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(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 31

Unknown P.o.v 

” have you told the workers not to greet me when I get in as I requested?” Chad asked.

” yes boss!” John replied and Chad came down from the car. we walked inside his company and some of his workers hold there lips with their hands. they all bow their head to greet him.

Chad walked gently to the elevator. he pressed his office number and the elevator took him to his office.

he opened his office door gently and his manager ran to hide in the toilet. “Flora, come outside I knew you are inside that toilet” Chad said.

“I have finally put myself into trouble because of money” Flora said.

“come outside now” Chad said and brought out his gun. Chad move closer to the door and kick the door open with his leg.

“how did you get inside my office?” Chad asked. “sir I don’t know how I get here” flora replied. “dont play games with me Flora, I am not someone to toy with” Chad said.

“there’s nothing you can do to me” Flora said and brought out a gun from her pocket.

” wow just wow, so you have a gun” Chad said. ” let me go now, before I kill you” flora said.

” Am scared” Chad said and placed his head on his chest. ” let me go now!” flora yelled.

” stop shouting like a mad woman, what am I even talking about you’re a mad woman” Chad said and Flora burst into laughter.

“this is not the Flora you knew you better let me go now” Flora said. Chad target her hand and shot her hand.

The gun fall down from her hand and she grunt in pain. ” bas***d” she said and tried to bend down to pick her gun with her other hand.

Chad used his leg to shift the gun to his side,and he bend down to pick the gun. he brought his phone out from his back pocket and placed a call across to John.

“John, come inside my office with Sam now!” Chad said and end the call. John and Sam enter Chad office. “boss we are here, where are you?” john asked. “Am inside the rest room” Chad replied and john enter the restroom with Sam by his side.

Chad instructed them to drag Flora to his car. Sam rushed to the driver seat and drove off.

“Vivian you need to get going, i don’t want my brother to meet you here” rose said.

“rose I am not ready to go, you can talk to your brother on my behave an sure he is gonna listen to you, I promised to mind my business” Vivian said.

” Vivian you knew my brother too well, he can kill you if he meet you here” rose said.

” no he can’t, help be plead with him, i promise to be of good behavior and i will to go back next week” Vivian said.

” Are you sure?” rose asked. ” yes am very sure, I will go back next week” Vivian replied.

“but you need to hide for my brother he must not meet you in the living room if he comes back, i will talk to him later” rose said. ” thank you, you’re a darling” Vivian said and hug rose happily.

” how are you feeling now?” madam Cassie asked codelia. ” Am feeling better, but I need a cup of coffee” codelia said.

” Alright, I will be right back” madam Cassie said and rushed to the kitchen. she came back with a cup of coffee and gave it to codelia.

codelia gulp all down at a goal and smile to madam Cassie. ” thanks mum” codelia said and madam Cassie used her head to dressed codelia hair well.

“you’re always welcome my darling, less I forget Mr jack is in the living room, he has been waiting for you, for the past three hours” Madam Cassie said.

” Three good hours, did I sleep that much?” codelia asked.

” yes you did” madam Cassie replied. ” what’s he doing here?” codelia asked. ” codelia, he has to come check on you, remember you’re carrying bus unborn child” madam Cassie said.

” I just wished I am not pregnant” codelia said. ” codelia, don’t talk like that children are blessings from God” madam Cassie said.

“Aunt, what about that rude guy that paid for my Operation?” codelia asked. “you mean Chad” Madam Cassie replied with a smile.

“yes” codelia replied. “Oh Chad is a very good guy, why did you asked of him?” madam Cassie asked.

“I just feel, will need to thank him for paying for my operation” codelia said. “you are right, we need to thank him, his business card is with me, we will call him later in the day” madam Cassie said.

” Alright mum” codelia replied. ” your father has been calling your phone for the past two hours” madam Cassie said.

” my father!” codelia repeat. ” yeah, your father, doctor Steve” madam Cassie said.

” oh am sorry, I wasn’t used to that” codelia said. ” yeah, i know you need to get use to it, because you now have a father” madam Cassie said.

” Alright mum” codelia replied. ” Stand up from the bed” Jeff is waiting for you in the living room, don’t keep him waiting” madam Cassie said.

“mum i wanna ask a question” codelia said. “go ahead am listening” Madam Cassie replied.

“is Pamela staying with us now?” codelia asked. “yeah, she has nowhere to go, she doesn’t have a family, my club house was her house before I closed it” madam Cassie said.

” oh I see” codelia said. ” why did you asked, didn’t you like her?” madam Cassie asked.

“I love her, she’s a very good and friendly lady” codelia replied and stood up from the bed.

she walked to the living room and jeff stood up with a smile plastered on his face immediately he see her.

John and Sam drag Flora out of the car and they drag her to the living room. Anna was surprised to see Flora and the plate she’s holding fall down from her hand and break inti pieces. “how dare you…..”



(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 32


John and Sam drag Flora out of the car and they drag her to the living room. Anna was surprised to see Flora and the plate she’s holding fall down from her hand and break into pieces.

“how dare you break my plate!” Chad yelled. “Am very sorry” Anna said going down on her knees.

” boss, I think there’s more to this, she looked surprised when she saw her” John said pointing to Flora.

” yeah, there’s sense in what you just said” Chad said. ” hey you did you know her?” Chad asked Flora and she roll her eyes without answering the question.

” please permit me to go back to the kitchen” Anna said. ” I will shoot your leg, if you move an inch” Chad said and Anna stand still.

” hey, i guess am talking to you” Chad said. ” is it not obvious that I don’t wanna reply your question” Flora said.

” I love this” Chad said and move closer to her, he gave her a thurderous slap and she nod get head negatively.

“I don’t know her” she shouted and John burst into laughter. “why are you laughing?” Chad asked.

“Am very sorry boss, it’s just funny” John replied. “Anna, did you know her?” Chad asked Anna.

“no I didn’t” Anna replied. “why did you look surprised when you saw her?” Chad asked.

“I was just surprised to see your boys drag and tie human being like an animal” Anna replied.

“I will soon get you, mark my word I knew you are up to something, and you won’t go unpunish for breaking my plate” Chad said.

“Am not planning anything” Anna said. ” get out!” Chad shouted and Anna ran out.

” drag her to the torture room!” Chad ordered. “Alright boss” John replied.

