to the money you used to build this place where did you get the money from?” madam Cassie asked and Nancy and doctor Steve burst into laughter.

” I love the question you just asked” Nancy replied. “I am not only a doctor I am also a business man, am managing the properties my parents left behind for me, I choose to be a doctor because I love it, am the owner of that hospital” doctor Steve said.

“Wow I never knew you are rich” madam Cassie said. “now you no my dear, you’re free to ask him anything you want, because you have done alot for him, for helping him trained our daughter” Nancy said.

” so I can bill you anytime I want?” codelia asked. ” sure, you’re free to bill me am your father” doctor Steve said with a smile.

” oh, I now have a rich father” codelia said with a smile. ” let go and eat am hungry” codelia said.

” Mike hope your boys are ready?” Anna asked. ” sure they’re” mike replied.

” because am tired of that house, am doing all this because you want me to” Anna said.

” not because I want you to, is because of what you wanna gain Inside” mike said.

” yeah, but it wasn’t like that before remember I agree to marry that idiot because you want me to, and I don’t wanna lose you, but now am loving the game” Anna said.

” you’re a very bad mother, you don’t even care about your children” mike said jokingly.

” that’s because the children aren’t for you” Anna replied. ” that means you love me too much” mike said.

” sure, and I knew you also love me, or don’t you?” Anna asked. ” sure I love you, you are the woman after my heart” mike replied.

” I need to get going before those children find out am not in the house” Anna said.

” Alright dear, all this will soon end and I will have you to myself” mike said. Anna stood up from the chair and Mike hugged her.

” I don’t want you to go back now, but there’s nothing I can do about it, but all this will soon end” mike said.

” yeah, it’s left to you and your boys, and make sure you do a clean job without traces” Anna said. “Alright” mike replied. “bye” Anna said and put on her face glass.

Vivian pace to and fro in the hotel room, she placed her hand on her jaw dip in thought.

“should I open up to rose” she thought. “no, I can’t possible tell her what I heard, I still value my life but I have to save the innocent girl” she thought and lye flat on the bed.

“I will go back and inform her Tommorow, maybe I should just call her, no Anna will knew I called her that woman is too smart” Vivian said to herself.

“God, I have finally put myself in trouble I should have left when Chad asked me to Leave, and am not that heartless to let that innocent girl suffer with her pregnancy” Vivian said.

“Aunt, I will be right back I want to get something down the town” codelia said.

“Alright my dear” madam Cassie replied. codelia walked out. her phone ring out loud and she picked it up immediately.

“hello who am I speaking with?” codelia asked. “it’s Vivian” Vivian replied. ” Vivian, I don’t think I know any Vivian” codelia replied.

” it’s Me rose friend” Vivian replied. ” how did you get my number” codelia asked. ” leave that question aside I have something important to discuss with you” Vivian said a car packed near codelia.

two hefty men came down from the car and they bundle codelia to their car.

codelia phone fall down from her hand. ” where are you taking me to?” codelia asked and bite one of the man hard on his arm.

” let me go I don’t know you” codelia shouted they ignore her and carried her to their car. “who are you, and what have I done to you guys?” codelia asked.

Episode 42

Unknown P.o.v 

” let me go I don’t know you” codelia shouted they ignore her and carried her to their car. “who are you, and what have I done to you guys?” codelia asked.

” young lady keep quiet before I do something you won’t like to you” one of the thvgs said.

” I won’t keep quiet until you tell me where you’re taking me to” codelia said. ” keep talking then” one of the thvgs said.

” you know what to do, she’s disturbing me” the driver said. Codelia move closer to the driver and bite him h@rd on his shoulder.

” Ahh, James st©️p this mad lady” the driver shouted in pain. one of the thvgs hit his gun on her head and she p@ssed out.

” is this not codelia phone?” Pamela asked and bend down to pick the phone. “it’s her phone, how could codelia be this careless to dropped her phone here” Pamela said and Walked to the house.

“good afternoon mum” Pamela greet. “how are you doing my darling?” madam C@ssie asked.

“Am doing good, where’s codelia?” Pamela asked. “she went out to get something at the mall” madam C@ssie replied.

“I saw her phone on the floor” Pamela said. “how come, codelia have never lost her phone before” madam C@ssie said.

” maybe it mistakenly fall from her bag” Pamela said. ” she doesn’t went out with a bag” madam C@ssie said.

” maybe it fell from her pocket then” Pamela said. ” the cloth she worn doesn’t have a pocket, let go to the mall and check her” madam C@ssie said.

” Relax mum am sure she’s fine” Pamela said. ” she’s not fine,let go in search of her” madam C@ssie said and dragged Pamela with her.

” they get to the mall and searched everywhere for her, but they didn’t see her. “this is bad, where did you see the phone?” madam C@ssie said.

” down the street let me take you there” Pamela said. ” Ah this is codelia sli-ppers” madam C@ssie shouted when she get to the place.

” Ahh, who kidnapped my daughter” madam C@ssie said and ran off. ” mum wait for me where are you running to?” Pamela asked.

” Am going to the station to report the case, my daughter has been kidnapped” madam C@ssie said.

” madam how may I help you?” one of the cops Asked. “Am here to report my missing daughter” madam C@ssie replied.

“since when have she gone missing?” the cops asked. “An hour ago” madam C@ssie replied.

“how did you know she’s missing?” the cops asked. “I saw her sli-ppers and phone on the ground” madam C@ssie replied.

“madam we can’t search for her until 24hours” the cops asked. “plea-se you guys need to, I will give you anything you want, all I want is my daughter” madam C@ssie said.

“madam theirs nothing we can do about it” the cops said.  “there’s something you can do, I need my daughter and you’re the only one that can help” madam C@ssie said.

“Alright madam, go back home and come back tommorow” the cops said. “I can’t go back” madam C@ssie said and sat on the ground.

“mum let go home so you can go call Chad, I believe he will help us” Pamela said.

“you’re right and i need to inform her father” madam C@ssie said and stood up from the ground.

“What will I do now?” Vivian asked herself. “I need to run far away from this place before Anna get me” Vivian said and packed her clothes in her luggages.

