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Chapter 809 Tenacity [4/4]

This chapter is dedicated to @Chinawa! Thank you so much for the supergift!

When their lips finally parted, they were both panting hard and could not speak for some time. It was only then that Alicia realized that she was not the only one gripping Ezekiel's hair. His one hand was at the back of her head too, gripping a handful of her hair. However, she was so consumed by their kiss that she did not register the tugging on her scalp that was caused by him fisting a handful of her locks.

"How's… it? Did I managed to kiss away even a little of your pain?" she asked through her dazed condition, eyes still starry and slightly stunned from the earlier kiss. The sparks that had formed the moment their lips crashed together had already turned into a wildfire and now their bodies were in heat.

"More than a little, Alicia." He replied with a small smile and those eyes of his that looked like molten iron along with his voice made the emptiness below her stomach pulse with deep need. "Give me more, my naughty girl…" he purred, and Alicia lost it.

She latched her mouth against his like a hungry vixen. She could not help it. Him, calling her 'his naughty girl' and that purr… he was literally driving her crazy, crazier for him. And she could not stop herself. No… she did not want to stop herself. She just wanted to lose herself in this blissful paradise that was Ezekiel.

Before she knew it, her mouth was latched onto his powerful jaws, skimming around lightly before moving downwards and started licking at his throat. He purred again and it drove her wilder. She wanted to hear him purr and groan and moan for her.

She wanted to do more than this. She wanted to do more for him. Kisses was… they were no longer enough. It just was not enough anymore.

Her hand travelled downwards as her mouth returned to his addicting lips. She withdrew her hand that was on his blazing hard stomach muscles and landed it squarely on his groin without giving him any warning.

That daring touch caused him to s**k in a quick and sharp breath against h*r l*ps.

She pulled away a little as their eyes met. There were no signs of pain over his face, just desire and heat and a gleam of something deadly serious reflected in his eyes. That look just sent delicious shivers running down her spine and landed directly into her womanly parts.

Suddenly, he pulled on her and his hand moved quickly to remove her clothes so swiftly that the provocative red lingerie was the only thing left on her in an instant.

The predatory gleam in his eyes burned so damned wildly as his eyes scanned her all over, his gaze sweeping over her body and lingering down at the scrap of lingerie that was barely covering anything. In fact, they only served to burn him up even more. He swallowed hard and in the next moment, his mouth was latched onto her br**st, suckling, l**king, b**ing. Oh heavens… that mouth could only bring delicious things to happen to her body.

Alicia's thoughts began to drift away but when she felt his fingers grip her bottom forcefully, she managed to get jolted awake. The feel of his fingers moving to her aching parts had her pulling away. No, she must not let him pleasure her like how he did previously again. She cannot deny that she was dying for it, to feel his fingers inside her again and to make her see the stars exploding before her eyes again but…

No, she must not pass out again. She was planning to kiss away his pain, not the other way around! She would not let him pleasure her again. Especially not while he was in so much pain!

"Wait…!! Ezekiel…" she pulled her lower body back, away from his grip as she grabbed onto his wrists. "I don't want you to do anything. Let me… let me do something for you instead. Please…" she whispered hotly into his ears before giving his ears a small nip.

Ezekiel's eyes widened at that action and Alicia took advantage of his momentary trance and reached out for that thick throbbing bulge she had touched just a while ago.

He groaned when she wrapped her small hand around that thick outline. Whatever he was about to say just before she grabbed his shaft was now lost. All he could do now was to feel.

His reaction with just that one touch made Alicia's confidence soar. The apprehension lingering in her heart quickly disappeared and was instead, replaced by an unexpected tenacity.

She moved her other hand to free him from his trousers. Her heart was beating wild like a drum. She had seen it already, but the anticipation was shooting an intense thrill through her like electricity running through water.

His manhood sprung free and touched his navel. Alicia swallowed at the sight of it. It looked thicker than she had remembered. When she lifted her gaze up to his face with much difficulty, she saw him staring down at her with heavily hooded eyes. The gleam of his grey eyes beneath those thick dark lashes had her swallowing once again.

She moved her hand without breaking eye contact. He did not stop her this time and just kept his smouldering gaze locked onto hers. He looked like a predator beyond ready to pounce on her and devour her whole.

She finally touched him. He felt… so smooth yet hot and hard and… very thick. His stomach muscles tightened involuntarily at her fluttery touches on his tool. And when she began to caress him, his thick lashes trembled, and a quiet groan escaped his lips.

Alicia found all of that extremely hot. So hot that she could be burned just by watching him.

He cursed the moment she began stroking him. She had never done this before, so her fingers were a little hesitant in their movements. But his reaction was making her braver. She slid her hand up and down his shaft as she watched his lips parted from the force of his sharp respirations.

"What else… do you want me to do? Hmm, Ezekiel?" she asked, her voice came out raspy and erotic even to her own ears. "Do you need me to –"

"Grip it with both your hands, Alicia." Came his almost begging order.

Alicia listened and did as he asked.

"What do you want me to do next?"

"Move your hands faster. Up and down…"

"Like this?"


"Is this fast enough –"

He cursed and groaned once again. His jaws clenched so tight before he suddenly moved at an inhuman speed.

The next thing she knew, her back was already against the bed, and he was pinning her down with his heavy body.