“hi” codelia greet Jeff with a smile. “come and have your seat” Jeff said with a smile.

“sorry, for keeping you waiting” codelia said and sat down and Jeff also sat with her.

“oh it’s nothing, you worth waiting for” Jeff replied. “Alright” codelia replied and brought out her phone.

“I came here so that we can discuss about the us” Jeff said. “i know” codelia replied and dial doctor Steve number.

“hello, good afternoon sir” codelia greet. “this is evening my dear, how are you doing?” doctor Steve asked.

“Am good, send me your house address, i wanna visit you with my wife” doctor Steve said.

” Alright, I will sent it immediately I drop the call” codelia replied. ” Alright dear be expecting me” doctor Steve said.

” Alright bye” codelia said and end the call. ” so what did you want us to talk about?” codelia asked Jeff.

” the baby” Jeff replied. ” jeff, the only thing between you and i is this pregnancy don’t think I will marry you, because I can’t” codelia said.

” but why don’t you wanna marry me?” Chad asked. ” that’s because I don’t love you, I don’t have feelings for you, i won’t give the baby to you when I give birth, because the child need me, more than he needs you, you are free to marry anyone you like likewise me” codelia said.

” codelia, I love you, I haven’t been myself since I set my eyes on you” Jeff said. ” you have to understand that the feeling is not mutual” codelia said.

” I will wait for you” Jeff said. ” you must be joking, i can’t date you, not to talk of getting marry to you” codelia said.

“I will make you love me” Jeff said. “mr Jeff, you don’t need to force love, my daughter has made it clear to you that she doesn’t love you, leave her and look for someone else, they’re many ladies out there” madam Cassie said.

” madam Cassie, you don’t understand” Jeff said. ” I did, I understand you perfectly, but you just need to respect her decision you can’t force love” madam Cassie said.

” Am not forcing love, i just wanna win her heart” Jeff said. ” you’re wasting your time, because I can’t fall in love with you, you aren’t my type of man” codelia said.

” I will make you fall in love with me and I mean it” Jeff said and stood up from the chair.

“your wish” codelia replied with an eyeroll. “I will be on my way, I will send some money to your account” Jeff said.

“Thanks” codelia replied with a smile. “my pleasure” Jeff replied and went out. “why did you accept the money when you knew you don’t love him?” Madam Cassie asked with a smile.

“mum, you knew i can’t reject money never i need money, and moreover I am carrying his child, so his child need tl money” codelia replied.

“hmm, you love money Alot’ madam Cassie said. ” money is life” codelia replied.

Later in the day.

“A knock came at the door and madam Cassie rushed to open the door. ” Good evening doctor Steve, you are welcome to our house” madam Cassie greet.

” Thank you” doctor Steve replied. ” where’s codelia?” doctor Steve replied. ” she’s in her room, have your seat sir, she will soon be here” madam Cassie replied.

” thank you” doctor Steve replied and sat down. “let me get you something to drink” Madam Cassie said and went to the kitchen.

codelia came down from her room and was happy to see doctor Steve. “good evening sir” codelia greet.

“how are you my darling, but you can simply say good evening Dad” doctor Steve corrected.

“Am not used to that, but I will soon get use to it” codelia said. “better” doctor Steve replied.

“where’s your wife?” codelia asked. “she will soon be here, she dropped at a nearby mall” doctor Steve replied.

“Alright” codelia replied with a smile. “how are you feeling now?” doctor Steve asked looking at her eyes.

“Am feeling better” codelia replied. doctor Steve phone ring out loud. “excuse me” doctor Steve said and picked the call.

“Am outside” his wife said from the other end of the call. “come inside, the door isn’t lock” doctor Steve replied.

Nancy open the door and enter the living room. madam Cassie was also coming out from the kitchen.

“Hi” Nancy greet and wave her hand at codelia. madam Cassie raised her head up and was more than surprised to see Nancy.

“Nancy!” madam Cassie called and Nancy also raises her head up. she was also surprised to see madam Cassie.



(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 33

Unknown P.o.v 

madam Cassie raised her inhead up and was more than surprised to see Nancy.

“Nancy!” madam Cassie called and Nancy also raises her head up. she was also surprised to see madam Cassie.

“Cassie!” Nancy called and rushed to hug her. “don’t hug me, I am not happy with you” madam Cassie said.

“Am sorry” Nancy replied with a smile. “Darling, did you know her?” doctor Steve asked.

“yes she’s my friend I told you about” Nancy replied.

“don’t mind her, she’s not my Friend anymore, I have unfriended her a long time ago” madam Cassie said.

“no you can’t unfriend me, I am very sorry for not informing you before I traveled out” Nancy said.

“darling, meet my friend Nancy I told you about, the great bully of our time” madam Cassie said.

“oh, she’s the woman i planned to beat, whenever I see her” codelia said. “unfortunately, you can’t beat your mother” Nancy said with a smile.

“Don’t tell me you’re doctor Steve wife” madam Cassie said. “sure, I am” Nancy replied.

“what happened to I will never get marry?” madam Cassie asked. “oh that was then, and I was young and naive then” Nancy replied.

” Am very happy to see you” madam Cassie said. ” Same here, I searched everywhere for you when I came back” Nancy replied.

” yeah, I moved out from the house because Amilia sold the house” madam Cassie said.

” oh, I heard what she did to you, am very sorry I wasn’t there when you need me most” Nancy said.

” it’s nothing” madam Cassie replied with a smile. ” remember I always warned about your sister then, but you don’t listen” Nancy said.

“Nancy, forget about the past” doctor Steve said. “yeah, you are right” Nancy said.

“Am very happy to see you again, I thought I won’t see you anymore” Nancy said. “yeah, am also happy to see you” madam Cassie said.

“so there’s no need to introduce you to madam Cassie anymore. meet codelia my daughter” doctor Steve said.

“there’s no need to introduce her to me, I can see the resemblance” Nancy said. “I never knew they look alike until you said it” madam Cassie said and they all burst into laughter.

“Welcome to our house ma” codelia said. “you are welcome my daughter, you’re free to call me mum, I love you already and I must confess, you are a very beautiful lady” Nancy said.

“thank you ma” codelia said with a smile. “you are making a mistake and am gonna smack your a$$ now” Nancy said.

“what did I do wrong?” codelia asked. “you forgot to add mum” Nancy said.