“I really wish to tell her before they kidnap her, am sure Anna will be looking for me because she knew I caught her” Vivian said to herself.

she dragged her luggage out and carried it to her car.

madam C@ssie rushed into the living room she picked her phone and placed a call across to doctor Steve.

” hello madam C@ssie how are you doing?” doctor Steve asked. ” Am not doing good at all, I didn’t see codelia and am sure they have kidnapped her” madam C@ssie said.

” Are you for real?” doctor Steve asked. ” yes” madam C@ssie replied crying. ” where are you?” doctor Steve asked.

” Am on my way to Chad house” madam C@ssie replied. ” Alright I will meet you in your house” doctor Steve said.

” darling what happen?” Nancy asked. ” C@ssie said, they kidnapped codelia” doctor Steve replied.

” what, how come?” Nancy asked. ” I don’t know” doctor Steve said and picked his car key.

Madam C@ssie placed a knock at Chad gate. the security guy open the door for madam C@ssie to enter and she ran inside the building.

“Chad!” madam C@ssie shouted and Chad c@m£ out immediately. “good afternoon ma” Chad greet with a smile.

“They have kidnapped my daughter” madam C@ssie shouted. “what did you mean codelia?” Chad asked.

“yes, I don’t know who kidnapped my daughter” madam C@ssie replied. “come inside, I promise to find her by all means” Chad said and madam C@ssie followed him in.

“who did you think can kidnapped her?” Chad asked. “I don’t know anyone” madam C@ssie replied.

” I think Jeff kidnapped her that guy is too desperate” Pamela said.

“you’re right?” madam C@ssie replied. “who’s Jeff?” Chad asked. “the father of her unborn child” madam C@ssie replied.

“oh that bastard” Chad said throu-gh gritted teeth. “Am gonna kill him if I l@ymy hand on him” Chad said.

“did you have his home address?” Chad asked. ” yes I did” Pamela replied. ” John!” Chad called.

” yes boss” John replied. ” follow her to the guy house, and make sure you come back here with him” Chad said.

” Alright boss” Jeff replied. ” brother, I think Vivian knows about it, she never like her and the way she left is very strange” rose said.

” really?” Chad asked. ” yes bro” rose replied. ” I will get her!” Chad said and stood up.

” Aunt, sit down here am coming back, and I will make sure I come back with your daughter, rose take care of her” Chad said and Walked to the garage.



πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 43 & 44



Unknown P.o.v 

” Aunt, sit down here am coming back, and I will make sure I come back with your daughter, rose take care of her” Chad said and Walked to the garage.

madam C@ssie stood up from the chair. ” mum where are you going to?” rose asked.

” I feel like following Chad, I can’t sit down here doing nothing” madam C@ssie said.

” mum you need to trust Chad, Chad will get your daughter for you, you don’t need to worry yourself I believe codelia is fine wherever she’s” rose said.

” no, my daughter isn’t fine I can feel it, if anything happens to her I can die of heart attack” madam C@ssie said.

” nothing will happen to her, and you won’t die, you’re too young to die” rose said. ” All I want is my daughter, I need to see her” madam C@ssie said.

” Mum your phone is beeping” rose said. ” I don’t wanna pick the call am not in the mood to pick any call now” madam C@ssie said.

” it’s doctor Steve calling” rose said. ” that’s codelia father, pick the call” madam C@ssie said.

“Alright ma” rose said and cli-ck on the answer bu-tton. “hello good afternoon sir” rose said.

“give the phone to the owner” doctor Steve shouted from the other end of the call.

“Am sorry, she doesn’t wanna pick any call” rose said. “where’s she?” doctor Steve asked.

“She’s in Chad house” rose replied. “s£nd me the house address am coming there now” doctor Steve said.

“I will s£nd you when I drop the call” rose said. “Alright” doctor Steve said and end the call. ” honey have they found codelia?” Nancy asked.

” no am going to see C@ssie” doctor Steve replied and ran out. ” wait for me am coming with you” Nancy said and ran after him.

“what did he say?” madam C@ssie asked. “he said I should s£nd him the house address” rose replied.

“Aunt don’t tell you are crying, aunt you don’t have to cry” rose said. “I have to cry, I don’t know where my daughter is, I am a careless mother” madam C@ssie said and bur-st into tears.

“you don’t need to blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault” rose said and clean her tears with her palm.

“isn’t my fault, id whose fault?” madam C@ssie asked. “it’s the kidnappers fault” rose replied.

Pamela placed a knock at Jeff gate and the security guy open the door. ” how may I help you?” the security man asked.

” we are here to see the kidnapper you called a boss” Pamela said angrily. ” Paul who’s that?” Priscilla asked.

” I don’t know them, they said they’re here to see your brother” the security man replied.

” let them in” Priscilla replied and John and Pamela entered the compound.

“where’s your brother?” Pamela asked. ” my brother is inside slee-ping and why did you wanna see my brother?” Priscilla asked.

” tell your brother to bring my sister out” Pamela said. ” your sister isn’t here” Priscilla said.

” your brother kidnapped my sister” Pamela said and Priscilla bur-st into laughter.

” who’s your sister?” Priscilla asked. ” codelia” Pamela replied. ” my brother can never kidnapped your sister I trust him” Priscilla said.

John pushed Priscilla out of the way and Walked to the house. ” you don’t have the right to walked into my house without permission” Priscilla said.

” go tell that to the fishes in the river” Pamela said. ” young man how may I help you?” Jeff asked John.

John lifted Jeff off the ground and carried him to the car. ” drop my brother” Priscilla shouted and ran after them.

Chad used his car to double cross Vivian car. he c@m£ down from his car and sat on the car bonnet he brou-ght out a cigarette and light it.

he put it on his mouth and puff out smoke, he ordered his boys to go bring Vivian. “I am done for” Vivian said and put his head on the car steering.

Chad boys get to Vivian car and dragged her out of the car. “Where did you think you’re running to?” Chad asked.

“Am not running am only going back to my house” Vivian replied and Chad bur-st into laughter. “throw her in the bu-tt” Chad ordered.

he throw the cigarettes on the floor and step on it. he went back to the car and his start the car. “To where sir?” the driver asked.

” to my penthouse” Chad replied. He brou-ght out his phone and dial John number.

“boss” John said from the other end of the call. “take him to the penthouse” Chad said and end the call. Vivian keep hitting the car bu-tt but Chad put on his headphone.

The thvgs dragged codelia out of the car and throw her h@rd on the floor ” Ahh” codelia wince in pain.

” my w@!st” she shouted. she looked down and found out she’s bleeding. ” my baby” codelia shouted and hold his stomach.

” you guys should plea-se take me to the hospital, my baby mustn’t die” codelia shouted.

” where’s the baby you’re talking about?” one of the thvgs asked. ” Are you blind can’t you see am blinding?” codelia shouted.

” Welcome boss!” one of the thvgs greet and leave the way for Mike to enter. “is this the lady Anna gave you her picture?” Mike asked and the thvgs nod their head in reply.

“wait this lady really look like my brother. ” who’s your father?” Mike asked and bend to her level.

” you guys should take me to the hospital” codelia shouted. ” young lady you have to help yourself, who’s your father?” Mike asked.

” doctor Steve, Mr Steve” codelia shouted in pain. ” fv¢k get me our nurse” mike shouted and help codelia lye down well. “but Steve didn’t tell me he has a daughter” mike said angrily and storm out of the room.


Episode 44

Unknown P.o.v 

” doctor Steve, Mr Steve” codelia shouted in pain. ” fv¢k get me our nurse” mike shouted and help codelia lye down well.

“but Steve didn’t tell me he has a daughter” mike said angrily and storm out of the room.

“where’s the nurse?” Mike asked angrily. “she’s on her way boss” one of the thvgs replied. “what did you guys did to her?” Mike asked.

“Sam throw her h@rd on the floor, and I guess she’s pregnant” one of the thvgs said.

“Damnit, am so gonna deal with you” mike said. “boss the nurse is here” the one the thvgs said.

“good evening sir!” the nurse greet. “Elena, I want you to check someone for me” mike said and took the nurse to the room.

the nurse did some checkup on her and shake her head. he gave her injection and codelia fell asleep.

“what happen to her?” Mike asked scared. “relax she’s fine, but she just lost her pregnancy” the nurse said.

“$h!t, this is very bad” mike said to hiself. “hope she’s fine now?” Mike asked. “yes she need some rest that’s why I gave her the injection.

I will write some drugs for you, you need to get it for her fast” the nurse said. “Alright thanks Elena” mike replied.

he carried codelia on his hand and placed her gentle on his be-d. “why’s boss being gentle and caring to her?” one of his boys asked.

“I don’t know, I think the boss like her” one of the boys said. “that’s not possible, we need to inform his wife” another one said.

“why did you wanna inform her?” one of the boys asked. “she paid me to give her informations about the lady” another one said.

“that’s good for you, am sure mike won’t spare you if he catch you” another one said.

Mike pace to and fro in the room lost in thought. ” I guess this is the child, Steve was trying to tell me yesterday” he said to hiself.

” What am I going to do now, Steve will never forgive me for doing this to his child, his only child for that matter” mike said to hiself.

” Chad driver drove the car to the penthouse. he parked the car in the garage and Chad c@m£ down from the car.

he walked inside the penthouse and his boys dragged Vivian out of the car. “you guys should prepare something for them to eat, because they need food” Chad said.

“no am not hungry” Vivian said. “Chad move closer to her and t©️uΓ§h her cheeks.

” you need the food, because you won’t like what I have in store for you” Chad said and smile at her.

He sat on the chair and put on the TV. ” I will go to that station and deal with the cops, I don’t know their usefulness in this town” Chad said to hiself.

” Codelia, I hope you are fine wherever you’re, hang in there I will safe you I promise you that” Chad said to hiself.

” C@ssie, have you found her?” doctor Steve asked. ” no” madam C@ssie replied crying.

” sorry, you don’t need to cry” doctor Steve said. ” let me cry, I won’t st©️p crying until I see my daughter” madam C@ssie said.

” Nancy talk to your friend” doctor Steve said and Nancy moved closer to madam C@ssie.

” don’t tell me anything, I don’t want to see anything, all I need is my daughter” madam C@ssie said.

” Mike why is she slee-ping on your be-d” Anna asked. “Anna don’t disturb her we need to talk” Mike said.

“let talk here” Anna replied. “no I don’t wanna disturb her sleep” mike said. “what did you mean by you don’t wanna disturb her sleep” Anna said and was about to kick her on the be-d.

“Anna kick her and lose your life” mike said. “Are you for real?” Anna said. “yeah I mean it, let go out if you know what’s good for you” mike said.

“boss, I have bought the drugs” One of the thvgs said. “Alright, go in there and tell the maid to be fast with the food she will soon be awake” mike said.

“this is strange” Anna said. “yeah she’s, that girl is my niece I can’t possible hurt her” mike said.

“really, but I can hurt my children for you” Anna said. “Anna that’s you, I never told you to hurt your children for me and remembered I told you to leave Chad, after his father willed all his properties to him but you don’t listen, so that’s none of my business, am taking her back to her father and there’s nothing you can do about it, and if anything happens to her am gonna kill you, I won’t say I will kill your children because you don’t care about them” mike said.

“you don’t also have a child and you don’t care to have one” Anna said. “says who, my children are in Africa” mike said. “how come?” Anna asked.

“Anna am not s-en-seless like you” mike said. “Mike we will use that girl to get mike and there’s nothing you can do about it” Anna said and Mike bur-st into laughter.

“Anna I don’t joke with my family” mike said. “Mike but I am also your family I am your wife and you have to listen to me” Anna said.

“yeah, I accepted that you’re my wife and I love you, but I love my family more than I love you, I can never hurt my family for you” mike said.

“we shall see” Anna said and stormed out of the house Angrily. “f*ol” mike said and sat on a chair.

Codelia wake up from sleep and look around the room. “ma’am, you’re awake” one of the maid said and set different types of foods on the table.

codelia li-ck her mouth and smile happily. “eat ma” the maid said. “you mean all this food are for me?” codelia asked.

“yes ma” the maid replied. codelia pick a spoon and ate to her satisfaction. she look around when she finished eating, and that’s when she noticed she’s not in her house. “Where am I?” codelia asked.

πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 45 & 46

Unknown P.o.v 
“yes ma” the maid replied. codelia pick a spoon and ate to her satisfaction. she look around when she finished eating, and that’s when she noticed she’s not in her house.