“you’re very funny mum” codelia said and burst into laughter. “that means you have two mum now” madam Cassie said.

“Nancy, I want you to please take her as your daughter, I know you’re a good person, but it’s not easy to accept another woman’s child” madam Cassie said.

” it’s nothing, she will be the child I never had” Nancy said. ” thank you my friend” madam Cassie said and hug Nancy.

” Cassie I have missed your food Alot, hope you prepared something for us?” Nancy asked. ” I never knew you are coming, but don’t worry I gat you” madam Cassie said.

” Am gonna eat to the fullest today” Nancy said with a smile and doctor Steve also smile at her.

” Am glad you accepted me as your daughter” codelia said. ” And am also happy to have someone as beautiful as you are as my daughter” Nancy said.

” Am blushing” codelia said and placed her palm on her face. “silly girl” madam Cassie said with a smile.


Fast forward.

The next day.

“Mum, please call that rude guy and inform him that we are coming to his house today” codelia said.

“Don’t you think he will go to work today?” madam Cassie said. “Call him, I just feel like going to his house again” codelia said.

“Alright” madam Cassie said and brought out her phone. she called Chad number and he picked at the first ring.

” Hello, who am I speaking with?” Chad said with his usual husky voice. ” guess” madam Cassie said.

” I don’t have time for play, just tell me who you’re” Chad said. ” you aren’t fun at all, it madam Cassie” madam Cassie said.

” oh, am very sorry ma, good afternoon” Chad greet. ” how are you my dear, I just wanna inform you that, am coming to pay you visit today” madam Cassie said.

” Are you the only one coming?” Chad asked. ” no am coming with my daughter” madam Cassie replied.

” oh that’s nice I will be expecting you” Chad said.

” Alright, bye” madam Cassie said. ” take good care of yourself” Chad said and end the call.

” John leave her, I guess she’s ready to talk” Chad said. ” Alright boss” John replied and stopped beating Flora.

” Are you ready to talk?” Chad asked and moved closer to her. ” Am not ready to talk, just kill me” Flora said.

“no I won’t kill you, I will only let my boys have fun with you, John!” Chad called.

“yes boss” John replied. “how many of you are available?” Chad asked. “we are twelve boss” john replied.

“that’s manageable, go outside and call the rest, inform them that there’s free food here” Chad said.

“Alright boss” John replied and turn to leave. “no I will confess” Flora shouted.

“why did you waste my time, when you knew you are gonna confess?” Chad asked and collected a whip from John.

he whip her with the whip and she shouted in pain. “I am very sorry” Flora said crying.

“boss, your phone his beeping” John said. “check who’s calling” Chad said.

“madam Cassie” John replied. “am coming back for you, John let’s go and make sure you Lock the door” Chad said and drop the whip. he clean his hand with a napkin and Walked out.

(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 34

Unknown P.o.v 
“madam Cassie” John replied. “am coming back for you, John let’s go and make sure you Lock the door” Chad said and drop the whip.

he clean his hand with a napkin and Walked out. madam Cassie placed a knock at the gate and the security man open the gate immediately.

“good evening madam, how may I help you?” The security guy asked. ” we are here to see Chad” madam Cassie replied.

” Chad?” the security man asked surprised. ” Let them in!” Chad said and the security man opened the door immediately with his mouth open.

” close your mouth Mr” codelia said and walked inside the compound. ” Welcome to my palace ma” Chad said and madam Cassie looked around, with a smile plastered on her face.

“so you’re expecting me to greet you first” codelia said and Chad shake his head in a pitiful manner. “you can never change” Chad muttered.

“I heard that” codelia said. “let go in ma” Chad said. ” wait let me look around, it has been long I saw something like this” madam Cassie said and Chad smile to her.

” so Mr heartless can smile” codelia said. ” how did you know I smiled?” Chad asked.

” I studied your expression well” codelia said. ” I am also a human” Chad said. ” oh thanks for informing me, I thought you are an animal before” codelia said.

” mind your speech!” Chad said. ” mind your speech” codelia mimick. ” why did you always put on mask, are you a criminal?” codelia asked.

” no I am not a criminal I am a private person” Chad said. ” can you remove the mask for a minute?” codelia asked.

” I can’t remove it” Chad said. ” Alright” codelia said and stylishly walked to his side, she jumped up and remove the mask from his face.

” Ah, how dare you removed my boss mask” the security guy said. ” hey go back to your duty post” Chad said to the security guy and check very his face with his palm.

” Wow, I never knew you are this handsome” codelia said. ” give me back my mask now!” Chad said.

” no I won’t give you” codelia replied and Chad moved closer to her, codelia noticed that Chad his moving closer to her, so she ran away with the mask on her hand and Chad also ran After her.

madam Cassie came back from the back of the house, and was surprised to see codelia running.

“why are you running and who’s this?” madam Cassie asked. “it’s your heartless son” codelia replied still running.

“Stop running, you will fall down and that’s gonna affect the baby” Chad said and codelia stop running. she sat on the ground and breathe in and out.

“I caught you” Chad said and collected the mask from her. You can hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. Anna stood at her corner watching them, she nod her head and smile.

“What are you looking at?” rose asked and Anna ran to the kitchen. “Am gonna punish you for removing my mask” Chad said and put on the mask.

“you look ugly with this mask” codelia said. “I love it like that” Chad replied. “Am telling you the truth here” codelia said.

“Ma, is it true that I looked ugly with this mask?” Chad asked madam Cassie. “don’t mind her, you look good with or without the mask” madam Cassie said.

“I can’t stand up again yeah my back hurt, Mr heartless come and help me up” codelia said and Chad lift her up from the ground.

he carried her to the living room. “Wow, your house is very beautiful” madam Cassie said. “thank you” Chad replied.

“I need water, where’s your kitchen?” codelia asked. ” Anna!” Chad called. ” yes my son” Anna replied and rushed to the sitting room.

” Anna are you cr*zy, how many time did you want to to tell you that I am not your son” Chad said and stood up.

” what are you trying to do?” madam Cassie asked. ” Am trying to put some sense in her empty skull.

“shut up, don’t you know this woman is old enough to be your mother” madam Cassie said angrily.

“unfortunately am his mother” Anna said and burst into fake tears. “What!” madam Cassie shouted and look into Chad face.