“Where am I?” codelia asked. “you’re in our place” the maid replied. ” wait, I thought they kidnapped me?” codelia asked.

” I can’t answer that question ma” the maid replied. ” yeah, they kidnapped me if this is how this kidnapping of a thing work, they should be kidnapping me everyday” codelia said.

” wait, my baby where’s my baby?” codelia asked and t©️uΓ§h her tommy. ” which baby are you talking about, you didn’t c@m£ with any baby” the maid replied.

” Are you the owner of this place?” codelia asked. ” no am a maid” the maid replied. ” I need to see who brou-ght me here, I want to know if my baby is still safe” codelia said and hold her tommy.

Mike enter the room and codelia move back fearfully. ” relax I can’t hurt you” mike said and tried to t©️uΓ§h her shoulder.

“don’t t©️uΓ§h me” codelia said and Mike nod his head. “Nancy!” Mike called. “sir” Nancy replied.

“where’s her drug?” Mike asked. “here is it sir” the maid replied. “go back to the kitchen” mike said and sat down near codelia.

“what’s your name?” Mike asked and smile at her. “where’s my baby?” codelia asked. ” Am sorry you lost the baby, but it wasn’t my fault” mike replied.

” you’re joking right?” codelia asked. ” no am not joking” mike replied. ” no nothing must happen to my baby” codelia said and bite mike h@rd.

Mike didn’t move away from her, he allowed her to bite him. ” you and your boys killed my baby, what did my baby did to you?’ codelia asked crying.

” Am sorry, I didn’t know you’re pregnant” mike said. ” shut up just shut up, you’re a murderer” codelia shouted crying.

” yeah, I accepted that I am a murderer, I am very sorry for hurting you” mike said. ” I want my baby back” codelia said.

” Am sorry, you have to take heart” Mike said. ” don’t tell me to take heart, why did you killed my child and why did you kidnapped me in the first place?” codelia asked.

” you want to know why I kidnapped you right?” Mike asked. ” yeah, I want to know, I have re-ad books about kidnappers they don’t behave like you behave” codelia said still crying.

“you have to st©️p crying before I tell you why I kidnapped you” mike said and codelia clean her eyes with her palm.

“I kidnapped you because of Chad” mike said. “Chad, what did he do to you?” codelia asked.

“Chad didn’t do anything to me, it was his father that offended me” mike said. “but his father is dead” codelia said.

“yeah, I Know I and Chad father were best of friends, yeah he was my best friend then until he c@m£ up with a business idea that ruined our Friendsh!p” mike said.

“How did the business idea ruined your friendsh!p?” codelia asked. “he doesn’t invest in the business, but he made me invested all my h@rd earn money in the business, I even borrowed money in the bank then.

those people ran away with my money, I went and inform Owen, which is Chad father but he did nothing he told me he was very sorry that he doesn’t know about it, truly he doesn’t know about it, but why did he allow me to put my money when he knows he’s not gonna invest a dine in the business, that got me angry. Owen made me penniless and he doesn’t help me it was my brother that later helped me.

Owen later travelled out of the state, he c@m£ back two years later and told me he feel like getting married but he doesn’t have any lady in mind that was why I planned with my wife, I asked my wife to marry Owen which she agree….” mike said and codelia cut in.

” wait you mean Anna?” codelia asked. ” yes how did you know?” Mike asked. ” Chad has told me somethings about her before” codelia said.

” that means he really loves you” mike said. ” no he told my Aunt and I” codelia said.

” okay, so I asked Anna to marry him which she did, but I didn’t asked Anna to killed him, I just wanna take half of his properties to myself” mike said.

” you might be thinking that I am greedy, no I am not I would have killed your father and collected his properties if I am greedy I just wanna revenge I want Owen to feel the pain I felt when those people ran away with my properties.

I was very angry when Anna told me she killed him, that was not our planned, I later forgave Anna after so much apology because I love her, I asked her to go back and bring her children, since she has killed him but she refused, she thought I don’t have a child which I did, I alre-ady have children before I got married to her, I wanted to tell me but she told me she can never get married to a single Dad, that was why I s£nt my children out of the country because I love her and I don’t wanna lose her.

“Anna was determined to take the properties by f0rΓ§£d but I told her to leave it to her son since Owen have alre-ady willed everything to his son, and he has paid for his sin but Anna didn’t listen, I don’t have a choice than to work with her, since she doesn’t love her children, Chad might be thinking he ran away from my Friend hiself, no it’s not possible for him to ran away from my Friend.

I refund my friend money and i asked him to free him because he has suffered enough, though Anna didn’t know about it” mike said.

” what you did is very bad” codelia said. ” I know, but I did it out of annoyance, though I didn’t asked Anna to killed him but I blamed myself for his death.

it was Anna that asked me to kidnapped you, we wanted to used you as a bait to catch Chad” mike said.

” wow just wow, and how sure are you that Chad is gonna handover his properties to you, if you kidnapped me, Chad is heartless he doesn’t care about human feelings am not even sure he will do anything if he heard you kidnapped me” codelia said.

” you don’t know Chad, he isn’t heartless like you think” mike said. ” why are you telling me all this?” codelia asked. ” that’s because you’re my niece” mike replied. ” that’s not possible” codelia said.


Episode 46

Unknown P.o.v 
” you don’t know Chad, he isn’t heartless like you think” mike said. ” why are you telling me all this?” codelia asked.

” that’s because you’re my niece” mike replied. ” that’s not possible” codelia said. “It’s very possible my dear” mike replied.

“My father didn’t tell me he has a brother” codelia said. “neither did he tell me he has a daughter” mike replied.

” So what is the next thing?” codelia asked. ” the next thing is to take you back to your father but not now” mike said.

” when will you take me back, my mum will be dawn worried about me” codelia said.

” I Know, am doing this for your own safety, I don’t want Anna to hurt you” mike said.

” Are you still interested in his properties?” codelia asked. ” seriously no, am just doing this because of Anna” mike said.

” st©️p doing it because of Anna, you need to st©️p Chad have suffered enough” codelia said.

” Chad will kill me if he found me” mike said. ” no I won’t allow him to kill you, all you have to do is to confess to him let him know Anna is after his properties” codelia said.

” fine I will do that tommorow it’s late alre-ady and I won’t allow you to Leave here” mike said.

” Alright” codelia replied. ” Am very sorry for your baby” mike said. ” you hurt me and I will never forgive you for that” codelia said.

” you have to, I am very sorry” mike said. ” you’re a murderer” codelia said. ” I accepted, but you have to forgive me” mike said.


” Anna where are you coming from?” rose asked. ” get out of my way” Anna said and pushed rose off her way and rose fall down flat on the ground.

rose stood up and dragged her back with her cloth. “how dare you?” rose said and raised up her hand to sl@pped her but madam C@ssie st©️pped her.

“you don’t have to sl@pped her” madam C@ssie said. “you should have allowed her to sl@pped me, I promised am gonna roast you alive” Anna shouted.

“Anna are you cr*zy?” rose asked. “say that again and see the other side of me” Anna yelled.

“madam you need to calm down, if rose behave like a child, try to behave like her mother and an elderly woman” madam C@ssie said.

“say that to the fishes in the river” Anna said. “Am sure you can’t try this with Chad” Rose said.

“I will soon kill the both of you, just try me” Anna said and went to her room. “this one isn’t a mother at all, can you imagine a mother telling her daughter that she’s gonna kill her” madam C@ssie said.

” Anna isn’t a human, she’s an animal her husband is much more better than her, her husband mike didn’t offend me, because he treated me like his child when I was with them but Anna never like us” Rose said and bur-st into tears.

” you don’t need to cry, that woman is up to no good, make sure she don’t come out from that house, I hope your brother boys are around?” madam C@ssie asked.

” yes they’re” rose replied. ” go and inform them” madam C@ssie said. ” this is serious” Nancy said.

” very serious” madam C@ssie replied. ” wait my daughter isn’t back yet” madam C@ssie said and sat on the floor.

Chad walked into the room they tie Jeff and he left out an evil grin. “why did you kidnapped her?” Chad asked.

“I didn’t kidnapped her, I don’t even know she was kidnapped until your boy c@m£ to my house” Jeff said and Chad bur-st into laughter.

“remembered I told you we shall meet again, here we are” Chad said.

“you need to believe me, I can’t possible kidnapped my baby mama” Jeff said. ” but you told her, you’re gonna have her by all means” Chad said.

” I don’t mean it, I said that out of anger” Jeff replied. ” did you want me to hurt you?” Chad asked.

” no” Jeff replied. ” did you want me to design your b©️dy for you, like giving you a mark you will never forget” Chad asked.

” No” Jeff replied fearfully. ” open up to me, because if you refuse to tell me the truth, I will kill you here and nob©️dy will know about it” Chad said.

” I didn’t know anything about her kidnapped I mean it” Jeff said.

” what’s your name?” Chad asked with his usual husky voice. ” Jeff” Jeff replied with a shaking voice.

” I will leave you to think about it very well, am coming back for you and I want nothing but the truth when I come back” Chad said.

” I don’t know anything about it” Jeff said. ” I will be right back” Chad said and went out.

” Vivian, or what’s that your name? ” Chad asked. ” Vivian” Vivian replied fearfully. ” what did you know codelia disappearance?” Chad asked.

” I didn’t know anything about her disappearance” Vivian replied. ” Did you want to die?” Chad asked with a smile.

“no” Vivian replied and shake her head. Chad stood up from the chair and walked round the room he c@m£ back and sat on the same chair.

“you have to tell me what you know about her disappearance if you don’t wanna die” Chad said.

“I will tell you everything I know about her disappearance, I didn’t do anything to her, I wasn’t the one that planned her kidnapped” Vivian said.

“who planned her kidnapped?” Chad asked. “your mother” Vivian replied. “Did you mean Anna?” Chad asked.

“yes Anna” Vivian replied and Chad bur-st into laughter. “how did you want me to believe this lie you just vomited?” Chad asked.

“Am not lieing I just told you the truth Vivian replied.

“wait now I guess, you knew I and my mother aren’t in good term so you decide to lie against her” Chad said.

“Am not lieing” Vivian said. “keep quiet” Chad shouted and stood up from the chair. “Am coming back for you” Chad said and went out.

πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 47 & 48

Unknown POV 

“Am not lieing” Vivian said. “keep quiet” Chad shouted and stood up from the chair.

“Am coming back for you” Chad said and went out. ” boss where are you going to?” John asked.

” Am going to the house!” Chad replied. ” Alright boss” the driver said and rushed to the driver seat.

John opened the car door for him and Chad get inside the car. ” drive fast!” Chad ordered.

” boss!” John called. ” Did you believe that lady?” John asked. ” yes I did, any problem?” Chad asked.

” There’s no problem sir” John replied. Chad phone ring out loud and he brou-ght it out from his bag.

” why’s rose calling me?” Chad asked hiself and picked the call. ” Rose what happen?” Chad asked.

” where are you?” rose asked. ” Am in somewhere important, hope no problem and is aunt alright?” Chad asked.

” Chad you need to come to the house now, I don’t un-derstand Anna at all, I think she has started again” rose said.

“don’t worry, am on my way” Chad replied. “Better” rose said and end the call.

” I will so deal with Anna, am gonna kill Anna for kidnapping that innocent girl, why didn’t she come for me instead of kidnapping the innocent girl, she’s a coward?” Chad asked hiself.

” I forget to give you your drugs” mike said. ” which drug, are you planning to kill me?” codelia asked.

” No I can’t kill you, you need to trust me” mike said. ” I can’t trust you” codelia said. ” I un-derstand, but the drug is for your health” mike said.

” bring it, let me see what the drug is for” codelia said and collected the drug from Mike.

” good, I need water” codelia said. ” Alright, I will be right back” mike said and ran out.

” Don’t add anything to the water plea-se I am not re-ady to die” codelia shouted.

” yeah, he can’t kill me as his boys killed my baby, what am I going to tell Jeff now?” codelia asked herself.

Mike c@m£ with the water and gave it to codelia. ” hope you didn’t add anything to the water?” codelia asked.

” yes I didn’t, I can taste it if you want me to” mike said. ” don’t worry, if you kill me my ghost will torment your life” codelia said and Mike bur-st into laughter.