“Get out and go and get drink for my visitors” Chad yelled and Anna rushed to the kitchen.

“is that woman truly your mother?” madam Cassie asked. “yes she’s” Chad replied and bend her head.

“why did you treat her like a slave?” madam Cassie asked. “she’s my slave I bought her with my money” Chad replied.

“you must be cr*zy for saying that rubbish out of your mouth” madam Cassie said and knock his head.

” You don’t know Anna” Chad said. ” you aren’t supposed to treat your mother like that no matter what she did to you” madam Cassie said.

” you no nothing ma” Chad said. ” can you please explain to me so I can understand better” madam Cassie said and codelia also nod her head.

” here is the water” Anna said. ” give the water to her” Chad said and point to codelia.

” thank you ma” codelia said and collected the water from her. she faced Chad and pout her lips.

” Am hungry” codelia said. ” Anna go and prepare something for her to eat” Chad said and Anna ran off.

” Codelia are you okay, can’t you see how he just treated his mother” madam Cassie said.

” that’s none of my business, that’s his family problem and every families have one, and am very sure he will listen to you, if you advise him” codelia said.

” you want to know why I treated Anna like that right?” Chad asked. “yes” madam Cassie replied. “I will explained to you” Chad said.

Unknown P.o.v

“Hello boss, the lady just entered a mansion with her Aunt” I said to my boss. ” Alright, I will be right there make sure you wait for me” my boss replied. ” Alright boss” I replied and end the call.

(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 35

Unknown POV 

Unknown P.o.v

“Hello boss, the lady just entered a mansion with her Aunt” I said to my boss. ” Alright, I will be right there make sure you wait for me” my boss replied.

” Alright boss” I replied and end the call. I came down from the car and walked around the environment, this place is a very peaceful area, I wonder what my boss is up to.

” Leo, where did you say she entered?” my boss asked coming down from his car. ” inside this building sir” I replied.

my boss rushed to the gate and placed a knock on the door. ” who’s there?” the security man asked and opened the door.

” how may I help you Mr?” the security man asked. ” I am here to get my woman” my boss replied.

his woman, but my boss is not married. ” sir, I don’t know your woman maybe you should call her on the phone” the security man said.

my boss pushed him away from the entrance and Walked to the building. Is my boss okay at all.

” excuse me sir, you’re walking into the lion den” the security man said and stood up on his feet.

Unknown P.o.v 

” excuse me sir, you’re walking into the lion den” the security man said and stood on his feet.

he ran after Jeff, and Jeff tried to pushed him back. “let me go!” Jeff shouted angrily.

“Excuse me I will be right back” Chad said and stood up. “how may I help you?” Chad asked Jeff.

“Am here to take my woman back home” Jeff said. “who’s your woman?” Chad asked.

“don’t pretend as if you don’t know me, you can’t take codelia away from me” Jeff shouted.

“oh, now I remember you, you’re the father of her unborn child right?” Chad asked.

“don’t asked me silly questions just bring out my woman” Jeff said. “hey, you can’t walked into my house and started shouting like a b*stard, I will advise you to go back to wherever you are coming from” Chad said.

” am not leaving here without my woman” Jeff said. ” Mum, what’s Jeff doing here?” codelia asked madam Cassie.

” how did you know he’s the one?” madam Cassie asked. ” that’s his voice, how did he know am here and what’s he doing here?” codelia asked and stood up and madam Cassie also stood up.

“Flora” Anna called. “Anna thank goodness you’re here, get me out of this place before I confess” Flora said.

“yeah, I will surely help you out, I brought water for you, because I knew you will be very thirsty by now”Anna said looking around.

” yeah thank you, you’re a life saver” Flora replied and collected the water from her. ” she gulped everything down and gave the cup back to Anna.

“thanks, Flora said” you are welcome, I will come and get you out later” Anna said. ” please be fast” Flora replied.

” Jeff, what are you doing here?” codelia asked and Jeff smiled at her. ” Am here to get you, we need to go out for shopping” Jeff said.

” how did you know that am here?” codelia asked and Jeff scratch the back of his head nervously. ” I saw you, when you entered this building” Jeff replied.

” Are you stalking me?” codelia asked. ” no, I dare not I just don’t want this man to take you away from me, you’re mine” Jeff said.

” I am not yours Jeff, I made it clear to you that I don’t love you, why are you disturbing yourself?” codelia asked.

” Am sorry” Jeff said. ” Jeff, I thought we have talked about this before, you can’t force love” madam Cassie said and Chad smile out.

” Am sorry, but you have to Leave this man house, he isn’t good for you, he is too grumpy for you” Jeff said.

” thanks for your advise, I will advise you to keep it to yourself” codelia said and roll her eyes.

” you have to get going, this is not my house, we will see later” codelia said.

” codelia, I won’t leave this place without you” Jeff said. Chad insert his hand on his trouser pocket and left out an evil smirk.

” John!” chad called and John rushed to his side. ” Am here boss” John said. ” drag him out of my compound” Chad said.

” no you can’t drag me out, am here to get my woman” Jeff said. ” Are you okay at all?” codelia asked Jeff.

” yes I am” Jeff replied. ” you aren’t okay, you are sick, the fact that am carrying your baby doesn’t makes me your woman” codelia said get that into your head.

” Should I drag him?” John asked. ” I guessed you aren’t okay” Chad said and Walked to the house followed by codelia and madam Cassie.

” Chad am very eager to here your story” madam Cassie said. ” mum I need to eat first, I can’t listen to his story, with empty stomach” codelia said.

” but you ate before we came here” madam Cassie said. ” yeah, but am hungry again, check my stomach it’s very empty” codelia said.

” glutton” Chad said and scoffed. ” Did you just call me a glutton?” codelia asked and burst into tears. madam Cassie looked at codelia shocked.

” codelia, who beat you?” madam Cassie asked. ” Aunt he called me a glutton” codelia said still crying.

“sorry, you aren’t a glutton” madam Cassie said. “no, tell him to tell me sorry” codelia said.

“I should tell you sorry, you aren’t serious” Chad said and codelia burst into fresh tears.

madam Cassie put her hand on her jaw and sign out. “f*ck, sorry” codelia said.

“louder” codelia said still crying. “Am sorry” Chad shouted felling frustrated already and madam Cassie burst into laughter.

“where’s the food?” codelia asked. “Anna!” Chad called and Anna rushed to the living room.