” St©️p laughing it’s not funny” codelia said. ” Alright ma” mike replied. ” hmm, uncle brother” codelia said.

” Am mike, you can simply call me uncle mike” mike said. ” I think uncle kidnapper will be better” codelia said.

” no that’s bad” mike said. ” the name suit you perfectly” codelia said. ” I have a request, I need to go back to the house today my parents and love ones will be so worried about me” codelia said.

” I don’t want you to go now” mike said. ” I will sneak out if you don’t allow me” codelia said.

” you can’t sneak out from my house” mike said. ” I will kill myself and my ghost will kill you, if you don’t allow me to go” codelia said.

“Fine are you re-ady to go now?” Mike asked. ” yeah, I am very re-ady” codelia replied.

” let me carry you out” mike said. ” Thank you I can walk” codelia replied with an eyeroll. she stood up and fall back.

” My back hurt” she said and Mike lift her up from the ground. he carried her out of the room and his boys open their mouth in shocked.

” is boss cheating on his wife with this lady?” they asked theirselves.

” hey, fv¢king open the car for me” mike said to his driver. ” Am very sorry boss” his driver replied.

he placed codelia gently on the back seat and he also enter the backseat with her.

” Thank you” codelia said to him. ” you’re welcome” mike replied with a smile. ” Am not smiling at you” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” Am sorry, you have to forgive this foolish uncle of yours” mike said. ” Here we are” codelia said and the driver packed the car.

Mike help codelia out of the car and they walked to the house. Codelia place a knock at the door.

“Who’s there?” Pamela asked and open the door immediately. “Codelia is this you” Pamela said and hvg codelia happily.

Mike move closer to them and separate codelia from her. “she’s not that strong” mike said.

“Thank you very much sir, for bringing her back to the house” Pamela said and codelia scoffed.

“babe, we have been searching for you” Pamela said. “Where’s Mum?” codelia asked.

“She’s at Chad place, I c@m£ to the house to get something for her” Pamela said happily.

“Alright, let go and join her there” codelia said. ” Am very happy you’re back, how dif it happen, who kidnapped you?” Pamela asked.

“I will explained to you, when we get to Chad house” codelia said. “Alright, am so happy you’re back, am sure mum will st©️p crying once she sees you” Pamela said. ” yeah am happy to see you again” codelia said with a smile.

“Can you walk or I should carry you?” Mike asked.  “Carry me, after all you and your boys are the ones that makes me like this” codelia said.

“learn to forgive and forget” mike said. “I can never forgive you for what you did to my baby” codelia said.

Mike driver drive into Chad compound while Chad driver also drive into the compound at the same time.

Pamela open the car door and codelia c@m£ down gently from the car. Chad c@m£ down from his car and he was surprised and happy to see codelia.

he rushed to codelia and hvgged her happily. ” mum codelia is back” Pamela shouted.

Madam C@ssie, Nancy rose and doctor Steve rushed out of the house. ” where’s my daughter?” madam C@ssie asked.

“Mike what are you doing here, don’t tell me you’re the one that brou-ght my daughter, how did you know she’s your niece?” doctor Steve asked.

” Mike, Chad said and dis£ngage from the hvg immediately and madam C@ssie rushed to hvg codelia.

“Mike, what the fv¢k are you doing in my house?” Chad asked and brou-ght out his gun from his back pocket.
πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 48

Unknown POV 

” Mike, Chad said and dis£ngage from the hvg immediately and madam C@ssie rushed to hvg codelia.

“Mike, what the fv¢k are you doing in my house?” Chad asked and brou-ght out his gun from his back pocket.

“Relax, am not here for trouble” mike said. “shut up” Chad yelled. ” I have been looking for you all this while, and you’re dead now that you c@m£ into my house” Chad said and was about to pu-ll the trigger.

codelia rushed to him and hvg him from behind. rose move to mike front and block Chad from shooting him.

” codelia leave me alone let me kill this f*ol” Chad yelled. ” no I won’t allow you to kill him” codelia said.

” brother you’re gonna kill me with him” rose said. ” Dad what are you doing here, aren’t you afraid of chad?” rose asked.

” Am happy you still love me, move away let Chad kill me I deserve it” mike said.

” Am lost can someone tell me what’s going on here” doctor Steve said. ” Chad he has many things to tell you, don’t kill him hear him out first” codelia said.

” He doesn’t have anything to say, he is here for my properties” Chad said. ” no he is now a change person” codelia said.

” let go in, where’s Anna?” Chad asked. ” we have locked her in her room” rose replied.

” Are you sure she hasn’t escaped?” Chad asked. ” no he can’t escape” rose replied.

“Alright let go to the house, cause I can’t wait to pu-ll a Bullet in your br@in” Chad said.

” I don’t deserve to go into your house with you, let discuss here” mike said.

” fine, rose go inside and bring chair for Aunt” Chad said. ” Alright bro” rose replied and ran off.

codelia wanted to ran after rose but Chad dragged her back. ” seat down here” Chad said. ” No, I am not your slaves so you can’t command me” codelia said.

” I didn’t command yoi” Chad replied. ” you commanded me” codelia replied.

” fine am sorry for that” Chad said. rose brou-ght the chairs and they all say down.

” Am listening talk fast because I have many things to attend to” Chad said and Mike clear his throat, he explained everything to Chad and Chad mind softing a little.

“Is that all?” Chad asked and Mike nod his head. “I never see anything wrong in what my father did to you, he only gave you a business idea” Chad said.

“yeah, why did he gave me the ideal when he knows he’s not gonna invest, he even told me that those people are trustworthy, and we are friends we have to get each other back, but your father didn’t have my back” mike said.

“so you killed your best friend because of money” Chad said. “no I didn’t killed owen your mother did” mike said.

“I am the one that helped you escaped from my friend” mike said. ” I thought as much” Chad said to hiself.

” That doesn’t mean I have forgiven you really hurt I and my sister you made us fatherless” Chad said.

” Mr Mark didn’t hurt me, infact he was like a father that I never had. Anna is the only one that hurt me” rose said.

” Chad rose you guys have to forgive me” mike said. ” common I have forgiven you a long time ago” rose said.