“is the food ready?” Chad asked. “yes” Anna replied. “go and bring food for my guest” Chad said and Anna nod her head.

” boss, I have something important to discuss with you” John said. ” what’s it?” Chad asked.

” I can’t say it here” John replied. ” say it!” Chad command. ” the lady is Dead” John replied.

” which lady?” Chad asked. ” your manager boss” John replied. ” what!” Chad shouted angrily and codelia flinch.
 ~CODELIA~  ❤️

(Oops she’s a sex worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Episode 36

Unknown P.o.v 

” I can’t say it here” John replied. ” say it!” Chad command. ” the lady is Dead” John replied.

” which lady?” Chad asked. ” your manager boss” John replied. ” what!” Chad shouted angrily and codelia flinched back I’m fear.

“how come?” Chad asked. “boss I don’t know, remember I went out with you” John replied.

“so, how did you know she’s died?” Chad asked. ” one of the boys incharged of the room told me” John replied.

“Am gonna kill them all” Chad said. “no you can’t do that” madam Cassie replied.

“boss, they’re all died apart from the guy that told me” John said. “that’s what they get for being incompetent” Chad said and stood up.

“Chad please don’t kill anyone” madam Cassie pleaded. “I will be right back!” Chad said and walked to the torture room with John by his side.

“mum who killed those people?” codelia asked. “Are you asking me that, how did you expect me to know?” madam Cassie said.

“Am just surprised” codelia said. “Chad is really going through Alot” madam Cassie said and shake her head in a pitiful manner.

“I concur” codelia replied. “Mum, we need to get going I don’t want to die” codelia said.

“you can’t die, I won’t leave this place until I heard Chad story” madam Cassie said.

“but our lifes are important than, Chad story” codelia said. “I believe nothing will happen to us” madam Cassie said.

“Hello Anna” mike said from the other end of the call. “Mike I called to inform you that I have killed Flora” Anna said.

“no oOoOO, how could you?” Mike asked. “what sort of question is that, did you want me to leave her till she expose me?” Anna asked.

“you don’t have to killed her” mike said. “what did you expect me to do, did you expect me to fold my arms and?” Anna asked.

“I expected you to help her escape, you shouldn’t have killed her, aren’t you tired to kill?” Mike asked.

“Mike let forget about her, that lady I told you about is the one we will used to get Chad because he’s proving too difficult to get and I think Chad is in love with her, can you imagine she removed Chad facemask and he didn’t do anything to her” Anna said.

“you don’t mean it?” Mike asked. ” Am serious” Anna replied. ” Wow that’s very nice” mike said.

” yeah we need to act fast because am tired of this place” Anna said. ” I know, it’s for our own good” mike said.

” yeah I know” Anna said and smile out. ” Alright talk to you later” Anna said.

” Alright, but am not happy with you for killing Flora” mike said. ” forget about Flora, she’s too careless, she deserves to die we don’t need people like that, and moreover her greediness killed her, we didn’t forced her to work with us” Anna said.

” Alright, bye take care of yourself” mike said. ” bye, I love you” Anna said and end the call.

she keep the phone on her pocket and turned to Leave. ” who are you talking to on phone?” rose asked.

“oh, am talking to a friend” Anna said with a smile. “get me orange juice” rose said and Walked to her room.

“Rose, am tired of hiding” Vivian said. “go back to your house if you’re tired of hiding” rose replied sipping from her juice.

“you’re just like your brother, I am not ready to go” Vivian said. “you will keep hiding then” rose said.

“I can’t win your brother heart like this” rose said. “I thought, you have forgotten about that” rose said.

“I tried my best to forget about your brother but it’s not working” Vivian said. “it has to work, because my brother doesn’t like you” rose said.

“I heard from the maids that, that sl*t is around” Vivian said. ” you can never change I don’t have your time now” rose said and picked her phone from the nightstand. ” there’s something fishy about Anna” rose sent to Chad.

” Tiago, can you explain what happened here to me?” Chad asked. ” boss, I don’t know anything about it” Tiago said and raised his hand up in the air.

” boss said you should explain what happened to us” John said. ” I went to get something in the room and I told Jayden before I left, I came back and met them died, I don’t know who killed them” Tiago replied.

” lock him up” Chad said and went back to the living room. ” Am sorry for keeping you waiting” Chad said.

” Apology accepted” madam Cassie said. ” Apology isn’t accepted, you need to buy me ice cream before, I accept your apology” codelia said.

” there’s ice cream in the fridge” Chad said. ” better” codelia replied.

” Aunt, you want to know what Anna did to me right?” Chad asked. ” yes” madam Cassie replied. ” let go to the garden” Chad said and madam Cassie stood up followed by codelia.

“My Dad, is a very generous and lovely man. he is a good father to us and also a good husband to Anna.

but Anna isn’t a good mother, she derived joy in our tears. Anna have never treated us like her children which makes me asked my father if she’s truly our mother.

” she’s your mother” father replied when I asked him. though our father is not aware of what she did to us then.

Anna doesn’t fed us well, we only ate dinner that’s if our father is around. I was just six then and rose is four years.

Anna always came home with Mike my father friend which I later found out that he is Anna husband.

one day our father decided to take us out for holiday and we choose Island, because that place is peaceful unlike our home.

Dad agreed to take us to the island. we spent three days there.

something terrible happened on the last day that I can never forget” Chad said and burst into tears.
 πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

             πŸ”₯ Episode 37 & 38 πŸ”₯
Unknown POV 

Dad agreed to take us to the island. we spent three days there.

something terrible happened on the last day that I can never forget” Chad said and bur-st into tears.

” sorry” madam C@ssie said and. codelia moved closer to him and Pat his back.

“I and my sister was pla-ying, near the sea, I noticed our parents aren’t around so I went in search of them, I told rose to wait for me.

mum dad, I keep shouting till I get to where they’re I saw my parents tied with a rope.

I moved closer to them. “Chad run” that was my father last word. I didn’t listen to him, because I wanna saved them.

I moved closer to them tried to loosed the rope from my dad. Anna kick me h@rd on my tommy and I fell h@rd on the floor.

I stood up from the floor in pain, because I was determined to lose the rope from my dad hand.

mum stood up immediately, that was when I noticed they didn’t tied her hand she only pretended

Anna re-moved a daggerr from her bag and hit it on my father’s head twice. I shouted and she moved closer to Me and also knock me out with the digger.

I woke up some hours later just to met my father and crying rose on the floor.

I stood up and ran to called for helped. luckily for me two couples agreed to helped me and they followed me to the scene, they helped me carried him to their car and we rushed him to the nearest hospital.

the coupled left us after helping my dad to the hospital. “Where’s the man they just rushed In family?” the doctor asked.

“here I am sir” I replied. “where’s your mother?” the doctor asked. “she has ran away” I replied.

“your dad, loosed Alot of blood and we need to carry out an operation on him as soon as possible, I need someone that can sign the operation paper” the doctor said.

“I will sign the paper I replied and the doctor smile at me. ” you can’t kiddo, you can’t sign the paper, go and get older person that will sign the paper for you” the doctor said.

” doctor plea-se help me sign the paper” I said. ” I can’t kiddo” the doctor replied and that’s how i Lost my precious father, Anna killed him.

we went back to our house with the helped of the doctor because I gave him our house address.

we didn’t meet anyone in the house when we get to the house, not even the security guy, that was when I remembered that Anna told them to go back to their various house before we went to the island.

I don’t know how to cook, and we have to survive till the two months Anna gave the workers, did you know how we survived?” Chad asked and tears dropped from his eyes.

madam C@ssie shake her head. ” I had to begged on the street with my sister to survived.

my mum c@m£ back to the house with her husband mike. she went inside and searched my father room, she c@m£ out when she didn’t get anything from the room.

she called my father lawyer and asked him to give her my father’s properties because he’s dead” Chad said.

“did the lawyer gave her the properties?” madam C@ssie asked. “no my father was very smart. the lawyer told Anna that my father willed all his properties for me, Anna was very angry.

he told the lawyer to hand the properties over to her because she’s my mother, the lawyer refused, he told her my father said the agreement between him and my father, is for him to give the properties to me when I clock 18 years.

my mother was very angry that she turned me to a punching bag that day, she beat me till I land in the hospital.

she later sold me to her husband friend. “yeah, she sold me to James he is a mafia king, I really suffered in the hand of James and Mike till I ran away.

I was 17years when I ran away. I ran to my father’s lawyer place, he s£nt me back to school and I c@m£ out with flying colors and he handover the properties to me, when I graduated.

I want back to Anna and I took my sister away from her, because she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother” Chad said.

“did she allowed you take your sister away?” madam C@ssie said. “she did, because she knew I can kill her if she refused. James really trained me well” Chad said.

” no he doesn’t trained you well” madam C@ssie said. ” he did you can’t tell me otherwise” Chad said.

” four years after I took my parents away from her, one of my boys informed me that his brother has someone he wanna sell.

I told him to bring the person because am in need of a driver, I don’t wanna employ a driver, I wanna buy the driver so I can kill him anytime he did something bad to me, I bought all my workers I didn’t employed them.

he brou-ght the person and the person happened to be my mother I was very surprised.

I asked the seller why he wanna sold her and he told me her husband borrowed Alot of money from him and he used her as a collateral.

and the husband refused to paid the money. I bought Anna from him and Anna has been working for me since then” Chad said.

” I think there’s more to it, am not sure she had learnt her lesson, I guess she’s here for a reason” madam C@ssie said.

” I guess so, but I haven’t caught her” Chad said. ” sorry my dear, you’re a strong guy” madam C@ssie said.

” I missed my Dad, I felt sad anytime I remembered him” Chad said and bur-st into tears.

” sorry codelia said and clean his face with her palm. he placed his head on her brea-st and used her hand to scattered his hair.

Chad raised his head up and looked into codelia eyes. he moved his face closer to codelia face.


               πŸ”₯ Episode 38 πŸ”₯

Unknown P.o.v 

he placed his head on her brea-st and used her hand to scattered his hair.

Chad raised his head up and looked into codelia eyes. he moved his face closer to codelia face and codelia also move her face closer to his.

madam C@ssie put her hand on her jaw surprised of what she’s seeing. Chad jam hisl-ips with hers and they both k!$$£d theirselves p@ssionately.

madam C@ssie clear her throat and they st©️pped k!ss!ng immediately. codelia place her palm on her face.

“you don’t need to be shy and you, why did you k!$$£d my daughter?” madam C@ssie asked.

” Am sorry I don’t know what c@m£ over me” Chad replied and look away.

madam C@ssie stood up and move closer to Chad. ” you need a hvg, I knew you aren’t that bad when I first saw you, am glad you shared your problem with me and I must say you really went throu-gh Alot, but that doesn’t mean you should vent your anger on innocent people, I will like it if you st©️pped killing innocent people” madam C@ssie said.

” Aunt, I believe all human are betrayal ap@rt from I and my sister, I believe all mother’s are the same until I met you, I was very surprised when I saw how caring you’re towards your daughter, I know she’s not your mother I just used the word mother because you’re the only one that deserve to be call a mother, and as for those people I killed I won’t killed them if they don’t do something bad to me” Chad said.

” st©️p killing them, did you know the pain their families went throu-gh after you killed their love ones” madam C@ssie said.

” I will try but I don’t promise you that I won’t kill again” Chad said and madam C@ssie hvg him.

” I wish you can just stay here with me” Chad said. ” I can’t, I need to go back to my house, I can’t stay here for long, but I promise I will always come to visit” madam C@ssie said.

“thank you, but I will like you to move out of that place you stay” Chad said. “but why?” madam C@ssie asked.

“I don’t like that area, I want you to stay in one of my mansion, I just wanna take care of you like my father, you are just like my father to me” Chad said.

“but there’s nothing bad in that area” madam C@ssie said. “I know but I don’t like that area at all” Chad replied.

“Alright thank you” madam C@ssie said and hvg him happily. “you are moving out tomorrow” Chad said.

“Ah that’s too fast” madam C@ssie said. “no it’s not too fast” Chad replied.

“And I will also like to be your daughter” Rose said coming to the garden. ” Awww I now have many children” madam C@ssie said and hvg Rose.

” did you accepted me as your daughter?” Vivian asked. ” sure madam C@ssie replied. “jealousy” Chad replied and Vivian roll her eyes at him.

“I want you guys to monitor your mother very well am having a feeling that she hasn’t changed, I think she’s up to something bad, I don’t think she has changed I can see throu-gh her tears” madam C@ssie said.