” I can never forgive you” Chad said. ” but why?” Mike asked. ” that’s because I don’t trust you” Chad replied.

” it’s normal, but you have to forgive me” mike said. ” I will think about it” Chad said.

” And I also want you guys to forgive your mother” mike said. ” never, I can never forgive that beast” rose said.

” yeah, she’s a beast she made me lose my baby” codelia said. ” you mean you lost the baby?” Chad asked.

” yes” codelia replied and tears dropped from her eyes. ” Am very sorry, it was my fault” Chad said.

” oh am very sorry my baby” madam C@ssie said and moved closer to codelia Nancy also move closer to her.

” Sorry my dear, I believe God un-derstand why you lost the pregnancy” Nancy said.

” what am I gonna tell Jeff, he will feel bad” codelia said. ” Don’t worry about Jeff I will talk to him” Chad said.

” Mike, I am very dissapointed in you I Advised you not to do it then, but you didn’t listen to me” doctor Steve said.

” I am sorry brother” mike said and stood up from the chair. ” don’t near me, can you see what you did to my daughter” doctor Steve said.

” Am very sorry bro, you have to forgive this foolish brother of yours” mike said. ” Honey you have to forgive your brother” Nancy said.

” I am angry that he doesn’t listen to me” doctor Steve said. ” he is sorry” Nancy replied.

” we will discuss better in the house” doctor Steve said. ” codelia that’s enough!” Chad said and placed her head on his l@p.

he brou-ght out his phone and dial one of his boys number. ” Hello untie them and give them food, make sure they eat well I will soon be there” Chad said.

” Alright boss!” the guy replied and Chad end the call. Anna c@m£ out with a gun on her hand and bur-st into laughter.

“I am gonna kill you all and collect the properties. ” Mike, I trusted and love you, but you betray me” Anna said.

” Anna I didn’t betray you, you have to st©️p all this madness and apologize to your children” mike said.

” over my dead b©️dy” Anna said and spate on the floor. ” I will start from you” Anna said and point her gun at mike and Chad stood up from the chair.


πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 49 & 50

Unknown P.o.v 

” over my dead b©️dy” Anna said and spate on the floor. ” I will start from you” Anna said and point her gun at mike and Chad stood up from the chair.

“Anna drop your gun” Chad said. “will you keep quiet, you don’t talk when am talking” Anna said and Chad bur-st into laughter.

“Sh0t the gun and let me see what you’re capable of doing” Chad said. “And you think I can’t shoot you,I guess you will be the first person to die” Anna said and sh0t at Chad.

she looked at the gun and was surprised that the gun didn’t affect him. she sh0t the him again and Chad bur-st into laughter.

“I can see you don’t wanna change, I gave you enough time to change but you don’t wanna, I think today will be your last day on earth” Chad said.

” Chad plea-se don’t kill her, let hand her over to the cops” madam C@ssie said.

” No one should beg me, am gonna kill her and Know one can st©️p me, can you imagine a mother shooting a gun at her own son.

Anna isn’t a humans and I must kill her” Chad said.

” plea-se don’t kill her” madam C@ssie said. ” mum don’t beg on her behalf, Chad must kill her. I will kill her myself if Chad refuse to kill her” rose said.

and Anna bur-st into laughter. ” you guys can go to hell for all I care, And am sure you aren’t that heartless to kill your mother” Anna said.

” you’re don’t know me, I have been looking for a day like this to kill you, because I don’t like seeing your devilish face” Chad said.

” Go ahead and kill me” Anna said. ” I asked one of my boys to open the door and put a gun in your room thinking you will change, I gave you a second chance but you missed used it, I don’t wanna stain my hands with my hands it my boys that will deal with you” Chad said.

” I am not the only one you will punish you should punish mike as well” Anna said.

” I can’t punish mike because he’s more wiser than you are and he’s not like you” Chad said.

” really?” Anna asked and bur-st into laughter. ” How sure are you that Mike is a change person, mike don’t think you have escape death, my spirit will torment you and kill you because we are lovers” Anna said.

” John!” Chad called. ” Yes boss” John replied. ” take Anna to the torture room, make sure you torture her until she give up the ghost, make sure she doesn’t escape because I will kill you myself if she escape” Chad said.

“Alright boss” John replied and drag Anna away. ” Chad you should have given her a third chance” madam C@ssie said.

” there’s nothing like third chance madam, I don’t need her in my life she’s not useful since she gave birth to us and moreover we have you” Chad said.

” but…” madam C@ssie wanted to talk but Chad cut her off. ” No but, you haven’t eaten since morning, so let’s go inside so you all can eat” Chad said.

” I will get going” mike said. ” no you can’t go like that you need to eat before going and moreover we have many things to talk about I have missed you” rose said.

” Alright” mike said and went inside with them. ” Aunt I and codelia are going out, we will be right back rose will give you a room to sleep in Incase we c@m£ back late” Chad said.

” Alright my son” madam C@ssie replied. ” Honey let go back to our house, you can see he doesn’t wanna give us room here” Nancy said and they all bur-st into laughter.

” Am very sorry, I don’t really know you guys so I can’t allow you to spend a night in my house, you guys are like a stranger to me” Chad said.

” I was planning to give you my daughter before but I guess you don’t need it” doctor Steve said and Chad look at codelia.

” I can take her by f0rΓ§£ if I want her” Chad said with a smile. ” you can’t take me by f0rΓ§£” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” let go” Chad said and carried codelia out. he placed her on the back seat and Walked majestically to the driver seat.

” why did you carried me, did I told you I can’t walk” codelia said. ” you should have told me I shouldn’t carried you, when I wanted to and am sure you love how I carried you” Chad said. ” I don’t like it” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” Bring those people to the sitting room” Chad said and sat in the sitting room with codelia.

his boys brou-ght them to the sitting room and they went on their knees immediately. ” no you guys can seat down, Jeff I will like to personally apologize to you, am very sorry for dragging you in this mess” Chad said.

” There’s no problem thank God she’s back and safe” Jeff said and smile at codelia. ” Vivian right?” Chad asked.

” yes” Vivian replied and nod her head. “Am also sorry, but why don’t you inform rose when you knew Anna is planning something like that?” Chad asked.