” I like you because you’re very wise and caring and that’s one of the reasons I want you near me, but you don’t wanna stay with me” Chad said.

” I can’t stay with you, I don’t wanna be a burden to you” madam C@ssie said. ” you can never be a burden to me” Chad replied.

” I have many children and you can’t accommod@t£ us all, I will stay in the house you promised to give us” madam C@ssie said.

” that’s better” Chad said. ” when are you going back to school?” Chad asked code. ” why did you asked” codelia said.

” I just wanna know” Chad replied. ” I won’t tell you” codelia replied. ” and you will tell me by f0rΓ§£” Chad said and move closer to her.

he tickling her in her w@!st and she bur-st into laughter.

” leave me alone” codelia said in-between laughter. ” mom, let go somewhere else I have something to discuss with you, let leave them alone” Rose said. ” Alright” madam C@ssie replied.

” Brother, you didn’t t©️uΓ§h the food I served you since morning why are you going this to yourself” Jeff sister asked him.

” I didn’t t©️uΓ§h it because I am not hungry” Jeff said. ” You haven’t eaten since yesterday that you c@m£ back from that lady house.

I heard you are monitoring her, that’s not good” Jeff sister said. ” Priscilla I really love that girl but she doesn’t love me back, if you see her she embarr@ssed me this morning in the pres£nce of that arrongant j£rk, I must have her” Jeff said.

” brother love isn’t by f0rΓ§£, and am not sure you love her, you don’t love her, because if you do you will un-derstand her, you are just obsessed with her, she’s carrying your child doesn’t mean she must get married to you, wise up Jeff I haven’t seen you like this before” Priscilla said.

” love is very wicked” Jeff said. ” I just want you to erase any feelings you have for her, you are a good guy and you deserve to be happy” Priscilla said.

” Hi” Anna greet Vivian.

” good afternoon ma” Vivian replied with a smile.

” I wanna discuss something with you, can you kindly follow me to my room?” Anna asked.

” hope there’s no problem?” Vivian asked.

“no there’s no problem” Anna replied with a smile. and Vivian followed her to her room.

“I know you are in love with my son Chad, I can help you get him if you give me the go ahead” Anna said.


 πŸŽ€Codelia πŸŽ€

(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nΓ§£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

               πŸ”₯ Episode 39 & 40 πŸ”₯

Unknown P.o.v 
“no there’s no problem” Anna replied with a smile. and Vivian followed her to her room.

“I know you are in love with my son Chad, I can help you get him if you give me the go ahead” Anna said and Vivian bur-st into laughter.

” you must be joking” Vivian said. ” Am not joking my dear I can help you” Anna said.

” Madam I really respect you Alot, try to respect yourself, even if it’s little” Vivian said.

” oh you thought am joking, I mean it am re-ady to help you” Anna said. ” keep the help to yourself you need it more, can you imagine someone that’s not in good term with her children want to help me” Vivian said to herself.

” forget about that, this is a big opportunity for you to be with my son” Anna said.

” I can see you don’t wanna respect yourself, I want to warn you, don’t you ever, re-ad myl-ips I said ever call me for something like this again” Vivian said and Walked out of Anna room angrily. “useless woman, what did she take me for?” she said to herself.

” Wow this girl is very wise, but I won’t rest until you agree to work with me, I need someone like you” Anna said she brou-ght out her phone and place a call across to rose.

” What happen!” rose asked from the other end the call. ” I just wanna inform you that I wanna visit my friend and I need to get something from the mall also” Anna said.

” make sure you come back early” rose said. “Am alright my daughter, what hope you don’t need anything?” Anna asked.

“get out am talking to someone important” rose said. “Alright thank you” Anna replied with a sm-irk.

” you guys will really suffer from my hand if I get what am here for” Anna said. ” I am a very wicked mother, I don’t even care money is very much important than them, what’s the excess of children without money, they aren’t useful to me, I only married their father because my dear husband want me to” Anna said to herself and bur-st into laughter.

“let me get going before before that devil come in, my b©️dy still hurt from the beating he gave me the other day i just need to endure it because everything will soon end” Anna said.

” Who’s that? ” madam C@ssie asked. “it’s Anna” rose replied. “Anna, who’s Anna?” madam C@ssie asked.

“that bit-ch that called herself my mother” rose replied. “that’s too harsh she’s still your mother no matter what” madam C@ssie said.

“no she’s not my mother, it just happened that I c@m£ to this world throu-gh her” Rose said.

“she’s still your mother, I don’t want you to disrespect her” madam C@ssie said. “mum back to our discussion what did you later do to that your friend?” rose asked.

“I Know what you’re trying to do” madam C@ssie said. “yeah I don’t want us to talk about Anna anymore she doesn’t worth our time” Rose said. ” Alright dear” madam C@ssie replied.

” Am feeling pain on my w@!st and I wanna sleep” codelia said yawning. ” come let me back you” Chad said.

” no I don’t want you to back me” codelia replied. ” but why?” Chad asked. “no no no, your back will be very h@rd as rock” codelia replied.

“And what if my back is soft as foam?” Chad asked. ” I don’t think it will be soft, i knew it’s h@rd you can’t tell me otherwise” codelia replied.

“why don’t you try it out?” Chad asked. “no I don’t wanna try it” codelia replied. “fine come and sleep on my l@p” Chad said and codelia did some thinking.

“I think that will be better” codelia replied. Chad placed her head on his l@p and smile to her.

“how are you feeling now?” Chad asked. “feeling better” codelia replied. “why are you acting caring towards me?” codelia asked.

” I don’t even know” Chad replied with a smile. “re-move your mask we are the only one in the garden why did you like wearing mask?” codelia asked. “because I don’t want ladies to admire me because I am very handsome” Chad said.

“who told you you are handsome?” codelia asked. “i don’t need anyone to tell me and moreover mirror doesn’t lie” Chad replied.

” your mirror is a big lier, because you’re the ugliest guy I have ever seen” codelia replied.

“Are you for real?” Chad asked. “yes, this mask have taken your beauty away” codelia replied.

“I will st©️p wearing it then” Chad said. “that will be better” codelia replied. “How’s the baby doing?” Chad asked.

“I don’t know, the pregnancy haven’t form” codelia said. ” don’t be a bad mother to your unborn child” Chad said.