“Anna asked me not to tell anyone, she threatened to kill me and my love ones if I tell anyone that was why I decided to run away, I tried to informed codelia about it, but it was too late am sorry” Vivian said.

“you don’t have to be sorry, am also sorry you’re free to go back to your house” Chad said.

“thank you very much” Vivian said and carried her bag, she was about to run out before Chad st©️pped her.

“Am I forgiven?” Chad asked. “Sure” Vivian replied and walked out. “can I go back to my house?” Jeff asked.

“no I have something to tell you” Chad said. “Am listening, because my sister will be dawn worried about me” Jeff said.

“I wanna inform you that codelia lost the pregnancy” Chad said. ” That’s not possible!” Jeff said.


Episode 50

Unknown P.o.v 

“Am listening, because my sister will be dawn worried about me” Jeff said.

“I wanna inform you that codelia lost the pregnancy” Chad said.

” That’s not possible!” Jeff said. “it’s very possible it wasn’t her fault it was my mother that kidnapped her, you can vent your anger on me” Chad said.

“Codelia is it true?” Jeff asked and codelia nod her head. “thank you very much” Jeff said and stood up.

“is he angry?” codelia whispered to Chad. “yeah, he has every right to be angry” Chad said.

“Mr Chad, bye and have a nice day” Jeff said and went out. codelia stood up and ran after him.

“Am very sorry it wasn’t my fault” codelia said. “Am not blaming you, did I” Jeff said.

“I am very sorry” codelia said and bur-st into tears. “you don’t have to cry it’s obvious you don’t want the baby” Jeff said.

“Jeff why are you talking like this, did you think I am happy to lose my baby” codelia said crying.

” Am sorry I was just hurt” Jeff said. ” Jeff be a man, am sure this happened for a reason” Chad said and t©️uΓ§hed his shoulder.

” Thank you” Jeff replied. ” wait let me drop you off” Chad said. ” nevermind” Jeff replied.

” I insist, that’s my little way of apologizing to you” Chad said. ” Alright” Jeff replied. ” codelia st©️p crying” Chad said and clean her tears with his thumb.

Chad dropped Jeff off at his house and drove to his house.  Priscilla sat outside the compound crying and waiting for his brother.

she raised her head up and was happy to see her brother. ” brother” she called and rushed to hvg him.

” hope they didn’t hurt you?” Priscilla asked searching his b©️dy for any wound.

” no they didn’t, but my baby is gone” Jeff said and bur-st into tears. ” what did you mean by your baby is gone?” Priscilla asked.

” let go inside” Jeff said and walked inside the compound with Priscilla. ” welcome boss” the security guy greet and Jeff wave his hand at him.

“Oh am very sorry, you need to take heart, this is another chance for you to look for someone else” Priscilla said.

“it’s not easy” Jeff said. “I Know, but you need to take heart, she won’t lose the pregnancy if you’re destiny to be together” Priscilla said.

” Alright thank you for the advice I wanna sleep” Jeff said and Walked to his room.

Chad parked the car at the garage. he c@m£ down and open the car door for codelia.

codelia c@m£ down from the car and they both walked hand in hand to the house. Madam C@ssie sat down in the living room watching movie with rose.

” welcome my darlings” madam C@ssie said. ” thank you mum” codelia replied.

” hope Jeff isn’t angry?” madam C@ssie asked. ” he’s not happy about it, he cried” codelia said.

” oh poor boy” madam C@ssie said. “come and sit down with me” madam C@ssie said and codelia sat down near her.

” where’s mike?” Chad asked. ” he’s gone” rose replied. ” I will be right back, I need to freshen up” Chad said.

” boss” John called. ” John what happen?” Chad asked. ” Anna is dead” John replied. ” so fast, she’s not even strong, I thought she’s stronger than that” Chad said and walked to his room.

” oh, may her soul rest in peace” madam C@ssie said. ” I really feel bad about her death, I really wish she change” madam C@ssie said.

” mother forget about Anna she’s a nob©️dy, I and Chad will have the rest of mind we are looking for all this while now” rose said.

Chad c@m£ out from his room with white singlet and a short, with a towel around his n£¢k and water dripping from his head.

he went to the sitting room and sat near codelia. “you’re slee-ping in my room tonight” Chad whispered to codelia.

“for what?” codelia shouted. “why are you shouting, I don’t want anyone to hear” Chad said.

“I will shout, why did you want me to sleep in your room” codelia said and shouted again.

“bull$h!t!” Chad said. “Why did you want her in your room?” rose asked. “it’s none of your business, so mind your business” Chad said with an eyeroll.

“wow I can’t mind my business” rose said. “Chad, why did you want her in your room, tell me and I will help you talk to her” madam C@ssie said.

“fine, I don’t want her in my room anymore” Chad said and stood up from the chair. madam C@ssie, rose and codelia bur-st into laughter.


“Chad what are you doing here?” codelia asked. “Am here to take you out” Chad said.

“What are you celebr@ting?” codelia asked. “I am not celebr@ting anything, I just feel like taking you out today” Chad said.

” okay, were are you taking me to?” codelia asked. ” Am talking you to somewhere you will like” Chad said.

” Alright let me go inside and change my cloth” codelia said. ” no you’re beautiful like this” Chad replied.

” Alright let me inform Pamela” codelia said and went inside the house. she c@m£ back minutes later with her bag and Chad open the car door for her.

she get inside the car and Chad drove off. ” Why don’t you come with your driver?” codelia asked.

” I just want us to be alone” Chad said. ” oh, pl@ymusic I feel like dancing” codelia said.

” Alright” Chad replied and pl@ymusic. ” I feel like sitting with you at the driver seat” codelia said.

” Alright” Chad said and codelia went to meet him at the front. codelia start dancing and shaking her a*s to the music as she get to the front seat.

“I might lose control if you keep dancing like this” Chad said. “how?” codelia asked.

“don’t worry I will show you when we get to where we are going to” Chad said. Chad parked the car and rushed to open the car door for codelia.

“perfect gentle man” codelia said and bur-st into laughter. “re-move your facemask” codelia said.

“Alright ma” Chad replied and re-moved the facemask. let’s go” Chad said.

codelia step on banana peel and lose her balance. she mistakenly pushed a woman and the woman gave her a resounding sl@p.