” sure we have something in common I don’t think I can forgive my biological mother” codelia said.

” really, what did she do to you?” Chad asked. ” I won’t tell you” codelia replied.

” keep it to yourself then big head ” Chad said.

” let go in, it’s getting late we need to get going” codelia said. ” no you guys aren’t going back today” Chad said.

” says who?” codelia asked. ” says me” Chad replied. ” you’re saying your own” codelia said and stood up from his l@p.

” come let me back you” Chad said. ” where did you learn all this from?” codelia asked.

” I used to hide and watch ro-mantic movies sometimes” Chad said scratching the back of his n£¢k.

” oh, don’t tell me you’re learning how to be a ro-mantic b©️yfri£nd” codelia said.

” no I just like watching ro-mantic movies to ease off stress” Chad said. ” I thought people like you doesn’t watch ro-mantic movies” codelia said.

” I do but don’t tell anyone” chad said. ” Mr arrongant am happy to tell you that your secret isn’t save with me” codelia said.

” you dare not tell anyone” Chad said. ” I will and there nothing you can do to me, am starting from your security guy” codelia said and ran away Chad ran after her.


               πŸ”₯ Episode 40 πŸ”₯

Unknown POV 
” you dare not tell anyone” Chad said. ” I will and there nothing you can do to me, am starting from your security guy” codelia said and ran away Chad ran after her.

“wait up, st©️p running it’s not good for your health” Chad said. “exercise is good for me and my baby” codelia replied.

“hi everyone I have something important to tell you guys” codelia shouted and Chad ran up to her.

He covered her mouth with his palm. “hey what are you doing there?” Chad asked his security guy.

“nothing sir” the security guy replied. “go back to your room” Chad said and the security man ran to his room.

“let go inside” Chad said. “bribe me if you don’t want me to tell everyone your secret” codelia said.

“what did you want?” Chad asked. “hmmm, let Me think about it” codelia said.

“I want you to take me out tommorow” codelia said. “consider it done” Chad said. “let go in” codelia said.

“come let me back you” Chad said and codelia move closer to him. “don’t fall me” codelia said.

“no I won’t fall you” Chad said. “bend down” codelia said and Chad bend.

codelia climb on his back and he carried her to the sitting room. “Am sure your back hurt” codelia said.

“hurt for what?” chad asked. “for carrying me” codelia replied and Chad scoffed. “you’re just like foam on my back” Chad said.

“I won’t pl@ywith you again” codelia said. “whatever” Chad replied. “Arrongant f**l” codelia said.

“thank you” Chad replied. “codelia we need to get going” madam C@ssie said.

” but why?” codelia asked. ” Pamela is back and she’s waiting for us” madam C@ssie said.

” oh” Chad said. ” I told you that you can’t st©️p us from going back today” codelia said and stick his ton-gue out to him.

” Chad I need your help” madam C@ssie said. ” for what ma?” Chad asked. ” Am sorry, I just want you to find a job for one of my daughters in your office, she’s a graduate and she hasn’t gotten a job since I closed the club” madam C@ssie said.

” what’s her name?” Chad asked. ” Pamela” madam C@ssie replied. ” tell her to see me on Monday” Chad replied.

” thank you very much” madam C@ssie replied. ” my plea-sure ma” Chad said. “bye ma” rose said.

“John give me my car key” Chad said and John gave him his car key.

“I will come to visit you tommorow” rose said and hvg madam C@ssie. “Alright my darling” madam C@ssie replied.

“Vivian why are you moody?” rose asked. ” Am not just happy because I don’t have a chance with your brother” Vivian said.

” mtcheew, I even taught it’s something important” rose said and lye flat on the be-d.

Two days later.

” Jeff where are you going to?” Priscilla asked. ” Am going to codelia place, I just wanna check on her” Jeff said.

” Am going with you did you know where they parked to?” Priscilla asked. ” yeah she s£nt me the address” Jeff replied.

” Alright, but call her before we go” Priscilla said. ” yeah you’re right” Jeff said and brou-ght out his phone.

he placed a call to codelia and she picked up immediately. ” hi” codelia said. ” hello darling how are you doing?” Jeff asked.

” Am doing good and you?” codelia asked. ” Am fine, I just wanna inform you that am on my way to your house” Jeff said.

” oh, am not in the house I went out with mother maybe you should come back some other time” codelia said.

” Alright then” Jeff said and end the call. ” what did she said?” Priscilla asked. ” she said she’s not around” Jeff replied.

” that means we aren’t going again” Priscilla said. ” yeah” Jeff replied. ” I have something to tell you” Priscilla said.

” what’s it?” Jeff asked. ” there’s one of my friends, actually she’s a very beautiful lady” Priscilla said and scratched the back of her head.

” what happen to her?” Jeff asked. ” she has a crush on you, am thinking if I can hook you guys up” Priscilla said.

Jeff hissed out loud and Walked to his room Angrily. ” what happened to him, I was only doing him a favor I don’t want him to kill hiself with thinking” Priscilla said to herself.

” I will hook you up with her weather you like it on not” Priscilla shouted and bur-st into laughter.

” Doctor Steve where are you talking us to?” madam C@ssie said. ” relax ma, am sure you will love where am talking you to, it’s a surprise” doctor Steve replied.

” okay Dad, am looking forward to the surprise” codelia said. ” Alright my darling” doctor Steve replied.

” is my friend there?” madam C@ssie asked. ” sure she’s” doctor Steve replied. ” Alright then” madam C@ssie replied.

” Am hungry” codelia said with a pout. ” why are you always hungry?” madam C@ssie asked.

” that’s because there’s another human inside her stomach” doctor Steve said.

” now I un-derstand” madam C@ssie said with a smile. ” baby mummy loves you” codelia said and hold her stomach.

” Vivian where are you going to?” rose asked. ” Am going back to where I c@m£ from, this house isn’t safe for me anymore I will advise you to be very careful” Vivian said and dragged her bag out.

” talk to me what happen, you can’t just leave without reason” rose said. ” rose I need to go” Vivian said and dragged her bag to her car.

” I will call you when I get to the h0tel because I can’t go back home today” Vivian said. ” This is strange what happened to her?” rose asked herself.

” make sure you do a clean job, I want her here today” mike said to someone on the phone. ” Alright boss” the person said and end the call